Three Days of Christmas (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

[gentle piano music playing.]
People think that when you are about to die, you only remember the good moments of your life, but it's not true.
The conscience is stubborn and insists on bringing us back to what hasn't been resolved.
I'm first.
A woman once said that we only see the world once in our childhood.
The rest is just memory.
I agree.
I hope that my last Christmases remind me of my first ones with them, together, the four of us.
We lived in the most beautiful place in the world, and the boundaries my family set were very simple, from the lake to the hillside, and from the country road to the train tracks.
And in the middle of those 338 acres our house our home.
We grew up isolated, totally innocent, but happy.
Merry Christmas, Grandma! - Merry Christmas, little mouse! - [kissing.]
- I'll move the Three Wise Men.
- [María Ángela.]
Your dad already did it.
He never forgets.
- He wants me to wake up earlier.
- But he's bought cookies for you girls.
Mmm! [María.]
There was no way for us to know that this Christmas would change our lives forever.
Merry Christmas, Mom! Merry Christmas, little bug! Make sure your sisters make their beds and María wears that dress I left On the chair next to the bed.
I saw it.
- Don't eat that for breakfast! - Mom, it's Christmas.
Stop right there.
[María Ángela.]
Mmm! It smells wonderful! You didn't let me change your recipe at all.
- That's why then.
- Is that it or should I look for María? - Almost.
- Almost what? Three, two, one [doorbell ringing.]
I have powers.
That's so funny.
Get the door and tell your Grandpa that he's here.
Then go find María.
- What are you? Three years old? - Yes.
Three older than you.
Grandpa! The troublemaker is here.
- Were you waiting for me? - Yes, of course! - [Esther.]
Have you seen María? - No.
Is he downstairs? - [Esther.]
- Does he look good? [Esther.]
Same as last month, Adela.
María, come on, where are you? You have to put on that dress.
Psst! Adela.
Boo! Oh, God! Oh, God! You shouldn't say that! - The old skates.
- What's wrong? They're not here.
We have to tell Dad.
Do you want to kill him? No one will say anything, all right? [man.]
They have to be around here.
Spread out! You guys, to the hillside, and the rest of you to the road.
We are looking for a man and a girl.
They can't be far.
[dogs barking.]
I want them found before lunchtime.
Go! Move it! [María gasps.]
[approaching footsteps.]
Psst! What's one of the coddled girls doing out here? Hmm? - Nothing.
- [man.]
What do you mean "nothing"? [screams.]
- [María panting.]
- [dogs barking in the distance.]
It's impossible to skate with those pieces of junk.
They were our great granddad's.
She tried them on yesterday.
- It's Dad.
- [Mateo humming.]
A good sister wouldn't cover for her.
She should be punished.
Shut up.
Let's go.
Grandpa! [pumping.]
What are you up to? - Ask us to fetch some wood.
- [Ramón.]
Nice try.
I don't want any part in your mischief.
Merry Christmas, Grandpa.
- Don't cross your legs.
- I'll do as I please.
Can you tell him that I am fine? Don't let him fool you.
He's not a doctor.
He's an assistant.
And an expert gossip.
What's happened? - Do you remember the altar boy? - Yes, yes.
It wasn't him.
They found the church's donation box at Mrs.
Conchita's house.
He makes it all up.
- The lady with one leg? - [Juan.]
The very same.
She made off with it in her wooden leg.
No way.
Grandpa, please, help me out.
Anything for him to shut up and finish.
Go get wood.
Thank you! Let's go.
- Goodbye, liar.
- Goodbye, Juan.
Girls! Look at this! Look at the tree I planted.
- [Esther.]
Dad, it's beautiful.
- Isn't it? [Esther.]
We'll help you decorate it, but we have to fetch some wood first.
Now? Yes.
Grandpa asked us to do it.
Very urgent! All right, but don't go very far.
Get it from around here.
Merry Christmas, Dad! Merry Christmas, daughters! [Adela.]
María! [Esther.]
Tiny, where are you? [María.]
I'm going to skate.
I'll kill you, if Dad doesn't do it first.
María, you can't go skating now.
It's dangerous.
It's fine! Look! María, don't! - Dad knows and he's coming.
- [María.]
Really? No.
But this is the face you would have if it wasn't for us.
Let's go.
