The Wonder Years (2021) s01e20 Episode Script

Bill’s New Gig

1 My Dad started teaching music to college kids after I was born.
At first, it was temporary, to pay the bills for his growing family.
But over time, he grew to enjoy it.
And all his years of hard work and boring committee meetings finally paid off when he was granted tenure.
Tonight, we celebrate him.
To my wonderful husband, Bill, or as he'll now be known Professor Williams! To Professor Williams! So, uh, Mr.
Williams, are you rich now? Oh, Cory! You don't ask people that.
That's rude.
Oh, no, no, no.
Now Now I wanna know now.
Um, we talking pinky-up money or pinky-down money? Well, it does come with a small pay bump.
Enough to get me my own phone line? That would be a gift to us all, but no.
What about a dirt bike? You already have a bike.
You can ride it in the dirt.
And don't worry, I won't be asking for any handouts except can I borrow the car - to meet up with Tammy? - Uh-huh.
Son, just make sure you're back before midnight, baby.
What? Y'all still got this boy on curfew? Nah, it's it's okay, Mr.
Midnight's fine.
In Vietnam, we were in our jammies by then, so It was good to see Daddy so excited about having tenure, but he and Mama may not have exactly been on the same page about what that meant.
Well, you know, the best thing about Bill getting tenure isn't the money It's the new-found freedom.
- Ooh.
- Wow.
He may even have a chance to take a semester off and go on sabbatical.
And I will, one day.
But first, I have to devote myself to my band again, maybe finally go on that tour we've been talking about.
Of course.
I'm sure there'll be time for all of that.
Maybe we can go on tour with you.
I mean, nothing says "hard-core funk" like a station wagon filled with your wife and kids.
I think that sounds nice.
Hey, guys.
Good to see you, man.
Bill, we weren't expecting you.
Uh, I just picked up Dean from practice and swung by to give you the good news I got tenure.
- All right! Hey, congratulations.
- Hey, about time! Congrats, man.
Now I've got more time for the band.
Who's this? Is this the Bill? Man, you left some big shoes to fill.
Guys, I did not leave.
I'll let you cats talk this out.
You just weren't around, man.
Yeah, you got another job, a family.
Washboard, you got a family.
Yeah, but you put yours first.
You got a good dad there, Dean.
Kicking me out the band I started.
Good luck with this cat.
Whoa! He sings way too loud.
You really think I should go solo? I don't see why not.
Your band's always fighting you about the type of music you want to play.
Now you have a chance to explore doing your own thing.
I am more talented than those cats.
Got better taste in music, too.
And easy on the eyes.
I heard that the Wonderland Club is looking for a new act to play twice a week.
Audition's tomorrow.
Sounds like somebody needs to check and see if his lucky tan suit still fits.
If it doesn't, my new lucky color's gonna be blue.
There's a new song I've been playing with that might be the perfect audition piece.
I'll work on it today.
I was gonna ask if you wanted to have lunch this afternoon.
But you know what? It'd be better for you to work on your new piece.
Thank you, baby.
Mama, relax, okay? We'll do the dishes.
Why, how thoughtful.
You have been so helpful lately.
Doing laundry, washing the car I can't even get Dean to make his bed.
Bruce is making us look bad.
Yeah, we need to have a little talk with him.
Kim and I were rarely aligned on anything.
It was nice to finally have a united front.
Has anyone ever told you that shirt makes you look like Peppermint Patty? Well, it was fun while it lasted.
How'd this basement get so clean? Guess I keep getting distracted.
Well, you'll get there.
You're just not used to working alone.
Usually, I have people to bounce ideas off of.
Well, I'm here.
I meant professional people.
No offense, baby.
Well, if that's the case, then you want some help from me? No offense, Mama.
Hey, I know a thing or two about music.
I sing in the church choir, I'm pretty good on the piano, and when we were dating, who did you play your songs to first? That's 'cause I was trying to woo you, and it worked.
You sure you can handle it without getting all hot to trot? That was then.
Now, you'd have a better chance if you finished cleaning up this basement.
No offense, baby.
Meet you by the piano upstairs.
I'm gonna help your father with his song, so I need you three to clean up the house and get dinner started.
Oh, yeah, it's no problem, Mama.
Uh, grab a broom and start sweeping.
It's just gonna get dirty again.
And, Kim, stay here, chop up some tomatoes.
Is spaghetti okay? Spaghetti sounds lovely.
Looks like you two are in good hands.
Hang on, G.
We need to talk.
Things have changed around here since you've been gone.
Kim and I have come up with a system.
System? Mama gives us a chore.
We do it quickly and poorly.
She comes in, sees it And it drives her crazy, 'cause you know how it all has to be perfect.
Then shes says "Move, boy.
" And then does it for us.
And then I get to talk on the phone with my friends.
And I get to go watch TV.
And everybody's happy.
Well, it seems like you could take all the energy you put into your system and just do the chores.
Come on.
Let's get started.
You're not the boss.
You're right.
Mom is.
Want me to tell her about your system? Dang.
