Threshold (2005) s01e11 Episode Script


If he pushes you, just push him back, I don't care what the teacher says.
If you get in trouble, just have the school call me.
What will I do? I'll march right over there and push your teacher, how about that? No, no, no! Wait! Don't tell your mother! Janice! No, I am not advocating violence, I just think the kid should stand up for himself.
Would you put him back on please.
Hey! bub, there's just one thing I want you to keep in mind.
All this stuff in school, whose popular and whose not.
In the grand scheme of things none of it really matters.
I know that's hard to believe, but it's true.
Can I call you tomorrow? I love you, bye.
You're the only one who understands me.
I thought that Carpenter was doing the autopsy.
It seems Carpenter has a cold, and since she's the only medical person cleared to deal with anything alien related.
I now have to take care of everything myself.
- Have you found out anything? - You know what? You protocol should have said we get two of everything.
Two Doctors, two Engineers, two Mathematicians - then we can work in shifts.
- Next time.
Did you find out anything? They were both infected.
- And the tubes? - Manning was having their blood drained.
Far as I can tell these men were on empty long before Cavennaugh found them.
They're creating infectees and harvesting their blood.
That's the main ingredient in alien fertilizer.
They could be using it to contaminate more food.
So they actually killed off their own to further their agenda? We do it all the time.
Ever hear of a little place called Iraq? If they are trying to spread the infection through food they're doing it on a large scale.
I found traces of insecticide in their tissues, these men were farm workers.
If they're shipping out infected crops to the general public? We're screwed.
- Sharon, you've outdone yourself.
- We should get a picture.
- I can take a picture with my phone.
- Can you really? Hey, I think you've had enough of those.
You just look through here.
- Rachel! - Don't try to move.
- How did you get here? - Dr.
Caffrey, she told me you were sick.
- She couldn't go into much detail.
- I didn't want you to see me like this.
- Don't be silly.
- So, sorry.
- You talked to my parents? - Your parents are dead.
- What? - You killed them and me.
You knew you were infected, and you came home anyway.
Your mother was the worst; they could hear her screaming from a block away.
Lucas? - How long have I been asleep? - A couple of hours.
- How you feeling? - Tired.
Oh, your fiancé has been calling.
Are you sure you don't want to see her? - I'm sure.
- Does she even know what happened to you? No.
She thinks I am working around the clock designing nanoactuators for the space program.
I've used that one.
- Has Ramsey been by? - No, I haven't seen him.
He's been kind of busy.
I'll see you in a little bit, okay? His blood is showing higher levels of Uracil.
It's a sign the body's gearing up for the mutation process.
- But it hasn't started? - Not yet.
Although we've never run across - someone this far along who came back.
- And we still don't know how it happened? Did he eat something like Sgt.
Adams? Is it part of the same outbreak? I can't tell, the test for infected food ingestion can only be done post-mortem.
Molly, there's a chance we're looking at the next phase of the infection - he got from the video of the alien signal.
- I know.
Cavennaugh or I could be next.
- Do we know any more about what Adams ate? - I haven't found a smoking gun yet Apparently he was a stereotypical bachelor.
The majority of his food came from packages or cans - and we're looking for fresh produce.
- We're also going to need a test to determine whether the infection comes from food poisoning or from the signal.
I'll tell you what.
I'll get right on that, just as soon as I finish checking on Lucas, studying the data on Sgt.
Adams Doing autopsy's and creating dental plates for the occasional head of lettuce.
Incidentally, let me point out that genetically modified vegetables are a little outside my area of expertise.
I've already taken care of that.
Per my protocols and your whining we're adding another member to the red team.
Wait! another doctor? In my lab? Her name is Daphne Larsen.
You've probably read about her.
She's a Botanist and the leading expert in genetic engineering.
She holds the patents to twenty different modified grain crops.
That puts her in a rather lush tax bracket.
You couldn't turn us down even if you wanted to.
We have determined that extraterrestrial life has in fact come to Earth.
You've been assigned clearance level - It appeared to have been some sort of probe.
- The Triple Helix, it mutates the victim - or causes them to explode.
- Your home, family are under surveillence.
- The victims have increased strength - You answer to Dr.
Caffrey - They use their blood to alter the food supply.
- We need you to tell us how.
Anything you need, we will supply.
You have work to do.
Let's get started.
Obviously this is one of the alien experiments that didn't work out.
- Are there others? - Yeah, we found a few with - human hairs, one with beginning of an eye.
