The Woman in the Wall (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

Knock Knock

- Where's Aoife?
- I don't know.
- Where's my wife?
- I don't know where she is!
You're that woman she went to meet,
aren't you? You're Clemence!
Father Percy was found dead.
He was a family friend. Good man.
Well, I tm sorry for,
er, your loss.
Do you remember the last time
you saw Father Percy?
Aoife was a nun.
Did she have a reason
to kill Father Percy?
She didn't do it!
What about the woman from the bar?!
Why aren't you looking for her?!
I was born
in a Mother and Baby Home.
What happened to our kids, Clemence?
I'll tell you everything.
Clemence? Clemence! Clemence!
Clemence! Clemence!
No, no, no, no!
Lorna, it's nonstop!
It's like
having an alien in there,
wriggling around.
Do you want a boy
or do you want a girl?
Don't mind.
As long as it's not an alien.
I hope mine's a boy.
Well, boys get to do whatever
they like.
What if I'm no good at it, Clem?
Of course you'll be good at it.
- You'll be the best mammy ever!
What are you doing?
What kind of haircut
would you call that?
Like Joan of Arc, right?
Not today, Colman.
That's Lorna Brady.
It's the same height,
it's the same build,
it's the same haircut, Massey
I tve told you before, it could
very well be.
But this is a very delicate
moment in the town.
So we'll have to wait until
Hang on, what are you wearing?
Youtre not thinking of coming,
are you?
I thought I 'd pay my respects.
You are not coming to a funeral,
only to corner a grieving woman!
No, a suspected arsonist
and a possible accomplice
to a murder, Massey.
Why are you gunning for Lorna
like this?
The poor woman's
odd. She
She sleepwalks!
Are you all right, lad?
Because after what happened
the other day
I told you already, Massey.
I'm fine.
It's nothing to be ashamed of, lad.
I mean, we all have our demons.
I'm just sick of sitting
on my hands, Massey!
- We need to talk to Lorna
- And we will.
But not today.
I'm sorry, David.
That one's Clemence, right?
You did this.
Body of Christ.
Body of Christ.
Body of Christ.
Body of Christ.
Body of Christ.
Body of Christ.
Body of Christ.
Body of Christ.
When someone is taken from us
too soon
especially when it is sudden
it can be difficult to make sense
of what's happened.
The abrupt absence of a loved one
is an immense difficulty.
The darkness can be disorientating.
There are unanswered questions.
There is pain.
Even anger.
But we must take solace
in remembering
that Our Lord himself was
no stranger to suffering.
- Because suffering can be redemptive.
Suffering can be penance.
Clemence herself knew that
all too well.
There are some who say our lives
are not our own.
But I think that, however she may
have left us,
Clemence's contribution here on
Earth will not be forgotten.
Suffering is sent to test us.
- In fact
God makes those he loves best
suffer the most.
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,
fuck, fuck, fuck
There you go.
You're still not sleeping, huh?
You know, in the Army, sometimes
they rub chillies in their eyes.
What? Why?
To help them stay awake.
We're here for you, David.
Whatever you need.
Can you take that?
I'm sorry for your loss, David.
I feel awful asking you this,
but did Clemence say anything to you
about our children?
You know, before she?
I just buried my sister.
You all right there, Lorna?
Not looking so hot.
This'll wake you up.
Give me that!
Lorna Brady! You dark horse!
I'm sorry for your loss, Lorna.
Could you pop in to us tomorrow
if you have a moment?
Why, am I in some sorta trouble?
No. We've just got a few more
questions for you.
Like, questions about what?
Let's talk about it tomorrow.
Say, 10am?
But what if I don't want to come in?
- I 'd really prefer if you did.
- Yeah, but what if I don't?
What are you going to do?
Like, arrest me?
Is something the matter?
No. No, all good, thanks.
I'm talking to Ms Brady here.
Not really the day for it, is it?
Now, you're one of the Kearneys.
Er, the baby.
Michael? Is that right?
I am, how'd you know that?
