Thorne s01e02 Episode Script


Three dead girls, all look like strokes.
Her brain works, she can hear you, she understands everything but can't move.
It's like waking up in your own coffin.
You're the one who found Miss Willets, aren't you? Yeah, I found her passed out in the car park.
Do you remember me, Alison? Course you do, I'm Jeremy, I'm the doctor who treated you when you first arrived.
Dr Jeremy Bishop.
Do we like him for it? Funny thing is the hospital has no record of calling you Sunday night.
If you need to verify any of this you can do so with my colleague.
Is she one of your missing? Helen Doyle.
'Oh my God.
You've gotta remember and find a way to tell me.
Tell me! She just communicated with me, do you understand? She blinked.
Alison wasn't a mistake.
She was the first one he got right.
"Dear Tom, sorry they're dead.
And it's down to me.
" Tom just shook Frank Calvert by the hand, looked into his eyes and he just knows, this is the guy that's killed those six gay men.
(GROANS) (DISTORTED VOICE) (FOOTSTEPS) They're on their way.
Tom! (VOICE DISTORTS) Breathe, Tom! Tom! Breathe! Tom.
(DISTORTED VOICE) Where are those fucking paramedics! Can you name me the last six Prime Ministers.
(MONITOR BLEEPS) Brown, obviously.
Major, Thatcher, Callaghan and Heath or Wilson? Hey? Heath or Wilson? Heath, right? Come on, Tommy, it was Harold Wilson.
Lib-Lab pact and all that.
Tom? Tommy? Hey, hey.
You're alright.
You're in hospital.
(VOICE DISTORTS) You've been here days.
What's that? (BARELY AUDIBLE) He was there, Dad.
No, no, I can't hear you, sorry.
I couldn't do anything or move.
You did everything you could, son.
(VOICE DISTORTS) Sent them a text, so they knew where to find you.
Did they get him? Listen, I'm gonna take you home.
(VOICE DISTORTS) Your mum'll take care of you, she'll sort you out.
Tommy, don't try and get up! Don't, don't! Jesus Christ, your heart stopped.
(MONITOR BLEEPS RAPIDLY) Sorry, sir, if I could ask you to move.
Rest now, please, rest.
You let them catch him, you let them do it.
(WEEPS) "Dear Tom, sorry they're dead, "and it's down to me.
" "I don't understand it.
I never wanted to hurt anyone.
" "But they keep breaking.
" "I feel like you know me.
I think about you and it feels special.
" "Like a sex thing.
" Tom? Are you OK? Yeah.
Sorry, Tom.
He mentions Frank Calvert in the note.
Jesus, you don't know about the note, do you? "Dear Tom.
" "I know about Frank.
I know all your stories.
" "I'd like us to be able to talk about it.
" "Can I come and see you, Tom?" Tom this changes everything.
He's hurt one of us and we're gonna get this fuck.
Ring-side seat this time.
It's great to have you back on board.
I'm just getting this lot up to speed.
There's four bodies now.
He's after Frank's crown.
Yeah, how d'you work that out? The dead girls all in white.
(SIGHS) Doesn't that sound like some sort of copycat to you, Tom? Frank Calvert killed six gay guys and his three girls.
Whoever wrote that note doesn't want to kill anyone.
He wants them alive, locked in.
Tell you what, Kevin, if you wanna run with this, that's up to you, alright? Knock yourself out.
I'm going to my office.
I wanna be brought up to speed on this new profile, alright? Oh, sorry, have I missed something here? You'd been out for 36 hours, Tom.
Ruth felt that I should Where are your shoes, Tom? (VOMITS) You shouldn't be here, Tom.
You can go back to hospital or I'm putting you in a hotel.
The Assistant Commissioner wants you looked after.
Oh aye, what's he got in mind then? (FLUSHES THE TOILET) Two weeks in Champneys Spa? Or an overnight at the Travelodge? I'm fine.
What was I meant to do? The hospital said you'd be out for two weeks, rest for six, I made Tughan Investigating Officer.
Yeah, temporary.
Well I'm back now, aren't I? Kevin thought you were followed home from Dr Coburn's house.
He's got Dr Bishop's under surveillance.
No, no, I interviewed Bishop.
I can't see it.
So did Kevin.
For a man who wears an expensive watch he's sketchy on his timings.
What have you got on your feet? Hey? Oh, yeah.
(LAUGHS) I borrowed them.
You need a break.
You can have a week in my timeshare in Tenerife.
Kev isn't getting it.
This guy doesn't wanna kill.
He wants to lock them in.
Do you understand? That note as good as said it.
I think you're wrong.
I'm not alone.
