The Winter King (2023) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode Six

I kept my end. Bastard.
[ARTHUR] Return this man to captivity.
This humiliation of my
nephew serves no purpose.
I will spare his life. Nothing more.
[ARTHUR] The Saxons
are massing in earnest.
- They're coming for us.
- If you want to build
trust between us,
releasing my nephew Gundleus
would be a first step on our path.
[ARTHUR] He's a Saxon spy.
- What did he say?
- "Aelle, Aelle.
He will kill you all."
[MORGAN] Where's Nimue?
[MERLIN] Following her own path.
[NIMUE] I cannot bear his child.
[MERLIN] You could've killed yourself.
[BEDWIN] Prince Tristan. Welcome.
[TRISTAN] There will be
blood between my kingdom
and yours, unless I receive justice.
But did you see the man
who killed your family?
He wore a string of warrior rings.
You are a coward!
This ain't your quarrel, Arthur.
[ARTHUR] Sacred sword
passed down the generations.
She said it would call
out to its rightful owner,
- like a beacon.
Before the eyes of Caer Cadarn,
and before the Gods,
I anoint you
Dumnonia's ruler and Britain's defender!
Show me.
Just an old sword I found
at my mother's forge.
Typical of Igraine to
hide it in plain sight.
This has many names.
What's known for sure
is that it was forged
in the Otherworld by Gobannus
the God of smithcraft.
I know who Gobannus is.
But really, there is no
mystery to this blade.
I found it in Ireland.
Won it off a druid in a dream contest.
You gave this sword to my mother?
Why didn't she tell me?
She feared for you.
She didn't put it past Uther
to accuse you of treason.
We agreed, together,
it was for the best.
[SIGHING] Sometimes I
wish you hadn't meddled
in my childhood, Merlin.
I didn't meddle, I helped raise you
with her blessing.
You encouraged her to
keep secrets from me.
Anyhow, it's as it should be.
You've found Excalibur for yourself.
When the sword's wearer is in trouble,
Gobannus will leave the Otherworld
and come to his help.
You fought with such
strength and certainty
against Owain today because you held
this sword in your hand.
This sword
did not kill Owain.
I killed Owain.
I have to live with that.
Why won't you accept you are not alone?
If you are to save Britain,
and I believe you're
the only person who can,
you need to look around you.
You have friends, seen and unseen.
I am grateful for all
you've done for me, Merlin,
and for the faith that you have in me.
I will try to bring peace to this isle
and happiness to its people.
But I will do it my way.
Why can't you pick it up
and take it to the child?
Because it's not tame yet.
That's new.
It wouldn't let me do that yesterday.
As if we don't have enough
things to worry about.
Sarlinna has no family.
- Come here. Come here.
The least I can do is give her a kitten.
Owain might have made
mistakes, but he was a good man.
And he was good to us.
You had a bright future.
I feel better
lighter now,
than when I was Owain's man.
We have to eat.
Have you asked Arthur if he can help us?
I could never ask him.
You broke your oath to Lord Owain.
You told Arthur about the mine.
- No, I did not.
- Don't you lie to me.
I didn't!
Your luck has run out now, boy!
- It wasn't me!
Raince Ap Annan!
your name is on that Curse Tablet.
All of your names are on it.
Your deaths are in my hand.
Your lives are mine.
And your souls.
Get down.
Get down on your belly.
On your belly!
You must swear an oath
never to harm Derfel.
And if you don't,
then Igraine will crush your bones
and take you with her
to the dark Otherworld,
where you will stay forevermore.
You will never find new
bodies on this green earth.
I, I, I, I swear, I swear!
I need to hear it from all of you.
[MEN] I swear. I swear. I swear.
Go! Run!
While you still have
a head on your body.
If you dare look back
How did you know they'd come for us?
I've been watching them
since Owain's death.
It was obvious they'd try something.
You might have saved Derfel,
but there is nothing to
stop them coming for me.
[ARTHUR] My father always
met with the Kings of Britain
in the Great Hall.
But it was from this room
that he ran the country.
Choose any place at the
table; we're all equal here.
