The Woman in the Wall (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

The Cruelty Man

- That's Clemence's daughter.
- Do you think one of these girls
- could be mine?
- I don't know, Lorna, I hope so.
Lorna! Don't! Argh!
Father Percy Sheehan.
It looks to be blunt force trauma.
Found a potential murder weapon
just there.
The House of the Sacred Shepherd.
It's an adoption agency.
It could be what connects
Aoife Cassidy to Father Percy,
to the nuns from the
Sisters of the Seven Joys.
- To Lorna Brady.
- They closed in 1979.
What if your mother
hid it all somewhere?
Hid what?
The evidence of what happened
to our children.
My baby shivered to death.
And I wasn't there to hold her.
This house is the last place
Aoife was seen, Lorna.
So where is she?
I killed her! Killed her!
SHOUTING: Killed hed ! Killed her !!
Where is she?
Lorna, where is she?
Where is Aoife?
Don't know.
She's gone.
- She's gone.
- What?
Lorna, look at me.
Look at me.
She's gone.
- She confessed, Massey.
- Yeah?
Was that before or after she went
looking for people in the walls?
I told you to leave her alone.
I'm reporting you for this, lad.
She told me herself
that she killed Aoife Cassidy!
Well, where is she, then?!
You broke in here without a warrant!
I want you out of my town. Now.
Don't do this, Massey!
Skelly, escort Detective Akande
from Ms Brady's home.
We're sending him back to Dublin.
Come on.
- Lorna?
The door was open
so I'm coming in.
Jesus Christ.
WHISPERING: Are you real?
Am I what?
People are saying that
you said you killed someone.
What, you said you killed someone?
Or you killed someone?
Oh, it doesn't matter any more.
She's gone.
My daughter.
Where did you get this?
I have to find her grave.
I have to find out where
they buried her.
Let me speak to James Coyle, OK?
See what he can do
about any of this.
And, in the meantime,
I don't want you doing anything.
Don't even leave this house.
Just stay put for me.
Do ye promise me?
Mother Sky by Can ♪
I say madness
is too pure like mother sky ♪
ON RADIO: I say madness
is too pure like ♪
Oh, bother
Lorna? Can I help you, Lorna?
- I doubt it.
- Where are you off to, Lorna?
Do you know what, you're not
making my life any easier, Lorna.
All right, please
Look, you need to be aware
of the situation that you're in.
You confessed to murder.
Now, whatever I might believe
about that,
it's my job to look into it.
So, you'd be wise to tread a bit
more carefully.
If you need to arrest me,
Massey, please, just do it!
Well, I would if I believed a word
that come out of your mouth!
- Or if there was a body.
- But there was! There was a body!
- Why are you saying this?
- Because it happened!
Well, then, where is she?
Where's Aoife?
Why don't you ask that woman
who's pretending to be
Aoife Cassidy's daughter?
Who? What woman?
I don't know, but she's lying.
She's n0t her daughter.
Lookit, you'll forgive me now
if I don't drop everything
immediately and look into that,
but I'm a biteen sceptical, Lorna.
Well, then, what use are you?
Don't stray too far now!
COLMAN: Good morning, Garda.
GARDA: Can you sign in, please?
FATHER PERCY: A detective, Colman.
It's a huge accomplishment.
You ought to be very proud
of yourself. I certainly am.
Thanks, Father.
I guess I'm just feeling a little
out-of-place at the moment.
Ah, that's normal.
You'll get used to it.
I'm not talking about work, though.
I think I want to find my mother.
My birth mother, that is.
And, um, I was wondering if there
was anyone you could speak to?
Anyone I could speak to?
Yeah, cos Lazarus House is run
by the Church, so
I can have a think, er
But I don't think I ever knew
anyone at Lazarus House.
I never went there.
Is there no-one at all
that you could speak to?
Colman, have you talked
to your parents about all this?
Because I can't help but feel that
this whole endeavour,
well, it would be a bit of a slap
in the face for them.
You know, they've worked
so hard to give you a good life.
Can you honestly say that this other
woman would have done the same?
You all right?
What are you doing here?
The Super said to keep an eye on you
now that youtre back in town.
[HE SCOFFS] Right.
FATHER KEITH: There y'are now, lads.
Milk and three sugars.
Hey, Priest!
Er, what year was it?
Ah, here we are.
If your daughter's buried in
