Thief s01e06 Episode Script

In the Wind

Previously on Thief So what brings you out here nick? Well, nobody knows how to move money around like you do.
How to wash it, how to clean it.
Some dough gets shipped to a bank in Bangkok, Some headed for a currency exchange outfit in Myanmar.
What do you want? Half your score.
This is a train wreck, and my uncle, he don't like bad news.
It'd just be easier if I did this alone.
Do what's necessary.
- You don't want to kill a cop.
- Say good-bye.
Po-kai I don't even know these people.
This is Riley.
He's an old friend of mine.
I brought her to you to keep her safe.
She's not running away from me, Nick.
It's an emerald.
I need a lot of money for it, enough to get me to Hawaii.
It's no emerald.
- Jack, we're in church.
- I thought that made it holy.
We're hittin' the U.
Long memories, lots of guns.
We're gonna do it on the plane, in the air.
They won't know that they've been hit till they get to Colombia.
You want me to build you a jumbo jet? No, just part of the cargo hold.
There's something the government cares a whole hell of a lot about in that cargo hold down there.
$40 million, and they secure it with this.
Maybe there is a god.
Chinese got 'em.
Gabo's dead.
I'm gonna need you to boost a truck.
Inspector jackson, department of homeland security.
- What took you so long? - I made a stop.
Gabo we thought you was - I ain't ready to check out just yet.
- Can we see? Yeah, come on.
I know insurance companies, and they don't like people to fool around with 40 million of uncle Sam's dollars.
The package is in my care, and I'm gonna open it.
You need to call your office.
I got half the uniforms in the state humpin' the plane and still nothin'.
It's like they were ghosts.
Word is fbi's got some big shot rainmaker en route.
All right, hold on.
That's gotta be the guy.
I'll call you back.
Special agent Patterson.
I'll be in charge.
- Special agent, I represent the agency - That's fine.
I'll need you to step out now.
This is a crime scene.
I'll need you to step out now.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
You told me 2 days ago I'd have an answer yesterday.
Now I need and answer in 9 hours.
Roz always said you were reliable.
I need that information now.
I'll be waitin'.
Ok, we got 9 hours before the plane lands in Bogota.
Squeeze 20 mil into these 2 babies.
Bet you never had classes like this before.
The united states government has just been ripped off for $23 million.
That's a lot of zeroes.
Freshly minted, hot off the press, never been in circulation.
I don't know about you, but the only people I want stealing my hard-earned tax dollars are the politicians I elect.
I believe this is the same crew that pulled a $2 million job in San Francisco a month ago.
If so, these are not your typical mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, smash and grab morons.
These assholes are smart.
A crew like this we have 24 hours at the most before they are in the wind.
I want anybody who so much as looked at that plane to be interviewed.
I'm talking about flight crew, food service, baggage handlers, passengers.
I don't care if they were pushing a broom a mile away, we track them down and we talk to them.
These assholes will not get away.
The clock is ticking.
Let's go.
Guys, I got here as soon as I could.
And? Cleaned the van, ditched the tools.
You guys hear anything on the scanner? No, nothin'.
It's all good.
- We're on schedule, too.
- What's up with Gabo? We're gonna pick him up when we make the delivery.
Here, finish this up for me, would you? Yeah? You must've done something.
What did you do to my daughter? What do you want, man? Tammy must really hate you.
Look, Tammy's not my responsibility, ok? I did everything for her I could.
Well, you know where she is? I don't have time for this shit.
She's at the airport.
She bought her own ticket.
She's on her way here.
Really? Good for her.
Wrong, partner.
I'm on my way out of town.
I won't be here.
Why you telling me this shit, Jerry, huh? Tammy's not my daughter.
Look, I can't handle her right now, financially.
Well, money's not what she needs, man.
Either way, I'm on a plane, and if she comes, nobody'd be here.
You there? No, Jerry, I'm not.
Where is she? She's at the airport.
Well, you're not thinking about going to get her, are you? Man, we don't have the time.
I know that, Jack.
Nick, if the child wants to leave, let her go, all right? We have our hands full.
Nick, you did what you could.
More than any of us ever knew.
- She decided.
how much is - No, that's not your decision, man ! You do this, then you're choosing her over us.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! It's not like that.
To hell it ain't.
If it was one of us, you'd say no.
