The Worst Witch (2017) s03e12 Episode Script

Ethel Hallow to the Rescue, Part 1 & 2

1 I have not been Joy for many years.
If Indigo Moon finds out, do you think she will keep it to herself? This must go absolutely no further.
I found your file, Miss Hardbroom.
I didn't know your real name was Joy.
- Her name is what? - Algy, will you marry me? - Yes! - Liars! Indy, stop! Come back! Indy! Where are you? Girls, I have a simple task that even you three can't mess up.
Task, Miss Drill? The registrar who's conducting the ceremony is stuck at the bottom of the mountain.
His broomstick's broken down, and he gets travel sick when magically transported.
I need you to collect him for me.
Can you manage that? I was hoping to study today, Miss Drill.
I've been working on something new.
I call it the puppet spell.
It is a holiday, Clarice.
I don't do holidays, Miss Drill! I do do holidays, Miss Drill.
We'd be glad to help, Miss Drill.
Now, be careful, Miss Cackle has lifted our invisibility spell for the benefit of some non-magical relatives.
We can all be seen.
And, girls, get this wrong and you'll be flying over the sports field without broomsticks! You must be Miss Bat's young niece.
Yes, that's right, yes.
Welcome to Cackle's.
Refreshments are available just down the corridor and to your left.
I know, Miss Cackle.
I'm in trouble for leaving the premises again.
You have not found Indigo? I've searched everywhere.
I have put out an alert to all witches.
There have been no sightings as yet.
She has no-one out there, nowhere to go.
I'm almost glad Star went with her.
At least she's got someone looking out for her, which is more than I could do.
You did all you could, Mildred.
You proved yourself to be a responsible, kind-hearted witch, as I hoped you would.
Your future here is secure.
How can I stay, Miss Cackle, knowing that I let her down like that? Oh, dear.
Are we lost? Does Indigo really have no-one at all? No-one except us.
I didn't think.
Why the sad face now, Ethel? HB conjured up some terrible punishment for you? Worse.
She's ignored me.
One thing I've never been is ignored.
You'd better get used to it.
What if I had a way to bring her back? Hello.
We've come to give you a lift.
Whoa! Oh! Whoa! Whaa! Aaah! What's wrong with him? You'd think he's never been on a broomstick before! [HE YELLS] Ah, yes.
Yes, this is perfect! Yes! Oh! Oh, this will never work! Where is my lift?! Can you just tell me? Sh! [BIRDSONG] Ah! What is that? It's sent from the Great Wizard.
The same gift he gives to all newlyweds.
The Wishing Star.
What?! No! No! No more wishing stars.
Please assure His Greatness that I'll keep it safe in my office until after the ceremony.
We can use the wedding as a cover to sneak in and switch the star to a fake one.
Look, I stole a wishing star once this year and it got us into so much trouble, so no.
It would be for Indigo! A wish to bring her back to the Academy! It would also be for me.
I'd like to do something I'm not ashamed of - just one time! Why did you come in here? Don't bring that thing near me! Since when does a wizard have a backpack? - You need a potion to calm your nerves.
- What?! These are good for soothing spells.
- Oh! What?! - You're thinking about these.
[HE SQUEALS] Excuse me, but who are you? I'm Marvin Pringle! Librarian, rambler and, I must warn you, T'ai chi master! Ah! Argh! Whaa! He's not a wizard?! Where'd he go? He He's escaped! Do you realise what we've done?! We've brought a non-magical stranger into the Academy.
Now, Myrtle, please tell Miss Drill I need a responsible third-year posted on that door and given strict instructions not to let anyone in.
We don't want any more wishing stars going astray, do we? That's why I couldn't do this alone.
You can tell the guard anything to get her away from the door and she'll believe you.
Me? Not a chance.
How do I know I can trust you, Ethel? If you want to go alone, fine.
And you'd be OK with that? Of course.
You just need to learn the secret magical hand gesture - for opening and closing the box.
- The what? The Great Wizard set it to the simplest possible one.
Yeah, maybe you'd better come.
