The Worst Witch (2017) s03e08 Episode Script

The Cackle Run

I relinquish now my witch's powers.
Hey, and listen Your mother is now home.
I didn't use all the lichen potion.
There's still enough left to save Indigo Moon.
I do not want to hear the name Indigo Moon ever again.
30 years.
I can't imagine what that must be like for you.
If I ever find any more of that lichen, I'll get you out.
I promise.
We'll show them.
We'll show them that ordinary people can make great witches.
The best witches.
You believed in us.
I believe in you.
[cracking] 'If I ever find any more of that lichen, I'll get you out.
'Until the day she met Indigo Moon.
'And that is just a statue.
' Oh! [cawing] Oh! [she gasps] [she screams] What the?! Last one to the top of the tower gets turned to custard! Ready, set You're not Joy.
Exam stress nightmare.
Me too.
All night long.
Even if I had a million years to study, I still wouldn't be ready.
Get your stress busters! Guaranteed to help you concentrate! Come on, girls.
They're infused with real fake magic.
- No, thanks.
- Some for Clarice? If there's one person who's not stressing about exams, it's Clarice.
Get your stress busters! [bell tolls] Test day! Yes! What is that? [grunting] Excuse me, could you? Could you just stop? Where's Joy? And why are you in her room? Joy's room? Of course, the one with the bats.
I don't remember all these pictures, though.
What's the last thing you remember? Oh, dunno.
Things are a bit fuzzy, actually.
Did I get a bang on the head? I do get a lot of bangs on the head.
Where did you say Joy was? I Um, Joy isn't Joy's not She asked me to look out for you.
Oh, OK.
Indigo Moon.
Joy reckons she can get me in here, you know? And where my friend Joy goes, I go.
Have you ever ridden upside down? I'm not sure if Joy mentioned this, but the teachers are not keen on ordinary people having magic.
They will do everything they can to take it off you.
That is so not happening.
Then we have to prove that you can be as good a witch as anyone else here.
So, for today, you stay in my Joy's room.
- All day? - All day.
You can't let anyone find out you're here.
Do you underst? [knock on door] Your mother left these behind.
I thought you would want them, as she will not be back.
Thank you, Miss Hardbroom.
I thought I would remind you not to speak a word of what I told you yesterday.
Miss Hardbroom, would it really be so bad if somehow the statue? Please remember, the girl almost destroyed Cackle's.
It is better for everyone that she stay where she is.
Yes, Miss Hardbroom.
[crashing] Just Star and Tabby fighting again.
You must not be late for your lantern duty.
See to it.
[she exhales] Indy! Indigo! Today's class will be a revision period for this afternoon's magical assessment.
This is a test of everything you have learned thus far at Cackle's.
There have been distractions lately, but it's time now to concentrate on our studies.
This is a serious magic school.
And anyone who forgets that is welcome to find another.
I think Miss Cackle's in a bad mood.
Getting turned into a tiny model does that to you.
Turn to chapter four in your books, please.
What's that on the end of your nose? A cosmetic inconvenience which will not distract me from taking this test.
You've got a bother boil.
Er, shush.
No, it's a good thing.
My mum told me all about them.
If you whisper a worry to a person with one of those, the worry disappears.
As long as the boil's owner doesn't say it out loud, then it won't come back.
Let's try it.
[they whisper] I actually feel a lot less worried.
Me too.
I think it's getting bigger already.
That's because it's absorbing the worries.
Her name is Indy, she's been a statue for years, and when I used the lichen potion on my mum, I think it must have cured her too.
Millie, we really should be in class.
So you're telling us that there's another non-magical person - on the loose? - I think she's gone looking for her friend, Joy.
- Who's Joy? - Joy is .
long gone.
And Indy doesn't know any time has passed.
I couldn't tell her.
I thought it might scare her off.
What about her family? I don't think she has any.
That must be why her best friend's so important to her.
Best friend who isn't here any more? No.
What if that's too much for Indy? What if she does a Julie Hubble? Enid! It's not going to be like that.
I got through to my mum and she was fine.
But that's not what everyone else thinks.
Your mum's the talk of the school.
My mum's worried that hanging around with you is affecting my grades.
Mum was fine.
Indy will be fine too.
But why is she your responsibility? Millie, wait.
