Thursday's Widows (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

The Scaglia Family

Tano Scaglia was one of those guys
who got everything he wanted out of life.
And death was no exception.
- Hi.
- Hi, Carlos Alberto.
- You can call me Tano.
- Ah! Sounds great, then.
- Mavi, right? How are you?
- Yeah.
- Teresa?
- Yeah.
- Great to meet you.
- Nice to meet you, Mavi.
- Come in, after you.
- Thank you.
It's a small yard, huh?
- And look at that gable roof, wow!
- It's right in from of hole nine.
- Is it?
- Yeah.
You know, I'm good friends
with the architect.
Scaglia was a well-know
last name in the area.
They own one of the biggest
food chains in the country.
Tano could have inherited
the family business,
but it was too small for him,
and he hated his father.
But he liked challenges.
He wanted to make decisions
with global repercussions, and he did.
The moment he walked through the door,
Tano knew for sure
this would be his new home.
Had he been a little more animalistic,
he would've peed all over the place
to mark his territory.
I'm afraid I have you tell you that
I already have an offer on this house.
Oh, no!
Yeah, truth is,
I only agreed to show it to you
because, you know,
Chelita Palacios asked, so I can't say no.
- Of course.
- But, uh
Mavi, but that's that's not a problem,
I'll match the offer.
But you will be
buying with a mortgage, and
and the offer is in cash.
Okay, let's do this, I'll equal the offer
and I'll pay in cash.
I'll write a check for you
right now for 20%.
What do you think?
And that is how the monarchy
came to Los Altos de las Cascadas.
They started on the wrong foot,
believing they could spend
more than they earned.
Los Altos de las Cascadas is not a wild
and violent place like out there.
There's peace in here and security.
It's a supportive environment.
Here, things do not change.
No government really knows
what it takes to fulfill us,
to give us a happy life.
Who is the most powerful man
in the planet?
Come here
Do you have time for a match point?
I'm already late.
Well, then be late.
- I told you I'm running late, honey, okay?
- So?
- So?
- I got a message from the Netherlands.
- The Netherlands?
- Mmm-hmm.
Erick is coming to Mexico
and he wants to meet me.
Tano, you have to ask for Miami!
Come on now.
Let me talk to him,
find out what he wants,
and then we can make plans.
- Maybe I'll surprise you! Who knows?
- Modesty doesn't suit you, Tano Scaglia.
It's not modesty
I just don't like getting ahead of myself.
- That's all.
- Hey.
You are a badass!
You're ruining my shirt, babe.
Hurry now. Have you seen the time?
- It's always the same.
- It's always your fault, Teresa.
- My My fault?
- Yup.
- What are you talking about?
- You should've woken up sooner.
- Have a good day, kids!
- Bye, Papa.
- Give ma a kiss. Come on.
- Bye!
- Take care of your sister.
- Yeah, you hear that?
Hey! How's it going?
- What do you have there?
- Nothing.
None of your business.
Dude, I can smell it.
Well, it's your mom's panties, dude.
- Hear me out.
- Its occupied.
Are you saving it for Romina?
Look, maybe you can invite that guy.
- Come on. Just show it to me.
- I don't have any, I swear.
Excuse me, per favore.
Yes, ma'am?
Get over here.
I can't believe they asked us
to trim the hedge like this,
it's so annoying.
I don't know what Mrs. Lala wants.
Ah, let's see.
Can you hand me that spade over there?
Teresa always loved plants.
Or at least
that's what she told her husband
when she decided
to become a landscape architect.
Wives who have
nothing to do all day
need to come up with something
so as not to die of boredom.
If there was too much of something
in Las Cascadas, it was the gardens.
- Of course.
- Hey.
- Yeah?
- Let me ask you something.
Can you remove some of the soil
and don't water it?
- Uh-huh.
- Then in a few days when its dry,
we can remove
those horrendous snake plants
and we put the ones I told you.
- How about that?
- Sure. Yes, ma'am.
- Thanks.
- You got it. See you soon, okay?
- Thanks for everything, Uriel!
- You're welcome, ma'am.
- We're all set, hon! It's done.
- Hi, good afternoon.
- This is on me, okay? I'm being serious.
- No, Tere! For real?
Yes, for real!