Actually, you all have
the same shape of head.
Er, you'll have to forgive
our man from Dublin.
He's as subtle as a brick
through a window.
Don't give it any heed at all, Lorna.
Today of all days, you know.
So good of you to come, Detective.
I'd offer you a drink, but you seem
to be on the clock!
Thanks again for coming, James.
It would've meant a lot
to Clemence.
Not at all, Niamh. We're all in
this together now.
Have you heard anything from the
Government about our petition?
They're unsure
if they've heard enough to declare
the Convent as a laundry.
They need a little more time
to reach a consensus.
Is that normal?
Don't read too much into it.
Let's just continue to wait and see.
Aye, youtre all boring.
I just want to drink, sing and dance.
Cos that's what Clemence
would've wanted.
Yeah, well, maybe now's not the best
time for any of that.
Wha'ts wrong, Niamh?
I thought you were all for
expressing our feelings.
None of you lot know what Clemence
went through in that place.
Maybe that's enough now, Amy.
Only me and Lorna can.
You all, you heard what
Father Bum Fluff says.
Clemence is survived only
by her brother, David.
Only by.
Only by!
As in, not by her child.
Why not? Ain't that right, Lorna?
Amy, please.
We're the only mammies left.
- And we've been through hell together.
- Back off!
What are any of us lot
even doing here?
We didn't look after her.
And now we're lying about her.
Fuckin' heart attack?
Will you come off it?
Clemence made a choice
and we need to respect that.
Shut up, Amy, please.
David shouldn't have to be listening
to your shit right now.
Maybe we all have
heart attacks, huh?
What do you reckon, Mr Coyle?
Maybe that would help your
really get people's attention
Oh, go on, then! You first!
Do us all a favour!
Oh, that's enough! That's enough.
That's enough.
Fuck you, Lorna Brady!
Fuck you!
Can you walk me home?
Are you all right?
I saw Lorna Brady burn
Father Percy's car.
- Is that right?
- Yeah.
I was lying before.
Trying to protect her.
Why should I? She doesn't give
a fuck about me.
Right, then, I'll go.
Lorna, can you wait a minute?
I'm sorry, Lorna.
For what I said.
It wasn't right.
And I'm sorry I kept ye apart.
It might've been for the best.
God, Clemence.
Doesn't she look so happy?
That smile.
That, er That's not Clemence.
The girl in the middle -
her name is Breda.
That's Clemence's daughter.
She's the spitting image of her.
This is This is
Clemence's daughter?
She's alive?
Where did you get this?
Clemence went into town
to have tea with someone.
And when she came back,
she was in a very strange mood.
And I said to her, I said,
"Who did you meet?"
And she said, "A nun I used to know."
One of the Sisters
of the Seven Joys.
That's a name I haven't heard
in this house in a long time.
And that nun gave her that.
But I know Clemence
would've wanted you to see that.
Do you think one of these girls
could be mine?
I don't know.
Or maybe, do you think
that nun, she had
a photo of my kid, too,
d'ya think?
I really don't know, Lorna.
But I hope so.
MASSEY: Right, come on.
Columbo's ready for you.
LORNA: How long
is this going to take?
I have things to do.
Can I use your toilet?
Yeah, fire away. Down the end there.
F- F-Fuck, shit!
Fuck, shit, arse!
What am I doing here?
Is that you?
As I'm sure you're aware, Lorna,
a car at the station lockup
was set fire to
last Sunday night.
I've an eyewitness that saw you
take a match to it, Lorna.
Well, sure, anyone can say they saw
anyone do anything.
- That's
- Oh, so they're lying?
Yeah. if they say they saw me burn
a car, yeah, they're lying.
You told us before that you didn't
remember who Father Percy was.
That's right. What's he got
to do with this?
Well, that was his car.
See, strangely enough, the other
women from the convent,
they seem to remember him well.
Especially those from the
Mother and Baby Home.
You were in there as well,
weren't you?
What business is that of yours?
I'm sure it's a touchy subject.