That's a fact, Nick.
Hold down the fort, man.
I'll be back.
Straight bullshit.
Ain't even his kid.
The Bloc Team Presents To You Thief, Episode 6, Season Finale "In the Wind" Lie here.
I think I have to take it out.
There's not much bleeding.
- That's good.
- Just do it.
Hold on.
Hold it.
Hurry up.
Come on.
I'm gonna have to give you a local, but it's gonna hurt like hell.
You gonna talk it out of me, old man, or you gonna do it? Hold still.
It'll be better.
Come on, Riley, come on.
Get it over with, man.
Hold on.
Bite down on this.
Hold still.
Hey, Tam.
He called you? I can't believe he called you.
He doesn't want me.
Well, all that matters now is finding you a safe place, and I've made some plans that we can talk about in the car.
Probably want me to take back what I said.
Well, you said what you said.
And I said what I said.
There's no taking that back.
What did he say? Doesn't matter.
It does.
It does matter.
It matters to me.
It's not the words, Tam, it's the deeds.
The man's not here.
He's not here.
That's all you need to know.
So, we got to go.
Breaking news right now out of Louis Armstrong international airport, authorities there have grounded an airliner bound from New York to Bogota due to an onboard robbery.
The theft apparently happened either while in flight or on its scheduled connection here in New Orleans.
I can't get it.
It's too deep.
Pack it.
Wrap me up.
God damn it.
Someone needs to take a look at this.
Hold still.
- Yes.
It's on the news.
- In other news, a New Orleans robbery homicide detective was killed in the line of duty in an apparent shootout with an unknown assailant.
It was a cop who did it.
You were to be responsible for him, Vincent.
I know, uncle.
Now he's dead.
I killed the man who did it.
You were there? Yes.
There was nothing I could do.
He was a cop.
Uncle, I think you knew that Billy was Billy did what Billy wanted.
I'll go visit my sister and tell her her only son is dead, then I'll claim the body.
You mean come here yourself? He was my only nephew.
I failed you.
I don't get it.
What does this have to do with my husband's death? We believe the man who shot your husband was in town in connection with a robbery in San Francisco.
Did your husband say anything to you about his last case? How many cops do you know bring their work home with them? None that I know.
She's just been widowed, and you're grilling her about a beef in San Francisco? Mrs.
Hayes, your husband and I may have been working the same case, running down this crew.
I need your help.
He didn't say anything to me.
It's not until he's dead does someone show an interest.
I can't help you.
Are we done? - I'll need a list of his CIS.
- All right.
If there's something else, turns out one of the guns was used in a double homicide, that thing a couple weeks ago Rich broad and her driver.
- Surely the department can't think that - No, not yet.
Department thinks they're burying a dead hero.
After all this.
So, I'll get his pension, right? The plane never got off the ground in New Orleans.
What? Yeah.
The heat's all over it.
Car's almost ready.
You might want to move the schedule up.
We're on, soon as you get him to me.
Can you keep an eye on her? I'll put her someplace safe.
You ok? Yeah, I'll be all right.
He's a butcher, though.
He was a big dude with glasses.
You know, that's all I know, really.
Look, I drive a truck, ok? Dude shows me a badge, I do what he says, all right, or it's my job.
Hold on.
Hold on.
That's him.
That's him.
I'm sure of it.
No, Sharona, listen, don't worry about any of that.
I need you to pack up the kids, ok, and go to the spot.
Sharona, no, listen to me.
Don't listen to the news, baby.
Just do what I said.
I can't tell you right now.
Mo, get off the goddamn phone ! Let me tell you something, if it's between this and my family, there is no contest.
Don't get in my face.
Not after what you did.
Now, we don't know that you've been made, ok? Not yet.
Now listen to me, Mo, if they got you, they got Sharona.
Her phone puts you right here, so if you want to be stupid, you got to do that shit somewhere else.
Come on, they're probably tossin' sky foods right now asking for no shows.
They're chasing a ghost named Julius.
You still got time.
We'll finish up.
You go get gone.
First made, first out.
Where? Huh? Go where? You can't make no out on the phone.
And I can't do it with sunglasses and a hat.
I need a guaranteed out.
Ok, this is what we'll do, ok? You go with the cars.
What? That's a good idea.
Yeah, you go with the cars on the container.
You take the boat trip to Asia.
