This Fool (2022) s02e06 Episode Script

Los Personas Invisables

What are you doing?
Uh, I'm trying to
figure out what to write
in this retirement
card for Esperanza?
Whoever that is.
What about, "Retirement is like
getting a lifetime achievement award.
The only thing left to do is die"?
That's perfect.
Hey, I could write it in Spanish.
You know, my buddies in
college used to call me Tex-Mex
because yo hablo un poquito Spanish.
I always love hearing your
incredible stories from college, Matt.
Anytime you remember
one, even if I'm sleeping,
- wake me up and tell me.
Wait a second, that's not right.
Ay, que linda, muchas gracias.
So we can't open
for another three weeks?
That's the best-case scenario.
It takes forever for the
paperwork to go through.
But don't you know the guy
who works at the zoning office
who handles all this shit?
That's the problem. He
hates my fucking guts.
Fuck, man.
What the fuck?
Aw, hell, nah, dawg.
Somebody washed my 501s?
You're supposed to dry-clean these.
What terrorist cleaned
my fuckin' underwear?
I jerk off into these and sell
'em for a hundred dollars a pop.
That is a week's worth
of cum down the drain.
- Mama!
- What?
Remember when you hit
that curb a few weeks ago?
Okay, but promise me you'll wear these?
Uno, dos, tres.
Good morning.
Good morning, Señora Eggsorbacon.
What's going on?
My head hurts.
Oh, you fall down in the street.
Oh, no.
What happened?
You no remember?
A big bird, bad bird attack you.
Oh. My goodness.
But I save you.
Well, thank you very much.
Oh. Mm.
You are my angel.
Wait, but you're not my cleaning lady.
Oh yes, it's me.
You hit head hard, really hard.
No worry.
You rest. I clean.
Fresh laundry.
Little sock bunnies.
Boop, boop, boop.
How adorable.
You rest now. I go.
Uh, are you coming back tomorrow?
I don't like being alone in this house.
Oh yes.
I come tomorrow.
Before you go, you take
those earrings over there.
It's a gift for saving my life.
Lord knows I don't need 'em anymore.
They are beautiful.
Thank you, Señora Englandfartson.
- Hey, Mom.
- Hey.
See? It's nice to
relax for a change, right?
That's my husband, my
late husband, Gregory.
He was an artist.
Gregory used his art to speak
out about important issues.
This one is a commentary on
the prison industrial complex.
And this one promotes
health and fitness.
Really nice paintings.
That is Gregory
and his best friend Tony.
Tony was a gay, but Gregory didn't care.
He was a real progressive.
Sometimes he and Tony
would even go off together
to the forest camping,
get away from the women.
Is this you?
Yes, that's me.
It was at one of Gregory's art openings.
It was called Inside Tony.
It was all about Tony's inner life.
Oh, you're so beautiful.
Like a movie star.
Oh, goodness, look at
all the makeup I have on.
I haven't used makeup
like that for ages.
Oh, those glasses look
gorgeous on you, Esperanza.
You should wear them all the time.
Muchas gracias, señora.
- Put some of that rouge on you.
- Me?
I'm not gonna get dolled up all alone.
That's no fun.
Do you believe in ghosts, Esperanza?
- Yes.
- So do I.
I've always believed there
are ghosts in this house.
Ghosts here?
I can feel them.
They're always around.
Will you see who it is?
What are you doing here?
She's the cleaning lady.
Oh, right.
Of course.
Cleaning lady.
Hey, Gam-Gam.
Gam-Gam, are you alright?
What the hell happened?
I fell.
I was attacked by a giant bird.
A bird?
A big, bad bird.
A eagle.
An eagle?
Like a bald eagle?
Yeah, bald eagle, no hair.
A bald eagle.
I thought those were extinct.
Only one left and hate your Gam-Gam.
A big, bad, bald bird.
But I'm fine now thanks
to my angel, Esperanza.
The lady you just met.
Oh. Right. Of course.
Muy gracias, Esperanza.
De nada.
I go on and clean now.
I'm gonna call Animal Patrol.
They can't just let bald eagles
fly around the city like that.
Are you sure you're okay?
I'm not dead yet.
I'm gonna go, Gam-Gam.
It was great seeing you.
And, um, I will call Marjorie
and tell her what we talked about.
Okay, and come again soon.
You're the only
grandchild who visits me.
Oh, I didn't realize comida
was included in your service.
Yes, señor.
Oh, oh, Matthew, wait.
Uh, before you go, take one of
your grandfather's paintings.
He would've wanted you to have one.
No offense, Gam-Gam, but
I don't think anybody wants
any of Pop-Pop's paintings.
Muy gracias.
No, no.
Oh yeah.
The casa is looking great.
bad news.
is gonna be your last week.
Uh, tu último semana.
I do wrong thing?
No, no, no, no, no, no.
It's just we're selling la casa.
are coming at the end of
Mi Gam-Gam is moving to
a, um, retirement home.
Ooh. Boo!
Uh, I call.
Buenos Aires to you, too.
You're leaving?
Oh, dear Lord.
Oh, yes.
Because of the ghost?
I didn't want to upset you, but
this house is full
of spirits.
I can't stay here any longer.
I feel like I'm
constantly being watched.
It's horrible.
But this house so beautiful.
You make the ghost go.
Oh, I wish I could,
but I don't know how.
I'm going to miss you, Esperanza.
But I know how.
Yeah. I can make the ghost go, leave,
so you can stay and I can stay, too.
What are you gonna do?
Uh, you should be
careful not to upset them
because it's not good
to make ghosts angry.
Ah, don't be afraid, señora.
I deal with them many times.
I know what to do.
Are there any ghost here now?
Sí, Esperanza.
I can feel them.
Get out of here, motherfuckers!
Son of a bitches!
The spirits, I don't sense them anymore.
I I can't believe it.
This is your house.
You tell the ghost who the boss.
You have problem, you call me.
I ghostbuster.
Thank you, Esperanza.
You are my guardian angel.
So we stay?
We stay here?
Sí, Esperanza.
Oh, no, the ghosts are
trying to get back in.
You must have made them angry.
Stay back. Stay back!
They're gone.
Wow, how exciting.
Thank you for calling Los Angeles
County Animal Control.
Leave a message and we'll get
back to you soon as possible.
Yeah, hey, Animal Control.
This is Matt Engelbartson
and I got a bone to pick
with you fuckers, okay?
Because my Gam-Gam is
bleeding out her ears right now
because some fuckin' bald
eagle decided to attack her
right in front of her house.
Is this how you run a city?
Is this civilized society?
Because I don't think so.
I don't think we should just have
bald eagles running around the city
doing whatever the hell they like, okay?
My Gam-Gam is 92 years old
and she doesn't deserve
to be treated like this
by some bald fuckin' eagle
that should be extinct.
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