The Wrong Girl (2016) s02e08 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 8

1 As this producer, I promise to listen to you and have your back in good times and in bad and Is that your wedding speech? Yeah.
I've been working on it.
What do you think? Australia, I want you to meet Liam Johnson.
I'm angry.
And you were lying.
Well, maybe I'm not like you, Lil.
I'm not brave.
I feel trapped and screw up.
Did you think that I was so repulsed because you can't use your legs? Yeah.
- I don't reckon we need a month.
- Yeah? I don't know.
This feels pretty real to me.
That's because it all ties back to this one girl, - who's, like, Pete's unrequited love.
- (CHUCKLES) - And that's the whole reason why - No.
- he wrote the book in the first place.
- It's not the whole reason.
He's been in love with Lily for basically forever.
Pete told you that.
Why did you lie to me? Are you in love with Pete? No.
I'm in love with you.
- He's left.
- What? No.
Huh? Lily, he's left.
I'm so sorry.
- What did he say to you? - I don't know.
Something about a pause.
He said you'd know what that meant.
We're all scared of trenches And grow weak at the knees I want you to know that If all you've ever wanted - Was a dream - (PHONE TINKLES) Then you know that I can't help you PETE: Hey, um, it's me.
Welcome back.
I'm sure you'd rather be next to a pool on your holiday.
Yeah, just calling to see how you are.
If there's anything I can do.
I hope you're okay.
Um, I'll talk soon.
'Cause you know you left a hollow In the author of my face 'Cause you know you left a hollow - Where your body cut an alcove - Hi.
You've called Jack.
Please leave a message and I'll get back to you.
- (DOORBELL RINGS) - MIMI: Sweetheart? Hello? Hi.
We tried your phone last night but it I forgot to charge it.
Lil, we've been driving around for a bit, and I'm sorry, but I'm about to pop a bearing.
Would you mind if I? Thanks so much.
It's So How was the holiday? - How was the resort? - Yeah.
Really relaxing.
Bloody hell.
Have you spoken to Jack? I mean, your father wants to call him but I said on the strictest terms.
- Yeah.
He's been calling a lot.
- Jack? - No.
- Oh.
You know, Yvonne found some more sleazy texts.
They were old ones, but she kicked him out anyway, which is probably a good thing.
- Mm-hm.
- Anyway - Lil - Mmm.
I have been going over and over it in my head.
How Jack could do that.
It is so out of character.
I should get ready for work.
- Work? - Yeah.
- Today? - Mm-hm.
Oh, good.
Look, milk it.
Have a holiday, a proper one.
- That That's not Lil.
- Right.
Well, look, I never liked him.
- Never trust a bloke that good looking.
- Mmm.
- I said all the wrong things.
- No, I did.
So, once you've cut the last triangle we go voila - Ah, little Eiffel Towers.
- Look at that.
- C'est magnifique.
- Yeah.
Oh, my God.
It smells amazing.
It's a cooking class in here, huh? Hey.
See you, monkey.
See you.
- Oh, Pete - Mmm.
Can we schedule in a Manisha meeting tomorrow morning? Uh, yeah, but can it be midmorning? Might be a late one tonight.
- Oh, yes, the big launch.
- Mmm.
- Are you nervous? - No.
It'll be fine.
It's just media buyers and advertisers.
He didn't sleep.
I woke up and he was practising his speech.
Oh, okay.
Thanks for that.
Well, give Lily a squeeze for me.
Still no idea why Jack just up and left? Uh, nup.
No clue.
- Anyway.
Have fun.
- Okay.
- See ya.
- Bye.
You've called Jack.
Please leave a message and I'll get back to you.
(DOORS DING) - Lily.
- Good morning.
- How was the resort? - Good.
And what about that pool bar, the topless Colombian bartender? What's his name? Um Raoul, was it? Right.
There is no pool bar.
All right.
I stayed at home.
Look, I get it.
What happened to you is the stuff of nightmares.