It's getting late.
It's Christmas, we have to help out.
And Dad thinks we're getting wood Juan.
You're young but smart, aren't you? Come on, let's go.
Wait! When I'm older, I'll do as I please and no one will be able to say a thing.
I'm first.
- A shooting star! I'll make a wish! - Liar.
Not during the day.
- I saw it! It was there - Hey! Be quiet.
What was that? Adela, you never change.
Let's go.
- Didn't you hear it? - Adela, watch out! What? [María laughs.]
Esther! What are you doing? - [Esther laughing.]
- It's not funny.
- [Esther.]
No? - [Adela.]
No! - [Esther.]
How about this? - [Adela.]
No! [María.]
Adela! - [Adela.]
Stop! - [Esther.]
Don't laugh, sprout! Oh! No fair! - Here! - [Adela.]
You're going to get it now.
- [laughs.]
No, no, no.
- [man.]
Hey! Kids! Wait! Don't go! [dogs barking in distance.]
[girl pants.]
Hide her.
Hide her in your house.
And before sunset, take her to the lake.
And don't tell anyone, understood? [María.]
Swear it.
Swear you'll do it on your parents' lives.
- We swear.
- We swear.
We swear.
[Adela pants.]
Everything will be fine.
- [Adela gasps.]
- [Esther.]
[María whimpers.]
[man grunts.]
Dad I promise I'll come for you before it gets dark.
I love you, Valentina.
[dog continue barking.]
[barking intensifies.]
Run! [Esther.]
Run! Quick! Quickly.
[Valentina groans.]
- Wait! - [Adela.]
Let's get out of here.
- [Esther.]
You okay? - [Adela.]
Let's go.
- No, we can't.
We have to hide her.
- No, no, no.
We have to tell Dad.
- No, we can't.
- Of course we can.
We'll tell him now.
We can't.
If we don't hide her, Mom and Dad will die.
No one is going to die, okay? Don't worry.
You all right? - Yes, but he has my scarf.
- Who cares? - [María.]
He'll find us.
- With a scarf? Come on, he only wants help.
- No one will die.
- How do you know? - [Esther.]
I don't, but - You don't know anything, and we swore - We swore on Mom and Dad - [Esther.]
Adela! [Adela mutters.]
Do it for whatever reason, but we have to hide her.
[Adela continues muttering.]
In the shed.
Great idea.
We'll take her there, go home, and eat as if nothing happened.
Later, we'll take her to the lake.
Deal? Deal.
- [Esther.]
Adela, deal? - [Adela muttering.]
- [Esther.]
Adela! - [Adela gasps.]
Deal deal.
All right then.
Here, we'll help you.
Let's go.
Come on.
[all panting.]
Quickly! Run.
Are you okay? This is the right thing to do.
It will be fine.
It will be fine.
Are you okay? Shh! Come here.
We still have a lot of things to do.
Need to talk o Father.
He can't send the girls away, especially on Christmas.
- [woman.]
You should talk to him.
- [man.]
Not me.
They will be back soon.
Let's go back inside.
We have lots to do.
[footsteps fading.]
[Esther and Adela sigh.]
She's dead, she's dead! I killed her! - She's not dead, she fainted.
- Oh, my God! Come on! We can't just leave her here.
She's had a knock to the head.
She needs a doctor.
I'll go and get him.
- [Esther.]
No way.
- I won't say a word.
- You can't lie.
- I can! - No! - [Adela.]
I can.
No, you can't! Grandma's vase I broke it.
It was an accident, but it was me.
That's why she was crying like crazy.
Who are you? She's still breathing.
Of course she's breathing.
[Esther sighs.]
I even think she's about to start snoring like Grandma.
- [Esther snorts.]
- [both chuckle.]
What are you doing? You can't steal that.
I'm keeping it so that she doesn't lose it.
- She's taking too long.
- If she had snitched, they would be here.
- I should have gone.
I'll find her.
- [María.]
Don't go! Don't leave me alone with her.
Sprout, I'll be back in no time.
Okay? Adela, here you are.
I've been waiting for you for a long time.
Tell me you didn't blab or you're dead.
Where's your sister? - I'm looking for her.
- [Isabel.]
Since this morning? No, we went together to fetch some wood and - I told her about the dress and well - Well I will find her, Mom.
