The Witcher (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Rare Species

I'm weak, love, and I am wanting If this is the path I must trudge I'll welcome my sentence Give to you my penance Gorgeous garroter, jury and judge Lovely garroter Gorgeous garro Which one do you prefer? "Lovely"? "Gorgeous"? [HORSE SNORTS.]
Is the whole metaphor landing, or is it too cerebral? - It's been an hour.
Gorgeous Let's get on before the beast gets hungry again.
- But we made a deal.
- We made a deal with a livin' witcher.
No sense in hangin' around to pay a dead one.
Gorgeous garro - [MAN GRUNTS.]
- Bollocks! Oi! No.
No, no, no! No! Aah! You stop stop that, or I I'll, uh Or you'll what? Sing us to death? Perhaps you did not hear the man.
Yeah! Perhaps you didn't Di Sorry, who are you? Move along, old man.
Do as the bard asks or I'll be forced to draw my weapons.
What weapons? I see no steel 'ere.
- Hm! - [CRIES OUT.]
- [YELLS.]
Steel won't be necessary.
I believe those are mine.
Geralt, they With the This woman just killed a man with her bare hands for trying to steal your horse.
Maybe she'll make a better travel companion, then.
Uh, I'm sorry, who are you, exactly? I am Borch Three Jackdaws.
These are my companions, Téa and Véa.
I've been looking for you, Geralt of Rivia.
This is a first for me, and that's saying something.
I've very few firsts left.
But to dine with the Geralt of Rivia Your adventures are legend.
You're welcome.
Est Est, small.
I suppose you want me to tell you why I've sought out such an accomplished monster hunter.
- Don't trouble yourself on my account.
I just want food.
- I knew I'd like you.
That was the first reason.
One of everything you have.
And keep the ale coming! [INNKEEPER.]
On its way! The second one is this.
A short while ago, a green dragon landed across the border in King Niedamir's mountains.
I know what you're thinking.
"Impossible, dragons are so rare".
But it's true.
Locals spotted it and went after it in search of treasure.
Of course, they succeeded only in wounding the creature and angering it so righteously that it swooped down from its lair and set half a hillside ablaze.
- Hm.
- [BORCH.]
Dead sheep everywhere.
You have the most incredible neck.
- [SIGHS.]
- It's like a a sexy goose.
Gu guzzling.
Now, the King is in a bind.
He's set to marry the princess of his rival kingdom, Malleore, which means it's bad timing to have a murderous pest lurking about in the mountains.
He's commissioned a hunt to kill it.
Four teams have signed on.
The winner gets the dragon treasure hoard plus the title of lord over one of his new vassal states.
That is if he survives.
What does this have to do with me? I want you to join my team.
I can hear it now, a tale of two Zerrikanians and their valiant poet lover.
We're so doing this.
We're in.
You've wasted your breath, Borch.
I don't kill dragons.
Take my advice.
No treasure is worth dying for.
Depends on the treasure.
What I need is a new adventure.
One final first before I'm too old to do anything but die.
You think killing a dragon will bring you that? All I know is there's one path up the mountain, and it's overrun with monsters.
With you on my team, dear Witcher, we'll be unstoppable.
- [MAN.]
Someone get me a fuckin' drink! - Barman! - Those dwarfs will be part of the hunt.
- Geralt could handle them in his sleep.
- Fuckin' right! He said he wants four fuckin' pints! - Now.
- Or maybe a little bit awake.
Then there are the Reavers.
Have you heard of them, Witcher? Yes.
And the answer is no.
You feel it just the same as me that hole inside you.
That itch that can't be scratched that burns your brain, keeps you awake at night.
Come with me.
I'll show you what you're missing.
What am I missing? Sorry to interrupt this lovely moment That's only three.
Where's the What's the fourth team? - [GERALT.]
- Them.
Ooh-hoo-hoo! Oh, no, no, no.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
Thank you so much.
It's been very nice.
Thank you for the wine and the pies, but as the man said, we really can't get involved.
Geralt, shall we? - I'm in.
- Mother of The hunt begins at sunrise.
Your man might've mentioned that the road was too narrow for horses in his initial sales pitch.
Welcome to the world, Jaskier.
Damn it to Korath! What's got your goat? Someone's stolen my pack.
Probably those fuckin' Reavers! Aye, well three days' journey and only one route to the top.
Leaves plenty of time for me to piss in his gruel! [CACKLES.]
Name's Yarpen Zigrin.
Geralt of Rivia.
- And my name is Julian Alfred Pankratz - Aye.
I know.
You'll fetch a goodly amount for that mare if you sell now! Charming how everyone wants to get their hands on Roach these days, isn't it? He means we won't make it out alive.