Shall we just go now? Tooth of fox and claw of bear, cauldron, stay up in the air.
Too many people around.
We'll go to the wedding along with everyone else.
We sneak out when all eyes are on the bride.
And then welcome back, Indigo Moon.
More punch, I reckon.
No sign of him.
He can't have vanished.
We're going to have to tell someone.
We'll be finished as witches.
If Marvin Pringle gets out of here with his memory intact, everyone could be finished as witches.
Sybil will have picked up the real registrar by now.
We just need to take Mr Pringle back and blow some forgetting powder on him.
Lucky I know where Miss Hardbroom keeps it.
We just need to find him.
What we need to do is think like a non-magical person.
How are we supposed to do that? Hello, ladies.
I bet you didn't expect to see me back here, did you? Miss Hubble, we need your help.
I promised myself I wouldn't get into any trouble this visit.
It was so kind of Miss Bat to even think of inviting me after everything.
Miss Hubble, please, what would a non-magical person do if he found himself in the Academy? I think he'd probably be looking for a phone signal.
And the only place I could ever find one was I need police! Ambulance! The Ramblers' Club! Anyone! Shoo! Shoo, frog, shoo! Oi, those are my guests! And this [RIBBITING] this is my best man.
Hm! Oh, I'm so sorry, Geoffrey.
Er And thank you, thank you, thank you for the very tasty wedding gifts.
[BELCH!] - Oh! [HE SCREAMS] Stop! Hm.
Must be one of Miss Bat's relatives.
Some of them are a tiny bit weird.
Hm! [RIBBIT] Hello? Mr Registrar? Hello?! Fudge? Fudge? Tell me he's not a VIP.
He's not a VIP.
He's nobody.
You can forget all about this.
Brilliant! Try not to put anyone into a clay sculpture today, Miss Hubble.
Honestly, you make one mistake! I shall not disturb you.
I simply wanted to give you my best wishes.
Oh, but you'll be at the wedding? I fear not.
I do not believe I am in a position to properly carry out my duties at Cackle's any more.
How can I demand the best behaviour from the girls when I myself have behaved unforgivably? Oh, what a lot of cauldron curd! Miss Bat! It's all about what one girl thinks, isn't it? The one who's finally cleared off, just as you wanted, except that's made you feel even more wretched, hasn't it? Miss Bat Today is my wedding day, and I'm allowed to say what I think.
And I think you love making yourself feel wretched, Miss Hardbroom, because you accidentally got a girl turned to stone.
Well, fine.
But if you really want to suffer, I have a suggestion.
Find her, bring her back and teach her.
He should get away with a sore head, poor thing.
Did he manage to call anyone? Not long enough to give anything away, and I don't think he made any texts.
Oh, wait Oh! What is it, Miss Hubble? "Country walk, fun date idea, not.
" I think he was expecting a lady friend, and I don't think she's coming.
Can we just get him back down the mountain, please? Oh! Miss Hubble, I have the forgetting powder.
We need to take him He's not there, the real registrar.
But that means there's no-one to perform the ceremony.
We had one job! What have you done to him? I knew I should have just worked on my puppet spell today.
Your what? It's just a way of controlling another person's actions As if they were a puppet.
That's it! Wait, Clarice.
He's going to conduct the ceremony.
How can he, when? I'll be controlling everything he says and does with this.
Oh, no, this is a bad idea.
It's worse than one of my ideas! We've no choice.
"As seeds fall in the forest, as fruits grow on the land, "when this wreath a witch doth wear, follow their command.
" See? You just think about what you want him to do and he does it.
Or say it out loud, if it helps.
Or say it out loud, if it helps.
Whoa! Right, we'd best hurry up, the ceremony's due to begin, like, now.
Oh! [ORGAN PLAYS] [TOAD CROAKS] Where are those girls? We might have a slight problem, Miss Cackle.
You see, I asked I had so hoped Miss Hardbroom would be joining us.
Alas, it seems not.
Yes, Miss Cackle.
The thing is, we have a more important issue.
