The Worst Witch (2017) s03e11 Episode Script

The Broom Stick Uprising

Indigo Moon is the living embodiment of a terrible mistake I made.
If she fails her basic witching proficiency exam then neither of you will have a place at Cackle's.
Miss Cackle's got a folder for every witch who came here.
I'm looking for Joy.
I kissed a frog, and I liked it! [CRASHING] It's not what it looks like! No? It looks like a reanimation spell went disastrously wrong and exploded pink dust all over my potions laboratory.
Oh, then it is what it looks like.
The spoon you used to mix the reanimation potion, I presume.
And today of all days.
You will both have to clean it up.
There shall be no last-minute cramming for your examination.
But it was all me, Miss Hardbroom.
Indy only just got here before you did.
And yet, she is covered in pink dust.
As you wish, Mildred.
You shall clean all this up on your own.
But my exam's at two o'clock.
I need her help to revise.
You'll be OK! I'll get all of this cleaned up in record fast time, and then I'll come find you.
All right? Your big day today, isn't it? Where's your little study buddy? Mildred's busy, like me.
Go away.
You're never going to succeed here.
People like you never do.
Thank you for your kind words.
The door is that way.
You've done a lot of prep, haven't you? But, well, that's just wrong.
Never use a levitation spell in anything stronger than a force six wind, and it's four drops of hedgehog elixir, not three.
And never mix essence of fear with distilled terror.
Pull the other one, Ethel.
Indigo, I mean it! All this stuff you've been revising, the stuff that your future depends on, is completely wrong! Good luck in the test.
You're going to need it.
You will stay here until this laboratory is absolutely spotless.
No help, no magic.
Understood? This'll take forever on my own.
Hello? Who's there? What if I wasn't on my own? Ah, Hecate, perfect.
Would you mind fetching me a small cauldron for Indigo's exam, please? You are conducting her assessment? I assumed I would do it.
That was certainly an option, yes.
But she deserves a fair, unbiased go at it, does she not? You do not trust me to be impartial? I just feel that, given the complicated history you two have, it may be difficult.
A professional puts aside personal feelings in the line of duty.
And you have always been most rigorous in that regard, but this is different.
Indigo Moon's arrival has clearly affected you.
Are you any closer to telling her who you really are? I will fetch a cauldron.
A bit of reanimation dust here, a bit more here.
A bunch there.
[SHE CLEARS THROAT] To this broomstick I give life To cut the effort and the strife Make life easy, take the lead Help me in my hour of need.
Brilliant! Now, sweep the lab! Usually, I wouldn't do this but, right now, I have not got the time, so I command you to sweep the lab! Faster! Come on! Put your handle into it! Get those bristles moving! Hah! You sweep the dust, I'm on scrubbing duty.
I'll be with Indigo in no time.
Hey! You missed a bit.
[KNOCKING ON DOOR] Just when you need her the most, HB has Millie scrubbing the lab.
I know.
Miss Hardbroom wants me to fail.
She can't wait to see the back of me.
How about we take Star for a walk? Get him out of your hair for a bit.
It's something, I guess.
[STAR PANTS] - You go have some fun, boy.
- Come on, Star! Good luck revising and, um, see you in a little.
Here you go, Star! Ball.
You want the ball? It looks like Indy's not the only one who's worried.
We've got lessons.
What are we going to do about him? Hey, do you two have a free period? Could you do us the biggest favour? Yeah, sure.
And how are we? Finished, Miss Hardbroom.
You did not use magic? You had no help at all? I didn't use magic on the lab, and not a single person helped me, no.
So if I'm done here Yes, you may go to to her after you return the cleaning equipment to the kitchen and the broom to the shed.
Yes, Miss Hardbroom.
It's not doing anything for him.
Ah, girls.
I've been looking for Star.
This is Zelda Tundlewink.
She is Star's true owner.
I'd lost all hope of ever finding him, but I heard that he'd been seen around here.
And Miss Tundlewink lives at the edge of the woods in a caravan, is it? It's not much, but enough for two.
