Thor and Loki Blood Brothers s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

My lady, Sif.
Come to gloat, have you? No, lady.
Where would be the sport in it? Your own ruined beauty will sour the taste of triumph in my mouth.
You there! Hold.
It is my will that you hear what this traitor has to say.
As you will my lord.
I see now your intent, fool.
Why gloat over one whose spirit cannot be broken.
When you can boast your triumph to one whose manhood is already yours.
Cleverly put.
But your tongue was ever acid, was it not, lady? If you say so, prince of lies.
Oh but I do.
As who would not who had heard you in all your poisonous glory? What a rout, eh, brother? The Troll king shall think twice before he next gives offense towards the sons of Asgard.
I know, the warrior's way is brude battle, but have you not considered the advantages to be had in sowing sedition among our enermies.
Subverting his ranks through subterfuge and subversion.
It may be as you say.
Oh Sif.
What, then? Is that Thor I espy on yonder knoll? Indeed so and my brother besides.
Have you need of aid? Rather, have you need mine, Odinson? I face a horde of murderous trolls.
You, the cringing horror of Laufeyson's company.
Well put, Sif.
so it has always been that way with you lady.
All those whose beauty that did not reflect your own will know the stink of your ridicule.
Self-pity, Lokie? And i thought i had taken full measure of your feeling Congratulations, you surprise me yet.
As for my beauty, long have i known your resentment thereof.
- From the moment, in fact - Be silent.
You took naked to my hair.
Ii did no more than i was driven to, lady by your tones and mockery.
Just does a coward plays his failed outrages at the feater You act it from hurt and anger Loki and doing so prove yourself unworthy.
I hurt because i was meant to hurt There was ever violence in your words lady? There was honesty in my words, Loki.
I saw from first what you were and said so.
You but did me the favor of showing me to be right.
As you did me the favor of showing me the power of words.
From then on it was through my tongue that i sold my seduction Yes through insinuation and lies.
You chose your.
I chose mine.
Weapons knows god's worth name will deem to touch.
but never mind Loki.
I forgive you.
In tribute to that final favor you bestowed me a naked head.
On which the dual Brokk and Eitri might have fixed these riven traces i had worn since.
And which your brother finds it lovelier still Be silent You thought of ruining Thor's affection for me.
But in your gross incompetence, you forge between us a bond far more endurant - than we have known before.
- Be silent! Poor Loki.
Lord of Asgard at last.
Having achieved vitories of all but is your weakness' weakness.
- Viper! - Loki lucky son.
run the heir to the kingdom of Giants.
Placed the noble Asgard by a farsical fate.
Filthy slut! I will steal your wild tongue if Got you Help! Stop! Stop£¡Hel.
- My lord, are you o - Why did you delay? Did you not see that your lord was in need? She admits her persecution of me.
She admits that my ancestor stain is her source of distain.
That she took pleasure in dividing brother from brother.
Strumpet, temptress, wicked woman.
Now, shall you rip the benefit of your malevolence.
Thor dies at dawn.
No! You will not! Dare not! That dawn will never come.
Lucky son.
Lucky son lucky son lucky son lucky son Ii had almost forgotten that name.
To whom do you speak? Lord of Asgard.
Karnilla! What business have you in my city? What business? As your late alias, Loki Ain't i expect welcome as a honored guest in your awe of vitory.
But in truth i have no tast for rivalry.
I had come to see my lord, Balder.
and there is none here who will lead me to him.
By my order, Balder is my prisoner.
I remind you Lord of Asgard in exchange for my assistance, you vowed to spare Balder's life, and to deliver him into my keeping.
I had spared Balder,Norne queen.
And well i did agreed to submit him to your care.
I made no promises to wend.
Beware, Loki Laufeyson.
No king should strive to turn alias into enermies, especially should that allias be Karnilla.
As i turned in you favor, so may i yet turn again.
Loki The queen of Norne, yet has alias in other rounds to seek for one.
Run both celestial and soceress.
Cursed the woman.
Just the persistance of the hell hunt Where is the wall? Where is my guard? And who now safeguard the rainbow bridge? Lord of Asgard.
Why did you prevent me summoning the Brunnhilde, the Valkyrie.
and the heros of Midgard to undo what you had done.
Laufeyson! Show yourself! Karnilla will not be shunt so.
Well done Loki.
You are surprised, god of mischief.
You flee the jaws of my would be lover into my own diminished prison.
And yet in Asgard, there is no coincidence.
