The Winter King (2023) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode Seven

This ain't your quarrel, Arthur.
Excalibur's in Arthur's hand.
- Excalibur?
[MERLIN] Before the eyes of the Gods,
I anoint you Dumnonia's
ruler and Britain's defender!
I will try to bring peace to this isle,
but I will do it my way.
You told me once you wanted to serve me.
- Yes.
- Then that settles it.
- You're to be my man.
- You won't regret it.
- We can't submit to Dumnonia.
- There will be no submission.
You have a daughter.
Let us be joined in marriage.
An alliance. Blood
of each other's blood.
An attack on any one of
us is an attack on us all.
Why is he doing this?
He believes it's right for Britain.
Yeah, but is it right for him?
My daughter is everything to me now.
I won't let her down.
- Who are you?
- This is Lady Guinevere of Henis Wyren.

Ah, what is this?
- [DERFEL] Oats and water.
- Oats and water?
That's disgusting.
How long are we staying here for?
[SAMSUM] King Gorfydd's druid
says the moon will
be full in three days.
Then we can take the beautiful
Princess Ceinwyn back to Caer Cadarn
and give us some proper food.
Arthur, we need to hurry.
King Gorfydd's waiting for us.
Go to the gardens here.
If they have any hawberries, pick some.
Is one of the horses lame?
Make it into an ointment.
How many languages do you speak, Arthur?
British tongue.
A bit of Gallic. That's all.
I suppose Uther never educated you.
Greek and Latin writers
are great thinkers.
My son Cuneglas is abroad at the moment.
He sent this to me.
A guide on how a man
should lead his life.
And these
are the letters of St.
Patrick I spoke of, Bishop.
I didn't expect this of you.
What, an interest in foreign cultures,
or toleration of Christianity?
I have many artefacts from
all over the world. Look.
This depicts animals that
hunt far from our shores. See?
And these I'm particularly
proud of, from Britain itself.
Gold, from Strathcloda.
Can you see the seams?
Ah, this, from Corinium.
Our isle has many gifts to offer us.
I'd like to know more about Britain.
Merlin taught me a great
deal, of course, but
There's always more to learn. [CHUCKLES]
I shall enjoy teaching you, Arthur.
Uther was a fool not
to see your potential.
But that's enough history for one day.
Now, Bishop, stay, read
to your heart's content.
We have wedding matters to discuss.
Derfel, right?
What do you want?

The exchange of the lovers' rings
will take place at the great hall.
My druid will then pronounce
you married under the full moon.
After, you and Ceinwyn
will be brought here.
My wife Nesta and I consummated
our marriage in this chamber.
We were blessed with conceiving Cuneglas
on the first night of our loving.
If you wish, you may place
your fertility offerings here.
Whatever works for you both.
Princess Ceinwyn, how
are you this morning?
Well, my Lord.
And you?
I'm very well.
How bright you shone last night.
You certainly lived up to your name.
The Star of Powys.
Why do they call you the Star of Powys?
Suits you very well, of course.
My mother.
It was her name for me.
Sorry to hear of her passing.
I miss her always.
She took her last breath in my arms.
I lost my mother, too.
Whatever age it happens
it's hard.
You found them.
They were growing down by the stream.
[CHUCKLES] I almost fell in.
My King. Lord.
Lady Guinevere, always
a story to tell, eh?
I could hardly get up this morning,
but Guinevere was awake at dawn.
I know, she's a torrent of energy!
What will we do without her?
You're leaving?
She's coming with us.
To Caer Cadarn?
It's still to be discussed.
We shall leave you to your tasks.
See you later tonight for the feast.
I have some ointment for your horse.
I'll bring it to the stables.
So, Guinevere's done it again.
No need to hide it. [LAUGHS]
When it comes to Guinevere,
a fair few of these men
have lost their heart to her.
And I don't know what else besides.
Even I've been victim to her charms.
'Course I knew she didn't want me,
she wanted her lands back
and thought I could help her.
Why is she so close to the princess
if you have a low opinion of her?
Because she loves Ceinwyn like a sister.
And she amuses me.