- I just needed to hibernate.
- And I feel for you.
But Jeremy's got his focus on this love song thing.
- Okay.
- Little weasel went over my head and secured Nikkii as host, which is a scheduling shit fight.
So I need you on your game.
I'm on it.
Although if you think you're close to meltdown No.
This is where I want to be.
Lil, I just want to say anything you need, like, anything at all.
I mean, it's all so tragic and shocking.
No one died.
That's what I said.
She'll come out of this bigger and better than ever.
When Simon broke off our engagement after nine years I was devastated.
And now, I'm the star of two TV shows and he has chronic psoriasis and manages a bank in Ballarat.
I've got to go and see Jeremy and Pete.
How's tomorrow's show looking? We've got bedroom Feng shui and swearing makes you stronger up before the first break.
Any thoughts? Lil, are you okay? Huh? Lil? - Yep.
Is that it? - Actually there was one other thing.
Our new co-host I mean, he's brilliant and everything but also kind of - Arrogant.
- unreasonable.
The word "tosspot" often comes to mind.
Also, he hates us.
Cat diets.
You are serious? These aren't even ideas.
They're not even brain farts.
People get paid for these ideas.
Correct? Yes? Do you hate your audience? Is that it? Okay.
I'll talk to him.
Good to have you back.
Good to be Yeah, back.
- I'll check.
- Okay.
You've called Jack.
Please leave a message and I'll get back to you.
(BEEP!) - Hi.
- Hi.
I was just about to come chase you up and ask you how things have been going.
Um, globally? Politically? What are we talking? Locally.
And professionally.
I know there's been somewhat of a vacuum here of late and I made a lot of promises about not letting you down, but I'm here now.
If any problems arise, please tell me and I will You'll take care of them.
It's just red eyes and the, um the Cheezel dust that's in your hair that doesn't inspire confidence.
You're aware they're calling you a tosspot? Yeah.
I don't care.
Oh Oh, come on.
Oh Vending machine.
You're one function is to vend.
Um How was the resort? Yeah, it was great.
- Are you? - Good.
I'm great.
I'm really relaxed.
Really? I'm not sure I believe you.
Well, just so you know, since you've been gone I've been going through my own break-up.
Yeah, Jeremy wanted Bernard off the show so I had to let him go.
I'm really sorry, mate.
Of course.
It's a good decision.
Um, good decision.
I mean, it's not exactly the same situation, but, um Yeah.
I have to go to work.
Just so I'm clear.
We're not going to talk about what happened with Jack or why he left? - No.
- Okay.
Well, um Well, embracing the no talking then, how about karaoke tonight? Drinks, loud noises? I could round up SIM and Vin.
Oh, no, I meant Jeremy's organised it as a tie-in for the show launch.
I could put your name on the door.
Actually because of your show launch, Jeremy's gone AWOL and I'm left to make the actual show by myself, which is tricky because everyone's talking to me like I have a terminal illness.
So, thanks, but I may not make it.
(PHONE DINGS) JACK: Hey, just letting you know I'm going to be swinging by the house in half an hour to pick up some stuff.
Jack? We need to talk about this in person.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Where is he? Um He sent you.
He didn't want to make things worse.
How could they be worse? He does this.
He retreats like a wounded animal.
It's a pretty major character Can you not compare my relationship to yours? Where is he? Do you know where he's staying? You're not going to tell me? Okay.
No, fine.
That's understandable.
Lily, I think you guys are terrific together.
I think this is fixable.
You tell Jack that this is his house more than it is mine.
He can come back whenever he likes.
I won't be here.
(DOOR CLOSES) How'd she sound? Ah, on a scale of 1 to 10 I'd say just shit, yeah? Hey, if she's gonna be staying here, I don't want her entering another house of weirdness.
Oh, you mean the incident.
Yeah, I meant we could just chalk it up to nostalgia.
No, yeah.
Nostalgia or, you know, weddings.
That's what I thought.
