Thorne s01e04 Episode Script

Scaredy Cat

(Groans) You did everything you could, son.
You let them catch him.
This is you, Tom.
You get an idea, and everyone else is stupid! I want focused, not fixated.
I'm a triple threat - pathologist, poof, a pal of yours.
He looked into his eyes, and he just knows.
This is the one.
(Siren wails) Remember what you were like after Calvert.
I'm not gonna let you go back there.
You're really losing it, Tom.
Mind you, you lost it years ago.
(Tom) You wanted to talk about it, and I never would.
I'm sorry.
But, Phil, just tell me, come on.
Please tell me! It's not that bad, you know.
It's just whisky with cream.
Yeah, I know.
I know what it is.
To Maureen Thorne, a matriarch, fine musician, militant republican and lover of sickly sweet after-dinner liqueurs.
She was a good woman, your mother, you know.
She was always good to me, anyway.
(Sighs) Listen, thanks for coming, Phil.
You know, I appreciate it.
It would have meant a lot to her, as well, sothanks.
Come on.
Have a drink with me, eh? A proper drink.
We were friends.
You fucked it up.
Sorry for your loss.
(Man) Date: May 7th.
St Pancras.
Victim: female, young, 20 to 30.
Method: hands only.
Weapons just for show.
Take your time.
One of them will feel right.
Remember that feeling.
The first time.
How strong you felt.
You were as strong as me.
(Woman) Something beginning with B.
Now, pick one, because if you don't .
I will.
(Church bell) Wash your hands before you touch anything.
Bedtime in five minutes, OK, Charlie? (Gasps) Upstairs.
(Screams and glass shatters) (Thumping and man grunting) (Grunting stops) (Boy whimpers) (Chatter on police radio) Nice holiday, sir? What are you doing here? - Sarah Chen.
- No, I know who you are.
I just wanna know what you're doing here.
You'd have made DI a lot quicker if you'd stayed in the Fraud Squad.
(Sarah) Ruth Murray.
A prostitute.
She lived and worked in King's Cross.
Just over there.
Convictions for soliciting.
She was barely covered.
- Right, so, what does that tell you? - He wanted us to find her? - You all right? - What are you doing here? Not get two weeks' compassionate, no? Nobody else knows.
I'd like to keep it that way, all right? (Phil) She was strangled, I think.
Some skin under her nails, but don't get too excited.
Most of it is probably hers.
You get that, you know.
You see it.
They scratch at their own necks, trying to stop constriction, caused in this case by the killer's hands.
Pretty good nails, though, so maybe she scratched him, too.
What about that bruise there? That could be caused by his knees if he kneeled over, or hands around the neck.
Any other injuries? Straight to the point.
There's traces of some fluid here.
On the face.
- Semen? - It isn't semen, no.
I'll have a better idea when I get back to the lab.
(Clears throat) What do you think, sir? Could be anything, couldn't it? Saliva, sweat, tears.
- It's on her forehead.
- Could be his.
- His? - Some good detective work for you.
Ask Vice what they know about her.
Ask around here, as well.
Ask some of the girls, OK? (Beeping) Yeah? Yeah, look, if I wanted the piano, I would have bought one, all right? It'll go lovely in your new flat.
I don't care, Dad.
I don't Hey, hey, where you going? Kerbside delivery.
Another 50, and we'll take it upstairs.
Oh, shit.
Sir, I've been trying to get through to you.
So no sign of the kid, then? No.
It's a Charlie Turay.
Five years old.
The initial from the house-to-house is that the deceased is the mother, Karal, from Sierra Leone.
Dad's dead.
It's a traffic thing two years ago.
(Sarah) No weapon used.
(Clears throat) No forced entry.
Back door's locked.
Likely came in the front, and did it then and there.
There's no evidence he's been through the house.
I'll see you back there.
It's anger, right? He knew her.
Well, let's hope so, eh? (Door shuts) (Gasps) (Glass smashes) (Rustling) Charlie? Charlie? It's all right.
He's gone, mate.
My name's Tom.
I'm a policeman.
Come on, Charlie.
You can come out now.
(Whispers) You're safe.
That's it.
Good lad.
Come on.
Mind yourself.
(Whispers) OK.
Yeah, that's it, that's it.
Good lad.
You OK? I'm gonna take you outside, OK, but I need you to close your eyes.
Really tight.
All right, mate.
You keep them closed, yeah? All right, that's it.
All right.
(Gasping) Good boy.
I need some help here.
But I don't (Sobs) (Officer) Hello.
This is DC Roberts.
Sir, Margie Knight.
A colleague of Ruth Murray's.
Says that Ruth was working down from her at St Pancras that night.
Thinks that Ruth caught a punter.
Gave us a pretty good description.
But we've been checking CCTV, and so far no joy.
- What time did she see her? - About six.
