This is Us (2016) s06e06 Episode Script

Our Little Island Girl

1 Previously on This Is Us Rebecca.
Matt Dickson from the PTA.
- Do you want to get coffee with me? - Yeah.
My manager said if I'm gonna take acting serious, I got to be in L.
pretty regularly.
So, what, you're just gonna, like, constantly be in L.
while I'm in New York? How is this marriage gonna work? I reached out to a job recruiter.
She got back to me with listings from some traditional dance conservatories.
These dance academies took something I love and made it joyless.
We're gonna learn the new combination.
Sonya here will demonstrate.
Go in there and do what you always do.
Blow us all away.
So when the sun goes down And we move along I will call - Daddy, tell me the story again.
- Hmm.
- Again? - Please, - Daddy? - We were right here in Kingston.
You were 18 months and hadn't walked at all.
Your mother was worried to death.
But then we were all at a party for your Uncle Clem at Hellshire Beach.
He said, "The girl must know good music.
" And he put on Burning Spear, and just like that, it took hold of those little legs of yours and picked you right up off the ground.
You danced straight to me.
And right then, you became - my little island girl who danced - Who danced before she walked.
That's right.
You've always done things in your own time, baby girl.
We have eight studios on the premises, and most of them have classes going all day.
- I'll get you a map.
- A map.
Two, three Two, three, four I'm so pleased we're moving forward with your idea for a scholarship program.
I know it wasn't easy convincing the board of directors.
Thank you.
Twisted some arms so hard, I almost broke 'em, but, uh I just really believe there's a lot of untapped talent that could really thrive here.
I trust you'll find them.
Welcome aboard.
How's it going? Not good, baby.
Not good.
I have over 200 applicants and only 15 spots.
The fate of this whole program rests on me choosing the right dancers.
All you have to do, turn off this.
Trust this.
My belly? That's just telling me to stress-eat those Thai dumplings in the fridge.
No, silly.
Your gut.
It's never steered you wrong.
Now, if you're accepted, we'll cover the cost of tuition, competition fees and pointe shoes.
That's amazing.
I go through, like, two pairs a week.
I practically live at the studio.
Uh, she'll have to keep up with her studies.
That's most important.
This is an opportunity of a lifetime.
- Let me show you a few more studios.
- Okay.
Congratulations, everyone.
You made it.
Now, most of you haven't trained at this level at your old dance studios.
Right? This space can be intimidating.
Don't worry.
They got maps.
But I want you to remember that you belong.
So take up space.
Yes? Now, you'll have an opportunity to demonstrate your hard work at our fall showcase, which could lead to an apprenticeship with a professional dance company.
Okay? So, now I want you all to turn around and face the mirror and repeat after me.
I can, and I will.
I can, and I will.
I can, and I will.
I can, and I will.
She's not as polished as our other soloists.
I don't think she'll be ready for the showcase.
She'll be ready.
Trust me.
I will.
You're one of a kind, baby girl.
Don't ever forget how special you are.
I don't understand why we had to go food shopping so early.
I mean, Thanksgiving's not for three days.
So, the key to a successful Thanksgiving is to strike early.
See, you learn that once you've had to tussle with an old lady in aisle three over the last can of cranberry sauce.
- Oh.
- I can't wait until Kev and I get to host Thanksgiving one day.
In our amazing loft with exposed brick that we'll buy when Kevin becomes a famous actor.
Right, babe? So, we got three kinds of stuffing and no extra beer? Wow, are we that unbearable to be around? Got to be drunk to hang out with us? Ha ha.
- I didn't buy it at all.
- Well, then, next time you can choose the movie.
Oh! Guys.
I didn't know that anyone was gonna be home.
- You got in early! - Hi.
- Hi.
Hey, sweetheart.
- Hey.
- How you doing? - Oh, I'm good.
- Oh.
- What's up? Oh! Sorry.
Now I'm all flustered.
Uh, um, guys, this is Matt.
Matt, this is Kate and Kevin.
Um, Kevin's wife Sophie.
And then my other son Randall and his girlfriend are in D.
, but-but he'll be here for Thanksgiving.
- Oh, great.
- Yeah.