Well, I guess I can do that.
Hey, I'll call Riley.
Just lose the goddamn phone.
Life, huh? Manufacture of silencers is a federal gun violation, Billy Ray.
ATF classifies silencers as cop killers.
Add that to your two prior convictions.
What about bail? Forget it.
It's a sealed indictment.
Judge is not going to change his mind.
Nothing you can do, huh? There's more.
Your wife They're making her a co-conspirator.
She's part of the business.
I know, and there is nothing I can do.
They've got you, Billy Ray.
Why don't you give them something? Anything.
Play ball.
Maybe they'll play with you.
You think about it.
You come a long way for nothing.
You're poking under the wrong rock.
Yeah, well, from what I read, a job like this sounds like it'd be right up your alley.
Hey, look around.
Does it look like I'm in? I'm just an old man living the dream.
Go find some youngsters and ask them.
I will, but right now, you're top of my list.
My man says there's blood on your truck over there.
Is there something going on here? My mare got caught in barbed wire.
I think you're full of it.
Pedigree like yours Rancher just doesn't fit.
You ain't never done time.
Rancher fits fine.
Yeah, I bet you still got your ear to the ground though.
You hear lots of stuff, don't you? Only thing I got to the ground, Mister, is my boots in horse shit.
You want to show me that mare? You want to show me your warrant? You ever seen him before? Looks like Dr.
back in the day.
Yeah, the heat landed so fast.
Somebody talked.
Why else would the feds roust Riley? Cause he's an ex-con, bump, why do you think? The same reason they'd come at us.
Who gives a shit? Screw the screw.
Yeah? Maybe one of us should pay a visit to our guinea friend in New York.
Hey, time to hit the bricks.
You know where to reach me.
It's good work.
Ok, bump straight out of town, no stopping, ok? Gotcha.
Yeah? Well, it's about time.
I gave up on you.
You sure? No mistake? Ah shit! Ok.
Ok, your fee's on the way.
What's up? It's a change of plans.
It's a change of plans.
Take the money out of the cars.
Hey, what's this? I thought we said two cars.
You always said have a backup plan.
I think I said have two.
The money ain't here.
You didn't set up shit.
Not like you said.
Not for us, anyway.
You were always smart.
Yeah, Roz had a few friends.
I made a call.
So, what man, a million wasn't enough? FBI changes things.
I got to start a whole new life again.
We never took from our own.
Never took out of anyone's pocket.
Nah, I got this Jack.
You know I have the girl.
No shit.
Why you think I'm here? You know, I never put you down as a child killer.
I'm not, but I can't vouch for the man that's keeping Tammy company.
He's bluffing.
So, one hour.
We make a trade.
I want her back in one piece, ok? So keep your hired hands away.
We have to go after them.
Cell block rules, man.
Never too late for a rat to lead us in.
Got to do it, Nick.
Ain't no free passes.
Riley is not worth taking a piss for, So forget about it, ok? Here's what we're gonna do.
Everybody takes their share, blows town.
And then what? Whatever you want? What about the money? I thought we were supposed to wash it.
Figure it out.
'cause you're all on your own, ok? I take my share, I trade it for Tammy.
Everybody splits.
End of story.
Nick, that child hates your guts.
You're gonna give up the score of a lifetime for her? She's my old lady's kid.
- This is a trip, man.
- Are you sure? Yeah, I'm sure.
Job's over.
May I ask you a few questions? I'm here to claim my nephew's body.
I have nothing to say.
It's just a courtesy.
We may have interest in some of the same people.
Wouldn't that be a kick in the head? I'm a businessman.
Oh, save it.
We both know what you are, and today, uncle Lao, I don't give a shit.
Some of the people who ripped you off ripped us off, too.
Now, believe me, I have far more resources at my disposal than you will ever have, so if there's anything you want to talk about Off the record, you let me know.
You have my condolences for your loss.
What do you call that? I'm counting, Mo ! No, no, no, just make four equal piles.
That'll be close enough.
Back off.
Just give me a sec, all right? We don't have a second.
Look, divide right here.
Huh? Great.
This is bullshit.
This is bullshit ! Look, just take a couple of mine, all right? Yeah.
Gladly, I'll take it.
I'm staying.
No, not this time.
This time we got your back.
- Nick, you need me.