[WEDDING MARCH PLAYS] You look bewitching! Um, shouldn't there be someone here to you know, marry us? [HEAVY FOOTSTEPS] [HE CLEARS HIS THROAT] So sorry, everyone.
Normal service will now be resumed.
So sorry, everyone.
Normal service will now be resumed.
[BANGING] [HE GRUNTS] Where's Mildred going with Ethel? Miss Hubble, Clarice is trying to concentrate! Sorry! Have you been at the pond water? It was only for the frogs.
Oh, you're hopeless at it.
Give it to me.
I'm fine, bristle brain! I'm fine, bristle brain! Oh, up here, please.
We are gathered here today to celebrate the wedding We are gathered here today to celebrate the wedding of Miss Gwendolyn Bat and Mr Algernon Rowan-Webb.
Hey, Fliss! You'll never guess who's bridesmaid? HB - in a frilly frock! No way! Well, if you want to take a look, I can cover for you for five minutes.
Miss Cackle said I wasn't to leave for anyone.
I'm not anyone.
I'm just me.
Five minutes! Coast's clear! Keep watch.
I hope he hasn't changed this.
Hurry, Ethel! Ethel? Ethel! Ethel! One simple glow spell.
It won't close.
Let's just go.
I can't just leave it! Miss Cackle will know! Felicity will be back any minute.
You go.
What? They'll find me here and I'll get the blame.
So what? I'm finished at Cackle's as it is.
Ethel, no.
Take the Star.
Save Indigo.
Just try one more time.
Yes, it worked! Come on! As they were separated for decades, with no idea that they were simply a pond away from each other.
That's brilliant, Sybil! And two different species.
And two different species! [LAUGHTER] And now I think it's time we had a special [WASP BUZZES] A special For a special secret! Performance from us pupils.
[WASP BUZZES] Performance from some of our pupils! Sybil, it's only a wasp! Ow! Ow! A secret performance from some of our pupils.
A secret performance from some of our pupils.
We've been practising one of Miss Bat - Esper Vespertilio's - most well-known pieces.
We hope you like it.
To the wolves and choristers Mix them in a bowling shoe By a bunch of us for you To dance for you To dance for you Ah, ah Tail of fox and bit of goat To the wolves and choristers Mix a little Where did we get this halfwit? [SINGING ENDS] [APPLAUSE] We did it! We got the Star! I tell you what, Mildred Hubble, we are unstoppable! We are bringing Indigo back! Let's make the wish! What? It's not our wish to make.
Mildred, come back! Double, double, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble.
Fillet of a fenny snake in the cauldron Least romantic reading ever.
I bet Mr Rowan-Webb chose this.
Oh, least romantic reading ever! I bet Mr Rowan-Webb chose this! Bea, you're miles away! Thank you for that reading, Mabel.
Thank you for that reading, Mabel.
Shakespeare, eh? Flipping brilliant.
Er, I haven't finished.
Face the bride, Algernon.
You're not marrying me! What is going on up here? Um It's a better view, Miss Hardbroom.
I, Gwendolyn Bat, take you, Algernon Rowan-Webb, to be my lawfully wedded lizard Wizard! Lizard Wizard! To be my lawfully wedded wizard.
I think you know the rest.
Oh, to chant and to rhyme from this day forward.
For good spells or for bad.
For thick potions or thin.
As human or as frog.
To love and to cherish.
Till magic is no more.
I now pronounce you witch and wizard.
I now pronounce you witch and wizard.
You know, he's got a nice smile.
You know, he has a nice smile, and dimples! When you've finished, Miss Hubble? Did I think that out loud? Can you please get him out of here before HB works it out? Sorry I'm late! What a climb! Right, shall we start the service? If he's the registrar who was that? I'll take you to the bus stop, Miss Hubble.
I'm sorry the day hasn't been as you expected.
Well, when is it ever, in this place? I'm just sorry I didn't get to see our Mildred.
I know she's been really worried about her friend, Indigo, enough.
You will explain to her for me, won't you? - Of course, Miss Hubble.
