Thorne s01e03 Episode Script

Sleepyhead (3)

Her brain works.
She can hear you, she can understand everything, but she can't move.
It's like waking up in your own coffin.
There's four bodies now.
He's after Frank's crown.
I'm Jeremy.
I'm the doctor who treated you when you first arrived.
Have you enough to pick Bishop up? Pick him up orpick on someone else.
Alison, was there a window? - Elephant.
- Could you see out of a window? They don't look dead, do they? Tom just shook Frank Calvert by the hand.
He looked into his eyes and he just knows.
Why is Tughan so interested in Calvert? - What if he finds out? - He thinks it's a copycat, OK? He's wrong.
I'm gonna save you.
Gonna help you, Alison.
Do I know you? - Jesus.
- Someone get me a doctor! Squeeze my hand.
I found her in the toilet.
Come here.
No, no, no, come here.
Keep the pressure on.
Where's the fucking doctor? Let's get out of here.
Come on.
Holland's got it.
Holland's dealing with this.
Go on.
Keep relaxing.
One, two, three.
All right, go, go, go.
- Let's sit down.
Sit down.
- Hold her arm.
Cover it.
Tom, I know what you're thinking.
This has nothing to do with you.
It's not your fault, OK? - Tom, look at me.
Talk to me.
- You don't understand.
I know who did this.
The Great Eastern hospital .
the assault and subsequent death of Miss Maggie Byrne.
All officers report to They said her name.
They just said "Maggie".
- Alison, it's OK.
It's all over.
- No.
- You're safe.
- He was here, you dopey twat.
He's killed that poor girl, hasn't he? She wasn't much older than me and she smelled like my gran.
lives in Muswell Hill with her boyfriend who works for Friends of the fucking Earth.
I am no Ali.
I was never an Ali.
And I am never getting out of here.
Er, Miss Calvert? Mr Thorne.
Tom, isn't it? Sorry, your erm Your door was open.
I just wanted a chat.
Be down in a second.
Actually, you haven't met my little angels, have you? Come on up.
Come on.
They're just having a nap.
Ringside seat, Mr Thorne.
So this is what they've done with the place, eh? I had a hope for a adventure playground.
Or at least a garden of contemplation.
So, what did you want me here for, Tom? A sigh for old times? - OK.
There's Maggie Byrne.
- Ah.
OK? And there she is, going into the toilets.
- I need to talk to you, ma'am.
- Talk fast.
I know who's doing this.
I've heard that before.
OK, pause it.
We found these photographs in the room where the girls were killed.
Oh, Jesus.
I got another note.
This one written in a dead woman's blood.
More personal than a text message, I suppose.
"How did you feel, Tom, when you killed him?" No one else knew, Phil.
Only you.
It's going to be OK.
No one's heard.
I'm glad you called me.
We may not have much time.
- I've been trying to call you all morning.
- I'm not taking calls off you any more.
I don't want the privilege of your information.
I never told anyone what you did.
But maybe I should have done.
Cos maybe then I wouldn't be like this.
I understand, Phil.
You know, seeing those girls Yeah, you saw them once.
I had them laid out three days, side by side in that mortuary.
I don't do dead kids any more, Tom.
And the men that Calvert killed.
They were men like you, weren't they? Going to the same bars, the same clubs as you.
I can understand, Phil, you know.
What do you understand? "How did it feel, Tom, when you killed him?" Come on.
Just get in.
You were the only one who knew! OK, you know what to say.
Yeah? DC Thorne here.
I'm outside the house of a suspect.
Yeah, we interviewed him yesterday but I'm here for the follow-up and the door's open.
I don't like it.
Could you send back-up? Soon as you can, yeah? I'm gonna go in now.
You wanted to talk about it and I never would and I'm sorry about that, but Phil, just tell me, come on.
Tell me.
You killed Maggie.
Tell me.
You killed them all, didn't you? The profiler thinks this guy's impotent or sexually confused.
Phil Hendricks never seemed confused about his sexuality to me.
He fits the Calvert connection! He was there.
Calvert was killing gay men.
This could be some sort of queer revenge.
"He fits the Calvert connection"? He was the attending pathologist.
What the fuck are you going back there for? Tell her, Dave.
