The Witcher (2019) s03e08 Episode Script

The Cost of Chaos

You're awake.
And pleasant as ever.
No, witcher.
No news of Nilfgaard or the girl.
And no, I didn't ask.
Ask the wrong question,
they'll string you up.
And then how would we have
these lovely daily chats?
Caught especially for you.
I don't want it.
Of course you don't.
Ungrateful twat.
[EITHNÉ] Still won't eat?
You're sure this one deserves your help?
Let us decide that.
Same as we decided for you,
and the Scoia'tael you've
asked us to take in.
I will never command you, Milva.
Nor return you to the
horrors of your past.
But you do owe a debt.
Keep him alive.
Why is he so special?
You are not the only one
who protects lost souls.
Many that do are broken themselves.
[JASKIER] I just heard a Nilfgaardian
royal carriage has been seen traveling.
long until Emhyr has her?
Your guess is as good as mine.
- What are we gonna do, Geralt?
- Help me up.
- All right, take it easy.
- Stop!
- [MILVA] Let him be, bard.
- Easy
- He broke his back. And look at his leg.
[SIGHS] Like I've been saying, you
can't leave unless you get better.
And you won't get better
unless you let us help you.
You need more healing
waters and plenty of rest.
Give me the damn grouse.
Oh, now you want it.
There's a very weird
energy between you two.
[JASKIER] I don't wanna tell
them how to do their jobs,
but are we sure that
these healers are
Hey. Are you all right?
The waters weren't successful.
They're meant for natural
beings, not mutants.
[GRUNTS] Pack up. We
leave in the morning.
Good, yeah. Uh, might I suggest we wait
until your leg pus stops
visibly oozing first?
You're in no shape to walk across
the forest, much less the Continent!
- Can you even hold the damn sword?
Are you gonna stop him?
I've been telling him
for months he needs
to think about himself, not just Ciri.
- Oh, so you're not completely useless?
- But I was wrong.
Protecting her, protecting
his family, it's who he is.
I'd have to kill him to stop him.
And even in this sorry-arse state,
I'm pretty sure he could snap
me like a toothpick, so no.
- I'm not gonna stop him.
If he needs my help,
he has it.
So you're both fucking lunatics!
You really think you're
ready to go find your girl?
- 'Cause you'd be dead now.
[MAN] Let it off!
[MAN YELLS] Go ahead!
[YENNEFER] Crach an Craite!
[WOMAN 2] Oi, oi, treacle!
[WOMAN 1] So it's definitely you, then!
[YENNEFER] There's no sign of
Ciri in the Eastern Skelligens.
- Any news from the rest of your fleet?
- [WOMAN 3] Oh, good!
- [MAN] I'm not
- She's not dead, I can feel it.
[CRACH AN CRAITE] Aye, but the
alternative's not much better.
There's a rumor bubbling up in the South
that Ciri's heading to Nilfgaard.
[WOMAN 1] Come on!
Well, she'd never go willingly.
An Aretuzan mage gone rogue.
He's taking her to Emhyr.
Listen, the tribunal wants to
patter on about peace talks.
If Ciri's siding with Nilfgaard,
we're obliged to join.
- You'd fight for Nilfgaard?
- Fuck, no!
[SIGHS] At least, not willingly.
But Ciri's also Princess of
Brugge and a shit ton more vassals.
Those butterball lords,
they won't put up a fight.
If Ciri joins Nilfgaard,
the whole Continent shifts.
I'll get to her before then.
Well, then, maybe this
horseshit surrender talk stops.
You know where this
Vilgefortz has got her stowed?
Ciri, are you here?
[TRISS] Oh, gods!
[RITA] What happened here?
These are our girls.
It's worse than Geralt described.
[PHILIPPA] If you're looking
for Vilgefortz, he's gone.
- [YENNEFER] We're looking for Ciri.
- Then I'll save you the time.
I've searched the castle. It's empty.
What kind of magic can do this?
- None we've ever practiced.
- None like any we've ever seen.
[SABRINA] How did we not see
it? Who Vilgefortz really was.
Some of us did.
It'll take all of us
to reverse this spell.
They deserve that.