I'd love to - hear that explanation.
Let's do this.
Please don't worry, Mr Pringle.
Stop and think! We can cast any spell! Don't you want Indigo back? Not like this.
You know I'd do anything to get Indy back, but the Star belongs to Miss Bat and Mr Rowan-Webb and I'm going to give it to them.
Very noble of you, Mildred Hubble.
So you took the Wishing Star? Miss Bat, surely you don't take Mildred seriously? - It was a simple game which - Yes, Miss Bat.
I've wanted one of these for a long time to grant my greatest wish.
And now that has already been granted.
I'm looking for a Mrs Rowan-Webb.
Oh, I think that must be me! I know you only wanted it for a very good reason Mildred Hubble.
I've had my breather now.
Shall we go back in? Oh, absolutely.
I wonder when we'll be getting our gift from the Great Windbag? Well, that's blown everything.
Why didn't you listen to? It's ours.
[HE WAILS] Yes, I, I need every emergency service.
There's this castle, you see, and it's full of well, it's full of Why don't you forget all about it? Oh, morning.
I mean, um, evening.
I'm Julie.
I love country walks! Hurry up! I can't wait to make this wish.
Thank you, Mildred.
What? For letting me do this, even if no-one else knows.
You cast the spell.
- Oh, no, I couldn't! [MILDRED]: Go on.
Then I can tell Indy and everyone else that you brought her back.
She's your friend.
[ETHEL]: I can't.
- Take it.
Thank you again.
For everything.
Ethel? No! Ethel! Ethel, what have you done? Oh, you'll see, Mildred Hubble, you'll see.
What did you wish for? What did you wish for? Come on, chop chop! Put a spring in your step, girls.
It's not end of term yet.
We've got prize-giving to look forward to.
And all Miss Cackle's speeches.
What did you wish for? Oh, Mildred Hubble, if only you knew.
[RUMBLING] Passing back through the mists of time, I now delete your childhood crime.
30 years were long and hard, confined to turret, wall and yard.
Look out at the world below, Hecate.
You're free to go.
Right, Hecate, that's it.
You can leave as soon as the day is done.
Oh, it's hard to imagine next term you won't be here.
Yes, Ada The girls will miss you, too, although, of course, they won't admit it.
Ada I gather Miss Drill has her eye on your room.
Apparently she's thinking about pastel shades.
Ada, I have changed my mind.
Hecate? It was something Miss Bat said.
I have run away from what happened long enough.
I believe it is time I stopped blaming Indigo and started trying to make amends.
But this is marvellous news! Although, Miss Drill will be disappointed.
I think she had already bought the paint.
I will spend the summer searching for Indigo Moon.
I only hope she can forgive me.
[BANGING] Strange.
My tea leaves predicted sunshine.
I don't think Miss Bat and I will be flying off on honeymoon tonight.
No-one's flying anywhere in this.
Or magicking themselves out, an electrical storm reeks havoc with transportation spells.
Can't even climb down the mountain, you'd be blown away.
But it's the end of term, how are people meant to get home? Inside, please, everyone! Great, looks like we'll be spending another night at Cackle's.
Almost like someone planned it.
Someone with a Wishing Star, for instance.
You think that Ethel wanted this? Who else would be mean enough to trap people in school - at the start of the summer holidays? - Somebody's up there! Oh, here we go, hello, Ethel.
[CACKLES] - Indigo? - Indie! Hello, Cackle's, bet none of you thought I could do - the weather spell, am I right? - Indie! My cases! Those were designer! - What is wrong with her?! - I don't know! Here's the deal, I want HB, I'm going to turn her to stone.
And if you don't give me HB, then I'll wipe out the castle, your choice.
You've got 30 minutes to decide, one for each year I was a statue.
[SHE CHANTS] Onward ever striving onward Girls to your rooms! Teachers with me.
Mildred, you come, too.
Perhaps you can explain what on earth your friend is playing at.
Never a day will pass before us When we have not tried our best I'm as confused as you are, Miss Cackle.