You say we're all equal,
but you're not a king.
As your name, Arthur Ap Neb, tells us,
you are of no one.
It's true.
That honor is my brother's.
[GORFYDD] Who's still a baby.
Merlin has declared
you Dumnonia's ruler.
- The Gods have declared it.
- Ah, yes, of course,
you speak for the Gods.
When Uther was alive,
he named three men to
be protectors of his son.
My nephew, King Gundleus,
Owain, and Bishop Bedwin.
You've imprisoned Gundleus,
you've killed Ow
if I was you, Bishop,
I'd be very careful.
I have the greatest
faith in Arthur, My Lord.
It's an honor, a
privilege, to serve him.
[TRISTAN] I won't miss Owain.
He slaughtered my
people at the tin mine.
And Gundleus murdered Queen Norwenna.
Yes, yes, all true,
but it doesn't change
my question.
What are your intentions?
While my brother grows
someone must take responsibility
for governing Dumnonia.
I will be that person.
But I swear to you all now,
I will use the power given
to me for one end only
to see Mordred take his kingdom
when he comes of age.
We'll hold you to that.
I expect nothing less.
Although there may not be a kingdom
for my brother to inherit.
I've brought us together
to discuss the Saxons.
They've already taken
Calleva and Durobrivis.
They're pushing through
the eastern boundaries,
not just of Dumnonia,
but of Gwent, and Elmet.
[DERFEL] Lunete.
Father always wished
for us to be together.
When he was gone
it felt right to be with you.
- But now
- Don't worry about Nimue.
Okay? And I will make sure
that Raince and his men don't hurt you.
I want a nice life.
A pretty place to live and children.
Is that so bad?
It's what most people want.
My path is to be a warrior.
To be Arthur's warrior.
Arthur doesn't allow women
to travel with his men.
But they always come home
to their wives and children,
and they have stories to tell.
I'd prefer a husband by my side.
I'm sorry, Derfel
but Father was wrong about us.
We're not meant to be together.
[TEWDRIC] I've had to
double my men on the borders.
There are more Saxon encampments
than ever before.
[ARTHUR] We caught a Saxon spy
He's gathering information
and using that information
to advance in the east.
Kernow is not at risk.
[ARTHUR] If Dumnonia fell,
the Saxons would be in Kernow
in three days.
And of course, it is the same with Isca.
So, what do you suggest?
An alliance,
between Dumnonia,
Gwent, and Kernow.
Blood of each other's blood.
An attack on any one of
us is an attack on us all.
I'll put my name to it.
[TRISTAN] So will I.
You've shown yourself
a friend to Kernow.
- [ARTHUR] King Gorfydd.
- Mm?
Oh, the Saxons raid us, but
we keep them in their place.
Ratae is your only town
- really holding them back.
- Ratae won't fall.
That's what King Ban of
Gaul said of Ynys Trebes.
- Ynys Trebes still holds.
- [ARTHUR] Not for long.
I've been there.
The Franks surround it,
deprive it of food and water.
It shrivels like a dried
apple in their hands.
The Gauls suffer, they die.
The Franks grow stronger,
they surge across the sea.
Wave upon wave of them come.
Just like the Saxons.
Powys is allied with Siluria.
my nephew, Gundleus, is your prisoner.
If Gundleus were to join our alliance,
we would consider a pardon.
We can't submit to Dumnonia.
- There would be no submission.
- That's what your father said,
yet he ruled by power and fear.
We would make decisions together.
A Council of Kings,
like we are now, around this table.
Dumnonia and Powys have
been at odds for too long.
I'll prove my goodwill to you.
You have a daughter.
The "Star of Powys," people call her.
She is a shining star, my Ceinwyn.
What of her?
Let us be joined in marriage.
Saddle the horses.
Pack food bags. And some wine.
You're not even ready.
We're missing the best of the day.
What's happened?
A messenger came
from my father.
Leave us.
I'm to be married.
I know.
It's come out of nowhere.
It's not to Gundleus, is it?
[SIGHING] Then who?
Arthur Ap Neb.
When Father went south,
did he tell you anything about this?
