This is Us (2016) s06e05 Episode Script

Heart and Soul

1 Previously on This Is Us Rebecca? I'm Matt.
Matt Dickson.
Would you like to I don't know grab a cup of coffee or something some time? Uh, I'm-I'm gonna go pay.
You fixed the fridge.
Thank you for all you're doing to help.
You're too good to us.
You are still a junior in high school, and you will not be going to visit your boyfriend in Boston again any time soon.
Well, that's gonna be a problem.
Oh, hey, you remember Elijah, right, from book club? Why are you calling me in the middle of the night? 'Cause I was about to call my co-star for a booty call, and you live across the country, and I figured you were the better option.
Okay, Bug, are you ready? All right.
Okay, find C.
There you go.
Ready? C, C, C.
C, B, A, B, C, D Ladies and gentlemen, we are witnessing history in the making here.
We've got the famous, stunningly talented and beautiful mother/daughter music duo, Kate Pearson, Rebecca Pearson, playing their very first song ever together.
Here, this is where it all started.
- Daddy, you're distracting me.
- You know what? You're gonna want this for your Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - induction ceremony, trust me.
- Okay, Bug.
- You want to try it again? All right.
- Mm-hmm.
C, C, C I do that only because I'm not sure! Phone a friend! - Phone a friend! - What? Phone a friend? You do not phone a friend at the $16,000 level.
- Really? I don't - Come on.
Bug, come, watch with us.
We just saw this teacher from the Midwest - win $125,000.
- Yeah.
You know, sometimes, I lie in my bed, and I think about how sad my life is, and then I come out here, and I see you two glued to this couch watching Regis and his monochromatic ties five nights a week, and I think to myself, "Huh, it could be worse.
" I like Regis's ties.
I'm going to Molly's, so try not to rage too hard while I'm gone.
We're not that sad.
No, no.
- Are we that sad? - No.
I went out with my work friends last month.
- I had a margarita.
And you - Wow.
you're dating, right? You're dating that woman you mentioned.
Marguerite, but it's not serious.
Oh, but still.
One margarita.
One Marguerite.
See? We're fun.
You know, um Rebecca, you you mentioned that you'd be, um, open to getting yourself back out there, right? Well, a friend of mine from work told me about this speed dating thing going on at Petey B.
's this weekend.
15 guys, 15 girls sitting across from each other for three minutes at a time 15 dates? That is way worse than one.
It's time.
You can't just sit here with me every night for the rest of your life.
Okay, Hailey, you want some sweet potato? No sweet potato.
Thanks for putting the laundry away.
- You didn't have to do that.
- No big deal.
I know you have a lot on your plate with Toby gone, and I love doing laundry.
Mom, no one likes to do laundry.
I do.
I love folding baby clothes.
It reminds me of when you guys were little.
How's my beautiful family? We're good.
We're just drawing, and sweet potato-ing.
Are you headed to the airport soon? That's what I wanted to talk to you about.
What's going on? So, Amir invited a bunch of us to watch the Giants game from his yacht on McCovey Cove - tomorrow afternoon.
- Whoa.
Baseball with the boss.
Apparently, it's a very modest yacht.
But I can still fly home.
No, no, no, no, um No, you should do it.
You know, get that time with Amir.
- Really? You sure? - Yeah.
As long as you explain to me what a "modest yacht" is.
I think it's just a canoe with a toilet.
Thank you so much.
This means a lot.
I love you.
Love you, too.
You know, I can stay with the kids tomorrow afternoon while you go to school.
It's not a big deal.
You know what? You haven't been to the school since last year.
Do you want to meet us there? Yeah.
I would love that.
That's it.
I knocked.
I'm coming in.
Listen, they're doing something cute.
Come here.
Take a look.
Come on.
Hurry up, hurry up.
You're gonna miss it.
- What? What? What are they doing? - Watch this.
Look, look.
- Look at this.
Watch this, watch this.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Hey, Nicky, Nicky.
Hey, hey, bud.
Can you point to your sister? There she is! That's very good.
Look at that.
Oh, she's clapping for him.
- Oh, what a good sister you are.
- Aw.
She's obviously such an empath, right? - Proud of him, yeah.
- I mean, - that's not normal how kind she is.
- No.
Such a good sister, huh? Hey, Maddy, I'm gonna order a smoothie.
Do you want one? I don't know.
I'm just I'm feeling a little snacky.
Uh, no, thanks.
- Hey, Kev.
- Hey.
You know what? I forgot.
