The Worst Witch (2017) s03e09 Episode Script


- My first name is Joy.
- She was your best friend She was Joy's best friend.
I am no longer Joy.
If she fails her basic witching proficiency exam, then you, too, will have failed and neither of you will have a place at Cackles.
Indigo Moon is your last chance! [meow] First-day nerves kicking in yet? Nah, it's like coming back after the summer holidays if the holidays lasted 30 years and were spent as a stone statue.
I wish Joy could have seen me like this, in all the gear and officially enrolled at Cackles.
It was her dream.
Well, now it's come true.
Not quite.
Not until I pass that witching exam .
which I will.
I got given magic, then I had too much fun.
Then I got turned to stone and stayed like that for about 30 years.
So, you and Mildred aren't cousins? Well, we're close, like cousins.
But biologically? Legally? Indigo Moon proved that she did not belong here 30 years ago.
If she were to learn who I am I understand your concern, Hegarty.
But Mildred did swear to keep your secret, and Indigo must be given her chance to succeed here.
I assure you, trouble will find that the girl.
It always did.
Stop playing with your food, you, girl! But is it meant to stand up like that? Maybe I can fix it.
Oats and milk, a touch of honey, time to make this porridge runny.
[gasps] Maybe that's a bit too runny.
Indigo Moon! Pens down, please, girls.
Hand your paper to your neighbour to mark.
Did you finish? I didn't.
I'm so going to fail.
I'm barely scraping a D average as it is.
See that paper all that white, finish the test, now make it right.
I thought I could use magic to finish it off for you.
I was just trying to help.
I'm going to face the summer locked away with a tutor if my grades don't pick up.
Please don't help me.
Indigo Moon! I know you're doing your best.
You'll get it right in the end.
Why are you helping me? You don't owe me anything.
Like saving me from being a statue wasn't enough! I feel kind of responsible now.
Mil, about Joy I know she'd be a lot older now, but .
I really do miss her.
Do you have any idea where she is? Sorry, Indy.
Well, she's better off somewhere else, she'd hate HB just as much as I do.
[bell rings] I'll follow you.
Miss Hardbroom, I know Indy's a bit of a handful at the moment.
But perhaps she'd be less bother if she knew who you really are.
Indigo Moon is the living embodiment of a terrible mistake I made! 30 years have passed.
Life has moved on! I do not want a heart-warming reunion.
I want rid of her! What was all that about? I made a deal.
If Indy doesn't pass the magical proficiency exam, then Miss Cackle will throw us both out.
Oh, that's so unfair, how would it be your fault? Why would you agree to that, Mil? It was the only way Indy could stay and I wanted to prove it could work out.
Get on with it, girls.
What's bellesis again? Levitation, for the 50th time.
Maybe if you paid attention OK.
How's this for attention? Tooth of fox and claw of bear, cauldron stay up in the air.
[gasps] Indigo Moon! Keep this up and you will be gone from here before you even get near that witching examination.
And so will Mildred.
Happy days! Clean up that mess, now! Great, all of my hard work ruined, again.
Do you have to be such a nightmare? Come on, Enid, she's still learning.
Why are you defending her? Ever since she got here, it feels like you've put her first.
Maybe I just haven't forgotten what it means to be a good friend.
Or maybe you don't want to be mine.
She needs time, Enid, that's all.
She's trouble, Maud, and she'll get us all in trouble, too.
You do realise I'm right here? I know.
That's the problem.
Miss Hardbroom, everyone, come outside, quickly! [cheering and applause] Mum! Why didn't you say you were coming? You know that's not how surprises work, right? Daddy sends his love.
Miss Cackle said I could come and do some promo shots here for my new magic talent show if I just did an interview - for the school paper.
- Cool! It's funny, isn't it? It's like I've come full circle, doesn't seem five minutes since I was a nervous kid who somehow won my first contest.
And now you're a judge.
Exactly! Anyway, I thought it was a great excuse to see my little girl.
Check up on me, you mean.
We'll catch up afterwards, just you and me, how's that sound? Like I should get in trouble more often so that I can see you.
Well met, and thank you for this, Miss Cackle.
Well met, Mistress Nightshade.
It's a pleasure, I assure you.
Thank you for turning our school into a circus.
Our chief reporter, Felicity, will conduct the interview.
It's an honour.
- Creep.
- I wonder if you need a few helpers? I'm sure I'll be fine, Miss Cackle.
- We'll do it! - Please can we do it?! - Please! I'll be good! - Can we do it?! Of course.
[they squeal excitedly] Yes! Look how everyone adores her.
We're with the Narcissus Nightshade on a glamorous photo shoot.