He's always promised I'd
get to choose my husband.
And I've always warned
you not to believe him.
Arthur's not even a
Tribe King, he's a
Bastard. [LAUGHS]
You know that doesn't matter.
It's what the man is, who he is.
But we don't know him.
We've never met him.
I have no idea what he even looks like.
Why would Father promise me to him?
He has no title, no lands.
He must have something.
Did the messenger say anything else?
Something about an alliance
between Powys and Dumnonia.
Your father would never
ally with Dumnonia.
It doesn't make sense. None of it does.
Perhaps Arthur persuaded him.
He saw off Gundleus,
enticed your father to Caer Cadarn.
I don't wanna marry.
It'll change everything.
This could be a good union.
You have more status than Arthur.
He needs you, and it's
important to be needed.
You can state your
terms and set your rules.
I can't even begin to do any of that.
You're stronger than you think.
[GORFYDD] There's a tradition in Powys.
A man wears a lock of his lover's hair
woven around his neck.
This was Ceinwyn's mother's.
She passed on to the Otherworld
when Ceinwyn was a child.
You must both miss her.
My daughter is everything to me now.
I won't let her down.
[LANVAL] Marriage to
an unknown princess.
Why is he doing this?
He believes it's right for Britain.
But is it right for him?
He has to marry someday.
Might as well be Princess
Ceinwyn as anyone else.
He said that to you?
- That's what he believes.
- Mm.
I just hope he's thought
it through, that's all.
[MERLIN] Horn of Bran.
You're searching for the treasures
because you think you
need to appease the Gods.
It's about time I
journeyed north anyway.
Haven't been to the wilderness in years.
Stingy Bran, they used to call him.
Isn't the Horn of Bran the
most difficult treasure to find?
But if I do, the rest will come.
By themselves, they're nothing,
but place this with
the other 12 treasures,
and they'll give us back
the power to reclaim Britain.
We'll have the Gods hopping like frogs.
- And we'll need their power.
Excalibur's in Arthur's hand.
He killed Owain with that sacred blade.
So the Gods are with him.
They always have been.
I must try to forgive him, then.
You must.
Although he still refuses
to accept his destiny.
He could have become King of Britain.
Is it true that he pardoned Gundleus?
If I'm not back by winter,
celebrate the solstice.
It was a blessed day
when the Gods brought you to me.
- Thank you.
How are you, Nimue?
If you're looking for
Merlin, he's already gone.
- Where?
- Beyond Strathclota,
to the wilderness in the north.
He didn't tell me.
He is searching for the Horn of Bran.
I'd like to have wished him luck.
What's happening here?
We're repairing the vats.
Who's in charge?
Good for you.
Is Derfel here?
He's been laying low,
since most of Caer Cadarn
think he's an oath breaker.
I've given Owain's men to
Kernow as part of the Sarhaed.
But you're making
peace with old enemies.
King Gorfydd is Gundleus's uncle.
I need Gorfydd.
He recognizes we have to unite the isle,
so I had to pardon Gundleus, Nimue.
I will kill him one day.
I've never doubted it.
But not yet.
[DERFEL] Lord.
You told me once you wanted to serve me.
- Is that still true?
- Yes.
And you're sure you
know what that means?
The sacrifices you'll have to make?
I do.
Then that settles it.
You're to be my man.
You won't regret it.
I will lay down my life for you.
For now, you just have to
travel to Powys with me.
Travel safe, Derfel.
[SIGHING] Derfel.
- You feel strong?
- Yeah.
Sag, what do you think?
Not bad, huh?
- Not bad.
I am the death pit boy.
You move, you die.
[LUNETE] You look different.
I thought you'd gone to your sister.
I leave tomorrow
like you.
Father's. I found it at
our old hut at Avalon.
Are you sure?
He would have wanted you to have it.
I'll call it Hywelbane.
After him.
It's cold where we're going.
You'll need these.
Why is Sansum going with you?
So he can't cause any trouble for you.
He can practice his sermons
on any Christians he finds in Powys.
Marry my brother.
Bring him and his bride back to us.
I will.
Make sure you come back safe too.
