Thursday's Widows (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

The Andrade Family

[monitor beeping]
[Mavi] Not long ago, I heard in a podcast
that María Félix was born twice.
When fate called for it,
and when she reinvented herself,
and chose to become "La Doña."
You're gonna look great.
["Je N'ai Que Ton Amour" song playing]
["Je N'ai Que Ton Amour"
continues playing]
[Mavi] I believe Mariana Linares
is like María Félix.
She decided to make a change
and be born again as "Mrs. Andrade."
["Je N'ai Que Ton Amour"
continues playing]
[Ernesto] Perfect.
[Mavi] I sold the Andrades one of the most
expensive mansions in Las Cascadas.
[Mavi] "There will be four of us,"
said Mariana.
And I asked if she was pregnant.
I was surprised I hadn't noticed.
- "Not yet," she said, and continued.
- [inaudible]
"It'll be a boy and a girl."
She was very sure.
[shower running]
[Mavi] Or almost.
Later, I heard about the blood
and the pain she felt.
She had to find another way.
[Mavi] And she did.
She found a way to be a mother
because she wasn't going to quit.
She dreamed about
having a family since she was a kid.
[Mariana] Here we go, sweetie!
Your new home!
[Mavi] Mariana is not one to give up.
Whenever she mentioned
how her children entered her life,
she would be vague,
saying, "We managed to get them."
We'd never say anything about it,
until one night when Tere said bluntly,
"If she paid for them,
they are her children."
[Mariana] That's right.
[sweet music playing]
[grunts] There.
Don't ever leave. Never, never.
I also like Aunt Mavi.
Aunt Mavi is so pretty and nice to me.
Aunt Julia too.
[sweet music continues]
[Mavi] "Romina" was the name
Mariana chose for Ramona.
And she's hated her new name
since she was a child.
But it was different with the boy,
because Pedro
came into their lives as a baby,
and didn't remember he had been
baptized with the name "Hipólito."
Thanks, Montse.
I need you to do me a favor.
Peter failed some classes.
Math, History, Geography, and Civics.
- Civic Education.
- [Mariana] Yeah, well, whatever.
You're gonna help him study
this afternoon, can you do that?
[Pedro] I'm meeting
some friends this afternoon.
What friends?
Hey, I'm glad you're friends with Mati!
He's pretty cool!
- Hey, Mariana.
- Hmm?
[Ramona] You studied
international relations, right?
How come you never worked, though?
I mean
What did you wanna do with your life?
Before you married Ernesto.
Or did you just
want to get married and that's it?
You're very funny, aren't ya?
Welcome, everyone, to our monthly
assembly in Los Altos de las Cascadas.
I chose seven topics
which I think were the most important,
the ones we mentioned in the chat,
but we can take a vote,
and make decisions,
figure out the penalties and such, okay?
Item number one
[Mavi] In order to lead
Los Altos de las Cascadas committee,
you need at least two attributes,
authority and ovaries.
And, yeah, Mariana had both.
With her in charge,
no one would dare break the rules.
- Her proposals were just like her
- [Mariana] Perfect.
[Mavi] Terrifying.
[Mariana] Number four,
this is very important.
We've already talked about this once.
I propose
we cut the dogs' vocal chords
so we're not annoyed by the howling,
especially during the night.
- Oh my dear God. Seriously.
- [all clamoring]
- [woman] That sounds violent.
- No!
Yeah, I know it sounds violent,
but it's unbearable!
There are, like,
hundreds of chihuahuas in this place!
[all arguing]
- [Mariana] All in favor?
- [Tere] The howling, it's so loud!
- All in favor?
- Obviously, I'm in favor!
- Mavi!
- [Lala] Mavi, no!
[Mariana] When we agreed to allow pets,
we made a commitment
to have the pets trained,
and that's not happening.
So then we're gonna have to
take this proposal seriously, all right?
Okay, let's circle back to this
during the next assembly.
The accumulation of material goods
in the hands of a small fraction
of the population
as well as the extreme poverty
of the majority
of Mexico's workers and laborers
were some of the factors
which led to the revolutionary movement
which would bring the dictatorship
of Porfirio Díaz to an end.