Among the gods,each seemingly random event, involves elements both of choice and of destiny.
Pray on as you like, the defeated one.
Hah why are you in a such hurry then to see your brother dead? What? Of what do you speak? You have ever vowed Thor's destruction Loki For those olds'may win result of unguard anger, later regret.
Youyou boggle me.
Would you have me kill him then? I would like to see you try, god of mischief.
You will see nothing.
You shall head the deed when it is done.
It never will be done, attempt though you must You surmise as i failed to kill you and i must fail to kill another.
I know you will fail Do you regret Balder, that this exchange marks the length we have yet share.
I accepted your word on the matter You may do so with confidence.
From the time of our youth, I will sunject it to delusion, humiliation and persecution by my step-brother and all his circle.
excepting, only you.
From you, Balder, i knew instead the yet more wildering modification of other disregard.
Balder, the bird sing for you.
Plainly so.
I would learn this trick It is no trick Now leave me please i may play on Balder, the brave.
Balder, the golden.
Balder the adore for more creation swirl to cherish.
What will i not have given to have such one turn his mind however so briefly To me but the last To see me must have shifted his focus from his own magnificence.
Where in he was well contented.
and so it was not to be.
As ever, you may explore the truth Loki Se minha atenção era o que tu querias in my attention the things you craved why then attempted my murder? That was rush, i do admit.
I was made mad with jealousy.
You had taken my place in the hearts of those who owe me affection.
Odin my father.
Frigga my mother.
And by slaving me, you saw to win their approve? Nay i forget, it is not you who strike me down, you tricked blind Hodar into doing the deed.
And cowardly hoped he will stand guilty in your place.
You do not know my mind Balder Do not insult me by claiming you can understand the length by which mockery and scone can drive one.
It is true i have no knowledge of inferring Nor of the fever justification it breeds in his minion minds.
You dare to bend the words with me, golden one? You are lord Loki and i am in chains.
but we speak only of this moment.
Eternity comprises many sides.
And i know more of this than you.
- Of what do you speak? - You forget while Hodar Zarole did not kill me, yet for the time with my spirit thrust into hell I have walked the land of the dead, and peer over prespecific eternity.
And i know much of gods and the stuff of gods You speak to confound me, i will not listen.
There are many Lokis.
Just as many Thors and many Balders Each one exists apart from the other.
Yet it is conjoint by a shared essence, like the branches of the tree.
Each one is distinctly himself but yet constrained by some universe.
In some incarnation, Loki is called Lock.
In some he is Loge.
In still others, Lokes or Louder.
But always he plays the same role in the order of things, neither he or any power may alter.
I have seen Loki as Odin's adopted brother instead of his son.
I have seen him father to grind Hela by the womb of the giant terres Angerborda i have seen him as a woman from his owm womb bringing forth eight limps furs Sleipnir.
I have even seen him succeed in slaving Balder precipitating the fall of Asgard and twilight of the gods.
but i have never - seen him rule - Be silent Your amusable nature Loki has confirmed across countless incarnations Instigator of conflics.
Transgressor of boundaries.
- Sower of discord.
- No! But never lord! The god of misrule cannot rule.
You know this to be so.
Without knowing it, you know it.
To be fated to lose.
To know destiny itself,the architect of my torment.
Is to be Lokie to be without hope? And if so, to whom a god can appeal from mercy.
But i must know.
I must listen.
THE PLAIN OF IDA Loki! Look here, in the capotal, north.
Warden i give you the leave to adbandon me.
My lord, what for you might cry in privacy So i did but it was not for you to presume.
You must learn to await my words.
- Sim, milorde.
- Assim como meu guarda.
- Yes my lord - As must my guard - Where has the vilan got to? - Not seen him dapart my lord.
If he finds such temptation in this place, as can entice him from his duty.
Let him spend a lifetime here indulging it.
Yes my lord.
The Norne queen remained as well, my lord.
and yet seek you out most digly Diga a maldita mulher que eu Tell the rigid butler the dark No, wait.
Send her to me The Palace The queen of Nornheim, my lord Admit her.
Audience at last.
I wondered that you will see me now, my lord.
Before i have hard chance to apologise for my rough speech at last we met.
What you called rough speech, i call threats challenges, betray and truism too.
Not so, my lord You know my tongue to be quicker than my head Fear not Karnilla, you are safe from my Indeed, i have even minded to realease your lover into your care.
But first You must perform a small service for me.