The Winter King (2023) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode Eight

I anoint you Dumnonia's
ruler and Britain's defender!
[ARTHUR] You have a daughter.
Let us be joined in
marriage. An alliance.
[GUNDLEUS] All this for him.
Why doesn't my uncle see his ambition?
Arthur is good for us.
[ARTHUR] One moment
I want to be with you,
the next I don't. Then when I see you
I can't stop looking at you.
No. We're betraying Ceinwyn.
- I don't care.
- Gorfydd will.
My father's clever and cunning.
He's beginning to work
out what's happening.
[LADWYS] Arthur's man
Derfel survived a death pit.
Your death pit.
Your life is in danger. We have to go.
[GORFYDD] Arthur has
run away with Guinevere.
There's work to be done.
[ARTHUR] You must enter
Dumnonia as my wife.
Marry us. Here. Now.
[SANSUM] To the family
of the Holy Church.
May the Lord forgive you
both for what you've done.
I'm used to waking up
on grass, not soft fur.
And it's usually Sag's grouchy face
that wakes me up in the morning.
[LAUGH] I hope I'm a worthy substitute.
One moment!
Are my wife and I to have no privacy?
Forgive the intrusion.
You are needed in the Great Hall.
Right this second? Can't it wait?
I dealt with what I could
while you were in Powys,
but you have been back for a week.
Half of Dumnonia is waiting
for you in the courtyard
to have their petitions heard.
People need their leader.
Cadwys is also here.
What does he want?
Perhaps he's here to congratulate you
on your marriage.
Then I should be there
to welcome him too.
We should probably get dressed first.
What kind of a man is Cadwys?
Uther allowed him to rule Isca.
That land belongs to Dumnonia.
So, Cadwys is a king without a kingdom.
To lose your lands is to
lose a piece of yourself.
It's heartbreaking.
Cadwys wants respect.
Good of you to join us.
It is my fault we
were detained, my Lord.
My sincere apologies.
Allow me to introduce my wife,
Lady Guinevere, of Henis Wyren.
[GUINEVERE] I'm honored, King Cadwys.
Tales of your people's skill and bravery
are heard far and wide.
Let me get you a drink.
Rejecting Gorfydd's pretty daughter, eh?
You've got more balls than I thought.
Though I am beginning to
understand why you did it.
What can I do for you, Cadwys?
Owain is dead.
Which means King Mordred has lost
one of his three protectors.
I want to serve in Owain's place.
Consider it a sign of friendship
between Isca and Dumnonia.
A very generous offer.
But surely we need no such formalities.
Knowing you look after Isca on
Dumnonia's behalf is service enough.
King Cadwys.
Nice to be home.
[CULWYN] Hey, look at this.
A warrior come to visit us.
Oh! Look at you!
What have they done to you?
Do they not feed their guests in Powys?
You have to be fast to beat
Lanval to the good stuff.
[LAUGHING] Hey, come here.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
So, is it true?
Arthur's returned with the wrong bride.
Arthur said that a good leader
must follow his heart
and what he knows to be the truth.
I've found that men tell themselves
all sorts of things to
justify their actions.
Particularly when it comes to women.
Arthur isn't like that.
I'm teasing.
If marrying Guinevere
is what Arthur wants,
then it must be the
will of the Gods. [LAUGH]
But I am surprised Bedwin agreed to him
breaking his oath to marry the princess.
He didn't. It was Sansum
who performed the ceremony.
Sansum is a zealot.
He'd see every pagan banished,
or killed.
Do not underestimate him, Derfel.
I'm not afraid of Sansum.
[ARTHUR] Good day.
My Lord, my Ladies.
I hope you and your wife
are well this morning.
God bless this happy union.
To think I I'll be able to boast
that I was the one who joined
you together in matrimony.
- We're very grateful.
- And I am humbled, my Lord,
and if you ever need my services
[GUINEVERE] Most generous.
There is, um
one other matter to discuss, my Lord.
Certain assurances
were made by your good self
towards the Christian community I serve.
I believe we discussed
the building of a church.
We did.
We'll look into suitable sites.
My Lord, if I may, I
I have proposed a site already.
It's that of the Sacred Thorn Bush.
- In Avalon?
- It's near Avalon,
not in the village itself, my Lord.
- No, Arthur
- The land is flat,
it's easy to work,
protected from the harshest of elements.
There's a well nearby. Fresh water.
We simply wish to worship
in peace, Lady Morgan
and in a place hallowed in our faith
as much as it is your own.
