Thursday's Widows (2023) s01e01 Episode Script

They Must Know the Truth

- [man 1] Your wife, she's not coming back.
- [man 2] Shut up!
Don't even mention her,
you son of a bitch!
[intriguing music playing]
- [indistinct chatter]
- [teen 1 whispers] Run, run, run!
[teen 2] Dude, wait for me!
- [man 3] Beluga!
- [water splashing loudly]
[man 1] Help me out here, dude!
[teen 2] I'm checking my phone.
[teen 1] Careful.
[men chatting and laughing in background]
- [teen 1] They're fucking hammered, dude.
- [man 3] Beluga!
- Look, Gus! Gus!
- [teen 1 laughs]
[man 3] Beluga!
[men laughing]
["Rayando El Sol" by Maná
playing faintly on speakers]
[man 3] Get in, Gus!
Come on!
[rock music continues in background]
[teen 2] Dude, what are they doing?
[teen 1] I don't know.
[rock music continues faintly]
[man 1] Hey, where you going?
Where are you going?
Get in, dude, now!
You're already in!
What's happening?
[dark music playing]
[electricity crackling]
[clock ticking]
[grave music playing]
[grave music continues]
[woman 1] When your life is great,
you would do the unspeakable
to avoid losing it.
I am the only one
who can tell you the truth.
Remind them who they were,
who they are,
and how they ended up like that.
Because I
know everything.
[soft music playing]
It has always been easy
for me to get inside people's heads,
guessing what they think or feel.
It is something
that has greatly helped in my career.
Knowing what house a client wants to buy
just by looking in their eyes
saves a lot of time and misunderstandings.
We ran away from the city
to live behind the mountains,
far from the danger,
looking for our paradise,
and we found it here.
When you read this, the country
will probably still be divided.
This great perimeter fence divides us,
protects us from chaos.
Us on one side, isolated,
surrounded by privilege.
On the other side,
the impoverished, the marginalized,
those who don't have,
and never will have the same luck as us.
[darkly intriguing music playing]
- [wife whispering]
- [chair squeaks]
[woman 1] Los Altos de las Cascadas
is an exclusive country club.
We've got everything we need
to live in here.
We don't need to go anywhere.
Us mothers are always
looking for what is best for our own.
Because, in the end,
they are all that matters.
Taking the concept of family
as our foundation,
we have constructed a complex
that operates flawlessly, like clockwork.
[darkly intriguing music continues]
we have to do something
about this nose, and fast.
[woman 1] Fifty minutes away
from the city, hundreds of green acres,
electrified fences soaring as high
as our aspirations to belong
to that tiny fraction of society.
[girl] You know I don't like eggs!
- [woman 2] Good morning! Hi!
- [indistinct chatter]
[woman 1] The protection
of a top-notch security system,
the peace of mind that comes from knowing
that our children are being given
the happiness they deserve,
whatever it takes.
We provide jobs
and prosperity to the outsiders.
We are a community of families
that think alike.
- [darkly intriguing music continues]
- [indistinct chatter]
[woman 1] Or at least that
is what I thought before December 26th.
[promoter on video] Welcome to
Alto de las Cascadas,
a small and exclusive community
in the middle of the woods.
A paradise in the mountains
where people like you
can build their dream home.
- [promoter] A place to enjoy
- [man 2] I'm interested.
I just have a question for you, Mavi.
Um, this house has two bedrooms, right?
- [Mavi] That's right.
- Mmm-hmm.
The pool is a bit small,
but, I mean, one thing at a time.
[Mavi] The view
from the master bedroom is
- It's beautiful.
- I like it.
I'll be honest with you, Mavi.
I want to give my wife
a good birthday present.
And I think that this might be the house.
- She's very lucky.
- No.
I'm the lucky one.
Yeah, you'll meet her. She's incredible.
- [Mavi] What's her name?
- Carla.
[Mavi] That's a beautiful name.
Before we close the deal,
we just need to get an all-clear
from the committee
of Los Altos de las Cascadas.
[sighs] Oh, Mavi.
We were doing so well.