- It's not a big deal for us anyway, plus
- Oh, I'm so embarrassed.
- I'll tell you something.
- What?
- Tano's getting a promotion very soon.
- No!
- I swear.
- No, no, no, no!
- You can't tell anyone, Lala.
- No, look
I won't tell anyone.
- We're moving to Miami.
- No, you're kidding!
When do you leave?
There's so much to figure out still,
but it'll be incredible for the kids.
- Oh, that's awesome! Wow!
- Mmm-hmm!
Plus, you're leaving this gorgeous garden,
it's your legacy!
Hey, look, don't tell them, okay?
Or anyone!
- I'm not gonna tell them.
- I'm begging you.
Come on, you know me. Look
I won't say a word.
- Good morning, Lucecita.
- Good morning, sir.
- How are you?
- Great, thanks.
Can you reschedule
all my calls for tomorrow?
- Erick's coming today.
- They're already here, sir.
- What?
- They got here at 7:00.
They're in the conference room.
Who is?
California is drenched
in regulation right now.
Um, you can't even
go to the bathroom without a permit
Erick! Hi!
- Hey!
- Gentlemen, good morning.
This is, uh, Tano Scaglia.
- Our man in Mexico.
- Yeah.
Is there something wrong?
No! Uh, listen, let's, um
Will you wait for us?
Uh, we can talk afterwards, okay?
- What's going on?
- It's okay. Just, um
We'll talk after. Please.
Thank you.
So sorry about that.
So, um
Pizza for lunch?
Hey, girl.
By the way, congratulations, eh?
- How did you keep it a secret?
- What secret?
Your husband.
- I'm sorry. I
- Lala!
- No! Lala, such a big mouth!
- I didn't tell them much.
I keep forgetting you've had
mommy brain for the past ten years.
I didn't tell them
the whole thing, Tere, I just I'm sorry.
- Well, you tell them then.
- Don't worry, she already told us.
Mavi! No.
We are probably
going to be moving to Miami.
- I love Miami!
- I know, right?
Yeah, Miami's pretty good.
No, I'm sorry, but nothing
in comparison to Las Cascadas.
Yeah, I'll miss Las Cascadas,
definitely, we've been here for years!
Tere, and
are you gonna sell the house?
Unbelievable, Mavi.
It's pretty obvious
that we'll give you the house!
I mean, we know you need it,
but you could've been
a little more discreet, right?
I thought of three
accidental deaths at the same time.
A gas explosion, faulty brakes, poison.
It's not us.
The Japanese have a different view
on how to run the company.
I'll talk with the rest of the employees.
Take it easy, man.
You have enough money
to chill for at least a year.
And you can keep your office
for a couple of months.
No. Don't worry about me.
I'm I'm I'm fine. Its just
I understand.
You know? I guess I understand this.
Don't worry about me.
I'll be fine.
I'll be fine.
What are your sister and Juandi doing?
No idea.
They're at the park,
or at Juandi's house, or
I mean, she gets home pretty late.
- Another match?
- Yeah.
- Check this out, bro.
- Check what?
I did 250 today.
- Feel them, dude.
- No, I'm fine, man.
- Feel them, dude!
- Ugh, okay.
- Grab on to them, man, do it right!
- Okay!
Pretty hard, do you think so?
This is the shit, man.
I'm gonna get pretty buff, bro.
Take a look
at what I'm about to show you, dude.
Look at that, man. What do you think?
You ever seen that?
- No? Come on, dude, whip it out!
- Come on, dude, no way.
- You're not gay, are ya?
- No way!
- So why do you care?
- No, I just don't want to!
Watch, dude.
I'll show you how it's done.
You do it too, man, do it.
Let's see it.
Hurry up and do it, dude!
Check this out, man.
My dick's fucking huge.
Don't worry, it'll get bigger. It's okay.
- Do you know how to use it or not?
- Ugh.
What, dude?
- Ah, come on, give it a tug.
- No, dude.
Why not, dude?
Not here, asshole.
Look at those big tits, huh?
Do you like 'em?
What, dude?
- Come on, jerk it, dude.
- I said no!
- Ah, jerk it, dude!
- No, I don't want to!
- Like this, bro. Like this, dude.
- This is weird!
- I don't want to!
- It's not big deal!
What's next?
Worldwide manager?
