The Worst Witch (2017) s03e10 Episode Script

Finding Joy

1 I made a deal.
So if you go, I go.
Indigo Moon is the living embodiment of a terrible mistake I made.
I do not want a heart-warming reunion.
I want rid of her! What the heck? Stay there, boy.
Indy, what are you doing? You're wrecking Miss Cackle's office.
I've almost finished! What's got into you? Miss Cackle's got a folder for every witch who came here.
I'm looking for Joy.
Nothing? It doesn't make sense.
Wait .
you don't think she got expelled after what happened to me? Or worse Hey, it's OK.
But we need to fix this mess quick, before anyone sees.
It's got to be here somewhere.
I know I should be focusing on my exam, but I just can't.
I have to find Joy.
I need to let her know that I'm not a statue any more.
I need to know she's OK.
Late again, Mildred Hubble.
Sorry, Miss Hardbroom, I was with Indy.
She's really worried.
Please, Miss Hardbroom.
Please can you just tell her who you are? We have been through this.
I have not been Joy for many years.
That witch no longer exists.
It would be a relief for both of you, I know it would.
A relief? If Indigo Moon finds out, do you think she will keep it to herself? It is bad enough that you know, Mildred Hubble.
This must go absolutely no further, do you understand? Yes, Miss Hardbroom.
Now snuff out those lanterns.
Did you find Miss Bat's file in there? That's an ancient artefact.
Should belong in a museum.
How old is she anyway? Miss Bat's been here forever, then? Longer.
Her and Miss Cackle.
So they might remember something.
What's Indigo up to? Quizzing the teachers on her friend.
Joy? Joy, Joy? It does ring a bell.
Wait! But of course! I know who Joy is, and you will too, Ada.
When I tell you Of course! That must be Jacintha Joyce, you're thinking of, couldn't cast a spell to save her life.
Is it? I suppose so! No.
This Joy was brilliant at magic.
Please think, Miss Bat? There are two signs of ageing.
One, you forget things.
And then what? And then what-what, dear? How about you, Miss Cackle? All of our pupils are special, of course, but I'm afraid names and faces fade over the years.
Thanks anyway.
No luck? It was worth a shot.
Well, I hope you haven't pigged out on the porridge.
Miss Tapioca's midsummer picnics are legendary.
I'm not really in the mood, and I'm not hungry.
I just need to be on my own for a bit.
Ah! Good morning, ladies.
I trust everything's in order for the midsummer meal? It will be, if we don't suffer any inessential irritating interruptions.
Great stuff.
Miss Bat's got such a sweet tooth.
I was wondering if We'll be serving our unique upside down cake with a tantalising toadflax topping.
Excellent! Hm-hm! Can't wait! Isn't that your traditional Tapioca treat? Yes, and today is the day I'll pass the family recipe onto Mabel.
The secret has been handed down from generation to generation .
for generations.
She'll be so chuffed.
If she ever turns up! Oh, finally! You took longer than pond water.
My dad had some big news.
Oh, I'll tell them to hold the front page of Magic Monthly.
Anyone seen Indy? Aren't you supposed to be tutoring her, teaching her everything you know? It would take you all of five minutes.
Just tell her I'm looking for her.
Indy? [cat meows] She just seems so .
I would tell her the truth if I thought it would help, but she is looking for a nice jolly Joy, not a hard old broom.
Unless I do something to meet those great expectations.
Oh, look who's decided to join us! Right, then, Mabes.
I know you weren't expecting this today, but are you ready to learn from the best? Has Dad been talking to you? When I specifically told him not to tell? I'm sorry, specifically told him not to tell me what? Ugh, nothing? Mabel.
Dad made a bit of money on those vortex vanishing vacuums.
Oh, well, don't expect anything.
Your father's wallet's like an onion .
opening it makes him cry.
I know, but he did sort of get me a place at Pentangle's .
if I want it.
Well .
You're always saying you want your own space.
And you're always telling me I get under your feet.
- Good.
- Great! I was just wondering if I could make a special request for later? Menu's set.
Eat it or starve.
Indy! Where have you been? I've only gone and found Joy.
What?! I didn't want to use unauthorised magic when we're meant to be on our best behaviour, but what's a little tracking spell between friends? How is she?! Where is she?! I need to see her.
Head on down to the mirror booth.
She's waiting for your call.
Thanks, Mill.
Today is going to be the best day ever! No pressure.
Right, time to bring a little more Joy into the world.
What would Miss Hardbroom be like if she'd grown-up happy? Someone light and bright with a sunny smile .
living in a sunny place.
Grown-up witch, a convincing decoy, not a heckity Hardbroom but a joyful Joy.
Wow! Joy! This is brilliant! I can't believe it's really you.
Well, you better, because it is.
This is Maud and Enid.
I dragged them along to meet you.
Great! You look so different.
I know, I know.