Wait, what? No one mentioned anything about impending death! How is it that I've walked this earth for decades without coming across a witcher, and then the first one I meet, I can't get rid of? [JASKIER.]
I'd say something strange was afoot, but then again, witchers are bound to bump into monsters eventually.
- Jaskier.
The crow's feet are new.
Yeah, well, your jokes are old.
Thanks, Roach.
- What are you doing here, Yen? - [YENNEFER.]
I'm here with my escort.
Noble Sir Eyck of Denesle.
To assist him in killing the dragon.
For kingdom and glory! Till we meet again, Geralt.
See you, Roach.
Who is Geralt, exactly? Did my grandmother know him well? Why did she never mention him to me before that night? Protecting you has always been our primary purpose.
Why'd she let him claim the Law of Surprise? What's that even mean? When one has saved another from certain death, the Law of Surprise can be claimed to pay that debt.
Who did Geralt save? [SIGHS.]
Your father.
In payment, he bound you to Geralt.
- It's your destiny.
Then why hasn't he found me yet? Questions, questions.
You'll be together soon.
Exactly as your grandmother wished.
Make haste, children.
It is so kind of you to share the spoils of this expedition with an old man such as Borch.
You're like two fiercely loyal uh, friends.
I wanna say friends.
Contract security.
To hunt with him is an honor unsullied by payment.
But why? [CHUCKLES.]
He is the most beautiful.
You worry if you blink, you'll never see her again.
You're in love with her.
Or the danger here isn't the dragon.
That's why I brought you along, Geralt of Rivia.
Nothing scares you.
Then you don't know Yennefer of Vengerberg.
May she be the worst encounter, then.
Melitele preserve us.
What happened here? [GERALT.]
Dragons avoid people.
It should have left when they attacked.
I don't get it.
Why the retaliation? When your species is on the verge of collapse, perhaps everything becomes more desperate.
Yeah, I mean, you can use twigs, uh, but I I mean, I personally prefer using flowers, you know? Roses.
- Flora and, yikes, fauna.
A cactus, if she's really into it.
Ladies, you look famished.
Allow me to wander aimlessly into this thicket and retrieve for you, uh a tasty afternoon treat.
Uh uh Right.
- I am hungry.
Anyone else hungry? - [SIGHS.]
I could genuinely eat a Okay.
There's something back here.
It sort of looks like a faun.
- Jaskier - [JASKIER.]
- Hello, little fellow.
Aw! Aren't you just the cutest [ANIMAL GROWLS.]
Most terrifying thing I've ever seen in my entire life.
Right, run away! Run away! Geralt! [ANIMAL GROWLING.]
It's one of your friends again.
- What in the name of Bloemenmagde is that? - [GERALT.]
It's an hirikka.
It's probably starving.
Sheathe your weapons.
- [ROARS.]
- [YELLS.]
- For kingdom and glory! - Sir Eyck! [SIGHS.]
Yeah You could have been killed! If we'd fed it, it would've gone away.
That knight may be a fuckin' dumbbell, but I'll be damned, the dragon won't stand a chance.
Um I'm not sure I'd eat that, good sir.
Knights never waste a kill.
It's precisely why I'll make a great lord to Niedamir's vassal state.
A great knight must lead by example.
- For - Kingdom and glory.
We know.
My subjects will be the luckiest serfs in all the lands.
Especially with the beautiful Yennefer as my mage.
I cannot wait to serve you, My Lord.
How would you like to serve me tonight - Witch? - Careful, Boholt.
So, the Witcher wants to play knight too, hmm? No.
She's plenty able of murdering you herself.
What's so amusin', you overgrown cock hair? I'm just wondering who I will kill first.
The monster, or the monster hunter.
Oh, dear.
Um I'm afraid I must take my leave.
Lady Yennefer, may I escort you to your tent? Will you be joining me? - Uh My Lady, I would - [STOMACH GURGLING.]
never degrade your honor in such a way.
I hate to break it to you, but that ship has sailed, wrecked and sunk to the bottom of the ocean.
I need a shit.
So, shall we tell the poor bastard that he's vying for a vassal state that won't exist in a decade? States rise and fall like the tide.
Nothing new.
This is fuckin' new! The rightful son of Nilfgaard has returned, burnin' through the south.
With Fringilla as his mage.
Nilfgaard's a joke.
I saw it with my own eyes down in Ebbing.
Those zealot freaks are inching closer by the day.
Won't be long till they try and take Sodden.
Next it'll be Temeria.
- Cintra.
- No.
Queen Calanthe would die before letting them take what's hers.
