The Witcher (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

The End's Beginning

- [YELLS.]
Today isn't your day, is it? [SNIFFS.]
What will it be? Point me to the alderman's house.
- It's down the alley to the left - Isadora.
We don't want your kind here, Witcher.
The alderman, tell me where he is and I'll be on my way.
You don't give the orders around here [SCOFFS.]
you mutant son of a bitch.
Hear that? - [LOW RUMBLE.]
On your own or at the end of a rope, your choice.
Not a hard choice.
Yeah, fuck that.
Kill him with your bare hands if you have to.
C'mon, Witcher.
You're not scared of us, are ya? Show us what you've got.
Can you not leave it alone for a moment? - Witchers can't be trusted.
- [WOMAN.]
I'm not speaking to you.
I apologize for my man's interference in your day.
Hopefully he can improve his behavior by tomorrow's market.
Sorry, Renfri.
Come on, lads.
Beer for my friend here and one for me.
I am speaking to you now, good sir.
Want some breakfast? I'm full.
My mother, God rest her, would be mortified.
Our secret, then.
So, what brings you to Blaviken, White Hair? You came for a monster? I was traveling by the swamp.
That would be your mistake, then.
Why wouldn't you travel by main roads? It's hard to make a living on main roads.
And you desperately need money for new clothes.
Two more beers.
More and more, I find monsters wherever I go.
How much coin for your kikimora, then? I killed a rat this morning with my breakfast fork.
Stabbed it in its fat little gut.
My mother nearly fainted, but what was I supposed to do? It had been shitting in our pantry for days.
You mentioned coin.
- [GIRL.]
Isadora said you were looking for my father.
She's a gossip, you see.
Probably went two steps into the Lord's Inn before she was running off telling everyone an evil witcher had arrived.
You don't scare me.
That's too bad.
And I can also tell you that my father will have no use for this beast.
Your father, the alderman? He posted a flyer.
For a graveir.
Kikimoras are useful.
Population control.
You should speak to Master Irion, our wizard.
He's willing to pay for odds and ends he needs for elixirs.
I sold him our dog when it died.
Take me to him.
I got 15 crowns for the yappy mutt.
That's enough to buy some new clothes.
Just saying.
Come on, Roach.
Have you ever killed a succubus? A striga? Werewolf? She-wolf? That's not a thing.
So you've killed the rest? I think that makes you a hero.
My mother says you're the offspring of foul sorcery, a diabolic creation, a filthy degenerate born of Hell.
Have you ever been to Hell? I've never even left Blaviken.
Because my mother's never left Blaviken, and if it's good enough for Libushe, then it's good enough for Marilka.
- That's my name.
Like milk.
What's your name? Geralt.
Like garroter? Nice.
Where are you from, Geralt? Rivia.
I don't know where that is, but I could learn, if you'd let me.
Because I'm a girl and girls can't be witchers.
Which I think is probably the stupidest thing I've ever heard.
I want more.
I have to be more, because I don't know what to do in Blaviken for the rest of my life, except go to the boring old market.
And kill rats.
And dogs.
Here we are.
Hold Roach.
- Be nice.
Hey, Roach.
I am Stregobor.
Master Stregobor.
I have a kikimora for Master Irion.
Yes, well, forgive the confusion.
Irion created this tower, but he's been dead 200 years.
So, in order to honor him, I've taken his name as my personal sobriquet.
He create this illusion, too? No, this is, uh this is my own creation.
Helps pass time more delightfully.
Because you're in hiding, Stregobor.
How very clever of you Witcher.
Not often do we see your likeness here in Blaviken.
Not many of my likeness left.
I'd offer you my condolences, but I seem to remember that witchers don't feel anything.
I'm grateful destiny brought you to me.
Marilka brought me to you.
Oh, Marilka.
Marilka works for me.
Now and then.
On matters of great import.
A reclusive sorcerer who uses an alias and hires a young girl to procure him a witcher.
You don't want my monster.
You want me to kill yours.
Very clever.
- What kind? - The worst kind.
The human kind.
Its name is Renfri.
- Damn it.
- [SIGHS.]
- Go on, Martin.
- Ah! Five.
- Yeah! - Not yet.
- There's no way you can get five.
You're not taking a bite of that bread before I try.
- Better throw those knuckles.
- Go on, then.
- Told ya.
I didn't steal the bread.
Korin did! - Quick! Quick! - Hey, shut up, you twat! You need to come with us.
As your Queen, I grant you this commendation, which will symbolize your duty and bond as liegemen in fealty to the crown of Cintra.
Could use with a bit of feel-ty myself right now.
Do you promise to defend to your utmost the weak, the orphaned - Late wee pups don't get to bark.
