The Witcher (2019) s03e07 Episode Script

Out of the Fire, Into the Frying Pan

[MAN] Come help! We're burning!
[MAN SCREAMS LOUDLY] Please! Anyone!
can't move! I'm trapped!
- [MAN] Please!
[JASKIER] Geralt? Ciri?
[MAN YELLS] Please!
Where are you, Geralt?
[SHUDDERS] Oh, gods
Why are you here?
I came looking for my guards.
I thought I'd seen the last of you.
- Yeah.
- [MAN] Leave them here!
- That was the plan.
- [WOMAN] Help him! He's not breathing!
What happened here?
Dijkstra and Philippa weren't
the only ones scheming at Thanedd.
They suspect Vilgefortz
conspired with Nilfgaard,
and Emhyr var Emreis took the
whole Continent by surprise.
The second war has begun.
- [MAN] Oh, no!
[WOMAN] Just leave him there! Quick!
[RADOVID] You should go. You don't
need to stay here listening to me.
We have to get you out of here.
There's an old trappers' route, up
where the village diverts in Mirthe.
It'll get you as far as Oxenfurt.
I have friends there with a
safe house. Give them this.
- It'll get you to the capital.
- I don't get it.
Plans change.
- Come with me, then.
- No.
- No, I have to find my family.
- I'll talk to my brother.
I've got an annuity.
I'll bring all I can.
- Just tell me where to meet you
- You don't understand.
The war brewing outside is nothing
compared to what Geralt will unleash
on this Continent to find his daughter.
I don't know what happens next.
Just let me be there with you.
Prove that I'm more than a mask.
After I find Ciri.
You should find Geralt first.
I saw that tower explode.
Felt it like a shockwave.
I don't see how she
could've made it, Jaskier.
I'm so sorry.
[JASKIER] Witch!
- [WHISPERS] Bard.
Are you all right?
Are you hurt? [GASPING]
- Where's Ciri?
She was seen at Tor Lara, but
But I've searched the
rubble, I can't find her.
And Geralt?
Triss is taking him
to Brokilon. To heal.
He might be dying.
This is bad.
- This is bad.
- [MAN 1] The White Wolf!
[EITHNÉ] He'll need a bed. Find
fresh water, and get some cloths.
[WOMAN 1] I'll go find them.
- [MAN 2] We need you, quickly.
- [WOMAN 1] Bring fresh water!
He's badly wounded.
Not wounded.
Dying, Mother Eithné.
- Who is he?
- An old friend. We must help him.
waste your time
on me.
not a waste, Gwynbleidd.
Your friend the sorceress
left this for you.
She said to tell you, "Something
out there waits for you."
Cirilla was once our guest as well.
She found her way to you?
She did.
But I lost her.
Huh? What?
What the fuck happened?
[ECHOING] Geralt?
Geralt Geralt Geralt
Yennefer Yennefer
Red sand.
All right.
Geralt would say to set the
bone back into the joint,
probably mutter something about
hardship building character, and
And then he would
Where is it?
Never lost, always found.
Come on, Ciri.
Come on.
You have to keep going.
Who's out there?
Who's out there out there
[WHISPERS] Feels better. Feels better.
Mmm. Mmm.
Geralt and Yennefer need me.
[SHUDDERS] I have to get back to them.
All right.
The sun sets in the west.
Korath is east.
So if I go towards the
setting sun, I'll be going west
to the mountains,
and there'll be food and shelter there.
That makes sense.
All right
The prince did sit aside the sea ♪
Blushing with his siren ♪
Should have listened when Mousesack
tried to teach me constellations.
At length did they try to agree ♪
Who'd forfeit their environ ♪
For if your goal be paradise ♪
Pon ♪
Ponder all your wants ♪
In life ♪
And make a little sacrifice ♪
They'll be worrying.
They'll be so worried.
I've got to keep going.
Just got to keep going.
Catch the morning dew
before the shadows fall.
Please be right, Coen.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Oh, my god.
[SOBS] Oh, I've been walking
the wrong way all night.
I will not die here.
I will not die here.
[SCREAMS] I will not die here!
will not die here
will not die here
I know there's someone out there!
[GASPS] Show yourself!
I will find you and follow you
right out of this fucking desert!
Where the fuck did you go?
Don't leave me alone out here!
Water. Water
What is this? What
You're who I've been following?
- You're a unicorn.
Yennefer said you were real,
but I never believed her.