- They're light years ahead of us.
- What in the race to grow teeth in lettuce? - No, more like hearts, livers, bone marrow.
- This is the Holy Grail.
- You can't be serious, human DNA and plant DNA? We already insert Human protein into bananas to grow edible vaccines against Hepatitis B, it's only a matter of time before we piggyback our genes on to plants.
and grow replacement parts.
I would like to study this in my spare time.
You're not going to have spare time to play Frankenstein's gardener.
We need to develop a test for alien food poisoning.
From what I've read the modified lettuce was created by one of the infected crewman? Yes, Sonntag.
He created a fertilizer by mixing his blood with an enzyme.
Apparently the enzyme unzipped the third strand in his DNA and attached the DNA of the lettuce When someone eats it, do they show traces of the enzyme in their system? No, it breaks down too quickly.
So, if the enzyme acts as an adaptor then anyone who injects the food should carry the alien strand that was modified by Sonntag's DNA.
So, if we can identify the genetic marker in- - the Sonntag strand - That would be your test.
Pretty and smart.
I think we are going to be very happy we met.
- Actually, we've already met.
- I'm sure I'd remember.
I was ten years old.
My mom was a student of yours.
- Really? - You hit on her too.
Where's the restroom? I keep getting lost in this place.
- It is around the circular hall - Thanks.
We need to talk.
Who is this? I want to see you.
- Tell me who this is.
- My name is Manning.
Since you know how to get a hold of me I assume you know where I am.
Why don't you come down here? So we can So you can what? Introduce me to a detention block? We can help you.
You can't help anyone.
- Why do you need to see me? - There's something I want to tell you, - Something that will change everything.
- I'm listening.
- I have their memories and their knowledge.
- Whose? Whose memories? I guess you call them the aliens.
I know what they want, I know why they're here.
And I'm willing to share it with you.
- When can we meet? - I don't like having my picture taken.
He's on a city street about five miles from here.
I've got people on the way.
- He'll be long gone.
- The call was routed through a Threshold line! - Any guesses as to how he got the number? - He does have an infected Threshold agent.
I'm upping your surveillance whenever you leave this building you'll be watched by one of our snipers.
Why is he coming out in the open? Good morning, how are you feeling? What's going on? We know what happened to Lucas.
He ate mutated food.
- Are you sure? - Without a doubt.
Tell her the good part.
The alien DNA strand is starting to replicate in his blood.
What he's saying is I'm infected.
- I'm so sorry.
- In a weird way, I'm relieved.
I've been living in terror since day one.
At least now I know I don't have to worry about it - Let me bring Rachel in.
- No.
If I have a last request is that she never finds out about this place.
- or anything that we did here.
- She doesn't have to know.
It's your decision.
If there is anything you need, anything I can do? No, thanks.
I'll be back to check on you in a little bit.
At least you and Cavennaugh, are still okay.
In 48 hours, this brilliant kid is not going to be human anymore.
He'll spend, God knows how many years, maybe the rest of his life, locked in a cage being fed through a little slot.
All because of your all mighty protocols.
For a minute there, Doctor, I thought you were going to blame yourself.
That's not really your style is it.
Blame myself? First Hatten, then Adams, now Lucas.
We're all going to die here, or turn into one of those things.
Did it occur to you that your plan isn't working? Do you want out? I got it.
You have made that abundantly clear.
Right now, you do what you can for Lucas, Then we talk about getting you a replacement.
We just got word that a local teenager died suddenly during a family meal.
When? The night before last.
We're also checking out two other possible mutations in the area.
I think we're looking at a full outbreak.
We're looking at the tip of the iceberg.
Caffrey? - Mr.
- We had a meeting set for this morning.
- I left word I needed to reschedule.
- Well, now we don't need to.
- So this is where the young man - suffered a violent reaction to the alien DNA.
- Which was introduced to the food.
- We believe so.
- So there's one, possible two more - Those are confirmed.
Okay, then we have Adams and Pegg both in the same building, makes me wonder how many there are in building next door, or in the eleven hundred other buildings downtown.
What are we looking at here? We are trying to determine that.
In the meantime, we follow standard procedure.
Locate and detain infectees.
So how many people do you think you can just yank out of existence, - before the public starts asking questions? - Approximately 300.
- Okay.
What about the food? - Once we have isolated the specific food being used, we'll collect the entire supply, simultaneously will trace it back to its source.
and shut it down.
If we don't locate it within the next two hours, the CDC will issue a statement saying not to eat fresh produce of any kind.
