Three Days of Christmas (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

He had promised that he would come back for her.
We went to the lake with Valentina for months waiting for him.
One day, it became clear he would never come back.
Her father was dead.
And that girl that Christmas brought into our lives eventually became, with the passing of the seasons, a new member of the family.
We grew up as four sisters, convinced that the past had long been buried, but the ghosts from the past always resurface like drowned bodies.
THREE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS ["SeráPorque Te Amo" by Ricchi e Poveri playing on radio.]
[woman singing along.]
[music continues.]
[music ends.]
Lorena, please, leave that disgusting creature there.
It's only a turtle, Mom.
[woman chuckles.]
Sorry, you aren't the last one.
Were you hiding behind that door waiting for me? - [man.]
Merry Christmas, kid! - [Lorena giggles.]
[man laughs.]
I am so excited to see you! - [Lorena.]
I'm more excited! - Can't be I am more! - [Lorena giggles.]
- Who's this? Ah, I know who it is your mom's new boyfriend.
No boyfriend this time.
For now.
What was the name of the last one? The one who always spit when he talked.
- Yeah.
- [laughs.]
- Mom says she exchanged the car for him.
- [woman.]
Isn't it beautiful? Come on, Lorena, get the bags.
How about me, Doctor? Are you excited to see me too? [sighs.]
- What? - What? She's not well.
Okay, okay, Doctor.
She's sleeping now, but - We're celebrating Christmas today.
- Esther, she's very sick.
- [Lorena.]
What's going on, Mom? - Nothing.
Mom, who's sick? Mom, I'm not a little kid anymore! - Don't be a pain.
- [Lorena.]
- Can't we just celebrate Christmas? - Mom! - Don't shout! - Tell me what's going on! Grandma is dying! [Juan groans.]
There you go, I said it.
Lorena! [boy.]
Run! [children shouting.]
[Esther chuckles.]
That's just great more children.
Hey, guys! Your favorite aunt will give five pesetas to whoever takes care of the bags.
Kids, be careful! Don't hurt yourselves! [Esther.]
Adela, my love.
What happened to you? [Adela laughs.]
You're huge! What's going on? Are you having triplets? I'll castrate your husband! [Adela laughs.]
Oh, stop it.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Wasn't it enough with those three savages? Antonio is over the moon.
Where is he? Did he make a break for it already? [boy.]
Dad's at the lake.
This one misses nothing.
Grandpa Manuel died on this day.
He had an accident while chasing down the bad guys.
Okay, Antonio, go inside.
He drowned in the lake, but Dad says he was the bravest chief.
Get those bags in the house or you won't get paid.
- Your call.
- I'm going.
Is this the version of the story you've been telling your family? [laughs nervously.]
It's the truth.
[Esther scoffs.]
You're wearing red? Seriously? What? Don't you like it? I don't know, but maybe today is not the best day to You know, right? What? To wear red.
Esther Mom - Do not cry.
- [Adela sobs.]
And forty! Ready or not, here I come.
You've been caught.
- Dad.
- [both chuckle.]
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
Come here.
[Adela and Esther laugh.]
[Mateo sighs.]
- I am so happy you're here.
- [Esther laughs.]
So very happy! - Dad - My girls.
Where is Lorena? - I don't know.
- No? - She must be outside with Juan.
- Good.
Did you hear that noise? - A noise? - Yes, a noise.
- Like - What noise? Like some nasty rats hiding somewhere.
- [Adela.]
- [Mateo.]
I'll investigate.
- Yes, over there.
- [Mateo.]
Where? - And over there.
- [Mateo.]
Maybe under the table.
Perhaps we can check if there's a - There's nothing here.
- [Adela.]
No? - I don't see a thing.
- [Adela.]
What about you, girls? Maybe behind the sofa? - Go check behind the sofa.
- [Esther laughs.]
- [Mateo.]
Nothing there, but I smell rats.
- [Esther.]
The fireplace! [children shouting.]
- [indistinct shouting.]
- [Adela.]
Run! Quick! Very good! - [Mateo snarls and laughs.]
- [Adela and Esther laugh.]
If it weren't for those two distracting me, I would have caught you in a snap! [Adela laughs.]
Grab the star and we'll put it on top of the tree.
We'll see if you do it better than those two terrible rats when they were little.