You got a big weekend, huh? Uh It's just going to Pennsylvania for 48 hours to check on the house that I'm building for my mother.
That's the side of celebrities that people don't get to see.
Eli and I were just hanging out.
You were hanging out in the bedroom? Uh, yes, Kevin, because I am a grown woman.
Also we were mainly watching YouTube videos.
Elijah, shush.
But the kids are gonna miss their daddy so much, aren't you? Yeah.
Yes, you are.
Hey, um, we were going to take them to the zoo tomorrow.
Are you okay with missing first zoo? Yeah.
No, it-it's fine, it's fine.
You can have first zoo.
They watched their first episode of Entourage - this morning with me, so I am all set - Oh.
as far as formative experiences go.
- Hey, Kev.
- Huh? Should you and I exchange numbers? - You know, just in case.
- Yeah.
- That's a great idea.
What's yours? - No, no, no.
Just AirDropped it to you.
Poof! It's in your phone.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What're you doing? Well, I'm officially at my lowest point since the divorce was final last month.
Matty left for five days with Ryan, and currently cleaning up his Pokémon cards and trying not to cry.
Um, listen, I have an idea.
Why don't you come out with me to the cabin this weekend? There's an extra room, and Uncle Nicky's supervising the construction.
I'm sure he'd be happy to see you.
Oh, and he's bringing his new girlfriend.
Uh I mean, yeah, I could I could do that, maybe.
Wait, is this a sex thing? Oh.
Um No.
No? I mean, we are both adults, right, who have slept with each other in the past.
Uh, we're both very single, both very lonely.
I don't know.
What's-what's your temperature on this being a sex thing? I mean, I could go either way.
It'd be nice to know, though, 'cause it'll change my packing and grooming.
Of course.
I mean, am I open to it? Yes.
Am I expecting it? No.
Did I ask you with that in mind? No, but then-then you said, "Is this a sex thing," and I-I - I perked up.
- Oh, my God.
Send me the address.
I'll be there by tomorrow afternoon.
See you there.
Greetings, wife of mine.
How's things? Hmm Mm Mm.
- Whoa.
- Mm.
- Good day? - Good day? Not really.
I'd say it was a borderline crappy day.
There's meetings and red tape, - lackluster lunch salad.
- I keep telling you, you have - to have a carb at lunch, baby.
- Yes.
I told you that.
Get a potato in there somewhere.
But it is Friday night, and I have the entire weekend ahead of me with my beautiful, overworked wife.
Including a romantic dinner tomorrow night at the Thai spot on 9th Street with that branzino.
Ooh, the branzino.
That's a sexy fish.
Okay, and after that, I'm thinking maybe we - do a little dancing.
What? What? - No.
I'm gonna have to burst this fantasy bubble before I get too depressed.
We can't do tomorrow night.
Sí, se puede.
We can, and we must.
Why? Why? Um, because Deja said that Malik is in town for 24 hours and wants to have dinner with us tomorrow night Correction, make dinner for us tomorrow night.
He wants to make us dinner? - Mm-hmm.
- What's his game? I don't know, but it smells a little branzino to me.
Well, maybe it's an apology for participating in her secret trip to Boston and the lying and the stuff I don't like to talk about.
I hope it's an apology, but I don't know.
- Hmm.
- Kind of feel like we need to "worst case scenario" this bish.
You go.
Well, obviously, - she's pregnant.
- God.
- They went to Vegas - Mm-hmm.
and eloped while we were sleeping.
- Not preggo, just married.
You go.
- Okay.
Malik brings out dessert and there's an engagement ring in Deja's soufflé, and he proposes to her in front of all of us.
He pulls me out onto the back porch before he proposes to ask for permission, and, uh I don't know, he chooses the back porch because - we've had some really good talks out there - Play the game, Randall.
Um You go.
Deja wants to adopt Malik's daughter, and they move in here together and live with us forever.
- We need a new game.
- Mm-hmm.
All right.
What do you think? Hat or no hat? Uh, no hat.
Guys in hats are usually trying to hide their hair, and you have - great hair.
- Oh.
I really like your curls.
What about my lipstick, is it too much? No.
You look, um very nice.
It's too much.
All right.
- You ready for this? - Not at all.
Okay, let's see, um I have three children, all the same age, and I currently live with my daughter.
Actually, I'm-I'm not divorced.
I'm a widow, actually.
I know, sad, sad, sad.
There was a fire, and our whole house burned down.
We lost almost everything.
He didn't even die in the fire.
He died of a heart attack in the hospital after.
