Three Days of Christmas (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Quickly! There is a mountain of presents.
Santa Claus must have come! Woo! Merry Christmas! Thank you.
How is the hot chocolate? Is it good? It's delicious.
You're an angel.
Good heavens! Look at all these toys! How will we do this? - Let's take this off.
- One Two And three! Woo! Oh! They have names on them! Mouse one, mouse two Yes? Yes.
What? Which hospital? Did she give you my number? Valentina? Are you Esther's sister? No, I'm not her sister, but yes Sorry, she said Never mind.
- Doctor Barrios, nice to meet you.
- Doctor.
Here are the care instructions.
The most important of all is not to leave her alone, alright? Why? What's wrong with her? She attempted suicide.
She slit her wrists.
But superficial cuts? She has always craved attention.
No, she was lucky they found her in time.
If it hadn't been for that she would not have survived.
I'll give you both a moment.
I'll be over there to sign the discharge.
- Yes, thank you, Doctor.
- Thank you.
- Why did you call me? - I didn't call you.
The doctor did because you asked him to.
I thought you would enjoy seeing me like this.
- OK, stay here then.
- Wait! Lorena and my sisters can't see me like this.
Will you help me get out? You can take me to the exit and when we get there we can say goodbye for another 30 years.
People think that when you are about to die, you only remember the good moments of your life, but it's not true.
The conscience is stubborn and insists on bringing us back to what we haven't resolved.
I'm going to skate! A woman once said that we only truly see the world once - in our childhood.
The rest is just memory.
I agree.
I hope that my last Christmases remind me of my first ones.
I'm dying.
I have six months, eight at the most.
But I refuse to dwell on it.
Sophie! Splendid! You're back! I used to be faster getting to the lake.
Oof! You said 20 minutes, María.
It's always the same.
I also told you to go to the house if you were bored and I would follow.
Mm I was worried.
Now who sounds like a grandma? Ugh! What do you have to tell your family that you can't tell me first? Ah! That's why you're so grumpy.
I'm not grumpy.
Come on! Let's go, please! What a nerve.
Hello? It smells wonderful, Adela! Dad.
Dad, it's me.
I'm here.
Am I the first one? Dad, it's María.
María! Coming! Dad Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
- Merry - María.
- Yes.
- Come here, please.
I'll be right back.
What the hell? Adela, what the hell happened here? Dad, where's Adela? - As if he will answer.
- Fuck.
Adela! Dad, what happened? Are you OK? Where's Adela? Fuck, Adela! - Adela! - Should we call the cops? And tell them what? There's some broken dishes? Adela! Adela? Dad is all alone.
What the hell happened? Are you OK? Where are you? Call me back.
Don't say anything, Antonio.
You completely destroyed the Christmas table.
I'm sick and tired.
I'm fed up with your outbursts.
I've had enough.
You're staying here and I'm leaving.
That's it! Where's my grandma? In heaven, Antonio.
With God.
I didn't know it at the time.
Maybe subconsciously I did.
But I married you because of your dad.
It's not that I liked him.
I felt guilty, I guess.
Fact is, the ice broke and we didn't help him.
We let him die.
My father? I'm sorry.
Adela! Where were you? What happened here? You're here already.
You're early.
Everything is still a bit of a mess.
What the fuck are you talking about? María! María, please, don't swear.
Alright, fine.
What happened here? - María, we haven't kissed.
- No.
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
Adela, why is everything all over the floor? I was about to call the cops.
Mm! This smells delicious.
Give me a bowl.
Not that one.
Another one.
- Adela, who did this? - Did what? All the dishes are broken on the floor! Dad.
He woke up a bit nervous today, with the excitement of Christmas, and he knocked all the dishes onto the floor.
- Dad? - Yes.
- You don't believe me? Ask him.
- No.
Adela, dad doesn't say a word.
I'll take this over there.
- Adela, what's going on here? - Oh, sorry.
Don't lie to me.
Don't worry.
This hasn't been a warm welcome.
Come on, Adela.
You are a terrible liar.
I am a great liar.
I can lie.