Let's go.
Come on.
[Esther laughs.]
- Let's go.
- Dad, wait.
Your coat.
This one.
I don't need a coat, do I? - [Esther.]
Yes, you do.
- [Mateo.]
Yes, I do.
We have to wear it to go out.
- Let's go.
- [Esther.]
Off you go.
[door closes.]
Jeez, Adela, your hormones are going nuts.
[Adela sobs.]
[Esther sighs.]
Do you want to go upstairs to give her a kiss? [car tires screeching.]
Wait! I should have told you, but I thought I could Whatever! Just leave! Great! It's just that I'm an idiot! Idiot! [screams.]
What's up? What do you mean "What's up"? [sighs.]
It's a turn of phrase, Antonio.
It's weird.
Wearing that uniform to the Christmas lunch isn't too normal either.
I'm coming from the lake.
- It's the anniversary - You really feel the need to remind me? - Hence the uniform.
- Yeah, I know.
- Why did you ask then? - Are you nuts, Antonio? I didn't ask you anything.
Kid, you're kind of a jerk.
You should be more respectful.
Yes, sir.
Much better.
["Una Canción De Amor" by Andrea Litkei and Ervin Litkei playing on radio.]
Where are the trays we had before? - [Adela.]
What trays? - [Esther.]
I don't know.
- I can put them here but I like those - Tie my apron.
The ones before were nicer.
My boss told me that gross turtle could live for years.
- [Adela laughs.]
You'll have it forever.
- [Esther.]
It's called Antonia.
Wait - [yelps.]
- [laughing.]
One of these days you will give me a heart attack.
- Don't worry.
I'm a doctor.
- Right.
- [sighs.]
- Your sisters are here.
Yeah, I saw Antonio at the lake.
- [Juan.]
Are you okay? - Why? [sighs.]
Don't be like that.
I know it's hard for you.
I'm here if you need to talk.
Honey, I'm fine.
Are you? This is the day your father died and Antonio's here.
Honey, I'm fine.
All right then, you're fine.
Will you talk to them? This isn't the right time.
Valentina, I have my new position.
There's no going back.
I know but there's Isabel to think of.
I can't.
I must look after her We'll look after her until the end.
Until the very end, I promise.
But it will be good for us to leave this place.
It's time to start our own family.
I understand this is hard for you, it's this family.
It's always the same, you don't talk, you never confront your issues.
But enough already.
You don't have to be afraid to tell them.
They are your sisters.
One of them will take care of him, right? [Esther and Adela laughing.]
- They told me turtles never die.
- [Adela.]
And it travels with her? [Esther.]
Yes, of course, she takes it everywhere.
I'm going to add a bit more salt.
- [Esther.]
I'm starving.
- [Adela.]
And Grandma's secret ingredient.
Rest in peace, Grandma.
What was it? Do you remember? I don't know, honey.
- Besides, Valentina makes the soup.
- [Valentina.]
Is that so? [laughs.]
Oh, sorry, Valentina.
Merry Christmas, sis.
Merry Christmas.
- You look beautiful.
Let me see - [Adela.]
Well - [Valentina.]
Look at this belly.
- [Adela laughs.]
- [Valentina.]
Oh, the kids, where are they? - They're somewhere.
- Yeah? - Yes.
I'm sorry, but I hate you so much.
You dress like a hunter and you're still stunning.
- [laughs.]
- Come here, nutjob.
- [Esther.]
What's up, my love? - My crazy girl.
All good as usual.
- This is for you, sis.
- Oh, Adela.
Your prize.
- I've hit the Christmas jackpot.
- Girls, you must visit the beach house.
- I won't tell you again.
But no kids.
- What? [Valentina.]
Can you see Antonio taking care of the kids? They can stay at the police station with their father.
This cheese is delicious.
- [Valentina.]
The beach house thing again.
- So good.
- Girls, guess what.
- What? I got myself a Christmas present.
What have I been moaning about since I had Lorena? Hmm? - [Esther hums.]
- [Adela laughs.]
What is she doing? - Ta-da! - [Adela.]
Ah! - [Valentina gasps.]
No, no, no.
- [Adela.]
No! - [Esther.]
Do you want to see them? - [Adela.]
I do.
- [Valentina.]
You're crazy.
- It's amazing.