No fruits, no vegetables.
- Why two hours? - Because that's when millions of people sit-down to lunch.
May I get back to work? - Oh, please.
I hear Captain Manning called.
Is Threshold in the yellow pages now? - No sir, it is not.
- Well, that's a relief.
Let me ask you something off the record? Is Dr.
Caffrey the best person to run this operation? Nevermind, you are not the kind to rat out one of your own people.
- May I ask you a question? - Alright.
When we first encountered alien food in Indiana? When I pulled up all the files on our mission.
I found some reports initialled by you.
Well, if you are going to ask me about them.
I'm going to need to see the files.
In the meantime, you are not to discuss this with anyone.
- You have a problem with me, don't you? - Come again? I have your job, don't I? I mean, you were going to be National Security Adviser when Hatten retired, weren't yeah? Well, everybody in Washington knew you had your eyes on the prize.
And then, aliens! In a million years, no one could have seen that one coming.
Hatten was killed, I have your job.
My friend, I'm not going anywhere.
If I were you, my friend.
I'd wash that hand real good.
Hey, when you get a chance you may want to stop by and see Lucas.
He's been asking about you.
- Yeah, I will.
I've been completely swamped.
- Well, so has everyone else, but they're making - time to see him.
- I said I will.
Have you been drinking? Well, if you must know.
What you smell is from last night.
I am completely sober, albeit very hangover.
Now, if you don't mind I would like to get back to work.
Thank you.
- What's going on? - Young man who mutated, this was all the food in the house.
Why don't you pull up a microscope and check out the lettuce.
That's the obvious place to begin.
Speaking of lettuce, I want to show you something.
This is from Sonntag garden, right? About two weeks old? - Still crunchy.
- Are you out of your mind? No, it's okay.
You could eat all of this and except for gagging on the odd body part.
You'd be OK.
- What are you saying? It's unstable? - Lettuce chromosomes.
They're chock full of retrotranpozons they're like jumping genes, they go back and forth between - I know what they are! - Right, sorry.
Anyway, once the enzyme breaks down Sonntag strain can't hang onto the DNA It becomes inert.
So everyone who was infected by lettuce had to have eaten it In the last few hours of its being picked.
- So, where do we begin? - Well, we can rule out lettuce, wheat and corn.
- Right off the bat.
- Because, right.
- I want to see Lucas.
- I'm trying to arrange that.
With who? Who doesn't want me to see my fiancé? - I'm working on it.
- Can you at least tell me what's wrong with him? I told you he's sick, I know that's not very helpful, but it's all I can say, right now.
How bad is it? Is he going to die? What are his symptoms? I'm a doctor, I can help I promise we are doing everything in our power to help him.
Right now, the best thing you can do is give me information.
Starting with what he's eaten in the last two weeks? - Is it bacterial? Some kind of food poisoning? - We're trying to find that out.
It can't be food, we eat all the same things and I'm fine.
- What about lettuce? - We both eat lettuce, we're vegetarians.
I made him a big tray of eggplant parmagian last week, he has some every night before he goes to bed.
I think it gives him nightmares.
- You didn't have any of it? - No, I'm allergic to tomatoes.
Where did you get them? The tomatoes? You said you made it.
There's a farmers market over on Meredith.
I get all Cavennaugh.
Farmers market on Meredith.
Shut it down.
Put your produce back down and leave the area in an orderly fashion.
, please.
What is going on? Whose going to pay for all this? We'll need to know where you get the produce.
Let's go, sir.
Listen up, people! Let's keep these lines in an orderly fashion.
Ma'am, who is selling all this stuff? That guy over there.
- Brooks! Orange jacket, heading your way.
- Copy that.
Molly! It's Cavennaugh.
We had an infectee selling produce.
The market's closed down, but there's no telling how much food got out there.
We've collected every tomato from every corner market, grocery store and vegetable stand within a 40 mile radius.
The CDC is going to say there is a contaminated shipment of tomatoes, if they got anything from the farmers market they should bring it to Providence Hospital Will have Med Techs waiting to check them out.
Are we telling the public what to look for by way of infection? Well there is a list of symptoms going out: strange behavior, increased appetite - Super human strength - Let's keep that one our little secret.
We've been working on tracking back the produce from the farmer's market.
No bills of sale, no shipping statements, but the crates were made by an- agricultural supply company in Marion, Illinois.
We're getting a list of their customers right now.