You saved me.
You're smaller than they make
you out to be in the books.
No touching. Understood.
- Wait!
- Little Horse!
[CIRI GRUNTS] Little Horse!
Where'd you go?
Little Horse!
How will anyone find me now?
[THINKS] No one's going to find me.
Am I going mad?
I can't see anything!
[THINKS] You're lost forever.
You're going to starve starve
I'm going mad. Imagining unicorns.
I need some fucking food!
I can't do this anymore.
[PAVETTA] That's certainly no
way for a princess to behave.
- Mother.
- My Cirilla.
[CIRI] I wish you were here.
I've thought about you so much.
I've dreamt about you.
- We should have had more time.
- I know.
You've spent your whole life trying
to find a place where you belong.
And yet
here you are.
Abandoned once more.
[ECHOING] Abandoned once more
[CIRI] I wasn't abandoned.
Geralt said he'll find me.
Nothing's ever your fault, is it?
Your loved ones, the
people in your life,
they all want to do their best by you.
But it's not enough, I'm afraid.
- What?
- Don't play stupid, Cirilla.
You know this in your soul.
They're my family.
- They love me.
- As did your father and I.
But you, my child
are a heavy weight to bear.
Why are you saying all this?
I can only imagine how relieved Geralt
was to see you run into that tower.
Perhaps, when you get down to
it, you are too much for everyone.
- No, you don't know me!
- [PAVETTA] too much for everyone
You abandoned me!
You went on that boat, and
you didn't take me with you!
[WHEEZING] I see you, you little fucker!
I don't feel so good.
once more abandoned
- [CIRI] Geralt and Yennefer need me.
- [FEMALE VOICE] They didn't survive
Would you like a story?
- [PAVETTA] You are too much
- Geralt and Yennefer need me.
- Find a place where you belong.
- Geralt
[CALANTHE SHOUTS] Wake up, Cirilla!
What have you done?
- [PAVETTA] Heavy weight to bear
- [CALANTHE] Pathetic
[PAVETTA] Abandoned once more
- Heavy
- [CALANTHE] You know where you are?
[VOICE] Just reach out
- What
A tip.
- Don't eat the lizards.
- They're poison.
- [CIRI] Where am I?
Who are you?
- Good questions.
- [ECHOING WHISPER] questions
I am the past, and this is the future.
the future
- Well, a possible one.
- possible one
[CIRI] It's not the first
time I've seen the future.
What is this place?
You may come to know it. Like
I said, it's a possibility.
- Could be one of many futures.
- possible
- It all depends on what you decide.
- [SIGHS] I'm going insane.
Powerful women have been labelled
insane since the dawn of time.
It's bullshit. Always
has been, always will be.
- History repeating itself
- repeating itself
Something we have in common.
Both insane princesses,
abandoned by the people who
were supposed to protect us,
and royally fucked over by our families.
At least yours had the decency to
die on their own. I had to kill mine.
- You killed your family?
- [WHISPER] father
- Most importantly, my father, the failure.
- failure
Honestly, it was the
system that failed me most.
Father was just a spoke in a wheel
that had been rolling for generations.
Do you think it'll ever change?
- More good questions!
- questions
How many more times will
history have to repeat itself?
A spoke in a wheel
spoke in a wheel
Can I tell you something?
I think I have the
power to change things.
You're not the first
person to feel that way.
not the first
But you, my friend,
friend friend friend
you could be the last.
could be the last the last
[CIRI] Hello?
Please don't abandon me.
I don't feel so good, Little Horse.
Vesemir called this the Frying Pan.
Now I understand why.
Will you let me pet you?
- I need to know you're real.
Fine. What do you want, anyway?
Hey, wait!
Where are you going?
Is this what you wanted to show me?
[SIGHS] Little Horse,
I can't keep going.
Chaos. In the earth.
The air.
The water.
There's a vein here. [GASPS]
Oh, it's real! [GASPS]
Come, you must be thirsty too. Drink.
Thank you. Thank you.
All right, I'm coming.
Have I told you about Roach
yet? You'd really like her.
Wait here, friend.
Clearly no food to be found here.
[CALANTHE] Disgusting.
Go away.
I know you're nothing but an illusion.
[CALANTHE] How dare you
strike such a tone with me?
[ECHOING] such a tone with me
The Lion Cub of Cintra.
- Pathetic
- You're not real!
- I know it.
- Don't you know where you are?
The largest graveyard on the Continent.