Perhaps my Lord and Lady
would do us the great honor of attending
- our very first mass.
- Good day to you, Sansum.
And good day to you.
Peace be with you. God be present.
Do you smell that?
It's the stench of naked ambition.
I gave him my word he
could build his church.
My word must count for something.
You have something to say to me, sister?
I have to go see Mordred.
Perhaps I could come with you.
I'd like to meet the Edling King.
I'm glad to have you as my guide.
It'll take me an age to learn
which passageway leads to which.
It's not that difficult.
Arthur says you're a woman
of great intelligence.
Is intelligence a virtue or a
curse in the body of a woman?
He bites.
You're good with him.
He was hard to soothe
after his mother died.
But he's grown used to me.
He can be an angry little fellow.
And with plenty of reason.
He's a poor motherless little mite.
He is a king.
Fetch a lotion of ivy bark and
honeysuckle to soothe his gums.
I know what you think of me.
I have no land, no
title, nothing to my name.
Perhaps I only married Arthur
to give myself a better life.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
I love your brother.
It's true, I am an outcast,
just like he is.
That is why we understand each other.
You think you understand my brother?
We have much to learn about one another.
But I know this.
You and I, we can be enemies or friends.
But Arthur will need us both.
Morgan is protective of me.
Always has been.
It's one of the many
things I admire about her.
You may admire my sister
but can we enjoy some time alone
without her bursting in on us?
What are you thinking about?
What our future might look like.
In 15 years,
Mordred will come of age,
and you and I can get
a nice place somewhere
far away from everyone.
Where we can raise sheep,
cattle, chickens,
our children.
And how many of each are you planning?
As many as you will allow me.
You see yourself as a farmer?
Do you think that foolish?
I think it unlikely.
It's beautiful though, isn't it?
One's homeland always is.
You're thinking of Henis Wyren.
I'd always thought my destiny
would be to return there someday.
Perhaps it is.
And perhaps your destiny is
sheep, cattle, and chickens.
We'll make the most of whatever
the Gods have planned for us.
As long as our fates lie together.
This isn't your land.
You shouldn't be here.
Do not the pagans believe the
land belongs to everyone, Nimue?
With some exceptions.
Of course. With exception.
Lord Arthur gave us
permission to build a church.
He sees our Christian community
is thriving.
He agrees we deserve a
place to worship, Nimue.
And they say he serves no god,
but perhaps they were wrong.
Hear us our Lord, have mercy
because we sin against thee.
[ALL] Hear us our Lord, have mercy
because we sin against thee.
God bless you, Nimue.
our Lord, have mercy
One! Two!
Three! Four!
You have a blind spot
on your right side.
I'll work on it, my Lord.
You did very well, Derfel.
My husband likes to show off.
I see your wife has the measure of you.
You did well to find so
many recruits so quickly.
How are they coming along?
We've a long way to go.
I'm sure you'll whip them into shape.
Like I did you.
[GUARD] Rider approaching!
I heard there was a
messenger from Kernow.
Cadwys has taken the
mine on the moors by force
and enslaved the Kernow miners.
He has also declared Isca
- an independent state.
We'll ride to the mine and take it back?
We won't get that far. Cadwys knows
I can't ignore this. He
expects me to respond.
- He'll be waiting for us.
- You anticipate an ambush?
No, he wants me to see him as a king.
He won't hide out of sight;
he'll be in open land.
Proud. Get the men ready.
I know this territory, my Lord.
I could lead the men in.
I need a man here who I can trust.
You'll stay to guard Lady
Guinevere and Lady Morgan.
[MORGAN] What if we hear from Bedwin?
He's negotiating in Powys.
What happens if we
receive Gorfydd's demands?
I won't be gone long. If Powys
send word, wait for my return.
- No, Gorfydd won't be kept waiting, Arthur
- You have my instructions.
Be careful.
Please tell me why you've allowed
that Christian fool to
build his church at Avalon.
They are entitled to a
place to worship, Nimue.
He offends the Gods, Arthur.
If Britain is to have peace,
we must all learn to live together.
Pagans and Christians.
- Yes
- Nimue.
You must try to get along with Sansum.
Did Lady Morgan say why
she wanted to see me?
No, my Lady.
I'm quite safe within the
walls of Caer Cadarn, Derfel.
I swore to Arthur that
I would protect you.
I protected myself for a
long time before I met Arthur.
- Sometimes I wish I was a man.
- You do?
Then I'd be out there doing something,
not left behind waiting for news.