He saved the dog.
They call it a widowmaker.
I wasn't even in the room.
I was eating a candy bar.
I don't think I'm doing great.
Yeah, me neither.
Oh, by the way, I'm Miguel, and I'm divorced.
I live in a different state from my kids, and they hate me.
Oh, hi, Miguel.
I'm Rebecca.
I'm a widow who can't seem to stop talking about her husband's death.
Oh, um, if this next one's a dud, can we just get out of here? - Deal.
- Great.
See you soon.
- Hi.
- Rebecca.
Matt Dickson, from the PTA.
It's nice to see you again.
It's good to see you, too.
How are you? Okay, so, today is officially take most of your family to work day.
I brought Jack - and Hailey and my mom, Rebecca.
- Hi.
Yeah, and she's actually a really great piano player.
- I'm okay.
- No, she's really great.
So, I figured, for our jam session today, we could have a guest musician.
What do you think, Mom? Oh, my God.
They're gonna kill you.
When are you gonna tell them? We're thinking right before dessert.
Malik's making blueberry pie.
You got to butter them up beforehand.
Stroke their egos a little bit.
Ask about Dad's addiction initiative thing.
He loves talking about that.
Annie, you still got knock-knock jokes? I feel like I've aged out of knock-knock jokes.
Well, if I need help, I'll give you the signal, okay? - What are you ladies conferencing about? - Algebra.
- Knock-knock jokes.
- Nothing.
Oh, I miss your knock-knock jokes, Annie.
Hey, brother of mine.
Hey, so I'm in a car headed to the mom house.
Uncle Nicky's there on the ground floor, and Cassidy's coming this weekend, so Whoa, war vet Cassidy? Like, Nicky threw a chair at her, and then you slept with her? Well, I mean, that's a bit reductive, but yeah, her.
Oh, man, I did not see that one coming.
Coming down the home stretch, seemingly out of nowhere, beating out all the local favorites, passing Sophie, passing Madison, passing Zoe, my African-American cousin.
Can she do it? Yes! It's Cassidy by a hundredth of a second.
It's not like that at all.
Believe it or not, there are people out there that are capable of having casual, consensual, you know, "we're both hot, so let's just do it" sex.
And you, my brother, are not one of them.
You try to have a one-night stand, and you wind up with twins.
You are the world's strangest serial monogamist.
Okay, well, I'm here, so, um, thank you for the most useless conversation ever.
Yeah, man.
You have fun at your couples retreat, and do me a favor.
Try not to propose, okay? You know how you get.
Thank you, Randall.
Hey! Good to see you.
Married three times, but they never stuck.
You know, I wasn't that great at it because I was always traveling for work.
Oh, thank you, sweetie.
But I do have two beautiful children that made - the divorces, you know, worth it.
- Hmm.
She has three marriages, and I have none, so, I think between the two of us, - we almost make a normal person.
- Yes.
So, what do you think? Ah, I think she seems surprisingly lovely.
I mean Sometimes I worry, you know.
I mean, she's been a flight attendant, you know.
She's you know, been around all sorts of guys.
- Oh, well - I just, you know, sometimes I worry that maybe I'm just a port in her storm, you know.
Oh, here's a curveball, she brought an overnight bag for tonight.
- Brought an overnight bag? - Mm-hmm.
- We're going there? - Oh, yeah.
Ah, I mean, have you guys consummated yet, or? - Would you keep your voice down? - I'm sorry.
- No.
- You know, she's not listening - to what we're saying.
- Shh! - Shh! - Sorry.
No, we have not.
It's been more than a little time since I've, you know, made love to a real, live woman.
A real, live woman? What do you mean by that? That's just Listen.
Just do it.
Just do it.
- Right.
- I'm sure you'll remember, you know.
- It's not that complicated.
- Right.
Oh, so, what about, uh you and Cassidy, uh, you guys gonna sleep together this weekend? It's complicated.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, that salad looks great.
- Yeah, not bad, right? - So, you guys met on the plane? Yes.
He was belligerent and very, very disruptive.
And she was unhelpful and unfriendly.
Got to love that initial first spark, you know what I mean? Yeah.
I always say my Uncle Nicky's an acquired taste.
Tell me about it.
Hey, tell-tell Kevin what you think of The Manny.
- Nicky.
Nick No, that's terrible.
- Go on, tell him.
- She hates it.
- Oh, my God.
- She hates it.
She thinks it's really dumb.
- I So rude.
Would you stop eating my chicken.