- Check an hour either side, OK? - Sir.
Did you get anything from Phil on the fluids found on Ruth's face? Hm, you were right.
It's tears.
Not much chance of DNA for that.
Crying on the job, eh? - What are you thinking? - Do you think the boy saw anything? He's not saying anything.
But even if he didn't see anything, he would have heard it, wouldn't he? Then why is he still alive? Did the killer get interrupted and scared off? He would've torn through the floorboards if he had to, wouldn't he? Er Guv? You gotta see this.
This is St Pancras CCTV.
I was looking for Ruth, but I found this.
- What are they doing there? - This changes everything.
Both these women were murdered.
Both came in through St Pancras.
Ruth Murray died from slow sustained squeezing on the artery.
Minimal internal damage.
A simple strangle.
No weapon used.
Karal Turay, no weapon used.
Cricoid cartilage crushed.
Thyroid cartilage unrecognisable.
Hyoid fractured.
Back of her skull shattered as he beat her head repeatedly against the floor.
With Charlie 10 feet away.
So I guess we can assume that this guy wasn't weeping buckets when he killed Karal Turay.
So I guess it's a coincidence.
Methods are way different.
Motives are different.
No, no.
Both cases, you have the same impotent desire, the same end.
- He can't fuck her, so you kill her.
- It's different.
Ruth's is some sad perv.
Karal is That's personal.
That's vicious.
Probably someone from her background.
What about St Pancras? They were both there.
Along with 30,000 other people! Look, it's, it's not enough.
All that connects these two is bad luck.
170 murders in London.
Say half are women.
Say a quarter of them are strangled.
And say 70% of them are below the age of 30.
That's 15 women.
Add in St Pancras.
No sexual assault on either (Sighs) Thinking, are you, Tom? Or have you outsourced that these days? What do you think, sir? Coincidence or connected? It's not a coincidence if there's a pattern.
You were at the train station, weren't you, Charlie? Why did you go up the escalator? (Sarah) He's completely shut down.
Is it because you like trains? Do you like these trains, Charlie? Now, I've gone through all the unsolved murders and attempted murders in Greater London in the last three years.
There were four killings in one day last August in Southwark and Lewisham.
But as far as I can figure out, two of them were stabbings, both of them gang-related, one was a hit-and-run.
The other one was an armed robbery in an off licence.
- Double-check those stabbings.
- I've triple-checked it, sir.
Well, just keep looking.
Tom, he's asking for you.
You all right, Charlie? How's everything at the foster home? Where's Mummy? Erm Oh, you're thinking? Sorry.
I thought you were planning on jumping! What are you still doing here? I'm not paying overtime, you know.
I'm going out to forget about Charlie and his mum tonight, so I can come back tomorrow, and think about them again.
What about you? I'll see you tomorrow.
I heard you were difficult.
# Sweet dream, you've passed me by # My time passes slow # This fire that burns in my mind # Follows wherever I go # If hell's down below # I'm a bird on a wire # I've never felt so alone # Burning in the devil's fire # This highway we're riding on # It never turns home # The darkness just swallowed my pride # Leaves me to die on my own # How did you get in here? Front desk said you were working late.
For a change.
What do you want? (Sighs) Had a bit of a busy day, you know.
Something about these two women is bugging me.
What? It's not one of your hunches, is it? Cos we all know where they can lead us to, don't we? - Can I take another look? - No, you can't! I'm not doing those kind of favours for you any more, Tom.
Don't you understand? How many more times? I fucked up and I said sorry, all right?! I thought we were through this! - We've missed something.
- Yeah? What did we miss? You know? Hey, look, if you wanna get a look into their entrails, you're gonna have to come back tomorrow.
I've been up and down every unsolved murder in the last ten years.
I've widened the premises - Luton, Chelmsford, Bromley, the suburbs.
Every pair of unsolved murders on the same day, and there's nothing! Murder in the suburbs, technically, isn't murder at all, is it? It's a justifiable reaction to aesthetic deprivation and golf! I need your help on this, Phil! Please.
- Only unsolved murders you said? - Yeah.
Why? Well, the police are capable of charging the wrong man, you know.
In January, maybe February, two women both stabbed the same day.
One of them was done and dusted.
They charged a guy before I'd even finished my postmortem.
February 15th.
Jana Lovik.
Stabbed outside a cinema in Ealing.
Single stab wound.
The blade penetrated the heart.
And the other victim? - Fiona Hutchinson.
- What? 25.
Found Thames Barrier Park.
23 separate knife wounds.
Partial decapitation.
Case still open.
No arrests.
So, one a vicious attack.
The other a single knife wound.
One savage, one not.
Just like those two in there.
Knives used.
Neither ever found.
They charged Jana Lovik's boyfriend.
Arrested him Stansted Airport the same night.
Always the boyfriend.