Oh, and this is, uh, Miguel.
- Hey.
- A good family friend.
Matt Dickson.
- Hey, Matt.
- Hi.
Hey, I picked up the turkey for our three-day brine.
Thank you.
Yeah, uh, Miguel and I saw Emeril do it, and we just thought, "Eh, you know, what the heck?" Yeah.
We were like, "Brine not?" "Brine not?" I-I love a good brine.
You know.
But since the divorce, I've just been keeping things low-key.
You know, just me and my Hungry-Man.
You know, you're welcome to join us.
Oh, no.
Look, I-I don't want to impose.
Oh, come on.
I insist.
- Really? - Yeah.
Well, in that case, I'm bringing my famous pumpkin pie.
- Oh! - Yeah.
It's not famous at all.
It's from the grocery store.
- Oh.
- Lucky for you all.
Um Well, uh, nice to meet you all.
- Yeah.
- Bye.
Well, this isn't gonna be awkward at all.
Can't wait.
- Kevin, it's so nice of you to do all of this.
- No problem.
Are you kidding? The eggs are warming, the kids are sleeping, and the next batch of red velvet waffles will be ready in T-minus four minutes.
You know what we should do? We should make a thing of this.
Right? We could call it, um, Brunch and Beauties.
- 'Cause I feel like we're beautiful people.
- Uh - Eh.
- Brunch and Beauties.
No? We don't ? Okay, well, you know, we'll pitch on it later.
Kevin's trying to show that he's supportive that I'm dating.
Yeah, I know.
It's really cute - when he tries to make it look natural.
- Mm-hmm.
Elijah, these blueberry muffins are insane.
- Really, they're from scratch? - Yeah.
I'm kind of a baked goods snob.
It's homemade or bust for this guy.
Well, maybe you can whip up another batch - for me to take to Thanksgiving.
- Sure.
Madison, you are gonna love Thanksgiving at the cabin, by the way.
And I can't wait for the twins to see me in the Pilgrim Rick hat.
Although, I do hope it doesn't scare Nicky, because he gets really weird around hats.
Uh, well, what about you? You got plans for the holidays? Oh.
Um Well, you know, it's probably just gonna be a quiet one with the family.
- Hmm.
- Hey, is that beauty yours? Yeah.
Yes, she is.
This is a Gibson J-45.
This is the guitar that Bradley Cooper used in A Star Is Born.
I'm just kind of getting the hang of it.
Yeah, that sounds great, man.
You're a rock star.
Well, I've been taking - Springsteen's online MasterClass, so - Mm-hmm.
You aren't talking to me at all, are you? - Mm.
Work call.
- Yeah.
These are insane.
Are these you? - Yeah.
- I love you.
No, not you, sir.
Talking to a man named Elijah.
He's doing a deal in two different time zones, so, like, eight of the 16 hours that he's been back? It's been that.
I never thought that I would get jealous of AirPods.
- Aw.
- Yeah.
I thought that his ears were mine once we said our vows, but Well, listen, you don't have to come to the-the pilot taping of The Manny tomorrow.
Why don't you spend some quality time with Toby? Are you kidding? It's not every day that our brother gets to star in a reboot of a show that made his career and then almost cost him his career.
- We're gonna be there.
- Okay.
- All right.
All right.
- Oh, man.
That all sounds so exciting.
The live audience and all.
Well, why don't you and Madison come? Come to the taping.
- Seriously? - Yes.
- Be great.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- Great! Terrific.
- Yes.
- Now, - let Brunch 'N' Stuff begin.
- I like it.
- Brunch 'N' Stuff.
- Yeah.
- All right.
- Better.
All right, well, we're getting there.
We're getting there.
We have to get the bread pudding.
My dad and I used to come here sometimes, and we'd skip dinner and go straight to dessert.
Bread pudding it is, then.
All right.
I'm so excited to be exploring D.
with you.
What's wrong? That's my old ballet teacher.
I haven't seen him since I quit dance.
May I? Sorry.
I hope that it's okay that I'm here.
I just wanted to get a little practice in before the showcase tonight.
No need to apologize.
Pirouettes used to be tricky for me, too.