Can my Uncle Nicky be a closet lady killer? They're very cute.
- Can you pass the salad? - Yeah.
- Thank you.
- New love.
It's quite nice.
Oh, gosh.
Okay, so that's Randall, that's Kate Oh, um, and my son, Kevin, is in Los Angeles trying to be an actor.
- An actor? - Mm-hmm.
Wow, and how do you feel about that? It seems impossible to me, but, um part of me is just proud that he has the guts to do it, - you know? - Mm-hmm.
I wanted to be a detective.
- Really? - Yeah.
That was always my big dream.
Well, you-you could still be a detective.
- You think so? - Yeah.
I mean, I don't want to brag, but I am really good at guessing who did it on Law & Order.
See, I never know who did it.
I always just assume it's the first person.
No, you That's your first problem.
It's never the first person, and also, it's never the person that works at the pizzeria.
I am learning so much right now.
Ah - I-I have to - This was really fun.
It was nice to catch up with you, Matt.
- This was nice.
- Yeah.
I'm Ren.
I like your vibe.
- Hi.
I'm - Rebecca? I'm-I'm so sorry to interrupt.
Uh I don't know if the, you know, speed dating police are gonna arrest me for speeding or something, but I was wondering do you want to get coffee with me - after this? - Um Yeah.
I'd love that.
- Me, too.
- Okay.
I have a ferret.
Oh Seriously? It's like you're Photoshopped.
You know what? Makes me nervous just to imagine what might be going on under that blanket.
I'm proud of the old man.
Listen, um Would you want to help Nicky oversee the construction here on the days you don't have Matty? I mean, - I could pay you for it.
- I don't need your charity.
It's not a charity thing.
It's a It's a "the contractor told me that Uncle Nicky threw a stapler at him" thing.
And since you, since you managed classified operations in Afghanistan, I figure maybe you could handle a contractor and my uncle.
I'll think about it.
You'll think about it? Very good.
Well, you think away.
Still thinking.
Thank you.
What? Nothing.
Hey, do you want to go get ice cream or something? - Yeah, sure.
- Yeah? Let's go.
There you go.
Gnocchi looks excellent, Malik.
Thank you.
Everybody, please, dig in.
Um We had wanted to apologize for the weekend that Deja came to Boston.
We should've handled that differently for sure.
I know that you guys have already spoken with Deja, but I wanted to get a chance to look you both in the eyes and apologize myself as well.
It was definitely a mutual decision.
Thank you for saying that, Malik.
And may I just say that, um this is the best butter sauce I've ever tasted, so Thank you.
Brown butter.
Um, Mom, how's it going at the dance studio? I'd love to hear about it.
- What? - That's very nice, Tess.
It's unusually nice, Tess.
Yeah, work is fine.
Busy, finding my way, but You know it's good.
Thanks for asking, for the very first time ever.
Does anyone want to hear a knock-knock joke? - Okay, what's going on? - Hmm - What? What? - What? You two are making eyes at each other, and not the normal lovey-dovey eyes, okay, it's the "we're up to something" eyes.
And Tess is showing unusual interest in things she is off-the-charts uninterested in, and I ain't heard a knock-knock joke in this house for a clean seven years, so what's going You're tugging your ear.
- Why's she tugging her ear? What's tugging that ear? - What's she doing? - I'm getting a C in Algebra.
- What? But you've been working with a tutor.
What the It's a tactic.
It's all tactics.
- They're tactics.
Spill it.
- Yeah, you right.
I'm finishing out this school semester next month, and I'm moving to Boston with Malik.
Knock, knock! - Thank you for the coffee.
- Oh, you're welcome.
And I would've sprung for the muffin.
Oh, the muffin would've been moving a little too fast for me, but I had a lot of fun.
- Me, too.
- Mm.
A-And next time we go out, I promise I won't make you date seven guys beforehand.
I'll call you.
I'd like that.
But everybody's like, Cristal, Maybach, diamonds On your timepiece, jet planes, islands Tigers on a gold leash, we don't care We aren't caught up in your love affair And we'll never be royals Royals It don't run in our blood That kind of luxe just ain't for us We crave a different kind of buzz Let me be your - Hey! - Are you still on the boat? No.
I'm actually walking back to the car, and for the record, it was not a canoe.
Legit yacht.
- Everything okay? - Yeah.
We're at the school with my mom, and she's so happy.
W-We're happy.
Finally in a good place and It just took a long time to get here, Tobe.
How many bumps in the road? Like 30 years of bumps.
We just lost so much time.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You still have time.