You want me to die?
[CALANTHE] I want you
to wake the fuck up.
[ECHOING SHOUT] Wake up, Cirilla!
[WHISPERING] People fear you.
[ECHOING] Aim to use
you for their own agendas
while your loved ones are
falling by the wayside.
And what have you done to
prepare for the coming war?
What have you done? What have
you What have you done?
[ROARS] Nothing!
When death came for
me, it was on my terms.
- That's what good leaders do.
- What have you done?
They stand up to the enemy.
You've hidden yourself
away all this time.
You've done nothing.
[SHOUTS] And now you're
hiding in this desert!
- Admit it!
- No!
You led yourself
and Cintra into dust and oblivion.
You were ruled by hubris and fear,
and so instead of helping people,
you led into a cycle of violence.
You let history repeat itself.
You murdered people like me.
[SOBS] You spilled elven blood.
My blood!
[SOBS] And for what?
Death came for you in the end anyway.
There has to be another way.
Do you really think
that someone like you
could change things where
countless others have failed?
You couldn't lead a horse to water!
Shut up! [ROARS]
[WOMAN] Another tip?
Don't punch rocks.
- I wondered if I'd see you again.
- Miss me already?
I don't know you.
Only conversations I've had are with my
subconscious urging me to kill myself.
How are you so sure I'm
not trying to do the same?
- Remains to be seen.
You told me I could be
the last to change things.
- What did you mean?
- You know you're powerful.
Is that another thing we have in common?
I always had a talent
for attracting friends.
I should have been queen.
But when my father denied
me my royal destiny,
I decided to rally the common folk.
And with their help, I took
back what was rightfully mine
in the only way I knew would
send an unforgettable message.
- Blood and fire.
- I've heard that story.
Fitting, since in the end,
they tied me to a stake
and burned me alive.
You're Falka.
The stories say you were a demon.
A cursed elven monster.
Stories created to convince
naughty children to do their chores.
In the end, it was much easier
to cut my ears into points
and let myself be what
they accused me of being.
For simplicity's sake.
- You filled entire streets with blood!
- Whose blood?
Those who wished to use me or kill me.
You think you're cursed.
But do you know what I
see when I look at you?
A child.
Run through a meat
grinder by her own family.
They lied to you and
left you vulnerable.
They left you to feel
shame instead of pride.
Self-loathing instead of love.
Fear instead of acceptance.
You murdered your father.
You started a rebellion.
But what did you actually want?
I wanted the freedom to feel my rage.
To stop shaming myself for
what I could not control.
You want to change the
system, Princess Cirilla?
Burn it to the ground.
[ECHOING] to the
ground the ground
- Hello.
[SIGHS] I don't know how
much more I can last here.
I know.
I know. Not much further.
Something's not right.
I can sense something.
Oh shit..
- No!
Little Horse.
- You must let me help you.
Here, this might help.
- Shh, shh, shh. Please.
Come on now.
- We have to move to survive.
Don't worry. I'm going
to take care of you.
Everything's going to be fine.
Little Horse, it's
going to be all right.
You all right, friend?
I'm going to take a look now. All right?
[SHOUTS] Fuck! Fuck!
This lifeless shithole!
- [FALKA] Oh, to be a helpless princess.
I'm not helpless.
But there is nothing out here.
I have nothing to draw from.
I thought you said magic is everywhere.
[MURMURS] It's forbidden.
- By who?
- Yennefer said it's dangerous.
Aretuza banned it. I've
seen what it does to people.
I'm just saying, this is one good
thing you can do with your power.
Otherwise, this creature,
your friend, will die,
- if you don't help him.
I was never taught how.
Just reach out
and let the fire in.
- Wait!
- Don't!
Those who are afraid of
what you are are dead weight.
Let them go.
It feels amazing, doesn't it?
And to think you've had this power
inside of you your entire life.
[WHISPERS] Feels easy.
It feel feels good.
[FALKA] It is.
I'm proof of that.
When the flames licked my face,
I didn't cry out.
I tapped into the curse
everyone said I embodied.
The same one that runs through you.
History repeating itself.
Except it isn't a curse. It's a gift.
One they either wish to use
you for or destroy you for.
They killed Lara Dorren for it.
Burned me at the stake for it.
But you, Cirilla
you're different.
You will change everything.
[FALKA] There will
be a time of contempt.
And then, finally, you
can take back what's yours.
Your wrath is righteous.
