The Worst Witch (2017) s03e07 Episode Script

Bad Magic

People have been going missing, where are you keeping them? The game takes magic, not people.
If anyone's gone missing, it's nothing to do with me.
Looks like powder.
Hi, Maud, have you seen Mildred? Maud, where are you? I miss you.
I'll take you out soon, Star.
OK, then.
What is it, boy? Maud's wristband.
Oh, what? Who did that? Now, that's what I call a birthday party.
Look at my room.
What's happening? I can't see! My eyes aren't working.
Oh! - Whose cat is that? - And what's that on the floor? Instant cake potion.
I thought you said you made my cake the non-magical way.
My cat's not in there, is she? My cat, Arcana? She chased a mouse up here and now I can't find her.
No, haven't seen her, Miss Drill.
Well, if she turns up, hold on to her for me.
Or try, won't sit still for a second, that one.
Not a problem at the moment.
Oh, come to help out ahead of lessons? I've still got outbuildings to do.
Mum, have you seen Maud? I haven't spoken to her since yesterday.
Or Ethel or Felicity.
Well, they can't be far away.
It's just that Maud had this crazy idea that you might still be magical.
If I'm still magic, then where's my never-ending ice cream? Sorry, Mum.
Why don't you go look for Maud and Enid can stay here and help me with the outbuildings? OK.
Thank you.
That was a bit cheeky.
What you were getting at, Enid.
Just going for more volunteers.
Enid? I'm sure they weren't there before.
It can't be you.
Mum gave up her magic, I saw her.
Felicity? Miss Bat.
Miss Tapioca? Miss Cackle, I wanted to talk to you about extending the art curriculum.
I'm sorry, Miss Hubble, I have just woken up to some alarming reports.
It seems we are missing pupils and staff.
- Yes, but about the curriculum.
- Miss Hubble, it will have to wait! Miss T will definitely know how to fix this.
She's not here.
Must've tried transporting herself to the shop.
So, as there's no breakfast .
you could at least share your cake.
This cake, it's It's for Miss Drill.
How come? She's had her birthday.
- It's It's her leaving gift.
- Miss Drill's leaving? Well Miss Drill's one of the best teachers.
And one of my best customers.
I can't believe it! Leaving gift? Miss Hardbroom! Yes? The Wishing Star, it didn't get broken.
I took it.
What? I used it to make my mum magical.
I thought she'd given up her powers, I was wrong.
And now she's turning people tiny and putting them into her cake model Miss Hardbroom? Sorry.
It's really them.
Isn't it, Miss Hardbroom? You can get them out again, can't you? A neutralizing spell.
No magical will work here, until it is lifted.
My mum did that? You fail to understand what is happening.
Magic given to a non-magical person is almost impossibly powerful, like a runaway train.
Then we tell her to take it off again.
- It's my mum, she'll listen.
- She will not.
You have no idea what you have done.
You must see it with your own eyes.
See what, Miss Hard Who's that meant to be? To answer that I must tell you of another young witch.
A witch named Joy.
- Miss Hardbroom, we have to - Magic came easily to Joy.
So easily, she believed she knew better than other witches.
She believed that the code did not apply to her.
In particular, the warning to stay away from the non-magical world.
Joy was drawn to the simple things which she had never known.
Ice cream, music.
Most of all .
Today we can lift the spell which makes us invisible to ordinary people.
Back then it was impossible.
So Joy found herself enchanted by the non-magical world, but all alone.
No-one could see her.
Until the day that she met .
Indigo Moon.
Out of the way! Get out of the way! - Move right! - You can see me? - Ohh! Are you all right? Oi! Run! Get back here! Why was he chasing you? Oh, just cos I do magic tricks for the tourists' pennies.
Come on.
This is where you live? No, it's just my den.
Now you see it.
Now you don't.
Oh, but what's that in your pocket? OK.
- Need some practice.
- That's supposed to be magic? Hey, magic's real .
as long as you believe in it.
So, that's how you can see me.
She and Indigo Moon became the best of best friends.
And they swore that nothing would ever separate them.
