The Witcher (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Four Marks

1 - [GIRL.]
So, where are you taking me? - [BOY.]
It's a surprise.
A surprise? What surprise? - [BOY.]
I got you something.
- Do tell.
Well, if I tell now, it wouldn't be a surprise, would it? [LAUGHS.]
You're a very, very naughty boy.
Stand there.
Close your eyes.
A daisy? Not a rose? - Roses are cliché.
- Daisies are cheap.
I can still kiss you, right? Where did it go? - What? - My daisy.
- Thought you didn't want it? - Ugh! [GASPS.]
- Now it smells of pig shit.
- You been spying on us, you creep? 'Course.
Look at her.
No one's ever kissed that.
Could she even stand up straight to do it? Where you going, crooked girl? We can teach you.
Leave me alone.
I heard your father makes you sleep with pigs.
- Stop.
- Your own family doesn't even want you.
- Who are you? - Wha what is all this? Am I dead? How did I get here? Well, it looks to me like you portalled in.
I what? You know, portalled.
From wherever you were to here.
The Tower of the Gull.
Oh, you're a virgin.
I'm sorry.
I'm s I'm sorry.
Your backhand is even more impressive than your magic.
My what? [WOMAN.]
We're not supposed to be out here - [GASPS.]
- What's wrong? If you could conjure that portal out of thin air, she'll be coming for you.
She? She who? What are you doing? [SPEAKING ELDER.]
What's that? It's a a different kind of portal.
One that can't be tracked.
See, the one you made has put a target on your back, but this will take you home.
Look, you can trust me.
What's your name? Istredd.
- Wait.
What's your - [RUMBLING.]
Get out of there, girl.
- I I can do it.
How much for a pig? They'll be at market tomorrow.
Well, I'm here today.
Ten marks.
How much for this beast? - Six.
- Four.
- What are you doing? - Sold.
Four marks.
Are you mad? You can't let them have her.
As I said, sold.
Four marks.
The woman's a witch.
You know what they will do.
- She's our daughter.
- She's no daughter of mine.
Please help me.
I'll be going.
You can't take me! I won't go.
Let me out! Let me out! [SOBS.]
Four marks.
Princess! Princess Cirilla! Princess Cirilla! [SECOND MAN.]
Come on! Now, Princess! - You, check down there.
- Princess? - Where are you, Princess? Princess Cirilla! Moving to the stream.
- You, keep your eyes open! - [HORSES NEIGH.]
Princess Cirilla! [GASPS.]
Who's there? Stop right there.
You mean they're poison? [SQUEAKING.]
Oh, uh no, thank you.
I don't eat rat.
Wh-Where in Cintra did you live? Where are your parents? Why don't you talk? I haven't spoken to anybody in three days.
I guess I'm on the run.
I'm supposed to be going towards someone, but instead, I'm running from someone else.
He has this this big bird on his head.
I don't know what he wants from me.
We should smother the fire.
I can't be caught by him.
I can't.
Look, it's the Cintran flag.
Come on, we're saved.
Rat Boy? [LUTE PLAYS.]
You think you're safe Without a care But here in Posada You'd be wise to beware The pike with the spike That lurks in your drawers Or the flying drake That will fill you with horror Need old Nan the Hag To stir up a potion So that your lady May get an abortion - Abort yourself! - Oh, oi! - Stop! Fuck off! - [WOMAN.]
Shut up! I'm so glad that I could bring you all together like this.
- [MAN.]
Sit down and shut up! - Unbelievable.
I love the way you just sit in the corner and brood.
- I'm here to drink alone.
- Good.
Yeah, good.
No one else hesitated to comment on the quality of my performance, except for you.
Come on.
You don't want to keep a man with bread in his pants waiting.
You must have some review for me.
Three words or less.
They don't exist.
What don't exist? The creatures in your song.
And how would you know? Oh, fun.