Wulfric! [SCREAMS]
There you are.
I am not sure how bad
Llamrei's leg really is.
now you've made the
ointment, I suppose
it's worth going to the
stables and checking.
There you are, my Lord.
Is everything well?
It's Gundleus.
I know how difficult it must be
being in his presence.
- What he did to Nimue
- There's more.
It was him.
That night.
Gundleus took my mother.
He threw you in that death pit?
I'll never forget his face.
He was the last person that I saw.
Before you found me.
How long have you known?
Since the bastard came to Caer Cadarn.
And you stayed away
from him all this time.
Derfel, I'm very proud of you.
When you took Gundleus prisoner,
you stopped me from killing him.
I saw that things could be done
in a different way.
What we all strive for.
Sometimes it's hard though.
Believe me, I know.
Take that to the stables for me.
There's a white horse there.
If his mistress is there
Just take it, please.
You're Arthur's man.
An ointment for your
horse, from my lord.
Kind of him.
But tell your lord neither I
nor my horse need his charity.

Do you like him?
I barely know him.
Well, I like him.
He's better than Gundleus,
or all those other men that
Father was considering for me.
Let's not think of them.
Especially Gundleus.
I feel a kindness in him.
This marriage might just work.
Will it hurt?
He'll be kind to you.
St. Patrick's letters are extraordinary.
And the fact that King
Gorfydd has them
You you think God is
calling the King, Bedwin?
I've heard an abbot's
running a monastery
outside Ratae, converting
by the hundreds.
'The kingdom of God has come near.
Repent and believe the
good news.' I told you.
Ratae is on their eastern border.
They're staring Saxon
invasion in the face.
Could be that Gorfydd's
allowing Christianity
to keep up the courage of the people.
- But still
- But still.
God is calling Powys.
He's calling Powys.
- Tread lightly.
- Of course.
Of course.
Our kitchen has been busy preparing
all the delicacies of Powys.
You look very beautiful tonight.
Thank you.
Which of your men is
without a wife, Arthur?
Most of them. Why?
Lady Guinevere needs a husband
if she's to travel south.
Father, don't tease Guinevere.
I haven't said I'll go yet.
I'm not sure I can wrench myself
away from you, King Gorfydd.
She has no dowry.
But as you see, her wits are on offer,
amongst other assets.
Any man would be proud
to make you his wife, Lady Guinevere.
What's your name, Lord?
Hear that? She called me a lord.
And I am no lord. I am just a man.
Just a man is fine by me.
I hope the bastard chokes.
All this for him.
Why doesn't my uncle see his ambition?
Calm yourself.
This is good for us.
Arthur is good for us.
He locked us up.
Then he let us go.
Now look at him.
Sitting next to Gorfydd as
if he's his firstborn son.
This way you no longer
have to marry Ceinwyn;
you can marry me.
We'll be King and Queen of Siluria,
protected by Arthur's new peace
and included in his alliance.
There's a new order brewing
and we must be a part of it.
It's wonderful to see
the hall full again.
So many strangers becoming friends.
What about us?
Are we leading by example?
Well, the deal's done on us, my Lord.
How very business-minded of you.
[LAUGHS] And talking of business,
Guinevere does need a husband.
Is your man suitable?
What is Lady Guinevere looking for?
She doesn't think she
wants to be married.
She doesn't really have to be.
But if she found the right person
her equal.
Not so easy to find.
Let's go and talk to them.
I know what I'm going to do.
I'm going to ask Arthur,
because he will know.
- It's true.
- No, I don't believe you.
My Lord, Lady Guinevere tells me that
this is made of seaweed.
Laverbread. [LAUGHS] Of course it is.
- Shall I eat it?
- Ask your lord.
I for one think it's important not to
shy away from new experiences.
It depends what the repercussions are.
Indecision is so unattractive.
Could be seen as self-control.
Or cowardice.
Well, a coward I am not.
So, even though it looks like
a horse made a [BLOWS RASPBERRY]
in my hand,
here goes, eh?
All right. Not bad.
You see? In my opinion,
you rarely regret the actions you take.
Just the ones you don't.
What is your quarrel with me?
No quarrel.
My lord is here in peace. So am I.
[LAUGHS] Avalon's forgotten then?
No. Not forgotten,
just not for now.
I have to ask you something.
Where did you get that knife from?
King Gundleus gave it to me.
It was my mother's.
It can't be.
Gundleus pillaged a Dumnonian settlement
eight summers ago.
He took a Saxon slave, my mother,
and that is the knife
that she fed me with.
It is mine by right.
I don't believe you.
How would you have survived?
Gundleus threw me into a death pit,
but I lived.
That's not possible.
Take it
if it is yours.
I hope it works. It does on my horse.
I thought I might as well
put it on, as you made it.
I didn't make it.
My man Derfel did.
Sorry I never came.
Why didn't you?
Normally I make a decision,
I follow it through.
But this
One moment I want to be
with you, the next I don't.
Then when I see you
I can't stop looking at you.
I hear you're coming to Caer Cadarn
and I am exploding with joy
Then I think of Ceinwyn.
Do you want to come to Caer Cadarn?
I can't think of anything worse.
Tell me.
I love Ceinwyn.
But she always, always gets what I want.