And then .
the teachers found out.
They allowed Joy to stay at Cackles on one condition she'd be magically confined there from that day on.
I feel very sorry for her, Miss Hardbroom, but why is that important right now? Because, Mildred Hubble, one half term, when Joy was more lonely than ever, she hatched a plan.
If she could not go to Indigo then Indigo would come to her.
Just as you did, she stole the Wishing Star.
And just as you did, she used it to cast the most forbidden spell of all.
Bring this loneliness to an end and make a witch out of my friend.
At first it was wonderful, but the spell is forbidden for a reason.
Indie! Careful! Indie! Magic is too much for non-magicals.
They're not tricks, this is real! Indie, stop it! Indie, come back! Indie! Roll up! Roll up, ladies and gentlemen! Today, I'm going to make an entire castle disappear.
Indie, there are people in there.
A feat of magical strength, never before seen.
- Indie? - What's happening? Joy Indigo, come back! Please! That's Indigo Moon? That is really her? Are you saying that's what's going to happen to my mum? I am telling you so that you are prepared.
I'm telling you so that you know you are not the only one who has made this grievous mistake.
I don't believe it.
It's just a story and that is just a statue.
It is the truth.
I know.
How do you know, Miss Hardbroom? Because, Mildred Hubble .
my middle name is Hecate.
my first name .
is Joy.
I learnt my lesson.
Never break The Witches' Code.
I cut myself off from my witch friends, including Miss Pentangle.
I continue to be confined to the Academy and its grounds.
I have lived with my guilt for 30 years.
I will endeavour to help you to do the same.
There is nothing we can do for your mother.
No! Feather of eagle, tear of bat, turn her back into a cat! Dandelion and fenny snake, no longer shall you be a cake! Lemon sour and apple tasty, be a moggy, not a pastry! What? I'm desperate, OK? Just letting you know the plans.
- What plans? - For Miss Drill's leaving party.
No, no, no.
I don't think that's a good idea.
Why not? Because Because .
she's been fired.
What?! I am not having that! Shouldn't you be in class? Mum, I don't understand.
I thought you gave up your magic.
Well .
it's just so good! You can have anything you want! And you want to trap my friends in a clay prison? You see, the thing is, all my life I have had to put up with so many little annoyances.
Rudeness, lateness, selfishness, well, no more.
Any of that and it's whoosh! Into Miss Hubble's detention .
- But But why? - We are going to get this place running our way, Mildred.
I've already started making improvements to The Witches' Code, look! - You sound barmy.
- You see, if only they'd listen to us, these witches would be a lot better off.
How many times have we saved them, eh? Going right back to great-great-great-granny Mirabelle.
Of course.
Mildred! It's starting.
Mildred! Save Miss Drill! Save Miss Drill! Save Miss Drill! Right, this stops now.
Mabel! Everyone, you can't do this! Why not? Because, Miss Drill doesn't know herself yet .
that she's being fired.
OK? We only know because we overheard Miss Cackle in the corridor.
Start your warm-ups, girls.
Mirabelle! Are you there? Tell me you did not confront your mother in her present state.
Miss Hardbroom, this is my family tree.
My ancestor Mirabelle lives here.
She only ever spoke to you through glitching magic caused by the founding stone disaster, she will not speak now! Excuse me, young lady.
I have over 600 years of witching experience.
I do know some tricks.
Mirabelle, Mum's in danger.
I might have turned her magical and now I need to know how to stop her from turning to stone.
Oh, Mildred.
You don't do things by halves, do you? - Never.
- Do you know how? We need to hurry.
Mum's already started to change.
Well, of course I know, Mildred.
Remembering what I know, however, that is another matter.
Try, Mirabelle, please, try.
Let me see.
Pip of apple.
No, no.
That's for my arthritis.
Toe of snake doesn't even make sense.
Come on, you can do this.
Ah! Shell of snail, scales of python, branch of ivy, rarest lichen.
Mix them up and may this potion let those transfixed regain their motion.
That's the cure! Thank you, Mirabelle.
