Threshold (2005) s01e12 Episode Script


Mmm French? Normandy dialect.
You're smart.
I like that.
question Anything.
Do you do this with all your customers? or you know a lot of dudes walk into that "club"? You're my first.
What makes me so special? Because you're funny.
And besides I've always wanted to do it with a gynecologist.
Stirrups any one.
I didn't know this place had room service.
We're fine.
Thank you.
Wait, wait hold on Where are you going? I gotta go.
Wait, wait I'll take care of it.
Hold on.
Yeah! Hold on, "Monsieur!" You know what? it's probably one of Caffrey's goons, must have followed me here.
Caffrey, whose that? Your wife? She wishes.
What do you want with me? Who was she? Candy Cane.
I'm guessing that's not her real name.
You think? She worked at a place called "Beneath the Beltway" It's over on Wisconsin.
Nude dancing, no cover? - What you've been there? - Sure.
On amateur nights, pickup a little cash on the side.
Really? You know, for a genius, you're not very smart.
You said you left work early because you were sick.
Yeah, you know what, sex has it's curative effects.
Right, Fenway?.
Listen, it was the first time I'd been there.
I'm mixing it up.
I'm following your precious protocols.
Her real name is Emily Biggs.
She lived on Crescent Circle.
- You said she knew the attacker? - Yeah, it looked that way.
This guy was really strong.
He/she has to be alienígena.
- Has somebody seen my pants? - Are they able to him they bring an alone coffee? - Anybody seen my pants? - Would you get him some coffee, black? But, find his pants first.
- I take it with soy milk.
- Take it, black.
Hell of grip on this guy.
Completely crushed the door knob.
There were foreign epithelials found under her fingernails They came back positive for triple helix.
So, the man who killed her is definitely an alien? Well, he has the triple helix like the others, but it's present in less than 60% of his DNA.
He was only partially bio-formed? Seems like Ramsey had a run in with a very different kind of alien.
Oh, Lucas.
Look whose right on time The flaxseed pancakes from this place down the street are amazing.
I can't go.
You came all the way down here to tell me that? I just got the page.
Ramsey went out last night I guess he had a bit of a close call.
- Close call? - You know I can't talk about it.
- Is he alright? - Yeah, he's a little freaked out, but he'll be fine.
- Pancakes can wait.
- We'll have dinner tonight.
I am the only Doctor on the planet whose husband is busier than me.
His hair is a little darker and the eyes are wider apart.
I think.
You think? It was dark in there.
That and the booze.
That ear is rounder, more Prince Charles you know, away from the head.
- Did he have any scars? Distinguishing marks? - Not, that I can remember.
Oh, come on Ramsey, did you get a look at this guy or not? Make the chin a little wider, give him less eyebrows.
Is anyone else bothered by what happened? You are one of a hand full who even knows about the alien threat, An infectee breaks into your hotel room and kills the stripper but not you.
You rather I was dead? No comment.
Listen you know, do you care about anybody or anything? I mean God, have you ever gotten laid? What did you say? Mr.
Baylock, sir, can you give us a few minutes? We might be able to make more progress with just the two of us.
Give a me call, when your masterpiece is finished.
- You don't remember what this guy looked like? - I'm trying, dude, ok? What do you got? Our alien killer knows quite a bit about human anatomy.
He used some type of surgical blade to sever every nerve fiber between her brainstem and her cerebellum.
She died within seconds.
So we're looking for a doctor.
The weapon was curved, with serrated edges possibly a lateral osteotomy knife with a few custom modifications.
You and Lucas check every medical supply company in the area.
See if anyone ordered a knife like that one recently.
Anything else you can tell about him? A new type of alien? Not, without fresh tissue sample.
I'm on it.
This can't be a coincidence.
What are the chances that an alien would break into Ramsey's motel room to kill this girl? Ask Ramsey, he's the mathematician.
Why did he want you dead? Dr.
Caffrey Got a call from Director Stillwell over at the bureau.
He say he needs to talk with someone at Threshold right away.
What about? He wouldn't go into details, my guess it has something to do with our murder investigation.
Maybe, he is not to happy we keep impersonating his FBI agents.
I'll go and check it out.
Bet I know who did this some creep came in a couple of times, Candy said he was stalking her.
Did she know his name? No, no names.
He said the guy followed her to work from the supermarket.
The second time he came in, we politely asked him to leave.
Did he use a credit card while he was here? Paid cash.
Now, I look after my girls.
At the end of their shifts I make sure they have escorts to their car.
Bastard must have followed her home.
Do you mind if we talk to some of the other girls? - No, please.
- Thanks.