My old dance teacher taught me to imagine a string, right, from the crown of my head pulling me all the way up to the ceiling.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
Why'd you pick me? I feel like I'm playing catch-up to everybody else here.
I was the best at my old dance studio.
But here? I'm not the skinniest or the most flexible.
I don't even have the best feet.
My dad wants me to be a lawyer like him.
You know, my mom was a lot like your dad.
She wanted me to be an educator just like her.
This whole dance world never made sense to her.
But I fought to be a part of it.
Just like you did.
Stacey, I chose you because I saw a fire in you that I recognized in myself.
Try again.
Try again.
Our new neighbors are just like you.
Where's Sophie? She's on the phone with her mom.
Well, do you think my feet are too big? No.
There's just more of you to love.
Are you gonna say something about my weight? Do you want me to? No.
You gonna say something about my drinking? Do you want me to? No.
's been tough.
I joined an acting class, you know, hoping it would help me.
That's great, Kev.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Yeah, but now you want to tell me what's really going on? Kevin.
I met this girl.
And she was really cool, so we started hanging out.
You know, I've been lonely because, between Sophie's classes and my auditions, you know, we don't get much time to talk.
Kevin, what did you do? It was just one time.
I swear.
Oh, my God.
Oh, God, Kevin.
K-K How could you do this to Sophie? How could you do that? She loves you so much.
Don't you think I know that? I can't even look at her, Kate.
Every time I'm in the same room as her, I feel like I'm gonna throw up from the guilt.
- You need to tell her.
- No.
It will kill her, Kate.
What if she doesn't forgive me? Okay, well, what ? So, what do you expect? What What am I supposed to do? I'm supposed to keep this from her now? She's one of my best friends.
And I'm your brother.
This is incredible.
Everything looks so real.
The first time Kev brought me backstage You wouldn't believe it The host of Survivor was there.
- Jeff Probst? - Jeff mother-lovin' Probst.
- What did you do? - Uh, I freaked out.
I spilled my cold brew from crafty all over him.
Crafty is craft services.
- It's where they keep all the snacks.
- Oh Yeah, stick with me, kid.
I'll show you the ropes.
- Hey! What's up? - Hi.
Thanks for coming.
Thanks for coming.
Thanks for coming.
So good to get to spend some time with you.
We haven't seen you since, what, breakfast? - Toby.
- What? It's a joke.
'Cause we-we live together.
Never mind.
- I'll get one of the writers to punch it up.
- Mm.
A punch-up is when the writers take a bad joke - and they make it funny.
- Oh, I know.
I learned that from the Friends reunion.
Hey, I saw a gumball machine on the way in.
Now, are the gumballs real? They are.
They're real, yeah.
Not only that, but you don't have to put a quarter in, - so you can just have at it.
- Really? - Yeah.
- Thanks.
Okay, you know what? I'll bring some back for the group.
- Thank you.
- Oh, thanks.
And I have to take this.
Sorry about the joke.
- It's all right.
Don't worry about it.
- Thank you.
Oh, hey, Madison.
Listen, I sent you some flight options for Thanksgiving.
I don't know if you saw or not, but I'm thinking we should book early because, you know, the seats tend to fill up What-what What's this? You keep looking at each other.
What am I missing? Is this an Elijah thing? Because obviously, I mean, he's more than welcome to come.
Kevin, can we talk about this later? I don't want to do this here on such an important day for you.
No, you just want to sit here and continue to share ominous looks with each other.
Okay, fine.
Um I don't want to go to the cabin.
I want to spend Thanksgiving with Elijah here in L.
With the twins.
Hey, Kevin? We need you on set.
Um Well, hey, you know, um, to be continued.
We don't have to stay.
We can get the bread pudding to go.
I saw that man every day from when I was 12 to 17.
I was his favorite, until I started struggling, and then he just dropped me.
When my dad died, he didn't even pick up the damn phone.
Want me to go over there and show him where his ballet shoes can go? No.
But I will.
I'm right here.
It's so nice to see you.
How long has it been? Uh, 23 months.
That long, huh? Well, you look well.
So, w-what have you been up to? Fill me in.
Um I'm an architecture major at CMU.
That's wonderful.
I always knew you had a bright mind.