[Mavi laughs]
They're great neighbors.
We don't want to ruin the harmony.
Do you really think
I could ruin the harmony around here?
- Really?
- [laughing]
It's just protocol, don't worry about it.
[Mavi] Gustavo Maldonado,
the definition of new rich.
One of those who owe to the credit card
twice what they can pay.
Dreams don't always fit the budget.
And that is something
one has to sense in this business.
[woman 3] Welcome to our monthly gathering
of Los Altos de las Cascadas.
Well, this this topic is really important
because we can all agree
that community
is the most important thing.
And for that we owe a great deal to Mavi.
It's about the new prospective neighbors,
as you may know, the Maldonados.
[Mavi] To close the sale, you had to know
how convince them, of course.
Let's begin then.
Let's talk about the Maldonados.
[Mavi] He's called "Gustavo,"
she's called "Carla."
He's really well connected.
He wants to give the
the house to his spouse
as a birthday present.
Well, but the big question,
"Maldonado," is that foreign?
- They're Spanish.
- Amazing. That's great.
Europeans like Tano,
so he's not the only one.
Wait a minute.
Spain, hon, is not in Europe.
- Ah, well, where is it then?
- Well, it's like the outskirts of Europe.
It's not England, it's not France.
He plays tennis.
- He's pretty good.
- [woman 4] Really? Tano's gonna like that!
- [woman 2] He always plays with Martín.
- And he always wins!
- [slaps table]
- It's a yes to the Maldonados!
[Mavi] To some of you,
feeling Euro-Mexican was more than enough.
to close today's session,
today's assembly, let's do a ritual.
And it's going to be led by, um
[chuckling softly]
Feels good.
Softly, Lala.
We're not washing our hands right now.
- [woman 3] With energy!
- [all tapping]
- Bravo!
- [all clapping]
And olé!
[both panting]
- [Martín] Shit!
- I won.
Nice, dude.
Should we call it?
- [Tano] Dude.
- I can't do this, dude.
I can't get to all of them.
Not even half of them.
- Come on, you got a few, my man.
- [Martín laughs]
[Martín] Ah
Hey, you free right now?
Want to grab some coffee?
I'm meeting the new guy. I want to
I want to play against him.
I heard he's pretty good.
Something wrong? We're friends, right?
We don't need coffee
for you to tell me what's bothering you.
I actually quit the party, dude.
Oh, really? You
They don't give a shit
that my dad was there for years,
that my grandpa founded it.
People act like it never happened, dude.
They can go to hell.
If they don't respect my talent
then I'm out.
- Let me tell you something. You know what?
- [Martín laughs]
- It took you long enough, bro.
- That's not all.
Man, I'm going to be running
as an independent candidate for governor.
- [Tano] No way.
- They'll see!
- They'll realize what they lost here.
- That's awesome, bro.
I'm I'm looking
for private sponsorship right now.
[Tano] That's the Maldonado guy.
Yeah, it's the Spaniard.
I thought maybe
that you or I guess your partners
could potentially fund the campaign.
Let's be Let's be allies.
- [Tano] Do you think he can beat me?
- No, no, of course not, dude.
Who knows if he plays well.
- Listen, I know I can contribute a lot
- [Tano] Martín.
I promise I'll talk to my partners, dude.
No guarantees yet,
but let me tell you this right now.
Martín de la Luna the Third
will be a governor, yeah?
It sounds badass.
- Sounds good.
- Obviously, dude. Love you, bitch.
Yeah, same.
[Tano] What's up, stud?
I'm already a little tired.
[laughing] Excuses.
Tano, this is my wife, Carla.
- [Tano] Nice to meet you, Carla. Welcome.
- [Carla laughs]
[Tano] Are you staying for the match?
[expectant music playing]
[woman 3] You look so gorgeous, sweetie.
If it weren't
for those earrings and that hair
And, I mean,
look at those rags you love to wear.
Other people are not to be blamed
for something we didn't do well.
You shouldn't be mistaken
for someone who doesn't live here.
You are not service personnel.
Seriously, Romina.