You're going to catch this guy, right? We sure hope so.
What can you tell me about Candy's stalker? I mean not much, she never really talked about him.
We kind of had a falling out.
What do you mean? We used to hang, then one day she gets real quiet, Weird Weird how? I don't know, I mean she's pissed off all the time, always getting high things she never used to do.
- Have they cleaned her locker out yet? - No.
Top right.
I told you, weird huh? And that to Always scarfing down those protein bars.
Like 10 a day sometimes.
Call Fenway.
Tell him to run a DNA test.
Whoa! Whoa! I had sex with an alien! I double checked the results, her DNA was triple helix.
The normal triple helix variety.
The infection can spread through sexual contact, right? - I'm going to need a blood sample.
- Yeah, as much as you want.
Why didn't you test her before this? It never occurred to us that one of them would be killing their own.
It's a brand new behaviorial pattern.
Molly, I can talk to you for a second? Keep me posted.
- I trust you used protection.
- Take the damn blood Fenway.
I had my chat with Director Stillwell It seems the FBI has setup a task force to investigate four previous murders.
With the same MO as ours: scalpel to the back of the neck, they all happened in the last 5 days.
Why are we learning of this now? Inter-agency miscommunication.
We impersonated FBI agents at the crime scene.
The DC police assumed we were part of the task force.
Tell them we are taking over the investigation.
Where are they keeping the bodies? These three victims are infected.
I suspect this one is too.
We got an alien serial killer on our hands? It certainly looks that way and his has been very productive.
Send agents to their homes.
See if you can find out how they infected.
Thinking food outbreak? I'll need to get them back to the lab, run the Daphne test.
Don't we have bigger problems? Like, why this alien "Ted Bundy" is knocking off his own kind.
It could be a blessing in disguise.
He's doing our jobs for us.
It is not our job to murder infectees.
We've killed plenty of them so far, it's never bothered you.
Sergeant Adams for instance I thought we were past all this, Adams was a different situation and you know it.
Yeah, well, when I find a point, I like to stick to it.
- That's an understatement.
- He's got a point, Caffrey.
I mean maybe this wacko can solve our "ET" problem.
I'd say we give him a medal.
So, we're supposed to sit on our asses and hope this "vigilante" saves the planet? Hey.
This one's testing negative for triple helix.
- You sure? - Yeah, he's perfectly normal.
So it's not just aliens our Doctor is after.
He's killing innocent people.
Dead man coming through! Got a minute? Did I do something wrong? Not that I'm aware of.
Are you giving me a raise? Then I'm busy.
- How's Ramsey? - He's still human.
- Not infected? - Nope, he got lucky.
I assume you saved his blood sample.
Of course.
I want to run a tox screening on it right away.
- May I ask why? - Just get me the results.
Well that's a confidential information.
No one in this building gets the luxury of privacy.
Let me know what you find.
Can you feel the love? Alright.
In the last month 23 orders for custom surgical devices were delivered to the local hospitals.
Try cross referencing the names on the invoices against registered physicians.
Of all the girls in all the strip clubs in the tri-state area I had to sleep with an infectee.
Dude, count your blessings.
You tested clean.
Yeah, but still the only thing between me and alien-hood was a millimeter of latex.
Go get some sleep, I mean go home.
No more lapdances.
Yeah and the second I am out the door Baylock will have my clearances lifted and give away my parking space.
And that would be such a bad thing? It's not like you've been too keen on working here.
I may resent Caffrey for ripping me out of my cushy job and making me one of her "men in black" but I'd rather be here on the inside than out in the cold.
Baylock's been waiting for an excuse to kick me out of here.
No, Baylock's been on your case because you were blitzkrieged Are you taking sides with that fascist? No, Ramsey I'm just None of the names on these invoices were doctors.
Maybe it's the names of people that filled out the purchase orders.
Right, I'll try to hack into the hospital database see if I can find what out which doctor's ordered what.
No, you won't.
Come on get out of here.
Go hang with your lady.
It's okay, I don't mind staying.
Dude, for a healthy relationship to survive, you've got to spend quality time together.
I'm taking marital advice from you? Come on, I'm serious, you blew off plans earlier because of me.
You know let me make it up to you.
Are you sure? Come on, get out of here before I change my mind.
This one's normal.
No DNA infection.
But he is exhibiting low level theta waves.
He is dead, right? Post-mortem brain activity is not unusual in people exposed to the alien signal.
I did a background check, believe it or not this man is one of those people who ate at the seafood joint in Rhode Island.
Had the strange dreams.
Maybe that's how our doctor is choosing his victims, By sensing their theta waves.