[TRISS] Nissa.
Eva. Elisabet.
[SABRINA] May they have peace.
[KEIRA] I want to get as far
away from here as possible.
[TRISS] This isn't right.
[PHILIPPA] Stay, if you like.
I have to get back to Tretogor.
[TRISS] Stop!
We can't just leave them there!
They deserve a proper burial.
To honor them.
- To remember them.
- Now you're going to remember them.
Berate us all you want.
But these girls were
killed here, in Redania.
Vilgefortz did it under your nose.
Yes, and he wouldn't
have brought them here
if she had looked after
them properly at Aretuza.
You always propped up the Brotherhood,
its importance in protecting Chaos.
But with Vilgefortz, you
simply propped up the man.
Save your sanctimony. I know
I failed. But so did you.
Go, run back to Tretogor.
But do not forget you
were willing to bring
the whole Brotherhood
down with your purge.
And why? Not for Chaos. No.
You destroyed whomever so Vizimir would
finally see you lurking
in Dijkstra's shadow.
You th
We are partners.
- I can trust Dijkstra.
- Yeah, like I trusted Vilgefortz.
But that is the problem with trust.
You have it until you don't.
[YENNEFER] Please stop.
Every minute that passes,
Vilgefortz draws closer to Nilfgaard.
I don't know what he
or Emhyr want with Ciri,
but look at what he did to those girls.
We return them to Aretuza.
We give them peace.
Then we fight.
To make sure this never happens again.
[MAN] Close the gates!
- [SOLDIER] Move it!
- Are you sure about this?
- [SOLDIER] Forward!
Nilfgaard made their play.
Now let's make ours.
[EMHYR] Press harder. We must take
Dillingen to secure the western front.
It appears you have returned from
the grave just in time. Leave us.
[COURTIER] Good day, my lord.
My fighters tell me that
your arrival in Aretuza
helped secure what
some may call a victory.
We succeeded at Thanedd because
of the elves, their sacrifices.
It's thanks to them the
Brotherhood is in shambles.
The North, however,
is still a worthy foe.
[FRANCESCA] We need to secure Xin'trea's
ports and gain control of the Yaruga.
[FRINGILLA] Temeria's most critical
supply chain. You lose that
you lose the war.
You need someone. Someone who
knows Xin'trea from the inside.
Someone who has Nilfgaard's
interests at heart.
[EMHYR] So you're
proposing that I forgive
your past sins and return you to Cintra?
Us, my lord.
Side by side.
Cirilla is on her way home.
That's what we all wanted.
And she will reign by
your side as intended.
And she
She needs you here. In Nilfgaard.
So allow me to serve you as
Imperial Governor of Xin'trea,
and Francesca can give her
people the home they deserve.
I must say, Fringilla,
death, it becomes you.
And I have faith that being
Imperial Governor will too.
Especially with the Queen
of the Elves by your side.
I guarantee you won't
regret it, my lord.
And thank you for recognizing that
we delivered what was promised.
The Scoia'tael deserve peace.
- The Scoia'tael?
You may lead the elves
in Cintra, the old,
the sick, the ones
who who cannot fight,
but the Scoia'tael, they stay with us.
They know the land so well. They
are an effective force in the North.
You mean a dispensable one.
They won't do it.
Not as long as they serve me.
Then disavow them.
Either they die
fighting for us,
so the rest of your people may live,
or all of your people die
fighting to survive.
The elves have sacrificed so much.
Don't let it be for nothing.
I thought you might be dead, Dijkstra.
I swore I sent for you yesterday.
I came as fast as I could.
Corpses have come
faster, that was the joke.
Moving on. What do you
hear from the front?
Nilfgaard has taken towns in
Aedirn, Lyria, and Cidaris.
And Radovid, any word?
We've got everyone we can
spare searching for him.
This is not where you promised we'd be.
- There were eventualities.
- Yeah.
You were to purge the
Brotherhood and come back heroes.
Instead, Aretuza is a pile of rocks,
the Brotherhood has no brothers left,
and my brother's dead in
a fucking ditch somewhere.
I see you opening your mouth.
Don't. Don't try and handle me.