Why don't you stop by the studio one of these days.
The girls would love to see you.
- Sure.
- Yeah.
Take care.
Um Let's just forget about the bread pudding and go.
Let's go.
All right, let's go.
Hey, phones off, now.
- Hey, guys.
You made it.
- Hey.
How you feeling? Excited and terrified.
Which for some reason is making me have to pee a lot, you know.
It's like I'm about to get onstage and perform.
But this should be the easy part for you.
You already done all the hard work.
Now, you just sit back and watch.
That's what I thought, but when you perform, it's like you have some control.
Now, I'm just the lady waiting in the wings, hoping everything goes well.
I can't fail at this again, Randall.
I just I can't.
You won't.
I'm sorry.
"You won't" is not good enough.
Okay? I don't mean to put too much pressure on you, baby, but I'm freaking out right now, and I'm gonna need one of your all-time greatest pep talks, and I'm gonna need it now.
Beth Pearson, you're an incredible human being Damn it.
I got to pee again, baby.
I'm so sorry.
Not to brag, but I think we may have Emeril beat.
Emeril should be watching us on TV.
Well, at least we don't have to worry about dessert, since Matt is bringing his "famous" pumpkin pie to the Thanksgiving he invited himself to.
What? I invited him.
Yeah, well, he didn't really give you much of a choice, did he? I mean, what else were you gonna do? This needs some brown sugar.
What's going on down there? You know, they've been crying for hours.
They're gonna grow up to sound like Gilbert Gottfried, aren't they? Aren't they? Are you okay? Let me help.
I knew this wouldn't go over well.
It's a lot to spring on him.
Maybe it's just easier if I bring the twins to the cabin.
for the next Marvel superhero movie.
I think I've got this.
You know, I just, I want to be a good dad to my kids, is all.
I-I want to be the best dad to my kids 'cause that's what my kids deserve.
Aw! There's a black hat caught In a high treetop Kate.
Earth to Kate! Oh.
What? Did you say something? Yes.
I said that I brought my Thelma & Louise DVD.
Rewatch session tonight? Sure.
I mean, you know I can't resist Brad Pitt in those jeans.
Kevin's being weird.
What do you think is going on? Have you noticed the drinking? Yeah.
I, um You know, I-I think he's-he's stressed about career stuff.
It's taking a lot longer than he'd hoped it would to get started with the acting stuff.
Yeah, you're-you're probably right.
Thanks, Thelma.
You got it, Louise.
That's my soul up there There's a blue whale beached By a springtime's ebb.
All right.
We saw, we brined, we conquered.
- We about to kick Thanksgiving's ass.
- Hear, hear.
- Mmm.
- Mmm.
Oh, Mrs.
Pearson, Matt is so sweet.
- I'm happy for you.
- Thanks.
- Do you see it going the distance? - Oh.
I don't know.
We're having fun.
What a rave.
He's a nice guy, and we're having a good time.
I mean, it's it's not the great romance that you two have, but that's once-in-a-lifetime stuff.
This jet lag's killing me.
I'm gonna go lay down.
Are you mad at me about something? No.
Of course not.
Then-then what is it? Soph, I made a horrible mistake that I'll regret for the rest of my life.
What? It happened one time, and it didn't mean anything.
The girl from your acting class? Yes.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
You are all that matters to me, okay? The last thing I'd want to do is hurt you.
Okay, I I knew that something was wrong.
I even asked Kate.
Don't be mad at Kate.
I begged her not to say anything.
I-I'm sorry, Kate knew? I had to tell somebody.
Sophie, it was, it was eating me up inside.
That must've been really hard for you.
No, that's not what I Soph Here he comes.
Kevin, that was amazing.
- Thanks.
- You improv'ed that Mount Everest joke, didn't you? 'Cause I told Elijah I could tell You are aware that Thanksgiving is my family's holy day, right? We're doing this here.
Guys, the prop guy said that this thing costs $20,000.
Yeah, that's right.
It does, and it's not a toy, so Oh.
This is what you want? This is how you want to do things? Just, you know, split up the holidays like-like, what, we're some, we're some angry divorced couple that can't stand to be in the same room as one another? - This is what you want for our kids? - Of course not.