[Pedro sighs]
[sighs] I know you hate studying, but
people like us can't afford
to forget where we came from.
Whatever, I want to be a professional
soccer player, not a revolutionary.
Do you remember our house?
Your name?
My name is Pedro.
You really don't remember?
[Ramona] I'll paint that
whenever you need me to. Bye!
You like dressing up, huh?
[Ramona] This guy again.
Who do you wanna look like
when you see yourself in the mirror?
- Like myself.
- I'm not trying to be mean or anything.
Ugh, what do you care, dude?
All you do is screw around with everybody.
Why don't you look in a mirror?
Maybe what you see is not what you like.
Is it true that
you and your brother were abandoned
at Mariana and Ernesto's house?
And that on the first day,
Mariana left you in the van
for, like, two hours
before the nanny came to pick you up?
Hey, did you know
adopted kids don't fall in love?
Because they didn't learn to be loved.
[Matías chuckling]
If you mess with my brother
I'll kill you.
- You're beautiful.
- Hmm.
How do you feel?
I told you, I feel fine,
but I wanted to get your input.
You're perfect as usual.
We could maybe
change the implants.
Yeah, a few cubic centimeters
less would be nice, I suppose, but
it's not necessary.
[Mariana] Hmm.
What's wrong?
- No. Come on, don't insist on that again.
- It's the only thing I want, Ernesto.
If it's really that important to you
I promise you that next Thursday
I'll come to the meeting
at Tano Scaglia's house.
You mean it, though?
You keep promising me that
time and again, and you never do it.
It's the only promise I haven't kept.
It's all that matters to me.
No, no, stop!
Next Thursday.
[sweeping music playing]
- [Mariana] Whoo! How many, Montse?
- One more to go, ma'am.
[Mariana] Nice!
- [Montse] Here's your juice.
- Ah, thanks.
Uh, ma'am, I don't mean
to interrupt your training, but
Uh, last night,
I was folding some clothes
- Uh-huh.
- And I found this blouse.
Look, right over here, it's missing a
a little pearl.
Oh, no!
Five hundred dollars down the drain!
- Why don't you take it?
- Really?
- [Mariana] Yeah, sure!
- Oh
Thank you. Thank you so much, ma'am.
- I really appreciate it.
- Sure thing, Montse. You're welcome.
[Montse] Uh, okay, well, one more lap?
- [Mariana] Sure! All right, one more.
- [laughs]
[pensive music playing]
[Mavi] Ernesto wasn't handsome.
Not handsome at all.
Compared to the others,
he was ugly.
However, he was the most successful.
And Mariana loved success.
Admiration plays a crucial role
in relationships.
It's been a long time
since I felt that for Ronie.
[woman on video] Oh, that blouse
looks really good on you!
You look so cute!
I'm sure your daughter's gonna love it.
- Yes, ma'am?
- I've been looking for you.
Did you see my blouse with the pearls?
It was missing some pearls,
or just one pearl?
Uh-huh, you gave it to me, right?
Oh, right.
I shouldn't have given it to you.
I mean, I should've,
but there's the annual sale
for the service personnel, you know?
- Mmm-hmm.
- To help the residents of Los Tigrecitos.
So maybe you could buy it there.
- Right? So we can help the cause, okay?
- Yes, sure.
Great! Leave it with the other things
so I don't forget, okay?
- Yes.
- Thanks, Montse.
[dramatic note plays]
- [Mariana] You were hungry, honey.
- [Pedro] Yeah, Dad.
You're eating more than I am
and I'm growing.
In the seminars,
there's nothing to eat
except for coffee and cookies.
You're all doctors, yet the food's so bad?
[Ernesto] We actually
don't even think about eating.
We get so passionate about the seminar.
Did you know that
after hair transplant operation,
the second most common
cosmetic surgery for men is mastectomy?
- [Mariana] Yeah?
- Mmm-hmm.
It's surprising.
And there's so much we can improve.
[Ramona] Improve? Why?
All those surgeries
- I think it's just an addiction.
- It's not just surgeries.
We also have some other kinds
of treatments that make people feel good.