Kate, you-you still have a lot of time.
Sounds so good.
But, Tobe, I've got to tell her tonight.
I understand, I'm sorry.
I love you so much.
Love you.
You're joking, right? I took on three extra A.
classes this semester, so, technically, that gives me enough credits to graduate.
And I can take the G.
in December, - with your permission.
- Permission not granted.
- Take a breath, babe.
- Uh You two, go upstairs, please.
Harvard does offer classes for current high school students and students that are looking to take a year off.
It would essentially be like a gap year, and then I'd apply to college in the fall.
You don't have to show us the whole PowerPoint presentation.
You know what, Deja, you're 17 years old.
You're a junior in high school.
You're not dropping out to move in with your boyfriend in another state.
It wouldn't be dropping out.
It would be graduating early.
I promise, we would be doing a lot of studying.
I-I mean, we hold each other accountable.
- We encourage each other.
- I bet you do.
- That's rude.
- I'm rude? I'm sorry, this whole thing is rude.
Y'all are rude.
You are not old enough to make this kind of decision.
- Oh, now I'm not old enough? - What are you talking about, man? All those times you told me I'm "wise beyond my years"? It's because I am, Randall.
I've lived a lot more life in my 17 years than a lot of people twice my age, and you, out of anyone in this world, knows that best.
- Randall.
- Hmm? Can you take a breath and have a conversation? - Can we do that? - No, we can't, Beth.
'Cause I have nothing to say about any of this.
I thought you were at Molly's.
Aunt Molly was tired.
Whose car was that? Uh, believe it or not, I was on a date.
You went on a date? Well, eh, kind of.
Miguel and I went and did this silly speed dating thing, and I ended up running into a man that I actually knew there, and we went and had some coffee.
You went and got coffee until, like, 10:00? You were the one telling me to get a life.
No, no, I told you to stop watching that stupid show with stupid Miguel.
So, what, what, you're, like, dating now? Uh, I don't know.
Look, Kate, I know it's weird, but I have to start to try to move on.
Oh, right.
Move on from Dad, because he's dead.
I'm aware.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, yeah.
I, I'm I should have been a little bit more sensitive with you when I brought it up, but I really believe that I deserve happiness.
I think it's what your father would want.
In fact, I know it's what your father would want.
Oh, by making out with some random dude you just met? Okay, you know what? You are on some thin ice with me right now, young lady.
That is not what happened, and maybe one day you'll understand.
No, Mom.
No, I won't.
And neither would Dad.
And he wouldn't be happy for you running around town like a slut! You don't know what you're talking about.
- Mom.
- Hmm? Thank you so much for all of your help today.
Oh, my pleasure.
I had a blast.
And I learned who Doja Cat is.
Not a cat, but a rapper.
When does Toby get in? Ah, in an hour.
You know, you both have been working so hard.
If you ever want to go have a date night, or, you know, go out for the afternoon, I am so happy to come over and watch the kids for you.
Actually, that's what I wanted to talk to you about.
Toby and I talked, and What? What's wrong? Well, given your last PET scan, we just don't feel comfortable with you taking care of the kids alone anymore.
We know that you would never do anything intentionally.
It's just without another adult around, we just can't Mom, I'm really sorry.
Oh, so that's why you wanted me to go to school with you today instead of watching the kids here.
Not 'cause you actually wanted me to go with you.
No, I did want you to come.
Okay, um I think I'm gonna go home, Kate.
Apologies for walking out.
Didn't expect that conversation.
I get it.
You know, you and I have spent a lot of time together, Malik.
And, uh, I feel like I've tried to impart some wisdom to you.
No, you-you've been great to me.
And you're on a path, man.
You are on a great path.
Deja needs to find her own path now, Malik.
She's got two big years ahead of her.
Two years that could determine the rest of her life.
You need to end it, Malik.
- You need to do it for her.
- What? I'm not gonna I love her.
If you really love her, man, then you will do what is best for her.
But leaving school, leaving her home Moving six hours away.
Moving in with an 18-year-old and his daughter.
That is not what's best for her, man.
You are a very smart young man.
You know that.
I'm gonna go ahead and not tell Deja about this conversation.
Because I really do love her.
And I care about you all's relationship.
And I can promise you she would not feel good about this.
I'm just saying, Bubble Gum is I've just never seen anyone over the age of nine order that before.
It's the universal worst flavor of ice cream.
Well, maybe I like an underdog.
What are you doing? I'm sorry, I thought we said that was on the table.