Tell her what you saw.
It's all a bit fuzzy.
Erm Just fucking tell her what you found on the fuck Just tell her what was written in blood on the toilet wall where you found Margaret Byrne.
"How did you feel, Tom, when you killed him?" - Phil, just say it! - Get up! Say it, Phil.
Just tell me.
Fuck! Thorne killed Calvert.
And Hendricks covered up for him.
He made it look like suicide.
Hendricks killed those girls.
He killed Margaret Byrne.
He wrote those words, in her blood, on the wall and then Thorne wiped them away.
That's two cases solved for the price of one.
That should appeal to your bottom line.
I want proof.
Phil Hendricks' DNA on these girls, these girls' DNA on Phil Hendricks.
Oh, I'll get Hendricks.
For the girls.
And for covering Calvert up.
And then we're going after Tom Thorne.
Yeah, you're right.
It did fuck me up.
I met him, you know.
James Calvert.
I never told him who I was.
Most of the time, he was surrounded by all these freaks.
And ghouls.
All feeding off the thrill.
You shouldn't have done it, Tom.
You shouldn't have killed him.
Frank fucking Calvert.
I shouldn't have lied for you.
Cos then he wouldn't be a ghost, would he? He'd just be some sad ponce sitting in a prison cell.
Cos the living can't haunt you.
Frank Calvert destroyed everything and everyone he came into contact with.
But it was only after I met his son I realised that you really, really destroy someone.
You make them live with something that they can't possibly live with.
And that's what he did to us.
If it's not you, Phil, who is it? Hey? Help me here.
I'm sorry, just Who can it be? Who is it? Don't lie to me, OK? You were not at your dad's last night.
What? Do you think we don't communicate? Well, what's the problem? It was safe.
We didn'tgo to a bar or anything.
- I'm not actually stupid.
- "We," Rachel.
" Who is he? I mean, how old is he? How long have you known him for? Ages.
Erwe were just out, you know.
You were out all night long.
You've never done that before.
What - Have you? - We went to a hotel.
- You what? - It was my idea.
- Oh, my God.
- We didn't do anything.
I wanted to but he wouldn't.
He says he wants to wait.
Rachel, you are 15 years old.
OK? 15 years old.
You don't get to go to hotels with boys that I don't know.
With boys I do know.
With any kind of boy! But Mum, like, he's different.
Like, J's - I mean, you'dget him.
- No, I wouldn't "get" him.
OK, I can't trust you any more.
So when you finish school you come straight to the hospital, straight to me.
If you're staying with your dad, then he will collect you from the hospital.
- Got it? - Yeah.
- Can I go? - Yeah.
Wait, wait, wait.
Rachel, your phone.
What's that? Did he give that to you? Come here.
I'm not your baby any more.
Yes, you are my baby.
You'll always be my baby.
Have you found my Boyzone CDs yet, Kevin? Now, that really would be incriminating, wouldn't it? Shouldn't have to do it like this, Phil.
You were one of us.
Was I? You saw it, didn't you? And you told them.
- You did the right thing.
- Is it true? Oh, for Christ's sake.
What's the point? What It's meant to be about You lot are just playing fucking games! You know what, Dave? You should get out, cos it's no fun.
It's my fault Maggie It's your fault too.
I've been watching you, you know, for Tughan.
I told him what you were doing.
I've told him about Maggie.
I told himeverything, really, and I You know, and I've been watching him too.
You know, the way he does things.
I'm not like him.
And I'm not like you, either, sir.
You scare me but I think I know what you want.
ButTughan I think he's capable of anything.
What the fuck? Is it Phil Hendricks did we miss? - Tughan thinks so.
- It's not Phil! I told you.
I thought it was, but it's not Phil.
I don't suppose you've anything as vulgar as evidence? Then who? Come on, give me something.
Nobody else knows.
Nobody who's alive, anyway.
What, Tom? What does he know? Remember what you were like after Calvert.
I'm not gonna let you go back there.
I pulled you out of that hole.
Work it out.
Tom, look at me.
This is not a fucking ghost story.
Must go now.
I have to pick up the little 'uns.
Right, well, thanks for your time, Francis.
" Only my mum still calls me Francis.