[ARTHUR] Bishop!
My Lord.
Good luck.
I wish you were coming.
Oh, how hard can marriage be?
While you're sighing over lovers' rings,
Sagramor and I will be
defending the Edling King.
Lord Sag.
I still can't get used to the title.
You're Dumnonia's new champion.
Comes with the role.
[ARTHUR] As is enlisting new warriors.
I hope to return to Dumnonia's army
- tripled in size, Lord Sag.
I'm happy you've joined us.
For my freedom, it was worth it.
And I'm glad to see
you're by your lord's side.
Our alliance requires trust.
On both sides.
What's he doing here?
He's one of my men.
He was lucky not to die
under my hand at Avalon.
[ARTHUR] Sheathe your
sword, King Gundleus.
My nephew's temper is ragged,
he's been locked up
too long. [CHUCKLING]
But he understands
that we travel in peace.
As does my man. Don't you, Derfel?
Yes, My Lord.
Well, I wouldn't blunt my sword
on this Saxon cur anyway.
[ARTHUR] We carry no shields or spears.
We travel to Powys as friends.
The mountains of Tryfann.
We're entering Powys.
We'll rest here tonight,
then tomorrow make the
climb for Caer Dolforwyn.
To To ward off the cold.
Can I?
I've only ever been to Powys once.
Merlin wanted hawkweed;
sent Owain and me.
You miss him.
I miss the boy that he was,
not the man that he became.
He'd cheer us up, it's true.
He'd tell me that I was a fool
sleeping on open
ground with our enemies.
I'm sure you've weighed up the risks.
I've always found Gorfydd's
bark worse than his bite.
But your father never paid him
the respect he felt was his due.
Dumnonia suffered for it.
Marriage to Princess
Ceinwyn will change all that.
You ever loved a woman, Arthur?
I've been fighting
King Ban's wars, so
I haven't met a great many.
How about you?
There's someone
I could imagine as a life companion.
Do I know her?
You were brought up beside her.
My sister?
She'd never have me.
Have you asked her?
there's never been a good time.
but now you're to be married.
A young queen at Caer Cadarn.
She won't be a queen.
I'm the protector of the
young king, nothing more.
I know, but
what what I mean is
there'll be women at Caer Cadarn.
Everything will change.
Rest well, my friend.
Keep away. You're scaring him more.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Shh, shh, shh there.
Shh-shh-shh-shh, shh, shh.
Are you all right, my lady?
The horse didn't scare you?
The owl spooked poor Felten,
that's all.
And you didn't help,
appearing out of nowhere.
I'm very sorry.
What are you doing out here?
I could ask you the same question.
Some fool left a bucket
in my horse's stable,
and he cut himself.
If you're a stranger to our land,
you may not know the superstition.
The lady of the lake.
They say she heals sick animals.
It's an old story, but a good excuse
for a night-time ride.
Well, it's not looking any worse.
You're one of Arthur's men.
I am.
So he's already in the country.
Is he the great warlord
everyone says he is?
Mm. I think so.
But I would.
I've heard he's never lost a battle.
Not when I was there.
What's his secret?
You'll have to ask him.
His idea of an alliance
between the British Kingdoms
is inspired, if he can make it work.
What are the obstacles
he might come up against?
Here we fear the Irish
more than the Saxon.
They raid our coastlines, take our land,
cover their shields in blood,
and yell like mad things.
They don't have methods and systems
like the Saxons, though.
You're interested in war?
My family lost our lands to Diwrnach,
an Irish lord.
I'm sorry.
If I was a man, I'd win them back.
As it is, I have to try
and persuade King Gorfydd
to do it for me.
Are you surprised he's agreed to marry
his daughter to Arthur?
He's a tactician.
He'll be thinking four steps ahead.
It could be worse for her.
Arthur's at least young,
and they say he's handsome.
You are Arthur!
- I am.
- How dare you trick me!
- You made a fool of me!
- No
- It was dishonorable of you.
- Don't go.
I came to this lake for a reason.
I lost my best friend, I killed him.
And whenever I close my eyes,
I see his face.
What happened?
He stole.