Perhaps if Nilfgaard's religious zeal had been tempered earlier by a stronger hand If you'll excuse me, I must get my beauty sleep.
I don't think it'll make me prettier, but I need sleep too.
So we're all about to have new evil overlords, and dragons are, in fact, a thing.
- Good day all round.
Oh, you've all seen a dragon before, have you? Geralt, will you please tell them? Their numbers are dwindling.
Treasure seekers saw to that.
But they do exist.
What people call "green dragons", like the one we have here, they're the most common.
Red dragons, less so.
Black dragons are the rarest.
Gold dragons are rarest.
Gold dragons are a myth.
For a gold dragon to exist, it would have to be the result of an accidental, unique mutation.
And in my experience, mutations, they're intentional.
But it doesn't matter.
Mutant or myth, gold dragons met the same fate as anything too different to endure.
They died out.
There are other ways of enduring.
If it's legacy you're after, perhaps you should take the overgrown cock hair's advice and become a knight.
Sir Witcher the White-Haired of Rivia.
You'd make a rather shitty one, refusing to slay dragons.
But probably not as shitty a one as Sir Eyck of Denesle! [LAUGHING.]
Keep walking.
The Nilfgaardians could be anywhere.
We're not safe yet.
How did you escape the attack, Mousesack? [CIRI.]
Dara, please.
Ciri says you vanished into thin air.
Why did you abandon your Princess? We were I was pulled through a portal by Nilfgaard, kidnapped and held prisoner for days.
And how did you escape them? Geralt.
He sent me to get Ciri.
The Witcher? Trained to fight and bound to Ciri.
And he rescued you so you could then rescue her? - Alone? - Ask him yourself.
He's in a town just past this thicket of trees.
We must find him.
To safety.
Something's off about this, Ciri.
- The waters there were - Yes, they've worn off, which means I'm thinking straight.
Do you know what happens to people who escape a siege? Because they don't just vanish.
They get captured and they get turned.
Remember what the Dryad Queen said.
- "Ask the right questions".
It's not just your life, Ciri.
It's mine too.
Princess, I forgot.
I brought this for you.
My grandmother's sash.
Has anyone seen my escort? [YARPEN.]
Ah! Bloody ball sacks! Who slits a man's throat while he's relieving his bowels? Is nothing sacred anymore? Ugh.
Fuck! [VÉA.]
We're halfway to the dragon's lair, but it's getting dangerous.
- We cannot continue like this.
The warrior woman is right.
Someone killed that self-righteous fud, and it wasn't any of us.
Somebody's not playin' fair.
Our people used to mine these mountains.
We know a shortcut that will cut half a day off our journey.
Let the Reavers take the long way around.
We'll nab the treasure before they even set foot in the cave.
We'll watch each other's backs until we reach the next peak, then every man for himself.
- What say ye? - Let's go.
Aah! Go on.
I'll catch up.
Did you kill Eyck? Kill him? That's rather pedestrian.
And you're the one who's been staring daggers at him since we arrived.
It was the Reavers.
That bastard Boholt killed my escort before he could accomplish the one damn task I actually needed him for.
And what was that? Yen! What are you really doing here? I'm here for the dragon.
There are certain healing properties it's rumored to possess.
I thought your transformation healed all parts of you? At the cost of losing others, yes.
Yennefer do not tell me you've traveled all this way for made-up fertility cures using fresh dragon hearts? - They're not made up! - They are.
And seriously? You, a mother? Do you think I'd make a bad one? Definitely.
Yen A child? What could you possibly want with a child? They took my choice.
I want it back.
Not that I'd expect you to understand.
I didn't choose to become a witcher.
Listen the people who made us, they made us sterile for a lot of reasons.
One of the kinder ones is because this lifestyle isn't suited to a child.
What? You were going to summon chaos on kings' orders in between feeding and naps? - Do not patronize me! - I'm not.
I've thought about this.
And I'd rather use my Child Surprise as bruxa bait than subject it to this life! What did you just say? Uh Ah, fuck! You have a Child Surprise? [LAUGHS.]
Isn't that rich? You lecture me on made-up cures for having a child, meanwhile you cheat with destiny to steal one.
Every time I'm near you, I say more in five minutes than I've said in weeks.
And I always regret it.
The dwarfs, they're leading us to a shorter path.
Come along.
I can take care of myself.
You don't always have to.
Come with me.
He's waiting for us.
Did you ever stop missing Skellige? What? It's just that I don't think I'll ever stop missing Cintra, but you left your home to come raise me, how did you feel about that? I was very homesick.
Remember when we'd visit? Ice skating with Crach an Craite? He always said he let me win, but I was just faster.