- That's not fair - Kevin, it Kevin, it's my fault.
All right? I'm the one that invited Maddy for Thanksgiving You know what, Elijah? The only man allowed to speak is the one holding the jelly baby, and that is me.
Don't be rude to him, okay? I am not trying to keep the kids away from you.
Well, you could've fooled me.
A-and by the way, I just you know, I got to say, I think I think it's really selfish that you could be robbing my mother of what could possibly be her last good Thanksgiving with the twins.
Kevin, I am well aware of how big of a deal this is for you, okay? Kate thought it would be best if I told you after the first taping Yeah, no, a-and thank you for that, Kate.
- I appreciate it.
- Kevin You know what? Here, Elijah, just, you know, just It's it's all yours.
I'm sorry about that.
Don't be.
Soph? Hey.
Soph, where are you going? Kevin told me everything.
Thanks for having my back.
Sophie, I Sophie, I'm sorry.
I'm What was I supposed to do? He's my brother.
Got it.
Tell your mom I said bye, okay? No, hey, Sophie, listen, you don't have to go like this.
Bye, Kate.
Are you okay? No.
I'm not okay.
I'm eating gluten-free cookies that taste like cardboard.
I'm pretty far from okay.
What was that back there, by the way? You didn't have my back at all.
Oh, that's rich.
Kev, I've had your back our entire lives, and it hasn't exactly been a cakewalk.
Okay? You take one step forward and 16 steps back.
- That's not fair.
- Okay, so you're finally supportive of Madison and Elijah, but when it comes to your holiday plans, 16 steps back.
Look, that's Kev, you needed my support, right? So, I let you crash at our place, even though it's not great for our marriage right now.
Madison needs my support, too.
But I also would like No, Kev.
You didn't fall in love.
Right? You couldn't say it.
So, you expect her to lug babies on an airplane to go see your family? Come on, have a little more respect for the woman who's raising your kids.
She just wants a quiet Thanksgiving with the kids where she can create her own holiday traditions.
- Yeah, with Elijah.
- Yeah, with Elijah.
Who is a good man who is falling in love with her something she's never experienced before and she should be able to enjoy that without being made to feel guilty.
I'm s I know that you always have my back.
I know that.
Yeah, I do.
And if-if you and Toby need your space, just tell me.
Yeah, Kev, that's-that's not even our problem right now.
We have a lot more going on than that.
Oh, God.
Are you hurt? I don't think so.
Let's get you up.
I can't.
I'm sorry.
I let you down.
I let I let them all down.
You know, when I was dancing, I fell.
It was a different kind of fall, bigger than this.
I felt so alone.
Stacey, I want you to know that I will sit with you on this stage until everyone in this audience gets bored and tired and leaves one by one.
Or you can get up, you can start again, and I'll be waiting for you right offstage after you take your bow.
Either way, know two things, you cannot disappoint me.
And I ain't going nowhere.
You're gonna forget a lot about these years, but look at your mother, right now, and remember this.
Don't you ever forget how incredible that woman is.
Take it from the top, okay? All right.
Let's go.
Kevin, it is late, and I am too tired to argue.
No, I know.
It's-it's not that.
I-I just came by to say that I think you should celebrate Thanksgiving however you want to celebrate Thanksgiving.
I mean that.
The last thing you need is a cross-country trip to, what, witness 50 Pearsons watch Police Academy 3 for the 300th time and argue over an old hat? Thank you.
You were good out there today.
You stole the show from a guy half your age.
- That is a feat.
- Yeah.
Well, thank you.
- He's three-quarters my age, but - Hmm - Yeah Okay.
- I don't know - Well, thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
- Have a good night.
All right.
- Good night.
Hey, Kevin.
Oh, listen, um, Madison and I talked, and, um, Thanksgiving's all yours, man, so Everything's good.
That was real decent of you.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
No problem, no problem.
Is that it? We good? Listen, um I'm painfully aware that people see me as the nice guy.
Oh, come on, this isn't necessary.
Yeah, I-I'm not done.
I'm also well aware that Maddy is eons out of my league, but she likes me.
She actually likes me.
And I like her.
Oh, man, more than you know.