Miss Hardbroom was always worried that Indigo's magic would once again make her malevolent.
But I thought those fears were unfounded.
She would never do anything to hurt anyone.
Come on, everyone, she's gone the same way as Mildred's mum.
Crazier than a cauldron of coconuts.
You only have to look the contraption she is riding again.
I told you to go to your room, Felicity Fox.
But the mind-readers have a right to know what's going on, - Miss Cackle.
- Then, tell them this.
Indigo seems to have mastered some powerful magic, it is true.
But she's just one girl.
If we cast a protection spell upon ourselves, we can deal with her.
We simply need the right ingredients.
My potions.
Where are all my potions? It seems you taught Indigo better than we thought, Mildred Hubble.
I really didn't teach her this, Miss cackle.
So we can't make protection potions? We cannot make any potions.
This is not the Indie we know.
Because the magic's got her all messed up.
You have to come from a witching family to be a witch, it says so in the code.
Why did you think you knew better, Mildred? Felicity, please.
I will go outside and tell Indigo she must stop this now.
You will do no such thing, that is exactly what she wants.
Indigo Moon is my problem.
It is too dangerous for anyone else.
Miss Cackle! There are messages coming through from the girls.
- They say a pupil just went outside.
- What?! They say it's Ethel Hallow.
[THUNDER INCREASES] 20 minutes left! Do you hear me, Cackle's? I said Indigo Moon, you don't belong here and you never will! Ethel, how nice to see you.
Ethel Hallow! Come back! It's definitely Ethel! I said no-one else was to move.
I never did get the chance to say goodbye.
- No! - No! Ethel! Be careful, Ethel! She has a protection spell! They say Ethel's taking Indigo on.
Like bee to flower, like moth to flame, lightning go back whence you came! Indigo! Where is she? Where's Indie? Where's Indie? She did it! Ethel did it! [BELL RINGS] Oh, I've been looking everywhere for you, do you want me to pack your red trunks or your blue trunks? I think we have bigger concerns than that, dear.
I have searched the grounds.
Perhaps she's made a run for it.
Speech, speech! Please, I only did what anyone would have done.
Luckily, I've been doing extra study on my protection potions in my free time.
Meaning that I had my own potion, which Indigo Moon could not have known about.
[ALL GASP] And yes, I did tweak the spell.
So, it was able, not just to protect from lightning, but throw it back.
That may seem a bit harsh, but then again, it was an awful rendition of the school song.
[LAUGHTER] - The school song! - What about it? ALL CHANT: Ethel, Ethel Indie never sang the real words to the school song.
Only the naughty ones, which she She and I made up as girls.
Miss Hardbroom, I don't know what we saw in the sky, but I don't think that was the real Indigo Moon.
Ethel, Ethel, Ethel, Ethel! [SHE HUMS] [DOORBELL RINGS] Oh, of course, he would have to be early.
Marvin Pringle, which part of 1pm do you not Star? Er Miss Hubble? I'm sorry, Mildred, I don't really follow.
We all saw Indigo.
But she didn't behave like Indigo, did she? And she was on the wrong broomstick.
She lost that one.
Indie was cured of bad magic, she was trying to fit in and be good, she wouldn't put anyone in danger.
Then who did we see up there hurling thunderbolts about? It was like Like someone's idea of who Indigo is.
Someone who doesn't like her very much.
I've realised that some of you were disappointed by my actions made last year.
I hope now that I have restored the good name of the Hallows.
A true witching family.
[APPLAUSE] I know what she wished for! This! She wished for this! What, Mildred? What do you mean wished? I'm sorry, Marvin, can we make it the same time next week? No, you don't need to bring a flask.
Looking forward to it.
I'm sorry for all of this.
You don't even know me.
Well, I feel like I do.
Mildred's talked about you ten to the dozen on the Magic mirror.
She talked a lot about you, too.
And where she grew up.
That's how I found you.
And where have you been till now? Here and there.
Is there no-one that can take you in? No family? I had an aunt and an uncle.
But I can't find them.