I've gained a few pounds, earned a few wrinkles.
I've got about a zillion questions.
A zillion? Goodness, well .
why don't I bring you up-to-date instead? I, erm .
gave up practising magic after what happened, moved into the real world.
I'm selling ice-creams on the pier.
Amazing! Just tell me where you are, and I will come straight away.
No! I I mean, I wouldn't want you missing the picnic.
How do you know about that? Oh well, it's .
been a Cackles tradition for years and years, and I wouldn't what you breaking any rules.
Since when did you care about rules? [cat meows] Since learning the hard way Pesky seagulls.
You can come here then, after you finish work.
I can't .
think of a reason why not.
[cat meows] I better go.
Ice-creams don't sell themselves, you know? Sure.
Later then! You're making an upside down cake? As a matter of fact, we are.
That's not fair! It is a Tapioca family secret, and you are teaching Bea the recipe.
Perhaps your father has a family recipe for you, maybe toad in the hole or plonker pie? I'll ask him, shall I? Wouldn't want you to feel like you were missing out.
They wouldn't serve that stodge at Pentangle's anyway.
Everyone loves my upside down cake! Because you've totalled their taste buds! Bea and I make quite the team.
I'm sure the picnickers will be very complementary.
Come along, Bea.
Time to get our top-secret topping.
If mother wants upside down .
then I'll give her upside down.
A twist of root, a pinch of shell, makes a fine contrary spell.
Eat her cake and what you say will come out round the other way.
Anything you try to do, you'll find the opposite is true.
I just spoke to her and she's coming here! - Isn't that utterly brilliant? - That's one word for it.
She's older, of course, but as cool as ever.
You'll meet her soon, so you'll see for yourself.
It's almost lunchtime, do you think she'll be hungry? Why don't you go and get some food from the picnic? Roger that.
Back in a jiff.
I may have done something a bit daft.
We're way ahead of you .
Miss Moon, where are you going with that? Busy revising, am I right? Absolutely, Miss Cackle.
On you go, then.
Upside down cake, Miss Bat? Oh, I don't mind if I do.
A cake a day keeps my sweet tooth at bay.
Miss B.
Erm, Gwendolyn.
Oh, dear Letters start with ABC, numbers next with 123, music starts with Do-Re-Mi, and love with, with, with, with .
will you marry me, Gwendolyn? Would you do me the honour of becoming my wife? No, absolutely not.
I wouldn't marry you if you were last wizard on Earth.
I don't understand.
I thought that Is that how you really feel? Oh.
What's happening?! I so wanted to say, "No!" I mean no.
I mean .
no! Go away! Go and don't come back! Ugh! You don't know anything about Joy.
I have done this before, remember? I was Millicent Darkside, supply witch, and I fooled everyone.
That's not how I remember it.
Almost everyone.
But what about the real Joy? I've tried, but she's long gone.
Shouldn't we tell Indy that? She's been through enough already, and seeing Joy has made her so happy, put her mind at rest.
Now she can focus and pass this exam.
Please help me help her.
[Miss Bat cries] I'm so happy.
This is the best day of my life! I thought Miss Bat wanted to get married? She made the right decision.
They tell you for better or for worse, they never are much worse.
- Hi, Sybil.
- Clarice.
- Goodbye.
- Sayonara.
Have you tried the cake yet? It was disgusting.
Worst cake ever.
- Mabel, what did you do? - Me? - What makes you think - Out with it.
I may have cast a tiny opposite spell on your cake.
Oh, no, they've all eaten it.
Poor Miss Bat.
We need to find Mr Rowan-Webb and explain what's happened.
Oh, life was so much simpler .
when all I had was a lily pad to call my own.
In pond or lake or swampy bog, from this day on, I will live as a frog.
You need to look more broomswept, like you've just arrived.
Look who I found.
Joy! I've missed you so much! Miss Bat, can I reintroduce you to Joy? Got to stay! Need to lose Mr.
- Tell him I despise him! - Oh.
Well, everyone is on the ground for the picnic if you want to Head inside? - I need a sit down.
Feel a bit dizzy.
- OK.
Rowan-Webb was wearing this earlier.
So he could already be a frog.
Absolutely not.
He never does that.
Here frog.
Here froggy, froggy.
Ah! That bird doesn't eat frogs, does it? It doesn't.
It definitely, definitely doesn't.
All so different.
It looks the same to me.
Yes, you're right.
It is the same, it's me that's different.
So different! You're probably married with a family of your own? Oh, yeah.
Just the usual 2.
5 kids.
One's a baby so it's a half-size.
What are their names? Indigo, of course.
Erm, Sapphire and Navy.
- Do you remember our school song? - I do.
On whatever skiving onwards Proudly in our rooms we fly I meant our version, silly.
Oh, right, yeah! Zoom like rockets through the tree tops Breaking rules as we wiz by - Memory's not what it used to be.
- Yeah.