Um so (KNOCK AT DOOR) - Should - Yah, no, that was a good chat.
I've got salted caramel ice-cream and seasons one to six of Girls.
And I have vodka and a tough love attitude.
I'm only staying if you promise we're not talking about it.
No pitying looks, no questions.
Last two weeks never happened.
- Done.
- Done.
I keep thinking, weddings make people crazy.
Not like runaway groom crazy, like crazy, proper crazy.
But then it hits me, how can I ever trust him again? Because bad things happen all the time, right? And you don't just leave.
Because if you do, it means you can leave anytime.
Like, if I have a baby one day and it's organs are born outside its body, what would stop him from leaving? That's a salient point.
I'm gonna tell him that.
No, you're not.
How many times have you called him? Oh, my God.
We have practical things to figure out.
Have a look at this call history.
- I'm deleting his number.
- Oh, she'll know it by heart.
Well, then I'm blocking him from Facebook, re-routing her emails and instigating a phone ban.
I'll go to a payphone.
Ice-cream can wait.
I'm taking you out.
You can't come.
All I want to do is go to bed and die.
Yeah, well, we've tried it your way for the last two weeks.
Get dressed, young lady.
Oh! Jeez, what are you wearing? You can't even stretch out for the ball.
All right, you got 10 seconds to say what you will.
Well, it's not your usual "I dress like a lumberjack "even though I've never done a hard day's work in my life" look.
And you sit inside, you're tapping away at the computer all day.
Your hands are as soft as a baby rabbit's.
And your 10 seconds is up.
You've got your fancy new job, your fancy new girlfriend, your fancy new jacket.
Things are coming up all right for you, aren't they? - Yeah, well, and, uh - Oh, yeah, and for me.
I'm thinking of asking Mims to go on a trip with me.
The Camino in Spain.
You heard of it? - The Uh, yeah, I have.
- Do you mind? I mean, it's something I always wanted to do with you one day.
- No, you didn't.
- No, I didn't.
(LAUGHS) We've got this.
Anyway, I saw a doco on it.
So, do you mind or what? No, not at all.
Are you gonna take two tents or one? - Go to buggery.
- Huh? - Give me my phone.
- No.
What if it's Jack.
It's not.
It's Pete and your dad.
Do you want either of them? I haven't even been eating the last two weeks.
I mean, aside from breakfast and snacks.
You're down to three square meals a day? Also, I just I can't stop thinking about His penis? I've seen better.
I found it too sort of sure of itself.
Not so much as how much my body has learnt to fit with his.
I learnt to sleep with him.
And how to sleep beside him.
Well, you know what you need.
You need clean-slate sex.
- What? - Just like a palate cleanser.
Like a sexual sorbet.
Or even just a pash.
What about, um What about bow-tie guy at two o'clock? - Where? - Excuse me? - I don't want to.
I don't want to.
- Excuse me, sir? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Oi, sir! Please.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Did you just throw a pretzel at me? - She Yeah.
- I did.
She's crazy.
She's very drunk.
Uh my friend here, she just got dumped publicly.
It was brutal.
Yep, he dumped me at our C-grade celebrity wedding.
And I'm not the celebrity.
Anyway, we thought that you would be the perfect guy to pash her back into form.
- (CLEARS THROAT) - (LAUGHS) Uh yeah, nah.
I don't think so.
- Good luck, though, girls.
- Who does he think he is? That was really good for my ego.
SONG: I let a good man down I watched him fall I let a good man down I kissed Vincent.
- Or he kissed me.
- Really? What, like, a friendly peck? Oh, definitely not a peck.
- Our tongues touched multiple times.
- Ew.
It was above-clothes groping that stopped just short of dry-humping.
Please don't judge me.
What about Alice? Exactly.
It's a mess.
So, what now? Um I don't know.
We don't know much, do we? No.
We don't know anything at all.
Shitty move, putting me in the middle.
I owe you.
