Thor and Loki Blood Brothers s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

You You say you are Your mother, Loki.
Farbauti of Jotunheim.
Widow to the king Laufey who was your father.
I I thought you dead.
No, my son, yet living.
All be in a state much for reduced from that i went show.
It's can not be.
After Odin slue your father and most of our men flok.
His army of Asgard did retired, And leave us poor women behind to whail and the men.
long did we languish there under the boot of our oppressor.
"But never mind," says I.
"When time will come when my Loki will show the tyrants of Asgard The Metal of the son of Jotunheim.
" True, when you were born, your father was ashamed at you as you were but weak and weakly.
But I says to him he is no mans size that makes for his stature.
And look at you now! I was right.
And more than right it.
Long I've waited the day when my son would avenge his fathers muder.
But I nor dreamed it would be such a manner.
As right lord of Asgard in himself.
Since that day of infamy, when Asgard failed the men folk of Jotunheim a new generation of warriors as grown up and took their place.
They wait but at your word of will.
Name the hour and i will have them here at the capital itselves and then all the Nine Worlds, in your name! Until such time, I Farbauti, stand ready to take my place here as your mother and queen of all the gods.
Itself, of course, will be as you say, mother but let me first have you install accommodation suitable to your rank, where you can rest and refresh yourself after your long journey.
Take her to some sweet of rooms, far far from the court.
See that she wants for nothing but Is this clear to you? Yes, my lord.
Let them sneaker.
They will find less amuse when to I cut of their heroes head.
My lord, If I may speak with you on a matter of some emergencys My lord, I represent the Vanir,who have most expressing need of your hire - Loki Lord, will you grant audience.
to the much persecuted ascetics of the Ganegesa.
The iron Nidavellir guild of knights of Alia wishs My Lord, of Refugees Svartalfheim A spare of him a moment only a minute to put the King of Jolene disputed property rights forest SIGURG my lord? - Where - Do you see him? He was here but a moment ago.
My lord? Are you at within hearing? Is Lord Loki it at about? "Laufey's Revenge.
" Can tht be what I invoked near hours ago? 'Odin's Revenge, more like Did the classical Father kown what he was about when he took me under his wing? Never was I allowed to forget that I was not Asgardian born.
Ever was reminded that I was alien and inferior to the gods and heroes who flurish here.
and yet, Odin must well have understood By rearing me within his golden circle He was rendering me for ever discripent of my own blood king.
A retire,a manner of speech, a breath like a stagnant pool of filth! What cruelty to bring up a son in such a manner that he can fell but disgust for his own mother! Petty chif in this suba bovine people! That she represents all that as long driven me? That i've prised far above the shining spires of Asgard? In truth I'm neither Asgardian nor son of Jotunheim.
I'm Loki only.
And I'm alone.
Not so, my lord.
Not while Daia is yet at hand.
I begged you go, girl.
Diminished to zian i will consult with Karnilla.
Sent me the Queen of the Norns , and 'true, but they are not his maid.
A concubine, my lord.
I was entrusted with the guild since and educated girl for many years in the art of serving and giving pleasure, as they are very eager to show you, if only you want to afford it.
Very well.
Show me.
My lord I've met, my lord? More 'than enough.
Must you go? Ruler Asgard.
I have chores.
Starting with the removal of my brother's head from his shoulders.
We are two good guys, Loki? There are our equals in all the Nine Worlds.
On, then, give me a hand.
Along the span of millennia, only you loved me, Thor.
You have only looked at me with affection rather than condescension.
Why 'I'm killing time you, and not the others? Why 'have stopped.
So the time approaches.
I already 'said enough.
Although not with you, Hela.
This neglect hurts me.
But 'I am here after all.
Why 'nothing in this world happens without me know.
Scaffold ' very big, but you and 'always liked the theatricality ' vulgar.
I could say the same about you.
The way you enter a room.
'Re a brave man to challenge in words, Laufeyson.
Never my mood endures today.
Today, the soul of Thor becomes mine.
Not turn your back, little king! What ' here that takes you where you're not welcome? 'An asset that is not came in search of courtesy, ' cause I find here is not clear.
Answer my question, please.
I came to understand if you were ready or not.
You are a creature mood changing Laufeyson, look like a long time.
And I would not like to lose your resolve at the very end.
Now I dress.
Stay or go, as you prefer.
Why 'does not mean reassure me, little king? Why 'does not confirm what' of which you boasted so many others? Servant, come here! Not have responded, Laufeyson.
- My lord? - Come, help me And again I turn shoulders, Laufeyson! All I do is take care of my business .
If you do not want to see my shoulders then stopped at a place and not more buzz 'around my person.
My lord? Have I offended him in some way I'm not talking to you, silly.
Here's something interesting! I know nothing of fashion at court.
Are perhaps the clothing label claims court to preside over the execution of his brother? Just No god or goddess will force me ' with his sermons to do this' and not ' in my will.
' not 'Thy will, therefore, ' kill your brother, Laufeyson? No.
And do not '.
You built a really beautiful stage, then, on which anyone, 'destined to play.
I do not care.
Even a god can ' be pushed to the extreme But in spite of their race, of fate and the weight of the Cosmos, he always maintains the power to say not.
Thor you will not be ' certainly grateful for having saved his life.
Maybe not.
But perhaps, now that we pushed into the final battle, maybe we see one another clearly.
Ah will see what 'so the god of Thunder? Someone who wants to go to be his brother.
Once there was affection between us, before the poisonous insinuations of his female / I and his comrades in arms and before the machinations of the Father of all / I we separated pushing us in opposite directions.
Thor thinks about me all the harm possible why 'and' was educated and brought to do so.
I can not blame, 'cause I myself have come to believe it.
But how can 'doubt me now? Now that I his life in my hands am and handed it back? Hell destiny the wrath of Hela think you dismiss it so ' easily Laufeyson? Keep so 'little to your life from What a sad paradox: The deceiver may 'deceive anyone except itself.
About Who dares sheathing your sword.
's Me, your sovereign.
- My most 'humble apologies, my lord! - Never mind, and come with me, soon.
Take me to jail.
'S performance will have 'place so' soon, my lord? Asgard is still asleep.
Let them sleep.
I think of something better than a show dripping with blood.
My lord? I do not understand A new era, my good soldier.
Shining like gold more 'pure.
So 'we were told, my lord.
But now and 'different I'm talking about a golden age not tainted by blood.
Forged from the truth ', / I shiny and made by the brotherhood Thor, no! No! You have to listen to what ' I learned what' I thought Can we tempt fate, the two of us together overthrow the tyranny of fate not give me, I implore you not give me one more time to his power Do not make me go be what 'I was my future, our future, next action depends on your remains a shred of mercy 'in you If in you there 'never was pity' END.