Thunderbirds Are Go! (2015) s03e26 Episode Script

The Long Reach (Part 2)

NARRATOR: Previously on Thunderbirds Are Go - It's time.
- It's the Chaos Crew.
The Hood's making a move on us.
Alan Punch it! Activate T-Drive engine on my mark.
HAVOC: Do you think the boss's plan will work? FUSE: If it does, they'll never see it coming.
Good news is, we made it.
We are actually inside the Oort cloud.
Dad? He's not here.
I've got you, son.
ANNOUNCER: Five Four Three Two One.
Thunderbirds are go! [MUSIC.]
- Any word yet? - Nothing.
The gravitational field is interfering with our comms.
It's been too long.
We need to get back out there.
Hold on a minute.
I'm picking up a life sign.
Actually, no.
Two life signs.
It's Dad! I've got him, John.
Get the med bay ready.
Bay doors are open, Scott.
We're standing by.
You got the old bird into space.
- Impressive.
- It was Brains's idea.
That doesn't surprise me.
- Let's get a monitor on you.
- How did you do it, dad? How did you last so long? Surviving was easy.
How did I last? Thinking of all of you.
I knew you'd find a way.
I never gave up hope.
Incoming debris.
We'll take care of Dad.
Get back to your ships.
Scott thank you.
This is Thunderbird 2 to Zero-XL.
Brains, we're on our way back with one extra passenger.
Yes! They did it! [BEEPS.]
Begin the launch preparations immediately.
But for safety, I'll move the ship away from the ice field.
Who taught Alan to fly like that? He's pretty much a natural.
Dad, you need to lie down flat and let the med scan finish.
You sound like your grandma.
Yeah? Who is always right! [BEEPS.]
There, Max.
That should keep us out of harm's way.
I would hate for us to get stuck out here, too.
That would be a pity, wouldn't it? [GASPS.]
The Hood.
Down, boy.
It's an impressive ship, Brains.
But the accommodation for stowaways is somewhat lacking in comfort.
How did you [GASPS.]
The hatch sensor.
The attack on Tracy Island was nothing but a diversion.
Not entirely.
My Chaos Crew has one more job to do.
What do you want from us? Isn't it obvious? The same thing I've always wanted.
The T-Drive engine.
It would make me the richest man in the universe.
There are more important things than money.
Not to me.
I'm disappointed you decided to remain on board this ship.
But since you're here, I can always do with another mechanic, in case the other one doesn't go quietly.
I intend to put him back into service.
- I would never work for you.
- Willingly, I'm sure.
But you won't have much of a choice.
As for the others, I have no interest in allowing Jeff Tracy or his boys back on this ship.
They'll have to find another way home.
PENELOPE: FAB 1 to Tracy Island.
No sign of the Chaos Crew below the surface, wreckage or otherwise.
As far as we can tell, they simply vanished.
I can't imagine they'll stay vanished for long.
They're coming for me.
The Hood wants a T-Drive engine, and beside stealing the Zero-XL itself, I'm his only way to get one.
As long as you're on Tracy Island, you're safe.
The Hood is fuelled by anger, jealousy and revenge.
I'm not safe anywhere.
The Mechanic's right.
Our system's just been hacked.
- Sorry about the door.
- No, we're not.
She's right.
We're not.
Power punch! [GRUNTS.]
The boss isn't through with you, yet.
And neither are we.
Take all you like, Havoc.
Brains keeps our files so heavily encrypted, they'll be nothing but ones and zeros to you.
Oh, I'm not taking.
I'm leaving.
Isn't that a shame? Tracy Island caught one of your viruses.
Kayo! Help! - Oh! - I've got you.
That was a good one.
Fuse! Where's the Mechanic? I spent months in this lab rebuilding the T-Drive engine.
Do you really think you can use my own tools against me? We need to get to Havoc and shut her down.
- Can you follow me? - I'll try, dear.
Let's split up.
Crikey! Sorry we didn't have a chance to warn you about our unexpected guests.
What can we do to help? There's a power relay on the walkway above us.
If I disconnect it, it shuts down Havoc.
- I'll need a distraction.
- Leave it to us.
- Parker? - Right away, milady.
- Here to stop me, then? - Be warned.
I know six different styles of the fighting arts.
Jujitsu, joe-jitsu, bo-jitsu, bi-jitsu, ken-jitsu, - and ojo-jitsu.
- Is that last one for real? Try me! No.
You try me! [LAUGHS.]
Ah, I didn't mention my ultimate weapon, though.
All right! Easy! That's right, Sherbet.
Get that thing away from me! Fuse, up top! [SHERBET BARKS.]
Ha! Out of my way, Grandma! That's Mrs Tracy to you.
Or Ma'am.