But I am not - I'm not lying right now.
- And Antonio? What about Antonio? Where is he? - He must be sleeping.
- That's a lie! Or maybe he went for a walk.
How should I know, María? Adela! Antonio is senile.
Yes, Antonio is senile.
I'm well aware of that.
- Dad doesn't speak - Adela - Yes, of course, everything's my fault.
- Adela! I'm always the one to blame.
I'm used to it.
Adela where is Antonio? I deserted him at the bus stop.
Excuse me? I couldn't take it anymore.
It's been a pleasure to see you again.
Hop in.
Are you giving me a ride? I am responsible for you.
I will leave you at your daughter's.
Forget about it.
Get in, Esther.
- Where does your daughter live? - In Italy.
But is she spending Christmas here? No.
I haven't seen her for four years.
Where do you live? I'll tell you the way.
Let's go.
But you live alone? Yes, I live alone.
I promise, I won't do this again.
Come on, take me home.
Can you put it out? It smells awful.
Toss it.
Blech! Is there anyone who loves you and will mind you? Yes, lots of people.
Esther, tell me where I can take you.
I won't leave you alone.
- Take me to our family home.
- No.
- My sisters will be there.
- No, I'm not going back there.
María said she had something important to tell us.
I'm here already, so I may as well go.
- Out of curiosity - Hold on.
You didn't want them to know but you want to go there? What are you up to, Esther? It's you who doesn't want me to be alone.
Someone will find him, call the cops and he'll be back.
- No.
Really? - It's not time to eat.
- Today? - It depends.
Is he totally loony or lucid? Well, he's normal sometimes, but I like it better when he's cuckoo.
- I'm not surprised.
- Adela, the first car that finds him They are all coming for lunch.
If they find out - Adela, what were you thinking? - I wasn't thinking.
I am desperate.
I don't know what to do.
Don't worry.
We'll go and pick him up before No! If you bring him back and he comes round, even for a second, he will spill the beans.
Dad, where are you going? He walks around.
Adela, sooner or later, he'll be back.
No, I don't want the kids to know.
It's the Christmas lunch.
If we're lucky, when Antonio wants to come back, they will have left already.
They're here.
Oh, my God.
Calm down.
Why don't you just come clean? They're your family, your kids.
- I'm the best mom in the world.
- Yes.
The best grandma, the best wife - Well - Maybe not, but they still think I am.
Please, help me keep this quiet.
Don't worry, Adela.
I'll cover for you.
- Seriously? - For once, she's made up her mind.
Ah! - Grandma, did you see it? - Yes.
Hello, my love.
- Quit smoking.
Your father will kill you.
- Can you tell? - My Antonio! - Look who's here.
- Let's see.
- Look.
- Hi! Hello, my love.
- Hey! Merry Christmas, Mom! Jose is quite the traveler.
He's been to Cuba, Canada, Panama, Vietnam, Vietcong.
Now, he's in Senegal.
Anywhere but home.
He's all over the place, right, María? Antonio is asleep.
Let him rest.
- No, Mom - Yes, if you need anything, just tell me.
- Thank you, Adela.
- Very good, Mom.
- Hi! - Good morning! Hi! Adela, you're amazing.
You're the best.
- Well, make sure I don't mess it up.
- Sure.
Eh With all that's going on, maybe you could tell me your little secret first so that we don't complicate things more.
Listen to me, María.
If it's important, I should know first.
Do you get that? Accept that you can't control everything.
- María? - I'm coming.
Go up there and knock on the door.
When I see that someone is with you, I'll leave.
How do you know that once you leave I won't go to the lake and jump in? Hey, Esther do you want me to tell them? Well then Goodbye.
See you soon.
See you soon.
Esther, the keys! I want to tell you something.
And this time, it's something How do I do this? I would have loved for everyone to be here, the four of us but by now I guess It's Esther.
Give me back the keys.
I'm not in the mood for games.
Esther! Esther! Fucking shit! Shit! I am so happy! You said you weren't coming.
- I am regretting it now.
- You look beautiful! You too! Who brought you here? Valentina.
She's in the car.