(SIGHS) He's killed four times.
That's what he wants.
Dead girls.
And you'd be dead, too.
"Send help".
Christ, Tom, if you'd not sent that message, where would you be? I didn't.
He did.
He had no intention of killing me.
Well, why attack you then? I don't know, to show that he could? This is you, Tom.
You get an idea in your head and everyone else is stupid.
I want focused, not fixated.
I'm not going anywhere.
DI Thorne would like a role in your investigation.
How do you feel about that? Well, I can use all the help I can get.
Alright, you can stay on, but you're taking orders not giving them.
" Does she look dangerous? So here you are.
You shouldn't be here.
You shouldn't be here, you should be lying in a hospital bed.
What are you doing? (MOANS) What is it? Let me see.
Look at me.
You look terrible.
I'm fine.
Were you robbed as well? Hey? Oh no that was always like That's very funny.
No, it's not.
You think that's appropriate after what I've been through? It's very inappropriate and erm, I'm sorry, Tom, I'm gonna go, you need to get some rest.
Can I get you anything before A cup of tea? I'd like you to stay.
OK, yeah.
(LOUD MUSIC/CHATTER) Did I do it wrong? Action! It probably looked innocent enough but perhaps someone saw him talking to her or taking her coat.
Alison had been with her friends all evening.
'She does not look anything like me, does she?' 'I mean, she's at least a ten and I'm an eight, probably a six by now.
Oh, I loved that dress.
' Alison, I'm sorry.
That's so insensitive.
Shall I turn it off? 'No.
Leave it.
I want to know.
' "It was only after Alison returned home, "that the assailant came to her door.
" 'I let him in.
Stupid bitch.
' 'Tom said he found my coat.
' "The coat was found at her home address.
" "Alison would have been incapacitated by now.
" "It may have looked like she'd been drinking too much "and he was assisting her.
" 'He touched me? Didn't he?' "We believe he took her somewhere.
" 'Why cant I remember?!' "There is always a sexual element to his attacks.
" "He tends to prey on women in their twenties.
" (PHONE RINGS) "In addition to the horrific injuries suffered by Miss Willetts, "this man has killed" What's he saying? There was no indication of anything sexual.
That's good.
He's messing with him, you know, trying to get him to justify himself, make a mistake.
Tughan's doing well.
What's with the Deep Throat whisper? Oh, I get it, you slapper.
You could have been lying dead in that stupid fucking flat of yours.
No one would've known until the Wine Rack on the corner went out of business.
Were you worried about me? "Worried about you? Teflon Tom?" Murdered Monday, Comatose Tuesday, Shagging on Wednesday.
I thought I was dead, Phil.
Yeah, I know.
And you were worried about me, weren't you? Come on, admit it.
" "Poof.
" "This man is known to frequent bars where young people gather.
" For God's sake, what are we meant to do? Lock them up? "A car was seen, a dark saloon car, possibly a BMW.
" Rachel? Is that the girl your mum was treating? "Did you see a car fitting this description, leaving her building?" "If anything you've seen in the programme jogs your memory" Look at him, he's gorgeous.
(LAUGHTER) "Please call the Crimetime freephone number.
" "All calls of course will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.
" (PHONES RING) Here come the crazies.
Right, if our guy so much as farts in the bath we've got him! "This man is dangerous and sexually predatory.
" "The pattern of his attacks indicate the man is driven by, "what police psychologists suggest, "a desire to hurt and sexually dominate.
" Leoni, they're lying.
This is all lies.
(VOICE DISTORTS) I'm trying to save you! Red.
I love? What? Hold on, hold on.
Yes, I love.
L, yes.
I love Lon.
Lon I love London.
I love London.
What's that, is it something he said to you? No.
Is it a T-shirt he had on or 'I'd tell you if I knew.
I don't remember.
I'm herding cats in here.
' I know it's tough, I know you're scrabbling around for memories.
Anything, anything you've got.
'I'm blinking for Wales here, pal.
' 'While you're making doe eyes at Doctor Love.
' 'I thought she was looking peaky.
' Alison you know these words you've told us, these two words here, are they one word or two? Vansay.
Is it two words, is it two words or one? 'I don't know what it means, Tom.
' Huh? 'I just heard it.
' Is it a name or is it a place? Alison, come on, Vansay.
'You're the detective, Tom.
Please work this out.
' And you know this other word you spelt out, bright? Why, was that like a lamp.
Was it a window? Huh? Alison, was that like a window in your Could you see out of a window? 'I cant see him, I cant see his face.
' If you need anything, Alison.
Alison, what was it? Her heart rate's gone up.
Let's the DynaVox a try, we tried it yesterday.