- I was playing in the square.
speak only the truth - Knucklebones? - loyal and brave Did you win this time? Like I showed you.
- at any cost - I would have, if the horsemen of doom hadn't ridden up like that.
- I grant you this - If you can't win a game of knucklebones - for fear of a few horses - duty and bond what'll you do when you go into battle? - in fealty to the crown of Cintra.
- [SIGHS.]
At least you didn't shit your kecks.
As members of the Royal Family, is it too much to ask that you exercise a modicum of respect? Especially you.
This is your duty as king and grandfather.
Grant me leave, my Queen.
I am worn from my trip to the Isles.
And my bedchamber duties before that.
- As your Queen, I grant you this commendation, which will symbolize your duty and bond [STREGOBOR.]
Destiny has many faces, Witcher.
Mine, for example, is beautiful on the outside, but hideous on the inside.
She has stretched her bloody talons towards me.
Wizards are all the same.
You talk nonsense while making wise and meaningful faces.
Speak normally.
Have you ever heard of the Curse of the Black Sun? First full eclipse in 1,200 years.
It marked the imminent return of Lilit, demon goddess of the night sent to exterminate the human race.
According to the wise mage Eltibald, Lilit's path was to be prepared by 60 women wearing gold crowns who'd fill the river valleys with blood.
Doesn't rhyme.
All good predictions rhyme.
I studied the girls born around the Black Sun, and I found horrendous internal mutations among them.
I tried to cure them, locked them in towers for safekeeping, but the girls always died.
Internal mutations? They were autopsied, of course, to confirm my suspicions.
But eliminating these women was the lesser evil.
They could've drowned entire kingdoms in blood.
If you'd been alive during Falka's Rebellion, seen what I saw Innocent women are dead.
But not Renfri, the beautiful one.
She's after you.
Daughter of King Fredefalk of Creyden.
I delivered the princess myself in the middle of the afternoon in pitch black.
Under the Black Sun, so she's cursed.
Do you consider me a fool, Witcher? Do you think I did not conduct research? Renfri was acutely affected.
Her stepmother, Aridea, told me she tortured a canary, strangled two puppies, even gouged out her maid's eye with a comb.
I admit what happened next was not ideal, but with the lives of Aridea's own children on the line, we had to act.
So I dispatched someone to follow Renfri into the woods.
We found him in the brush, Renfri's antique brooch jammed into his ear.
After that, I organized a manhunt to find the princess, but eh she was gone.
Two years.
Until she reappeared, robbing and murdering merchants on the roads of Mahakam.
Impaled them on sticks at first, but soon, she picked up sword skills.
And now no man can defy her, it's said.
You're not a man.
You're a magician.
- She's resistant to magic.
- That's impossible in humans.
Not mutated ones.
She's chased me for years, bent on revenge.
And now she's tracked me here, just as you arrived.
Kill her.
I'll pay you anything.
I kill monsters.
The kikimora kills because it's hungry, Renfri kills for pleasure.
She is a monster.
She is the last of Lilit's women.
And she possesses the power to destroy us all.
I don't believe anyone has that power.
With the fate of the Continent at stake, is that a chance you're willing to take? There's your rhyme.
Killing Renfri is the lesser evil.
Evil is evil, Stregobor.
Lesser, greater, middling it's all the same.
I'm not judging you.
I haven't only done good in my life either.
But now, if I have to choose between one evil and another, then I prefer not to choose at all.
These shindigs need a touch of the old abracadabra.
At your service, Your Majesty.
Tricks and illusions to delight.
He means to pull a disappearing act.
Don't you? - No.
- Hm.
I saw the Wraiths of MÃrhogg over the channel this morning.
Yes, you mentioned.
- Who? - No good will come of it.
They're an omen of war.
The North has been at war since Nilfgaard took Ebbing.
If legend is true, the Wild Hunt's years behind the curve.
The Nilfgaardian force crossed the Amell Pass.
Headed to Sodden, if they're smart.
And if not, 50 of your Skelligen ships are on the way.
We have more knights.
We are prepared in case Prepared for what? Nothing for you to be concerned about.
Your dismissive tone says it is.
We're talking of war, girl.
With Nilfgaard? - Why? - Eist! Should we fall to Nilfgaard, your granddaughter will rule.
She needs to understand the way of things.
We will not fall, because we are not under attack! She's a child.
You won your first battle in Hochebuz when you were my age.
I've heard the ballad.
Pretty ballads hide bastard truths.
It's a catchy song.
Three thousand of my men died.
If we must do this now, here is your first lesson.
As in life, it is impossible always to be fully prepared for battle.
Keep your sword close and keep moving.
Your Majesty Your Majesty.
Thank you for allowing our company at this splendid affair.