The fuck do you know about it?
About any of this?
What they did to us,
to our children?
I'm the one asking the questions
here, Lorna, OK?
Now take a good look at this.
Do you know that woman?
I do.
When did you last see her?
The last time I saw her, she was
walking away with my baby.
Does that clear things up for you?
You haven't seen or heard
from her since?
She hasn't made any attempt
to contact you?
- I said, no.
- So she's missing currently.
As you're probably aware, Lorna.
Now, her family are
in absolute pieces.
The husband is sitting in prison
awaiting trial.
And her poor daughter,
her daughter is on the way down
from Dublin
to see if she can help
us with our search.
- Her daughter?
- Yeah, she has a daughter.
So it's only a matter of time
before we find Aoife.
- Well, good luck.
- Hey! Cut the shit, all right?
We know you know Father Percy!
- We know you burnt the car
- All right, lad.
So I think you know exactly
where Aoife Cassidy is,
and you'll tell us right now,
if you know what's good for you,
It's funny how hard the whole world
looks for some people
but others just disappear
and nobody gives a fuck.
Jesus Christ!
Wait here, Lorna,
I'll get you a tissue.
You, come on.
I'm calling it a day.
- Lorna!
- You all right?
- Wh [PANTS]
Whatever personal issues
you've going on,
you need to get it sorted
fairly lively
because i'ts affecting
your judgment, lad!
It has nothing to do with this.
You told me you were born
in one of those places,
so how could it not be?
It was nothing like that place!
Then, what is it then?
- What have you got against these women?
- Nothing!
Are you sure?
What about you?
You've been letting Lorna off the
hook every chance that you get!
It's patronising, Massey,
the way that y0u see her, the way
you see all the survivors,
like they're not capable
of anything but surviving.
I want Lorna to survive!
I wanted Clemence to survive!
I was a young guard
at the same time as
when those girls
were up in that place.
Lorna, Clemence.
You're probably too young
to understand,
but back then,
the fear people had.
Honest to God,
a lot of people would sooner
their daughters
were murdered than fall pregnant
outside of marriage.
We haven't enough on her, Colman.
But I am not letting this go.
So one of these girls is your?
Maybe not.
Do you think either of them
look like me?
Even if they're not, it's proof.
It's proof that
Clemence's kid lived.
You know, and I think this nun
was going to give me
one of these photographs of my kid.
And, you know, maybe it'll tell me
where she is and
That's good, right?
This is a good thing?
I can't tell what's real any more.
And I'm seeing things and hearing
things that aren't there.
I just need to sleep.
I think that might be a good idea.
Would you watch me?
Watch you?
Watch you sleep? Why?
Cos when sleep I do stuff.
Bad stuff.
I've heard.
Oh, you haven't heard
the half of it.
Would that not be a bit creepy?
No, not if I'm asking you to do it.
I can do that.
Thank y0u.
Thanks for showing me that.
She was She was, er
wearing a coat.
- I mean, possibly, yeah.
- No. Now, sh.
She's missing!
That's right, Andrea, love.
That's why wetre here.
You left a message saying
you might've seen her.
Er Mm.
The next reported sighting is, er
Oh, Jesus.
Seamus Flanagan.
What? What's up?
Ah, nothing, he's a bit
of an old eccentric.
I arrested him once for punching
a police horse in the face.
Why would you punch a
police horse in the face?
Well, he didn't know
it was a police horse.
It was off duty at the time.
No, no, enough.
This is a waste of time -
speaking to psychics and fucking
Hey. Hey, hey, hey. We are obligated
to follow up on every sighting
of a missing person, regardless
where it's come from!
You do it, all right? I'm
off to do some actual work.
Lorna, let's get you
back to bed, all right?
Lorna! OK, all right! Listen, can
you put those back?
Lorna! Lorna!
Lorna, don't!
OK, wake up!
Oh, God, Michael! Are you OK?
I'm not!
- Where are you going?
- Hospital.
I'll come with you.
Oh, no, no, no!