Valentina? How did pull that off? Fate, kid.
Ah! I love you! Esther, I am so happy that you could make it! Did you cancel your trip to Rome? Who is it? Valentina! Oh, God! You look amazing.
Valentina! How could you? - We've felt incomplete without you.
- Give me the keys.
I have to leave.
- Now? - Yes.
- No.
- Valentina? Valentina! You're here, Valentina.
It's been so long.
Too many years without you, Valentina.
- How did Esther convince you to come? - She didn't convince me.
She says she has to go.
- I must go.
- No.
No, she must stay and we'll go in now because they are waiting for us, and I don't know how long Sofía will put up with watching the soup.
I have to tell you all something.
I can't I can't stay.
I have a job.
Give me ten minutes.
No, I don't have them.
- Not even ten minutes? - No.
That's your problem.
The keys, María.
Your keys for ten minutes.
Oh God, Valentina! - You're here! - Yes.
- It's a miracle.
- It's blackmail.
I will go check on the soup.
- María.
- Coming! Auntie Valentina is here.
- Hello.
- I'm Manuel.
Oh Hi, I'm Paula, Manuel's wife.
- Hi, I'm Eli.
- Hi, Eli.
- Hi, aunt.
- Hi.
And Antonio is sleeping.
- Look, this is Alberto.
- Hello.
As I was saying Fuck, it's so great to have you here, sisters.
- María, there are kids here.
- Yes, sorry.
I'm just so happy.
There's something I didn't do in the past because I didn't have the guts.
It's just, in this house it's always been hard for me to be myself.
Weird, right? It was hard for me to be myself in my own in my own home.
That's why I want to take the opportunity today.
It's like a do-over.
Sofía I feel as though I never gave you the place you deserved.
I did at home and in our personal life, but not in the outside world, nor among my family.
I know that some of you already know but we never called it by its name.
Sofía is my girlfriend.
And she is Sofía you are my life partner and I'd like to tell you that I would like to marry you.
Eh OK I'll be right back.
Sophie! To the bride and groom! The brides! Well, I don't know, we'll see.
Who will finish setting the table? It's Christmas.
And who can help with the appetizers? You propose to me before telling me you're sick.
I thought that was the secret.
Why didn't you tell me? Because I wanted to avoid this.
What? Talking to me? Why did you read the report? Since when do you read my mail? When did you find out? Why didn't you say something? Because I need to go through this my way and you won't let me do that.
And what "way" is that? I'm not doing treatment.
- Ah, no? - No.
- You can't decide that by yourself.
- See? I knew you wouldn't understand.
I understand perfectly.
- No.
- Yes.
I prefer to make the most of the time I have left with you.
I don't care about the two or three months that treatment could give me.
I would feel terrible cooped up in a hospital.
It's not worth it.
- But I want you to fight.
- Sophie - Please! - There is no cure.
- You don't know that.
- I do.
I do.
And the treatment only prolongs the agony.
Try to understand.
- I want to talk to the doctors.
- No.
- Please.
- No.
- Give me that much.
- I have already decided.
This is typical of you all.
This family never talks about their problems.
To top it off, you ask me to marry you.
Could you be more selfish? What was the plan? When were you going to tell me? At the altar? On the honeymoon? Tell me when? When I couldn't hide it anymore.
Fuck you.
Sophie Sophie, don't tell anyone! Did you hear? Adela Adela! - Antonio is - Sleeping.
- No! - He is.
He isn't.
Antonio! I'm thrilled to see you! What's going on? - Antonio - Hey, Antonio.
- Antonio! - What's with the fighting, Adela? - What's going on? - Antonio Antonio, you were disoriented, weren't you? You left by yourself, you got lost, but then what luck that you found your way back.
Right? That's what happened, Antonio.
My father you all You left me there! You killed him! You killed my father! What are you talking about, Antonio? - Hey! - Bitches! Antonio! Enough! Bitches! Calm down, Antonio.
Calm down.
Come on, Antonio, keep calm.
You are so strong for your age, aren't you, John Wayne? What a hunk! Do you want a smoke? Good.