So, are we gonna start filming again soon, or are you planning on hiding out here playing with your knives and a fire until the end of time? I I don't know.
I think you're gonna regret it, ending it like this.
And and if it's what I said, then I just think you're overreacting big-time.
It's not just what you said, Gill.
She she's not with Pete, trust me.
- Right now she's crying over you.
- That is not why she is crying.
- How do you know that? - Because I KNOW her.
Better than she thinks I know her.
(SIGHS) What happened? My physiological inability to get drunk wore off.
I meant with Jack.
I told you about Vincent.
It's just it's so incredibly stupid.
He asked me if I'm in love with Pete.
Yeah? Well, so, what did you say? That's the thing.
I paused.
Paused how? I don't know, just to collect my thoughts.
He has this theory that I pause when I lie.
So, are you in love with Pete? No.
No, I'm not.
I'm not.
- Oh, my God.
- What? - You are.
You're in love with Pete.
- No.
- You are.
- SIM, I'm not.
It's not funny.
No, right now I am devastated over Jack, okay? My heart feels like it's been ripped out of its chest cavity.
You're relieved.
You're relieved that you're not marrying Jack, and you think that that makes you a terrible person because you feel so relieved.
You're wrong.
No, give me my phone.
Give me my phone.
You think that I'm right.
And you think that Jack was right.
And mostly, you're just scared about what that means.
SONG: I miss him more than I should I miss him more than I should But when I hear his name I go blind Oh, it happens all the time LILY: (ON RECORDING) What would you say to yourself in, say, 20, 30 years' time? All right, future Pete would say, "Where are the hover boards?" Unless of course there were hover boards, then future Pete would say, "Pete, stay off that hover board, you've got terrible balance, "you'll probably kill yourself.
" Come on, answer seriously.
I'm asking you a ser This is a serious question.
What? What do you want from me? - More.
- More? - Answers.
- See, that's your problem.
Future Pete says, "That's your problem.
" Hi.
You're Aaron's girlfriend Lily.
Look in his eyes and tell him the truth That I don't think it's supposed to feel like this Thank you.
I'm in love with you.
Sir, I need to change my destination.
Stop biting your nails.
Calm and confident.
We have all the media buyers in the house tonight.
- Really? Where? - See that guy there? - The beard? - Oh, yeah.
Yeah, well, he represents Australia's leading manufacturer of breast tape.
You're a fan, aren't you, Nikkii? - How do you know - Nikkii.
I see through you.
Hey, um, can I steal you for a sec? - Sorry.
- Yeah, sorry.
(CLEARS THROAT) Thanks for that.
And, um, thanks for coming tonight.
Of course.
Just so you know, tonight, it's going to get a bit sappy but I want you to know I'm still the same cynical, unromantic man you first went to bed with.
Thank God.
(CHUCKLES) But, um I'm liking this.
What we're Me too.
Which is why I'm hoping what I'm about to say won't make a difference.
Where's Lil? Um, in hindsight I don't think it was the best idea to take her to the bar.
And also we have also tell Alice.
Otherwise you're an arsehole.
We're both arseholes and I'm really busy right now with uni and I can't have this weighing on my conscience.
- I've got assignments, so - SIM.
I'm breaking up with Alice.
(LAUGHS) You're all I think about.
Me too.
With you.
I'm not all I think about.
- That would be narcissistic.
- (LAUGHS) Yeah? Yeah.
(APPLAUSE) - It's real easy to me.
- Okay.
So powerful.
(LAUGHS) Um Whoo! So right now I would like to welcome to the stage creator Pete Barnett and host of our Um, it's Lily Woodward.
MAN: You're not on the list.
Those are my friends up there on the stage.
Then you should call them and get them to put you on the list.
Look, I don't know if you appreciate it, mate, but I'm having a bit of a night.
(SIGHS) Are you a romantic man? I love my list.
This is a project from the heart.
But getting back to origins for a second, Pete, this started life as a book, didn't it? Where did the idea come from? Big voice.