White hair big, old loner, two very very scary-looking swords.
I know who you are.
You're the Witcher, Geralt of Rivia.
Called it.
A job I've got for ya.
I beg you.
A devil he's been stealing all our grain.
In advance, I'll pay you.
A hundred ducat.
One fifty.
I've no doubt you'll come through.
You take no prisoners, so I hear.
Need a hand? I've got two.
One for each of the, uh, devil's horns.
Go away.
I won't be but silent back-up.
I heard your note, and, yes, you're right, maybe real adventures would make better stories.
And you, sir, smell chock-full of them.
Amongst other things.
I mean, what is that? Is that onion? It doesn't matter.
Whatever it is, you smell of death and destiny.
Heroics and heartbreak.
It's onion.
Right, yeah.
Ooh, I could be your barker, spreading the tales of Geralt of Rivia, the-the Butcher of Blaviken.
- Come here.
- Yeah? [GROANS.]
Ho ho.
Come on, Roach.
Do you know how many people wouldn't blink if you died? You get to live.
Who are you? Tissaia de Vries.
Rectoress of Aretuza.
You should've let me die.
At least I had control over that.
Oh, that's adorable, piglet.
You weren't taking control.
You were losing it.
Be in the greenhouse in 20 minutes.
I sense your terror.
And you are right to be afraid.
Chaos is the most dangerous thing in this world.
It is all around us all the time.
Volatile and powerful.
But each one of you showed an aptitude for channeling it.
Your conduit moment created a new ripple in chaos, reaching me here in Aretuza.
Anica, you saved a drowning boy with your mind.
Fringilla froze a cat.
On accident.
Sabrina turned her mother fat.
But just because you are conduits of chaos does not mean that you are capable of magic.
I want to go home.
This is your home.
Listen closely.
Your survival depends on it.
Magic is organizing chaos.
And while oceans of mystery remain, we have deduced that this requires two things.
Balance and control.
Without them, chaos will kill you.
This is the simplest of trials to see whether you are worthy of the ascension.
Between your flower and your stone lies the balance.
Lift your stone without touching it.
Use the incantation [SPEAKING ELDER.]
- [GASPS.]
I'm doing it.
- Your hand [SCREAMING.]
This is the balance.
Demonstrated beautifully.
Thank you, Fringilla.
There is no conjuring something from nothing.
There is a give and a take.
- You've lost a lot of blood, piglet.
Sometimes a flower is just a flower and the best thing it can do for us is to die.
You were right.
She found me.
And you found me.
My name.
It's Yennefer.
It's good to meet you properly Yennefer.
Hey, no cutting.
Don't touch me.
This food was provided by the queen.
May she rot in hell.
Your cloak My father made it.
Ziven Ozol.
He clothes Cintra's finest.
You look like you've been through hell.
Like all of us.
They're elf ears.
I killed them all.
Doing my part to avenge human lives lost in Filavandrel's uprising.
Filavandrel? The elves call him "King.
" Last year, he tried to claim Cintran land.
My brother got an arrow in the brain.
Every day, I make sure his death's not in vain.
Meet my family.
Mother, I brought someone to join us.
This is Fiona.
Look at you in your little cloak.
Our father just died.
Fighting to defend that wretched bitch and her wretched family.
Mother, stop.
It wasn't Queen Calanthe's fault.
Nilfgaard only got past Cintran borders because of elven spies.
Technically, it was the elves' land first.
Our brother died for that land.
And your father died for Calanthe's selfishness.
One conflict after another.
Robbing us of our homes, our men, and our lives.
- When will it stop? - When I'm a knight.
I'll have enough coin to rebuild our house.
You're to be a knight? I have to apprentice, but I'll be ready when Cintra rises again.
To order and dignity.
Oh, child.
Your shoes.
Let's get you a fresh pair, why don't we? That'd be wonderful.
Thank you.
Don't worry.
He's one of the clean ones.