I've made you this to say thank you for looking after him.
It's a dog! I whittled it myself from a lime tree.
Good whittling wood, lime.
It's been very lonely without my old friend.
I don't think Mildred or Indy would be happy if we just gave him away without seeing any proof that he's yours.
Yes, I think that's wise.
I hope you're not offended.
Oh, no! Not at all.
I have this.
It would appear to be conclusive.
It's Star all right.
Actually, it's Spangles! Come on, Spangles! Good boy.
Come on, Spangles.
There's a good boy.
Come on! Look, he loves it now.
Were we doing it wrong? Would you fetch Mildred and Indigo? I know they'd like to say goodbye.
[STAR PANTS] I'll have the kitchen make you a packed lunch to take on your way.
I wouldn't say no that.
Thank you.
You almost gave the game away to HB.
You could have ruined everything.
I just saw the lab.
How did you clean it so fast? Long story.
Let's go.
Whoa, no way! Great.
Just what I need.
Those brooms are alive.
Yes, I know.
Hey! So, er, we'll be going now.
OK, in three, two, one.
Now! Or maybe not.
They're not letting us go.
Are you? Where are they both? Maybe they ran away.
We can't let Star go before they say goodbye.
Maybe we can get Miss Tundlewink to stick around until after the exam.
Come on.
Can't believe you've done this, Mil, bringing the broomsticks to life.
I didn't have a choice.
Getting back to Indy was more important.
I'm going to use magic to undo the spell.
While they're covered in reanimation dust? Your magic isn't strong enough to overpower them.
OK, what do I have to do to get out of here? Tell me.
Oh, you want a makeover, right? I was rough on you, wasn't I? I wasn't being very polite, ordering you around like that, commanding you to clean for me.
I'm sorry.
I was in a rush.
It wasn't my finest hour.
We don't have time for this.
You do owe them.
Who's first, then? [SHE SNIFFS] [SHE SOBS] Miss Hardbroom! I was just taking a bit of a break.
You may keep it.
It is for your examination.
Not long now.
You do not seem very confident.
Confident I'm going to fail.
Still, you'll get what you want.
I'll finally be gone from here.
If that happens, what will you do? Where will you go? Who knows? I should really get back to it.
That exam won't fail itself.
No! She didn't wait! Mildred and Indy didn't get to say goodbye.
This isn't great.
We have him five minutes and give him away to the first old lady that walks by.
They'll never trust us again.
Luckily for you, she's in a funny mood.
We've set up your cauldron for you.
BOTH: Thanks.
Mildred and Indy are going to be devastated.
Is it just me or was there something off about Zelda? And Star didn't seem too keen on her, like, at all.
Then all of a sudden, he's all over her, chasing after balls.
Can I see that? Whoa! Why is it doing that? Has it been enchanted? Looks like it.
By Zelda? But why? If Star IS her dog, then why would she have to trick him with magic? Maybe because she knew he wouldn't want to go with her by choice.
If, by some miracle, Indy doesn't crash and burn in that exam, I'm going to need some dirt on her if I'm going to get rid of her.
Dirt? Like what? There's got to be something.
I can smell it.
We just thought you might be able to help us, Miss Bat.
Mildred went to serious lengths pretending to be this Joy.
There's got to be more to Indy's past than she's letting on.
MISS BAT: I imagine he must have been with someone.
There must be a clue in that bedroom.
He certainly seemed to like her.
What was that name again? Tundlewink.
Zelda Tundlewink.
We thought you may have heard of her.
It doesn't ring a bell.
Sorry, girls.
Now what? There, finished.
Sorry again for earlier.
From now on, we'll treat our brooms all brooms with the respect they deserve.
You finish off in here.
I'll go and find Indy.
Girls! I've been thinking, and your Tundlewink reminds me of a witch I once knew of by the name of Grundlefink.
She could've changed her name.
She took to crime committed a whole string of shocking thefts, with the aid of magical animals, would you believe? She got caught, then she escaped.
She's been on the run ever since.
That was a long time ago.
I remember she used to make these truly awful little wooden carvings.