They're miraculous.
- They Where are you going? - Okay.
- Coast is clear.
- [Valentina.]
Is this for a guy? - [Adela giggles.]
- This is for me.
All for me.
- [Adela gasps.]
Oh, my! - [Esther.]
Ta-da! - Look! - They look real.
- [Esther.]
They're wonderful.
- Well - They're a bit ridged, right? - Yeah, a bit stiff.
But, like real.
They are real.
- [laughs.]
They look firm, don't they? - [Esther laughs.]
They are firm, honey.
And the symmetry.
They look identical.
They are perfect.
- [Esther yelps.]
- [Adela.]
Oh, they hurt! Touching them hurts? - [Esther.]
Not at all! - [Adela laughs.]
No? [Esther.]
They're a work of art.
After your fourth or fifth child, I'll have to pay for your operation.
[Adela laughs.]
No! [Esther.]
Yours touch your belly now like a goat! - [Adela.]
I'm not a goat! - Girls.
A goat! Girls, please.
I'm sorry but we must make some decisions.
I made a list of the people that we should contact when it happens.
I called Uncle Rafael, he's taking the first flight in the morning.
There's something very important.
She wants to be buried here in the town's cemetery.
- We have the family plot but the epitaph - Listen, Valentina.
- [Adela sobs.]
- I mean Mm Why do you always have to rain on our parade? Mom is still alive.
No one is dying today, so please - What? - [clattering.]
What are you doing, Adela? - [Adela.]
Sorry - I'm soaked.
That's just what I needed.
- Can I borrow one of your dresses? - Sure.
I'm sorry.
- [Lorena.]
For real.
- [woman laughs.]
Really? - [Lorena.]
Yes, it's true.
- [woman laughs.]
That's funny but [Adela.]
María! Darling, you are here! - You've arrived! - [María.]
Hey! - You are so beautiful and so grown up! - Adela, I'm not ten anymore.
- You're so beautiful.
- Hey.
How far along are you? Six months.
Fuck! That's some bump! - Shh! Watch your language.
- I didn't say anything! Sweetie, your mother is so annoying.
But don't hold it against her, she loves you.
Adela, don't get cold.
No, darling.
- I forgot about the soup.
- How do you put up with him? Well patience is a virtue.
I am sure that it's the same for you sometimes.
Where is he? Who? Your handsome French boyfriend.
Ah, him.
Well uh No.
No, he didn't come.
- Oh - He's working.
Oh, what a shame.
I really wanted to meet him.
- Mm, yeah.
- [Adela.]
Well When's the wedding? You've been together for a long time.
Adela, leave her alone.
Okay, I'm sorry.
I'm only saying that marriage is great.
And starting a family is the most beautiful thing in the world.
Adela - Put this away.
- [Adela.]
Of course, darling.
Mm - [Adela.]
Give it to me.
- It smells wonderful! Valentina made it.
Merry Christmas, Valentina.
Merry Christmas, Antonio.
- A husband and a house full of children - [Antonio.]
Adela, pour me a drink.
Yes, my love! Watch the soup, please.
Family the most beautiful thing.
You took so long, little Lulu! Too long.
Paris is very far away.
- [María giggles.]
- [Valentina sighs.]
What? What? How is she? Is she very bad? Fuck.
What a shitshow.
I I just don't want her to suffer.
That's all I want.
My girl.
You don't have to worry.
- Okay? - Yes.
- Hey.
- What? - I got your letter.
- [Valentina.]
And [María.]
Well - You have to tell Juan.
- Thank you.
It's not the time.
- Valentina! - [Valentina.]
What? Just tell him you don't want to have children now.
- It's not that, María.
- Then what is it? Nothing.
- [boys laughing.]
- Guys, please! Antonio, don't tease your brothers.
Please, be careful.
- Good heavens.
- Adela, the kids.
[Antonio Jr.
Guys, please.
Antonio, leave the gifts for later, sweetie.
[Antonio Jr.
Come on, take it.
Hey! - [Antonio.]
That's enough! - Antonio, please! Please.
You're going to tell me how to raise my kids? Everything's fine, Dad.
The kids were acting up.
It's Christmas.
Not in this house.
Don't worry.
- Good.
- [Antonio.]
Don't worry.