Reading between the lines and the gut punches, chum, I'd say you have got a bit of a an image problem.
Were I to join you on this feat to defeat the devil of Posada, I could relieve you of that title.
All the North would be too busy singing the tales of Geralt of Rivia, the-the White Wolf or-or something.
Butcher is right.
Mind if I hop up? I'm not wearing the right footwear.
- Don't touch Roach.
- Yeah, right, yeah.
The elves called this Dol Blathanna before bequeathing it to the humans and retreating into their golden palaces in the mountains.
There I go again, just delivering exposition.
Geralt? Geralt? Wh-Where are you going? Geralt, don't leave me.
Hello? - What are we looking for again? - Blessed silence.
Yeah, I don't really go in for that.
Have you ever hunted a devil before? - Devils don't exist.
- Right.
Then, uh then what are we doing? Sometimes there's monsters, sometimes there's money.
Rarely both.
That's the life.
- Shit! Act Two begins! What was that? Looks like a tiny cannonball from a Oh, my gosh.
Geralt it is a devil.
- I have to see this magical, this mythi - [PROJECTILE HITS.]
- Leave me be! - [YELLS.]
- You talk.
Of course I talk! What happened with you? Your mother fuck a goat? I am Torque the Sylvan, a rare and intelligent creature! You're a dick.
With balls.
Balls I got from humans, who left our food filled with iron meant to poison me! - Ow! - Did your mother fuck a snowman? You are intelligent, I'll give you that.
So I won't kill you, but you can't stay here.
Neither can you.
Look into her eyes.
Look until a door becomes a window.
Seek to understand your partner's greatest fears.
With our eyes? No, piglet.
With chaos.
Thought transference should flow through you, like learning to dance or swim or kiss.
Come on, you can do it.
drowning Anica's worst fear is snakes.
Come here.
You take weeks to lift your stone.
You can't bend water.
You struggle to perform the simplest physical tasks.
And now you lie to me? Your worst fear makes such sense.
Even if you were a beauty, still, no one would love you.
Tissaia's right.
I've been here for weeks and can barely do shit.
See, my thought transference trial at Ban Ard took three days.
Boy I was paired with had a phobia of cheese.
I want to be good.
Good at something.
You'll get there.
I didn't give up.
Now I can read minds.
Is that what you're doing? [SIGHS.]
You can read me, if you like.
- I don't think it's working.
- You can see.
You can see.
Just [SIGHS.]
Just look past.
I see them.
What are they? Moon jellyfish.
I I can hear them.
Cicadas in summer.
I can taste it.
- Hmm.
It's warm bread.
Are these the things you love? These are the things I thought you would love.
So tired.
But I can't sleep, either.
You're still scared, aren't you? Well, you're safe now.
I've got you.
I'm looking for for Geralt of Rivia.
Do you know him? Afraid I don't.
He's a knight? I don't know.
What about your mother or your father? My parents died when I was a baby.
My grandmother took care of me.
Where is she? She, um died.
In the Nilfgaard attack.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry, too.
For your family.
We'll get through this together.
We take care of our own.
Get up.
Welcome, Fringilla.
Welcome, Lark.
Welcome, Doralis.
Welcome, Sabrina.
And welcome back, piglet.
Tor Lara, the Tower of the Gull.
The most potent place on the continent.
Off-limits, except to the Brotherhood of Sorcerers.
This trial tests your ability to control the ultimate expression of chaos.
Catch lightning in a bottle.
- That's impossible.
- No, it's magic.
Bottle up.
- She's still breathing.
Lark, move Doralis aside.
Anica, your turn next.
- You can do this.
I did it.
- Piglet, your turn.
Sabrina, show these girls how it's done.
The strong amongst the weak.
What you did there was pathetic and dangerous.
Felt pretty powerful to me.
There are mages like Sabrina who ignore their emotions.
And then there are mages like us who are consumed by them.