- Don't let it happen again, okay?
- Ramona, Mariana.
My name's Ramona.
That's the name my mother gave me.
[Mavi] Mariana Andrade
adopted Ramona when she was six years old.
One day, Mariana read a statistic online
that said that delinquents
shared the indifference
of their parents when born
because they hadn't
been held enough as babies.
- Four, five
- Mariana wasn't willing to take that risk.
That is why she took the time
to hug her daughter Ramona.
You always have to be sure.
You never know what can happen.
- Nine
- [dark music playing]
It's one thing
I didn't give birth to you, but
[Ramona] Yeah, Mariana.
I love you too.
[imitates cuckoo]
- Is she gone?
- Yeah, she's gone.
[Mavi] Some people play golf,
paddle, tennis, do yoga, Pilates
or like Ronie, smoke marijuana.
Kids sooner or later repeat the patterns.
My son, Juandi, for example,
smokes like his father,
but he is very insightful,
like his mother.
[Juandi] No way. Fucking sick.
- You gonna film him?
- Yeah.
[Juandi] Ew! No way.
[Mavi] Spying on the neighbors was maybe
one of the biggest inconveniences
on that Thursday the 26th.
[rock music playing in background]
You got an earring, Juan Diego?
- Where did you get your ears pierced?
- [Juandi] In a clean and safe place.
[Mavi] Well, good.
Didn't they ask you for an ID?
[Mavi] That's weird.
[Ronie] Don't worry about it.
Look. [clicks tongue]
- It looks great.
- Hey, but that's not the point, you know?
[Ronie] No? What's the point?
- Coming to us, right? Asking us?
- [Ronie] Well, uh
- I could've been there with you.
- Hey. Hey, just relax.
[Mavi] Can you relax?
Put your computer away.
Just let him be.
I don't think that's allowed in
- Shh, shh, shh.
Hey, don't do that, please. Don't do that.
- Are you telling me to shut up?
- [laughs] Let's talk, you and I, okay?
- [Mavi] Okay, sounds perfect.
- Let us talk.
- [Mavi] We are talking.
- No, you're arguing. Always arguing.
- [Mavi] You think I'm arguing? Well, uh
- All the time! See?
- [Mavi] You're provoking me.
- You're so angry, you're stumbling.
- [Ronie] I'm not provoking you.
- At least I'm taking a stand, Ronie.
[Ronie] You don't want to lose.
Whatever you say, it's always final.
[Mavi] I am taking a stand.
Juandi, wait.
See? Did you see what you did?
You always make me
look like the freaking bad guy.
What's the
You're making it harder for me
to have a conversation with him.
He's only a teenager.
- A conversation's one thing
- It's hard enough to talk already!
What you're doing is
it's a whole different thing.
- You were attacking him because
- I wasn't attacking him!
[arguing continues in background]
[Mavi] Married 18 years.
We all expected a lot from my husband.
The pressure he felt for being successful
turned into depression.
And when he was laid off from the agency,
he had the brilliant idea of spending
all his severance on a weed greenhouse.
I couldn't stand how lazy he had become.
[Tano] How is my favorite hermit?
[Ronie] You didn't go to work today,
you lazy bum.
That's the good thing
about being the boss.
I can go to work
whenever I fuckin' feel like it.
[Ronie exclaiming and laughing]
Fuck me, Ronie, it's going well, huh?
Yeah, dude, pretty well, pretty well.
Thanks, dude.
It's cool that you're interested because
what I got here is the best stuff, bro.
We're gonna have
a trademark eventually, dude.
Stores and shit.
You'll be very proud of me.
What are you on about?
Who the fuck
do you think is gonna be your partner?
Fucking Ronie.
[Ronie giggling]
Chill out, dude.
Since you gave yourself the day off,
just relax, bro.
- [coughing] Fuck.
- [laughing]
Fuck you. Damn it, dude.
This is stronger than the last time.
[Mavi] The bills were getting bigger.
Someone had to work and it had to be me.
In the old cellar from the club,
I set up my real estate office.
[tools clatter]
Are you finished?
