Thunderbirds Are Go! (2015) s03e24 Episode Script


[birds tweeting.]
- Henry, stay on the trail.
- Bee, look at this.
I think it's a eucalyptus leaf.
Or a dogwood.
It's from an elm tree.
I already have one.
These leaves all look the same! The drought's dried up the land and turned them brown.
Come on, Henry.
Just a few more and we'll have enough for the Forestry Badge.
- Did you smell that? - Fire! What do we do? What do we do?! Rescue Scout Rule 2: Alert authorities with a junior radio.
- Hello? Anyone there? - [static.]
We must be out of range.
Rescue Scout Rule 3: Let's get to safety.
More fires.
The trail's been blocked! Stay calm.
We need to find something else with a radio.
There we go.
[hissing, sliding doors.]
I've read about these things.
They're called crab loggers, and they're supposed to be unbreakable.
Hello? We are in Rescue Scout Troop 2-1-6, and there are fires nearby.
Can anyone hear me? [beep, whirring up.]
- You touched something, didn't you? - Nah! - It just turned on by itself.
- Oh.
We're trapped! Is there a Rescue Scout rule for this? I don't think so.
Mayday, Mayday! This is Rescue Scout Troop 2-1-6, is anyone there? Mayday! [Announcer.]
Five four three two one.
[title music.]
Thunderbirds are go! [music.]
He looks worried.
Don't you think he looks worried? I can't tell.
He always looks like that.
My review of the new Zero X is complete.
We're now calling it the Zero XL.
- And? - Oh.
And we'll be ready to launch in a matter of days.
The official search for your father begins now.
- Are you serious, Brains? - Oh, yes.
All of the simulations check out.
First, we'll need to load in the Thunderbirds, - then, we'll - Thank you! - Virgil, let him breathe.
- Oh.
Sorry to interrupt, Brains, but we have a situation.
This is Chief Carter, of the Anasta Forest Patrol.
We have an outbreak of fires on the ground.
Chief Carter, this is International Rescue, do you need assistance? My squad can handle the fires near town, but we need help with a rescue on the ground.
Listen to this.
We are in Rescue Scout Troop 2-1-6.
There are fires nearby.
Can anyone hear me? Their signal's coming from an old crab logger.
My scan's showing two scouts trapped inside.
All right, Gordon, Alan, meet Virgil in Thunderbird Two, we're going after those scouts.
Kayo and Grandma can help prepare the Zero XL while we're gone.
You need to hurry.
If we don't launch the Zero XL soon, we can't attempt another rescue for years.
- FAB.
- And try not to wreck the Thunderbirds.
I won't have time to build new ones.
- Brains, don't look so worried.
- I always look like this! [music.]
Five, four, three, two, one Thunderbirds are go.
Chief Carter, two Thunderbirds are headed your way.
Be careful, fire conditions are extreme.
A single spark can burn through an acre in minutes.
- Did you catch that, Thunderbird One? - FAB, John.
Tell Chief Carter to focus on the town.
We'll handle the rescue.
What's the condition of the crab logger? - Can we drive it out? - Negative.
The battery and defences appear to be intact, but the engine and propulsion are down.
From what I can tell, it's been parked in that forest for a very long time.
- All right.
Thunderbird Two? - I'll head in and rescue those Scouts.
But we'll need a cleared path on the ground for back-up.
- Can you make a firebreak for us? - Are land pods green? - Does Parker need breath mints? - We're on it, Scott.
And what do we do now? - What do we do now? - Stay calm, Henry.
- Verse one of our oath.
Remember it? - Of course I do.
"A Rescue Scout is calm, a Rescue Scout is brave," "never scared, always prepared" "to help, to guide, to save.
" I've been practising.
Thunderbird One to crab logger vehicle.
- I'm almost at your location.
- [gasps.]
Did he say "Thunderbird One"? Sure did.
Sit tight, I'll airlift you out of there.
- What's happening? - The crab logger I think it senses there's a fire.
What's happening? The crab logger's sending out fire suppressant gas, but it's jamming my engines.
Come on! Thunderbird Two, I can't get close enough for an airlift with the fire suppressant gas flowing.
It's clogging my engines.
I'm gonna have to jetpack in.
We're almost to the ground.
Configuring land pods now.
We'll come get you.
Land pods are go.
Come on, let's clear a path.
OK, try using your sound cannons.
Ready aim blast it! [whirring sounds.]
Um this may take a while.
Keep at it.
I'm jetting to the crab logger now.
Can you let me in? We don't know how.
The door's locked.
I think the gas just ran out.
I think you're right.
John, it's about to get toasty down here.
The crab logger's designed to automatically lock down when it senses fire.
OK, how do we unlock it? Top front section.
The sensor's up there.
Not for long.
Hurry, Scott.
Exposure to that radiant heat will soon be deadly.
The door just opened! Stand clear, I'm coming in.
I'm Scott, by the way.
My name's Beatrice.
Bee for short.
I'm a Condor Scout.
And that's Henry, he's a Buzzard.
Did you see that fire?! - Now we're really going to cook.
- Nah.
We'll stay cool in here as long as we have battery power.