- Did you miss the cold too? - Yes, very much.
- Except you have arthritis! - [SIGHS.]
You hate the cold! And you always said Skellige was where you came from but Cintra was your home, with us! - Hey! - I've had enough of you.
- Mousesack, stop! - Our name is not Mousesack! We killed Mousesack - and took his disgusting form - [GASPS.]
- to find you.
- [YELLS.]
We prefer it like this anyway.
Where are you taking us? Who wants her? The man with the winged helmet.
Why is he going to so much trouble? I'm special.
I don't know how or why, but there's something inside me.
- Kill him! - What? Then I'll do it! Wait, no, no, no, no, no! [SNARLING.]
Mind the scree fallin', hear me? Can get a bit rocky round here if it's windy.
Which it is.
We're here.
Yeah, you're right, this is a shortcut to death.
You wanna beat those Reavers or not? - We should turn back.
- No.
- We're very close.
- How can you possibly know that? 'Tis a perfectly fine route.
- For a dwarf.
- Aah! Stifle your mewlin'.
You'll manage.
As long as you don't look down.
See ya on the other side! - [JASKIER.]
Yeah, yeah, yes.
Uh, ladies first? Ah! All right.
Come on, Jask.
You've got this.
- You've got this.
Careful! Oh, whoa! Oh, fuck! Oh Oh, that is not a good sign.
That is not a good sign.
- [YELLS.]
Okay - [GASPS.]
- Geralt! - Get back! Sir Witcher, you will save us yet.
But first, you must let go.
- Geralt! The planks won't hold! - [PANTING.]
Thank you.
No! [GASPS.]
You did your best.
There's nothing else you could have done.
Look, why don't we leave tomorrow? That is, if you'll give me another chance to prove myself a worthy travel companion.
We could head to the coast.
Get away for a while.
Sounds like something Borch would say, doesn't it? Life is too short.
Do what pleases you while you can.
Composing your next song? [JASKIER.]
No, I'm just, uh Just trying to work out what pleases me.
So simple.
- Do you like it? - [SIGHS.]
Is this not what you came for? I came for you.
I was afraid that mountain would take you from me, but now I fear it took your senses instead.
Only my nonsense.
I quite like your nonsense.
Hm That scent.
The moment I dread most every time you leave is when it fades.
When you're really gone.
You left first.
In Rinde.
I woke up in that destroyed house and you were gone.
Forgive me.
Do you hurt? I don't mean physical pain.
They say witchers can't feel human emotion.
They say whatever justifies despising our kind.
Do you regret it? Becoming a witcher? [SIGHS.]
It's hard to regret something you didn't choose.
But if the choice had been yours, what would you have done instead? A farmer? A stableman? [BOTH CHUCKLE.]
- Horses are good company.
But if I ever dreamed of being something other than what I am it was too long ago to remember.
Did you dream of being a mage? I didn't have much of a choice either.
Did you always want to become a mother? I dreamed of becoming important to someone.
Do I bore you? [CHUCKLES.]
Not at all.
Before we met, the days were calm and the nights were restless.
But now [SIGHS.]
you're important to me.
Good morning.
At a quick pace, we can make it back to the Pensive Dragon before sundown.
What are you talking about? We're almost at the top.
I came here for a reason, Geralt.
I'm not leaving till I've killed that dragon.
Yen, no! - What will it solve? - It will solve everything.
Where are those fucking dwarfs? Yen! [YELPS.]
Don't scream.
I understand why you're afraid.
If there had been any other way to extract you, I'd have done it.
It was never my intention to torment you, Princess.
All I want all I've ever wanted is to help you fulfill your destiny.
The White Flame has brought us together.
You are the key to everything, Cirilla.
You must be starving.
I'll get you something to eat.
What have you done? You lied to us.
You didn't tell us what she is.
What she's capable of.
You fucking fool! [GRUNTING.]
Uh-uh! We know all your tricks.
Do you really believe all this nonsense in your head? - This prophecy? - [GROANS.]
We think you're insane! [YELLS.]
- You are an abomination! I will destroy you! [BOTH GRUNTING.]
You're still here, aren't you? [SCREE TUMBLING.]
No closer! What the fuck? Get back! You should've stayed dead.
Stop! How? He's dead.
She's dead.
Sir Witcher and his sorceress.
Hello again.
When the dragoness was injured, her cry was heard by Villentretenmerth.
But the egg could not be moved or the life inside it would die.
That's why the dragon attacked.
She was protecting her baby.
And then we heard about the King's hunt, realized we had to keep our enemies close.
So I came to find you, the white-haired witcher, the knight who was taught to save dragons instead of kill them.
