The Witcher (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

Bottled Appetites

1 Love surprises.
Love visitors.
A surprise visitor all the more.
I've had eyes on you for a while.
We're very flattered.
But who is this secret peeper peeping all our secrets? I know who you are.
What you are.
You're different to other dopplers.
You're not good-natured or helpful, are you? And yet you are here for our help.
Do you not have errand boys where you come from? They lacked your valuable set of skills.
Don't worry.
It's not silver.
We fancy our freedom.
It is not money we thirst for, per se.
There is plenty that you do thirst for.
Assassination on behalf of the Kingdom of Nilfgaard.
Or perhaps another eye or ear to round out your artful composition.
We'd planned on wearing this one for a while.
But we are flexible.
A cell of dimeritium made just for you.
How does it feel to be neutered of your powers? I know how you were schooled, how you were shaped.
This isn't who you are.
The White Flame made me who I am gave me a higher purpose.
You could've had that too, if only you realized that Cintra had to fall.
I have found his purpose.
This one? Do we have to? Run.
I said run! Everything you've ever done, ever debated, ever dreamed, is in our head now.
Even this morning, when you thought to take your life.
He didn't want to be abused.
He didn't want to be used.
You can't change the world this way.
Only one of us will be alive to find out.
You don't know what you're doing.
You don't know what she is.
She will end up where she belongs.
Would've made a terrible noose.
You're to bring me the girl alive.
So many rules.
But it'll cost you.
Children are our favorite.
You're a wee bit shy.
I've never been shy a day in my life.
Count it again.
Times are shifting, my dear.
My rates have gone up since last we spoke.
I've found more demand for my services.
Then your customers will be awfully disappointed when they find a charred spot where you once stood.
None more so than yourself.
You've come so far already.
Just a few more treatments should do the trick.
Isn't it lovely, the life we've chosen? Not being bound by the rules of the Brotherhood.
Living off the grid with no resources.
It's a dream come true.
Lucky for you, you found your way to an intolerant kingdom.
For quick coin, head to the nearest town in any direction.
Your skills will be rewarded.
If it's as you say, then why aren't you out there taking advantage? As you're so inclined.
Because my customers come to me.
I see a lot of myself in you.
Follow my footsteps.
You could gain some repute.
Find a whole new career to fund what you so desperately want.
With mages like us, word of mouth is paramount.
There is no "us".
There's only me.
And I know a thing or two about stirring word of mouth.
I'd given up altogether.
Love, that's nice, but not on the cards for me.
Not in my lifetime.
It took me nearly a whole one to find him.
As you can see, passion is not the trouble.
Our issue my issue is of a mechanical nature.
I have just the thing.
Now, be prepared.
The spell should take effect quickly, and will endure until your lady utters a handpicked magic word.
Anything come to mind? Kumquat? You arrived at that rather quickly.
Kumquat it is.
We'd better go now, schnucki.
What is this wretched business here? Did you not understand the sign? Are you familiar with who I am? Well, won't you end this rather melodramatic suspense and tell me? He is Beau Berrant.
Perhaps you are not aware of the rules here? If you are casting spells, I need to collect what's due to the kingdom.
I'm afraid those terms seem rather shite to me.
I did suspect you possessed such a predilection.
Though I am less burly than your usual type.
We can't trust her.
She hid her identity, her past, her ties to Cintra Shan-Kayan is the only reason we know who she is.
Ciri was scared.
Perhaps she can't yet trust us.
We still don't know her intent.
She's a girl Who possesses the power of a weapon.
In Brokilon, she can be molded.
She can become one of us.
She's not one of us.
Nilfgaardian spies.
Found them searching our border.
Their whole army will arrive.
It's only a matter of time.
What if this girl is our only way to survive? Ciri will be allowed to stay.
I don't think they like me.
When Queen Calanthe closed the borders of Cintra, it was to protect her people.
The General wants to protect us.
We all make decisions.
The sword of destiny has two edges.
What does that mean? You must make the choice.
You can stay.
Or you can continue on your search.
What do you want to do? 'Cause you all know that this bard Loved ladies from Nilfgaard 'Cause Nilfgaard can kiss my Geralt! Hello.