Um, yeah, well, after some emotional upheaval in my own life, I was listening to this one love song on repeat and, um, so had this idea to write this book about love songs and the stories behind them, muses and the musicians.
And, um and so when we came up with the TV show, we wanted to look at love in all of its facets.
You know, the good, the bad and the ugly, how love can lift you up and then how love can bring you crashing down to earth.
Um And then how love dies.
And how, uh how new love can come along and new songs.
(FOOTSTEPS APPROACH) BERNARD: Sell-out! Judas! Oi! Pipe down, would ya? - What are you doing here? - I will not pipe down.
Pipe down or I will pipe you down.
You can't threaten him.
I'll file an official complaint with your supervisor.
As a patron.
You're not a patron.
Your name's not on the list.
Your name isn't either! - Go, go, Lily, go! - (APPLAUSE) - Oi! - (THUMP!) (ALL EXCLAIM) Ow! Oh, oh, ah! Hey, I'm not It's not touching you.
Yeah, well, I've got overactive pain fibres.
Okay, well (COUGHS) Do you want to Hey.
You said my name was on the door.
You said you weren't coming.
You all right? What is this? What are you wearing? - Uh - What is it? It's new.
Do you I don't like it.
It says, "Look at me.
I'm a jacket.
" It's a sports coat, actually.
It's not you.
None of it is.
You want to come inside or you want to stay out here and criticise my sartorial choices? What are we even doing? What was that speech? And, what, dumping Bernard? Look, I know why you're angry at me.
All right? - Gillian didn't mean to - What's Gillian got to do with it? She she told Jack that you and I had We we slept together? - No, no.
- That we what? No, no, said what I'd said to you, and I don't know why Jack thinks that means anything.
Frankly I think he's being a massive dick about it.
But if you want me to call and explain that we're not anything anymore We're not? No.
We're not.
Because I want it on the record that I disagree with that assessment.
Jesus, Woodward.
I'm serious.
Don't come here and explode my life just because yours is falling apart.
It's not what I'm doing.
(SIGHS) I know how you feel.
I do.
When Pete dumped me I went through all the stages at once.
Like, grief and sloth, lust I think they're the deadly sins.
Is it a sin to feel, Lily? Maybe.
- Ooh! No.
- Okay.
Why not? Because my engagement broke up a fortnight ago.
And you had sex with my mum.
Oh, yeah.
And I'm eating a garlic kebab.
You're right.
You're right.
Wouldn't be fair on Mim.
(PHONE RINGS) - Sasha? - SASHA: Okay, listen up.
Building collapsed in the city.
The news desk wants to hold the story through into morning but I thought you might take issue with that.
I'm not sure I'm in the right head space for it at the moment.
Do you want to try that for me again, princess? I don't think I'd do it justice.
You know, Lily, when shit really hits the fan, fuck friends, screw food, forget family.
It's always, always work that saves me.
You coming in? - What do we know so far? - Workplace accident.
SASHA: Lily.
Glad you could join us.
So, there's either three or four or seven people trapped, depending on which reports you listen to.
- Or none.
- Always a pessimist, Dale.
Lily, work your magic.
Find an angle.
What do we know about the company? Other projects? We need to look into any history of cutting corners or problems with the union.
I mean Go and get ready and I'll brief you by the time you're through make-up.
- There's no other producer? - No.
As it happens.
You and me.
(FUNKY DANCE MUSIC) I am going to make you a star.
Ahhh! Let me smell your hair.
- (LAUGHS) - You are a terrible dancer.
I know! Hey! Loved it.
Completely loved it.
Thanks, mate.
Thanks for coming.
See you next time.
(LAUGHS) And I'm still having major shame/regret over the whole - Hey.
- No.
I shouldn't have said anything to Jack.
I should've told you.
Forget about it.
It's fine.
There was no deep, dark agenda, or I know.
I know.
Hey, um, what do you reckon about this jacket? I love it.