Like us? Your first night here at Aretuza, you tried to kill yourself.
And tonight, you almost killed someone else.
It is your job to control chaos, not become it.
- I can.
- But if I send you to advise a king, and your precious little feelings get hurt when he won't listen, and you submit to chaos, he dies, his people turn on us.
Whose fault would that be? - Mine.
- No.
Mine for letting you ascend.
- I understand.
- Do you? You lie.
You keep secrets.
You succumb to emotion, to weakness.
Do you actually have what it takes? [MEN SHOUTING.]
- This is the part where we escape.
- This is the part where they kill us.
- Who's they? [GROANS.]
Beast! - Elves.
- Oi, that's my lute.
Give that back.
Quick, Geralt.
Do your-your witchering - Shut up! - No.
You shut up! My Elder speech is rough.
I only got part of that.
Humans, shut up.
Ah, got it, thanks so much.
- Do you wanna die right now? - As opposed to later? - No, please, not the lu - Leave off! - He's just a bard.
You don't deserve the air you breathe.
- Everything you touch, you destroy.
You hide in your golden palaces.
You beat a bound man, too scared to even look him in the eye! Do you like my palace? Hmm? Does it live up to the tales you humans tell? - [GRUNTS.]
- Yeah, take that, pointy.
Wait, what's-what's wrong with her? - She's sick.
- Oh, and who's this? - [COUGHING.]
- He's Filavandrel, King of the Elves.
Not a king.
Not by choice.
You were stealing for them.
I felt for them.
They were forced out of Dol Blathanna.
Forced out? No, they chose Do you know anyone that would choose to leave their home? To starve? To have a Sylvan steal for them? Toruviel, no one was supposed to get hurt.
What's two humans in the ground when countless elves have died? One human.
And you can let him go.
Then Posada will learn that we've been stealing.
The humans will attack.
Many will die on both sides.
The lesser evil.
No matter what you choose, you'll come out bloody and hating yourself.
- Trust me.
- That's the problem.
I can't.
This is necessary.
I understand.
As long as you understand that it won't be long before you follow me in death.
Yes, because they pushed us from viable soil.
Even chaos is polluted.
Synthetically enhanced so humans can make magic.
Chaos is the same as it's always been.
Humans just adapted better.
You say adapt, and I say destroy.
You are choosing to starve.
You're cutting off your ear to spite your face.
You think this is about pride? My elders worked with humans and got robbed of all they had.
And when they fought back, they were slaughtered.
"The Great Cleansing," humans call it.
I called it digging a mass grave for everyone I loved.
And now the humans proudly watch these very fields grow our babies fertilizer for their grain.
I don't wish to bury anyone else.
I was once Filavandrel of the Silver Towers.
Now I'm Filavandrel of the Edge of the World.
If I bring my people down from these mountains, it would mean bowing to human sovereignty.
They'll make slaves of us.
Pariahs of half-blood children.
Then go somewhere else.
Get strong again.
Show the humans that you are more than what they fear you to be.
Like you, Witcher? I have learned to live with them.
So that I may live.
Please, my King.
There are others.
A new generation.
Evellien who wish to fight! Let us take back what's ours.
Starting now.
- Wait! - Torque, stand aside! [TORQUE.]
The witcher could've killed me.
But he didn't.
He's different.
Like us.
If you must kill me I am ready.
But the Sylvan's right.
Don't call me human.
She knows about us.
I'm gonna be sent home.
We'll never see each other again.
What do you mean, we'll never see each other again? No, no.
This-This is not the last time.
We We'll find a way.
How? W-With one of those extra-special portals? Oh, look, you know I wish I could show you, but I-I can't risk the knowledge - reaching the Brotherhood of Sorcerers.
- Why? It's not the method of magic we're taught.
It's older.
It's more potent.
It could open doors that can't be closed again.
I don't understand.
My worst fear is true.
I'm still not enough.