[Ernesto] Ah, I know why you don't care.
Because you, like many,
believe people having cosmetic surgery
are all superficial.
But that's not true.
Cosmetic surgery is for those
who want to feel better
about themselves and that accept
that they want to feel better.
For example, you.
I could make you look
just like your mother, if you wanted that.
Yeah, you wish.
I would never let you change me, okay?
- Don't talk to your father like that.
- He's not my father.
- It's okay.
- He is your father and I am your mother.
No, and you know it.
[Mariana] Go to your room.
You ruined dinner for us, Romina.
Ramona, Mariana.
I don't know why it's so hard for you.
- [mischievous music playing]
- [Ramona chuckling]
Come on, quick, let's go. Let's go.
[both laughing]
Hey, that lady is always pretty hammered.
[Carmen] Let's celebrate.
[Juandi] Since her husband left,
she's always with her maid.
- [woman 1] That's from the Pedrozas.
- [woman 2] Is this the Monteiros?
- [Montse] Excuse me, ma'am?
- [Mariana] Thanks, Montse.
- [Montse] May I go now?
- Yeah, sure, go ahead!
- Thank you.
- [indistinct chatter]
Come help me,
I don't want someone else to get it.
- What?
- Lady Mariana's cute little blouse.
The one with the pearls.
Ay, it looks so divine!
The reason I want it
is because Jenny's turning 15.
[Tere] Great choice,
I'm glad you're buying that
You donated those glasses?
Weren't they a gift from Tano?
- Wait, don't say anything, all right?
- No, no, if he sees that
- Come on, why would I say anything?
- If he sees, then I'm dead.
- But what if he comes and sees them?
- Hey, listen.
- I like that.
- Thanks.
I don't wanna stress you out,
but don't you think you should keep
insisting that Ernesto
joins the guys on Thursdays?
- [Mariana sighs]
- It's just kinda odd that he doesn't.
You know?
He has a lot of work,
he never has the time.
Aw, but it's a pity, you know?
You're almost like a widow, he's
so distant from everyone else.
- He'll go this Thursday.
- Really?
Hey, someone will see you.
- Well, if you see Ernesto, let me know.
- We gotta stick together.
The New Year's coming,
the holidays and stuff.
I know. I hope he makes it.
Come on, let me hit it.
- [Ramona laughing] Wait.
- [chuckles]
- You're my best friend.
- Right.
I mean
besides, couples suck.
Just look at my "parents."
Ernesto thinks Mariana
is a painting he made.
Or yours?
They're fed up, you know?
[tennis balls flying]
[Tano] What's that, Ronie?
[men laughing]
[Tano] Cut the crap, man. Fuck.
- It's too much, dude.
- [Tano] There's the doc.
- Ask him, dude.
- I already did, man.
[Ronie] Do it again.
[Tano] Dr. Ernesto!
How's it going?
- [Ernesto] How are you?
- [Tano] Good.
[Ronie] What's up, doc?
[Tano] Are you coming on Thursday, or
are you gonna get scolded?
[Ernesto chuckles]
I wouldn't be scolded.
I could only be forced to, Tano.
- [Tano] Come on I'm just trying to
- Don't piss off the doc, man!
Do we bother you that much? Is that it?
- Nah.
- [Tano laughing] Nah.
- [Ronie laughs] No way.
- It's not that, right, doc?
We'll see you on Thursday?
[tense music playing]
What was that, dude?
What should I bring?
A few extra brain cells for Ronie,
because he's losing all of his.
[both chuckling]
See you there, doc.
For real,
I promise you won't regret it, dude.
Thanks, Ernesto, eh?
[dramatic note plays]
[Mavi] According to Mariana,
Ernesto was always a nerd.
A perfect student, a brilliant doctor,
an exemplary husband.
And now I know
that he had the most money of all.
He was successful in every way.
On top of it all,
he even managed to be a good father.
[sweeping music playing]
[Mavi] I think he would've preferred
a "Thursday of the Widows"
rather than a "Thursday at Tano's."
But he could never do that.
It would've looked very bad.
And everyone in Las Cascadas
only cared about appearances.
- [Tere] Bye!