Not you, Sigismund.
Luck plays a role in everything we do.
And while I mitigate that
role as much as I can,
we were unlucky at Thanedd.
A few minutes too late.
A message for naval
reinforcements not received.
A fucking witcher.
But our intelligence was
right and our plan was correct.
None of which stops my
people from doubting me.
You and I have been through difficult
times, but nothing like this.
Examples must be made.
I'm truly sorry.
Because I know how
much you like Philippa.
But someone's got to pay.
Do not disappoint me again.
You'd be dead now.
Go back to bed, witcher.
[JASKIER] He is going.
With or without me.
Is he at full strength
yet? Of course he's not.
Look at that leg, it's
like a sock full of marbles,
which is why he needs somebody
to look after him until he's better.
You're not his friend.
You're tagging along to get one
more song out of him when he dies.
How dare you?
I would milk his death
for, like, three songs.
And maybe an epic poem, so
You're useless.
And he's truly useless.
Neither of you is any
good to that girl dead.
Every day that I spend here is
another that Ciri's in danger.
Just because you're
hiding from the world
doesn't mean that I have to.
I don't wanna hear it.
You've got it wrong.
I'm not scared to leave.
I'm scared of what I'd do to them
the people who hurt me,
if if I did.
I know that fear.
Their waters are supposed
to make you forget.
Guess they didn't work on me either.
Does it remind you of someone you lost?
It looks important.
It reminds me of someone I killed.
I've always tried to
stay above the fray.
- Monster!
- Butcher!
To shut everything out.
And life always finds
a way to force my hand.
Witcher! You take the wrong ones!
[MILVA] Or forcing you to make a choice.
I know.
Whatever they did to you
I hope they pay.
Like the world works that way.
[YENNEFER] Tissaia.
Tissaia, look at me.
I just got word. Redania and
Kaedwen lost another battle.
Since when have you cared
about movement of troops?
Since I became responsible for the
death of each and every soldier.
This war was inevitable.
- Was it?
- You could've handed Ciri's head over to
the kings on a platter to win support.
But you didn't.
No, I could never have done that.
Your pain is my pain.
My pain is your pain.
They make us sacrifice so much.
The cost of learning magic.
When I came to Aretuza, if a sorceress
fell pregnant, she was kicked out.
"Divided loyalties,"
said the men.
So I made them take us seriously.
The enchantment was never
about clearer access to Chaos.
It was about getting
a seat at the table.
And the Brotherhood,
they called me bold.
I was just desperate.
The first of many mistakes.
- Stop it.
- Look around, it's all gone.
Forget this, go to Brokilon.
- Salvage what you can with the witcher.
- Geralt's getting help.
My focus is here, on Ciri.
If I go to him without her, I've failed.
There are worse failures.
Spare me the self-loathing bullshit.
This feeling sorry for yourself,
and letting Vilgefortz make
you question who you are.
This isn't you!
I know you.
At your core.
Everything I've done, everything
that's been done to me,
I've survived because of your faith.
You are the strongest
force I've ever known.
Remember your strength.
You are Tissaia de Vries, you
are our mother, and we need you.
I need you.
The service for the novices.
It's time.
Go. I'll collect myself and come along.
Thank you.
[TISSAIA] One of the first
things we learn about Chaos
is that it always has consequences.
There is a cost to this magic.
And eventually, we all must pay.
It is not a gift.
It is a trade.
And often, that trade
leads us to dark places.
But there are always bright spots.
Teaching you has been the
biggest bright spot of my life.
And I would love to see you through
the next leg of your journey.
I know you will do great
things, my daughter.
But I'm afraid I cannot.
There is a cost I must pay.
Sometimes a flower
is just a flower.
And the best thing it can do for us
- is die.
[YENNEFER] Geralt.
[GERALT, MUFFLED] Yen? You came.
- It's me.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I don't have her.
It's my fault.
I let Vilgefortz beat me.
I couldn't protect her.
He's destroyed everything I love.
[SIGHS] She's gone.
I know it's not fair, but
I'm so angry with her.
Who do we have now?
We have you, Yen.
I will find Ciri.
Those mages can't do this without you.