No, no, I'm-I'm getting the gist.
Yeah, right.
I-I guess what I'm saying is I hope you're not biding your time and playing nice because you think I'm going away.
Because if you are you're gonna be waiting a long time.
Point taken.
- Later, man.
- Yup.
Thanks again for all your help.
You are one hell of a sous-chef, Miguel.
Oh, that would be one hell of a compliment, except I'm pretty sure that you're my sous-chef? - Mm.
You are.
- Really? - Yeah.
- I think that Mm.
Um, I'm sorry about earlier.
The little digs at Matt.
Way out of line.
He seems like a really nice guy.
- He really does.
- Your opinion matters a lot to me, you know? And I hate to break it to you, but you're-you're basically my best friend, Miguel.
Back at you.
Oh, um, I was thinking, I'd like to invite Marguerite to Thanksgiving, too.
- If that's okay? - Oh.
I thought Marguerite was old news.
Yeah, well, Marguerite made a comeback.
Turns out she has a hell of a golf swing.
Well, good for Marguerite.
I look forward to meeting her.
- Great.
- Okay.
Kev, Kev, Kev.
Shh, shh, shh.
Could we just keep the jam sessions to the daylight hours, please? I'm still working out here.
No problem.
Oh, hey.
Real quick tip.
Just brother to brother, that whole Bluetooth thing? It's driving Kate crazy.
- Thanks for the heads-up.
- No problem.
You know, in fact, uh, just a little tip for you.
The reason I'm out here pacing around on my Bluetooth is because I usually take these phone calls in this room.
The room that you're currently using as an Airbnb.
- So that's - Okay.
I was just trying to help you out, man.
- Uh-huh.
- All right? But if you want me to leave, uh, you just say the word.
I can You have a good night, Kevin.
- Okay.
You have a good night.
- Okay.
All right.
Girls are upstairs giving you rave reviews between flossing.
- Our girls? - Mm-hmm.
You coming up? Yeah.
I'm right behind you.
Whitmore Ballet Academy.
Vincent speaking.
Hi, Vincent.
It's Beth.
Bethany Clarke.
Um, well, Pearson now, but, um I used to be a student of yours.
Well, Bethany.
How wonderful to hear from you.
Still burning the candle at both ends, huh? Well, I wish I could say I pulled back over the years, but, uh, here I am.
My wife is not pleased.
Um, how have you been? I'm well.
I'm really well.
In fact, I'm the head of new student recruitment and development for the City Ballet of Philadelphia.
Would you look at that? I always knew you'd go far, Bethany.
I always saw that in you.
Was there, um, something else? Yeah.
Um I was with you every single day, Vincent.
During my formative years, you were my sun and my moon and Hell, you were like a god to me, if I'm being honest.
And It meant so much that you chose me out of all the other girls to be your favorite.
That confidence you had in me meant everything.
I was ready to be your star.
But, uh when my dad died and I couldn't perform up to your standards, you just tossed me aside.
You literally You literally replaced me with someone else without a word of comfort or explanation.
You just didn't look back.
Well, I'm-I'm, uh, I'm sorry you felt that way, Bethany, but it wasn't my job to, uh, coddle you.
It was my job to give you the technique you needed to be a star.
You're right.
And, um, and I probably reached my peak, but When I think about it, that failure, it it turns my stomach like I'm on a roller coaster.
I It's the part of me that made me feel so small.
And it's the part of me that I tried to hide from my husband and from my girls and It's the part of me I hated.
Well, Bethany, I, uh, I-I don't know what to say.
I thought I would dance on the world's biggest stages.
But I've learned that there is power in waiting in the wings.
In being there for the dancers that are stars and the ones that aren't.
I for so long had put a part of myself away.
But not anymore.
I'm the little island girl who danced before she walked.
And you took that from me.
But now I'm taking it back.
I know who I am.
And I know what I was meant to do now.
Pearson? The new recruits are in the main studio - and would love to hear from you.
- Okay, thanks.
I'll be right there.
And this came for you.
It's from Stacey Robins.
Don't ever forget how special you are.
Our little island girl - who dance before she walked.
- Who dance before she walked.
You're going to change the world one day.

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