What's it been, months? Years? What is time, anyway? I heard you were in town.
Are you following me, you scamp? I mean, I'm flattered and everything, but you should really think about getting a hobby one of these days.
Ugh! Do you want some? - "How are you doing?" I hear you ask.
- I didn't.
Well, the Countess de Stael, my muse and beauty of this world, has left me.
Rather coldly and unexpectedly, I might add.
I fear I shall die a brokenhearted man.
Or a hungry one, at the very least, unless somebody fancies sharing a fish with an old friend? Oh, are we not using "friend"? Yeah, sure.
Let's just give it another decade.
Geralt, you're fantastic at a great many things, but clearly, fishing is not one of them.
Have you caught anything today? What are you fishing for, exactly? Is it cod? Carp? Pike? Bream? I'm just I'm just listing fish that I know.
Zander? Is that a fish? I'm not fishing.
I can't sleep.
Well, that that makes sense.
Insomuch that it sort of doesn't.
What's going on, Geralt? Talk to me.
- A djinn.
- A what? I'm looking for a djinn.
For a dj For a djinn? A dj Like a genie? The floaty fellas with the the bad tempers and the banned magics, that kind of genie? Yes.
It'll grant me wishes.
It's in this lake somewhere.
And I can't fucking sleep! I don't mean to play priest's ear or anything, but has it occurred to you that maybe we're merely rubbing salve on a tumor? Not exactly addressing the root cause of the problem? Hm? I mean, maybe, just just maybe, this whole sleeplessness-ness has got something to do with what the druid Mousesack said to you in Cintra? You know, the Law of Surprise? Destiny? Being unable to escape the child that belongs to you, - et cetera, et cetera? - No! It's not that.
Yeah, you're probably right.
But what if you're not? You know, the Countess de Stael once said to me that destiny is just the embodiment of the soul's desire to grow.
- Did you sing to her before she left? - I did, actually, and she Why, what are you implying? Oh We are so having this conversation.
Come on, Geralt.
Tell me.
Be honest.
How's my singing? It's like ordering a pie and finding it has no filling.
You need a nap! I mean, are you trying to hurt my feelings, Geralt? It's It's down downright indecorous of you, if I'm completely honest, and Wow.
What is what is that? It's a wizard's seal.
- The djinn.
- Do you mind if I - Jaskier.
- Take it back about my fillingless pie.
Take it back, you get your djinny-djinn-djinn.
- Let go.
- No! No, let go, you horse's arse! Hm.
That's a bit of an anticlimax.
Or is it? Djinn, I have freed thee, and as of this day, I am thy lord.
Firstly, may Valdo Marx, the troubadour of Cidaris, be struck down with apoplexy and die.
Secondly, the Countess de Stael must welcome me back with glee, open arms and very little clothing.
- Thirdly - Jaskier! - Wha - Stop! There are only three wishes.
Oh, come on, you always say you want nothing from life.
How was I to know you wanted three wishes all to yourself? - I just want some damn peace! - Well, here's your peace! Geralt Geralt it's the djinn! Jaskier.
Is there a doctor here? Yes, yes.
Chireadan, the elf healer.
Over there.
A djinn in a bottle? It's like a fairy tale.
Without the happy ending.
Can you help him? Oh, dear.
What? I assure you I have received the best medical education right here in Rinde, but these injuries are of a magical nature.
I can help with the pain, but it's a bit like Putting salve on a tumor? No! His throat was attacked.
If the spell's action isn't halted as soon as possible, that damage might be irreversible.
Wha And the longer he goes untreated, the more likely it is to spread.
He could die.
Fuck! Geralt.
Uh Yeah, we won't let that happen.
The medicine should buy him a few hours, but he needs a magical remedy.
You'll have to take him to another town.
There isn't a mage here? Uh The mayor says they are dangerous.
What aren't you saying? Tell me.
Well there there is one mage.
I was tasked with bringing this mage to justice.
But I was unable to penetrate certain defenses.
The mayor himself has made the catch and has imprisoned the mage in his house.
That wasn't so fucking hard, was it? Be careful.
The mage is powerful and malicious.
And quite cunning.
I'll go find him.
You like pain.
We get it.
I inflict pain.