Oh, no, no.
What did she look like?
I don't know.
Yay high.
Joan of Arc fucking haircut on her.
She knows where Aoife is.
You just need to find her.
The wife was a nun.
Here, at the convent.
At the House of the Sacred
fucking whatever.
You mean the Sisters
of the Seven Joys?
At the House of the Sacred
fucking whatever.
COLMAN: Next question.
When I asked you if Aoife
had worked in Kilkinure,
you said at the
House of the Sacred
Fuck off!
Guard! The woman you
talked about from the bar.
Was this her?
Yeah, that's her.
Who is she?
I think this woman knows
where your wife is, Dara.
I'll level with you, OK?
I'm getting seriously concerned
about where Aoife is.
I can find her, but only if you
start helping me out.
The Sacred Shepherd.
What did you say?
The House of the Sacred Shepherd.
It was something Aoife talked about.
What was it?
I'm not sure,
but whatever it was,
whoever they were,
she was afraid of them.
- Why?
- I don't know.
Find Aoife.
She'll tell you everything.
I'm looking for a Lorna Brady?
Who are you?
My name is Olivia.
I think you know my mother
Aoife Cassidy?
She's missing, and I know
she went looking for you.
Can we talk?
Your mum knows where
my child is, doesn't she?
Tell me!
I think she does, yeah.
Mam was talking to a journalist.
What journalist?
There's survivors telling
their stories,
but not many nuns, you know?
The journo said he needed evidence
before he could publish.
Evidence of what?
She'd never tell me.
Your mother gave that
to a friend of mine
who was in the Mother and Baby Home.
That's her daughter.
This is evidence those nuns knew
exactly where our children went,
and your mother was looking for me
so she must have one of these
of my daughter, too?
We'd have to ask her to know
for sure.
Do you know where my mother is?
[CRYING] I'm so worried.
I'm sorry.
I came to you because I thought
you'd be able to help me.
Will you help me?
What happened to your arm?
It looks like hogweed burns.
What's that?
It's a kind of wild flower.
What does it look like?
[ECHOING] Little white flowers.
Looks harmless, really.
Like cauliflower.
This one looks nasty.
Horses get it a lot.
Lorna, are you OK?
What if your mother
hid it all somewhere?
LORNA: The photos.
The evidence of what happened
to our children.
COLMAN: The article said
that they worked
with local authorities
from Kilkinure.
- Who?
- The House of the Sacred Shepherd.
It's an Adoption Agency.
We should check the
local council records.
Yeah, well Er, Skelly,
check the Companies Registrations
Office, too.
Maybe there'll be a number
or an address.
Dara said that Aoife
talked about these guys,
that she was afraid of them.
I mean, it has to be
the Kilkinure Convent
that they were working with, right?
And we know that Father Percy
was involved in the Convent.
So, I reckon the House
of The Sacred Shepherd
could be what connects
Aoife Cassidy to Father Percy
to the nuns from the Sisters
of the Seven joys.
To Lorna Brady.
Lorna's baby was taken off
from that place.
Maybe these fellas are
the ones involved.
Hmm, they closed in 1979.
That's them, right?
The House of the Sacred Shepherd
stopped operating in 1979.
No, that
That can't be right.
Lorna gave birth
in the mid-eighties.
And we know that Aoife didn't join
the convent until at least 1984.
Why would Dara have
mentioned them, then?
Well, I don't know, Colman.
Chin up, keep going.
We'll crack this case yet.
Kilkinure Garda.
[ECHOING] Colman!
Colman! Colman!
- Let me go!
- Calm down.
- Let me go!
- Calm down!
He said I was adopted.
You are adopted.
You were chosen, Colman.
Most people can't say that.
MASSEY: Good news, son.
That was your man Seamus
on the phone.
He reckons he saw Aoife getting
into a taxi on Halloween night.
Do we know which?
Well, this is Kilkinure,
there's only one.
What, one company?
One taxi.
One driver.
Fella by the name of John Farrell.
He likes a drink, but
you didn't hear it from me.