He could have run into this guy crossing the street.
The owner of the strip club said the killer saw Candy in a supermarket.
He could have bumped into her in the checkout line, sensed her and followed her back to work.
And the killer can't distinguish between a full blown infectee and someone with minimal exposure.
He may not even know he's murdering innocent people.
Need I remind you there are three people with elevated theta waves working in this building? I just have one more thing to do.
This is one for the record books.
I'm on time and you're not ready.
Two minutes.
- I'm going to get a soda, you want one? - I'm good.
Don't spoil your dinner.
It's just a soda.
Sloan, please report to oncology 4-B.
Hey, excuse me.
You wouldn't happen to have a crisp dollar on you by any chance? Oh, great, thanks.
Stupid machines, it's a flaw of the scanner - How did you find me? - Beg your pardon? Your one of them, aren't you? What? Oh my God Help! Someone call security! Help! Somebody! Help me! - Lucas! - Cavennaugh, it's him, he's the one! - You okay? - Just get him.
Hands in the air, nice and slow.
Glad you guys were in the neighborhood.
It was no accident Our killer's targeting people with elevated theta waves.
We know he's a doctor, and you were at a hospital Thanks for checking up on me.
- You better get that cut looked at.
- Thanks.
This is Cavennaugh.
I got an ID on that weapon.
KN112739 Ok, that instrument was ordered 9 days ago by a Dr.
Julian Sloan, Director of Oncology at the National Institute of Health Can you pull up his ID? - That's him.
- Are you sure? Yeah, it's all coming back to me.
Ok, we need his home address.
- You sure you're alright? - Yeah - And you? - I'm fine I mean I don't know why someone is trying to kill you, but otherwise Thinking up another lie, Lucas? Another story to tell me First contract some mysterious illness and I'm not allowed to see you for 3 days and now this.
You're not working for NASA.
This has nothing to do with bio-research.
- What's going on? - Rachel Everything I'm doing it's to protect you.
I want you to resign.
Quit, today.
I can't do that.
The hell you can't.
You were almost killed tonight.
Rachel, let it go.
Everything's going to be fine.
Is this job worth your life? Yeah, it is.
He could return at any moment so let's make this fast.
"Doctors without Borders", a humanitarian.
When he was human.
I may have found our means of infection.
I think it's Gazpacho.
Probably made with contaminated tomatoes.
- Get it back to the lab.
- Molly Recognize anyone? The gang's all here, all of his victims.
- Sloan killed their alien ring leader? - No, not yet.
"Ongoing projects" We're after the same person.
Is there anything that may tell us where Manning is? Just pictures, hard to tell where they were taken.
Ramsey and Lucas will have a field day with this.
The gazpacho tested positive.
Sloan was infected through food.
Anything to explain why he's different? We recovered a few drops of blood from the soda machine.
Sloan has an inherited genetic defect, Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy.
It's a very rare condition.
You've heard of athletes who suddenly collapse and die for no apparent reason? Are you saying Sloan's going to drop dead? No, he only has one defective gene.
But for some reason the bioforming process has activated that gene.
It's keeping it from attaching the third helix.
So essentially he's stuck between human and alien.
We know his mutations are unique, maybe his instincts are too.
Instead of having the desire to propagate, he has the desire to destroy.
Goodbye Hippocratic Oath.
Sloan doesn't see these victims as people.
To him their like a cancer.
They're tumors and he's excising them.
So this is what the "Fortress of Solitude" looks like.
That's right, "Lois.
" Yeah, Baylock says this is where you do all your "deep thinking" The door's closed, don't come a knocking.
What's your excuse? I found these receipts in the trunk of Sloan's car.
Beretta Semi-Automatic M-4 Combat Shotgun.
He bought them two days ago in a gun shop in Vermont Heights.
Whatever he's planning a scalpel won't cut it.
Pardon the pun.
He wants to take out Manning.
How do you figure? He's been surveilling him, so he must know he's facing a small army of infectee's.
How is the manhunt coming? We're staking out his house but nothing so far.
He knows we're onto him.
Let's leak the bolo to the media.
Get the public involved.
Could drum up some leads.
There's lots of Sloan info here.
Are you writing a bio? A psych profile.
I'm trying to figure out who Sloan is or was.
Lay it on me.
He's a prodigy.
He interned at St.
Luke's at the age of 23.
He was the youngest director in the history of NIH.
He was married once.
His wife died of ovarian cancer four years ago.
He still writes to her every day.
He feels guilty he couldn't save her.
This is the last one: "My dearest, I know what they are planning, trying to spread the infection.
I can see them, I know how to find them.
God help me, for what I'm about to do.