She's not used to it yet.
You have to be patient but, it reads her eye movements, so let's give it a go.
Elephant? 'Elephants.
' You alright, Mr Ramsey? How are you keeping? OK, you know.
This place, drunks and girls with black eyes.
Weekends are worse.
I told you I was gonna be sick! You alright, sir? Yeah.
Thanks for coming to pick me up.
I thought you'd be busy.
I am, I mean, we are.
What? Mr Tughan was wondering if we could erm Crimetime.
There were like 2,000 calls.
So it's the follow-ups.
He was wondering if we could erm Follow them up? Yeah, he said we could focus on recent incident dates and geographic recurrences.
We? What like you and me? Anyway, I've been poorly, everyone knows that.
Everyone knows you're not gonna stay away.
That's why he's putting you on Crimetime.
You still think he's trying to keep the girls alive, don't you? It worked on Alison, didn't it? He's not gonna stop now.
The question is, when did it start? There must have been a time before.
You know, I mean, before Alison, before Christine, before Madeline even.
Yeah, OK, Crimetime, we can follow it up.
"We", sir? What are we like BFFs then? First you're wearing my Puma Sky Two Hi-Tops and now Shut up, you wanker! (LAUGHS) You won't be laughing when I sell your trainers on eBay, will ya? Thanks, Tom.
I'm gonna need you.
No problem.
You look taller on the telly.
So did something in the Crimetime programme jog your memory, Ms Byrne? This happened to you over a year ago.
How come you didn't go to the police then? I thought it was a dream.
I'm into dreams.
I keep a dream diary.
Right, so you wrote it down then? No.
Funny that.
I know it was November.
They'd just opened a Starbucks opposite the tube.
They sell off their sandwiches half price at the end of the day.
I thought I had too much coffee cos I came over funny.
Then I was at my front door, just like in a dream.
There then here.
Yeah, and that was that? Nice.
Thank you, Maggie, you've been really He must have followed me, because suddenly someone was helping me in the door.
Or was it on the street? He had my keys, I suppose I fell.
And I was on the floor, but I couldn't feel the tiles cos I was lying on a thing like plastic.
And I was being sick but I thought that's alright cos there's a plastic sheet.
It was a dream, wasn't it? Next thing I know, (VOICE DISTORTS) Pascal was licking my face? Pascal? (DISTORTED VOICE) Maggie, listen to me.
Maggie, can you hear me? Maggie, stay with me.
What can you see? It's just a dream, right? Can you see him? No.
I can't see him.
Why can't you see him, Maggie? He could have hurt me but he didn't.
He brought me back to life.
He's so sweet, he's talking to me, crying, telling me he's scared.
All he wanted was to help me.
Maggie, try to remember.
Did you see him? Did you see him at all? Did you see him? No.
I don't like this.
You're playing with me.
It's alright, Maggie.
It was a dream.
I want you to go now.
Did he take anything? I mean, is anything missing? No.
I'd have known.
If something was missing I'd have known it wasn't a dream, wouldn't I, dummy? I gave him a gift.
In the dream, I mean.
He was so upset and worried about stuff.
He was ever so grateful in the dream.
So I told him this is what I do when I was worried, I'd tell my worries to my worry dolls.
Perfect little things.
Here we are.
It wasn't a dream, was it? We should get them together .
Get Maggie down to The Great Eastern.
Anne said parallel association can sometimes prompt memory.
So if we get Maggie talking, it might trigger something in Alison.
So I'll er type it up and tell the Guv, Guv.
I'll just, I'll call it in, whatever.
Do you remember feeling like a twat when you arrested someone who was halfway round the world when the killings began? That a feeling you wanna get used to? Yeah, but, it proves what you've been saying, sir.
We wait.
Understand? Keep it to ourselves until we know what this is.
Arrange for Maggie to go to hospital.
(MOBILE RINGS) Yes, sir.
He's gone down market this time, sir.
Needle tracks.
we're thinking prostitute.
My Crimetime broadcast is really working.
We're squeezing him, he's a celebrity now.
He can't cruise the fancy bars anymore.
A dead homeless teenager? And that's actioned progress, is it? If he curb-crawled her, chances are Vice'll have her on file.
And the other punters must have seen something.
A car.
A BMW, perchance? Have you enough to pick Bishop up? 40 grand a day.
That's what this is costing.
They want an arrest for their money.
You need to make choices, Kevin.
Pick him up or pick on someone else.
Dead girls in white gowns.
Remind you of anything, Phil? Cos I've got a long memory.
You two and your secrets.
I told you, I've got a nose for these things.
What's that? It's an ECG pad.