Duped by a knock-off Tito Jackson.
Hmm? Every good day comes with sunshine ♪ But some days come with hard times ♪ Oh, Bill, I love it.
Oh, but, um, what if the verse went like Even bad days come with sunshine ♪ Okay, that could work.
Well, now, if you don't like it, just say so.
I won't take it personally.
You're the professional.
How about something like this? Through it all ♪ You got love in the summer, warmth in the winter ♪ Mm, okay, yeah.
- Nah, I don't think so.
- Why not? I'm a musician, Lillian.
When you know, you know.
Well, okay, Mr.
I'll just keep playing, and you let me know when you know.
Yeah, let me just dust this for the fifth time.
You could stumble, you could fall ♪ Just keep smiling through it all ♪ What do you think? So you do want my help? I'm just trying to write a Saturday night song.
You keep trying to make it all Sunday morning.
Working with you stresses me out.
I can see why your bandmates are always stoned.
Ooh! Based off what I saw, things might still be a little tense between them.
That song is really gonna put you over the top.
Well, it never would have worked without your idea for the bridge.
- Oh! - Mwah! I'm just glad I was able to help.
I didn't understand marriage then.
Uh, actually, I still don't.
So, you really think they're gonna like it? Bill, you have nothing to be worried about.
You're gonna blow them away at that audition tomorrow.
Dinner looks amazing.
And the house is spotless.
I can only imagine what it took to whip these two into shape.
Oh, no.
I'm just happy to help.
Which reminds me I just got my first disability check from the army.
Thought I'd chip in on the bills and the groceries.
Oh, okay.
Forgive me.
I'm not used to one of my kids actually giving me money.
I gave you $5 last week.
Because you needed change.
Oh, uh, Dad, can I borrow the car tonight? - Of course you can.
- Mm.
Dean and Kim can clean up after dinner.
What? No fair.
I made plans with a friend tonight, too.
On a school night? It's not a school night for him.
I mean, yeah, I'll take care of the dishes.
There's a new ice cream place over in Cloverdale.
You think you can take yourself away from that school work long enough to get yourself a double scoop? Is this a test? Like when you ask me if I want sugar in my grits? No, I'm not gonna spank you this time.
- This is for real.
- Okay.
W-What are we doing here? The ice cream place is next door.
I know, I know, but since we were in the neighborhood, I thought we'd catch a little bit of your father's audition.
You know I wrote most of the bridge.
What are you guys doing here? Hey, honey.
I just wanted to stop by and catch some of your audition.
Um, am I too late? Did they like our song? Actually, I didn't have to audition.
I got a job.
Bill, that's wonderful! They just gave you a slot? No, a different job.
I'm gonna be the musical director for their weekend headliner.
Oh! I thought you had your heart set on going solo.
What made you change your mind? There you are.
Who's this here? This is my wife, Lillian.
Lillian, this is Janice.
She's the lead singer of the new band I'm joining.
I see your game.
You wait till after I hire you to tell me you're married.
Ah, smart.
And this is my youngest, Dean.
So handsome, just like your daddy.
If you were a little older and I was a little younger Yeah? Go on, finish your thought.
Well, nice to meet you, Janice.
Nice to meet you, too.
Bill, I'll see you tomorrow.
It was the craziest thing.
When she saw me come in for the audition, she couldn't believe I was available.
Said she had her eyes on me for years.
Did she, now? So she offered me the job on the spot.
Well, what about our song, Bill, and your solo career? I thought you wanted to do your own thing.
Janice wants me to help her take her sound in a new direction.
So I think she'll be open to doing some of my original material.
And she has a following, so I can reach a bigger audience.
Well, if you like it, I love it.
Well, see you at home.
All right.
What about my ice cream? Right before dinner? It'll spoil your appetite.
What's with men always wanting ice cream when there's perfectly fine dinner at home? If it isn't the man of my dreams.
That's right, Mama.
Are you wearing aftershave? You smell like my ex-husband.
Not that that's a bad thing.
Oh, Lillian.
Thanks for having me.
I thought it would be a good idea for us to have our first meeting here so you could see everything was above board.
You know, some wives can be Not me, but thanks for the consideration.
What a beautiful home.
You got a job, a family, a house.
Most musicians I work with don't even have a couch.
Uh, where's the rest of the band? Oh, we thought we'd work on the arrangements before we brought it to the whole group.
I'm all set up downstairs.
Well, y'all have fun.
There's a light at the top of the steps.
There's another light downstairs.
There's plenty of lights down there! What if I start off something like Summertime ♪ And the living is easy ♪ - Fish are jumping ♪ - That's interesting.
You know, I've always done it more like Summertiiiiime ♪ Girl, you better sing that! And the living is eaaaasy ♪ That works.
I just thought maybe we could jazz it up a little bit.
Yeah, well, I attract a younger crowd.
You know, they're not really jazz fans.
What if I make it a little simpler? No.
When I know, I know.
I'm trying to do what you asked me Help you find a new sound.