Where's the wood? - Outside.
- When will you learn to put things away? [Adela yelps.]
You cut yourself? You're so clumsy.
Aren't you going to help her? It's not bad.
Well can we be sure? [María Ángela.]
Take a look.
We don't want an infection.
You can clean it but it's just a scratch.
- Just a scratch on purpose.
- Don't stain the tablecloth.
Go upstairs.
Mom, is something burning? Oh, dear! [Adela.]
Let's go, Juan? Go on.
- Juan, I have to tell you something.
- Adela, wait.
Me first.
All right.
Adela, you are wonderful.
- Beautiful and smart - So are you.
- Just a moment.
- Yes, I'll zip it.
But I think you've got me all wrong.
I'm sure that it was my fault.
Sorry? The man who marries you can count himself lucky.
But I'm not I'm not the one.
I'm not the one for you, Adela.
- What are you talking about? - [Juan.]
I don't know.
I thought you were [stammering.]
Really? You thought that I That you - [Adela chuckles.]
- I'm sorry.
Sorry, I'm a numbskull.
I thought Don't flatter yourself.
So then your punctuality the stories about the town and hanging around my grandfather until we show up.
Like today! You've been here for two hours! All of that wasn't for me? - Adela - This is absurd! I was so sure Was it for [Mateo clears throat.]
What took you so long? I'm sorry, Dad.
We went to the woods and - It was so beautiful, then it got late.
- [Mateo.]
- I'm sorry.
- [Mateo.]
- You didn't go to the lake, did you? - No, no, no.
Not to the tracks, or the hillside or the road.
Well, all right, just because it's Christmas.
But don't be tardy ever again.
All right? Thank you, Dad.
And don't smoke.
Mom will be furious.
I don't smoke.
- Dad, I saw you.
- No, I don't smoke.
Many times.
And I don't smoke.
All right? Okay.
What's this you have here? Where did you? Is this one of your mother's necklaces? Take it off, please.
I've told you a million times not to play with your mother's jewelry.
Haven't I? And so? Don't do it again.
Come on.
- Where are they? - [María.]
They will be back soon.
Stay put.
- Where did they go? - [María.]
To get a doctor.
No, sit down.
You can't leave.
Don't leave, please.
[door lock clanks.]
I don't want my parents to die.
They aren't snitches.
They went to look for Juan.
He's a doctor, and our best friend.
No, I was just I have the same one.
It's my favorite.
My name is María.
And yours? Is that man your father? Were the police after you? I saw them this morning.
That man is evil.
Everyone knows it.
Where's your mom? Dead.
I'm sorry.
It's been two years.
Do you know how to pray? Don't worry.
Two of my grandparents are already in heaven.
I'll ask them to look after her.
Who is that? - [María.]
He's Juan.
- He's a doctor.
He's here to help you.
What's going on here? - Tell me what's - We won't tell you anything! Treat her.
What are you doing? Scram.
They can't see us here.
She doesn't have a mother.
She died.
[car horn honking.]
[continues honking.]
- [Esther.]
Uncle Rafael.
- [María.]
Let's go or they will be onto us.
Let's go.
The medallion.
I took the girl's medallion.
- What? - I borrowed it.
But Dad took it from me and gave it to Mom.
So? She looked surprised and decided to keep it.
Hey! - It's not hers.
- Esther! Juan is in love with you.
What? No way.
- He told me.
- He told you? Not exactly, but in a way he did.
I hate him.
I hate you! - [María.]
You have a hat, like me.
- Yes, but yours is much nicer.
- [woman in French.]
Magnificent! - [Rafael chuckles.]
This is Colette.
[Colette gasps.]
[in French.]
It's a paradise here.
- Yes! - Yes! - [chuckles.]
Hello, gorgeous.
- Hi, uncle.
How are you? Hello, mademoiselle.
Rafael talks about you all the time.
Not that much.
- Oh, look, look, you're already a woman.
- Merry Christmas, uncle.
Merry Christmas, beautiful.
You know what? You have to run away and come to Paris with us.
Right, Colette? - [Colette.]
Yes! - Great to see you! - [Rafael.]
Merry Christmas, brother.
- Rafael.
[Mateo chuckles.]
- I thought it was just you.
- Didn't I tell you? My fault [chuckles.]