No, Antonio! Please, you will hurt him I should take him out and beat him on the porch, right? I should take him outside? Is that better? [Esther.]
Antonio It's incredible, that uniform really suits you.
Thank you.
You've been hitting the gym since last year.
Haven't you, John Wayne? - [chuckles.]
- A bit.
Merry Christmas, Esther.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas, Mateo.
Let's celebrate in peace.
No problem.
Let's get on with it.
What does that turtle eat? - Excuse me? - [Esther.]
What? - What the hell are you doing? - What? - Wearing that.
It's not yours.
- Your wife lent it to me.
Don't lie.
- What? - What are you doing? - Easy.
I won't tear it.
- Esther! - What? - [Valentina.]
What's up? Valentina, my love, why is she wearing this? I gave it to you for Christmas.
Come on, honey.
I lent it to her.
It doesn't matter.
It's only a dress and I'm fine in this.
See? She can wear it to another special occasion.
You will both have lots of them, I hope! Always teasing people.
Me? [giggles.]
Finally, a young soul! - [Esther laughs.]
- No, Esther! You're so annoying.
Ta-da! Come.
- Come here.
- [María.]
Why? Ta-da! - [María.]
Now? - María.
Yes, honey.
- [María.]
- Come on.
Let's do it.
[María sighs and clears throat.]
All right then.
Valen! [Esther.]
Come on.
- Do you want Mommy to play the piano? - [boys.]
Yes! [Mateo.]
Yes, of course.
Do you all remember? María, you start here.
- [Valentina.]
Adela - [María.]
Where? Esther, don't go too fast.
You're there and I start here, okay? Remember, it goes up.
- [Adela.]
Ready? - Esther, go slowly.
- [playing "Auld Lang Syne".]
- [all humming.]
- [Adela.]
Very good! - Good.
Keep going.
- Let's go up! - Up, up, up.
- [Adela.]
Esther, too fast.
- [Esther.]
I'm sorry.
- [laughing.]
- [music and singing continues.]
- [Adela.]
Up again.
- [Valentina.]
Up! [María.]
OK, now! [María groans in frustration.]
How is it possible? - [Esther.]
Come on, again.
- [music and singing continues.]
Oh, sorry! - [Adela.]
Very good! - [Valentina.]
Keep going.
Grandma! [music stops.]
How did you get down the stairs? - Walking, daughter.
- [María.]
Mom! - [Esther.]
Mom - Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
- [Adela.]
Merry Christmas.
[Valentina sighs.]
Now, l would like to be alone with my four daughters.
- [Mateo.]
- Let's sit around the table.
- [Adela.]
Yes, of course.
- Let's go.
- [Adela.]
Let's see now - [Isabel.]
Maybe - [María.]
Would you like some water? - No, thank you.
Just a cushion.
Yes, she needs a cushion.
I'll sit here.
- [Valentina.]
- [Esther.]
One, two [María.]
I'll push this.
That's fine.
- [María.]
There? - That's fine.
Sit down.
Sit down.
- Okay.
- [Valentina.]
Is the cushion okay? Yes.
- [María sighs.]
- Girls I have had a very happy life.
- Mom - [Valentina.]
You are wonderful daughters.
- [Esther.]
Mom - [María giggles.]
You are wonderful daughters.
- [Esther.]
Don't talk like that.
- And your father [Esther.]
Mom Your father has been an amazing husband.
A real companion.
You are not dying.
Don't talk like that.
Yes I am dying, darling.
- Maybe you're just a bit tired - [Isabel.]
Shh Adela, hush.
I wouldn't change a thing that I've done.
And I have nothing left to do.
Are you okay? Should I call Juan? - No.
- [Esther.]
María, maybe Hush, now.
I have to tell you something important and it's not easy.
I will get some water.
Adela, my love Sorry.
A long, long time ago, when you were all little I met someone.
The first time I saw him he was sitting at the side of the trail that runs down the hillside.
He had blue pants on and a thick and rugged t-shirt.
He looked so sad.
I approached him to see what was wrong with him and we talked.
Suddenly realized it was already dark, I had been there for three hours talking to that stranger.
Time went by in the blink of an eye.
I couldn't sleep at all that night.
The next day I said I was going to town with the excuse of buying some wool but I knew where I was going.
And there sitting at the side of the trail, there he was.