- Gabo, it's ok, man, it's ok.
You done your bit, ok? So go get yours.
Get out of here.
Going after a man's wife.
You want to cry me the blues because you messed up, I'm not interested.
Your guy called me, Pal.
You got something for me? It's your choice, make a decision.
All right.
I want to know that my old lady's gonna walk on this.
You tell me what you know, and I'll tell you what I'm willing to do.
Ok, some guy wanted me to build him a fuselage for an L-1011.
Does that interest you? I'm listening.
You know where to find me.
Me, too.
- Just call, baby.
- Ok, we'll be talking.
Watch the six.
Take care of yourself.
You all right? You need anything? I'm gone.
Stay off the yard.
Billy told me about your illness.
You should've said something.
I would've understood.
I didn't want to disappoint you, uncle.
You still think of yourself as a paper son? Yes.
Well, you shouldn't.
Alright, come one girl.
Stay here.
And the rest? Halfway out of town, flying off in three different directions.
That's all I got.
Why doesn't that surprise me? This illness, what is it called? Parkinson's.
What does it do to you? Sometimes it makes me shake.
Is there a cure? They say no.
Vin, whatever can be done will be done.
The money changes nothing, you know that.
It'll still be your face you see in the mirror.
I got scars on top of scars a lifetime.
I can live with it.
Ain't the scars that count.
It's the man underneath.
Give me the girl.
I want you to come back with me.
We should leave.
In case you get any ideas, I know how to get lost.
With half the U.
government after you, you're gonna be pretty busy.
I wouldn't count on that, old man.
I been better than you for a long time.
We're good, man.
That Wanda must've been a hell of a gal.
Ok, we should leave.
- Come on, listen to me.
- No, forget it! You think I'm going anywhere with you? I am not some house pet.
I'm your step-daughter.
Tam, I'll tell you anything you want to know, but we should leave.
No, I'm not going anywhere until you tell me the truth.
All of it.
You know, you picked a really bad time to pull this shit.
You know that, right? Then you can go because I am not moving from this spot until I know everything.
Who are you people? All right.
I'm a thief.
A thief? Yeah.
I had something they wanted.
I gave it to them to get you back.
That's what just happened here, ok? What did you have? I had some money.
How much money? How much? Had a lot.
You gave them millions of dollars? $6 million.
- Was this money that you stole? - Yes.
- Did Mom know? - No.
So you lied to her? I never told your mother anything.
That would put her in harm's way, same as you.
Please, get in the car.
They're not here.
Give me your radio.
Yeah, baby.
It's all good.
Aw, I miss you, too.
Well, you know I can't wait to see you.
Where are you taking me? I got a place for you in that school out in California, ok? Tam, I can't take you with me.
It's not safe.
A black man and a white girl traveling together on the road? Calls attention, ok? For now, you're going to have to trust that I know what's best.
But what if I don't like it there? - What if I don't like the school? - Well, you know, give me give me a couple of semesters, ok? And if you still don't like it, and I'm squared away, I'll send for you.
From where? From someplace else.
You don't know where you're going? I know.
I mean, I can't tell you where I'm going now, but I'm gonna toss this phone, and I'm gonna call you in a minute.
Put your hands in the air! Elmo, what's going on? Elmo? To your knees! To your knees! Face down! Face down! Face down! Elmo, what's happening? What's goin' on? Hey, Julius.
You and I are going to have ourselves a long, long talk.
You're mine now.
Pick him up! Will you still be a thief? Tam, I do what I do.
If you're asking me, am I going to change, I can't tell you that.
I won't.
What can you tell me? I will never lie to you.
Never again.
Jack, I can't.
What do you mean, you can't? Well, I know you like me.
You do.
I know it.
I can tell these things.
Oh, baby, I'd be good to you.
I got money.
I'll take you anywhere you want to go.
Let's go to Europe, or even better Jack, stop.
Stop? What's going on with you? There's a good man in there, Jack, but I think there's something else, too, and I can't do that again.
I can't.
I I can't I I won't be back.
Business is business, buddy.
The price is 3,000.
Ok, you gave the girl 300 for it.
I'll give you your 300 back plus another 100.
No can do.
This ain't no charity ward.
Take it or leave it.
Take it.
This girl's gonna put me in the poor house.
Thanks to FRM Team for the Transcript End of Season One.