Seriously, pinch me now! Ow! Such a cute outfit, who made it? Talk about softball questions.
Are you this glamorous on your day off or are you more slippers and sweat pants? Go join your friends, Enid, I'll come and join you after, I promise.
That's it, well done.
And shake it out.
That's it, girls, knees up! Higher! So Enid's mum got super-famous off some talent show? She was touring three years with her parents before that.
She still works really hard, though.
- Enid barely sees her.
- Worth it, though.
[wind whooshes] [thunder rumbles] [cheering and applause] Go, Mum! See, there's nothing like the buzz of an audience.
I loved doing magic tricks for the kids in the park.
Yes, yes, very good.
But can she do a triple backflip forward-roll star jump? I don't think so.
Let's change up the look, shall we? [gasps] I used to do tricks like that.
Oh, yeah, Narcissus Nightshade, the biggest star in the witching world.
And you, 30 years a garden gnome.
You're like twins.
Miss Drill, my lace is broken, can I get a spare? Not having much luck on your first day, are you, Indigo? Something's come up.
It's a VIP birthday party.
It's a big opportunity.
I have to go, Enid, I'm sorry.
Take me with you.
Why can't I go on tour like you did with your mum and dad? No.
School's too important.
All your friends are here.
But I never get to see you.
First Spellbound, now this.
I won't apologise for working hard.
How else do you think we can afford our lovely home, all the fancy holidays? Stop making excuses.
You just want me out the way.
I can't talk to you when you're like this.
Here's a spell with a magic rhyme take this person back in time, Mistress Nightshade is her name, take her back before her fame.
I'm Enid, and you are? Narcissus Nightshade, well met.
I didn't mean to turn her into a child.
I'm sorry, there's been a slight magical mix-up.
Then undo it, I've got a rehearsal in an hour.
Quick, they can't see us! Her broom's not in the shed.
Her bag's gone, too.
I think she's run away, Maud.
It's OK, boy, it's OK, we'll find her.
If she doesn't sit the exam, that's an instant fail and we're both out of Cackles.
OK, so where might she go? I don't know.
Back to the park? It's the last thing she was looking at.
The TV talent show, she wouldn't enter that, would she? Well, we were talking about them before and she said she really misses performing, so maybe? Look, the auditions start today.
That's in Big TV Studio.
But it's in the non-magical world, she can't expose true magic on TV.
If true magic is revealed to non-magical people, the line between our two worlds will dissolve, and everything, our entire magical existence, Mil, will be destroyed.
It says so in the Witches Code.
So we have to find her and bring her back here fast.
Before HB finds out! We'll get in so much trouble for this if we get caught.
What about Enid? After today, I think it's probably just us.
Are you ready? Nope, me neither.
Let's go.
Now, this is interesting.
So much noisier than Cackles.
And why is everyone in such a rush? Can you see a TV studio? We might have to become visible to ask directions.
That's against the Witches Code.
We're breaking the rules just being here, Maud, what's one more? OK, but we can't let anyone see us using magic.
[both:] Spell be lifted, now reveal no-one my protective shield.
Has it worked? Hi! How are you doing? Yes, Maud, it worked, now run! Going around with your mum and dad together, all the time, performing shows? That sounds amazing! At first.
Mainly it's just tough, and there's nowhere to escape to.
What about school? I don't go to school.
What about friends? I don't have any.
What?! But everyone has someone.
Does a tutor count? Not really.
We're on first name terms.
Her name's Doris.
That sounds a bit lonely.
Where are your loser friends, Enid? If they've left the school, they're in a lot of trouble.
And you are? Well, this is my friend.
You know what, I saw Mildred and Maud heading that way.
Right, Doris? That's right! Follow us! Enid, where's your mom? I need to finish my interview! This is the place in the advert.
She must be here somewhere.
What? She's using real magic.
Is that the talent show? Is this on TV? It doesn't look like a proper live show.
Is it a rehearsal? The studio must be really close There! That's where the audience goes in! They put it up on the screen so everyone can see what's happening inside.
Come on! Through to the live show, you'd better have something amazing lined up.
How does a magical, fantastical fashion show sound? I still need a few more details, Indigo.
What's your full address? Where do you live? [radio buzzes] Got to go, be right back.
We're too late.
Maybe there's a back entrance.
We could magic our way in.
We have to find somewhere quiet to do it, where there's no people.
It's the big city, there is nowhere quiet.
Who checked you two in? You really should have badges.
You're the Giggle Girls, right? Comedy duo? Yep.
Yep, that's us, the Giggle Girls! Mildred Hubble and Maud De Lafontaine.
Poor Ethel.