For what I have to do.
I have no choice.
I am the only one who can stop them.
That's a man whose conflicted.
I don't think he understands what's happening.
If we find him we maybe be able to reason with him.
This email was written before the first victim was killed.
Don't be so sure this is the same person any more.
- Where are you going Ramsey? - Nowhere, I guess.
- Paged you three times.
- Yeah, the battery must be low.
You can avoid me all you want, but you can't avoid this.
Hey, if this is about last night, I didn't break any of your protocols.
Actually you did.
Blood alcohol levels off the chart.
Traces of cocaine found in your blood.
More than a trace, actually.
You forgot the Viagra.
You think this is a joke, Ramsey? Your walking down a dark path and you've been walking it awhile.
I know all about you.
I know you've made a lot of stupid mistakes.
But there was always another university or think tank willing to look the other way and hire you.
But if you screw up here, it's not just your life.
It's everyone's.
I know what you're thinking.
"Baylock's a jerk.
" Doesn't know what he's talking about.
My son was a real smart kid, too.
High I.
, went to a great school.
I haven't seen him in 8 years.
I think he's living in a street somewhere.
He thought he could out smart it too.
Multiple light sources more than 10 feet over head.
Probably industrial fixtures.
My guess is Manning inside a factory or warehouse.
The perfect place for his genetic food experiments.
Except next time he might aim for something bigger than a farmer's market.
What's that? Can you blow it up? Double sided hinge.
It's designed for galvanized steel doors.
There's a marking, get closer.
A company logo.
I'll run a search.
"Spurlock Manufacturing" just outside of Philly.
Get a list of all their customers and resellers in a 100 miles of DC.
Yes, ma'am.
Looks like another late night.
I'll get some real coffee.
- You boys want anything? - I'm good.
- Yeah, coffee good.
- With soy milk, right? Hey, I've been meaning to ask you about that infectee you slept with.
- What do you want to know? - You know - How was it? - Yeah, I mean Enhanced strength? Stamina? Well, as much as I hate to admit it - It was amazing! - Yeah? I mean, God, I can't stop thinking about it.
Really? - I don't know if I can go back to earth girls.
- Wow.
The only bad part of it is I got this rash in the shape of a fractal pattern Oh, unbelievable, just go away from me.
- Tall double Mocha and coffee with soy.
- Perfect.
Restroom? To your right.
- Is it safe to pee.
- It's all clear, we swept the building.
You're one of them.
Your wrong, Dr.
- I'm not infected.
- Who are you? Why are you working with the police? Are they infected too? I'll answer all your questions, just put the weapon down.
- How many are there like you? - I was hoping you could tell me.
I'm not involved in the conspiracy, I'm investigating it.
You're lying.
I can sense you.
I'm Dr.
Molly Caffrey.
I'll sever your brainstem and you'll be dead before you hit the floor.
That's a specialized weapon, electrostatic shells It's designed to stop the infectees.
Open it and you'll see.
You infiltrated the government.
How high up does it go? You got it wrong, I work for the government, we're fighting the threat.
Threshold, we're called Threshold.
How did you infect me? I didn't.
The aliens did, through food.
They tried to infect me using a sound, but it didn't take all the way.
It affected my brain waves, that's why you can sense me.
Caffrey, is everything alright? Yeah, I'll be right out.
There's someone that you're watching.
His name is Manning.
Where is he? We're afraid he'll strike our food supply again.
We have to stop him but we can't do that without your help.
You're a fascinating liar, Molly.
But I am the one asking the questions.
Your questions are flawed.
I have no reason to believe you.
- You can't afford not to.
- I don't play well with others.
I work alone.
Well, then you'll die alone.
Because if you don't cooperate, we are going to hunt you down.
- I thought you needed me.
- You're killing innocent people.
Not everyone you're targeting is a full blown infectee.
Some of them are like me.
Elevated brainwaves.
But human in every other way.
I've learned a lot about you.
I know you're compassionate.
"God help me for what I'm about to do.
" Sound familiar? We're more similar than you realize.
We've both been exposed but we're still ourselves.
Close your eyes.
- Don't do this.
- Your eyes.
- Please - I'm a talented surgeon.
I can make this painless.
Are you ready for this? 147 warehouses in the tri-state area use our double sided hinge.
It's going to be a little tough to narrow it down.
How many of them store any kind of food? At least half.
It will take days to go door to door.
Not necessarily.
I want you to build a geographic profile of Sloan's activities for the past week.
Turn his house upside down and check his receipts, credit cards talk to everyone his worked with.
He was at that warehouse.
We just have to find out when.
Ok, I'll get right on it.