Whoa! Protection potion the delicate blend of ingredients, including scorpion sting and cockroach shell, produces a potion so potent it can protect from burns, bruises, broken bones, all manner of ills.
What about art teachers? [they laugh] When created correctly, the potion turns a brilliant blue.
As it is devilishly difficult to concoct, I've decided to award a certificate of merit to any young witch who succeeds.
You may begin brewing.
This is exactly what I need to get back onto my parents' good side.
Did you know they're talking about hiring a tutor for the summer holidays? How can you even think about that right now? We've still got to find Indy.
I have problems too, you know? Stop! Stop! I did it! Uh-oh.
Whoa! She must be here somewhere.
At the end of the day, non-magicals don't have the upbringing to be witches.
They just don't have the class.
No sign.
[crashing] [creaking] [creaking gets louder] Argh! [coughing] Do any of you know Joy? - Who are you? - She's .
my cousin.
Another Hubble? I've got customers for you.
How much for one minute with the bother boil? Since when was there another magical Hubble? I'm a Moon, actually.
Indigo Moon.
Indy's magic didn't show up till later.
Like mine, actually.
A surprise to all of us.
- Why is she here? - Oh, you know, I'm just showing her around.
She's thinking about applying.
Aren't you? Come on.
- Why did you say I was your cousin? - Just trust me, OK? I don't believe this.
Your mother turns us all into ornaments, and what's the result? They allow another one in.
Have we learned nothing? - I'm learning that you're a fruitcake.
- No.
I mean, look what happens when she tries to fly.
- I can out-fly you any day.
- What? You're challenging a Hallow? If that means you, then, yeah.
[sniggering] So, you'll have no problem facing me in the Cackle Run.
[gasping] No problem at all.
- Wait, I don't think Indigo knows the - All right.
One hour from now.
Don't forget your broomstick.
And your bandages.
What part of not letting anyone find out you're here did you not understand? What's the Cackle Run? Clarice? Shouldn't you be on your way to the exam? What's wrong? This is a bother boil, which means I have to keep other people's worries to myself, otherwise they'll return to the people who trusted me with them.
- Ah, I see.
- But now I've got all these worries that I've never even thought of before.
I'm worried I'm going to fail my exam and I can't even talk about it.
Well, actually, there is another way.
You can tell another person with a bother boil, then the worry transfers.
But I don't know anyone who has one.
I've got one.
Well, you can't see it, because it's under my hair.
So I can tell you, - and the worries won't return to bother anyone? - Mm-hm.
Beatrice is worried about needing the toilet.
Sybil's worried about misunderstanding a question - and realising too late.
- It's growing.
Carry on.
Mabel's worried she'll go to the wrong room.
Mia's worried she'll have a complete blank.
And Ella's worried that she's not worried enough.
And Henrietta, well, Henrietta [her voice fades] The Cackle Run, a breakneck broomstick race through woods, rivers and ravines, banned since 1897 when two foolhardy young witches attempted it.
They got past Twisted Wood, they scraped through Old Sewer Bridge, but like all who tried before, they couldn't beat Crooknose Corner, the final, impossible hairpin bend.
All that was left were two squashed hats.
There's no way you're doing this.
You can't even miss a chimney, never mind all those trees.
- I don't care.
I'm racing.
- You'll get hurt.
And what if the teachers find out? You'll never be allowed to stay here.
You think I'd stay here if everyone had me down as a chicken? - So, are you going to help me or not? - Not me.
I can't risk a whole summer of misery for someone who wants to throw themselves at hard objects.
[door opens and closes] OK, what about you two? [whirring] So glad I told her to keep a low profile.
30 minutes to start time.
[engine starts] Now, this is a broomstick.
Simulator loading.
Ten minutes to start.
Twisted Wood.
Dodge and weave.
Old Sewer Bridge.
Smooth and steady.
Crooknose Corner.
Turn Turn! [she gasps] Meow! Nice recce, Stormy.
Look at that.
Not one of the protection potions turned blue.
Except mine.
Ethel, no.
Enid, aha! Bring on the merit award.
[she growls] Oh, don't look at me like that.
Come on.
- Seven minutes.
- Crooknose Corner.
[she grunts] [she exhales] What are you doing? Ridding the school of Hubble the Second before she even begins.
Only one potion worked.
Obviously mine.
That's not yours.
That's Enid's.
Oh, well.