Your revenge is justice.
They deserve to suffer. Make them.
Those you love will betray you too.
Trick you.
You'll always be their pawn.
Feel your rage, child
of the Elder Blood.
[FALKA] Feel the pleasure of release.
You said it yourself.
You don't need anyone.
[FALKA] Feel the pleasure of release.
You'll always be their pawn.
[FALKA] Feel your rage.
- Feel your rage
I won't give them up.
- They'll only hold you back.
- They'll only hold you back
- This is your power.
- Magic is everywhere
Your destiny.
your destiny your destiny
I don't want it.
- [FALKA] You wanted change
- I don't want it!
- [CALANTHE] Wake up!
- [PAVETTA] It's a prophecy.
- Please, stop!
- [FALKA] Don't do it!
- I relinquish my powers!
- [MAN 1] Get out of the way.
- [MAN 2] Let me see.
- [MAN 1] Out of the way! Let me look.
- [MAN 2] Gies a look!
[MAN 1] It's her, all right.
[MAN 3] How can you
be sure she's the one?
[MAN 1] Seen many an
ashen-haired, green-eyed whelp
on the edge of the desert?
You dickless knobhead.
This is the girl he's looking for.
[MAN 3] Fine. No need
to be so mean about it.
You two, pick her up.
Well, here goes nothing.
[SPEAKING ELVEN] I know you're there,
and I know I'm not welcome.
But my friend is here.
[IN ELVEN] Turn back now,
or die in that field,
ugly human.
Sticks and stone may break my bones,
but words will also hurt me.
[IN COMMON SPEECH] I'm a friend
of Geralt's. The White Wolf.
[IN ELVEN] Then I'll
wait for him to come out.
[IN ELVEN] My love for
you will never cease ♪
And this flower You
left behind, never ending ♪
Shall never die ♪
[DRYAD] It's "Enchanted Flowers."
Because ♪
My fair Ettariel ♪
This flower seemingly slick with dew ♪
Was actually wet with tears ♪
And enchanted flowers never wilt ♪
[IN ELVEN] That'll do, Bard.
needs you. Don't lag behind.
I was not expecting there
to be so many people.
- [DRYAD] Grab a poultice.
- [MAN] Here you are.
I thought you dryads were,
you know exclusive.
And sort of
a no-boys-allowed kind of club.
What changed your mind?
You're giving them refuge.
[DRYAD] He's not well.
Are you decent?
He's never decent.
Look, I I know you're
champing at the bit to
Oh my fuck
What news?
Hey. Hey.
Ah, you all right?
I thought Triss would
have healed you, but, um
I have news, but how how are you?
- Can can you walk?
- Is it Yen? Or Ciri?
- Yennefer's fine. She's safe.
- Ciri's not?
[JASKIER] Ciri's all right.
She's all right. She's
[UNDER BREATH] I'm sorry, Geralt.
Ciri's missing.
Yennefer's hunting for
her, but Nilfgaard, they
I came straight from Thanedd
when I heard you were here.
- Some of my old Sandpiper routes.
[MAN] More bandages.
There's this village,
outside Roggeveen, and
they razed it to the ground.
I tried to find survivors, but
they were willing to
kill everyone to find her.
Apparently, it worked.
The emperor announced the celebration.
She's on her way to Nilfgaard.
[CIRI] The prince
did sit aside the sea ♪
Blushing with his siren ♪
His siren ♪
Siren ♪
At length did they try to agree ♪
Who'd forfeit their environ ♪
Environ ♪
Environ ♪
A trade for surf ♪
A swap for turf ♪
Who'd cave first and when? ♪
For if your goal be paradise ♪
A life with your true love ♪
Ponder all your wants in life ♪
And make a little sacrifice ♪
The water's wet,
the beach side's dry ♪
And where they met is where they lie ♪
But where they lay, they cannot say ♪
The tide is low, now they both know ♪
A trade for surf ♪
A swap for turf ♪
Who'd turn and let go? ♪
For if your goal be paradise ♪
A life with your true love ♪
Ponder all your wants in life ♪
And make a little sacrifice ♪
His choice was made aside the sea ♪
A twilit red horizon ♪
For she had finally made him see ♪
His place among the sirens ♪
A trade for surf ♪
He knew what it's worth ♪
To trade foot for fin ♪
For if your goal be paradise ♪
Just give your love a firm nudge ♪
If he sings to darkest night ♪
Embrace his little sacrifice ♪
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