Patience, man, for the moment,
I need a bit of patience.
Sometimes it's not easy, right?
Wow. I've never heard you say that, man.
Everything okay back home?
Suck my big cock,
you pothead motherfucker!
That's the fucking spirit!
There he is!
Miami is like
It's like the Baby O of the
Latin American executives, dude.
Too many people there.
You gotta stand in line for two hours
in hopes that maybe
the bouncer won't tell you to fuck off.
- Bro, we're not VIP there.
- Yeah, man, but
Experience is experience.
And the last name helps, right?
You know what, dude? Wait up.
There's a pebble in my shoe, dude. It's
It's driving me crazy.
We're gonna rest for a while.
So things aren't shitty
just for me, huh?
Lots of contacts, right?
You want some advice?
I don't think you should move at all, bro.
Timing's not the best.
We can't be playing daredevil anymore.
Instead, you should just
buy a classic Porsche.
Restore it.
Dye your hair or something, bro.
Look, when we were young
and we went abroad for our MBAs,
that opened
all the damn doors in the world,
but now every brat has, like,
two of those damn things.
And a doctorate, bro!
Besides, with your position,
and your salary,
no one's gonna want to hire you, dude.
You'd be better off forgetting about Miami
and keeping your dad's restaurants.
- You're out of your damn mind.
- Why?
I'd rather kill myself.
Morning, all.
Good morning, sir.
Good morning, kids.
- Would you like some juice?
- Yes, please.
I said, "Good morning."
Good morning!
What are you, deaf?
Three times I said "good morning"
and you don't answer!
Eat your eggs.
- I don't like eggs and ham, Papa. But I
- That's what we have.
I won't move
until you eat your eggs, Sofía.
Maybe Bere
could make me something else?
- Yes, anything you'd like, dea
- No, no, no!
She'll eat the eggs
because that's what we have.
I guess the bike ride didn't work.
Right, Pa?
Don't talk to me like that, asshole!
I'm your father.
You kids royally piss me off.
Three times I said "good morning"
to no fucking answer at all!
I've had it!
I don't wanna eat anymore, Bere!
- Sir, wait, your green juice!
- No, no, no, Bere. That's okay, thanks.
You're so fucking hot.
Fuck me, Uriel.
Fuck me, Uriel!
Ay, Uriel
No! Uriel!
What the fuck?
No. No, no, no, no, no. God damn it.
Ma'am, you need help?
What are you doing? Get out of my house!
- Get out of my house, Uriel!
- I thought
Get your stuff and get out of here!
I don't wanna see your face again!
- Ma'am? What happened, ma'am?
- Nothing, Bere! Nothing happened!
- But I heard you say
- Get out!
I think that if it wasn't for that one
group project, I wouldn't have met you.
- Right?
- It's true.
Someone said that you were,
but I'm not convinced.
Finally out and about, Insúa?
We haven't played golf
since you got divorced, you bastard.
Ugh, I don't miss that at all.
You know what, Tano?
You've been my best friend here.
I'll be honest with you and
I hope I don't upset you
with what I'm about to say.
Ah, here we go.
You do know that we get policies from
a lot of companies at my office, right?
Hey, wait.
You're getting the wrong idea, bro.
I know where you're going.
The company's
being restructured right now.
You got the wrong idea.
I hadn't seen yours in a while.
So I was doing some research
and I found out that
That they fired everyone.
- And they started with you, man.
- Listen up.
If you tell anyone about this
I'll kill you.
I'm not screwing around here, Alfredo.
Do you remember the Portelas?
Julián and Maritere. They had two kids.
Yeah, and?
A few years ago,
I made a great deal with Julián.
He hired a pretty
big policy.
This won't sound good.
The best thing that
could have happened to Maritere
was to become a widow.
I don't know
how things are looking for you, but
I just want you to know
that you've got some options
for you to safeguard your family's future.
Options? What
What kind of options?
You've always had balls.
And in order to take advantage
of some these options,
you're gonna need them.
Okay. Your turn. Come on.
- What happened, Sofí?
- Nothing.
Was it your brother?
What happened, Sofí?
What happened, sweetie?
It's just
Matías said, um He said
What did he say?
Matías said he doesn't love me and that
- And that I'm a piece of shit.
- What?