You don't have to be a
woman to be left behind.
Arthur clearly cares
for you a great deal.
Perhaps he wants to protect us both.
[GUINEVERE] What is this?
Word has come from Powys.
Bishop Bedwin's negotiations
with Gorfydd's abbot
at Ratae have concluded.
Powys has named its price.
Have the guards load the gold.
I'll convey it to Gorfydd immediately.
Arthur said we should
wait for him to return.
We have no idea when that might be,
and Gorfydd is not a patient man.
Nor is he a man to be trusted.
Well, the request was
confirmed by Bishop Bedwin.
- He sent this with it.
- Still, I
I governed successfully
when Arthur was in Powys,
and without your counsel.
Do you think to question
my decisions now, my Lady?
Hm? I am going to Powys
to give Gorfydd his gold,
and I will bring Bedwin home.
Friendship with Gorfydd is a
necessary evil in our battle
with the Saxons, but it
is an evil nonetheless.
I have dealt with Gorfydd before.
Then you know he reserves
a special manipulation
and cruelty for women.
However strong that woman may be,
it's her very strength that riles him.
I could lead your guard, my Lady.
I'm-I'm going in peace, Derfel.
A large guard will
send the wrong message.
Perhaps, but take Derfel.
A large guard in just one man.
Prepare the horses. We
leave at first light.
[WHISPERING] I need your help.
I need your help.
Tell me what to do.
Almighty God
with you always.
I have heard you
and I will act.
Close your eyes, brothers, quick.
Oh God, we beseech thee,
that we be made fit,
be clean of heart and innocent of works,
worthy to receive the
most sacred body
Ah. Here.
We welcome you, Nimue.
And dare we hope you've come
to worship our dear Lord?
If you make one more mark
upon this sacred
ground, you will suffer.
You will rot from the inside out,
just as you attempt to
rot the faith of our Gods,
and you will know their wrath.
Nimue, I am here.
We have a heathen witch, brothers.
And your charms and your stones, Nimue,
they hold no power over us.
So, I implore thee, Lord Almighty,
let this holy communion
be the armor of my faith,
and may it be my sure
defense against my enemies.
Your powerless God offers you
no defense against me and mine.
Nimue, I think you should leave.
May May it May it make me
ever cleave to thee who
art the one true God.
And-And may I owe it the
happy ending of my life.
Amen, brothers.
- Amen.
One more mark.
[ARTHUR] They're ready for us.
[SAGRAMOR] And we are ready for them.
[CADWYS] You've just crossed the border
into the independent Kingdom of Isca.
Isn't she lovely?
[ARTHUR] This land is part of Dumnonia,
covered by the long-standing agreement
between you and my father.
Uther is dead, and lately
I've been struggling
to see the benefits
of that old agreement.
Then you are to be arrested for
breaking the terms of the treaty.
On whose authority?
- Yours?
- Yes.
Let's not make this difficult, Cadwys.
None of our men need to die here today.
Just me or you then.
You swore an oath to the Edling King.
He still claims to act for Mordred.
Is that what this is about?
Because I wouldn't
name you his protector?
Ahh you forget
I was there when you asked your father
to be named the same.
I saw him deny you.
The old king had barely
crossed into the other world
before you were back,
claiming it anyway,
coveting, begging,
getting rid of those
your father did honor.
Bedwin off fixing your messes in Powys.
Owain, ahh.
I saw that too.
Is there nothing you won't do for power?
Surrender, Cadwys.
There he is!
There was a lot Uther was wrong about
but he was right about you.
He saw you for what you really are.
A treacherous bastard!
You will come to Caer Cadarn,
and you will answer
for what you have done.
You say you won't wanna rule
that you're just a caretaker
for your crippled brother
but I see you for what
you really are too.
You will surrender, Cadwys.
The bastard who would be king.
[BROTHER JOHN] They fell to a fever.
The pox.
They bear no marks.
The disease is within.
No, the witch's curse has no power.
She has no power here. Right?
Here you are.
How much further?
We rested here on the way
north with Lord Arthur.
Caer Dolforwyn was a further day's ride.
That's a long way to
go to make a mistake.
If anyone is allowed to
criticize Arthur, it's me.
Do you think that he was wrong
to marry Lady Guinevere?
Arthur always does
what he thinks is right.
Even if that means
choosing the hardest path.
And with him, it often does.
He makes thinks so hard
for himself, Derfel.
But is he right?
Well, he has been so far.
That's why he's so annoying.