Kilkinure, she should be here.
It means " Pure".
Beautiful name.
No luck?
Have you tried the county archives?
Er, no.
They have all the burials
in the county in their system.
Just because she isn't
in our records here,
it doesn't mean we can't find her.
Don't lose faith, Lorna.
I'm aware the Church probably
has a lot to answer for,
after what they say you went
But I 'd hate to think
that a few rotten apples
had affected your relationship
with God.
What, my relationship with God?
Do you know Amy Kane?
She was in the laundry with me.
She used to tell me
about this room in the convent.
You know, when a baby was born sick,
when there were complications
when it looked like
it might not make it,
the nuns would put the baby
in this room
and just wait.
They wouldn't intervene,
call a doctor, do anything,
just wait and see.
Wait and see.
You know what
she called this room?
She called it the Dying Room.
And I never believed her,
but I do now.
So don't you worry,
Father, about me and God.
I never met the man.
None of us did.
God never set foot in that place.
COLMAN: Heard anything back
from the tech bureau?
The place was a mess, loads
of prints and fibrous materials.
A fuck load of people
came through the house.
Even found rabbit hairs.
What's that about?
And more blood splatter.
It's all Father Percy's.
What are you doing?
Did he have a phone?
Father Percy?
I didn't see a phone
catalogued in evidence.
Well, I guess
he didn't have one, then.
But there was one.
Could he have made
a phone call that night?
If he called the cops,
we'd know about it.
- And if he called someone else?
- Maybe.
So, there's no phone in evidence,
there's no phone in the house.
Where is it?
Look, you can see
where the cord used to be.
- [WHISPERING] Fuckin' hell.
- What if someone took it?
Someone who doesn't want us
to know he called them.
Do you not think you might be
jumping to conclusions there,
We're closing soon.
I'm just looking
for a burial record.
Can you be careful with that?
Did you find nothing?
No, sorry. There's no
record for Agnes Brady.
- Can you check again?
- It's right here in front of me.
Is that where you keep
the hard copies?
We've everything digitised.
Well, obviously, you don't.
Can I have a look in there, please?
We don't allow anyone
into the archives
without prior written permission.
What, you're saying I can't see
my own daughter's burial record,
- is that what you're saying?
- No.
What I'm saying is, if there was
a burial record for you to see,
it would be here, in front of me.
But it's not.
Why not?
I don't understand the question.
How can she have
a death certificate?
I mean, how can she have died
and have no fuckin' burial record?
I can't help you if you're going to
go causing a big scene now.
What?! There's no-one
here, ye gobshite!
I'll have to call security
if you carry on like this.
But you're not going to take that,
are you?
No, no, I'm not.
- You're not what?
- I want to get in there.
I want to have a look, please.
Let me have a l00k.
- Let me in.
- Security?
Let me in!
Let me in!
Can you let me in, please!
Shit All right.
Thank you. Thank you very much.
I'm sure you're aware that
this is a cause
that is very close to my heart.
The Magdalene Laundries
are a stain
on our nation's history.
Was that a bit of
a thin crowd in there?
Ah, I wouldn't worry about it.
Um, James,
do you remember Lorna Brady?
I do.
Well, it seems that she's discovered
a death certificate.
For the child that she had
at the Mother & Baby Home?
I'd like to help her
get some answers.
Of course.
Oh, my goodness, that's awful.
You know, I
I've been waiting
to tell you this but I
I just thought I'd wait
until I got confirmation,
but we're getting close, Niamh.
I have a meeting
with Judge Ferguson.
He's the man who can recommend
whether or not
the government will recognise
the convent as a laundry.
- And he's very sympathetic.
- OK, well
tha'ts great news, isn't it?
So, he'll be receptive to this?
These people are notoriously
fickle, Niamh.
And I would hate us to to undo
the good work that we have done.
If certain people were to get
wind of the rumours
that I've heard about Miss Brady,
then we might have a problem.
I think we need to tread
very carefully.
I'm sorry, Niamh.
I wish I could do more.
- See you tomorrow, Shane.
- Good evening.