We're betraying Ceinwyn.
I don't care.
Gorfydd will.
That's not just a truth,
Arthur, it's a warning.
What do you mean?
We mustn't meet again.
It's tradition, isn't it, in Powys
to keep a lock of your lover's hair?
You wanted to see me, Father.
The moon will shine bright
and strong tomorrow night.
A good omen for resources and status.
Now, what about your cycle?
When was your last bleed?
Twelve days ago.
You could leave Powys
with a child in your belly.
A girl would be nice.
Granddaughter for you.
Pray for a boy.
Why does it matter?
Any children Arthur and I
have won't be direct heirs.
Mordred's already king of Dumnonia.
The High King is unlikely to live long.
He's a cripple, weak.
It's just his foot. Arthur says
Oh, Arthur says?
It's like that, is it?
Can't stop saying his name?
You will make Arthur a happy man too,
if you give him a son.
Now, go.
What about Arthur making me happy?
Every wife deserves that.
Where is it you get these ideas?
I watched my mother and you.
My little kitten bearing her claws.
I wish you much joy in your marriage.
I wanna speak to you, Uncle. Lady.
Disappointed she won't be yours?
She was promised to me, by you.
Oh, hardly promised.
You were just one of
many possible husbands.
It's certainly out of the
question now, isn't it?
Haven't you heard your whispered name?
[WHISPERS] "Queen Killer."
I raided Avalon, for
us, on your instructions.
There's a difference between
a raid and a massacre!
You said kill the baby!
I said take the baby!
And as for murdering Norwenna,
and raping the druidess
I think we should see
less of each other.
Now, why don't you
marry that woman of yours
and return to Siluria?
Oh, I will. I will, Uncle. I intend to.
But I want to marry Ladwys
under the same full moon
as my cousin Ceinwyn and Arthur Ap Neb,
here, in Caer Dolforwyn.
This is what I've
always liked about you,
is your sense of humor!
It's my right, and hers!
Ladwys was kept prisoner
by that bastard Arthur,
and she suffered. She suffered.
That's what mistresses do,
they suffer for their masters!
And I killed for you.
I butchered for you.
For what?!
Why don't you go now?
Go back to Siluria, go
on. Indulge yourself.
Go on. Rut, maim, kill whoever you want!
But do it within your own borders!
Don't feel the need
to bother me with it!
It was all for nothing.
Your uncle won't see us married here?
He doesn't see me at all!
I've shed an ocean of blood for him.
Him and his promises.
So, we go back to
Siluria. Get married there.
The omens aren't good here anyway.
What do you mean? What omens?
Arthur's man Derfel
survived a death pit.
Your death pit.
He told me.
He tried to show me his scar.
The Saxon cur, I should've killed him.
He holds your life in his hands.
Not if I kill him first.
You know what the Gods say.
If you approach him,
or even look at him,
he could kill you in a glance.
I remember
when your mother died, I was there.
Your father cried as he took
that ring from her finger.
Even though he abandoned her
he did care for her.
Very much.
But he never married her.
It doesn't matter.
You're the man of the church
and you're saying it doesn't matter?
Kings have mistresses.
It's the way of things.
I'm so tired of hearing those words.
A man should be able to marry
the person that he wants,
whether he a king or a beggar,
she a queen or a slave.
What's troubling you, Arthur?
Will you talk to me?
I think we should halt the wedding.
Ceinwyn is too young.
She is a sweet girl, but
I don't love her.
this isn't about love.
This is about the alliance,
which was your idea.
I was arrogant and naive
to think I could bring
the countries together.
You were inspired!
Powys holds sway over Siluria and Elmet,
you over Kernow and Gwent.
Ceinwyn wants a man who
gives himself to her.
Body and soul.
Has she said that to you?
I can see it in her eyes
the way she looks at me.
You will treat her with
respect and kindness,
which is more than she
could ever have hoped for.
It is not enough.
For her,
or for me.
With Powys by your side,
you can harry the Saxons from this land!
You can prove your doubters wrong.
Stand proud as Arthur Ap Neb
and achieve more than
your father ever did.
I can defeat the Saxons
without this wedding.
Gorfydd wants peace, too.
He wants this alliance
because he loves Britain.
But no man likes his
daughter to be humiliated.
Don't do this, Arthur. I beg of you.
We offer this dance
as tribute to Belisima.
And may her rays shine clear tomorrow,
and light up Arthur and Ceinwyn
as they exchange their lovers rings!
Choose your partner.
Lady Guinevere.