I've even got the blue eyes.
Well, thanks for coming in, Mr Calvert.
Oh, no worries.
I suppose one white van looks very much like another.
You haveany kidsMr Thorne? - No.
- Oh, well.
Plenty of time.
See ya.
"First she was humiliated on stage "and then, despite her public cuddling with Gerard" - Where's your dad? - Er, he's on his way.
- Well, then, let's get a cup of tea.
- No, no.
Bugger off.
I'm busy.
We're ermlearning all about how Jennifer Aniston deals with her fame.
Oh, OK.
I don't even have to go downstairs.
He's coming up to get me.
- How is she? - She's OK.
Thanks for reading to her, Rache.
You were great.
Listen, I I was thinking.
Why don't you invite J to the house tomorrow? If he's that special, I'd really like to meet him.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- Are you sure you'll be OK? - Yeah.
Have a good night, darling.
Call me if you need anything, yeah? I need your help.
You've got the wrong man.
Then why did we find photos of him in the room where the girls were killed? What? Oh, what, you didn't know that, did you? Ruth didn't tell you? I met him, you know.
James Calvert.
Kev, you've arrested the wrong man.
OK? To be honest, Tom, I really don't give a shit.
Because we both know what he's hiding.
And Phil seems very keen to talk.
15 years.
That's a long time to keep another man's secrets.
That would drive anyone mad.
Was it a righteous kill, Tom? Did it feel good? Listen to me! You're really losing it, Tom.
Mind you, you lost it years ago.
Why didn't you come to me? I was your partner.
- I would have helped you back then.
- You It's all right, Ruth.
It's OK.
- Tom's just gonna beat me up.
- You've got the wrong guy! Look, he's still out there and you're pissing around! - Go home, Tom.
- Just listen to me.
No, Tom! Not this time! Get out! So I tried to call you a few times, butyou weren't picking up and Igot I killed someone.
15 years ago.
Put a gun to his head and I shot him.
The only reason I'm telling you now is because other people know.
Whoever's killing these girls he knows.
- Well Sorry, why? - Because he deserved it.
I can't remember.
Remember when she was in Friends and every girl in the world wanted to look like her? Sheila came by last week.
She told me they were gonna postpone their wedding until I'm better.
Rachel haircut but my mum wouldn't let me.
She had this voice on her.
They all have that voice.
Like Dad, when he calls and says they've got my room ready in Californialand.
And then Rachel I'm beginning to recognise that sound.
- They were supposed to - The sound of a lie.
It's easier with strangers.
Well, they never knew you before.
Was it a good relationship? You and Ollie.
I suppose not.
I mean, you were out on the pull that night.
Why? I forgot.
Not that kind of girl.
Do you wish you hadn't asked him to stay away? D'you want me to ask him back? Is thereone likesomeone you think about? Jennifer Aniston must have thought that when she met Brad.
And Vince.
And Gerard.
And That's my bracelet.
Oh, my God.
That's That's my bracelet.
Why have you got my bracelet? - Who's that? - We're having a good conversation, me and Alison.
About boys.
- About you.
- No! No, stay away from him! - Are you OK, Alison? - No, Rachel, listen to me.
- What's wrong? What are you looking at? - No.
- She's looking at you.
- No, you keep him away from me! Keep him away from me! - I see you.
What's the matter? - Oh, God! We need toget somebody.
- Rachel! Leave me alone! Christ! - No.
- No! Don't! - I'm going to save you.
Hold still.
Oh! It's him! I remember now cos he was at the bar.
I saw him.
And then he came to my door.
He had my coat.
I was happy.
I was happy to see him.
We talked.
Why did I talk to him? Oh, you let him in.
You stupid bitch, you let him in.
You trusted him.
She trusted him.
She knows him.
He gave her my bracelet! We were having a drink.
Oh, my God.
Rachel! And his handson me.
He's got her now.
Feel it, Alison.
So they can stop him.
Feel it.
Feel it.
It's the only way they'll hear you.
Come on, Alison.
I remember now.
His hands around my neck.
Talk to me.
Talk to me.
Look at me.
190 over 105.
I remember him now.
You have to listen.
You have to help her.
Oh No.
- Shh - Tom.
Sleep now, Alison.