I got men searching the immediate area and I set up a 3 mile perimeter.
Let's forget about Sloan for now.
- Our priority has to be Manning.
- Forget about him? - He's already attacked two of us, Molly? - I don't think he'll try it again.
You do realize you are defending a man who just put a knife to your throat? He could have killed me, but he didn't.
He let me go.
No work in the break room.
Or didn't you get the memo? This isn't work.
It's personal.
Sloan's handy work? The other man in this photograph is Agent Hayes.
It could be anybody.
See that scar at the base of his hair line? He got that crashing his bike when he was 15.
When we get Manning maybe you should let someone else to lead the assault.
- What are you implying? - Just looking out for you.
You're afraid that when that moment comes I'll be afraid to pull the trigger? We're not talking about any infectee the man's your brother.
Yeah, he used to be.
We hacked into his cars navigation system.
We downloaded a record of everywhere Sloan's been this past week.
He pretty much drove to work then straight home.
Except for these detours, where he came across his victims.
The grocery store last Friday and strip-club two nights ago.
- Okay.
What else? - We got a punch card from "The Smoothy Shack" - Which location? - It doesn't say.
Where's the list of locations? Get on it, now.
Alright, in the meantime, let's take a step back.
How did Sloan begin his day? His alarm was set for 5:30.
According to his staff, he go to work every day at 8 sharp.
Figure 45 minutes to get ready, 30 minute commute.
That still leaves more than an hour unaccounted for.
He was a jogger.
Compressed mid soles, erosion in the lateral heel.
Do we know where he goes running? No, but this was stuck in the tread.
Cherry Blossom.
This isn't only a cherry It's descended from a 1400 year old tree in the? prefecture of Japan.
There's 50 of them planted in the west Potomac Park.
It is a popular area for joggers.
Let's see it.
- There's three warehouses in that district.
- Okay there's a "Smoothy Shack" near west Potomac.
That's a stone throws away from one of our warehouses.
Which one is it? - "Mineral Springs Corporation" - Bottled Water? If Manning found a way to contaminate our water - Bullet to the brainstem.
- Sloan.
- It looks like he beat us to the punch - Unit 2, let's move in.
Unit 2, report in.
We got a visual.
We got 4 targets behind a truck.
Maybe more.
We'll approach from the South to draw them out.
Roger that.
Permission to go hunt sir? Do it.
Keep an eye out for Sloan.
- Roger that.
- You stay with her.
Federal Agents! Drop your weapons! Wow, these things work pretty well.
 Come with me.
I don't need your help.
You need mine.
You're right.
I do need your help.
You're the only one who can sense them.
You can show us where they are.
I'll drag you back if I have to.
That weapon of yours is designed for fully infected people.
- It could kill me.
- I'm willing to take the risk.
No, you're not.
I've learned a thing or two about you, Dr.
Threshold is the right idea but your going about it the wrong way.
You shouldn't be capturing these monsters.
You should be destroying them.
I can't take the chance you'll harm another innocent person.
- Good luck, Molly.
- Sloan.
It looks like you could use a drink of water.
but I'll pass.
- So? - Manning's dead.
We found seven mercenaries, two are still alive, but no sign of Agent Hayes.
Let's get these bottles back to Fenway.
What about Sloan? Didn't see him.
This water was contaminated with alginate.
It's a tasteless extract made of seaweed.
Daphne is still running tests to confirm it but it looks like the seaweed was injected with the same enzyme that infected our food.
Talk about your water cooler moment.
We already told the water company to suspend all shipments.
But I think you should get out in the field, test their entire inventory.
Just to be safe.
Sloan's face is on every bolo in North America.
It's going to be a lot tougher to sneak around unnoticed.
Withdrawal the bolo, we'll find him ourselves.
Come again? He's too dangerous to let the police handle this.
- Are you protecting the police or him? - Sloan doesn't need my protection.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You let him go, didn't you? I can tell when you're lying, Molly Every time we big for local authorities, you purse your lips.
You big footing me? There are 200 infectees still out there.
We'll be hunting them down and so will.
God knows we could use the help.
- You didn't answer my question.
- Actually, I did.
Evening, J.
Listen, about that little after school special of ours the other day.
Just want you to know: Message received and understood.
Is that so? I'm on a new path now.
No more screwing up.
You won't see my name on any toxicology report.
I'm glad to hear it.
Hey Look Ramsey.
If you ever need someone to talk to, my door is always open.
Thanks, that won't be necessary.
I've learned my lesson.
Hey, another vodka tonic please.
Thank you.
Hey, I thought you were a scotch man.
Vodka doesn't smell on the breath.