Ethyl alert! Where's your room then? Upstairs? Last one to the top of the tower [both:] .
gets turned to custard! Whatever, I'm way faster.
Don't get your cloak in a twist.
Hey, Ethyl.
Who do you think is better at broom dives, me or Maud? Me, obviously.
I was champion in my junior school.
Yeah, but that was a long time ago.
Challenge accepted.
Prepare to be humiliated.
Who was that with Indigo Moon? Come on.
Alge! If only I told you what you meant to me, but it's too late now, it's too late.
At least the opposite spell's worn off.
[frog ribbits] Did you hear that? [frog ribbits] Alge? Is that you? That won't change him back.
I know .
but I couldn't wait.
It was a wretched spell, Alge.
I'll explain everything.
So, all those awful things you said None of it was true.
In fact, it was the very opposite.
Dear, Alge, will you marry me? Oh-ho-ho.
Yes! A thousand times yes! You can talk to me, you know? If there's something bothering you.
How did you know? Friend's intuition.
It's about Mildred, actually.
She has staked her future on me passing this exam .
and I don't know if I can.
Of course, you can.
You just need to focus, knuckle down.
And if I do fail, I don't have anywhere else to go.
Auntie Amy and Uncle Sam must be gone by now, and they never wanted me anyway.
I'm sure that's not true.
I suppose I could go back to hiding out in my den in the park.
That was OK .
except in the rain.
I wish you told me all this before.
What? But we spoke about this loads.
Oh, yeah, of course .
I just forgot how hard it was for you.
I was way tougher back then, I'm such a crybaby now.
I hide my head under the pillow so that Mildred won't hear me.
So, come on, you were always great at giving advice.
What did I always say at times like this? Ice cream solves everything.
Not that.
The thing my mum said about believing in yourself.
That if you do that, then you can make anything happen.
Yes, that.
Exactly that.
Every journey starts with a single hop.
Oh, it's like Titanic without the iceberg .
and with a frog.
All right.
I suppose I should start packing for Pentangle's.
Yeah, I suppose you should.
Wait, what? Have you two not learned anything from today? - Excuse me? - Miss Bat almost lost Mr Rowan-Webb, and her biggest regret was that she never told him how she felt.
- I don't see what that's? - What's that got to do? You don't want to go to Pentangle's and you don't want her to leave.
- But she wants me to go! - But she wants to leave! That's it, I give up.
I miss my mum at every hour of every day, and there's nothing I can do about it.
It's obvious that you two want to be together, but you two are too stubborn, and silly, and similar to say so.
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope.
It's Enid Frightshade, the worst nose diver in the history of ever.
Thank you for coming.
I feel much better already.
Who is that with Indigo? Aren't you going to introduce us? This is my best friend Joy.
Well met, everybody I was actually just on my way out.
Not so fast.
Yes, you're right.
We shouldn't be in such a rush.
It's been so nice catching up with Indigo, such a relief to put the past Enough of this nonsense.
How dare you put words into other witches' mouths? It was you all along.
Some friend! The joke's on you, Indy! No.
You don't understand! Why would you do that? I told you not to interfere, Mildred Hubble.
See the damage you have done? Not another word about Joy! Understood? Yes, Miss Hardbroom.
So you're still here then? I'm sorry about earlier.
You were right.
I'd like you to stick around.
Life would be pretty boring without you.
Desperate much? OK, fine.
I'm not bothered about going.
And I'd miss you a bit too .
Ladies and fiances [Mr.
Rowan-Webb laughs] .
let's charge our glasses.
I kissed a frog and I liked it! To love, laughter - .
and happily ever after.
- Oh.
I just wanted to say, I'm sorry.
I told you things when I thought you weren't you.
Things I didn't want you or anyone else to know.
I won't say anything, I promise.
I'm so sorry, Indy.
I did all of this to try and stop you from being sad, but You tricked me .
lied to me.
Yes, with the best intentions.
You're my friend, and I wanted to help you, but I messed things up as usual.
Where are you going? To find Miss Cackle and tell her that you deserve better than the worst witch.
I thought you'd be at the picnic.
I heard what happened.
I believe we can add impersonating an ice cream vendor to your list of misdemeanours.
Miss Cackle, I know I've had my share of second chances, but I am begging for just one more for Indigo.
If I left now, would you let someone else step in? You do not think Indigo has learned anything from you? No, Miss Cackle.
Not the true meaning of friendship? Of sacrifice? The art of transformative transformation? You left your spell book open, silly.
A teenage witch, no longer a ploy .
make me Indigo, the real McCoy.
You tricked me! With the best intentions.
I get that now.
Quits? Please do not leave, Mill.
We're in this together.
[they laugh] She is Star's true owner Whoa.
or maybe not.
Is it something? It's something all right.
Why won't you open? Lets move outside for the final part of the test, flying.
Ah! You may be able to redeem yourself there.