Wait, you're going to use a protection potion on yourself? You didn't think I'd rely on legitimate tactics, did you? Scorpion sting and cockroach shell, from all harm, protect me well.
What about the other girl, Indigo? She's going to get hurt.
Crooknose Corner.
Er, just hope for the best? You can't go through with this, Indy, it's too risky.
You know what's risky? Having no-one there at all to look out for you.
Here I've got a friend, who did more than just look out for me.
She gave me magic.
So, it's a risk worth taking.
Millie, we've got to stop this.
She's doing this because of Joy, and there is no Joy.
You should tell her the truth.
Take your seats, please, girls.
The magical assessment will begin shortly.
Where have you been? Everyone's been looking for you.
We had some last-minute worries.
You may begin.
[indistinct chatter] She's here! [cheering and applause] What is that? A flying scrapheap? You can't ride an ordinary broomstick like this.
Ride how you like, you'll never win.
Let's do this.
[engine revs] I thought you were keeping away.
If there's the slightest possibility that Ethel gets trashed, then I'm in.
Indy, wait! You can't do this.
There's something I haven't told you.
Felicity, will you start the race, please? I should have told you before, but Felicity! On your marks The magic did something bad to you.
get set It turned you to stone, Indy.
You were like a statue.
A lot of time passed 30 years.
The Joy you remember she's long gone.
Hello! She said get set.
You know what? I don't need this.
[exclaiming] What? What are you doing? No race, no point.
I'm not staying.
There has to be a race.
I demand it! Oh, this was my moment.
Fine, I'll do the Cackle Run myself! Ethel, no! [applause] Don't worry about her.
She used Enid's protection potion.
My protection potion? You mean she's cheating, she's protected? No, I was cheating.
She's not protected.
She just thinks she is.
She's going to break her neck! - Fly! - Indigo, no! Oh! Year Three, I You're not protected! Oh, no.
Ethel, Crooknose Corner! Stop! Where's Millie? Ethel, the potion didn't work! What? You're not protected! Oh, no! Stop! [she screams] Hold on! - Here they come.
- Millie? They survived Crooknose Corner.
- The Cackle Run? - Everyone, back inside.
Come on, Millie! You know your problem, Ethel? You just don't have the class.
They've done it! They're going to win! What is the meaning of?! Hello, I'm Indigo Moon.
Who are you? Five, four, three, two, one.
Heron attack! Oh, er, sorry.
Just dreaming about the pond.
Pens down now, please.
That was not terrible.
I didn't even think about going to the toilet.
You may file out quietly now, girls.
I understood all the questions.
I think.
All OK? It was fine, Miss Drill, thanks to your bother boil.
I don't have a bother boil .
because they aren't real.
Your boil is probably from too many late nights studying.
But, Miss Drill, it worked! It took my worries away.
Sharing your worries is what took them away.
Keeping them to yourself is the worst thing you can do.
Oh, and I'd get some non-magical witch hazel on that.
It'll go away in no time.
Thanks, Miss Drill.
No worries.
Did I not tell you that I never wanted to hear the name Indigo Moon again? It was an accident, Miss Hardbroom, but I'm glad that it happened.
Glad?! The girl is a threat to us all.
She could be a great witch.
She wants to learn.
The only thing she will be learning is the spell for relinquishing her magic.
It should never have been given to her.
It is a mistake I have regretted ever since.
We have no way of knowing that she's able to use magic responsibly.
Miss Cackle, Indy did the Cackle Run for one reason .
to save Ethel Hallow from injury, at great risk to herself, and if that's not using magic responsibly, then I don't know what is.
Mildred Hubble! She has nowhere else to go! Since you want to take responsibility for her .
I will allow it.
The girl does not belong here .
and she never will.
That is not all that you will have to do.
You will also ensure that Indigo studies for her basic witching proficiency exam, you will make sure she passes and, most of all .
you will keep her out of trouble.
Yes, Miss Cackle.
And if she fails at any of those things, then you too will have failed and neither of you will have a place at Cackle's.
I have had enough of your defiance, Mildred.
Indigo Moon is your last chance.
[loud rumble] I wish you the very best of luck, Mildred Hubble.
You will need it! OK, can we work on how to brake? Mum! Narcissus Nightshade, well met.
She's run away, Maud.
OK, so where might she go? The TV talent show.
If true magic is revealed to non-magical people, the line between our two worlds will dissolve and everything will be destroyed.