Or even Dr Tracy, even though I'm retired.
But no one calls me Grandma, unless you're part of the family.
This is our home, young man.
Shame on you.
Is that any way to treat your elders? - Well, is it? - No.
- What was that? - I said, no.
Mrs Tracy.
What has International Rescue ever done that makes you hate us so much? - Nothing.
Mrs Tracy.
- I didn't think so.
In fact, we've saved your skin on more than a few occasions, - haven't we? - Mm-hm.
That's what I thought.
So, what do you have to say for yourself? - Whatever your name is.
- It's Clarence.
Well? Clarence? - I'm sorry.
- That's more like it.
- Kayo? - I got it.
Ugh! Fuse! Forget the Mechanic, forget everything! We're leaving.
What were you doing up there? Let's go! - GDF.
You're under arrest.
- Fuse, drive! [ENGINE SPUTTERS.]
It's not working! We can't [CLANK.]
HAVOC: Ugh! Go on.
This is where you get to have your last word.
Be my guest.
- End of the road for you two.
- Well said, Parker.
- Ugh! Colonel Casey, thanks for stopping by.
We knew the Hood had something to do with our communications hack.
It was all a smokescreen so the Chaos Crew could attack us.
Obviously the Zero-XL got away safely.
- Any word? - No.
Nothing at all.
RADIO: Thunderbird 1 to Zero-XL.
We're coming in for reassembly.
Brains? Maybe there's something wrong with the comms channel.
I'll do a full spectrum blast.
Brains, do you hear us? We need to reassemble.
RADIO: Alan, see if you can match speed to dock.
He's shutting me out.
He's shutting us all out! The T-Drive's powering up.
Brains is gonna leave us behind.
RADIO: Brains, what's going on? - Brains? - John, we need to do something.
If the Zero-XL leaves us behind, we'll never get back to Earth.
We can send out an electromagnetic pulse.
That will force the T-Drive engine to reset.
Will it damage the T-Drive? No.
It will only shut it down for a few minutes.
Do it.
Brains? - Brains? - I'm here, Scott.
Brains, what's going on? Were you trying to ditch us? It was, er, engine trouble.
I'm sure it will be fine, now.
- Shall we get going? - Hey, Brains.
Look who we found.
Where's Max? It's good to see you, Jeff.
It's good to see you too Brains.
Ugh! [GROANS.]
- Whoa, Dad! Easy.
- This isn't Brains, Virgil.
No storage locker can hold me! - M-Mr Tracy! - Hi, Brains.
In all our years together, he's never once called me Jeff to my face.
It's good to see you again, partner.
You never give up, do you, Hood? - Not as far as you're concerned.
- What is it with you? Why you hate my dad so much? It may be hard to imagine, but we were friends a long time ago.
The two of us were going to change the world.
But my ways never suited the mighty Jeff Tracy.
He had this funny thing about right and wrong.
At every turn, he was there to undermine my pursuits.
I finally had enough.
If Jeff Tracy wanted to make me out to be the villain, then the villain I would be.
And the best villain our world has ever seen! You need better goals, Hood.
Brains, tell me about the storage locker.
We have some baggage to stow before we take off.
Virgil, I'm gonna be OK.
- I know, Dad.
- All right.
Go no go for launch.
- Telemetry.
- Go.
- Navigation.
- Go.
- Airframe.
- Go.
- Propulsion.
- Go.
- Helm.
- Go.
Then let's go home.
Wanna count us down? I was hoping you'd ask.
Five Four Three Two One Thunderbirds are go! Ma'am.
Orbital patrol reports Zero-XL has just appeared in orbit.
Zero-XL to Tracy Island.
We're home.
With two extra passengers.
KAYO: That's amazing news, Scott.
But did you just say two extra passengers? We had a stowaway.
Colonel Casey, do you have room in there for one more? [HAVOC SIGHS.]
My boy.
My dear, sweet boy.
Welcome home.
I want you in the medical pod immediately, young man.
You're getting a full scan.
- And after that, a home-cooked meal.
Help me! Welcome home, Dad.
I understand we have - a new high school graduate in the family.
- Ah, it's no big deal.
I missed the ceremony, Grandma.
It happened right around the time we re-entered Earth's orbit.
Don't be so sure.
Your grandma was able to pull a few strings.
You need to wear the hat, Alan.
It's tradition.
Oh, do I have to? Oh, right! I was thinking of a different hat.
Alan Bartlett Tracy Come here.
Bravo! Well done, Alan! Congratulations, son.
We should talk about college.
College? I don't even have my own car, yet.
- You have a rocket.
- Oh, yeah, that's true.
Sorry, everyone.
We have a situation.
This is Jeff Tracy of International Rescue.
How may we be of assistance?
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