We should be done in about two hours.
- Thanks.
- If you'll excuse me.
[Mavi] Would you like some water?
- [fridge opens]
- Well, I
I wouldn't want to bother you.
- Two bottles for you.
- [chuckles] Two bottles.
This one's enough, but thank you.
- [intriguing music playing]
- [gulping]
Ah! Well, thanks.
If you'll excuse me.
- Have a nice day.
- You too.
[intriguing music continues]
- [Carla] Thanks for having me over, Mavi.
- Don't mention it, Carla.
You know what?
I have to say, I was curious.
I wanted to know who
is this woman who lets
her husband buy a house without
without consulting her?
A house as a surprise, that's odd.
- We're here.
- [indistinct chatter in background]
[chatter continues]
[Mavi] Come on.
You're a part of the Thursday Widows now.
- [Lala] Did you know she was coming?
- Who?
- Her, Tere.
- [Mavi] Hi!
- [Tere] Hola!
- Oh, hi!
[Mavi] Widows, you remember
Carla Maldonado, right?
[woman] Mmm, they just sent me a picture.
So back to the schooner, girl.
The schooner! You can't imagine it even.
It's just beautiful.
- Two weeks in the Mediterranean.
- [ladies exclaiming]
- Well
- [Tere] What?
- Nothing.
- Tell me, what is it?
You know, we've already been there,
and Estela Lazo's been there recently.
She told me
that the schooner was very nice,
that it's pretty romantic,
but the thing is
you need a pretty big crew on it.
I'm so glad you told me, sweetie.
All we're looking for is tranquility,
That's why I think
you should go on a cruise.
[Tere] No!
Look, we went on a cruise to the Bahamas
last time, I came back pregnant.
- [Tere] No.
- Well, yeah.
The one before that,
I got pregnant too with Miguelito
Listen, Lala, check Miguelito's diaper.
He smells funny.
[Tere] Oh, I'm so glad you said so.
I was trying to play it cool.
- [Mariana] Where's the nanny?
- Well, she's on vacation.
And we're having a tough time finding,
shh, someone trustworthy.
Why don't you ask Carmen to lend you Rosa?
- She's barely of any use to her lately.
- Tere.
I mean, I had her first,
Carmen took her and fired her.
- Borrow her! No big deal.
- Teresa, she is a person.
She can't be lended.
She can't be taken.
Ay, Carmen, not, like, literally.
Hey, when's Alfredo coming back,
by the way?
Carmen, do you know?
Because Martín keeps calling,
and calling him, and nothing. Nope.
[Tere] We miss your husband.
comes and goes.
[Mavi] Alfredo didn't come back home.
[Lala] Don't you want to drink some water?
[Tere] Johnny, another Aperol.
[Mavi] I heard the best gossip ever
at that table.
We, the women of Las Cascadas,
have launched our very own tradition,
a weekly gathering on Thursdays.
So everyone started calling us
"The Thursday Widows"
because we didn't
have husbands on Thursdays.
The guys used to meet
at Tano's house to play dominos.
[Ronie] Why are you trying so hard
to screw me over, dude?
[Tano] You know what?
You can go fuck yourselves.
- [Ronie] Go to hell, you bastard.
- [Martín] Come on, partner! Come on!
- [Martín laughing]
- Get the fuck out of here, dude.
It's just payback.
He kicked my ass on tennis, did you hear?
- You were sweating like swine, Tano.
- [indistinct chatter]
- [Ronie] Fucking grandpa.
- All right. Be right back.
Stop making fun of my goddamn vest,
you jackass, it was my grandfather's!
Dude, my grandfather
was a fucking cool guy!
[Ronie] It smells like
an old man's closet, dude.
- [Martín] What, like your closet?
- [Ronie laughing]
[Gustavo] Well,
I think that vest is pretty cool.
- [Ronie] Ooh, here we go.
- [Gustavo] What's that?
Why are you so serious all of a sudden?
My grandpa used to
say something really cool. He'd say
"Life is what each of us
does with our time,
not what time does with us."
Vita è tempo.