Your Majesties.
Your Highness.
Would you honor me with a dance? Uh Martin She'd love to.
Reminds me of your daughter's betrothal feast.
The night you finally saw sense, said yes.
Made me the happiest man on the Continent.
I did it to save my kingdom.
And, no, you may not leave this shindig.
Your Majesty, my scouts have returned.
Nilfgaard is on its way to Cintra.
I stand corrected.
They're here.
They're already here.
So much for being smart.
You should tell the girl.
Let her enjoy this night in peace.
It may be her last for a while.
The girl this morning, she took you to see Stregobor, didn't she? I know who you are, Renfri.
You know that I want to kill Stregobor, then.
I used to be a princess.
Did he tell you that? Until he sent a thug into the woods to kill me.
You killed him.
With my mother's brooch.
Stregobor's man raped me robbed me and let me go.
No more princess.
I had to survive.
I stole rather than starve.
I killed rather than be killed.
Nohorn and the others saved me.
And they'll be by my side at the market as I get my revenge.
Lilit help me, I will take down anyone in my way.
Unless destiny intervenes.
You want me to kill Stregobor for you.
It's the lesser evil.
So I keep getting told.
Stregobor asked you to kill me too.
'Cause I was a girl born during an eclipse? I could've become so many things.
Queen Calanthe of Cintra, she just won her first battle at Hochebuz.
But here I am trying to convince you I'm not A monster.
Are you? How am I to know? When I cut my finger, I bleed.
That's human, right? When I overeat, my stomach aches.
When I'm happy, I laugh.
When I'm upset, I swear.
And when I hate someone for stealing my whole life from me, I kill him.
People call you a monster too.
A mutant.
What if they come after you? Attack you? They have.
Why not kill them? Because then I am what they say I am.
If I tell you, Witcher, that I can neither forgive Stregobor nor renounce my revenge, is that it? I admit I'm a monster? Yes.
Or you can leave Blaviken and finally live.
You choose, Princess.
Keep it steady! [MAN YELLS.]
Steady! [SNORTS.]
Charge! Not fair that I'm trapped here.
I could magically put you to sleep, Princess.
Just an idea.
It's been two days.
For you and everyone else in the castle.
The King and Queen ordered us to remain here, and that's what we shall do.
And why are you not there? Wherever they are.
My duty is to protect you.
You're resentful of that burden.
It's the greatest honor of my life.
You are both incredibly boring.
Many, many years ago, sorcerers were known to lock little girls in towers.
I'm beginning to understand why.
You know cautionary tales don't work on me.
The girls were said to be cursed.
They were said to announce the end of the human race.
So they were systematically killed.
The end.
Will my grandmother be all right? [SIGHS.]
You will be all right, Princess.
You are her blood.
And the apple never falls far from the tree.
We're losing! [SCREAMS.]
The ships from Skellige? There's been a storm, Your Majesty.
No one's coming! [YELLS.]
Then we fight alone.
We cannot surrender Cintra! Nor will we! [GASPS.]
Eist! [WAILS.]
Move! [GASPS.]
No! [WOMAN.]
Guide us to the safety of your arms, hold us in your light, protect us from the imperial darkness that threatens our souls.
Princess Cirilla Hm.
- [SIGHS.]
Are we going to be okay? [WOMAN.]
Don't worry, Martin.
The Queen will defeat Nilfgaard.
We will go home soon.
Your Highness.
won't stop until they get what they want! [CALANTHE.]
a hundred arrows on my body first! [SOBBING.]
Your Majesty, what must [DOOR SLAMS.]
My sweet child.
- [SOBS.]
- Cintra is under attack.
Eist is dead.
Nilfgaard have made their way into the city.
Why? The citizens how many of them are safe within our walls? A hundred or so, Your Majesty.
The guests from the banquet.
The supplies check we have enough.
You've been brave, my child, while I've been gone? I haven't.
Ask Mousesack.
I've been impatient.
You will rule this land someday.
You know that, don't you? [BREATHING HEAVILY.]
Why are you saying all this? Are you dying? My sweet child, when I go, it will be far more dramatic than this.
Now, child let me rest.
Hm? [SIGHS.]
They've reached the gate.
What are you doing? [YELLING.]
How long will it hold? As long as I hold.
You know what Vesemir would say.
"Witchers shouldn't play at being white knights.
We shouldn't try and uphold the law.
We don't show off.
We get paid in coin.
" And he's right.
Want to hear about my first monster? [SNORTS.]
Wasn't 50 miles outside of Kaer Morhen.
He was huge.
- Stinking.
- Bald head.
- Rotten teeth.
- [BLOWS.]
He pulled that girl from the cart, tore her dress off in front of her father and said, "It's time you met a real man.