He had changed his clothes but he was just as handsome.
He had that sad look on his face.
I sat down and time flew by again.
What had happened? I felt I had two separate lives in front of me.
And the person I was in one of them didn't have anything to do with the person I was in the other one.
I carried on doing this for three months the most romantic months of my life.
Until one day we kissed.
I knew that I had to choose.
I came back home and packed my things.
I was going to leave with him.
But it started to pour down with rain and I couldn't go out.
I had to wait for it to stop.
A few minutes later, it did.
I opened the door but I didn't go out.
I just stood there with my bag.
You girls your father I couldn't leave.
I went upstairs and unpacked in floods of tears.
And I never saw him again.
I don't understand why you're telling us all this.
- I'd prefer not to know - I need to ask you for something.
What is it? Bring him here.
- [Adela.]
What? - Today.
- For the family.
- [Esther.]
Your lover? - [María.]
Where? - Here.
- [Adela.]
What is that? - [Isabel.]
He's waiting for me in town.
- Listen to me - [Valentina.]
What? [indistinct shouting.]
- Juan! - [Esther.]
Juan! - [Adela.]
Juan! - [Juan.]
What's going on? - Up.
- [Juan.]
Calm down.
- [Esther.]
I can't.
- [Juan.]
Support her head.
- [Valentina.]
I'll hold her.
- Esther, I've got her.
María, María [Juan and María groan.]
- [María.]
Wait - [Juan.]
Hold her head.
- [María.]
Mom - [Juan.]
She's got a pulse.
Take the chairs away.
- You have her? - [Juan.]
Relax, I've got her.
- [María.]
Where to? - [Esther.]
Her bedroom.
Let's go.
You've got it? [Esther.]
What are you doing? [panting.]
It has to simmer a lot.
If not, Grandma used to say that the soup can turn.
It curdles, goes bad, and then what? Pretty intense, right? We have to go get him.
- Where are the keys? - No one's getting anyone, María.
- Give it! - [María.]
No! What are you doing? Didn't you see her? We have to hurry.
You would really bring this man here to rub in Dad's face? - I would.
- [Adela.]
Telling Dad would be awful.
And Mom, to be honest I don't understand why she would do this now.
- [sobs.]
She's dying.
- I thought you said she was just tired.
I just wanted to cheer her up.
No need to just blurt out the ugly truth like that.
In this house, we don't even tell the truth to ourselves, Adela.
María, honey, no one tells themselves the truth.
Not in this house or anywhere else.
All right then, so you're telling me that we won't fulfill our mother's dying wish? Really? Adela? - Isn't that a sin? - I don't know.
It's unclear.
I believe it sends you straight to Hell.
This is to protect Dad.
So it's a good deed, right? And I doubt this man even exists.
Right! What if there is no lover? That man exists, Adela.
- It's obvious, they slept together! - Of course! - Don't say that - Adela, knock it off! Mom has always been an honorable person.
Have you ever been in love? - Of course.
- [María.]
Antonio doesn't count.
But And why not? Because when you're in love, absurd morals don't stand in your way.
- [Adela.]
Absurd morals? - Yes.
You mean family? A group of people united by a desperation to belong somewhere? - Yes! - [Adela.]
Mm Well, well.
You're holding your tongue? I pretty much agree.
You are my sisters and I love you.
We love you too but you are too naive.
Mom slept with that man.
If you were in love, you would understand.
Why doesn't Antonio count? Adela you met him at his dad's funeral.
- So? - Come on! Adela.
You're only with him out of guilt.
Guilt about what? We killed his father! [shouts.]
We killed him! Fuck! That's not true and don't say it ever again - You're nuts! - Lower your voice! - You're sick! - Don't you dare say that! - [María.]
Sick! - Shut the hell up! Everyone will find out.
[Adela whimpers.]
- Give me that! - [María shouts.]
- Give it here! - [María shouts.]
- [Adela.]
Stop it right now! - [María.]
No! [Adela.]
Enough already! All right, that's enough! Seriously? - [Adela.]
How is she? - [María.]
Valentina? She's better.
We'll give her a painkiller, but she's better.
- [María.]
What do you think? - What? We should get him, right? [Valentina.]
I don't know, María.
- I'll go with the majority.
- Who votes against bringing him? - Fuck! - Deal.