You sleep.
Fella goes to work on a building site.
Foreman asks him, "Can you make tea?" Guy says, "Yeah.
" Foreman asks, "Can you operate a fork-lift truck?" - The guy says - "How big's this fucking teapot?" Yeah, that's it.
You know all my jokes now.
Dad, I What is it? It's normally me who calls you first thing in t'morning.
Er, no, it's nothing.
It's just erm Just fancied a chat, that's all.
- Another time, yeah? - Tom.
It's Rachel.
I just called her dad.
She's not with him.
She texted him to say that she was with me.
She was at the hospital last night with Alison, - but no one's seen her since.
- We'll find her.
- No, Tom - What? Hey.
There was this boy! She's been seeing this boy and I I keep trying to ring her but she's not answering! It's all right.
Come on, we'll find her.
We'll find her.
Come on.
Can you hear me? Can you hear me? Alison? Tom, they've sedated her.
Seven milligrams of ventanol and 50 of propyrol.
8:15 last night, her blood pressure was off the chart.
- Rachel had already gone.
- Alison, come on! - She won't be able to respond! - She is responding.
Alison, can you hear me? Alison, come on.
She's responding.
Tom! Oh, my God, this is Rachel's.
It's broken.
It's her bracelet.
The one the boy gave her.
Rachel was here last night, wasn't she? Was she with a man? Was a man with her last night? Alison, did he hurt her? Was it the same man that attacked you? Tom What the fuck? Why are there policemen standing outside? How could he get in here? - Call me when you get this, will you? - Tom, answer me! This should never have happened! Is that the incident room? It's er It's DI Thorne here.
I'm trying to get in touch with DI Tughan.
Rachel Coburn was abducted last night from the Great Eastern.
- Slowly, slowly, slowly.
- She's 15 years old.
About 8pm, we think.
Just give the message to him, will you? I need your help, Alison, OK? Alison, go slower.
It's not making any sense.
What's that? "Night," yeah? Last night she was here, yeah? Come on, Alison.
What's his name? "Night-night," yeah? What the fuck? It doesn't say anything.
Why? - "Night-night, sleepyhead"? - What? - Is that what he said to you? - Tom, what's that? "Night-night, sleepyhead"? No, Alison, it's not possible cos it can't be him.
No one knows that.
Did he wash you, dress you in white and say, "Night-night, sleepyhead"? It's easy.
Much easier than you think.
No, it can't be, Alison, because he's dead.
I killed him! You Fuck! Tom! What is it? What is? Alison, please, you have So, what have you got? Have you found him? There he is.
Where does that corridor go? Forward it.
- There he is.
- Where's he gonna go from there? - There he is.
Where's that? - It's a service lift.
Right, I want every exit from the service lifts, 20:04 onwards.
OK? - Where is he? - I checked 'em all.
There's no sign of him.
He must have gone to the basement.
We don't use it.
There's no cameras down there.
I came home yesterday.
Then I knew you'd seen it.
I could tell by the look in your eyes.
I could not have them knowing.
They wouldn't have understood.
My angels.
They don't look dead, do they? I thought you'd be quicker.
I thought you would stop me.
I had all the time in the world.
They're at peace, Tom.
And as they went, I whispered to them like I always do.
" Can you open the door? Anne.
Where's Rachel? Who's that? Look! Look! You know, I've been answering your questions all fucking night.
I'm just asking you one.
Why have you got that picture on your wall? - We'll sort it out later, mate.
- Him! That picture.
Rachel? Rachel! Rachel.
Rachel! Can you hear me? James Calvert.
Come on! Ra Rachel, come on! James Calvert is dead.
Rachel! Speak to me, Rachel.
So how come he's on your fucking witness board? I couldn't save her.
Go on! I couldn't save her.
- That's Josh Ramsey.
- That is James Calvert.
I couldn't save her.
I couldn't save her like I saved Alison.
I couldn't do it.
She She was lying there All I wanted was to save them from what he did to us to me, to my sisters.
Anne-Marie, Samantha, Lauren.
Course you did, James.
And was there anyone else you were trying to save? Josh Ramsey.
Canadian tourist.
Last seen the 16th of October on CCTV, Tooting High Street.