Looks like we get to fuck up the whole family.
Slay that dragon! [GERALT YELLS.]
Kill them! Boholt's mine! Aard, now! [YELLING.]
I'm afraid we have more.
Go! I'll protect the egg.
Get them! - [YENNEFER YELLS.]
So I get to kill you after all, Witcher.
It's not going to happen! Shame you don't get to see me crack that egg! [GROANS.]
Geralt? Dwarfs? Oh, gosh.
Phew! Ah! What'd I miss? Huh? - Guys? - [GROANING.]
Are we queuing for something? - What's going on? - [GASPING.]
Oh, no! Oh, fuck! What happened? Oh, gosh! Oh! Bloody hell.
What the fuck are you doing here? Well, that's fuckin' shite! We missed a whole mother lode of fun.
Ask no questions, and in return, I offer you these to take to the King.
Dragon teeth? I've never been one to look a gift cock in the beak, though this might not be enough proof to collect the reward.
Tell the King if he's not satisfied, he can expect the body of a dragon dropped upon his royal wedding.
Free of charge.
He caught me.
He's going to come back, Dara.
We have to hurry.
If we had just stayed in Brokilon, Ciri, we'd be safe right now! - How could I have known? - Because we agreed to it.
Hmm? If I stay with you any longer, I'll be dead too.
And you say you're so special.
What you really mean is that you're just like Calanthe! You bring terror and you bring death wherever you are! I'm doing the best that I can.
I'm done apologizing.
I'm done with all of this.
I have to move on.
You're right, Princess.
Find a new family, because I can't be there for you anymore.
This is my final first.
A child.
This treasure, this legacy must endure.
There is no other reason to go on.
Thank you for protecting it.
And thank you, Yennefer of Vengerberg.
I can see why Geralt didn't want to lose you.
What does that mean? In Rinde.
The djinn.
That's why we can't escape each other.
Why I feel this way inside.
It's not because of anything real or true.
You made a wish.
It's magic.
- It's real, Yen.
- How could we ever know? Disregard for other's freedom has become quite your trademark.
- I made that wish to save your life.
- I didn't need your help! Like fuck you didn't! And you, you flit about like a tornado, wreaking havoc, and for what? So you can have a baby? A child is no way to boost your fragile ego, Yen.
I'll take advice from you about children as soon as you take responsibility for the one you bound to you and then abandoned! [BORCH.]
That's enough.
I'm going to save you both a lot of hurt with a little pain now.
The sorceress will never regain her womb.
And though you didn't want to lose her, Geralt, you will.
He already has.
You wanted to show me what I was missing there she goes.
What you're missing is still out there.
Your legacy.
Your destiny.
I know it.
And you know it.
Phew! What a day! [CHUCKLES.]
- I imagine you're probably - Damn it, Jaskier! Why is it whenever I find myself in a pile of shit these days, - it's you, shoveling it? - Well, that's not fair.
The Child Surprise, the djinn, all of it! If life could give me one blessing, it would be to take you off my hands.
Uh Right, then.
I'll I'll go get the rest of the story from the others.
See you around, Geralt.
They're combing the area.
They haven't found him, or the girl.
A simple test of silver would've sufficed.
I had steel at the ready.
We can pull in more soldiers.
Keep searching.
We won't stop.
We cannot mistake the stars reflecting in a pond for those in the night sky.
Spare me the lecture, Fringilla.
You rose up against the Usurper.
Helped free our people from their chains.
I witnessed the White Flame call on you mold you anoint you.
It burns in you, Cahir.
She is the key, but you you are the commissioner.
Do not despair.
We will find her.
And we will spread his supremacy all through the kingdoms, whether they deserve it or not.
Gather the men.
We cannot fail him.
The time of the sword and the ax is nigh.
The "fairer sex" They often call it But her love's as unfair as a crook It steals all my reason Commits every treason Of logic with naught but a look A storm raging on the horizon Of longing, and heartache, and lust She's always bad news It's always lose-lose So, tell me, love, tell me, love how is that just? But the story is this She'll destroy with her sweet kiss Her sweet kiss But the story is this She'll destroy with her sweet kiss Her current is pulling you closer A charge in the hot, humid night The red sky at dawn is giving a warning You fool, better stay out of sight I'm weak, my love, and I am wanting If this is the path I must trudge I'll welcome my sentence Give to you my penance Garroter, jury and judge But the story is this She'll destroy with her sweet kiss Her sweet kiss, oh But the story is this She'll destroy with her sweet kiss Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh But the story is this She'll destroy with her sweet kiss Her sweet kiss, oh But the story is this She'll destroy with her sweet kiss Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh The story is this
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