[SHE LAUGHS] Thank you, Miss Bat.
The name, the magical animals, the rubbish statues it's got to be her.
That's why Star ran away he was fed up of living a life of crime.
We have to find him.
You just missed Indy, I'm afraid.
She went to take her exam.
She looked pretty nervous.
I did my best to reassure her, but I'm sure you did, Ethel.
Tell her good luck from me! I totally hope she doesn't fail big time! Keep watch.
But Miss Cackle said her caravan was at the edge of the woods.
Let's face it, Zelda could be anywhere.
It's like looking for a needle in a haystack.
The rubbish statue! No way was that a dog, not even if you squinted! She said she made it out of lime tree wood, do you remember? Well, Lime Tree Grove.
[THEY LAUGH] This way! Come on, Ethel.
You tried! There's nothing here.
If we get caught What is it? Is it something? It's something all right.
You dropped this earlier.
I thought it might be some sort of lucky charm.
Thank you, Miss Hardbroom.
You have one hour.
You may begin.
Think you're pretty clever, don't you, dog? Running off, causing me a right palaver.
[SHE CACKLES] Well, never again.
Do you see this? It's enchanted, impervious to magic even yours.
It's your new lead.
This time, there's no escape.
Don't make yourself too comfy.
We'll be leaving soon.
WHISPERS: We have to get him out of there.
What we need is a distraction.
[COUGHING] [COUGHING] Pencil down now, Indigo.
Now, let's move outside for the final part of the test flying.
You may be able to redeem yourself there.
Time to hit the road.
[RADIO CHATTER] WHISPERING: Magic forces, all winds blow, kettle boil, water flow.
We're getting out of here.
Cage of steel, bars be broken I command this lock to open! What's wrong with you? Why won't you open? Magic lock, that's why.
You need a magic key to open it.
Now, where's your friend? Right behind you! [STAR BARKS] What are you doing? Let me go! Free these bonds Release me now These ropes so tight will break somehow.
Magic rope, remember? You're not going anywhere.
You don't know who you're messing with, girls.
Is that right Grundlefink? What are you doing, eh? Setting these poor animals free.
And writing a letter to the Grand Wizard, letting him know where his favourite escaped prisoner is.
I want to see confident control, good speed, smooth manoeuvres, and finally, poise and grace, which, of course, means riding side saddle.
Side saddle? Best of Cackle's luck, Indigo.
Come on, Indy! You can do it! Ah! How's she doing? Not great, then.
Aaaah! Ah! Ah! Ah! If she wasn't up there by herself, if she wasn't so alone, maybe Aaaaah! Where are you going? To ask a favour from a friend.
Please, I really need your help! Aaah! Ah! Ugh! If I'm going to fail I'm going to fail my way! Check this out! [THEY CHEER] You're doing amazing! Yes! I'm so proud! [STAR BARKS] I missed you, boy! Where have you been? Get up to anything exciting? No, nothing exciting.
Not at all.
A bit boring, if we're honest.
I thought we said goodbye to Star? I know! One minute, I'm up there all on my lonesome.
Next, whoosh! Broomsticks all over the shop! It's a pass just! No, like this.
You did it.
You passed.
If Indigo Moon is staying then she needs to know the truth.
Are you quite sure, Hecate? It is the fair thing to do for us both.
So cool.
I found your file, Miss Hardbroom.
Funny, I didn't know your real name was Joy.
Her name is what? Isn't that the name of your old friend, Indy? But Joy You? Yeah, I found it under Mildred's mattress.
It's true? You knew the whole time? Yes, I did, but it's I can explain.
You passed the exam! You can stay! Stay? Why would I want to stay here? You witches! Liars! You can keep your school.
I'm out of here! Stop! Indy, stop! Come back! You have not found Indigo? I've searched everywhere.
- What is that? - A wishing star.
No, no more wishing stars.
It would be for Indigo, a wish to bring her back to the Academy.
The registrar is stuck at the bottom of the mountain.
I need you to collect him for me.
We've brought a non-magical stranger into the Academy.