Well, I'll make sure to wash that brat's
mouth with soap right about now.
Answer me this, Sofía Scaglia,
are you a piece of shit?
Are you a piece of shit?
- Say it! Say "I'm not a piece of shit."
- I'm not a piece of shit.
From now on,
that's what you're gonna tell them!
No man can ever call you a piece of shit.
Say it again.
I'm not a piece of shit.
Come on, louder!
"I'm not a piece of shit." Say it.
- I'm not a piece of shit!
- Once more, louder! Come on!
- I'm not a piece of shit!
- That's it!
Come on, breathe in.
- You'll get used to it.
- Smoke up, dude.
- I don't know how.
- Suck the air in.
- No.
- What the fuck are you doing?
- What are you doing?
- What's up, Tere?
What do you mean, "what's up, Tere?"
Why are you in your undies?
Get dressed, put your clothes on.
And get out of my house, please, now.
So you're getting high now?
- We're not doing anything wrong.
- Of course you're doing something wrong!
You're getting high on drugs,
Matías Scaglia!
And marijuana? That's so ghetto!
And, guys, get the hell out of my house!
- Bye, Tere. Bye, Mati. See you.
- Bye Mati.
What will you do
when we move to Miami, huh?
Who will you hang out with?
Mom, you sound insane.
We're not going any
I didn't raise you
to be ignorant and rude.
Where did you get the weed?
I got it from Juandi.
Juandi Guevara?
Wait till your father hears about this.
No, mom, please
Don't ever call your sister
a piece of shit ever again, you hear me?
- The only piece of shit here is you!
- Yes, ma'am.
And get rid of all this fuck
Put it all in the trash, okay?
Not one single bit
of marijuana in this house, hmm?
- Throw it out. Throw it all out.
- Yes, ma'am.
And what were you doing in your underwear?
I talked with Jay last night.
Who's Jay?
- The real state agent!
- Oh.
He has a recommendation from the Santinis.
He got a house for us and it's divine!
In La Isla.
We were aiming for La Isla, no?
Uh-huh. Yeah, sure.
That's where the Padillas
and the De la Rosas are.
Did you talk to Erick?
There's too much
going on at work right now.
Stop bothering me with this whole
Miami thing, babe, I'm sorry.
Sure, we're gonna go to Miami,
but I don't know when.
Aw, you poor thing!
You got upset
because I asked you a question?
You poor child.
You know what I hate? How neither you
nor the kids appreciate what I do for you.
I work my fingers to the bone
for you to have all this
and it's like you don't care.
- And I'm the only one who struggles.
- You're the only one who struggles?
Feels like it.
Do you think it's easy raising two kids,
taking care of them,
organizing an international move,
finding them a good school,
making sure they have
everything they need?
Saying goodbye to your best friends,
having to answer the mysterious question,
"When are you leaving?"
You're not the only one who struggles!
I'm having some some trouble at work.
- Thanks.
- Enjoy.
- Excuse me.
- Mmm-hmm?
The gentleman sitting over there
wearing the blue polo.
- Mmm-hmm?
- Does he come here often?
Yes, he's here every day.
Okay, thanks.
It was quite clear.
Things weren't going well
for Tano at work.
I worry about and care for the people
of Los Altos as if they were my family,
so I couldn't just
ignore something like this.
But I didn't know that Teresa
was also worried about me and my family.
Hi, sweetie.
What's up?
- I'm fine, how about you?
- Great, I'm great!
I'm here at the school
And, well
I'd rather tell you myself than
you have to hear it from someone else.
- What's the matter?
- Juandi.
Is he okay?
Yes, yes, he's fine, but
Turns out he's on the blacklist at school.
Because of drugs, Mavi.
I'm sure Miss Brenda's
gonna call you to, uh,
tell you the whole story, but, you know
Well, I just thought
it'd be best if you heard it from me, and
and especially before
the news reached the committee.
Thank you, sweetie.
Sure, no problem.
Talk soon, okay?
You know
what I'm thinking for Christmas?
Let's hire the French chef.
The one who cooked the dinner
at the Vidals', remember that guy?
And let's invite a lot of families,
because, you know,
we were kinda, like,
too discreet for your birthday, right?
And the 26th, I have to meet the widows.
We made plans to say goodbye to Lala,
did I tell you?