- Could be anyone of a hundred farms.
- I've identified the insecticide in the farm workers' bodies.
It's sold nationally but if you cross-check it against your list - We may be able to narrow the search.
- Do it.
Cavennaugh, I want you and Daphne in Illinois by morning.
Whoa, time out I haven't even unpacked my hotel room and your sending me to Illinois? - Welcome to Threshold.
- What do we do when we get there? Go door to door? We've done it before.
Bring pictures of our farm workers.
Maybe someone will recognize one of them.
The flight leaves in two hours.
Hey, Cavennaugh.
How far is Marion from New Harmony? - I'd say about a hundred miles.
- Thanks.
It can't be a coincidence.
I don't understand, we scoured every inch of farm land and monitored every bit of produce transported out of the perimeter, What did I miss? Caffrey, you're upset.
You wanna know what I do to relieve stress? I do some light reading.
Sometimes it's Mark Twain collected poetry, Shakespeare sonnet's or sometimes I go through the mission archives, and look under agent transfers.
Just a thought.
I can understand why they need an engineer, a doctor and a botanist, but why a mathematician? No offense, can't they pretty much do everything on calculators these days? Yeah, but a calculator doesn't have my considerable charm.
Besides I'm also a linguist.
I'm fluent in over 200 dialects and their variations.
When intelligent life wants to communicate with us, I'm the guy who translates the call.
Well then you shouldn't have to work too hard.
I mean, pretty much everyone they have taken over speaks English.
- Aren't you supposed to be on a plane? - Yeah, I'll see you when I get back.
- Don't you have a plane to catch? - I'm going.
We are going to need an estimate on the number of new infectees.
I've been thinking about that.
I need to know how many ounces of tomato the average person needs to eat before they want to destroy all humans.
- Why don't you ask Fenway.
- I sent him an e-mail, I'm waiting for a response.
Well, just go down the hall and ask him.
- Your avoiding Lucas? - I already watched Adams go through this, I can't do it again.
Not with him.
You know, of all people That kid doesn't have one indecent bone in his body.
It would be different if it were me or Fenway.
It never works that way.
Life is not fair.
Trust me, I know when life's being unfair.
Life is way out of line on this one.
I actually caught myself trying to pray last night, just in case.
Ramsey, your an atheist? I know! I mentioned that in my prayer.
I thought I'd win extra points for honesty.
You are his best friend here.
He needs you.
And it's going to be so much more disappointing when I can't go in there, isn't it? I'm sorry I'm not made of stronger stuff, but I really can't take this horror show much longer.
I have work to do.
- What is this place? - Lucas? It's alright, your theta waves were spiking.
It's a sign of the nightmares, I thought I'd spare you one.
Thanks Doc.
How am I doing? I may have good news.
The rate of your infection seems to be slowing.
- No one's ever been this long without turning.
- Great.
Call the Guinness people.
I think it's because of your limited exposure to the alien signal.
It's like when people take small doses of Arsenic to build an immunity.
- Or like a flu shot.
- You mean I might be immune? It's what I'm hoping.
- Any tomatoes yet? - I hear it's going to be a few days.
- Excuse me.
How many tomatoes were you looking for? - Four or five.
- What is it, four or five? - Five.
- How many people in your family? - Four.
- Thank you.
- Do you have any? - Why would I have any? - How long you going to keep doing that? - It might be an hour, it might be two hours.
- What is it, you're taking a survey? No, I'm determining the corresponding probability characteristics of a system- - random variables.
What about you? - I sell cucumbers.
I'm sorry about the loss of your husband.
We would have notified you sooner, but neither your husband or brother-in-law were carrying any identification.
We only found you because - we're showing his picture around.
- Will you bring him back here? We will, as soon as we're done investigating the accident.
It was his truck wasn't it? I was supposed to get it tuned up.
- But I kept putting it off - It wasn't the truck.
- You said it was a traffic accident! - No, I it - The car was parked, it was a train.
- They were parked on tracks? No, no, I didn't mean it was an 18-wheeler, the driver fell asleep and lost control.
We understand you're going through a terrible time, Mrs.
We need some information for our forms.
Can we have the phone number and address of your husband's employer? What are you doing? Never change the cover story.
She's going to blame herself for the rest of her life, for those deaths.
It doesn't matter.
You could have blown this.
I'm sorry, I've only been a secret agent for a day! - This the company that hired your husband? - Yes.
We used to live in Santa Fe and my husbands brother said they needed people to work in Indiana, so we came up together.