So he's had her on a heart monitor.
IV units, infusion pumps, cardiac monitors.
This guys got a regular ICU somewhere.
Come on.
Listen you, you call me as soon as you've done the initial, yeah? Shouldn't I be calling Kevin? Well he's the boss now, isn't he? I'll see you up there.
What if he finds out? I'm not talking about a poxy post mortem.
He's taken my Calvert files.
He thinks it's a copycat OK?.
He's wrong.
Yeah, well, you just keep your head down.
Cos if this guy doesn't get you, Tughan might.
Tom Thorne.
Name I always liked.
Gina, you're looking good.
Aren't you going to buy me a drink? You're joking, aren't you? By the looks of things, you can buy me one.
You haven't come here to make trouble, Tom, have you? Leoni Holden, she's 18 years old.
Not one of mine.
She's dead.
Found her body washed up yesterday.
The guy you've been reading about.
She's his fifth.
There are lots of pretty girls out there, Tom, and sometimes they become dead girls.
I need your help on this, Gina.
Just ask around for me, you know.
Take me to where these girls work.
I cant go to Vice on this one.
I don't know any of the new faces, do I? Please, come with me.
That's not what I mean, use your head.
Why are they putting you with him? Sophie, we're following leads.
Crimetime comes out with 600 people.
Nobody trusts Tom Thorne.
Your dad said he was My dad? My dad sat behind a desk for 25 years looking for three stripes.
Now he talks like he's fucking Robocop.
I know what I'm doing.
Really, Dave? You've got onion on your hand and you're wiping your eyes with it.
Why do you think Tughan put you with him? He could have me watching CCTV.
He assigned me to Thorne.
And this is how you repay him.
By keeping secrets? I hope you're a better cop than you are a cook, David Spencer Holland.
If you need me I'll be in my boudoir, peeing like a racehorse.
Hi, Mr Tughan.
It's Dave, I er, Dave Holland, I need to talk to you.
"I just wondered if we could meet.
" "I wanna go over something we found today, Thorne found.
" "It's just one of the Crimetime follow-ups.
It's significant" I'm sorry to trouble you so late, Mrs Calvert.
I don't normally let people into my house.
They get too much of a kick out of it.
Well, I'm not here for kicks.
I need to talk to you bout your ex-husband.
The man attacking these women, he wrote us a note.
And it mentions Frank.
I tried to warn you all.
Way before.
I screamed and shouted.
That's all I was, right? A screamy alchy bitch.
If you got him then, you could have stopped him killing my girls.
I'm sorry.
We made mistakes.
That's why I'm here.
I'm sorry to hear about James, but I really need to see his personal effects? There's not much left of my son.
James killed himself, Mr Tughan.
Let's not mealy mouth here.
He put himself under a train.
I buried a coffin full of mush.
If you lot had listened to me.
I told you Frank was abusing our son, but you weren't interested.
If you'd got him then, Christ.
Did something happen to James, towards the end? Was there any new friends? Anyone take an unnatural interest in him? He was hanging out with all sorts the last few years.
They loved having a bit of Frank Calvert's son.
I told him I didn't want to see him.
I didn't give him my new address.
This man, Jeremy Bishop, was he a friend of James from back then? I don't know him.
Think about it? Think about it? Back then? You think I ever think about anything else? (SOBS) OK, Teresa, shh.
(MUSIC PLAYS THROUGHOUT) So, erm, how many girls have you brought here then? Oh, not many.
Not many women pass the Gary Grill test.
(LAUGHS) Where's Rachel tonight? She's with her dad.
He's probably talking to her about Kasabian and erm, contraception.
(LAUGHS) She seems great.
She's a nightmare.
She terrifies me.
She's just, she's got so much hope, you know? How about you? No kids? Did you ever come close? I don't know.
Well which? You don't know or maybe? Once.
I was seeing this girl and she wanted to but, I was working this case and some kids died.
After that, you know.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Sorry, I need to get this.
Hello? Yeah? Look, Chloe my mum said, no bars.
You're not at a bar, Rachel.
You're at your dad's, right? That, my friend, is the upside of divorce.
OK, ladies, come through.
How you doing, alright? Sorry, come back after the Olympics, love.
Rache, wait there.
Just go, sorry.
(CLUB MUSIC) Tughan, he's over my shoulder the whole time.
Look, he's shitting himself, isn't he? He wanted this case, now he's got to deliver.
He knows something.
He never trusted me, never.
I'm a triple threat.
Pal of yours.
What have you found? Not a lot.
She had high levels of oxygen in her blood.
She might have been hooked up to a mask.
There were some PM10s in her lungs.