Ajodun ayo fun e ♪
Ajodun ayo fun e ♪
Ajodun ayo fun e, Lola! ♪
Ajodun ayo fun e! ♪
- Hip-hip!
- Hooray!
- Hip-hip!
- Hooray!
- Hip-hip!
- Hooray!
- Hip-hip-hip!
- Tayo!
Stop hip-hipping, the house
is going to burn down!
- OK.
Fucking hell, what are you doing?
Are you OK?
I'm fine.
I just had a bad dream.
- You're drenched in sweat.
- It's nothing.
It's nothing,
you can go back to bed.
What was it about?
I was in a tunnel.
Someone was chasing me.
You had the same nightmares
when you were little.
When we brought you home
from Lazarus House.
I don't remember.
You would wake up screaming,
"The Cruelty Man!"
"Don't let the Cruelty Man get me! "
Cruelty Man
You don't remember?
Mam, can I ask you something?
Of course. Anything.
Father Percy.
Did he have something to do with
where I was born?
With Lazarus House?
I don't think so.
He just helped us
to find the adoption agency.
What do you mean?
He gave us the number for the
Sacred Shepherd people.
You mean the House
of the Sacred Shepherd?
That was them.
Father Percy recommended them,
but they took care
of everything after that.

Where are you, Agnes?
Where are you buried? Come on!
Agnes, Agnes, Agnes
Come on!
Where are you?
Come on!
You're not here.
Kilkinure Garda.
COLMAN: Massey?
If it isn't the prodigal son.
Yeah, for what it's worth,
Massey, I'm sorry
about what happened.
How it happened, I mean.
How's Lorna doing?
Not well.
Yeah, I'm sorry to bother you.
I just had a quick question,
um, about the House
of the Sacred Shepherd?
We said they shut down
in 1979, right?
I think they were still operating
until 1989.
Maybe longer.
And where's this all coming from?
Something my mam said.
Sorry, did you just say,
"Something your mammy said"?
She told me that Father Percy
put her in touch
with the House
of the Sacred Shepherd.
And I was adopted through them.
That was as late
as 5th of February, 1989.
What if they didn't shut down?
What if they just went underground?
If this is true, Massey, if I was
adopted through these people,
what does that mean about me?
If what you're saying is right
we're looking at a decade or
more's worth of illegal adoptions.
How many kids is that?
Hundreds probably.
Thousands even.
If Father Percy played
a role in that
there's got to be a motive for his
murder wrapped up there somewhere.
Something on this scale,
there'd have been
a lot more people involved.
We know of at least one place
they all had a connection to.
Lazarus House.
That's the place where I was born.

VOICEMAIL: Yeah, it's Michael's
phone. Leave me a message. Thanks.
- [BEEP]
- I need your help, Michael.
Look, I'm sorry
about what happened
but I've found something.

I'm so sorry, Lorna.
And you're saying that Agnes is not
the only one who died?
Nearly three hundred children.
All in that convent.
How did that many children die
in a place like that?
I don't know.
Look, that's decades' worth
of burial records.
Every graveyard
in the entire county.
And I just want to know if any
of these other kids are missing
or if my daughter was
the inly one without a grave.
Will you help me?
Course I will.
So, my secretary told me
that you wanted to speak to me
about a memorial to Father Percy?
Yeah, that's right.
So, ahead of that, I'm just talking
to the people that knew him best,
gathering some stories,
getting a bit of insight
into his earlier days, y'know?
Before I knew him.
Is that your way of
calling me old, Garda?
No, no, of course not, Your Grace.
Am I right in thinking you were
Chaplain of Lazarus House for a while?
Yes, I was.
Is that how you met Father Percy?
At Lazarus House?
Yeah, I understand
he was there often, you know,
helping with the children?
Well, for my life, I can't remember.
Perhaps I am an old man!
So, you had no dealings with the
House of the Sacred Shepherd, then?
Your Grace?
I've lost all track of time.
I have a very busy day today.
We'll have to finish this up
another time.
If you were involved,
you need to tell me now.
In what exactly?
Just tell me what you know.
You ungrateful boy.
You, of all people,
should understand.
Understand what?
Daly, Darcy, Donaghy, Duncan
No Doyle.
William Doyle,
he's not here either.
How about yours?
I haven't found her yet.
What does this mean, Lorna?