Good, good.
Antonio Are you alright? Yes Yes, it was nothing.
Fuck, he hit you hard.
Really, I'm fine.
I'm fine, really.
It's not what you think, OK? And what do I think? I don't know.
He's beaten you before.
I don't want you to tell anyone.
What is it? Cancer? With an expiration date.
- Where? - It doesn't matter.
I don't want to lose any more time on this.
What is it? Cardiac angiosarcoma.
Same as mom.
It was stupid of me not to tell Sofía.
Now, she's ticked off, and with good reason.
I'm sorry.
It's not your fault.
If you hug me, it better not be to comfort me.
Oh, Valen Dad? - Dad? - Sh! Dad? - Sh! - Dad Don't shout! He just fell asleep.
He wasn't feeling very well.
Right? Let's get back so your mom doesn't start worrying.
No, no.
We don't know where mom and aunt Esther have gone.
And Sofía? She left.
Sofía! What's going on? - María - Sofía! Sofía! But María why did you lie to him? - Where is Antonio? - Hell if I know! Ah - What? - Come.
Fuck! He's back.
Come in.
María, help us.
What are you doing? You'll hurt him.
No, he has no idea what's going on.
- Do you, Antonio? - Hmm? - See? - What happened? - How did he get back? - By himself.
He came back on his own.
He was crazy and he would blab.
- What have you all done? - Adela had a moment of clarity.
She abandoned him at a bus stop.
On the country road.
Not far enough.
OK, enough.
Give me my keys, I'm leaving.
- No, Valentina.
- The keys.
I'm going.
- I'm going! - Don't go yet In the name of my love I say goodbye to you All these moments Murderers! My father! Antonio Good boy.
Calm down.
Here, here, here.
- So, you told him.
- No.
- It slipped out.
- Fuck, Adela! Are you insane? Leave her alone.
Leave her.
It's done.
Yes, Adela has lost it, a nervous breakdown, but can't you two be normal sisters for once in your lives? This is absurd! This man is unwell! And a bastard.
A real bastard and I'm with them.
Hang on Adela go back home and talk to your kids because this doesn't make sense and it will end in tears for God's sake.
No way! I've been putting up with him for years, feeling guilty for what we did.
The four of us! You have to help me.
You owe it to me! - I don't owe you.
- What do you mean? We saved your life! Valentina, forgive me.
I'm so sorry.
I am very happy that you're here.
Sorry, it's just that I'm a bit jumpy.
Adela, I left this nightmare a long time ago.
You stayed here, feeding your lie.
But you don't have the right to treat him like that.
I think she has.
That's precisely what gives her the right.
He's been abusing her their whole life and we knew it.
Did we do anything about it? No, right? And you.
You left when you discovered that your father was alive.
You didn't talk to him.
I went to the lake for years.
I waited for him to come for me every day, as he promised he would.
He only came back when your mother was dying - not for me.
I should stay and talk to him? Eh? No.
No, Valentina.
Well, I don't know.
But we would have liked to help you.
María Wake up, honey.
We aren't sisters.
None of you felt that way for me.
- No, Valen - You met me when I was 15, makes sense.
Stop idealizing everything, for God's sake! Your parents founded this family on a lie and a dead body.
And you're still here in this shitty shed repeating the same mistakes because you cannot call things by their name.
What a luxury! You leave and you tell yourself your own version of the facts without anyone around to question it.
How about you? Eh? Did you tell them you had Lorena with my husband? Drama queen.
I was the perfect excuse to forget about your husband and leave.
I left my husband because I didn't know how I couldn't forgive him for having had a daughter with you.
You weren't in love with Juan.
You didn't want kids with him.
I'm sorry.
Do you know what, Esther? Having kids with someone is not always a proof of love.
And you are the best example of that.
Give me the fucking keys already! Your father visited us for many years.
What was it? Seven years? Yes, dad invited him every Christmas.
Until he He treated him like another member of the family.
- Honest! - Yes.
They both put aside their differences for a reason.
Each Christmas they got together with the hope of seeing you again, but you forgot about them.