Some other trace elements too.
Bauxite, beryllium copper.
They reckon she worked out East.
So that's no surprise, is it? The whole place is a construction site right now.
Helen Doyle lived the other side of town too.
I picked up the exact same thing, only much lower concentration.
Her exposure was recent and brief.
He's taking them East.
Thanks very much.
What, is that it? Are you just gonna leave me here drinking on my own? What's the matter, Phil, this one getting to you? Cos it's getting to me, you know? Why is Tughan so interested in Calvert? Are you not just the tiniest bit worried about it? Cos I am! We survived that, remember? Huh? Yeah.
Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad thing if he found out.
Cos it stains us.
Can we just get this guy, then well talk about it, yeah? Phil? Phil! Forget about it, yeah.
Cos I'm fucking tired.
Lets get out of here, yeah? Go on, we'll talk about it.
Phil! (CLOCK TICKS LOUDLY) Was he gay? Frank? I always thought that was the real reason he killed homosexuals.
You think he was that picky? That man obliterated everything.
He'd have cut the sun out of the sky if he could.
Frank told James he'd kill anyone who betrayed his secrets.
Now they're all dead.
All forgotten.
But not Frank Calvert.
He'll never be gone.
I want you to leave now.
Do I know you? OK.
Her name's Leoni.
She worked around here.
She was 18.
Maggie, it's alright.
You told us your story before, you can tell us again.
Hi, you must be Maggie? My name's Anne Coburn.
I'm Alison's doctor.
I told her to expect you.
'Hey, Maggie, you've got to do this, don't be scared of the freak.
' Her name's Leoni Holden.
I mean, that's her real name.
Do you think she worked round her? Few nights ago.
Do you know where she lives? Yeah, it's a squat in Cranmer Street? Great.
Thanks very much.
She was here.
Two nights ago.
She didn't get any business and went home.
The girl says it was a squat in Cranmer Street.
That must be what dying feels like.
It wasn't bad, like when you're in the bath and you sink your head back in the water.
Just in between this and that.
Is that how it felt for you? 'How it felt? I don't know.
I cant feel a thing.
' 'They're the last feelings I'll ever have and I can't bloody remember.
' He was going to save me, he was talking to me, like a rhyme.
The same thing over and over.
Like something you say to a kid.
Her squat's got to be around here some place.
He must have picked her up on her walk home.
(TAXI DRIVERS) Avancez! Avancez! Avancez! 'Vansay, is it one word or two words?' Let's go round the back.
You should go.
(METAL DOORS CREAK) (FROM OUTSIDE) Avancez! Avancez! Listen, you better go.
Go on now.
Go on.
Avancez! They don't look dead, do they? Tom! Gina! He's here.
(PANTS) Hey! (GROANS) (CLATTERING) (GROANS) (PANTS/GROANS) Oh, you look gorgeous.
We'll get prints, we'll get DNA and we'll have him in 24 hours.
Where's Gina? The hooker? She's in A&E.
Kitson's taking a statement.
You can always question Margaret Byrne again.
The second survivor, she's there with Alison Willetts.
Tom and Dave found her from Crimetime responses.
It's nice of you to join us.
Sorry Ma'am.
I wasn't warned.
I was at the archives in Ealing.
If Thorne had told me what he was doing, bothered to tell his IO the little things, like witnesses, evidence.
Tom found this.
On his own.
You've got 40 detectives working shifts.
Take this and use it, but don't blame the man for finding something you couldn't.
(SHOUTING) Leave me alone! (MONITOR BLEEPS) Ma'am? Ma'am's gone.
Talk to Pops.
I'm sorry about before.
Maggie, she cant see you there, if you just stand here in front of her.
Jesus! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rude or unkind.
I just wasn't expecting you.
You alright? I'm OK, I just need to get some air.
(TANNOY) Could we have a duty cleaner to reception, please? (HOSPITAL CHATTER/NOISES) Somebody get some medics! I need some help now! (SCREAMING) Someone get me a doctor.
Someone get me a fucking medic! (SCREAMING) Maggie! Maggie, squeeze my hand, come on.
Stay with me, Maggie.
One, two, three, go! Cover it! Through there! Through there, I found her there.
In the toilet! In the toilet! Hold her arm! Stay with me, Maggie.
Two doctors, please.
This is an emergency! Night, night, (VOICE DISTORTS) sleepy head.
Mr Calvert? Ring-side seat, Mr Thorne.
Listen to me! Why didn't you come to me? I would have helped you back then.
Tom, this is not a ghost story.
Francis? Only my mum still calls me Francis.
'Rachel!' It cant be because he's dead.
I killed him.
I know who did this.