- [sweeping music continues]
[Tere] What's with the smile?
Can I get a hand organizing all of this?
- See you, Bere.
- Okay. Take care.
- What's the matter?
- [sighs]
I couldn't find the little blouse.
It's like it never existed.
[indistinct shouting] Trick or treat!
Trick or treat!
Trick or treat! Trick or treat!
Trick or treat! Trick or treat!
Trick or treat! Trick or treat!
[muted] Trick or treat! Trick or treat!
Trick or treat! Trick or treat!
[Montse] Ooh, so scary!
- I'll go get some candy, okay?
- [kid] Ooh!
[Mariana] Happy Halloween!
- [Tere] Happy Halloween!
- [Mariana] What's up?
[both laughing]
[Tere] Get closer. Get closer, get closer.
- [Mariana] Isn't that
- [Tere] What's wrong, hon?
[Mariana] Nothing
Montse, isn't that the blouse we donated
for the service personnel charity sale?
- It is, right?
- [Tere] The one my daughter's wearing?
Oh, hon, I'm sorry, I
I don't know what happened.
Sofía Scaglia, did you steal that blouse?
- It's just that I like it, it's shiny.
- Baby girl. Come on, it's no problem.
You look beautiful. It's my gift to you.
- [Tere] Really? But
- Of course! She's my favorite niece!
- [Tere] You don't have to!
- It's my gift to you.
- [Sofía] Thanks!
- Come here. Whatever you want.
- Plus, you look amazing.
- [Sofía] Thank you so much.
- [Tere] Make a line to get some candy!
- Let's get you your candy!
Can you bring me the good candy, Montse?
The gifts and the stuff I bought, please?
Some candy for you too!
Candy for the mummy!
[Mariana] So
- Have you been to a lot of houses?
- [Tere] Yes.
- [Mariana] And which was the worst?
- [Sofía] Aunt Lala's! Lala's.
[somber music playing]
[Ramona] What's wrong, Montse?
What happened?
[Montse sighs] Nothing.
[Ramona] Tell me.
I just had my heart set
on that little blouse.
I wanted to give it to my
daughter for her quinceañera.
Aw! You should've told me, I have a bunch.
Go to my room and pick something for her.
[laughs softly]
Thanks, but I guess my daughter
likes your mom's style a bit more.
[laughs] Well, to each their own.
["Drakula" by Blnko playing]
["Drakula" continues playing]
[teens chanting] Kiss her!
Kiss her! Kiss her!
- Yeah, right.
- [teen 1] Do it! Do it!
- [Matías] Kiss!
- [teens laughing]
[teens exclaiming]
- [teen 2] Great.
- [Matías] That was sick! Yeah.
All right, man, now you.
- [laughs] No! What?
- Your turn.
- Keep your promise, dude! Kiss Juandi.
- [indistinct chatter]
- [Juandi] What? What did he say?
- [Ramona] Here.
[Juandi] Just wait.
- [teens chanting] Kiss him!
- [Juandi] Nah, fuck off, dude.
- [Matías] Kiss me, dude.
- [chanting continues] Kiss him!
[teens laughing]
- [teen 1] Do it!
- [teen 2] Come on!
[gentle music playing]
- [Matías] Yeah, right.
- [teen] He's gonna kiss you! He'll do it!
- [teen 1] Oh!
- [teen 2] Hey, damn!
[teen] Yeah, that's right!
[dramatic note plays]
[chuckles] Come on, why the tongue, man?
- [teens jeering]
- [teen] Nice!
- [teen 1] That's it!
- [teen 2] I want that too!
[teen laughing] One more kiss! One more!
- [teens laughing]
- [pensive music playing]
[men exclaiming]
- No way! I'm a box full of surprises, bro.
- [Ronie] You gotta be kidding me.
[Tano] You love coming here!
You love me, you fucking pothead.
- [Gustavo] Don't exaggerate, dude.
- Come on, just answer, bro.
- [Gustavo] All right.
- [Martín] Okay.
[Gustavo] To be honest,
I like it dirty, you know?
[Tano] You don't say!
Everyone knows about it!
- [Ronie] Tell us something we don't know.
- [Tano] The way he said it!