It's not fair.
I need you to heal me, Yen.
- The dryads did what they could, but
- There are some wounds magic can't heal.
I know.
I will make Vilgefortz pay.
And I don't care if he's an emperor,
I'll make Emhyr pay too.
Tell me this isn't the
last time I'll see you.
Say it. [SOBS]
I need you, Geralt.
I need you too, Yen.
Someone's got to pay.
Gah! Yes, yes. A price must be paid.
[VIZIMIR] Gods, it's true. You're here!
You're alive!
Oh, that's fine work.
No, that's fine work indeed. Mmm.
I was worried sick. They
should never have left you.
Don't worry, there will be consequences.
- Philippa
- Found me and helped get me home.
[PHILIPPA] Your Highness.
I could not rest
- until I knew he was safe.
I know Thanedd seems
like a blow to our cause,
but, believe me, the coup
wasn't a total failure.
We outed the Nilfgaardian traitor
and we created a power vacuum in
the Brotherhood only we can fill.
[VIZIMIR] A power vacuum?
The Brotherhood is in
shambles and the North with it!
Yes. Well, I have a new
plan for Redania, Your Grace.
You'll see.
Yeah, you'll see, you
shape-shifting little shit.
Uh, you look absolutely
awful, and you stink.
Let's get you hosed
down with a quickness.
Uh, I'm not staying.
- What?
- I was coming to ask you to
- let me go.
- Go where?
In case you haven't
noticed, there's a war.
And I'm no help in it.
You've been trying for years
to find a purpose for me here.
Plugged me into these straw-man jobs.
I'm not a spy master.
Not even a good prince.
But I've finally found
something that suits me.
And he needs my help.
Your Highness, I've
prepared a bath for you.
Find my cloaks, anything with
fur, take them to the haberdasher,
fetch as high a price as you can
and bring the coin back to me.
Yes, I'm serious. No, my
brother won't have you killed.
Well. [SCOFFS]
Looks like it's down to us now.
Oh. You all right?
He's not wrong. Usually.
We fucked up.
We promised him the Brotherhood.
[CHUCKLES] Redania on top!
We saw four steps ahead,
and Vilgefortz saw five.
I know you think Vizimir is a
fool, but he is still our king.
And when he demands accountability
he gets it.
Someone has to pay
for Thanedd.
Just tell Vizimir it was my fault.
Yeah. Yeah.
I knew I could trust you with my life.
But not my strategy.
- What?
- I have made plans to protect us both.
What do you mean?
[FRINGILLA] Everything's in order.
He won't expect any disruptions.
Not in the ceremony and not from us.
We'll be at the front.
Prize position. Then, when
Ciri comes, I grab her.
- You
- Stop.
- We have sacrificed too much already.
- No, no What are you saying?
- I'm gonna take Emhyr's deal.
- Francesca.
You can't take a deal from
a plan that was never real.
It could work.
- We could lead there together.
- And be under his service again?
I want out. Out of this place, out
of this war, and out of this sphere.
And Ciri, Ciri
she can give us that.
She can give you Dol Blathanna.
- It's out there. It's
- No. It's not.
Dol Blathanna, it
it was a real place.
Tangible. On the map.
For all the world to see.
- But we lost it.
Home is where my people
are safe, Fringilla.
Not in some unknown sphere at the
hands of a girl with unknown powers.
- It's too risky.
Especially when I know we're
under Nilfgaard's protection.
No, no, no! Have you forgotten
that not everybody is safe there?
Yes, I know what it means.
I will condemn the Scoia'tael to die.
- Save everyone else in the process.
- Listen to me.
I said no.
Emhyr is brutal.
All humans are brutal.
- But at least Emhyr's honest about it.
- No, he's not.
He's a liar! Do you know
he had your baby killed?
And then he tried to set me up for it!
Emhyr killed our child?
Yes, he did.
And then he used Redania
to try and manipulate you.
Emhyr killed our child, and you knew?
What do you mean he set you up?
Francesca, it was all going
wrong. Emhyr was coming to Cintra.
And I had to gain his favor.
And so I told him that
your baby, your baby was
was a way of keeping you here.