Because time is all we got, bro.
And the more you value the time you have,
the more courage you'll have to face life.
Ooh, come on, dude!
Oh, holy shit!
- That's what I call a watch, bro.
- Yeah, I hear you.
Not that crap you have there.
What do you do, Gustavo Maldonado,
if I told you
to choose one?
Whichever you like.
Whichever you want.
But choose wisely, bro,
because the watch you choose
will say a lot about who you are.
This one.
- [Tano] You sure?
- [Gustavo chuckling] Man
I'm not stupid, you know.
I'll tell you,
I recognize a good watch when I see one.
- Pfft.
- [Tano] Yeah, I mean, you're not
[laughing] You're not a fool, bro.
You picked the Daytona.
[Gustavo] Of course.
You know how long it took
to assemble this watch, dude?
More than a thousand hours, bro.
I hope you realize what it is
you truly have.
Your time.
I want you to get up
and destroy that piece of crap
you got on your wrist
or you can get the hell out of my house.
Throw it away or get out.
- [tense music playing]
- [Gustavo sighs]
Don't tell me what to do.
[tense music continues]
- [clatters]
- [Tano chuckles]
[watch breaking]
- You don't need to tell me.
- [all laughing]
- [all clapping]
- [Ronie] Way to go, man!
[Tano] Hell yeah, dude! Come on, Gustavo!
- All right, all right, all right.
- [Tano] You wear it on the right wrist?
[Gustavo] Like the King of Spain.
I want you to say, "Vita è tempo."
[both] Vita è tempo.
[all] Vita è tempo.
Vita è tempo!
[all shouting] Vita è tempo!
Vita è tempo! Vita è tempo! Vita è tempo!
- [Mariana] You don't need to
- These aren't even cars.
- [Mariana] Please don't!
- Oh, it's no big deal.
Come on, I can manage!
We women might be able
to tear each other apart,
but we will never hurt one another.
[Mariana laughing] What?
[Tere] Listen,
I am planning Tano's birthday.
[Carmen] Ah! That's great.
You'll get the invites soon
and the link with the gift registry.
Remember, the rule is clear, no gift
[both] No entrance!
- [Mavi] There we go.
- [Carmen laughs drunkenly] Hi, Mavi.
[Mavi] Hey, baby girl.
- [Carmen laughing] You look so nice.
- [Mavi] There we go.
[Carmen sighs heavily]
[Tano] No, I mean,
honestly, Alfredo, you're a badass.
[Alfredo chuckling]
[Tano] To have the balls to leave
everything behind for new ventures?
[laughs] Like, I don't think I could, man.
I get it. I get why you did it.
I couldn't. Have some more.
[Alfredo] It hasn't been easy.
It looks easy on the outside.
It's like,
"This guy's having a great time."
But the truth is I didn't want
to leave Carmen because she's fragile.
I hate to say it.
But, anyway, it can be done.
I'm not telling you to do it,
let that be clear, but it's possible.
And at some point, you find yourself
at this, like, this portal.
It's like a whole other dimension.
That's the point of no return.
The dimension of happiness
and of liberation, man.
[soft music playing in background]
[intriguing music playing]
[lawnmower running]
I've been trying to contact you about
about a change in my booking.
Yeah, from the schooner to a yacht.
Teresa Scaglia.
[footsteps approaching]
- Here's your coffee.
- Thanks.
[Tere] What?
[inhales sharply]
I'll call you back, all right?
[phone clicks]
[Tano] What's wrong?
I just got off the phone
with the Black Card consultant.
- You know what he told me?
- I don't know, what did he tell you?
[Tere] No, you do know what he said!
You cancelled the trip! Come on!
- I I thought I told you.
- You didn't tell me anything, Tano!
I spent a whole month planning this trip!
A whole goddamn month!
Sweetie, it's been really tough
at work these days, okay?
[Tere] These days, sure,
but the trip is in three months!
[Tano] Yeah, well, I mean, I postponed it.
I didn't even cancel it.
- [Tere] Ugh! No!
- It's fine! I'll take care of it!