- [Ronie] As if we didn't know.
- So, anyway.
- When I'm having sex with Lalalis
- [Gustavo] Yeah?
I get out my phone out, and
[imitates moaning]
Then I watch the videos
and jerk off to them.
- [Tano] I don't even know how to respond.
- Come on!
- Do you play it in the living room TV?
- Airplane, music at full volume.
- Do you watch them with your ten kids?
- [men laughing]
- [Martín] Of course not, get out of here!
- [Tano] No judging, we're all sick here.
[Martín] You're all sick!
[Ronie] No one
wants to know your intimate details.
- No one, dude, I mean
- [Tano] It's the doc's turn.
- [dice shaking]
- [Gustavo] Come on, Ernesto.
[Tano] Doc.
[all exclaiming]
Your turn, Netiux.
[all laughing]
[Tano] You've heard too much, doc.
Now it's your turn.
I'd rather you call me "Ernesto."
[Gustavo] Ooh
- Well! Shit's getting real.
- [Ernesto chuckles]
You messed up.
- [Ronie] Ooh
- He called him "Netiux"?
Netiux. What an ass.
- All right, doc.
- Mmm-hmm.
How does your wife like to fuck?
[menacing music playing]
I like it like a marathon.
- Day and night, and don't stop soon!
- [men laughing]
[Ronie] What are you talking about?
[Gustavo] Trying to lighten the mood.
It got very tense here.
- [Martín] Come on, Ernesto.
- [Tano] Go on, doc.
Well, we could change the question, right?
- No!
- [Gustavo] Come on, don't be like that!
[Ronie] I mean, that's how the game goes.
If you lose, you have to answer,
and that's it. It's easy.
This guy confessed
about the cucumber, doc, right?
- You heard that one, didn't you?
- [Ronie] Cucumbers!
The cucumbers, dude!
- [men laughing]
- [menacing music continues]
Look, I was about to let it slide, doc.
I thought, "Well, I'll let it pass."
But you don't have a watch.
Did you forget it at home, or you
you don't wear watches?
My cellphone already has a watch.
I don't need to wear one on my wrist.
- [Tano] Are you serious? You don't
- Let it go, Tano.
No, I'm surprised, because
a guy like you
should wear a watch, you know?
And I'll tell you why,
because I believe I own my own time
Listen, Tano.
I'll say something with all due respect.
I don't need a watch to be able to know
when I'm wasting my time.
[Martín] Ernesto
It's a game, dude, come on.
Look, if you don't have a problem
exposing your spouses like this,
I don't have a problem either.
But I am under no obligation
to participate at this game.
- Okay.
- [Ronie] Just answer the question, man.
We were having a laugh, here, doc.
I thought
Gentlemen, thank you.
Tano, thank you so much for inviting me,
you have a very lovely house.
[menacing music continues]
And let me tell you guys something.
The only thing I feel I really own
is my own right
to choose what I play and with whom.
[Tano] Mmm.
- [Ernesto] Have fun, Ronie.
- [sighs] Hey, I'm sorry, Doc.
[menacing music continues]
[Tere panting] Have you seen
the Ramos's garden?
[Mariana] No, I can't believe it.
[Tere] It's like they forgot
they even have a garden.
[Mariana] I've told Dorita, like, 50 times
and I'm gonna have to fine her.
- [Tere] Do it, girl.
- What is this?
[Tere] Ugh, I can't believe it.
[Bere] Coming!
- [Tere] Ah!
- [Bere] Coming!
[both panting]
- [Tere] Thanks.
- [Mariana] Thanks, Montse.
[both] Mmm.
- [Tere] By the way
- Yeah?
Did you get to talk to Ernesto?
About what?
- I'll be honest, okay?
- What happened?
- I don't know exactly what happened.
- Mmm-hmm.
But Lala told me
Because Tano doesn't like
talking much, right?
What is it?
Well, Lala told me
Martín told her that Ernesto had been
super rude to our husbands.
He didn't tell you anything?
No, I mean, he told me he had a good time.
- [Tere] Hmm. That's odd.
- Nothing more.
Because, I mean, Lala said he was there
for just, like, 40 minutes, you know?