My king's displeased.
Because of Ceinwyn.
She's growing a backbone,
at the wrong moment,
talking back at me,
challenging me.
Is this your doing?
She's just happy.
None of this nonsense about you staying.
You will go with her to Caer Cadarn.
I don't want to leave you.
You'll be more use there.
We'll find a way for you to
get news to me discreetly.
And get close to the Edling King.
I'm not good with babies.
Princess Ceinwyn, Arthur.
Aren't you going to dance?
I'm really not a very good dancer.
Doesn't matter.
I'll guide you.
Take wine with me, Bishop.
Lady Guinevere, would you like to dance?
Princes Ceinwyn.
Would you like to dance?
You're a beautiful
dancer, Princess Ceinwyn.
Come, dance with me.
You said you were no dancer.
You seemed to be enjoying
yourself very much.
Where are you going?
I need some fresh air.
Has she upset you?
Arthur doesn't know how to dance.
I asked Guinevere to show him.
What did she say to you?
She knows.
I'll go after her.
Let me deal with this.
Once Arthur and I are married
and only once
I will share him with you.
On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and
Fridays, he shall lay with me.
- Ceinwyn, I
- Please.
Please, will you just listen to me?
On Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays,
you can have him.
You see?
I've worked it all out.
And you agree, don't you?
It will never happen again.
Don't lie.
Whatever you do, don't lie to me!
Be Arthur's mistress.
Be true to me.
I can't be his mistress.
I don't understand.
I will never be anyone's mistress.
And nor should you ever
accept this compromise,
this half existence.
Second place, Ceinwyn
is a living death.
The full moon will shine soon enough.
For Arthur and I?
For you.
Ceinwyn didn't come back to the dance?
I don't believe so.
Preparing herself.
Tomorrow is a big day.
May I speak with you?
Derfel, you'll guard me tonight.
Where are we going?
Merlin's always told me
the Gods have a plan for us.
I've never believed him. Have you?
[DERFEL] Don't know.
This Guinevere
It's as if
we fit.
Don't let anybody past you.
You're right.
She knows.
Then we can't go through
with this wedding.
I told her she must.
I love you.
You love me, don't you?
- Even if I did, I
- Do you?
It doesn't matter.
It matters to me.
So, what? I go to Caer
Cadarn, become your mistress?
I never asked you to be that.
That's the inevitable result.
Do your duty and marry Ceinwyn.
Now you're mine, boy.
No, you are mine!
You tried to kill Derfel
once, when he was just a child.
You've tried again, and you've failed.
You choose a Saxon over me?
You'll regret this.
The both of you will regret this.
May I come in?
When I proposed this marriage,
I didn't think of the
person at the center of it,
of you.
I thought only of the peace.
You deserve the full heart of a man.
You are beautiful, you are sweet.
You seem to think of me as
a pretty little princess
- a plaything.
- No.
You may have been a
better looking prospect
than I'd envisioned,
but you haven't broken my heart, Arthur.
I'll tell your father
that I cannot go through
with this marriage.
You'll not leave Powys alive if you do.
he wouldn't want you to be unhappy.
My mother tried to leave him.
She died soon after.
An illness took her suddenly.
But I've always believed
he killed her.
- As quickly as you can.
- I won't run away.
It is my duty to explain.
He may not kill you,
but he will kill Guinevere.
He's beginning to work
out what's happening.
My father's clever and cunning.
I'm not doing this for you.
I'm doing it for Guinevere.
What will you say to him?
Doesn't matter.
And take her with you.
He can't have murdered his wife.
He's talked about her so lovingly,
and he's been civil and welcoming to us.
I believe the princess.
We do not have time to argue.
What is this woman Guinevere to you?
What's happening? Rushed from my chamber
in the middle of the night.
You'd better have a good reason.
Your life is in danger.
I will explain, but
not now. We have to go.