Over and over, I have
watched my brother succeed
when everyone thought he would fail.
if he believes that marrying Guinevere
is the right course, then
I must, too.
I mean, we all must.
Let the light shine
perpetually upon them,
and, through the mercy of God,
may their souls rest in peace.
Amen, brother.
Is there something you want to say?
- The witch has cursed us.
We are all going to die.
This is not a curse.
Now, she poisoned them,
she murdered them,
and I will make sure
she is punished for it.
Do you trust me?
I will make sure.
[ALL] Forgive us our Lord, have mercy,
because we've sinned against thee.
[ALL] Forgive us our Lord, have mercy.
There she is, brothers!
Nimue! You see?
The will of God is with us.
Come out, Nimue, and face justice.
What are you doing here?
Get away from there!
You are harboring a murderer.
She poisoned my men,
and three of them are dead,
and I will take her to Caer Cadarn,
where she will confess her sins
and she will be punished.
You lay a finger on
Nimue, you'll regret it.
I'm going to fetch Arthur.
You bring him. You bring him here
so he can see what
the druidess has done.
You go!
[MAN] Oh, dear God.
Sweet Christ.
She's completely mad, brothers.
We cast fire from
heaven. We cast it now!
You will face justice, Nimue.
You will face justice for this!
[GUARD] Open the gates!
My Lady. Derfel.
Strange circumstances.
It's a blessing to see your face.
I thought you were in Ratae.
I-I was.
And then the abbot and I came here
to speak directly with Gorfydd.
Negotiations have been protracted.
- But I've been treated well.
- Good.
- How was your journey?
But Derfel was an excellent guide.
I always knew this boy was a good one.
[GORFYDD] I am told we have visitors!
We were expecting your brother, my Lady.
Arthur has been detained in the west,
but he sends his apologies.
I'm here on his behalf.
Your bishop here is a
very impressive negotiator.
Not many would be brave
enough to stay behind
to fix your brother's messes.
Derfel, go get the gold.
He's wasted in the church.
I offered him a place on my council,
- and he turned me down.
Sadly, my services belong to another.
Oh, belong to another.
Sense of humor too, eh? Eh?
Perhaps I'll keep him anyway.
My Lord.
Now, you go count the gold,
make sure everything is in order.
Of course.
And meanwhile, I'm sure
you'd like to freshen up.
Tonight, there will be
a feast in your honor.
That's very generous, but, really,
- it won't be necessary.
- No, no, no, no, no.
Powys prides herself for
her hospitality to friends.
And we are friends are we not?
[MORGAN] Of course.
[GUINEVERE] I heard you were back.
What happened?
Cadwys is dead.
I killed him.
You did what you had to do.
I wanted to deal with
the situation peacefully.
I gave him chance after chance
but he refused to surrender.
He said I only want to
take power for myself.
But it was him who sought power.
Cadwys made his choice.
He would've ripped this country apart
and threatened the peace
that you've been working
so hard to achieve.
We received word from Bishop Bedwin.
Gorfydd named his price in gold.
I need to respond immediately.
Morgan insisted on leaving for Powys
as soon as we received the message.
I told you to wait for me.
I'm not your sister's keeper.
Derfel went with her.
She's a strong woman, Arthur.
Come to bed, my love.
You must be exhausted.
There's trouble, at Avalon.
Come. She's inside.
- Is she hurt?
- No.
- Where is Sansum?
- He's at his camp. But
Thank you.
- You all right?
- Yeah.
How do you feel?
My Lord.
Nimue did this, my Lord.
You're injured.
She cast fire and
serpents upon us, my Lord.
Thank God I am I am still alive.
Do you have any proof that Nimue
is responsible for the deaths?
She cursed us.
Swore that if we continued
to build our church,
then then we would
rot from the inside.
The next day, my men succumbed,
first to fever, then to death.
Surely you do not hold faith
in the power of a curse, bishop.
I do not, my Lord.
I believe she poisoned them,
and she must be stopped.
Punished, once and for all.
I will speak with her, alone.
She wants this chaos, my Lord.
And people only turn to her false Gods
when they're afraid, or
when they're in the dark.
Christianity is light,
You have a choice, my Lord.
You You have a choice.
You can have the well-ordered,
peaceful Britain that
you seek with my faith.
Or you can have blood
and disorder with hers.
I do not wish to burden you, my Lord.
How was your wedding?
It's been the talk of Avalon.
Really? Not the three dead Christians?
Would you leave us, Ralla?
Do you know what happened to those men?