One of them died without ever seeing you again, the other hasn't uttered a single word since you left.
So I had two fathers who did every fucking thing right by me? They didn't even come looking for me.
- Will she tell them about Antonio? - No, don't worry.
You had to tell her about her father right now? - I bet 50 euros she will snitch.
- I'm in.
She won't.
Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven Adela, I would like to stay with you for a while and help you with dad.
Oh, how wonderful.
And with Sofía, if she comes back.
Yes, if she comes back.
Time's up.
She didn't snitch.
They would be here by now.
I'm thirsty! Yeah for whiskey, like me.
Well, that's it.
We give him his drink and when he's asleep we'll put him in his room until tomorrow.
Huh? Merry Christmas.
Did I say that already? The thing is, María went to fetch more wood and Esther went with her to help.
Anyway, everything's going great and they will be back soon.
So, everything is phenomenal.
And And I said I said I had better go I had better watch the turkey.
But, of course, the turkey isn't here.
The turkey is in the oven.
In the kitchen.
The Christmas turkey! It should be in the kitchen.
She sings She plays so well! Valentina.
Valentina, I know a lot about families that don't tell the truth.
Even if parents don't love each other, they love their kids.
Kids are loved.
They are loved, that's it.
Mom Dad isn't upstairs.
- No? - No.
Calm down, we'll find him.
Of course.
Guys, listen - Tell them, Adela.
- OK? He left and Tell them.
And you guys, go round back.
Let's go.
Sofía, pick it up, please.
Are you breathing, Antonio? Shit! Of course he's breathing.
What's that? Esther what happened? Today's the day to reveal secrets.
I told you that I wasn't coming because I had something to do.
What the fuck did you do? Don't worry, I failed.
You're a moron.
That's what my shrink says.
How could you do something like that? It's because of Lorena? Shut up.
How many years has it been since you saw her? You say sorry, Esther.
You don't fucking kill yourself.
You're a coward.
- You have no idea.
- I don't? - No.
- Go on, tell me.
Why would you want to die and leave the people you love? There are tons of things to do, places to visit, the summer, the sea Don't you want to swim there again? Every day is a gift, Esther.
Every single fucking minute is a gift.
You're my role model.
Esther, you're my big sister.
I don't know my granddaughter.
She's beautiful.
And they are there, waiting for you to call.
That's not true.
Oh? Wanna bet? You will make me rich today.
I never apologized to Lorena for hiding who her father was from her.
Because I didn't want to out of pride, I guess.
Or stupidity.
Every time the subject would come up Hm I would get nervous and start ranting a raving.
In the end we stopped speaking.
It got out of hand.
It's the same thing I did with Juan.
I lost both of them.
Oh, Esther They know! They know! They know! - What do they know? - Oh, my God.
Give him more.
- But he's out cold.
- Go on.
Oh, God! What will we do now? Antonio, have a shot.
Come on.
OK, another shot.
The scarf! Grandpa! Dad! Grandpa! Grandpa! Antonio! Antonio! Albertito, to the lake.
Run! Go to the lake! His scarf.
I found his scarf on the path heading to the lake.
Go to the lake.
Run! - Run! - Let's go.
Run to the lake.
I'm sure that he's at the lake.
Run! Adela, your dress.
I'm stepping on it.
Let's go! Almost there! Here.
The tree! Oy There's no fucking way we're getting him up there.
What should we do then? Why don't we sit him next to Mateo by the fire? Oh, Valentina.
Deal? - Deal.
- Deal.
What a pain! OK, merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Mm Shit, that's strong.
Oh, God.
What is it? Antonio? Adela If he's wet himself, I'm not changing him.
Adela, I can't feel a pulse.
Let me check.
Let's see.
It's true.
I'm sorry! - Antonio.
- Oh, God.
I'm so sorry.
Oh, Manolito.
Manolito, look, what a relief, we found your father! - Great news, Mom.
- Yes.
- Guys! - Is he there? - What do we do? - He's back.
- Adela.
- Sh! He's He's asleep.
He's asleep.
We will let him nap for a while and we will eat.