Lazy bastards! Who was the arresting officer? - Tughan.
- Oh, you're joking! I suppose it's not impossible to get from Woolwich to Ealing in that kind of time.
Why would he do that? Not he.
Two killers.
Two pairs of victims.
Same method.
Same day.
That's the pattern.
- Serial killers don't work together.
- These ones do.
Look at the state of this place since I've been gone! - How you going? You're looking well.
- Good to see you.
Get yourself a tie, young man.
You're a police officer.
Mickey, how's the kids? Youngest one well? Good.
Fantastic! The Lovik case is done and dusted! It's as tight as a camel's arse! Pavel Krzinsky, the boyfriend.
We've got him on remand.
I have a steaming row in front of 20 witnesses, immortalised on CCTV.
And ten minutes later, she's found dead in the alley.
- It's always the boyfriend.
- Not always.
In this case it was.
He says he left her outside the cinema, and when he came back she was dead.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
My girlfriend's been stabbed.
What shall I do? Call an ambulance? No, I tell you what, I'll get on a squeezy jet at Stansted in case someone thought it was me that done it! Even his brief was blushing! - I don't think he did it.
- Of course not.
For you to be right, I have to be wrong.
- Tom's got a theory.
- Yeah, I heard it.
You said double-trouble.
Oh, Venables and Thompson.
Brady and Hindley.
Harris and Klebold.
Ant and Dec, Robson and Jerome, Donny and Marie, Mike and Bernie fucking Winters! You got any evidence, Tom? No.
No, course not.
You don't need evidence.
You're Tom Thorne! Pavel said he thought she was seeing someone else.
Bollocks! It was all in his head.
The cinema manager said he did see someone.
Said he looked scared.
No, he said he looked nervous.
We looked into it.
It was a dead end.
- This guy? - Yeah, that's him.
Mr Nobody Knows.
Is that it, Ruth? Is that why you dragged me all the way across London? But this isn't your e-fit.
This is a guy we think killed a prostitute at St Pancras four days ago.
This is your e-fit.
Kevin, you're head of SCD1 West.
It's your jurisdiction.
This is your call.
My call for what? I'd like to re-interview Pavel Krzinsky.
I don't have anything to hide.
We know you were arguing with Jana because you thought she was seeing someone else, yeah? I know she was.
I told him.
Bollocks! We looked into it.
There wasn't anybody else.
(Tom) Why are you so sure she was seeing somebody else? She wanted to break up with me.
I didn't want to lose her.
- So you killed her? - Mr Tughan.
Do you recognise this man, Pavel? He showed me that.
I don't know him.
See, the thing is, there was no defence wounds on Jana, which would suggest it was someone she knew, which is you I don't know this man.
So you had a fight, you went away and then you came back.
Why was that? I wanted to say sorry.
To make it all right.
People were saying you were shouting in her face, saying .
"Zitzka"? What's that? Whore.
I didn't kill her.
I must remember that.
It'll come in handy.
What about their other friends? People at the church? We looked into all of that.
She wasn't seeing anyone else.
She wanted to get away from that jealous fucker.
By all accounts, she was a good decent girl.
She worked, slept and prayed.
What about the people at work? Tom, the man who did it is right there.
She worked at a hotel, yeah? Do you mind if I dig around? If you like.
You know, I can't imagine it.
To lose it that much that you take another human being's life.
But it does happen every now and again.
Thank you.
(Plane takes off) Fiona Hutchinson.
Her run took her east past the Albert Dock and back here.
Every Sunday.
Same time, same route.
So it could have been a chance encounter or he scoped her.
(Sniffs) You look like shit.
- Thank you.
- (Laughs) Do you have a problem with the way I look? Not if you turn up on time.
- You are with us, though, yeah? - Where was the body found? Just down there.
No witnesses.
Three degrees on a dank Sunday in February not exactly a tourist Mecca.
- What about the CCTV? - The entrance, the café.
Very little of the park's covered.
We've got her coming in.
That's it.
We're hardly likely to have her coming out, are we? (Sarah) Her body was discovered just here.
(Girl breathes heavily) - Twelve, thirteen, fourteen - Twenty-three stab wounds.
Yeah, but only fourteen to kill her.
The rest were postmortem.
We ran background checks on all the staff.
It turns out that the hotel manager guy was interviewed two years ago.
Get this - for a series of sexual assaults.
Someone's gaining access to the hotel rooms.
The investigating officer was 100% convinced it was two guys working together, and that the hotel manager was the rapist.
And Jana Lovik was murdered while she was working.
Maybe this is him.
Sean Bracher? He doesn't match the e-fit.
Then he's the other guy.
It's a team, right? Thorne wants me to tag him.
You interview him.
Maybe he'll panic.
Lead us to his partner.
What do you reckon? You up for it? Bracher could be our psycho.