- Deal.
- Deal.
Why did you just cave like that? I caved? Yes, Valen, it's always the same.
As if it had nothing to do with you.
- I have taken care of Isabel and Mateo - Dad takes care of himself.
and Mateo since you left.
- And now I don't care? - No, no, no.
Don't be offended.
I know we owe you a lot.
You don't owe me anything, María.
But I don't owe you either.
Start thinking what you'll do when Isabel is not around because I'm leaving.
- What? - Where? You're leaving? Where are you going? To the city.
What about Juan and his job? He found another job.
We have plans.
Well, I'm happy for you because this house is a jail.
That's right, encourage her.
You could have told us before.
It's decided.
I'm leaving.
You can go on doing as you please, as usual.
- [Valentina sighs.]
- What will happen to Dad? What will happen to Dad, María? You tell me.
I can't tell Antonio that we're taking him.
You left as soon as you got the chance and you didn't care about who you left behind.
Mom and Dad weren't as old as they are now.
I'm not talking about them, Adela.
Valen I also have the right to have my chance, don't I? I won't feel guilty about it.
Valen [María sighs.]
Well [sighs.]
For now, Mom is the priority.
I don't care what you vote.
I don't care.
I will bring him here as she wants, whether you like it or not.
And I am sorry about Dad, but it's about time for him to wake up.
[Adela whispers.]
Are you okay? Do you need anything? I'm fine.
Wasn't your mother with you? She's upstairs with Valentina and Juan.
She's resting.
Well, I'll go to the garden with the kids.
Wait, I'll go with you.
[indistinct chatter.]
Maybe he didn't hear anything.
I don't care what he heard, it's the truth.
Look at what we've done, Mom! Isn't it cool? [Adela.]
My kids.
They are so excited about Christmas.
Nothing happened.
We will celebrate Christmas without a scene.
All right, María? [María.]
What are you doing? Come here! - Fuck you and all your kids! Come here.
- [Adela screams.]
[Mateo groans.]
No, no, no.
- No, if your No - [Esther laughing.]
If your mother finds out, she'll kill me.
Come on! Here.
- You know she smokes too, right? - What? - Mom.
- No way.
She does, I swear.
When? She always did, like you.
That's impossible.
[children shouting.]
Why do you think she make a deal about taking out the trash? [Antonio Jr.
Quick! - Eh? - Yeah.
- When - Of course.
- No.
- You both were always looking for excuses.
[both laughing.]
My, my, it's all so absurd.
What did she say to you? That she is very happy with the life she has had.
I'm sure that we made mistakes.
But I don't regret any of the decisions that I made.
That's all I want for you girls to be able to look back without regrets.
[somber music playing.]
- Go ahead.
- [Esther.]
- We need to talk.
- Your mother's here.
It has to be now or never.
What's up, Esther? [whispers.]
Leave Valentina.
[Juan sighs.]
What are you talking about, Esther? I don't want my mom's story to happen to me.
What are you saying? Have you gone nuts? Yes.
You can't do this to me.
- [Esther.]
This is what you wanted.
- A lifetime ago.
You passed me over, left and married that idiot.
Don't judge me, Juan.
You married my sister.
And we're still married.
That didn't seem to matter before, did it? Well, it matters now.
Do you think it doesn't hurt me? She's my sister.
But I don't want to give up on us, Juan.
Did you think I would wait for you my whole life? Huh? Yes.
It's not your place.
- No, you - [Juan.]
- It's not your place.
- [Juan.]
Juan, you love me.
- Stop.
- [Esther.]
You don't love her.
- I know it and you know it too.
- Stop it.
- You married her because I wasn't around.
- Stop it.
It's too late.
- It's not.
- Yes.
- No! - Yes, Esther! - No! - [Juan.]
It's over! [Juan gasps.]
[Juan pants.]
We'll pretend that this conversation never happened.
All right? Lorena is your daughter.
You will always do anything to get what you want, right? - [Esther.]
It's true.
- It isn't.
We did the math.
We counted the weeks the way I wanted to count them, Juan.
You were already married and you always said that you had sex - We hadn't had sex in months! - [Juan.]
It was great with him! [whispers.]
When I found out I was pregnant we had sex and he bought it.
Are you serious? Why didn't you tell me when when he died? - Why not? - I was scared.