What do you mean, you'll take care of it?
I'll take care of it, Tano! I will!
- [Tano] We're going on that trip.
- [sighs]
[Tano] Bere, the chicharrón was amazing,
thanks a lot.
Thank you, sir.
[Tano] Good morning, Uriel!
- [Uriel] Good morning, sir. How are you?
- I'm good.
- [Tano] How is your dad doing?
- He's better.
[Tere] Bere, can you
bring me my coffee, please?
[Bere] Sure! Sure, sure.
- [Tano] So, no infection?
- [Uriel] Yeah, no, no.
- He's, uh, recovering.
- Ma'am, can I answer a text message?
Sure, just don't be
stuck on the cell phone all day, okay?
[Bere] Sure. I won't be long.
- [Tano] Did you have breakfast?
- [Uriel] No, not yet.
[Tano] What do you mean, not yet?
Bere, can you make Uriel some breakfast?
Yes, sir, right away! No problem!
- [Tano] Come in!
- [Uriel] Sure. Thank you, sir.
LOS BAJOS - Tere will have sex with Uriel,
I put $50 on yes
LUPE - $50 on yes
CHELITA - $50 on no
- [Uriel] Hi, ma'am!
- [Tere] Hi, Uriel!
- [Uriel] How are you?
- Good, you?
- [Uriel] Uh, good, thanks.
- Have a seat. Go ahead, have a seat.
[Uriel] You know, just working.
- [Tere] Want some coffee?
- Please.
- [Tere] How do you take it?
- Black is fine.
He is getting his coffee
[Mavi] "Succulent,
brown-skinned specimens."#
That's how Tere called her gardeners.
I shouldn't tell you
what she called her maids.
I was a little envious
of how she and Tano looked at each other.
rock en tu idioma.
["Veneno Vil" by Fobia
playing on speakers]
[Mavi] On Tano's birthday,
just like in a monarchy,
we would pay homage one by one,
making it clear for all to see
that generosity was our middle name.
Tano was shameless and would say,
"The more expensive the gift,
the more you care about me."
[rock music continues]
[Carla] I met your son the other day.
Um, Pedro? He's cute.
- [Mariana] Peter. Yeah, my handsome Peter.
- [Carla laughs] Yeah.
You have another son, right?
Or a daughter?
- [Mariana] Yeah, daughter.
- I see.
- Is she here? I haven't seen her.
- Romina
Look, there she is
with the brown skin and green hair.
- [Carla] Oh, I see! So cute.
- [Mariana] Yeah.
She's adopted.
[Gustavo] Hi, sweetie.
- How are you?
- Hey, sweetie. [laughs]
- How are you, Mariana?
- I'm great.
This is her husband, Dr. Andrade.
- Ah, the famous surgeon.
- [Mariana laughs]
Well, doctor, if my wife ever
starts to deteriorate, I'll send her over.
Can you open this bottle
and pour two glasses, please?
[Martín] Yeah, some wine would be great.
[Tano] Oh, yeah!
- I spoke with my partners.
- Yeah?
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
- Thanks! [titters]
- [Tano] Hold on a sec.
- Thanks!
- [Tano] Martín
Your project interests them.
Well, obviously, they
they know your last name.
Did you tell them
I'm jumping in with both feet?
[Tano] Of course, but the only
problem they had was that, right now,
our company actually just can't afford to
to make an investment of that magnitude.
- Bad timing, dude.
- Don't worry.
Yeah, really.
- Thanks, and, uh, don't worry about it.
- But I'll support you. I promised.
- [Tere] How are those canapés doing?
- Today's your birthday! Forget it, really.
- [Tano] Honey.
- Your birthday present has arrived!
- [Tere laughs] You're gonna love it!
- [Tano] No way.
What is it? I don't like surprises.
What is it? Tell me.
Don't play games with me, Teresa.
What is it?
What? What's the gift?
[guests exclaiming]
- [guests clapping]
- [Ronie] That's great.
- [all clapping]
- [Ronie laughing]
- [Ronie sighs]
- [magician] What's your name?
- [Carla] Carla.