I didn't let him call.
I love being a surprise! - And you are? - Such a pleasure.
[Mateo chuckles.]
Oh! - Yes, in France we kiss three times.
- [Mateo.]
It's a pleasure to have you.
- How is Father doing? - The same.
Unbearable? [Mateo.]
Aw, the prettiest sister-in-law in the world.
Come here.
[Rafael laughs.]
- This is Colette.
- [Colette.]
Hi! - Colette, welcome.
- [Colette.]
Thank you.
[Colette chuckles.]
- Colette, shall we go and eat? - Okay.
Let's go.
Girls, please, let's have lunch.
Girls, come inside.
The dress.
Not you.
Stay with me.
I have something to ask you.
Is something wrong? [Isabel.]
Where did you get this? Did Dad give it to you? [Isabel.]
Where did you get it? I found it in the woods.
Where in the woods? [Esther.]
Next to the lake.
María ran off to go skating on the ice.
We went to find her so she would not be punished, that's all.
- I did nothing wrong - And you found it there? Among the rocks.
Why? Is it yours? Yes.
I had lost it.
- When? - [Isabel.]
I don't know.
A long time ago.
Go on inside.
- Will you introduce me to your friend? - I'm Colette.
I will only let you stay and have lunch if you promise to bring him more often.
- [chuckling.]
- I'll do my best.
- Thank you.
- [Rafael.]
Brother, did you practice? Me? Yes.
More than you, I'm sure.
Hey! I have a natural gift.
I don't need it.
- No, no.
The food will get cold.
- [Rafael.]
I promised Colette.
- Don't make me look bad.
- [María Ángela.]
But the food.
[Rafael in French.]
Madame, if you please.
[Colette giggles.]
Let's begin? - [playing "Auld Lang Syne".]
- [humming.]
[continues playing.]
Around here? No, no, no.
That would surprise me.
Pourquoi? Pourquoi? Well, because it's off the beaten track.
It doesn't lead anywhere and the valley is a dead end.
- [Colette.]
It must lead somewhere.
- [Mateo.]
When Isabel was pregnant with Esther my brother found the most isolated place in the world.
They are real hermits.
Well, well I just want my daughters to have a quiet life and [Rafael.]
Mateo, the world has changed and it's been years since the war ended.
More than ten.
Just relax a bit.
People aren't evil.
You left under the guise of traveling and I think that's fine but please don't I mean don't patronize us.
So, I don't know where that man went but we saw policemen all along the road.
- [Rafael growling.]
Ah, Chief Manuel.
- [Colette.]
Who's Chief Manuel? - A murderer.
- [Mateo.]
Father, please.
Okay, okay, calm down.
My love, we'd better not talk about certain things here.
And why, sir? If I may ask.
No, you may not.
We are eating and He is an evil man.
He hurt a lot of families from this town.
Father, what did you tell the girls? I tell my granddaughters what I please.
That man is a rabid wolf, and they should Let's change the subject.
It's Christmas.
It's delicious.
I'm pregnant! Voilà.
You're what? [sputtering.]
I'm kidding! I hate awkward silences.
[Colette and Rafael laugh.]
[María Ángela.]
Girls, help with the dirty dishes.
- Did they catch him? - [Rafael.]
Who knows? He may be hiding around here, outside, among the trees.
Grandma, it's so good.
I hope I can cook like you some day.
It seems as if he had been murdered.
- Who? - [Colette.]
That man.
- Murdered? - Mm-hmm.
Colette isn't the most reliable source.
Her mastery of the language [Colette.]
I'm sorry but we heard something about it around town, did we not? They thought that the chief had shot him dead.
They were also looking for a girl.
His daughter, maybe.
Or his lover.
- [Colette laughs.]
- [Rafael.]
Colette, she was 15! - [Colette.]
Well - [Mateo.]
The girls are present, please.
[María Ángela.]
So, should I bring the turkey now? [María.]
That's not true, uncle.
People can't be murdered just like that.
Right, Grandpa? - [Ramón.]
Well, sometimes - Stop it, please.
Stop scaring the girls.
It's you who's scared.
This is my house.
Okay? It's Christmas, and we will celebrate in peace.
- I don't want to hear - Shit.
In this house, we don't tell the truth to avoid having to face it.
We fear taking sides.
I already know what you think all too well.