I'm looking for a john Farrell?
I'm Detective Sergeant
Colman Akande.
Am I under arrest?
Under For what?
I don't know. You're the one
arresting me.
No, I'm not arresting you.
Oh. Good.
I have a few quick questions
about one of your taxi journeys
last week.
Do you recognise that woman?
I do.
I had her in the cab on
Saturday night.
And do you remember
where you took her that night?
Yeah. I took her to
Lorna Brady's house.
Well, did she say why she wanted
to be taken to Lorna's house?
Lorna just asked to be taken home.
- What, you mean they were together?
- Yeah!
Oh, Lorna was in an awful
state altogether.
You just missed them, actually.
What, they were here?
Well, Lorna was anyway.
Do you really think my mam
could be here?
I think she could've been, yeah.
Why here?
Well, it's the perfect place
to hide something.
- You can take that if you want.
- No, it's OK.
It's just dad.
He's in Dublin, at home.
He's just sat by the phone
ever since mam went missing.
Your dad's in Dublin?
He wanted to come to Kilkinure
but I told him to stay put.
Someone has to be there
if mam shows up.
Maybe you should check downstairs?
What are you doing up there?
Shit, shit!
Find anything?
- No.
- Me neither.
I don't think anything's here.
Shall we go?
Can I stay with you tonight?
I don't know anyone else
in this town.
Do you want tea?
I'm making tea.
Wasn't sure how you take it.
Did you find what you're
looking for?
I've come to see you.
Oh, that's nice.
That's friendly
Have you got a lot of friends,
Not really.
Have you?
I 'd say not.
Do you often have friends round?
Night of October 31st,
did you have a guest round?
So you were alone that night?
Er, yeah?
Do you know John Farrell, Lorna?
John Farrell
I spoke to him this evening
and he told me that you weren't
alone that night.
He told me that he dropped yourself
and Aoife Cassidy back here.
This house is the last place
Aoife was seen, Lorna.
So, where is she?
You want to know what I think?
I think Aoife Cassidy
murdered Father Percy Sheehan
in Dublin
and legged it down here
in his car.
Aoife needed someone local
to harbour her.
To cover her tracks. And
that's where you came in.
So she laid low here while
you destroyed the car,
and then she disappeared.
But what I don't know is,
why are you helping her?
I'm not helping her.
You're lying to me, Lorna.
You're fucking lying to me again.
You told me you didn't know
Father Percy.
That was a lie.
You told me you didn't burn his car.
That was a lie.
You told me Aoife Cassidy
walked away with your baby
She did.
That was a lie.
Why didn't I do something?
Why didn't I ? Why didn't
I do something
or say something?
My baby shivered to death.
She shivered to death.
And I wasn't there to hold her,
to keep her warm.
I should have been there.
I should've stood up to them.
I could've run away with her.
But I didn't.
I didn't.
Where did you get this?
Did you hear that?
- What?
Who gave this to you, Lorna?
Aoife signed this.
Aoife Cassidy signed this.
Are you sure you can't hear that?
Hear what?
I can't hear anything.
Please stop.
Stop what?
Please stop.
Please stop!
- Lorna!
- Stop! Stop!
- Please stop! Please stop!
- Stop what?
Please stop! Stop!
- Lorna!
- Stop! Please! I'm sorry!
Please stop! I'm so sorry!
- Stop! I'm so sorry!
- Lorna!
I'm so sorry! Please stop!
I'm so sorry!
Lorna, what is happening?
I'm sorry! I killed her!
I killed her! I killed Aoife
I killed her!
Oh, my God, I killed her,
I killed her.
I put her in the wall.
I killed her! And I'm going
to show you.
But get out the fucking way!
I killed her!
I fucking killed her!
I killed her! I killed her!
I killed her!
I'm not awake yet ♪
I haven't opened my eyes ♪
But I haven't been late yet ♪
I'm gonna be on time ♪
For today's the day that you
are coming back ♪
And I can't wait to see
you materialise. ♪
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