It suits you.
- Yeah? - Yes.
Can we go home? - Yep.
- Good.
Police are now confirming three workers, cramped, a little cranky, thank you, but safe for now.
- So it's a non-story.
- It's what we make it.
Well, whatever your name is, can you give me the company info, please? Sure.
Jeremy Gerrins reporting for duty.
Nikkii, hi.
Are you okay? Relax.
She's as sober as a judge.
Not a reality show judge but a real judge.
Nikkii, are you okay to go on air? I'm good.
I'm good.
Have you been briefed? I'm across it.
What? Building collapse.
I've got it.
Nikkii What did you do to her? (SCOFFS) I Will Always Love You, karaoke.
The top note, it broke her.
About time.
Nikkii, I'm sorry but you're going to have sit this one out.
What?! But it's husky.
It's gravitas.
It Okay.
This is a big show.
Focus, everyone.
Close on Liam.
Single on Liam.
Good morning.
Welcome to The Breakfast Bar and our live coverage of the trapped workers in a collapsed building in the CBD.
We can confirm the name of the company involved is Disk Engineering.
No, that's the wrong print-out.
Got a spokesperson from Disk this morning to Liam, it's not Disk Engineering, it's Ellison Industries.
The company is Ellison Industries.
Ellison Industries.
The company is, in fact, Ellison Industries, not Disk Engineering.
Sorry for that confusion.
Keep padding, Liam, and we'll get the "trapped in tight spaces" package ready to roll again.
Here is a man who was trapped inside of an elevator for an entire day.
Now, what did he learn? Dale, I thought you're supposed to be the smart one.
How is it possible to get the name of the company wrong? It was a Monumental display of your mass incompetence.
- I apologise.
- Don't apologise.
Okay? Just just don't cock it up in the first place.
Although I suspect that might be an unattainable aim for this crew.
- I don't know.
- Hey.
MY crew.
And if you ever speak to any of them like that again, I will You'll what? You'll cry? Storm off? (PHONE RINGS) Talk to me, Alice.
Okay, we're in and we found an SES worker who's in contact with one of the trapped women.
Great work.
Bad news, we don't have a feed.
We couldn't get the truck in.
- The trapped woman, what's her name? - Andrea.
So, Lily, what do we do? So does the hangover mean it went well last night? Uh, it went, um complicated.
The launch? No, no, the launch was all right.
Um It was just the the rest of it that Anyway, it's a long story.
You guys all right? Mitchell's moving to London.
For work.
There's really interesting things happening in the fractional investment property space I don't think Pete needs to know.
So are you guys Are you all right? Oh, no, no, we're fine.
We've never been better.
It's just, um Well, you know that I have a lot of family in London.
Yeah? And I I'd really like to go with Mitchell.
So what about Manisha? Well, um Ivan wants to walk it while he can still remember it.
Oh, my God.
You gotta do it.
I've never hiked before.
Yeah, so what? How hard can it be? It's just like a long walk with some big sticks and a backpack full of manchego.
- (LAUGHS) - Say yes, Mims.
Actually I've got some news.
Ooh! I think that Vincent and I are going to be a we.
Or a an us.
No, not an us.
Hate us people.
Um You don't think I I suppose I was just very happy that Vincent was getting you know, back to some normality with with Alice.
You know, a sort of stability.
He could have that with me.
Well but how? I mean, when a relationship starts this way, I just Come on, you know how I feel about cheating.
Uh No.
No, it's it's terrific, I'm sure.
I just need to get my head around it.
Just Just hold on there, okay, Michael? Thank you so much.
Alice has her now.
We're crossing to Erica.
Gotta be kidding.
Audio only? You know, the press conference with vision of the Premier is just about to start.
Yes, and I want you to cross to Erica.
Liam, I'm the producer.
Cross to Erica.
Trust me, I have something, Liam.
MAN: Here we go.
Three, two Welcome back to The Breakfast Bar.