And I don't care, all right? I don't care.
The only thing that matters is living in peace.
And now please, let's go on with this lunch.
[door bangs loudly.]
- [Juan.]
Cut it out! - [Valentina.]
Get off of me! [indistinct shouting.]
- Juan! - What's the meaning of this? [Mateo.]
Juan, weren't you going home? [Juan pants.]
Where did this girl come from? The shed.
Isn't that right? - We hid her.
- It's María's fault.
She ran off to go skating and we went to look for her.
- Snitch! - The third time this winter.
We did what we thought was right.
- [Adela.]
What you thought! - [Esther.]
And you Silence! I want one of you to answer this question.
Is she related to the man who the police are looking for? She's his daughter.
How did she get here? [Adela.]
He made us swear we would hide her.
He said he would wait for her at the lake at sunset.
What's your name, dear? [Mateo.]
Everything we do from now on implicates us.
She's just a girl.
She's terrified.
- [Mateo.]
I don't care.
- I do! - He's right.
We must tell the police - [Isabel.]
No! - I'll alert them.
- No! Very well.
Girls, please wait in the kitchen.
Juan, can you come here for a minute? Take the girl to the kitchen and keep her there.
Hold still.
[Adela sobs.]
Adela, calm down.
Now you want to be a hero.
- You snitched! - [Juan.]
I'm helping you.
Yes, a lot of help.
Do you think this is a game? In the real world, there are consequences.
Here as well! I didn't want you to be at risk.
So you go and tell our father? I don't care about him.
This is not about a scolding.
If the chief found this girl What would happen? I don't want you to get hurt.
I'll never forgive you.
Me neither.
- Adela, I told you - Shut up! You're an embarrassment.
My medallion? Where is my father's medallion? You stole it.
It belongs to my mother.
- To Mom? No, it doesn't! - She lost it in the woods.
- You took it from - [Esther.]
Shut up! I wouldn't hit my sister.
I am not the wild one.
Give me my medallion.
My mother has it.
Shut up and stop arguing! I'll ask her for it later.
[indistinct arguing.]
- [Mateo.]
It will implicate us.
- [Isabel.]
Too late.
No, we are not implicated yet.
You need to take a side.
Whatever happens, we must make a choice.
If we turn her in now, we'll be doing the right thing.
- What are you saying? - Yes! Do you know what they will do to her? What if he kills her like he did her father? - [Ramón.]
Let's save her! - [Mateo.]
She's not in danger.
- [Ramón.]
She is! - [Mateo.]
No, she's not.
- If we don't turn her in One moment.
- Mateo.
If we don't, we'll be in danger.
Excuse me, this affects me and I want to say [Rafael in French.]
Stay out of this.
I want to say that I vote against turning her in.
- We are not voting.
- Why not? - [in French.]
- [María Ángela.]
She stays.
I'm in favor.
A police car is pulling up.
No, no, no.
No, we won't jeopardize what we've built.
- [Isabel.]
Mateo - No, the house - This isn't you.
- Our family [Isabel.]
I don't recognize you.
Mateo, her life is on the line! - I won't jeopardize - [Isabel.]
It's a death sentence! - We're not - Son.
Make me proud.
[doorbell ringing.]
Chief Manuel? Come in.
[indistinct happy chatter.]
Very good.
[in French.]
And "first name.
" "First name.
" [María in French.]
"First name.
" [María chuckles.]
Welcome, Chief Manuel.
What a surprise.
You can sit down, Isabel.
You can serve, Mrs.
María Ángela.
Something to drink? No.
No, thank you.
Ah I don't want to put you out.
[taps piano keys.]
Tell us what you want and leave this house.
Father, it's Christmas.
Be respectful.
No, no, he's right.
I am the only one being disrespectful.
Merry Christmas, everyone.
Merry Christmas.
Don't be nervous, Ramon.
It can be dangerous at you age.
Although, I see you have a doctor on call.
Kiddo Is it good? - [Mateo.]
Isn't it? - [Esther.]
Did you make it, Mrs.
María Ángela? - [María Ángela.]
Would you like some? - No, I am good.
But I will taste some from Mateo's plate.
You don't mind, do you? No.
No, no.
Of course not.
Really? I can take your seat on Christmas and eat your turkey? [Mateo.]
