Thunderbirds Are Go! (2015) s03e25 Episode Script

The Long Reach (Part 1)

I just graduated high school.
- Hey, Scott, guess what? I - We need everyone in the lounge.
Brains just confirmed all systems are go.
- It's time.
- I'm ready.
Sorry, you were going to say something? It's not important.
Let's go get Dad.
Good for you, kid.
Five four three two one.
[title music.]
Thunderbirds are go.
The GDF knows we'll be out for a few days.
Emergency calls will be forwarded to local agencies.
What was your excuse, training exercises? - Family reunion.
- That's another way to put it.
I'm nervous.
Why am I nervous? It's the mission of a lifetime, Alan.
And at the end of it, we could be bringing your father home.
- Yeah.
- And it's perfectly normal to be nervous.
All right, let's gear up.
John, we'll see you in space.
[music continues.]
The music is a bit much, MAX.
Hey, I kinda liked it.
Makes me feel like a real astronaut.
- Alan, you are a real astronaut.
- Oh.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard the Zero-XL.
This is your pilot, Alan Tracy, speaking.
- Any questions? - Is there a movie on this flight? We are ready to start the countdown, Thunderbird 5.
But you need to be aware of something.
We've just lost our direct comm link to the GDF.
It confirms their communication systems have been hacked.
- They've been completely shut down.
- It's The Hood.
He's up to something.
You'll have to launch without me.
Kayo, you've been planning for this mission just like the rest of us.
- We need you.
- Security takes priority, Alan.
The Hood must know we are about to launch.
I have to make sure he doesn't interfere.
[hatch whirring.]
Kayo is right, Alan.
If The Hood is after us, there's no telling what he might try.
I'll scramble in Thunderbird Shadow to patrol the skies above the launch barge.
- I'll make sure you get away safely.
- FAB.
All right, let's fire this thing up and get out of here.
Commencing pre-flight systems check.
[alarm blares.]
Countdown should be any moment now.
You need to stop lurking in the shadows and enjoy this.
- The shadows're where I belong.
- Not anymore.
The T-Drive engine is your design.
This is your moment, too.
Now, get over here with the rest of us.
Yes, Mrs Tracy.
Brains, say the word.
All lights green.
We are go for launch.
All right, launching in five four - three - Stop the countdown! I have a warning light.
Give me a second to check it out.
We don't have a second.
The Chaos Crew, they're here.
Kayo, is something wrong? The Hood is making a move on us.
You need to get inside.
Well, what are you waiting for? On the double.
Thunderbird Shadow is go.
We'll run mission control from Brains's lab.
It's the most protected part of the island.
But that's over 100 flights of stairs.
- There's always the fast way.
- Hmm.
F-A B! [beeping.]
Brains! What's taking so long? We need to go! If we have any problems with the launch, - we may end up a fireball.
- If we don't launch now, we're definitely going to end up a fireball.
We are tilting! Ten degrees off axis and climbing fast.
All clear! It was just a hack sensor.
Probably faulty.
- Alan, punch it.
- FAB.
[debris crashing.]
Good luck, boys.
John, any word from the GDF? Still nothing.
We're on our own.
Going for throttle up.
Maximum power! I'm not seeing any wreckage from the Chaos Cruiser.
They must have gone under.
There's nothing more you can do, Kayo.
Get back to the island.
We'll continue monitoring from this station.
Parker and I could search underwater with FAB 1.
I wouldn't advise that.
Havoc and Fuse can't be trusted.
That may be true.
But International Rescue doesn't pick and choose who we help.
If they really are in trouble, we need to be there.
[muffled clanging.]
You really think hiding in all this wreckage is gonna fool them? We just need to keep them guessing for long enough.
Thunderbird 5, we are on approach to your position.
Standing by for final assembly of the Zero-XL.
Assembly complete.
All five Thunderbirds are locked in.
Let's hope they stay that way.
Impulse engines are offline.
Brains, it's all you.
Initiating T-Drive engine start-up sequence.
Charge couplers at full capacity.
[whirring up.]
Energy field stable.
Mechanic? [beeping.]
Readings looking good.
I see an EM flooder.
It's within normal parameters.
Well, Brains? We are ready.
Start the countdown.
Hold your horses, young man.