- [magician] Carla, take this.
- [laughs] Thank you.
- [guests whooping]
[magician] What's that behind your ear?
- [guest] Whoo!
- [magician laughing]
Here. Here, so you can smile.
Smile, come on!
[guests clapping]
[magician] I'm actually looking for
Carlos Alberto Scaglia, the birthday boy.
Carlos Alberto?
- I'm your guy! I'm Carlos Alberto.
- [guests exclaim]
- [magician] Are you Carlos Alberto?
- [guests clapping]
- [magician] Are you Carlos Alberto?
- [Ronie] Yes, yes.
[magician] I have a very special
magic trick for you.
Okay, watch it. Tell me if you like it.
- [Ronie giggling]
- [magician] Write your name
[laughing] Don't say anything!
Don't say anything!
[dark music playing]
[Tano softly] What the fuck, a magician?
[giggling] A fucking magician! I mean
[dark music continues]
- [Tano sniffs]
- [Tere] Are you serious?
- Do you have no shame?
- [sniffing]
I don't give a fuck.
You know very well
there are two things in this world
that I can't stand, you know it.
My dad
and fucking magicians.
You took my yacht, I ruined your party.
["Calígula" by Ságan playing]
For real?
[Tere laughing]
["Calígula" continues playing]
[both moan]
[Tano] Just so you don't forget
that I know how to win too.
- [Mavi] I've always hoped that one day
- [indistinct chatter]
[Mavi] I would become
the center of his gaze again.
- Some people fake orgasms
- ["Calígula" continues playing]
[Mavi] I fake that he looks at me.
- ["Calígula" continues playing]
- [moaning]
- ["Calígula" continues playing]
- [guests clapping]
[Tano] Hell yeah!
[indistinct chatter and laughter]
["Calígula" continues playing]
[Mavi] I had forgotten
what it was like to feel wanted.
It was Thursday.
And I was a widow.
[knock on door]
[Ronie] That's fucking bullshit, man.
What? No, dude.
- No! No, man. No.
- [Tano] It has to be today.
- [Ronie] Hey.
- [Gustavo] Take it easy, man.
- Think about it.
- [Ronie] Cut the crap, man.
- [grave music playing]
- [Gustavo] Hey.
- Stop it, damn it.
- [Ronie] Stop. Stop.
- [Gustavo] What are you doing?
- [Ronie] We'll do it!
Take that thing out of your mouth!
[music fades]
- [woman] Some wine?
- [Tere] Perfect!
[Lala] Yes, here.
[Mariana] Hey, I know it's your farewell
party, but be careful, don't get sick!
- [Lala] Mmm, more!
- [Mariana] Lala!
- [Lala] No, I
- Hey! Hey! Stop that!
- [all arguing]
- [Tere] Hey, stop!
- [arguing continues]
- [Tere] That's enough, Lala.
- [Mariana] Stop it, Lala, that's enough!
- Imagine giving birth while hammered!
Where's Mavi, anyway?
[Mariana] She said she'd be here.
She said
- She told me on the group chat
- She's working.
- Mavi's, like, always working.
- Let's pick her up from the office.
We'll watch a movie,
then we're getting some drinks!
As per our tradition! Come on, girls!
- [all slapping table]
- [Tere] Yeah!
[Ronie softly] What is this?
This is crazy, man.
- [rock music playing in background]
- What have you done with your life, bro?
With your time?
You've been waiting for something, dude,
something that's not gonna happen.
[voice breaking] You can't just get baked
24 hours a day while Mavi supports you.
It's an opportunity!
They're in.
Don't be a coward.
[Gustavo] Turn that
fucking machine off, damn it!
- [Tano] He's nervous, but he's in.
- [Martín] Come on, let's do this.
Just tell me, Ronie.
Say to me, "Tano, I'm in."
- You damn jerk! Fuck, man!
- [glass clatters]
- [Lala] Hello?
- [Tere] She won't answer!
- Come on, send her a message!
- No, she's not checking her voicemail.
- [Mariana] Mavi's so flaky!