I get it, those guys
bore him to death, but
I just feel bad, I wish we all got along.
[footsteps approaching]
[Mariana] You have to try again.
[tool clatters]
They're all a bunch of eternal teenagers.
You can't even fucking pretend, though?
[both sigh]
Look, they can't stand me either, okay?
I barely even left
and already they started scoffing.
I'm sure right now they're saying,
"I'm a big snob, a nerd, a sissy,"
or something like that.
I still don't understand.
Why is this is so important to you?
- Seriously?
- Mmm-hmm.
You do know that my father
died when I was little, right?
- I've told you that.
- Right.
And you remember
how on the same day we buried him,
my uncles came
and took everything from my mom.
All they left for us was the house.
Because farms and companies
are for grown men.
Yes, my love. You told me that too.
I probably didn't tell you that
I was 12 years old.
And on that day,
I promised I would never allow anyone
to take away what truly mattered to me.
And you are not the exception.
So I won't let you keep me
from being a part of this community.
Oh, please.
We are both a part
of this community already.
I don't have to simply become a
buffoon who humors Tano
for us to have that.
Why is it so hard
for you to do that for me?
["El Círculo (Deletia Remix)"
by Mueran Humanos playing]
[Ramona] Hurry!
The band's gonna start playing at 9:00!
["El Círculo" continues playing]
[crowd cheering]
["El Círculo" continues playing]
[music continues muted]
[lights flickering]
["Mi Auto" by Mueran Humanos playing]
[music becoming discordant]
[Juandi] You want to leave?
[Ramona weakly] I can't ride a bike.
[weakly] We have to call someone.
Call Luis.
[Ramona] I, like, really,
really, really feel better, dude.
I mean, we gotta
we gotta stay a little bit longer.
- [Juandi] We gotta stay a bit longer.
- [Ramona] Luis can wait for us. Right?
- [Luis] No, no, no. Let's go.
- [Juandi] You're right, Luis. Luis?
[Ramona] People are just getting here.
- [Juandi] Who cares? They're just late.
- What do you mean?
- It's super early, bro.
- [Juandi] Let me help you.
- We're gonna get some rest.
- [Ramona] We have to enjoy this shit.
[Juandi] Okay, don't get mad. Relax.
- Bro?
- [indistinct chatter]
[Juandi] Take care.
[grunts] Thanks.
[sighs] Anarchist with a chauffeur.
- [Juandi chuckling]
- [car door shuts]
[Mavi] Mariana always thought
her daughter really wanted to be like her
and it was just hard for her to admit it.
But what Mariana didn't realize
was that Romina is Ramona.
[soft music playing]
[ominous music playing]
[yells] God damn it,
what the fuck did you do, what is this?
- What the fuck, Mariana?
- It's "Mom."
I'm going to the hair salon later.
You know,
in case you want to come with me.
No fucking way!
[soft music playing]
[Ramona laughing]
- [laughing]
- [Pedro] Oh, no!
Don't ask me
why I'm about to tell you this, but
Never do anything you don't wanna do.
[Pedro clicks tongue]
[sighs] Sometimes you're,
like, super weird.
I don't understand you at all.
[Ramona] Well, you know
What I said.
[Pedro] I still don't get it.
[Ramona] Don't let anyone boss you around.
- Especially not Matías Scaglia.
- [clicks tongue]
- [Pedro] He doesn't boss me around.
- Good.
[Pedro exhales]
[Ramona] I think you were right.
Maybe our parents
didn't really love us when we were born.
[Pedro] That's why you should
make an effort to love mom.
[sighs] Mariana!
She actually loves us.
[door opens and closes]
[Ramona] Why the hell don't you
ever talk about my mom, huh?
[somber music playing]
- Well, maybe because I'm your mom?
- Gimme a break, Mariana.
Just because you don't say it
doesn't mean it's not true.
I'm talking about my mom, the real one.
Get mad all you want.
Throw tantrums all you want.
But right now, you are looking
at your real mom.
"I found, then I chose"
And then, "You raised" Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You've told me that story, Mariana.
[Ramona sniffles]
- [somber music playing]
- [crying softly] She just left me?