I have been cooking all week long and we won't waste any food.
Don't do that again.
You scared us half to death.
You gave us quite a scare, Antonio.
What do we do? It's Christmas.
We can tell them later, right? - Yes.
- Eh? Enjoy.
- Thank you.
You too.
- Thanks.
Oh! Show me your letter to the Three Wise Men.
Have you been good this year? No.
It's delicious.
- Yes? - Lovely.
You've outdone yourself.
Thank you, Paula.
It's very good.
Sofía, where were you? I've been calling I know, but listen to me.
It doesn't matter.
Listen to me.
I Things are usually clear to me, right? - Yes.
- I'm never lost for words.
But now now I guess you You were right, my love.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
You're the only family I have and all these years we've spent together, everything we've experienced has been It is wonderful.
You have made me very happy, my love, and I don't want to miss anything.
Whatever happens I'll be there.
Oh! We've been together for 40 years.
- Yes.
- And I love you now like the first day.
Yes I do.
What? Marry me? Of course.
Oh, wait! Wait! I hope it fits.
Is it the right size? Yes.
- Finally.
- Bravo.
- Bravo.
- Woo-hoo! Grandpa! Fucking zombi.
That's nice.
- But how? - How do you feel? It can't be - The soup will get cold.
- Yes.
Sit down, Dad.
Your soup will get cold.
Well here we all are.
- Give him a little wine.
- Better not.
- Yes, yes, a little wine.
- Don't, Mom.
- He will feel better.
He loves it.
- Not with the medication.
- No, just a drop.
Just a drop, that's all.
- Mom Yes.
- Her! It was her! - What are you saying, Dad? She abandoned me at the bus stop.
- Dad, don't be silly.
- She did! This morning, she left me at the bus stop and she left with the car.
He makes He makes things up.
- You fucking bitch! - Dad, please.
Enough! I did it.
I took him for a walk in the woods and he ran away.
A slip-up.
How could it be you? - Wh What do you mean? - You don't have a car.
In my car.
We went together.
We stopped for a moment and he ran off while we were talking.
Why was dad with you? Why didn't you tell us before? Well, you guys will laugh.
OK, it's like it's a tradition.
- In this family - María, stop.
- I'll tell them.
- No.
I should have told them a long time ago.
Valentina Adela, if we don't tell them the truth now, when will we do it? Well, it was me.
I'm so sorry.
I had a lot of things to talk about with your dad - things from the past, from before you were born.
I took him to the bus stop, to be able to speak more freely, we argued, and he decided to stay there.
There you go.
I've told you.
I'm sorry.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
I have to go, Adela.
No Valentina.
Valentina, don't leave.
Don't leave.
I am so sorry.
I am sorry but I couldn't take it anymore.
I tried to build this perfect world for you, like the one father built for us.
A perfect family.
But the truth is, it's true, our family has a lot of secrets.
But we also we also have what brings us together.
It's not It has nothing to do with blood, Valentina, or genes.
It's It's that we love each other.
And we hid things to avoid hurting each other, but we were wrong.
Dad, you have no idea how much I loved the world you created for us.
You never stopped trying to make it beautiful.
Your father, well Your father I was never in love with him.
I felt guilty because we didn't help grandpa Manuel.
He belonged to the Civil Guard and he wanted to hurt Valentina.
And so when he fell in the lake, we didn't help him and there, well we let him die.
And this morning, I couldn't take it anymore and I abandoned him at the bus stop.
I am not the perfect mother or grandmother.
I am sorry and I want a divorce.
I want turkey.
With - With gravy? - Yes.
Esther! You owe me 50 bucks.
Or more.
It's your grandma.
Go on.
Come here.
Come, come.
Dad! - Dad.
- Dad.
Mwah! My father always said that Christmas is all about family - that's why I like Christmas.
In a few months, when I start to fade, when my entire life is nothing more than a tiny remnant in my memory, the last image that will disappear from my mind will be this house in the middle of nowhere with all four of us inside.
My home.
My family.
As it turns out, it's true - in the end, you only think about the good moments.
Subtitle translation by Jonathan Clarke