Ten laps around the school before she realised it was a wind-up and gave us the slip! That's the best laugh I've had in ages! Mildred would have loved it.
She is a true master at winding Ethel up.
Hopefully we bought her and Maud some time, wherever they are.
They sound like great friends.
You're so lucky to have them to share all of this with.
I guess I really am.
I'm Enid's friend, Doris.
Well met, Doris.
Enid, we can't your mum anywhere.
Whilst we're waiting, can I interview you about her, for the Daily Bubble? It'll be quick.
Me? You'll wait here, you won't move? I'm worn out after all that zooming about anyway! What is it, Ethel? Miss Hardbroom, you know me, I don't like to tattletale.
It's about Mildred and Indigo.
It's like a maze! What are you doing here? We're big fans of the show it's big thrill to be here! We came for you, obviously! You're coming back with us.
There you are! You two are up, time for your audition.
What do you think you've learned from having a famous mum? My mum's made big sacrifices to get where she is.
And because she loves me, she didn't want that life with me.
She put me in a great school.
I couldn't wish for better friends.
Even if sometimes I take them for granted.
So I guess what I've learnt is appreciate what you have.
Mum! The spell wore off! I'm so happy you're back! I'm so sorry for .
Don't be.
Enid, I deserved it.
I forget how important it is to press pause every now and then, focus on what really matters.
I'm the one that should be sorry.
I trust I am not interrupting, Enid Nightshade.
I have received troubling reports that your friends have left school without permission.
They're, erm collecting mandragora root, for me.
I'm going to stay a little longer and put on a show for the girls.
If they do not get back in time, then you will all be in serious trouble.
They'll be back in time, trust me.
On you go, girls.
[Maud whispers:] What do we do? Buy me some time to convince Indy to pull out.
If she goes on, it's bye-bye everything.
Buy time, how? I don't have an act! [buzzer] That's not very nice.
Come back with us, Indy, please.
You heard HB, she says I don't belong there.
- She hates me.
- She hated me, too, at first.
But she's not as bad as she makes out.
We're not supposed to use magic for our own selfish reasons.
It says so in the Witches Code.
I spent 30 years collecting moss because of rubbish like that.
Cackles gave you a second chance, Indy.
Don't blow it.
This is my second chance, to be the old me and go back to what I do best.
I need this, Mildred.
[buzzer] I was like you.
I felt like I didn't belong at Cackles, I felt like an impostor.
- But give it time.
- I've given it enough time.
But what is there for you here? You've got no home, no family What is there at Cackles? Your friends.
Me, Maud, Enid.
Performing's all I have left.
You have Star.
He's pining for you.
He's your dog.
I know, but I'm happy to share him with a friend.
He loves you, Indy.
We all do.
Please just come back.
[buzzer] Ha! I can do this all day! But on second thoughts, bye! Time's up, we have to go! Fly safely.
You're not coming? You don't deserve a friend like Mil.
- Leave it, Maud, she's decided.
- No! You put your future on the line to get her a second chance and now you'll be thrown out of school.
All because of you.
What's she talking about? I made deal.
So if you go, I go.
You did that? You barely know me! Mildred Hubble believes in her friends.
Why didn't you tell me? I wanted you to come back for your own reasons, not mine.
Please come back to Cackles, Indy.
You belong with us.
There they are.
She's actually going to do it.
[she sighs] Ta-dah! [buzzer] What happened to the fantastical fashion show? Where are you going? Home to my friends! There's your biggest fan, Mum.
Hello, what's your name? Who'd have thought front row at an exclusive Narcissus Nightshade show! Pinch me! Ow! How much longer do you think they're going to be, darling? Just a few more minutes.
Come on, Mil, get a wriggle on.
Wait, I'm coming with you! Yes! I am afraid it appears that Indigo Moon and Mildred Hubble are guilty of a major violation of school rules.
That's it! I'll finally be rid of the pair of them! But, hey, wait a minute, look! Go! Think we broke the speed limit! Where have you been?! Mildred, Maud, Indy.
Come on, lend us a hand, would you? - Excuse us, Miss Hardbroom.
- You, too, Indy.
I'm sorry about what I said earlier.
I can't even imagine what my life would be like without you two.
I'm sorry to you, too.
I know that you were only doing your best.
I'll try to be less annoying.
I mean, no promises or anything.
Better luck next time, Ethel.
Thanks for coming to get me.
And And for believing in me.
Now, then, early birds, here's a little taster before the show begins.
[gasps] I told you not to interfere, Mildred Hubble! I may have done something a bit daft.
Wow! We're way ahead of you, Joy.
This is brilliant.
I can't believe it's really you! Will you marry me? Absolutely not! That bird doesn't eat frogs, does it? quinnell