Slow down, Berry Gordy! You can't change my sound till you know my sound.
People come to my shows to feel something.
This jazz stuff's a little too thinky-thinky for that.
But I'm-a keep pushing.
Is your daddy always this hard-headed? Keep walking, Dean.
Unlock the window.
Well, well.
The man who'd been bossing me around missed his curfew and needed my help getting back in our room.
Unlock the window.
But you know what? He was a good brother.
And I knew Mom and Dad would be furious if they caught him.
I'm sleeping.
Dean! Dean! I'm gonna kill you, Dean.
Dean! - Bruce? - Dad? What are you doing up? The question is what the hell are you doing out so late? I didn't realize how late it was.
I just lost track of time.
Oh, look.
The little hand is past the 1.
All right, all right.
Man to man, I just wanted to hang out with Tammy a little longer.
Look, I don't want to wake the whole house up, but you better believe we're gonna talk about this tomorrow.
Yes, sir.
The army taught me how to kill a man in his sleep without making a sound.
Nice shirt.
Nobody told me you had to separate reds and whites.
We're disappointed in you, son.
Especially since you've been acting so grown up around here.
I'm not acting.
I am grown up.
I'm sure you feel that way, but you're not even 21 yet.
I've been on my own for two years now.
Nobody was checking up for me in Vietnam.
That's true, but you're back in our house now and you've got to follow our rules.
Not to mention, you have a younger brother and sister who look up to you.
How would you feel if Kim were up all hours of the night, creeping in and out the house? Actually, she was.
They just didn't know it yet.
Well, this isn't working for me.
Excuse me? You're working on getting grounded.
You can't ground me.
You got to stop treating me like a kid.
You realize you're saying that while eating cereal that turns the milk purple.
But 'til that morning ♪ Nothing's gonna harm you ♪ With your daddy and mama standing by ♪ Summertiiime ♪ They're so good.
Yeah, this band's a whole lot easier to look at than the last one.
Now, this next song is dedicated to all the lovers Those for life and just for tonight.
It was written by my new band leader, Bill Williams.
Well, it's it's Bill's song, but I helped with the bridge.
Hey, could you slow it down for me, please? Yeah.
Hmm ♪ Every good day comes with sunshine ♪ That's not how the song goes.
But some days, mm, come with hard times ♪ I love this song! Just keep smiling, smiling through it all ♪ Love is haaaard ♪ Uh, do you mind helping Vivian write a song next? It was weird for me to see a woman act that way in public with my Dad.
War is so, so easy ♪ But it had to be really uncomfortable for my mom.
Through it aaaaall ♪ Lil, what are you doing? Our song, the right way.
Every good day comes with sunshine ♪ Some days come with hard times ♪ You could stumble, you could fall ♪ Just keep smiling through it all ♪ Love is haaaard ♪ But war is so easy ♪ If you think you just gon' push me off my own stage That's what should've happened.
But my mother was too much of a lady.
She would never do anything to embarrass the family.
I, however, was kind of a pro at it.
Booooo! Boo! Well, that was a career milestone First time I ever got booed by my own son.
Believe me, we were just discussing his punishment.
I'm sorry, Daddy.
I wasn't booing you.
I was booing her.
Sh She was making Mama mad.
I wasn't mad.
I was just surprised the song sounded so different.
That wasn't how we rehearsed it.
Lil, I promise you Bill, I'm not jealous, if that's what you were thinking.
She's not your type.
Now, if it was Gladys Knight, we'd have a problem.
I know it's a part of her act, and clearly, her audience eats it up.
Club owner loved it, too.
He extended us for another month.
Well, there you go.
Looks like you made the right decision.
I'm not sure I did.
Son, go get your dad a beer.
He's had a rough night.
What is it? I've been thinking, Lillian, and you were right.
Well, that's a good start.
I can't keep getting in situations where I'm letting other people control my ideas.
I should be doing my own thing.
Then do it.
But what if I can't? I don't have that big personality like Janice or that guy who replaced me in the old band.
What? You have your own style.
And if that doesn't work, I'll straighten your hair and get you a cape like James Brown.
So my dad can disown me? No thanks.
Bill Williams, you are the coolest man I know.
I mean, I was but how many cats actually know what's cool after their 20s? How many cats can write a song like this? Every good day comes with sunshine ♪ But some days come with hard times ♪ You could stumble, you could fall ♪ Just keep smiling through it all ♪ Daddy left Janice's band and finally embarked on a solo career.
And Bruce made his own shift toward independence when he moved into the basement, where he could come and go as he pleased without having to climb through a window.
As for me, I was still in the doghouse with both my brother and Dad, and they sure found ways to make me pay for it.
And after you finish with all my boxes, go upstairs and make me a sandwich.
That sounds good.
Make me one, too.
And put some mayo on mine.
You don't even like mayo.
Oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh ♪ All I know is ♪ Move, boy.
You're making a mess.
Don't worry, Mama.
I got it.
And even though I wasn't going solo or moving out of my room, I guess you could still say that independence was in the air.

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