My dear, you still think there's a difference.
It's been too long.
I haven't seen you for years.
Not since you maneuvered your way onto Aedirn's court.
- Mm.
- I heard that went well.
King Virfuril is fine, I'm sure.
He's dead now.
King Demavend reigns now.
Down south, Fringilla's thrived in the post that should've been yours.
The rightful heir returned to Nilfgaard and she's helped him restore peace.
Why are you here? You remained hidden for a while, but now, you're making noise.
You're looking for something.
You're wasting your time.
The so-called mages you're enlisting will not help you with your problem.
And if you're not careful, you will become just like them irrelevant.
You are pure chaos right now.
You want a cure, and it's making you sloppy.
The Brotherhood left you to your own devices once you abandoned Aedirn.
But this behavior, flaunted in direct conflict with their agenda, will not be tolerated.
- They will come after you.
- That's why you're here.
To warn me.
How can I ever repay you? Don't be petty.
This is on you.
You knew the cost of enchantment.
But I didn't know what it would mean to me.
What does it mean to you? Why? Why do you want a baby? The Continent is vast.
Just because you don't know of a cure doesn't mean there isn't one.
It's simply beyond your scope.
It is time to move on.
Return to Aretuza.
No, thank you.
Aretuza might be everything to you, but I'd rather forget it.
Aretuza is everything to the Continent, to world order.
I am here to offer you a chance for redemption.
Aedirn, all of this nonsense, will be forgiven and forgotten.
You can use your talents to shape a new generation.
Am I hearing this right? The great Tissaia wants my help? What's the matter? Have you lost your touch? Only you can be thrown a lifeline and think that you are saving me.
You're afraid I'll be everything you could never be without you.
Which is the rub.
You only want me to do well so long as you had your hand in it.
How did we get this way? I gave you all I could give.
What more do you want? Everything.
You may go, Rectoress.
I have business to attend to.
Whoa! A fee for entrance.
A fee to see the mayor? This is urgent.
I don't make the rules, but money opens all doors.
So it does.
Whoa! Whoa.
Welcome to my home.
You're the Mayor of Rinde? Not exactly what I was expecting.
May May Sorry, he's in a bad way.
Is there a mage that lives here? Ah.
The apple juice! She wants some.
And she always gets what she wants.
I don't understand.
Does he want me to get him the apple juice? I don't know.
Oh Good.
The fuck? Hm.
I, uh brought you apple juice.
And quite a bit more.
You're immune.
You must be the mage.
Yennefer of Vengerberg.
Chireadan didn't mention that, uh What did he fail to mention? We need your help.
"We"? Just a friend, I hope? Your heartbeat, it's extraordinarily slow.
You're a mutant.
A witcher.
Geralt of Rivia.
The famous White Wolf! I thought you'd have fangs or horns or something.
I had them filed down.
First time I've seen a witcher up close.
What little spells can you cast with your hands? Call it professional curiosity.
Please, Jaskier here needs immediate attention.
And then, if you'd like, I'll indulge your curiosity all night long.
It won't take all night.
But I'm sure we can find a way to fill the time.
He was attacked by a djinn.
A djinn? Whatever's wrong with him, it's spreading.
Fix it, and I'll pay you.
Whatever the price.
You'll have to do better than juice.
Ragamuffin! He's in a deep healing sleep.
How long will he sleep for? Long enough for you to bathe.
How did you Oh, right.
And I hardly think bathing in this house is going to leave me any cleaner.
I insist.
I can not only guess the age and breed of your horse, but also its color by the smell.
Fishing for a djinn seems an extreme measure to remedy sleeplessness.
When extreme measures seem reasonable, yes, I'm desperate.
And yet you didn't ask me to help with that.
Looming death kind of jumped the queue.
Now I'm wondering if I can afford you.
Have I accidentally agreed to indentured servitude? Go ahead, ask about them.
Everyone does.
Everyone else is boring.
Turn around.
That's cheating.
Nobody smart plays fair.
Tell me, are all witchers similarly blessed? Come now, - you promised.
- Hm.
I haven't conducted a survey, but I'd hardly say we're blessed.
Oh, don't be so grim.
You were created by magic.
Our magic.
Thank you.