I said I might want to have sex with you.
I didn't say I wanted to hold your hand.
Wait, hold Why? Yes, we did, we came together in a time of loneliness and-and addiction.
But what if What if that inner darkness actually turned out to be something kind of wonderful? You've watched too many rom-come, Kevin.
I think you're scared.
I There's no reality to a relationship working with us.
Your kids are in L.
My kid is in Pennsylvania.
I know that, but look, you and I obviously have a connection.
It's a false equivalency, Kevin.
Your inner darkness is not the same as mine.
Have you noticed that when you text at 3:00 in the morning, I'm always awake? Our darknesses are not the same.
You are chasing the wrong blonde in the wrong city.
And if you want that rom-com love story, you should go make things right with her.
I'm not even sure I know which blonde you're talking about, to be honest with you.
You see how that's a problem? - Yeah.
- Aw, Kevin, you've been blowing up women's lives for the better part of two decades.
- I know you mean Oh, come on.
- Ah! I know you mean well, I do.
But, you know, you are, like, a big handsome wrecking ball.
I'm not blowing people's lives up, no.
All right, you married one, and then cheated, and then nearly married her again.
The current one, you couldn't say "I love you," but now you're obsessed with hating the new boyfriend.
Be careful, or you're gonna blow that up, too.
I'm too messed up already.
Leave me in peace.
- Hello? - Hi.
Hey, Rebecca, how was the coffee? Oh, Miguel Kate and I just got in this horrible fight.
She said some really terrible things to me, and I lost it.
I mean, I really, really, really lost my temper.
God, Miguel I slapped her.
Hey, it's okay.
I'm-I'm here, and there's no judgment.
Every once in a while a parent loses it.
Okay? Yeah, I know, but it was just so hard to go out tonight in the first place, you know.
This grief, it's just so It's so deep.
And, I don't know, it's just, it's-it's unbearable, you know? It's like I don't know how to do this.
I don't know how to do any of this.
Worst Case Scenario game needs to be retired.
And where'd you go? To the stoop.
Next time you want to leave me with Romeo and Juliet, give me a little heads-up, huh? Sorry.
I ran into Malik on his way out.
Oh, yeah? Yeah.
I talked to him.
Didn't go great.
What did you say? I said that he should think about Deja here, and that he should take a step back.
Oh, babe.
That didn't turn out well for Romeo and Juliet's parents.
It's not gonna turn out well for us.
What happened with the parents? I don't remember.
The kids killed themselves.
That's what happened to the parents; the children died.
Because they tried to keep them apart.
I won't let her life go off track when she's come this far.
- I think we need to be firm about that.
- Mm-mm.
I don't think you understand how dangerous the position we're in is right now.
Imagine that you were that age, and somebody told you that you could not date me.
You're making a mistake, Randall, and we'll lose our daughter.
No, you're not supposed to respond to a text with a call.
Yeah, sorry, man, I thought it might be an emergency.
Everything okay? Yeah.
Yeah, everything's fine.
Everything okay with my kids? Yeah, I just left.
Franny did that thing where she scoots over to Nicky, you know, and kind of leans into him, like a hug.
That's the, uh, the hug tackle, I call it.
It's the it's the best.
Oh, it's the best.
Uh, listen, I want to tell you something.
Um When you're buying food, or ordering food, like a smoothie or something, don't ask Madison if she wants one.
Just get it for her.
You know, she's-she's got her eating issues and all that, and, um, sometimes she says she doesn't want something, but she really does want something, and it's just easier that way if you just, you just get it.
You called just to tell me that? I texted you, but yeah.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Can I come in? Of course.
Mom, I'm really sorry.
No, I overreacted.
I'm very sensitive about all of this and what can I say? But I shouldn't have snapped at you.
Snap at me all you want.
I did it to you for years.
I took everything out on you.
And I'm really deeply sorry.
I feel like I wasted so much time with you that could have been really great.
And now that we are finally great, it's just the timing sucks.
Timing is everything, isn't it? Yeah.
Your father walked into a bar when I happened to be singing.
I mean, if not for that timing, then none of any of this.
And then four gazillion other things had to happen in order for this to happen right now.
For me to be sitting here with you with my daughter.
My girl.
My best friend.
Wondering what the hell she has in that mystery folder.
I was wondering if you would be willing to teach Jack piano.
It's braille sheet music.
I know that music is good for memory function, too.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I won't date anymore.
No, you should.
See if I can remember the other part.
Um - Ready to try it, Bug? Ok.
- Yeah.

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