That's the day before James Calvert was apparently found under a train 100 yards away.
So, after Frank Calvert topped himself, James was sent to Canada to live with his aunt for four years.
He and Josh became friends there.
Josh Ramsey.
Tell me about him.
- Did you try to save him? - I thought Josh was my friend.
And he tried to touch me.
So you killed him.
And you took his identity.
I thought that I could start again.
And then I'd see someone and they'd remind me of my sisters.
A A softness.
And the way they would look at me.
And I I knew that I had to save them.
I tried to explain it.
I wrote to you.
I knew I knew Tom would understand.
After all, he After all what? James? Tell me about Tom.
- Tell me about Tom.
- Tom saved me! He saved me What? James.
I'm sorry.
James, I'm sorry, I interrupted.
You said Tom saved you.
How did he save you? I used to follow Dad when he came to get my sisters.
Henever took me.
Not after I told on him.
And I'd watch them.
Not spying.
I wanted to make sure that they were safe.
That That That he wasn't doing that stuff to them like he did to me.
But they never came out, not that day.
It was so quiet.
And then Dad came to the door and he He knew that I was there, but he wasn't angry.
He smiledat me.
Asked if wanted if I wanted to come in to to to make up.
It's OK, James.
Don't you wanna join us? Your sisters are asking for ya.
Come on.
Come in.
And you believed him.
We believed him.
He told me to call them.
Give them a shout, James.
They'relying down.
- Lauren? - Lauren? - Samantha? - Samantha? - Anne-Marie? - Anne-Marie? I thought they were sleeping, so I tiptoed in cos I didn't wanna wake them and I didn't wanna make Dad angry.
I went with him.
He He took me into my sisters' room.
And he laid me on the bed and he told me that it'd just be like old times before my sisters, before my mum stopped him seeing me.
That's rightson.
Just you and me.
Like it was before.
And he picked up the pillow and I could I could see the gun.
There was a gun? James, are you sure Frank had a gun? He asked me if I remembered what he used to say to me when he put me to bed.
You remember, Jamie? "Night-night.
" Nightnight.
- Er, Mr Calvert? - I could hear someone coming in the door.
Thorne, isn't it? Then I could hear him speaking to Tom.
So he was alive? James, answer me.
- This is important.
- He saved me, you see, from him.
So your fatherwas alive when Thorne arrived in the house.
Is that right, James? - Is that right, James? - You don't understand.
He saved me.
What does that mean? Tell me what happened.
Did he shoot him? Tell me, James.
What are you seeing? Did he shoot him? What did he do? Tell me what you're seeing! Tom.
Just tell meJames.
Tell me what Tom did.
You hate him, don't you? Just tell me what Thorne did to your father.
Hesaved You fucking shady little bastard! Don't you fuck with me! Don't you waste my fucking time, you fucking nonce! Fuck! Why protect him? If you tell them what he did, what you saw a 12-year-old boy - then they'll take pity on you.
You didn't stand a chance.
You had a father like that.
Then your sisters.
And then to see that and to know that the man responsible for that was a police officer! I just wanna make things right! It's not too lateJames.
Because he wears the same badge I do.
Talk to me, James.
Talk to me.
Talk to me.
Talk to me.
Someone get a medic! He's bit off his fucking tongue! Get a medic! There was oneonce.
We were on a training day.
He was in my group.
He poured tea for everybody but he smiled at me.
And I wanted to smile back.
He smiled andI didn't.
And nownow I'll never make love under the stars.
I'll neverrun down a grassy hill or swim with the fucking dolphins.
You don't live like that just in case you die tomorrow.
We did need each other, didn't we, Tom? You were the only one who didn't pity me.
You understood.
AndI gave you something to care about.
Oh, at least for a while.
CosI'm not that special, am I? My father came yesterday.
All the way from Palm Springs with the new teethand the new wife.
You say "tomayto", I say Well, I didn't say very much, actually because it was you I needed to talk to.
Andnow that we've talked, I think I understand what happened.
I neverskipped through the flowers.
I didn't even go to the gym much.
I justmade up the numbers.
That was my life.
Andit was OK.
But thisisn't my life.
So, Alison you're sure this is what you want? Night-night, sleepyhead.