I went back to the old house, I asked everyone I could.
No-one even remembers them.
Well, I can help you look.
It was 30 years ago.
They're probably long gone now.
I don't have anywhere to go.
What are you doing? Leaving a magic mirror message for Mildred.
She needs to tell Miss Cackle that you're here.
- Please don't! - Indigo There's someone there I don't want to see.
Someone who was supposed to be my best friend.
Miss Hardbroom, Mildred told me.
How could she not say anything? When she knew I was trying to look for her.
How could she treat me that horribly? Sometimes, adults get angry at other people when they're really angry at themselves.
Mildred knew, too, and she never said anything either.
Well perhaps Mildred just thought it was HB's job to tell you.
But she didn't, did she? Joy grew up to be a horrible person.
And because of her, I am never going back to Cackle's.
There's something Ethel isn't telling you.
She and I took Miss Bat and Mr Rowan-Webb's Wishing Star.
[ALL GASP] You did what?! Miss Bat said we could use it to help bring Indigo back, but, Ethel wanted it for herself, and now I know why.
Ethel Hallow! She used the wish to make her the one who saved the school.
The Wishing Star gave her something to save us from, a fake Indigo.
Ethel's idea of a menace.
Mildred Hubble All so you could be the teacher's pet again.
If there's one thing Ethel Hallow did not do today, it's save the school.
[WIND HOWLS] [SHAKING] Onward, ever striving onward Proudly on our brooms we fly Straight and true above the tree tops Shadows on the moonlit sky Onward, ever striving onward Ethel Hallow, where is that protection potion? I only did one measure, Miss Hardbroom.
You emptied my potions laboratory for that? [SCREAMING] Down to the kitchens, everyone! What part of HB or the school did you not understand? You've got 12 minutes left.
Stop this! I don't wish this any more! I unwish it! [LAUGHS] Thanks.
Oh, Indie, would you pay the delivery lad for me? Purse is in me bag.
Star, come here, come here.
Now take this note to Mildred.
Reckon you can fly this? Sorry, best I can do.
OK, go on, boy.
This way, girls.
Let's not lose heart, everyone, there's always silver lining.
I could make some of my famous cheese scones.
[ALL GROAN] Suit yourselves.
[ALL GASP] The Wishing Star is attempting to complete your wish.
It is giving you another chance.
But I can't save the school.
Not without a protection potion.
Did I not always warn you that wishing stars are not to be trifled with? Well, if Mildred Hubble hadn't fooled you all into thinking she was some kind of golden girl Millie has never been that.
She's got her own plaque in the hall, hasn't she? She's lantern monitor, isn't she? Lantern monitor, who cares? I care.
I care because she was asked and I was not.
And all because she saved the school - one time.
Miss Cackle, we have less than ten minutes.
We'll just have to hand over Miss Hardbroom.
That is not an option! There is another possibility.
Prove to the fake Indigo Moon that it is not real, - that it is a sham.
- How would you do that, Miss Cackle? We would need to present it with the real Indigo Moon.
She could be anywhere.
Oh! I could really get used to this, you know? You don't want a full-time house guest, do you? I'm actually serious.
Star and I would love Hey, where is Star? Here, boy, here! Listen, Indie, what if I told you that I was an amazing gymnast? OK, maybe not a gymnast.
Piano player! And I told you that I was dropping out of music school forever - what would you say? Can I have your piano? Mildred tells me you have amazing magic talent.
And every time I use it, I remember where it came from - from someone who can't stand having me around.
I found this in your bag when I was getting the money.
It's forgetting powder, isn't it? Yeah, how did you know? There is a label stuck on it.
Oh, yeah, I didn't want to get it mixed up with me blusher.
I should have given it back straight away.
Well, I'm glad you didn't.
Because I want to forget I ever met Joy Hecate Hardbroom.
How could you do that without forgetting everything, without forgetting all your magic? Well, if that's what I have to do - fine.
Five minutes! [EVIL LAUGHTER] Stop, Hecate! We are almost out of time.
You can't go out there, Miss Hardbroom.