To keep us fighting.
Emhyr murdered my child.
And I lost my brother,
my husband,
and hundreds of our people,
because of your lie?
I can't undo what I've done.
He deserves it.
He deserves to suffer just as you have.
We can do that.
One child for another. You get
eternal peace for the elves.
- We can do that. You just have to
- Don't touch me.
He does not know the
meaning of suffering.
But he will.
And so will you.
- [MAN 1] Stop there!
- [MAN 2] Fetch someone!
[MAN 3] Quickly, get help!
- Secure the castle.
- [SOLDIER 1] Certainly, my lord.
- Now!
- [SOLDIER 2] Follow me!
- [SOLDIER 3] With me!
- How did this happen?
- [SOLDIER 2] Secure the exits!
- I don't know. But I will find out.
And whoever is responsible
will be made to pay.
- We must move quickly.
Our enemies will capitalize on
this tragedy, say we are leaderless.
- [SOLDIER 3] Summon the guards!
- [SOLDIER 2] Follow me!
We cannot let those rumors fester.
It is our great fortune
that Radovid is back safely with us.
Mighty of heart and spirit,
for Redania first and always,
we say together,
long live King Radovid!
[ALL] Long live King Radovid!
Long live King Radovid!
Long live King Radovid!
Long live King Radovid!
Long live King Radovid!
Long live King Radovid!
[WOMAN] Come through to
the dining room. This way!
It's hard to believe
so much has happened
in a week.
How much you lost.
We've all lost.
Our home. Our history.
People we love.
Not a great week for magic.
Sorry. It's not gonna be
the same without Tissaia.
I know.
- I just don't have any tears left in me.
- [YENNEFER] Good.
Because I didn't bring
us back here to wallow.
She'd have hated that.
I brought us back here
to make good on the promise of
never letting this happen again.
[RITA] Aretuza is gone.
The future of magic has
never been more unstable.
We must protect it.
The most dangerous mage we've ever seen
has the most powerful source
this Continent has ever known.
We need to eliminate Vilgefortz.
The old guard is gone.
It's up to us.
We decide how we move forward.
Ride, witcher, ride ♪
With the ♪
With the wind ♪
Howling wi ♪
Howling wind?
I feel like that's
been done. Howling wind?
- Ride, wi ♪
Never interrupt an artist when he
is in a state of numinous flow. I
I recognize you.
Dara. You helped me get
passage to Xin'trea once.
Yes, I remember.
Destined for great things.
That's not quite what I
was thinking of, though.
I was at Shaerrawedd.
Fighting with the Scoia'tael.
After my family was killed,
I was alone for a long time.
And when I found my own people, I
thought I'd recovered what I'd lost.
Purpose, hope, family.
But they agreed
to help the White Flame start a war.
And I couldn't do it.
So I ran.
It's all right to be scared.
I'm not scared. I'm
just tired of running.
If I keep carrying this hatred,
it'll kill me.
[GERALT] Yes. It will.
I knew Ciri.
She was the first person
I ever felt safe with.
If you see her again
tell her I forgive her.
And that I'm sorry.
[JASKIER] I don't remember
Vesemir's elixir recipe
involving so many
worm guts.
It doesn't.
But it's the closest thing
to yghern venom I could find.
Oh, come on, he's Look at him.
Sorry, buddy.
- Just be gentle with him [GROANS]
[GERALT] It won't be as
powerful as Vesemir's elixir.
But it should sharpen the senses.
Hit her with the
- You'd be dead now.
We're leaving.
An auspicious day, my lord.
Thanks to you.
[PAGE] Emperor Emhyr var Emreis,
Deithwen Addan yn Carn aep Morvudd
bids welcome Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon.
- Queen of Cintra, Princess of Brugge
- [MAN] Yes, yes, there she is!
Duchess of Sodden
is hereby endowed with the title
of Duchess of Rowan and Ymlac
and Lady of the Castle of Darn Rowan.
Our honored guest
with whom we shall await the arrival
of more peaceful, happier times.
Welcome home.
You are where you belong.
A pleasure, Your Grace.
live Princess Cirilla!
Long live Princess Cirilla!