Made for a magical childhood.
Happy childhoods make for dull company.
Judging by your wrists and your wits, your childhood was very happy.
But Aretuza fixed you up nicely.
What was your ailment before? Clubbed foot? Split ends? Tell me, are there women who find this coarseness charming? Maybe some place where they find your coin very charming indeed.
You seem to find coin pretty charming yourself.
Clearly capitalizing on the political situation here.
I'm serving the stifled people of this town.
Filling a need.
- Ever heard of it? - Hm.
It's fine to fly in the face of overzealous authority, but to pretend it's anything other than making a profit And to pretend you're after a djinn to cure insomnia? Hmm Fortunately for you, once I've paid for your kind services, it'll be none of your concern.
Fortunately for you, I've determined your company and conversation payment enough.
What's the matter? Water not suit? This is a little tight.
I believe I sized you up quite right.
Do you doubt my capabilities? No.
Just your intentions.
I said some things to him.
He's a A friend? I'd like it not to be the last thing he remembers.
He won't remember much if he's dead.
It's a joke.
He will survive.
And recover his vocal talents.
Does that satisfy you? Not in the slightest.
But don't reproach yourself for it, Yennefer.
I'm not easily satisfied.
It's the sign from the seal.
I'll be taking Jaskier now.
If you wake him before he's healed, the spell won't take.
That's no way to treat a friend, Geralt.
You want the djinn, but the amphora's broken.
The djinn's already long gone.
Do go on.
Tell me how stuff works.
The djinn is tied to this plane and its master.
How many wishes did the bard express before he lost his voice? You need Jaskier to make his last wish so you can capture it.
So that's two then.
The djinn will fight you.
If you try and bend it Ah That scent Lilac and Gooseberries.
Tough to get in your head.
You have a strong will, but you can't contend with me.
Sorry I couldn't be direct, I knew you'd fight it.
And I do love a good old-fashioned trap.
A good old-fashioned nap.
Wake up.
Wake up! Chireadan.
At long last.
Where are we? At the spa.
Where do you think we are? I hope your rampage was well worth it.
"Rampage"? What did I do? Where to begin? You attacked a pawnbroker in his shop, kicking him in the delicate places.
You also dragged the apothecary into the street, pulled down his pants and thrashed his arse with a belt.
Both are on the town council, who are voting to usurp the mayor and kick Yennefer out.
Any of this ring a bell? Like a faded dream.
She had you enact revenge on her behalf.
I tried to stop you, but the guards assumed I was there to abet.
The sentence will be passed by the very council members you attacked.
It is sure to be death.
I suppose that's one way of getting some rest.
Why on earth would you enlist the mage's help after my warning? It's like you thought the scorpion were prettier than a spider - because of its lovely tail.
- You weren't exactly forthcoming.
I admit I could've better prepared you for Yennefer.
You're under her spell, aren't you? I wish I was, but no.
It's a simple issue of body chemistry.
You're in love with her? And I think perhaps you may understand me.
I thought it would take longer to build the scaffold.
Ah, fuck.
Here you are.
Remember me? Did not know you were a witcher.
I've always wanted to play with one.
Oh! Where am I? Whew! Um Right.
Um Not to be untoward or anything but did we you know do the, uh Ooh, Go Oh, no! No! Definitely did not butter that biscuit.
Look, I am so sorry, but I've just remembered I left my cat on the stove.
I I really must be going.
Express your deepest desires and you can be on your way.
Well, my deepest desires are currently satisfied, thank you so much.
- How's your throat? - Uh - Perhaps you should try some scales.
- Uh Toss a coin to your witcher O, Valley of penis - Oh, God.
- If you want to keep all you have make a damn wish.
What's the difference between a witcher and a tub of dung? Ah, I know that one.
What is repulsive, deviant and cannot smell? A witcher without a nose.
Last words, Witcher.
Make them good.
I want you to burst, you son of a whore.
You are the one with the wishes.
Make your wish! Do it now! I don't I don't know! I I wish very badly to leave this place forever.
Oh, Geralt.
Thank the gods.
I might live to see another day.
We need to go.
Jaskier, you're okay.
I'm glad to hear that you give a monkey's about it.