Even for you.
- [SIGHS.]
- Come.
- I want to show you.
Do you know whose skulls these are? Dead people? Dead elves.
These elves built Aretuza.
You mean as slaves? No, no.
This was before humans.
Elves are the original sorcerers of the continent.
What? When humans and monsters all arrived after the Conjunction of the Spheres elven mages taught the first humans how to turn chaos into magic.
And then the humans slaughtered them so they could pretend the power had always belonged to them.
Rewriting history with the stories we tell the songs we sing about our own triumphs, it's what we do.
But I want to honor them.
Feainnewedd only grows where elder blood has spilled.
Open your mouth.
How did-How did you do that on your first try? - I should go.
- Wait.
- [GASPS.]
My father My real father he was half-elf.
Do you remember the Great Cleansing? - Thousands of elven lives lost.
- [SOBS.]
That's how my father died.
His blood is why I'm cursed with a twisted spine.
Why I'm only worth four marks.
Why no one could ever love me.
So far, so good.
What will you do with it? Nothing.
Simply wanted to know that you could control your emotions and get it from the boy.
That you would.
You may go Yennefer.
Does this mean I get to ascend? I'm ready.
Listen for the knock.
You've been working on her for months.
You must be able to give me something.
Make Ban Ard proud.
Sh-She's part elf.
Nilfgaard! They're here! They're here! - What's happening? - Go get the horse.
Find Adon and Zeke.
And take this.
You stupid little shit! Pick it up and go! - Go! - [GRUNTS.]
- [GASPS.]
Help! [WAILING.]
It's you.
You turned my friend into a slug.
An eel.
Push your friend into the pool.
- No.
- Yes.
I took away her control, but she still has power.
She's a conduit.
For Aretuza.
Sometimes the best thing a flower can do for us is die.
- [BARD.]
Credit where credit is due.
That whole reverse-psychology thing you did on them was brilliant, by the way.
"Kill me.
I'm ready.
" That's the conclusion.
They just let us go, and you give all of Nettly's coin to the elves.
Filavandrel's lute not gift enough for you? Yeah, she is a bit sexy, isn't she? I do have respect for Filavandrel.
He survived the Great Cleansing once.
Who knows? Maybe he can do it again.
Be reborn.
Will the elf king heed What the witcher entreats? Is history a wheel Doomed to repeat? No, that's that's shit.
This is where we part ways, bard, for good.
I promised to change the public's tune about you.
At least allow me to try.
When a humble bard Graced a ride along With Geralt of Rivia Along came this song - From when the White Wolf fought - [GASPS.]
You're an elf.
A silver-tongued devil His army of elves - At his hooves did they travel - Thank you.
- I'm Dara.
- They came after me With masterful deceit - I'm Ciri.
- Broke down my lute And they kicked in my teeth While the devil's horns Minced our tender meat And so cried the witcher - "He can't be bleat" - That's not how it happened.
Where's your newfound respect? Respect doesn't make history.
Toss a coin to your witcher O Valley of Plenty O Valley of Plenty, oh-oh-oh Toss a coin to your witcher O Valley of Plenty [SIGHS.]
- At the edge of the world - Hmm.
Fight the mighty horn That bashes and breaks you And brings you to mourn He thrust every elf Far back on the shelf High up on the mountain From whence it came He wiped out your pest Got kicked in his chest He's a friend of humanity So give him the rest That's my epic tale Our champion prevailed Defeated the villain Now pour him some ale Toss a coin to your witcher O Valley of Plenty O Valley of Plenty, oh-oh-oh Toss a coin to your witcher A friend of humanity Toss a coin to your witcher O Valley of Plenty O Valley of Plenty, oh-oh-oh Toss a coin to your witcher A friend of humanity Toss a coin to your witcher O Valley of Plenty O Valley of Plenty, oh-oh-oh Toss a coin to your witcher A friend of humanity
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