Scared of what? - Of - [Juan.]
Scared of whom? What? I was scared of giving myself to you and being rejected.
So now what? Has that fear disappeared? [sighs.]
No, not completely.
Juan I want a paternity test.
All right, Doctor.
And you won't tell anyone in the family until we see the results, all right? Okay.
[Adela shouting.]
- [María.]
Adela! - [Adela.]
No! [María.]
Have you completely lost it? - [Adela.]
No! - [María.]
Adela! What are you? [shouts.]
Adela! [yelling.]
Come out of there! - [María grunts.]
- [Adela.]
I'm not coming out! [María.]
Give it back to me right now or I swear I'm going up there and And what? And I'll tell Antonio that we watched his father drown and we didn't do anything! [whimpers.]
Don't you dare.
Don't test me! I'm dying to do it! - [Esther.]
What's the game? I want - She has the envelope and the address! María, stop with this already before everyone finds out.
Okay? And you, come out! This is ridiculous.
I'll come out I'll come out when when I have eaten this envelope! All right.
Fine! If that's the way you want it! [Adela.]
She's bluffing.
Are you there? I'm afraid she isn't.
No, no, no María! María, wait! - [María.]
Antonio! - [Adela.]
María! - [María.]
Antonio! - [Adela.]
María, wait! María! [María.]
Antonio! - What's going on? - [María.]
Come here.
- What is it? - [María.]
Antonio [panting.]
María please It's [car horn honking.]
[car approaching.]
- [María.]
What are you doing? - María! - What are you doing? - [laughs.]
You mean, this this is the famous house? - [María.]
Are you drunk? - Me? Drunk? As if! Hold on.
But you said your family was very humble.
Welcome to our home.
You are? She's my she's Pierre's cousin.
My my boyfriend.
That's it.
Pierre's Spanish cousin.
- [María.]
- Right? That's me, Pierre's cousin.
She's a bit drunk, but [laughs.]
And Pierre? And Pierre? Great question.
Where is he? Pierre is in Pierre is in the town because he was a bit drunk.
And I just thought, well my cousin's girlfriend's family is my family too.
- Of course.
- [woman.]
Huh? - [Antonio chuckles.]
- [woman.]
So here I am, paying you a visit.
Hey! I bought this for all of you.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
I I opened it just to taste it.
It's very delicious! María speaks so highly of you all.
You are a beautiful family.
It's a pleasure.
Miss? Sofia Sofia Sophie.
Sophie, I'm Mateo.
It will be a pleasure for us to have you here on such a special day as today.
Come with me.
- [Sophie.]
My pleasure.
- No! - [Mateo.]
- No.
Don't be rude, María! Well, it's a pleasure.
I'm Antonio.
Antonio - We kiss three times in Paris.
- [chuckles.]
Three times in Paris.
- Well, let's go in and eat? - [Sophie.]
Hello! And, no problem, I will set her a place at the table.
Come, let's go.
- Come on, let's go, everyone.
- Okay.
You, stay there.
- What are you doing? - Trying to save our relationship.
If you don't tell them that I'm your girlfriend, it's over.
My mother is dying.
No, no, no.
You already knew that when you promised.
It's your call.
Fuck! [Juan.]
Valentina we have to talk to Mateo.
Isabel is worse.
One, two [Antonio Jr.
Don't fight.
A glass for you, Antonio.
And this goes - [boy 1.]
Got you! You won't get me.
- [Lorena.]
He won't, right? [Mateo laughs.]
[boy 2.]
You believed it! [whispers.]
Are you okay? [Mateo laughs.]
- [boy 1.]
- [Mateo laughing.]
Not with your feet.
- [Juan.]
- [Mateo continues laughing.]
She's not doing well, Mateo.
- You should go see her.
- [Mateo.]
No, not yet.
- [Valentina.]
I'm sorry.
- Not yet.
You should go upstairs.
Uh I must go to - [Juan.]
Mateo - What? There's no time.
- Yes.
- [Juan.]
There's no time.
Yes, yes, yes.
I have to go to [Juan.]
Where do you want to go? - [Valentina.]
- [Juan.]
This is what she wants.
It's what she wants.
She would want it that way that I did it.
- Don't you want to say goodbye? - She wants me to go.