Oi, blondie.
[SINGSONG] Blondie
- [MAN 2] So what's next week?
- [MAN 3] Oh
[MAN 1] Nice to see you
finally awake. [CHUCKLES]
You wanna get out of here?
- [MAN 4] You eating that?
- [MAN 2] Ah, yeah.
- [MAN 5] Another round!
[FALKA] Spoke in a wheel.
- [ECHOING] Spoke in a wheel
- [MAN 4] Oh!
- [MAN 1] Oi, blondie.
- [MAN 6] We need more beer here, come on!
- [MAN 4] Scopin' out?
- [MAN 5] Just got here.
[MAN 1] How about it?
- Who are you?
- I'm the king of fuckin' Ebbing.
- [MAN 6] Don't take long!
Now do exactly what I say.
[MAN 7] Kayleigh. Heard of him?
One of the Rats.
The baron has put out a hefty price
- for capture of his lot.
- Only reason I haven't killed him myself.
- Kayleigh, eh?
The baron'll probably give you a
pat on the arse and a barrel of mead.
Our prize. Special little bird.
That's the wench Nilfgaard's
been searching for.
[MAN 7] You're as useless
as a eunuch in a whorehouse.
They found that girl.
[MAN 4] No, if they found her then why
is the prefect still offering a reward?
[MAN 7] She's not worth more than
what's between her legs, the wee thing.
- Still wouldn't mind a turn.
- Any of that food for us?
- Piss off!
[MAN 2 CHUCKLES] Good one.
We're hungry.
You see?
This bitch is highborn.
- You're the dumb one.
- She told you she was hungry, dickhead.
- Ooh!
- Skomlik!
Do what you wish with your
girl, but the Rat is mine!
Touch him again, I'll plunge
this blade through your eye.
Sit back down.
- You lot, stay.
- Full of fuckin' threats, aren't you, boy?
- Yeah, that's right.
- You get it?
You fuckin' try, boy. You fuckin' try.
- So you're not completely useless.
- I'll fight you!
- You fucker!
- Good to know.
- Wait till he pulls out the
- Now slide it to me.
- We'll start again
- He's bigger than you, small boy.
- Your mother had no complaint.
- I mean it, boy. Stand up.
Stand up. Show me. Show me, boys.
- Come on!
[WOMAN 1] Having a party
without the rest of us?
- [SKOMLIK] Who the fuck is she?
Son of a bitch.
[SKOMLIK] The Rats!
The fucking Rats!
Me and the brat'll be taking our leave.
[KAYLEIGH] Mistle, behind you!
[SKOMLIK] Where d'you
think you're going?
- No, you don't!
- [WOMAN 2] Kayleigh!
I knew you were alive! You little shit.
Back off! They're mine!
Oi, come here!
Nice one, Reef!
Get away!
- Hey, trouble.
I'll take that!
How about a fair fight?
Let's see how you do against a human.
I don't think you're
man enough to take her.
You'll pay for that, you highborn bitch!
[KAYLEIGH] Fuck me.
She's playing with him.
Move along, one at a time.
- We'll never get there in time.
- Move along.
Get in line!
You'll need further
identification. Empty your pockets.
[JASKIER] We'll never get
to Ciri if we can't get past.
Or I can take your
missus round the corner,
and she can convince me
to let you go through.
There's got to be another way round.
- Not for days.
- [MAN] Take this.
Good man. On you go.
[JASKIER] Good morning!
- Hi. How how are you?
- Papers.
- [GERALT] We lost them.
- But but we
we would be happy to compensate you
for, uh for your troubles with
Give me a second. [CHUCKLES]
Not gonna help me out here, or anything?
[GUARD 1] Wanna get through? Pay.
Uh, that's two! Two orens.
You're gonna have to do
better than that, freak.
That looks nice.
Hold on.
For your troubles
[GUARD 2] Baggage, please
- Friend.
- Geralt, no, come on, not that.
Very nice.
On you go.
- Thank you, thank you so much.
- My pleasure.
[MAN 2] We have this for you
[YENNEFER] Dear friend,
you once told me of a dream
where you were wandering
through boundless fields
towards an obelisk carved
with names of the dead.