I have something to say before you go.
All of you have worked very hard for this.
And what you're doing takes more than guts.
It takes hope.
And determination.
And it takes love.
We all love your father and we all want him home.
But you need to know that no matter what happens out there, no matter what you find, I'm proud of you.
We are all proud of you.
Now go bring my boy home.
- Navigation.
- Course set.
- Hazard avoidance.
- Path is clear.
- Air frame.
- Thunderbirds are locked in tight.
- Helm.
- I'm ready.
Activate T-Drive engine on my mark.
Five, four three, two one, mark! [music.]
They're gone.
Godspeed, International Rescue.
[high pitch whirring.]
[light thud.]
[shutting down.]
That felt weird.
Did that not just feel weird? - It felt weird.
- Give me a systems check.
Everything is still coming back online.
We do have sensors.
John, did we make it? The good news is we made it.
The bad news is we overshot our arrival target outside the Oord cloud by a few million miles.
We're actually inside the Oord cloud.
Let's have a look.
Monitors up.
Whoa! [music.]
Scott, all systems are now active.
And how about the rest of us? That was quite a ride.
Aside from regretting those tacos I had for lunch, yeah, I'm OK.
John, let's see if anybody is out there.
Scanning all frequencies.
That didn't take long.
I've got a signal.
- Brains, can you decode it? - Yes.
It's binary text.
I'm all alone.
International Rescue.
Please help me.
That's the same signal Braman picked up.
It's coming from the small planetoid right here.
We are almost on top of it.
We could be there in a few hours.
We may not have that long.
I'm doing a seismic scan, and it looks like the planetoid is breaking apart.
Then let's not waste any time.
- Alan, you've got the helm.
- FAB.
I'm not seeing any sign of the Chaos Cruiser down here.
How could you with all this scrap? This is International Rescue to the Chaos Cruiser.
Are you in need of assistance? Please respond.
How sweet, they came down here to check if we are all right.
Then we should hit 'em with a disruptor.
- No.
- You going soft on me, Fuse? Nah.
Don't want to spoil the rest of our mission, is all.
The boss made us promise not to do anything foolish, remember? Yeah, you're right.
Do you think the boss's plan will work? [Fuse.]
If it does, they'll never see it coming.
We've got a lot of big obstacles ahead.
I'm plotting you a course around.
Thanks, but this is a hard ship to turn.
Ah! - Sorry.
- Structural integrity at 100%.
No damage from that one.
John, how is that planetoid holding up? It's still in one piece for now.
Can we go any faster? Not without risking more hits like that last one.
Then it's time to fly.
We'll leave the Zero-XL here and take the Thunderbirds to the planetoid.
Brains, are you sure you want to stay behind? I'm positive.
Someone needs to keep an eye on the Zero-XL.
See you when we get back.
We'll be waiting.
Right, MAX? [beeps.]
Watch your flying.
The planetoid is creating some gravitational anomalies.
Whoa! Like that.
John, are you still picking up the signal? Yes, it's transmitting from somewhere down in that crack.
I'm pulling ahead for a closer look.
- It's starting to close up.
- I'm on it.
- Gordon, you're up.
- FAB.
It's tight in here.
Scanners on full power.
I see something ahead.
Looks like part of a ship [clank.]
The crack's too tight, Gordon.
I'm reeling you in.
I'm going down there.
We'll both go.
Ah John wasn't kidding about the crazy gravity swings.
One second I'm floating, the other, I'm falling.
Scott, scans are telling me this planetoid - is gonna break apart any moment.
- Understood.
We are here.
Dad put this here.
He's created an airlock.
[hatch creaks.]
Dad? [sighs.]
He's not here.
- This place is coming apart.
- But what about Dad?! He can't just be gone?! I mean, the lights are still on.
There's air to breathe! We've come so far.
He must have known the planetoid was breaking apart and moved to safer ground.
We'll keep looking.
- We'll find him.
- We're not going home till we do.
Now, let's move.
I'll take one more look around.
You get back to Thunderbird 3 and move it to safety.
- I'll be right behind you.
- FAB.
Where could you be? - Scott.
- I know.
I know, I'm coming.
Whoa! [screams.]
- Dad.
- I've got you, son.
Now, what do you say we get out of here? [music.]

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