Does anyone have a better way of finding Indigo Moon? Then the matter is closed.
I said I wanted to make amends, Ada.
I suppose this is one way.
Star! Star, come here, boy.
I missed you! Where have you been? Good boy, good boy.
- Indigo's at my mum's! - What? We just have to go and get her.
No-one can get through the storm.
Star just did, because he's a brilliant flyer.
And I think Miss Hardbroom can too, because she's brilliant at transportation spells.
Dangerous even for Miss Hardbroom.
The storm could prevent her from materialising.
She could be lost forever! Or, she could be turned to stone and we could all be blown to pieces.
You're the only one who can do it, Miss Hardbroom.
Indigo Moon fled this place to be away from me - what can I possibly say to bring her back? The things you have wanted to say for 30 years.
Four minutes.
[SAD MUSIC] Indigo, don't do this! How am I supposed to live a normal life knowing what I am? I can't go back, and I can't forward.
So, I have to do it.
Thank you, Miss Hubble.
Indigo Moon, put that powder down at once! Put it down, please! Cackle's need your help.
- Seriously? [JULIE]: What's wrong? Is Mildred OK? If Indigo returns, she will be.
You couldn't wait to get rid of me before.
You gave me magic once, because you needed a friend.
When I needed a friend, where were you? I am sorry! I am sorry.
For what happened to you, and that I could not turn it back.
And when you returned, I had to face that again every time I saw you.
It is true - I cannot be your friend.
Not like when we were young together.
I am your teacher now, Indigo, and I will not let you down ever again.
Time is running out.
Put the powder down, please.
And trust me.
Here I come - ready or not! Try to be brave, girls.
Time's up, Cackle's.
Bring me HB.
Where is she? Fine! Then, you've made your choice.
[SCREAMING] [BOTH]: Millie! [MISS CACKLE]: Mildred! Come back! You're not the real Indie! Oh, aren't I? No! You're just magic, Wishing Star magic! Millie, no! Mildred Hubble is right, for once! This evil copy is no more real than a hologram! It's a trick, I'm real.
No, you're not.
I'm the one and only Indigo Moon.
I'm the one and only.
If you're the real Indie, do you know the words to the school song? Of course, I know.
Onward, ever striving, onward, proud No! The version you and Joy used to sing.
Onward, ever skiving onward Proudly in our rooms we lie Zoom like rockets through the tree tops Breaking rules as we whizz by Never a teacher goes before us Who we will not blank our best Keep our cauldrons smelling awful Cast our spells with cheek and jest We mix our potions And whatever we decide When we turn Miss to a froggy Let us think of it with pride.
Indie, you saved the school! We saved the school! We saved the school! [CHEERING] [BELL RINGS] [THEY GASP] Evil me did this? We'll all help rebuild, Miss Cackle.
Even if it means coming back in summer.
That's just Maude's little joke, Miss Cackle.
Don't worry, girls.
I think we finally have a worthwhile use for a Wishing Star.
Starlight, Star Bright, star of great and boundless night.
My beloved Academy now restore, make it as it was before! [THEY CHATTER AND GIGGLE] Ethel Hallow.
I thought I would let you know that I did have you down for Lantern Monitor next year.
Obviously, now, you will be monitor of nothing.
Right, Tabby, let's see if we can fix this.
I think you will need a new one, Mildred.
Oh! I assume you are returning? You have certainly proved to me that both you and Indigo Moon fully deserve a place at Cackle's.
I was just thinking, Miss Cackle, there must be lots of girls out there who would love to come to a school like this.
What do you mean, Mildred? It's just that Well, Indie and I had such trouble getting in because we weren't the usual type of pupil, and Things have always been done a certain way at Cackle's, for several hundred years.
It's traditional, Mildred.
We can't just go changing things.
But why can't we, Miss Cackle? What's to stop us from opening our doors to all the girls out there who feel a bit well, different? The girls who have magic in them, even if you can't always see it straight away.
[TEACHER CHATTERS] Just a moment, let somebody else have a chance.