- [GUARD 1] It's all a toll.
- [WOMAN] No! No!
A woman with cold blue
eyes was following you.
[GUARD 1] Any more out of you,
and she will leave here an orphan.
You knew her because she had
dogged your every footstep.
Just keep walking.
Geralt, we need to
get to Ciri. Geralt
"Why?" you asked her.
"Was it because you were
meant to end up alone?"
Why don't you let the
girl and her family go?
Piss off.
Or maybe I'll take her home and
see what use she can be put to.
"Was it because she wanted you,
a witcher who needed no one,
to finally be afraid?"
You told her the truth.
You'd always been afraid.
Until now.
Because she'd taken everything from you,
which means she'd also taken the fear.
You and I, we now know what
it means to need. To love.
To lose it all.
Neutrality be damned.
We are no longer afraid.
[JASKIER] Geralt, your sword!
[YELPS] A little help!
Everyone, under the wagon!
- [GUARD 2] Get him!
- I'm gonna kill him
I know, I know.
I'd be dead now.
I've been lost before.
Eithné says I still am.
Would have been nice to
have someone looking for me the
way you're looking after your girl.
Everyone's safe.
We good?
Not yet. Missed one.
No, I didn't.
[GERALT] Get up.
If you manage to get to
Nilfgaard before I do
you tell that fuck Emhyr
that no matter his armies,
no matter his walls,
I will free Ciri.
[YENNEFER] I know in my heart, Geralt,
you will find Ciri.
And I will make sure there's a
safe world for her to return to.
And if we must face the
cold blue eyes of death,
we will.
But we will be the last to fall.
Of that, I am sure.
All my love
- Last time we save your arse.
- That's a lie and we both know it.
[MISTLE] Shut up and
grab everything of value.
[MAN] Anyone gonna talk about her?
- [REEF] Is she mute or something?
- [MISTLE] Give her a minute.
They tell you it's gonna feel bad.
Taking a life.
But it doesn't.
[MAN] We gotta go.
- [WOMAN] Is she alone?
- [REEF] She can use a sword.
What's your name?
Call me Falka.
[JASKIER] Ride, witcher, ride ♪
With the wind that moves the trees ♪
Ride, witcher, ride ♪
For the Child of Destiny ♪
Ride, witcher, ride ♪
With the wind that moves the trees ♪
Ride, witcher, ride ♪
Bring the storm that sets her free ♪
Sleepless under frozen suns ♪
Treachery and chosen ones ♪
Rise anew, the time has come ♪
To take hold of the skies ♪
Once betrayed, but not again ♪
Steel restored unto his name ♪
With silver coursing
through his veins ♪
And vengeance in his eyes ♪
Ride, witcher, ride ♪
With the wind that moves the trees ♪
Ride, witcher, ride ♪
For the Child of Destiny ♪
Ride, witcher, ride ♪
With the wind that moves the trees ♪
Ride, witcher, ride ♪
Bring the storm that sets her free ♪
Twisted lies and sorcery ♪
Make no match for destiny ♪
You won't rest till worlds collide ♪
So stake your claim
and choose a side ♪
Ride, witcher, ride ♪
With the wind that moves the trees ♪
Ride, witcher, ride ♪
For the Child of Destiny ♪
Ride, witcher, ride ♪
With the wind that moves the trees ♪
Ride, witcher, ride ♪
Bring the storm that sets her free ♪
- Humans more monster than creatures ♪
Witcher more human than them ♪
Butcher, White Wolf, or a savior ♪
The witcher returns ♪
In the end ♪
[JASKIER] Come on! ♪
Oh! ♪
Oh, oh, oh, oh-oh-oh ♪
Aah ♪
Ride, witcher, ride ♪
With the wind that moves the trees ♪
Ride, witcher, ride ♪
For the Child of Destiny ♪
Ride, witcher, ride ♪
With the wind that howls ♪
It howls for thee ♪
Oh, ride, witcher, ride ♪
Don't fear that wind ♪
It howls for thee ♪
Don't fear that wind ♪
It howls for thee ♪
It howls for thee ♪
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