- Mateo - She wants me to go.
I'm sorry.
I am very sorry.
We didn't do things right and - [Valentina.]
- She wants me to go.
I'm sorry.
I have to go.
Eh I'm sorry, Valentina.
You knew that Isabel cheated on you.
And you forgave her? You forgave her.
Isabel Don't say anything because it's Christmas and the food will get cold, Valentina.
And, shh [whispers.]
Don't tell the kids, they shouldn't know anything at all.
I'll be right back, don't worry.
This won't take long.
Well, anyway [indistinct happy chatter.]
We didn't do it right Valentina.
We should have told you.
We should have told you, daughter.
Look after her.
["Auld Lange Syne" playing.]
What's going on, Valentina? What's going on? [Lorena.]
Juan, come on, we're taking our places.
Come on, everyone to the table.
Mom we're about to eat.
Mom? - Do you speak French too? - A little [inaudible.]
Your parents aren't here.
[music continues.]
Where's Dad? He went out for a minute but he will be right back.
It smells wonderful.
Valentina made it.
Would you start serving, please, Juan? [Lorena.]
Juan, guess what [inaudible.]
[song continues.]
[music ends.]
Can you hear me? Don't try to speak.
Squeeze my hand.
[Isabel breathes faintly.]
Mateo went to get your lover.
He said that you had something to tell me.
What is it? What does your lover have to do with me? - Well done, Mateo! - Well done! Well done! - [Adela.]
Let's see.
- [Sophie.]
Where's the bathroom? [María.]
Um I'll show you.
- [Antonio.]
For you.
- [María.]
Just leave it there.
Who wants some soup? - [Mateo.]
I'll eat it all.
- [Adela.]
Delicious! - [Mateo.]
I will eat it.
- [Adela.]
Another one for Mateo.
There won't be any left.
My love, I adore you but I can't do this.
Why? Because because they will rethink our entire lives together.
- Your sisters? - Yes.
So? So they will remember it differently.
They'll turn it into into something [Sophie.]
What? They'll turn it into something dirty? - Yes.
- [Sophie scoffs.]
So what? They will stop loving me.
You're such a child, my love.
Come here.
[María continues sobbing.]
Wait, wait.
No, no.
It's not the end of the world, María.
It isn't.
I don't What? What we feel is right.
You have to leave.
- [knocking.]
- Please.
Just a minute.
Uh - I'm in here.
- [inaudible whispers.]
There's a bathroom upstairs.
- [Antonio.]
Open up.
- [María gasps.]
Are you with María or alone? I'm alone.
Totally alone.
- [door handle jerks.]
- [María gasps.]
[Sophie chuckles.]
How are you? [both laughing.]
- Sorry! - No, no.
No need to apologize.
I'm a bit tipsy too.
I saw that you were leaving and I thought that you weren't feeling well.
Hey, hey.
- No, no.
- [Sophie.]
Hmm? What this? We don't have much time.
I saw how you looked at me.
Hmm? What are you doing? No! What are you doing? Stop! - What are you doing? - [María.]
You son of a bitch.
You pig! [María grunts.]
[María whimpers.]
These two are queers! - Son of a bitch! - [Antonio.]
We're leaving now! Don't even look at these perverts! Come on, let's go! [stuttering.]
María, what? [Antonio.]
Adela, let's go.
Right now! Come on, let's go.
Come on! Hurry up! [María.]
Antonio - You want to know the truth? - María.
I'll tell you the truth, this family is repulsive.
Let's go! In the car! Now! [María sobs.]
Valentina! [Adela.]
Valentina! Valentina! - [Adela.]
Valentina! - [María.]
Valen Valentina.
Valentina, stop.
Stop! What's going on? Tell me what's going on.
[car approaching.]
[breathing shakily.]
Valentina I'm sorry.
They locked me up.
I spent many years in jail and when I got out, I thought you were happy here.
I could barely take care of myself.
I'm sorry.
Christmas brought that girl into our lives, and now it took her away from us.
She went back along the same path that once took her to our home, running away from our secrets, from our lies, and from us.
She went further and further away until she disappeared.
Days, months, and years passed by.
Even though we carried on with our lives, we never lost hope that she would return, but she never did.
We weren't able to change the past, but the future maybe the future will be a different story.
[music playing.]