- I mean, what's the matter with her?
- [Mariana] Mavi, answer us!
- [Tere] Mavi!
Are you in there?
- [Lala laughing] Don't yell
- [shouting] Mavi!
[dramatic music playing]
[Mariana] What's going on, Tere?
[Lala] Is she coming?
Is Mavi with her?
[Mariana] What's going on? Where's Mavi?
What's up, Teresa?
[Lala] Where's Mavi?
- [Tere] Let's go, Nacho!
- [Lala] What's up?
- What about Mavi?
- Let's go!
- [Lala] What's up with you?
- [Mariana] Where's Mavi?
She wasn't there.
- [Lala] What do you mean, she wasn't?
- She wasn't.
Come on, Nacho! Let's go!
She wasn't there!
- Let's get out of here!
- [all arguing]
- [car starting]
- [Tere] Can I get a cigarette?
- [Lala] Stop smoking. I'm pregnant.
- [Mariana] My cigarette! No!
[overlapping chatter]
["Rayando El Sol" playing in background]
- [Tano] Are you ready?
- [Martín softly] Ready, dude.
- I hate you, jerk!
- [Martín] Turn it up! Look at me.
- [Ronie] No! No!
- Wait a minute, dude.
[Martín] Listen to Tano's
favorite song, dude!
[both] The sun's coming up! ♪
- ["Rayando El Sol" continues playing]
- [both vocalizing]
Desperation ♪
[Martín] Ronie!
Ronie, don't leave me. Don't go.
[Tano] Ronie! We need you, dude!
- Please, tell me you're in!
- This is wrong, man!
God damn it, I'm out!
- [softly] I'm in. I'm in.
- [Ronie] Come fucking on, Martín!
- [Tano] Leave him alone!
- Son of a bitch!
- This is wrong!
- [Tano] Shut up!
He's in, you bastard!
- He's not a coward like you, you pussy!
- [singing loudly]
[laughing and crying]
[Tano] Hey, hey, hey.
Let's sing, brother, for the last time!
[Mavi] That December the 26th
was the last time Tano, Martín,
Ronie, and Gustavo were together.
It was the last Thursday they were alive.
[music droning faintly in background]
[car door closing]
[music continues in background]
[rock music continues]
[men exclaiming and laughing]
- [Martín] Beluga!
- [Tano] Help me out here, dude.
[music playing faintly]
[Mavi sighs]
- [electricity surging]
- [car alarm blaring]
- [electricity surging]
- [alarms ringing]
- [thud]
- [glass shatters]
- [ominous music playing]
- [Ronie groaning]
[Mavi] Ronie!
- [electricity surging]
- [Mavi] What happened?
[groaning loudly]
[Mavi] What did you do?
What did you do?
[Ronie] I'm fucking stupid!
I'm fucking stupid!
- Take me to Tano's house!
- [Mavi panting]
- [Ronie] Take me to Tano's house!
- [Mavi] Shut up!
[Ronie] Take me to Tano's house!
Take me! Ahh!
- [groaning] Take me to Tano's!
- [Mavi] You're not thinking straight!
- I'm taking you to the hospital!
- [screaming]
- [grave music playing]
- [Mavi] Shh! Shh!
- Ronie!
- [Ronie yelling]
- [Ronie groaning]
- Give me your hand! Give me your hand!
I got you, I got you, I got you!
- [groaning loudly]
- [Mavi] You can do it! Breathe!
Remember, like when I was
giving birth to Juandi! Breathe like that!
- [yelling] Ahh!
- Breathe! Take a deep breath!
A deep breath!
[somber music playing]
[monitor beeping regularly]
[Mavi] No matter
how broken things have been,
I'm terrified of picturing
a life without Ronie,
without Las Cascadas, without you.
I'm terrified of thinking
that after all this,
nothing will remain except for the things
which don't belong to us.
Maybe our reputation
will be all that remains.
And, of course,
that's what we live for around here.
[darkly intriguing music playing]
[Mavi] Teresa Scaglia
I'll start with you.
The truth has to be known.
[darkly intriguing music continues]
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