We're about to go live to audio from the scene, where Erica is on her phone right beside the building.
Erica, can you tell me what it's like down there? ERICA: Yes, Liam.
I have with me an emergency worker who has been in contact with one of the trapped people, Andrea.
Michael, we're gonna put you on air now.
Erica, Liam, I have Andrea on the line.
Andrea, can you hear me? Uh yep.
We have your husband Michael on the line.
- MICHAEL: Hello? - Mikey.
- Um, up the levels.
- Are you okay, baby? Yeah, yeah.
I'm fine.
Just scared.
Although if you hadn't taken the car when I expressly asked you not to, I'd be home right now.
- (LAUGHS) - Okay.
We've been through this.
It's it's my only way of getting to work, okay? Andrea, could you tell us what happened? Oh, he does this, my husband, because he thinks his job is more important than mine.
I don't think that.
I mean yeah, in dollar terms, sure, I earn more, but Well, I meant in terms of the building site, but if you'd like to talk more about your marriage, we could - (LOUD RUMBLING ON PHONE) - Baby? Andrea, can you tell us what's happening now? Andrea! Andrea, can you hear me? (CLATTERING) (WOOD BREAKING, GLASS SHATTERING) (THUD!) - (MEN TALK INDISTINCTLY) - They're through! They're through! The emergency workers! - Fantastic.
Andrea, fantastic news.
- SASHA: Hey, yes.
- Listen, get out safely.
- That's my girl.
To all of you at home, we'll keep you up to date with any news as it comes in and we'll be right back after this break.
Don't ever ever talk to me like that again.
I love this show and this job and these people and I've been wanting to work in TV since I started filming student protests about tampon tax over a decade ago.
Don't ever, ever tell me I'm not committed.
You were impressive.
Well so were you.
But not not unengaging.
(GASPS) God, no! (LAUGHS) Oh, my God.
Are you kidding me? No! No.
If you wanna hold me dear Whatever you call it If you wanna take it back Just please don't ignore it But if you're unfair on me If you just turn back I'm not gonna lie We've just run out of time If you wanna hurt me now - (FUSSES) - If you wanna shame me It's okay.
If you wanna make it last Then I'll be your holy water Hi.
You've called Jack.
Please leave a message, and I'll get back to you.
- (BEEP) - Hey, it's me.
Um I just wanted to say I get it.
Why you left.
Maybe not the way you did Look, I really I hope you're okay Jack.
Oh, even with you Even with you, babe Oh, even with you.
Hi, I'm Jack, and I'm an alcoholic.
GROUP: Hi, Jack.
Big romantic gesture? Yes.
Yvonne's kind of punishing me.
I kind of deserve it.
Come in, darl.
I got baked beans, I got canned tuna.
You hungry? I'm sorry, Dad.
For all the money you spent on the wedding.
Aww, don't worry, Lil.
Took out wedding insurance.
You what? Well, you know, just in case.
You bet against my wedding? Well, I wouldn't put it exactly like that, darl, but I have to say, part of me is not surprised.
I mean, don't get me wrong, if you and Jack sort it out, that would be just fantastic.
But I did wonder was he exactly right for you, Lil? Been a bit lost, Dad.
Gotta get lost to get found, darling.
Well I reckon there's nothing left to do but defrost that bloody wedding cake.
Cake sounds good.
- Want some? - Yeah.
How we gonna get it? You're going to have to go into the house.
I've got my shoes on.
Well, I'm gonna have to lift you through the bathroom window.
You can't, your back's I know.
Well I can't go in there.
It's the most exciting night for Aussie TV Breakfast Bar team.
We are going to the logies.
Nothing is going right.
I did what you didn no have the guts to do.
Because flight bombing a wedding takes so much guts? You think I'm emotionally closed off, you had one foot out the door all of the time.
Isn't that right Steve? And a heart breaking loss.
I've been trying to reach you.
We're at the hospital.
Lily didn't see it coming.