We will always welcome you at this table, especially on Christmas.
Do you want some wine? - Oh, here, Mateo.
- [Mateo.]
Thank you.
This is what I always liked about you you would do anything to avoid problems.
Mm! This is a real Christmas! With a charming family.
Like yours.
Your son must be a man by now.
Antonito is trying his best to become a proper man.
But he is not as daring as your daughters.
By the way, I was at home about to start eating and I suddenly remembered where I had seen this before.
It's yours, right? - The one you lost this morning.
- Yes.
Where did you find it? You wouldn't believe it.
Aren't you surprised how dirty it is? Well Well? What caused those stains, Isabel? It could be mud.
[Manuel scoffs.]
This is blood.
And I believe that I have a theory about why it is so difficult for you to say it out loud.
Ma'am This is bland.
But I guess it matches your personality.
Mateo, don't you have anything to tell me? [Mateo.]
What do you mean? [Manuel.]
This morning, I found that girl of yours near the hillside.
Exactly where we were looking for something.
Mm! [in French accent.]
That is why there were so many police cars.
We saw them on our way here.
Mm French women.
I want all sorts of details.
[Rafael chuckles.]
- [Rafael clears throat.]
- [Manuel sniffs.]
We don't know anything else.
I think they were after a man.
That is too generous.
More of a pig than a man.
But that has been taken care of.
Now we have to find the girl who accompanied him.
And that's why you're here? [Manuel.]
We don't know anything about any girl.
Have you seen something? No.
Haven't you? No one knows anything about the girl? I'll leave then.
Merry Christmas, everyone.
Merry Christmas.
- Chief Manuel - Oh, no, I can't leave.
I can't leave, Mateo.
I must give the girls a little gift.
I am sure they have something prepared, right? I won't leave until I hear it.
María, recite what we've been memorizing.
- Guardian angel - [Manuel.]
No, not like that.
Stand up on the chair.
Let's go.
So we can all hear it.
- Guardian angel, my sweet - Start again.
Guardian angel, my sweet companion - Louder! - [Mateo.]
Very good.
Guardian angel, my sweet companion, don't forsake me night or day [Manuel.]
I can't hear you! Guardian angel, my sweet companion, don't forsake me night or day.
I sleep with God and I wake up with God - [dishes smashing.]
- and the favor of the Holy Spirit.
Very good.
- [clapping.]
- Very good.
Everyone leave the table! Now! Leave the table, now! Move! Come on.
Move it! [Mateo.]
Come here.
Father [Manuel.]
Ramon please.
[Ramon groans.]
[gun shots.]
[girls scream.]
[dishes clattering.]
Where is she? Mateo, where is she? [tense music playing.]
No, no, no.
Wait! Don't.
I'll tell you.
She's upstairs.
No one leaves this house.
No one leaves this house! [Isabel whispering.]
Out! Come out! Run.
Leave now! The lake! How do I get to the lake? [Isabel.]
Honey [María.]
Follow me! [Isabel.]
María, no! No! Wait! No! [Valentina yelling.]
Dad! Dad! [Manuel.]
Kids! Dad! [ice cracks.]
- [ice cracking.]
- [Esther.]
[ice continues cracking.]
[Manuel panting.]
- [Mateo.]
No! - [Rafael.]
No! - [Mateo.]
Chief Manuel, don't! - [Rafael.]
Don't! No! - Girls! No! Girls, please! - Isabel! [Isabel.]
Girls! - Please! - [Mateo.]
No! No! Don't do it, please.
- [Rafael.]
Manuel! - Don't shoot! - Chief Manuel - [Mateo.]
Don't do it! Please! No! - [Mateo.]
Lower the gun.
- [Isabel.]
Girls! - [Mateo.]
No! - [ice cracking.]
Watch out! [Manuel gasping.]
Help me! Help me! [Manuel grunting.]
Help! [groaning.]
Help [María.]
Nobody suspected anything or asked any questions.
Everyone thought he was alone when he had fallen into the lake.
We went on with our lives and this became another subject that we didn't talk about in our family.
Everything would go on as normal.
At least, that is what we thought.
It's getting dark.
Why don't you come home and eat, sleep for a while, and we can come back tomorrow at dawn? I'm sure he will be here tomorrow.
[necklace jangling.]
Will you come?