We can do this the other way round.
I don't mind doing the interview.
I'm fine.
Just make sure that tracker works.
I thought you had the guy.
Er, Jana's boyfriend.
It's been suggested Jana was seeing someone.
Someone from work? Was she a bit naive? A bit needy? Look, I didn't take advantage of her, if that's what you're trying to say.
But you did sleep with her? You're sure this is all necessary? Jana's death was ahorrible thing for us all here.
We're just trying toput it behind us.
All right, Mr Bracher.
That's been very helpful.
- That's it? - Mm-hm.
Pleasecall me if there's anything else I should know.
- Will do.
- All right.
(Sighs) Martin, we may have a problem.
(Foghorn blares) (Grunts) (Breathes heavily) Martin? (Foghorn blares) (Man) Time for some spring cleaning, Martin.
There are witnesses.
(Groans) Oh, and keep your eyes open this time.
I want you to get the full experience.
Can't have any witnesses, Martin.
Yeah, sorry.
Just work's been a bit mad.
You won't believe what she's kept.
There's all your old school reports.
Loads of photos.
Of you and your mum.
Something to remember her by.
Well, I do remember her, Dad.
Every time I look at that bloody piano you sent me! (Chuckles) You and her were the musical ones.
I wasn't musical, Dad.
I used to listen to records, remember? Hank Williams and all that.
(Chuckles) The place was always full of music! I've got Sky now.
Thank God.
(Sniggers) - Where shall I put this? - What? You've forgotten, haven't you? That I was coming round.
Yeah, yeah.
I'm sorry.
We've had a lot on our minds.
(Engine starts) Seen the paper? Come on, I'll take over.
Isn't surveillance a bit above your pay grade? I wanna get a proper look at Bracher.
What time's his break? Not for another hour.
Come on.
Back to the little wifey.
(Car unlocks) Police! Can you let us out, mate? Thanks! - Fuck! - Come here! Get here! What are you doing? I'm just gettin my stuff! Sean Bracher, I'm arresting you on suspicion of the murder of Karal Turay and Fiona Hutchinson.
- Who? - (Shouts) Who lives here? (TV) I did the loop! I did the loop! Oh, hang on.
Did you see me do the loop? All right? You got Chas.
Where's Dave? He didn't turn up for work this morning.
He saw his mug in the paper and did a run for it.
I bet he knows where he is.
I don't think he does.
Don't do this to me, Tom.
He's claiming he went to Palmer's flat to get a computer drive.
Says Palmer was helping him fiddle the hotel books.
Said he wanted to get there before we did.
Get the discs.
So what's on 'em? Accounts, spreadsheets, hotel invoicing.
Just like he said.
All right.
So he's on the fiddle.
Doesn't mean he's not a murderer.
(Sighs) (TV) Do one loop, and then tickle this next body.
No! (Screams) - OK.
- (Tom) How is she? Sir, they've just told us, she's in ICU.
- Critical, but not life-threatening.
- OK.
TSG unit's arrived at the station, sir.
You two go down and brief them.
Is he down here? - Yeah.
Up there.
- Meet me at the car.
I'll meet you.
Charlie? You OK? We're gonna take you somewhere, OK? Somewhere a bit safer.
Are you coming? Yeah.
Miss? I'm the oneyou're looking for.
I did it.
(Gasps) I killed her.
It was me.
I'll take it.
It's OK.
Drop the gun, and get down! Put your hands behind you head! Hands behind you head! I said put your hands behind your head! Come here! Right.
What was the plan, Martin? Hm? What, he'd do one, and then you have to follow? Is that it? Why don't you tell us about Jana, Martin? Hm? (Laughs) I killed her.
It was me.
Did he tell you to kill the others, too? (Groans) We could always ask him.
We've got him next door.
What? Yeah, he's here, Martin.
He's just over the corridor.
He's been asking for you, as well.
Do you wanna see him? Come on, Martin.
- What the fuck is he up to now? - Let's go and see him.
Don't worry, he can't hurt you here, mate, OK? Open up.
(Martin) Don't.
Don't! Martin, tell 'em! (Laughs nervously) Tell 'em I've got nothing to do with this.
Fucking tell 'em! I ain't supposed to be here! This ain't right! It's not him.
It's not him! Martin! Tell 'em! - He's out there.
- Fucking tell 'em! (Sighs) - And you're never gonna get him! - Tell 'em I didn't do anything! Martin! Tell 'em! Cos you didn't give yourself up to us to confess.
You wanted protection.
And I can't protect you unless I know who I am protecting you from.
We release him and we stay on.
We let him go to work, go home.
As normal.
That's how we get his mate.
When he thinks it's safe, and that the pattern stays the same.
- (Tom) Karen was missing in 1997.
- What's that got to do with this? I never told anyone your secrets, Mart.
(Tyres screech)