The pay was good, but Juan worked too hard, he used to be sweet then he started getting angry all the time.
I kept thinking things would get better.
Why did we ever come here? This is the address Mrs.
Vásquez gave us.
- Are you sure? - Yep.
I think somebody knew we were coming.
Agent Hargrave, let's get in touch with the owner of this land.
- You took my men.
- Always good to see you too, Dr.
They were still searching for infected food in Indiana.
- Indiana was secure.
- You subverted my protocol's No, I over rode them.
I wasn't about to go tell the President that I couldn't finish the mission in South America because 10 of our highly skilled agents were digging up turnips.
This outbreak is your fault.
Why don't you tell the President that.
Tell the President, that because of you we have God knows how many infected - This is not the place.
- Sgt Adams is dead, and they - got one of my team.
- Well if that's the case, I suggest that you stop wasting time playing this blame game and find a way to fix it.
Hello, Molly.
You're probably wondering if one of your snipers can get a shot at me.
Meanwhile, I'm thinking of the two men I have in Nebraska watching your Mother answer her email.
It's Caffrey.
Stand down.
I repeat, Stand down! Sorry to start on such an awkward note.
But I assure you, I don't mean to harm anyone.
- What do you want? - I thought it was finally time we met in person.
Try to resolve the situation face to face without any more violence.
- Since when do you care about saving lives? - Believe it or not, every life is precious- - to us too, that's why we came.
- Forgive me if I seem a little skeptical.
You have to understand, that what's happening is a gift.
It's the next step in your evolution.
- A gift? It doesn't look that way to me.
- Talk to the ones you locked up.
- They'll all tell you they're better off.
- They're programmed to, so are you.
You need us.
Without our help all human life will be extinguished.
- How? - When mankind was still living in caves two neutron stars collided.
Six years from now, the cosmic radiation from that event will strike Earth.
The only way will survive is is if you alter our physiology.
This can be a smooth transition, Molly.
Want me to just hand over the keys to the planet? Check the coordinates.
Eight hours, right ascension.
Thirty-four degrees, south declination.
I'd write it down; but I'm sure I'm being recorded.
- Where do you come from? - I appreciate your curiosity, but the only thing - that matters now is that you keep an open mind.
- How do I get a hold of you? I'll get a hold of you.
Look I know what you're thinking and if you win you'll sentence everyone on this planet to death - Thanks for the warning.
- Someone's coming will change your mind.
- He'll show you the future.
- And who would that be? I've got someone at NASA looking into that neutron star business.
If they really came here to save us.
why wouldn't they let us know first? Instead of taking people against their will.
Maybe, that's how they tell us Implant the information in humans, so they can spread the word.
I'm not buying it.
Manning didn't just come here to chat, he's after something.
I want to double security on our pregnant infectee.
- You think they're after the baby? - He said someone is coming who could show us the future, someone who belongs to them.
How long until we know if the baby's infected? A few weeks.
- How's Lucas? - His DNA's mutating more aggressively.
- It's just a matter of time.
- I thought he was immune? It only slowed down the infection, it didn't stop it.
So, that's it then? Not necessarily.
I want to try a Hail Mary.
Thank you.
The company that hired Vásquez doesn't exist.
It's a dummy corporation set up by Manning.
How do you know? Federal ID, matches an account he used to hold.
- What's he doing with land in Indiana? - We think he was fronting Sonntag's original experiment.
When he started seeing results he expanded locally.
- He leases this land from a nearby farmer.
- Alright, so Manning makes a transport of infected food to Washington for distribution - probably eating it on the way.
By the time they get there they are fully infected.
So, the blood can be drained and treated.
What then? They ship the blood back here and the next batch of workers use it to fertilize the crops.
- Mr.
Wheeler, do you own this land? - What is this about? What can you tell me about the people you are sub-leasing this land to? Well, it's an out of State company, I don't know much about them.
I wasn't using the land.
- This the representative? - No, I never seen him before.
- What is this about? - Well, you tell me, Mr.
Who burned these crops? I heard someone was going around asking questions.
I don't know what anyone grows around here, I just look the other way.
But, if it was Marijuana.
I could go to jail.
So, you did this? I didn't see any marijuana, but I didn't want to take a chance.
Traces of crystalline root formation.
This was the place.
Arrange to have this all dug up to a depth of 2 feet.
Send samples back to Washington and the rest back to our facility in Arizona.
We'll be going over your property.
Every acre of it with a fine tooth comb.