How many's that, that have graves?
Three out of 298.
Like, what did they do
with their bodies?
Lorna, this might be a bit
They never left, did they?
- What?
- They're still at the convent.
They have to be.
Like, what if we're looking
at another Tuam, here in Kilkinure?
- You mean, like a?
- Like a mass grave
somewhere in the grounds
of the convent.
Go to the Guards with this.
- What?
- Let them take care of it.
Then get the fuck out of this place.
This town.
I'm heading back to Dublin.
Come with me.
I can't, Michael.
I have to find her.
I have to find her body.
What are you going to do?
BYRNE: Colman! Get in here!
Is everything all right, Super?
No! Everything's not all right.
I've just gotten off the phone
to Bishop Brendan Rice.
He's made a formal
complaint against you.
Look, him and Father Percy were
wrapped up in something together.
I can smell it on them. I was just
waiting on something more until
I want you to hand over everything
you've found to Drennan,
- he's going to take it from here.
- What?!
Bishop Rice believes
that you are personally targeting
and harassing him.
- He used the w0rd "discrimination"!
- Discrimination!?
Look, I need to deal with this
before he takes it any higher!
No! This is how it goes, right?
They call you, you tell me to stop,
I stop,
and then everything gets buried
for another ten, 20, 30 years!
You need to be very careful
how you speak to me, Sergeant!
SHOUTING: And nothing happens!
Cos nothing ever fucking happens!
Take some leave.
I don't want you coming back
to work for a while.
Fuck this.
[THUMPING ON DOOR] Sister Eileen!
Sister Eileen!
NUN: Come on, girls, move along!
SISTER EILEEN: What are you doing?
Lorna Brady.
You haventt changed a bit.
Just as bold.
Where did you bury her?
Who'd that be, now?
My daughter.
You never had a daughter.
You think because you gave birth
that makes you a mother?
Motherhood has to be earned, girl.
You said she'd be
better off without me.
Then you left her to die,
didn't you?
You killed my baby.
Tell me where she is!
Where's her body?
Who do you think you are?
Coming in here
making demands of me.
- I know she's not the only one.
- Do you, now?
You think I'm still
scared of you, don't you?
I do.
Well, maybe you ought to
be scared of me.
you could have been
with your daughter,
but you chose not to.
What are you talking about?
We were only trying to help.
You knew that.
But you couldn't
even recognise your own child.
We wanted you to be together.
But when that proved an
we were forced to make other
arrangements for the girl.
No, that's not true.
- You stole her from me
- SHOUTING: Shush!
Shush, that's enough of that, now!
Lorna, I know
life hasn't been kind to you,
but youtve got to stop blaming us
for everything!
Take some responsibility
for yourself, Lorna!
You failed your child!
The end.
You know I tm right, don't you?
- Kilkinure Garda.
- Ah, Sergeant Massey.
- I'm afraid she's back.
- Aye, I see.
Well, I would appreciate some
police assistance. Thank you.
I have no wish
to press charges, Aidan.
It was a simple misunderstanding,
but itts all been cleared up now.
I can't keep doing this
for you, Lorna.
This is going to be the last time
that I let you off the hook.
Do you understand?
So, here's what we're going to do,
we're going to finish our tea.
I'll drop you home and you're going
to get a good night's sleep
and we'll pretend that
none of this ever happened.
Clemence told me you gave her
a cup of tea, too.
What'd you say?
She managed to escape one day.
On her own.
She went all the way into town
in her bare feet.
She tried to make it to
the train station, but then, you
you picked her up.
You drove her here,
you gave her a mug of tea
and you said something like,
"We'll be heading back, so"
Then, you drove her back.
Our local Guard.
Would you like to know what Sister
Eileen did to her for running away?
I don't want to hear any more!
I won't have you tarnishing me
with the same brush
- How many other girls did you take back?
- What else could I do?!
Where else could I take her?
All of them?
Their own families didn't want to
take them in, for Christ's sake!
So, you just drove them back?
Clemence would have ended up
on the streets.
I did everything in my power
to help her!
You gave her a mug of tea.

That's a list of all the children
who died in the convent.
298 of them.
I could only find graves for three.
Where's the rest?
Just in case you feel like doing
something about that.
This is, um
I feel like I am in one
of your interrogations.
I saw where I was born, Mam.
You went to Lazarus House?
I saw the tunnel,
from my nightmares.
You knew that place was real,
didn't you?
No! I didn't know.
I thought it was just a dream!
It It doesn't matter now,
The important thing
is we brought you home.
You always said that
I could ask you anything.
- Of course you can!
- Yeah, so tell me.
What happened at Lazarus House?
Look, we were new to this country.
We thought we were dealing
with good Christian people.
We did what we thought was right.
We got you out
No more excuses.
Tell me the truth.
We heard rumours that
they were keeping you
separate from the others.
They called it
the Reject Room.
They put you in there with
all the other non-white children,
disabled children,
traveller children.
All the other kids that nobody
That nobody wanted.
I wanted you.
We want you.
You do know that, don't you?
I fell in love with you the moment
I laid eyes on you.
I didn't want to tell you because
no mother should ever have to
tell this to her child.
I'm not your child though, am I?
Did you ever meet my real mother?
Do you even know her name?
Her name was Catherine Ivers.
Did she ever try to find me?
I don't know.
QUIETLY: You don't know.
Where are you going?

I'm leading an investigation
into the Lazarus House
Mother & Baby Home.
I need to see
any records from 1989.
Specifically, anything related to
Catherine Ivers, Colman Ivers
or any other significant parties.
It's haffway down.
Thank you.
You think I'm about ye ♪
Well, I'm not ♪
The centre of my world ♪
ls a hot spot ♪
You think that you know me ♪
You're below me ♪
And you don't ♪
All of the people ♪
They can fly ♪
Straight to that white hotel ♪
Up in the sky ♪
I'm hard as my money ♪
Yeah, you're soft as a lie ♪
Well, a smile could be made so endless ♪
just happy, free and friendless ♪
No paper ♪
Lending ♪
just time ♪
Spending ♪
Yeah. ♪
- You look well.
- Do I fuck.
I've got to show you something.
But you're alive
- Well, aren't you?
- Yeah.
I'm alive.
Dream, baby, dream ♪
Dream, baby, dream ♪
Dream, baby, dream ♪
Dream, baby, dream ♪
For ever. ♪
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