I know they shouldn't have been here.
Sansum accuses you of murder.
Sansum wants me dead.
Then tell me you had
nothing to do with it,
and I can deal with him.
Like you dealt with Gundleus?
Did you poison those men?
I cursed them.
If they fell sick and then died,
then that is the will of the Gods.
Don't play with words. I cannot defend
your innocence if you refuse to deny it.
Only the Gods can judge me.
There must be order, Nimue.
How can we defeat the
Saxons if cannot find peace
amongst ourselves?
Britain suffers from
two sicknesses though,
Arthur, and you only see one.
Even if you do defeat the
Saxons, it will not matter.
Not if you allow the
Christians to rise up
and drive the Gods to desert us.
Your priest makes that
more likely every day.
He's not my priest.
Then why give him a church?
You've offended the Gods,
but they spoke to me, Arthur.
They gave me a sign.
If we make this land theirs once again,
then they will come.
They will protect us.
What is this?
- Wild lettuce.
- Opium lettuce.
It's used to aid sleep.
And it can kill, in
large enough quantities.
- You will answer me, Nimue.
Did you poison those men?
If they died
it was the will of the Gods.
Ah, come, come. Join us.
- Not him.
- Sit down.
Lady Morgan's guard will eat here.
My Lady.
Will Bishop Bedwin be joining us?
Oh, he will.
Now, you must taste our wine.
Made from the fruits of our land,
the water of our streams,
and you will not taste better.
- Mm?
- Mm-hmm.
Thank you again for receiving me.
I know Arthur values the
continued peace between our lands.
I find kings love peace
only when war becomes inconvenient.
But your brother's not a king, is he?
Eat! Hm!
How is Lord Arthur, Derfel?
He is well, my Lady.
And Lady Guinevere?
I know it might seem
strange for me to ask
after what happened.
But I miss her very much.
My mother died when I was young.
I also lost my mother.
Then you can understand.
Guinevere was the one
who took care of me.
She was like a sister to me.
Her happiness is as
important to me as my own.
Do they seem happy?
They do.
Then it has all worked out as it should.
Your brother must trust you a great deal
to send you in his stead.
He does trust me.
- Or he's a coward.
- Forgive my nephew.
Siluria is not known for its manners!
[GORFYDD] He does make a valid point.
Arthur doesn't fear facing me, does he?
No, no.
He very much wishes he
could be here in person,
but as I explained, he has
been detained in the west.
Oh yes, yes, old Cadwys
flexing his muscles, is he?
Oh, Arthur should've
seen that one coming.
Uther made a fool of Cadwys for years.
So much for Arthur's dream of unity.
Oh, I I hope it's not just his dream.
The Saxons threaten us all.
It's vital that we stay strong together.
Do everything we can
to secure our futures.
That was the argument your brother made,
when he offered to marry my daughter.
Yes, uh
Arthur very much regrets
any hurt that may have been caused.
I'd very much regret it as well
if I'd married a whore from Henis Wyren.
- Hm.
But I agree, we must do all
we can to secure the future.
Tell me
how do you suggest I
should do that, my Lady?
By holding true with your allies.
And what if your ally
proves to be a coward
and a liar,
a whore-lover?
Time for the entertainment,
don't you think?
Forgive me.
We have been traveling for several days.
- I should like to retire.
- Are you not enjoying
- my company, Lady Morgan?
- No, no, no, I am,
- but I really must insist
- Not when we've gone
to all this trouble for you!
- Father!
Take Princess Ceinwyn to her quarters!
Lady Morgan
Your bishop, Lady Morgan.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I did not know.
This is not your doing.
Stop this! Stop this!
Arthur is a pretender
born to a whore mother,
to a whore he has returned.
So long as Dumnonia
fights for the whore-lover,
as long as Dumnonia is our enemy,
our enemy will be the generous provider
of our gold, of our slaves,
of our land, of our food,
of our women, and of our glory!
I'm here.
My Lord calls me to his side.
No, no! Please.
Please spare him.
This is not his doing.
Please, I beg you.
Please, I beg of you!
The druidess loves the bishop.
- Derfel.
- I can't. I can't!
My Lady!
I'm here. I'm here.
My Lady Morgan.
I'm here.
- You are here.
I'm glad
I was able to look upon you
- your face, one last time.
I have been yours always.
I'm so sorry!
My Lord will bless me
and keep me.
No, no
My heart knows no fear.
- No fear.
No, no Derfel, no! Derfel!
Take this message
back to your Lord Arthur.
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