So, if you could save us sometime.
I suggest you do it.
Well, I know he is renting a greenhouse, about a mile from here.
I'll take you to it.
That would be appreciated.
- It's getting worse, isn't it? - I'm afraid so.
Fenway has an idea.
It's extremely risky, but I think you should hear it.
Whatever it is, yes.
It's kind of a no brainer, right? Lucas, I want to expose you to the alien signal.
- Great.
- You've resisted the mutation so far because of your low level of infection from the signal.
If we give you a controlled burst There's a chance that your body can completely reject the Sonntag strand.
- Lucas, we don't have much time.
- I want to base the strength and modulation on - some of your research.
- Sure as Hell hope I didn't make any mistakes.
- How are you translating my data? - He's using a calculator.
- Where have you been? - Channel 5's running a Twilight Zone marathon.
So what's going on around here, anything interesting? Oh you know, same old, same old.
I've isolated his frequencies, what about running a wave pattern in opposition to his data output? Thanks for coming down.
Listen, if this doesn't work, Tell my wife that I love her And that she is the most important thing in the world to me.
Your wife? Yeah, we got married a couple of weeks ago.
It was kind of a spur of the moment thing.
With all this alien stuff going on, we figured you can't count on the future, you know? - She really wants to see you.
- I know, I know.
I recorded a message for her, just in case.
I guess I could wear my ring now.
Oh my God.
It looks like these are ready to be harvested.
Hey, Daphne.
If I'm not mistaken, this blood came from the bodies we found in Washington.
and probably a few that we didn't find.
You from behind the plastic, come out nice and slow! Down! Down! Daphne, hit the lights! - You alright? - I'd like to give my two weeks' notice.
Ready when you are.
On my count.
If anybody doesn't want to be here, now is the time to go.
- In three, - Good luck.
Two Now.
- It's too late for me.
- What do you mean? - I got the disease.
- Your infected? I am the last one.
Everyone else is dead.
The first ones caught it from the sound.
A lot of them died fast.
Blew up, like they ate gun powder.
The rest I beat 'em.
- Damned, if I didn't.
- How? It's all in my journal.
Right now, I got just one more thing left to do.
Good luck, son.
No, wait! - Is it done? - A long time ago.
You've been a sleep for almost ten hours.
Well? That business about telling your wife you love her? Looks like you'll get to do it yourself.
- Can I borrow your phone? - You want to call her now? Ramsey.
I need him to pull up everything he can on the history of guns.
What? It looked like the Civil War issue, but I need to figure out the exact year How are you feeling? This was probably nothing more than a crazy ass dream But there's a chance I just met someone who can help us.
I'm just saying it's a huge room considering only seven people can be in here when the monitors are on.
- We like to stretch out.
- How'd you like being out in the field? It's not for me I don't think I'm going to last here too long.
Might want to adjust your thinking since you really don't have a choice.
What's to stop me from leaving? - You have a chip in your shoulder.
- It's chip on my shoulder, Mr.
Okay, everybody.
Here's where we stand.
On the plus side, Lucas will return to work in a few days.
Thank you, Dr.
Fenway, Dr.
And we shut down the source of the infected food supply.
- Ramsey - Now on the minus side and it's a big one.
Figuring in the gross time for crops, known vendors in D.
and consumption perhaps - all based on national averages - Give us a number.
We have a possible 190 new infectees out there.
Margin of error, fifteen.
We no longer have an outbreak, we have a population.
Starting immediately, we take Threshold to a new level.
More people will be brought into the fold, you'll each head up your own department.
We have lists of approved professionals in your fields, choose your teams wisely.
We now know our adversary have two goals.
Spreading the infection and stopping Threshold.
We also know Manning is still out there; we can expect him to recruit and organize his new population.
As of today, we'll have agents on the streets 24/7.
We'll also begin a city wide wire tap.
Our new infectees can be any age, post puberty.
Rich, poor, from all walks of life.
The public will be under strict surveillance their civil rights curtailed until we've regained control.
As the threat escalates, so does our response.
I know I have asked the impossible from you, so far and you've all delivered.
- But now, I'm asking for more.
- You got it.
- Just getting warmed up.
- I didn't want leave anyway.
Let's get to work.
Fenway? Keep an eye on the mother-to-be.
Her baby seems to be important to Manning, let's find out why.
I have never told you this before, but in my opinion, you are definitely - the right person for this job.
- Thanks.
This just came for you.
It's from NASA.