" I told him it was time he met one too.
It took two strikes to kill him.
They weren't clean.
But they were spectacular.
I turned to that girl afterwards.
She was drenched in the man's blood.
She took one look at me, screamed, vomited, and passed out.
- I thought the world needed me too.
Who were you talking to? [SIGHS.]
I talk to my horse.
- That's sad.
- Is it? Tell me, Witcher.
You don't believe in destiny or the lesser evil.
What do you believe in? You mean who do I believe.
I don't pick sides.
You just kill monsters.
I've made my decision.
You gave me an ultimatum and I find they work.
Tomorrow, I'll leave Blaviken.
For good.
My men, they love me and I love them.
But it's been a long time since someone saw me.
When I was a girl, my mother used to run her fingers over my forehead.
She'd say she'd give a lovely lintar to know the thoughts going around in there.
Fire at will! Fire! Bring more fire! [CHEERING.]
Your Majesty, the Nilfgaardians will breach the castle gates.
Have breached.
My powers could not hold them any longer, Your Majesty.
Now what? What do we do? [CALANTHE.]
He's in the gatekeep.
Destiny may yet side with us.
It's time.
What? Wait, where are you going? [CALANTHE.]
Come here, child.
The gates are down! Lesson number two.
Know when it's time to stop moving.
You're conceding.
Nilfgaard takes no prisoners.
Which means that right now, my citizens are being tortured.
Their insides are being pulled to their outsides while they watch.
Their legs lit on fire.
Their tongues fed to the dogs.
Your Majesty.
- He's gone.
- What? In the face of the inevitable, Cirilla, good leaders should always choose mercy.
In the future, you will be wise to do the same.
Lazlo, bring her cloak.
What? No.
Continue to be brave.
Promise me.
You are the Lion Cub of Cintra.
- You are destined for great things.
- I can't do this without you.
We must go, Your Highness.
No! - [ROARING.]
The world depends on it.
I love you.
Find Geralt of Rivia.
He is your destiny.
Your Majesty.
I saw it too.
It is why they came.
I will deliver her.
I give you my word.
Your service has been an honor to us all.
As has yours.
Your Majesty.
I'm sorry to disturb, my lady.
It is time.
Nilfgaard is nigh.
It is time.
We can leave.
We can find a way out.
This This is our way out.
- What are you doing? - It's me, my son.
- What is this? - It's okay.
Princess, come.
Hey! - Keep going.
- No! Princess, I gave your grandmother my word.
Allow me to keep it.
My grandmother said I had to leave.
Why? Why is Nilfgaard here? - Why does the world depend on it? - Hold on, Your Highness.
- Hyah! [SNORTING.]
We're getting close to the gate.
I've been protected my whole life, Lazlo.
You were in the market.
Covered in blood.
You say you can't choose, but you had to.
And you'll never know if you were right.
Your reward will be a stoning.
And you will run.
You will try to outrun the girl in the woods, but you cannot.
- She is your destiny.
- Renfri! The market.
She knew you'd come.
Where's Renfri? She's at the tower with your little friend, Marilka.
She gave us a message to pass on to you.
You have to choose the lesser evil.
It's an ultimatum.
Get it? Fuck.
Witcher! [MARILKA.]
Geralt! [SCREAMS.]
Geralt! [SOBS.]
No! [SIGHS.]
- You chose.
- Let the girl go.
I will kill her.
I will kill everyone here until Stregobor comes down.
Leave Blaviken.
It's not too late.
Magic doesn't work on me.
Silver does, though.
Silver is for monsters.
- If we cross swords - I won't be able to stop.
They created me just as they created you.
We're not so different.
The girl in the woods will be with you always.
She is your destiny.
Get get back here, you little - [SCREAMS.]
No! Incredible.
Marilka? Marilka! Get me a cart.
We'll take her to the tower for an autopsy.
If you touch a single hair on her head yours will be on the ground next.
Have you gone mad? Her mutation, it influences people.
That's how she got these men to follow her.
We need to take it.
She got to you too, didn't she? Do not touch her.
You butchered bodies in the streets of Blaviken.
- You're a beast! - You endangered the girl.
- [WOMAN.]
Beast! - [MAN.]
He's killed every single - You took the law into your own hands.
- [WOMAN.]
- [WOMAN.]
He's a bad one! - [MAN.]
Get out of here! - [MAN 2.]
Get out and don't [WOMAN.]
Go on! Butcher! You made a choice.
And you'll never know if it was the right one.
- Die, Witcher! - [CLAMORING.]
Die, Witcher! - Go, Witcher! - Die! Get out of Blaviken, Geralt.
Don't ever come back.
The girl in the woods will be with you always.
She is your destiny.

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