Let's not jump to conclusions.
- What happened? - Well, I was having a rather lovely dream which then turned into a nightmare.
There were naked women in both parts.
The first one was loving, tender, very generous.
The second, significantly more terrifying.
Tell me about the second one.
Well, black hair, devilish eyes, was painting an amphora on her abdomen.
You know, the usual.
She wants to be the vessel.
What, you know this woman? Of course you know this woman.
She wants to become more powerful.
But she'll die.
Well, let's pray for her on our way out of town.
Oh Are you perhaps short of a marble? You have to go in there, don't you? I recognize the look.
I know how you feel.
You're making me uncomfortable.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
Do not tell me that this is finally the moment you've decided to actually care about someone other than yourself? Leave the very sexy but insane witch to her inevitable demise! She saved your life, Jaskier.
I can't let her die.
Don't! I'm here to help you.
I don't need your help.
You're free.
No longer under my spell.
And yet, here I am.
You seem to want to meet your end.
As do you.
The djinn isn't weakening.
The bard expressed his last wish, but it's It's getting stronger! Go! That's because I'm the one with the wishes.
You? You're the djinn's master? Yeah.
Well, what are you waiting for? Make your wishes! Becoming the vessel for the djinn will have you lose control, not gain it! Can't you see what this is doing to you? True transformation is painful.
Release the djinn! I'll give you my last wish! You heroic protector noble dog, permitting my success so long as you command it yourself.
Fuck off! I'll do this myself! Damn it, Yennefer! Tell me what you want! I want everything! - Sir, what's going on in that house? - My house.
And I have no idea! Make your wish! You can have anything you want! You could choose not to be a witcher.
What do you desire? Immortality? Riches? Fame? Power? I wish The djinn Wh Where did it go? Are you sure they were up there? This can't be happening.
This can't be happening.
She could not have survived it.
Why did Geralt go in there? It doesn't make any sense.
What, to save a mad fucking witch? Why? Because she was magnificent.
Yennefer? Yennefer.
It's me Geralt.
I know who you are.
What did you do? You stopped me, didn't you? I nearly had it.
You had shit all.
- I saved your life! - And I saved yours! You let the djinn escape.
Who knows what havoc it'll wreak now that it has no vessel at all? No more havoc than you.
Djinns are only dark creatures when held captive.
How can you be so sure? When did you last feel happy when you felt trapped? And if you were going to portal us to safety, you could've taken us out of this shit town! A fine critique if you could make a portal yourself.
It wasn't a shit town, it was fine till you came along.
I had a plan! And that was going swimmingly! It was.
Like a drowning fish.
What am I supposed to do now, hm? It wasn't supposed to go this way.
I'm gonna write you the best song so that everyone remembers who you were, what we did, everything we saw.
And I will sing it for the rest of my days.
He always said I had the most wonderful singing voice.
They're alive.
Geralt? Oh, they're alive.
They're really alive! Whoo! - I mean, he - Come on.
Whoa, hang on! I was right about you.
You do know something of pleasure.
Fleeting, but highly effective, I'll admit.
I was right about you too.
Which part? There was a number of things.
Which part? Doesn't matter.
My plan worked.
There was no plan.
You were making it up as you went along.
Any fool could see.
What did you wish for? Tell me.
Geralt? Weapons, weapons Someone's coming.
Stop, please! I've come for the girl.
You try.
Who enters our forest? He claims he knows the child.
- Mousesack! - Your Highness.
What are you doing, silly? Dara, this is Mousesack.
He's known me since I was born.
He's like Like family.
What happened to you? Where did you go on that street? What matters is I've found my way back to you.
I've come to take you to your rightful place.
Ciri has chosen to stay with us.
It was her grandmother's dying wish that she should go to Geralt of Rivia.
I know where to find him.
She's been promised to him through the Law of Surprise.
You've been so kind to me, but Mousesack is all I have left of home.
Maybe he's the other edge of my destiny.
And you can come with us.
Are you sure about leaving? I need answers.
And I need you.
You're my family too now, remember? The burden of power can be painful.
Be vigilant.
Always ask the right questions.
Your destiny is in your own hands and no one else's.
Farewell, special one.
Thank you.
For everything.

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