And he killed the people
that he stole from.
Then he lied about it.
To you?
Then he wasn't your best friend,
and you must know that in your heart.
It doesn't stop me
from thinking about him.
He died in my arms.
if you hadn't killed him,
because you couldn't do it,
how would you be feeling now?
I don't know you, Arthur Ap Neb,
but it seems to me you're not a man
to live with compromise.
Who are you?
I'm not someone who matters.
Where can I find you?
[LANVAL] Arthur!
Where have you been?
I went for a walk.
I have been looking everywhere for you.
I thought they'd taken you.
Hey, you know, if
anything happens to you,
Saggy would never forgive me.
Well, we can't have that.
Birds that fly together
in the midday sun.
A good omen for what's to come.
[MAN] Open the gates!
Well, Derfel, what do you think?
- It's different to Caer Cadarn.
- Heh.
Arthur and his men
come to us in peace.
They are our guests.
Take his banner.
Put it next to the Eagle of Powys.
[SOFTLY] Fifty-two
At least he's young.
And handsome.
What if I don't
if he doesn't like me?
He's lucky to be
getting betrothed to you.
You're Princess Ceinwyn of Powys.
Every king in Britain wants to wed you.
Where are the rest of the men?
They're setting up camp,
just outside the walls.
One of us will be here
each night to guard your room.
Gorfydd was clear. We come in peace.
My Lord Arthur,
I always come in peace. [LAUGHING]
Still, best to take precautions.
- Mm?
- Mm.
Very nice, very handsome, huh?
You look good, My Lord.
Tonight is just the betrothal,
is that right, Bedwin?
Yes. We must wait for the moon to wax
before Arthur and Ceinwyn
can exchange their rings
- and be officially wed.
- Ahh.
Are you not well, My Lord?
It's the smell of the incense.
You must present this
to Princess Ceinwyn.
My friend must give the bride-to-be
her betrothal gift. Tradition.
[LAUGHS] So, the death pit boy's
your friend now. That's very nice.
Princess Ceinwyn is very young.
Same age as you, Derfel.
Might make her feel at ease.
- Yes?
- Yes.
Your mother would be proud of you.
You've made me who I am.
Are you proud of me?
This won't change anything between us.
You'll share your
secrets with your husband,
and he'll share his with you.
You're the person who
knows me best in the world,
and it will stay that way.
I'll find your father.
She's ready.
- How is she?
- Nervous.
She's young to wed
but this is an opportunity.
- The alliance.
- I don't fear the Saxon
like Arthur does.
This new leader Aelle is a worry, but
benefits of this marriage
gives me a foothold in Dumnonia.
Now, Ceinwyn will need people
with her in Caer Cadarn.
Sharp eyes and ears.
You will go as her lady.
- I can't.
- Why not?
Her lady-in-waiting should be married.
Well, we'll get one
of his men to wed you.
My King
you swore an oath to
my father to protect me.
I have offered you much.
And I've respected you
when you've rejected those offers.
I'm not a man to force
myself on any woman.
- You know my reason.
- Mm-hm.
I've always looked up to you,
respected you like a second father.
I have been patient.
I have been forgiving.
All I ask is something in return.
You will join Ceinwyn
in her new life.
My King.
My daughter.
Are you happy?
If you are, Father I am.
Are you coming?
You look cold.
Let me fetch you a shawl.
Am I right to do this?
Of course you are.
You're nervous, that's
all. It's perfectly normal.
Arthur Ap Neb
this is a gift from me
to you.
This is my gift to you.
the God of protection
and Rosmerta,
the golden Goddess of fertility
and embrace this couple.
What a handsome couple you make.
Now we'll wait for
the auguries to be good
before the exchange of wedding rings.
You'll find we're very
good hosts in Powys, Arthur.
We like to eat,
- and drink, and dance.
I'm a poor dancer.
I'm sure that's not true.
Well, you'll have to teach him, Ceinwyn.
This is Lady Guinevere of Henis Wyren.
She's like my sister.
Been brought up together.
Well, Guinevere brought me up.
You must love each other, for my sake.
Lady Guinevere.
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