My brothers will have the fire contained soon.
- We just need to wait.
- See, Henry? Remember the oath? - "A Rescue Scout is" - "Calm, "a Rescue Scout is brave, never scared," "always prepared to help, to guide, to save.
" I was a Rescue Scout, too.
- Made it all the way to Falcon.
- No way! Way! So, what badges are you working on? [whirring sounds.]
We're barely making a dent.
I'll take over.
Fall back, you two.
Launching suppressant grenades.
Oops, missed a spot.
Yes! Nicely done.
Remember, this firebreak might be our only path out once we reach Scott and extract the Scouts.
Do you think you can keep it clear? Does a gecko pod climb? - Do Grandma's waffles taste like? - Guys! - Sorry.
We're on it.
- Yeah, on it.
- Chief Carter, we've completed the firebreak.
- Excellent.
We're maintaining the fire at the edge of town.
Virgil, I'm reading two new fires, spreading near your path.
I'm out of suppressant grenades.
Chief, where can I fill my module for a water drop? There's a reservoir up the ridge.
Use as much as you want.
- What about the crab logger? - Finish the water drop first.
Scott said they're safe for the moment.
And now the last part.
Go through the loop, around the top.
And there.
That's how you tie a triple fisherman's knot.
It's the strongest one in the handbook.
How did yours turn out? It's perfect! Uh.
Let's let's keep practising.
How do you tie them so fast? I used to practise with my dad.
He taught me everything I know about being a Rescue Scout.
[alarm blaring.]
We're down to half power.
Scott to Virgil.
We'll need a way out soon.
We are go for water drop.
International Rescue, the fire is spreading fast.
At this rate, we won't be able to hold it back.
Standby, Chief, I've got a module full of water on the way.
- Steady - Keep holding the line.
Heads up, guys, here comes the drop.
Huh? [thud.]
Nice one, Virgil.
- That's Alan's first bath in weeks! - It's been two days! Virgil, I'm reading multiple new outbreaks on my screen.
That dry ground is spreading new fires by the second.
Scott needs my help.
I don't have time to put these fires out one by one.
We need a way to flood a wider area.
There's a dam at the end of that reservoir.
What if we open it? That would cool things down.
Chief Carter, is it possible? The flood doors have rusted shut.
That old dam should have been demolished years ago.
No better time than now.
Gordon, I'll need you to plant demolition charges.
Alan, dig a barrier to keep the town from flooding.
We'll need the module to reassemble the pods.
You got it.
Chief Carter, how's the town? If you boys pull this off, we'll be just fine.
Once the module's down, I'll head for the crab logger.
Virgil, the power's draining fast.
- We're down to 10%.
- FAB.
We'll move as quickly as we can.
Module deployed.
- Virgil, we've got a roadblock.
- I'll suit up and take care of it.
You're clear! Virgil! Launch cables.
- We got your back, bro.
- Now, go get Scott.
Thunderbird Two to crab logger, I'm on my way.
Hurry, Thunderbird Two.
The battery's nearly drained.
Is this where we make a run for it? No, the flames are too intense outside.
It's safer to wait for Thunderbird Two.
Virgil, sending a dam full of water will flood the crab logger.
- You'll need to lift us clear first.
- FAB.
We better strap in, Henry.
Do you need help with the knot? Thanks, but I can do it.
Through the loop, round the top and there, we're ready.
Yes, you are.
Firing cables.
This thing is beyond heavy! I can't lift an inch without straining my engines.
Gecko Five checking in.
I'm ready to take out the reservoir.
Hang on, Gordon.
Not until Scott and the Scouts are cleared.
We can't wait any longer.
This room will be hotter than an oven once the battery goes.
Remember the oath - "A rescue scout is" - "Is calm.
" Thank you.
Sometimes even we need to be reminded.
Everyone, listen up.
We only get one shot at this.
Let's make it count.
Thunderbird One's in position.
Launching drones.
The battery's gone.
It's now or never.
Gordon, take it down.
Now! [music.]
- No! - [screams.]
Henry! [grunting.]
The water's gone.
Set it down.
Who-hoo! Yeah! [sighs.]
This is crab logger.
I'd say these two Scouts earned some badges today.
All fires have been extinguished.
Chief Carter just reported no damage to the town.
Great news, John.
We'll make sure Henry and Bee get home safe.
- Thank you, Scott.
- And can you thank your dad for us, too? I mean, if it wasn't for him, you might still be a Buzzard, like me.
I hope I can tell him that soon.
But I don't think you'll be a Buzzard much longer, Henry.
You're both gonna be Falcons, I know it.
[MAX beeps.]
Well, this feels familiar.
[clears throat.]
It appears the strain on Thunderbird Two's engines wasn't too severe.
Every Thunderbird can still be used in your father's search.
- Brains, I could hug you.
- Please don't.
The report came back on the fire.
Turns out it was natural causes, not the Chaos Crew.
Doesn't it seem odd that they haven't made a peep in weeks? It does.
No news may be very bad news.
- Scott are you OK? - Yeah.
Yeah, I am.
Assemble the Thunderbirds, Brains.
Let's go get Dad.

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