We'll let the horses rest here!
I'm not coming with you any further.
What do you mean?
I've been thinking it through.
I'm going to Ratae.
Abbot Ninian will welcome
me at the monastery.
From there, I can
try and salvage some kind
of peace deal with Gorfydd.
You could do that from Caer Cadarn.
I need some time away from Dumnonia.
Pelleas. You'll travel with the bishop.
May the Lord forgive you
both for what you've done.
Come on.
I should go too.
You insist that I come with you
and now everyone assumes the worst.
What have we actually done
except kiss in a stable?
I could've managed Gorfydd.
Not according to Ceinwyn.
She's making a mountain out of nothing.
Queen Eachern was a
friend of my mother's.
- She'll take me in.
- Marry me.
Marry me.
You're right.
Gorfydd won't forgive
you, and as my wife,
you will have my protection.
I don't need your protection, Arthur.
You will not be my mistress.
Although, to give me some credit,
I never asked you to be.
We have no alternative except to part,
and I won't lose you.
I've only just found you. Marry me.
I have no dowry, no lands.
I have nothing to give.
You have yourself.
I won't be the reason why
the peace of Britain falters.
I will mend the peace.
I've fended for myself for years.
I'm not sure I'll be a good wife.
I don't want a good wife.
I want you.
Say yes.
By the stars, Guinevere
Then yes.
Marry us! Here, now.
Arthur, if Gorfydd has
chosen to follow us,
he won't be more than an hour behind.
So, we must hurry then.
But a Christian service.
You must enter Dumnonia as my wife.
Everyone will have to accept you then.
And the Christians believe in the power
and the sanctity of
marriage, don't they, Sansum?
"I have found the one whom
my soul loves," my Lord.
But I cannot marry you.
I'm not a Bishop.
I don't have a church, my Lord.
Well, we can fix that.
When we get to Dumnonia,
I will give you one.
My Lord, my Lady, let God be praised.
Where are you going?
Ladwys is to be my wife. Remember?
Oh, so we will have
a marriage after all.
You didn't permit us to
exchange our lovers' rings
at Caer Dolforwyn.
Were you with Gundleus
when he took Avalon?
I was.
So, you enjoy killing?
Oh, I do.
Will you be as obedient
a war dog as him?
I am no one's dog.
Arthur has run away with Guinevere.
You will remain here.
There's work to be done.
My Lord.
Now from your sins you are free,
and in good conscience, my Lady,
received together into the
family of the Holy Church.
I bear witness to this union.
And I bear witness.
I bear witness to this union.


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