- Rarest lichen? - The magical kind, found only on the tallest tree in forests surrounding magical academies.
Oh, yes.
Go now.
- What about you, Miss Hardbroom? - Go! Miss Hubble.
What you have done is in breach of every rule in the code.
- I must insist that you give up your magic this instant.
- Oh, do one! Mildred! Think that's enough.
Remember the golden rule? Mum knows best.
Mum knows best! Can't talk right now, girls.
I'm waiting for Miss Cackle.
Miss Drill, there's something we need to tell you before you do.
It all started when we turned your cat into a cake.
Scales of python.
Branch of ivy.
Rarest lichen.
- Mum, give me that back, please.
- Why? So, you can take away my magic? That is not what I'm trying to do.
I'm trying to save you from being turned to stone.
Oh, lies now, is it? I'm so disappointed in you, Mildred.
- You know, I think some time in that sculpture might do you good.
- No.
No, no, no, Mum! You're not thinking straight, Mum.
You're not you.
Look, Mum.
Look! Us, before all this began.
Look, Mum.
Do you remember the time I left Ted in the caravan and we had to drive back, like, 200 miles just to get him? The time I gave you a haircut while you were still asleep? That was magical, Mum.
My old mum was so, so magical.
Mildred .
what am I doing? - Mum, quick! - Mildred Rarest lichen.
Mix them up and let this potion let those transfixed regain their motion.
I can't believe you'd leave her alone in that condition! We're sorry, Miss Drill.
We really are.
You had better hope I can find a way to change her back.
- How? - Oh, all those silly fibs for nothing.
One lie leads to another, girls.
You should have told me the truth at the very start! But as you did the right thing in the end, I will overlook it this time.
But I will not overlook that there's been a party in this room.
Either you can explain that to Miss Hardbroom or it's extra cross country for all three of you! I always hated art.
Don't panic.
I'm fine now.
I'm so sorry.
Next time I'll listen to you.
I'll believe that when I see it.
Miss Cackle, this started because Mildred Hubble broke The Witches' Code.
- And gave her mum - Thank you, Ethel.
I am aware.
I was honestly just coming back to undo the spell.
The lichen spell must have worked the same on them as it did on you.
All out, please.
I blame myself.
Miss Hardbroom was right.
I should never have hired a non-magical teacher.
Obviously, you will need to leave the premises today.
Miss Cackle And you will give up your magic.
Miss Cackle, no.
She's got it in control now.
I cured her.
She may have been saved from turning to stone, but we cannot know that she is in control.
She is! She's in control.
You can't do this! You are very close to leaving this academy with your mother.
I think I can remember.
Take away this precious gift .
the magic which I cast adrift.
I freely end my enchanted hours .
and relinquish now my witch's powers.
It'll be OK.
We don't have to do everything together, do we? Hey .
you have got the most amazing future ahead of you.
You don't need me with you here.
You've got me in here.
It's not the same.
You being a witch and me being just a regular mum.
It's not growing apart.
It's growing up.
And whenever you need your non-magical mum, she'll be there like that.
Higher than a broomstick, faster than a transportation spell.
And that's the most magical thing ever, isn't it? Well met, Mildred Hubble.
Well met, Mum.
Come here.
Hey and listen Your mother is now home.
She had lingered long enough.
What about me, Miss Hardbroom? Miss Cackle is furious.
It was only because she knows that you're not the first person to make this mistake that you will be allowed to stay.
Did you speak up for me? Miss Hardbroom, I didn't use all the lichen potion.
There's still enough left to save Indigo Moon the same way we saved my mum.
It is against the Code for non-magicals to have magic.
I have not broken the Code since I was a child.
But we could have saved her! Her magic made her a danger to the entire Witching World.
We cannot take that chance again.
She was your best friend.
She was Joy's best friend.
I am no longer Joy.
I do not want to hear the name Indigo Moon .
ever again.
Whoa! Indigo Moon, Indie.
Soar! Uh-oh! So .
you'll have no problem facing me in the Cackle Run.
No problem at all.
Oh, no!