Christmas is one of the most
beautiful times of the year.
Whenever I think
about Christmas in Los Altos,
the first thing that comes to mind
is laughter and so much love,
but it hasn't been like that in years.
I don't feel that endless joy anymore.
They say
a perfect society doesn't exist.
I think they do.
But they're very fragile
and not within everyone's reach.
And those? You know what?
Why don't we make sure everything
tastes all right before they take it away?
No, Martín de la Luna,
what are you doing?
- No! Get out of here! Out!
- But that's what it's here for, Tere.
- And Juandi? How is he?
- There he is.
What do you mean?
His little problem?
The whole thing with the drugs.
- Oh, much better!
- Really?
Oh, that's so good to hear.
So wonderful to hear.
Thanks for asking.
Hey, what about Tano?
Well, he's been going to the city a lot
these past few weeks.
- Mmm-hmm.
- And I saw him the other day.
He was alone in a café
in the middle of the day.
He seemed like he was troubled. Is
Is everything okay at work?
Everything's pretty great.
Yeah, everything's marvelous.
Good to hear.
Conchita, have you seen my husband?
Come on, he should've been here by now.
What is it, honey? What's up, how are you?
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah!
How are you doing, huh?
I'm fine. I'm fine.
I'm fine! Um, enjoy the party.
I'll see you in there, okay?
Go on.
Cut it. Cut it.
I'd like to make a toast.
This year has been so
difficult for, uh, many of us.
This year was shit, I'll say it.
My grandfather always told me
that a real man
knows how to find opportunities
hidden amidst the hard times.
My friend Martín de la Luna
he saw an opportunity
for himself and his family.
Lala, Martín,
all the luck for you and your
your seven kids.
And I have to tell you, I'm so
so thankful to you, Martín,
because you helped me find
you helped me find
my own hidden opportunity.
After, uh
Shit, I don't even know
how long I've been working for the Dutch
I finally quit.
Wow! Bravo! Wow!
I've decided to become independent.
I've already discussed it with my partners
and it appears that we
are gonna bring our operations to Miami.
So, all of you here,
you're all welcome in Miami
if everything goes well.
Oh, sure!
And I would also
like to take this opportunity to
to say thank you
to someone very special.
All of you here
know this woman very well.
She is a deeply wise
and intelligent woman.
Thank you for making me
the happiest man in the world.
I want you to know that everything I do
I do it for you.
Because without you, I'd be nothing.
I love you, Teresa Scaglia.
I I have another small
surprise for you,
but I'm gonna need you all
to close your eyes, please.
No peeking, you hear me?
No, no, not yet.
Merry Christmas!
Explain it to me, love,
how the fuck are we gonna
move to Miami if you don't have a job?
My love, I swear to you, what I'm doing
will be good for us.
It'll improve things for us.
Sure, whatever,
but you should've told me, Tano.
Do you know why I didn't?
'Cause I didn't want you
to think that I'm a damn loser, okay?
You are not a loser!
You are a Scaglia.
- Did you take a look around? Hmm?
- Did you?
Martín de la Luna is useless.
Gustavo's an imbecile.
And Ronie Pfft.
Every day that goes by, his brain
gets smaller and smaller.
But do you know why I married you?
Because no matter what happens,
you get your way.
- Hey, there, Wagner.
- Mr. Scaglia.
How are you?
Good. You're all set?
Yes, sir, I'm all set.
I'm leaving.
Ay, you could not
be any more amazing!
The precious time
you dedicate to your friends.
They don't deserve you, Tano.
I'll be back soon.
A quick toast?
What are we toasting to?
Let's toast to us.
You look beautiful.
You look perfect.
Do you remember
what I told you on the day we first met?
- Do you?
- I don't know you, but I love you already.
I gotta go.
If something happened to me,
would you remarry?
What a silly question.
Of course not.
A gift for my queen.
Tano Scaglia, what is it?
You're something else!
It's just gorgeous!
You know why I'm giving it to you?
- Because you deserve it.
- Do I?
I swear that, in my life,
I've never loved a woman
more than I love you.
- Tano.
- What's up, Alfredo?
Well, it's today.
Vita è tempo, brother.
December 26th, Alfredo.
- Today is the day.
- Together for eternity.
Yeah, welcome, guys.
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