Just like that?
[stifling tears] She was my age
when she had me.
[crying] I guess she cursed me
and gave me away.
[somber music continues]
[crying] Why, Mariana?
Come here, sit down.
Do you remember when you asked
if I ever imagined a different life
if I hadn't married Ernesto?
I didn't.
I've always wanted to be a mom.
[voice breaking] And if things
didn't go according to plan,
I'd try again and again
until my body couldn't take it anymore.
So I had to stop trying.
And that's when we went looking for you.
Do you want some eggs and ham? [laughs]
- That's your favorite, right?
- [sniffles]
Where's Montse?
It's Christmas.
[somber music continues]
I know you ask Ernesto for cash.
You were saving up to get out of here.
It's okay.
At your age, I remember
how desperate I was to get out too.
- [laughs] Seriously?
- Mmm-hmm.
How do they look?
I love them.
They're yours now.
Thanks, Mar
- What did you say? I couldn't hear you.
- [laughs]
What did you say?
[expectant music playing]
[Mariana] Montse?
[Ernesto] Yes?
- [Mariana] What are you doing here?
- Why?
You're supposed to be at Tano's!
- [Ernesto sighs]
- I knew it.
- I knew you were going to do it again!
- Listen, Mariana
- I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!
- Mariana, please, sweetheart.
I'll make it up to you some other way.
How do you plan to do that?
Tell me! You'll get me fleshier lips?
- Bigger tits? Bigger ass?
- Hey
Why don't you get yourself some balls?
Listen, Mariana.
I have never disrespected you, okay?
- Be mindful of what you say!
- It's fine.
It's perfect. You can't do this for me,
I can't do anything for you.
If you don't sacrifice, I don't sacrifice!
It's fine!
[Ernesto] Hey
Mariana, listen
Go talk to your butterflies.
- Mariana, please don't go.
- [heels clacking]
[intriguing music playing]
- [Tere] No, don't go!
- [Mariana] Stay just a little more.
[Lala] Yeah, right.
Yeah, yeah, you're so nice, I'm leaving.
[Tere] Yeah, you're nice as well.
Take care, then.
[Lala] Thanks for driving me home.
- [Tere] Get some rest.
- You too, bye.
[Lala sighs]
Ugh, so many damn changes.
Tano's issue
[Tere] Mmm?
Can you tell me why you seemed so worried
when we went to pick up Mavi?
- You were so pale! Right, Nacho?
- [Nacho laughs]
You were, like, transparent.
See? Even Nacho agrees.
- [Tere] What are you talking about?
- Oh, stop with the act. I know you, honey.
- [Tere] Nacho, can we have a moment alone?
- [Mariana] I knew it.
- [Nacho] Yes, ma'am.
- [door opens]
- [door closes]
- [Mariana] Thank you, Nachi!
[Mavi] That day, that Thursday
Our lives, our secrets
It was all about to change.
- [clatters]
- [Mariana exclaims]
Shh, shh, shh
[intriguing music continues]
[intriguing music continues]
[chuckles softly]
[Ernesto grunts]
Sorry, will you forgive me?
[Ernesto laughs softly]
- [Mariana] Hmm?
- I am sorry, my love.
Forgive me.
Well, should I?
I don't know if I want to.
- [Ernesto] Mmm.
- Will you convince me?
- [Ernesto] Of course.
- Hmm?
[softly] Forgive me.
[vibrating and ringing]
[Mariana sighs] It's my phone,
wait a minute.
- [Ernesto mutters]
- Wait a minute! Wait a minute.
- [Ernesto sighs]
- [vibrating and ringing continue]
Honey, what happened?
[grave music playing]
[Ernesto] What is it?
[grave music continues]
[Tere whimpers]
[grave music continues]
[bones crunch]
[Mavi] Ernesto must have been
the first one to know,
since he was the first to arrive.
What did he know before any of us?
That it was an accident.
A terrible accident.
That's what we were all
going to tell ourselves.
Because it was
in our best interest to do so.
- [dissonant music playing]
- [Mavi] Accidents happen all the time.
[dissonant music building]
[darkly intriguing music playing]
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