Thor and Loki Blood Brothers s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

THOR LOKI Blood Brothers Part 3 It will not do The work proceeds too slowly It must be finished at dawn Have you serving structed workers Yes my lord But forgive me your command to raise the scaffold came not four hours hands in view of which the progress has been remarkable Remarkable yet Insufficient I have promised that Thor, my brother will die at sunrise And so he shall If he does not thoes who have delayed the execution will share in it at a later hour please, convey this to the formen Yes my lord -Excuse me my lord -You have more to say Just, my lord, the matter of the rainbow bridge It remain sounds protective.
And that does as guard lying vulnerable to invasion by out of reigns There is no one fit to guard the bridge saying no better than Heimdall who wave parts whereas you two released him He would perform that function as no other He's loyalty being to as guard as itself and not to any faction Heimdall must think me a fool He is the Lady Sif's brother in share as a lover of Tragery No.
On the matter of the bridge my decision is thus Destroy it What? My lord,destroy the rainbow bridge? Why not? As gard its self-sufficient Why need a road to traffic with other reigns? Go!See to it! Ordinary dawn coincident with my brother's execution I should not like any his midgard cronies coming after me in revenge Oh where are you about it sammen Karnilla.
Tell her I grow while waited it I really wish you not hurry me so lord as guard A conjuration of this magnitude is not a approach does hesti me some petty speller pushy Spare me your groanings Norn Queen and show me what i crave to see As you wish But let me first caution you, Loki Laufeyson that no man or god is of sufficient greatness to peels the veil between essences without risk retributions Retribution? -from who -If I knew that, lord of Asgard I will be a very great source indeed Impressive, Karnilla.
But I require more from you than be an paroled technics Be silent please, and allow me to continue Behold, lord Loki You will see what there is exit others The king to you beyond this place you now rule Look well, for even now they stand before you An armed of Lokis,a multitude of Thors from the seemingly infant rate of Asgards Does your heart leak or break the sight? My lord Neither, but i wouldn't know what the fate waits there You ask much Yet it is not beyond my ability The fate of Loki, every Loki is that what you see before you for his crying.
the god if missed his chain for the internity to a rock over which suspense the poisonous world Loki's devoted lady keeps the beast's venom from his face But the last She must occasionally pour to empty his dishes during which time -Enough -Thus, did I warn you, my lord? There is no more bitter burden untill know oneself less than unique nor any great curse to foresee one's final fate Still have I done what I was asked of And now do I demand my reward Do not ignore me, Laufeyson That's worst before you The outskirts of Asgard city Loki? Youyou seeking for conqueror? You must hide yourself to that place There is he was hide Loki I draw me out Warder? My lord, sorry I didn't know you are My apology for starting you I require again to use your keys upon receive which i will leave you to which I leave you to conclude your meal in piece The hold The God of thunder If I am to credit the brave Balder and Norne Queen He is the chosen arm of destiny and must triumph the Loki in every place the Loki is Must I accept this? Must I believe that from this object state My brother can and will rally That from this death misery He is destined to rise to even a greater heights? I cannot deny that he has ever confronted the properbility Relax, Loki! I admit never will be more than an match with as such as you Arrogance so you has no equal it is true Alienate your weakness You see me as not,but nonsense yet I'm not Ah,yes.
I've heard that you now start yourself "God of Evil" Fool! I require nor themself destination for a petty state but As I said,arrogance A brilliant attack,brother Unless Thor had not to fear from any storm bare of wind,or rain,or fire.
A thousand thousand battles all ended in the same manner.
Thor triumphed.
Loki vanquished.
Thor,look at me.
It must credit the evidence of my eyes.
Thor is brought low for the final time.
Long years of victories do not foreclose the eventual defeat.
What are those other Lokis? They are not this one.
Let them riving actively beneath worms vile spittle.
I have none of it.
How can I be sure they exist to all Both worthy Balder and never fickle Karnilla will take pleasuring causeing me doubt Can I have conspire to place this neckle in my nest? Defile them both not allow a further thought As Lord of Asgard,I must look forward not back Mother,what business have you here? Adress me, please.
As Lady Frigga Acknowledged known no relation to you,Sir.
Of course not.
It has been amusing to claim the alternity to Loki Only when you might abuse the position by denying him all of affection at last.
I'm beyond such small betrayals now mother? You are unnatural! Do not tough me! Unnatural, my lady? What were then for the mother who denys sucklling bare her breast? I did not bare you! My breast had no nourishment to offer you I spoke mental,but let's not quarrel Better you make reply to my early inquiry.
-What business have you here? -I have been here to see my husband.
Your father, ungrateful one.
But how can he be my father? If you are not my mother.
Never mind.
Just tell me have you worried to face? Better, yet.
I'll go and ask him myself.
I must did know the small surprise,my son.
I have not thought to see you in this place.
No? And why is that? Why? Because the shame you must feel before me.
Shame? The word has no meaning for me.
Dangernously joined to be before the starving dog.
when I hang after long hours of begging Finally savage you and take the meat and your arm besides Must it feel shame? Or something close to victory? I I have actually failed you.
No, father.
I'm not so easily full of that.
I know, as you always know that you succeeded with me most family -I did not take your meaning.
-Oh,do you not? You slow my true thought and fill the battle.
I do not deny it.
I defeat Laufey according to the rules of engagement.
There was dishonor for him or for me.
Indeed, what did your rules engagement say about kidnapping your victim son.
It was to honor Laufey that I took you as my own.
You are true prince, and to honor as a warrior.
I was more than that, father I was a mean to end for you, was I not Do not read only so! If your festered mind hold the orgnization, how would I do it? Simply this then.
How best to make a hero? Give them the means by which he might define himself so Set up a filled black against which his mind would be yet more blinding! You speak of Thor.
Yes, I speak of Thor, my stepbrother filled with enegy and ambition.
How to mode him, according to your will? Right.
Mode a very alongside to him.
Take him to your bosom of small and helpless babe Plug him with temptation, reward him with ridicule Expected the very worst from him and refuse to see any good! Listed flourish thereby -You are deranged.
-Am I? Then look at me, father.
And tell me praying that I was not brought to your core for the sole purpose of galvanizing Thor's goodness.
I understand you now.
But you do not yet understand me.
In demonizing me, you have outraged yourself.
I am Laufey's revenge! Of late, I have been told I am a prisoner of forturn.
That the forces which created me are inviolated across many realms.
An thus those who may uses are exempt from the blame for their role in the tragety of my life.
And yet, I myself am ever to be held guilty for my own actions, which, by the laws of Cosmos I am helpless to change all alter.
No matter the crimes committed against me It is only I who would be called criminal.
I reject this outright.
And I have proved that the laws of Cosmos are not so immutable as I have been told.
I now rule Asgard I have ceased to be the thresher And then hence forth law of all And those who have had a hand in the making of my misery will not escape my rightress judgementl Thor, my brother, is to die at sunrise And you, stepfather, slayer of my true father, You are to watch him.
Why the hell would you do this thing, Loki? The god of thunder is not so easily dispatched I would cut off his head.
Latter see him survive that Make way! Make way for your lord! I said make way for it! Move! Ah! Loki! Loki at last! Who are you to so defy the law of Asgard? I am the one who has a better right to see thee than any who yet live, my child I am Farbauti of Jotuheim.
Your mother.