Thursday's Widows (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

The De La Luna Family

- [indistinct chatter]
- [kids laughing and shouting]
[woman] Careful, kids!
[Martín] Stop! He's the
Miguel's the only one who behaves here!
None of you do, you're terrible!
[Lala] Stop it!
[Mavi] Lala's house
was almost like a small business.
Each kid had their own nanny.
And there was also Gloria, the head maid.
- [Lala] Good morning!
- [kid] Good morning, Mom.
Good morning, my loves.
[Mavi] I didn't sell them their house.
The De la Lunas got here first.
Actually, Martín and Lala were born here.
Martín's grandfather
was the governor of the state.
Las Cascadas was built during his tenure.
Gossips claim that this house
was a gift from the builders.
The De La Lunas,
like all Mexican politicians,
if they won elections,
they had everything.
But if they lost, they owed everything.
[Martín] Don't encourage her!
No, don't play with food.
- [Lala] I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- [kid] Hey! Samira peed again.
[Martín] Samira?
[Lala] Aw! Who is the prettiest baby mama?
Oh, my baby! How are you?
How are you, my love?
How are you feeling?
- [kid] Mom
- [Lala] Come, let's leave her. Easy, guys.
- Easy now, because she feels
- [woman] Here, have a seat.
- [kid] Mom.
- Talk to me, sweetie.
[kid] I think the puppies
will be born soon.
Yes, baby girl. They'll be born soon.
Well, that's why we
have to be gentle, that's all.
- Gloria?
- [Gloria] Yes, ma'am?
[Lala] Can you call the vet, please?
[Martín] I've never felt
in a position to make demands.
However, with everything I've learned,
with my years in the party,
with the experience I've gathered,
I think it's time to make demands.
And I demand,
respectfully, but I demand still
that the party backs me up
with all of its resources
on my candidacy for governor.
I can be the new vision of the party.
Don Martín de la Luna, your grandfather,
he did so much for this state,
even more for this party.
And, sure, he made a living,
but he never,
never lost his people skills.
Sure, me neither.
[man] Your father
ran out of this place like a rat,
pursued by justice.
We couldn't do more for him.
[Martín] I know I'm not my grandfather.
However, it is very important to me
that you understand here
that I am not like my father.
I have integrity!
During your deputation,
you broke the record
of absences in Congress sessions.
Photos were leaked
of your vacation on a cruise in Hawaii.
The only thing that you have been
bringing to the table lately are costs.
The only thing you are doing for me
is giving me clarity, absolute
clarity that I've been
treated like a piece of shit, God damn it!
And if you won't
exploit all my virtues here,
then they can be exploited
in another party, right?
Suit yourself.
But you do not have a place here, Martín.
[intriguing folk music playing]
[Mavi] I would've imagined
that the day Martín left the party,
a world catastrophe would happen,
but nothing.
["Mejor Mentir"
by Salvatore Vitale playing]
[kid] One, two
[Mavi] What really happened
was that Samira's puppies were born.
[kid] Hey, come here, girl. Hey.
[Mavi] But the dog died in labor.
["Mejor Mentir" continues playing]
[Martín] These stubborn assholes.
They just don't understand what the party
is supposed to be, with cohesive ideas.
[Lala] Baby
People want something else,
but they don't see it.
[clears throat]
There's something I gotta tell you.
- [Martín] We have time. We have
- [Lala] Listen.
[both sigh]
- [Martín kissing] Mmm.
- Here we go again.
My boobs hurt a little.
I'll close the window.
Huh? [scatting]
We have half and hour, baby.
Half an hour.
- Don't be loud.
- You don't be loud, honey.
- [Lala] I will if I like it.
- You'll like it. I got you.
[whispers] We are pregnant again.
- We are, seriously. Mmm-hmm.
- Oh, really?
[both moaning]
[Lala] Oh my God! Oh my God!
God, show me you exist.
- [Martín] Call me Martín.
- Show me you exist. Yes, Martín.
Yes, Martín. Yes, Martín.
Oh, God, you do exist!
Oh my God! Oh my God!
[both moaning]
[Lala] Oh my God. Yes, yes, yes.
- [Martín] Are you okay?
- You do exist! Yes! Yes!
Yes, God! Yes, yes, of course you exist!
- [Martín] Should I bite it?
- Shh!
[pensive music playing]
[man on phone] You've never had anything,
so why
why have you decided that now, right now,
is the right moment to begin?
If you and I have something,
it's only thanks
to Grandpa's achievements, hmm?
And I'm not planning
on following in your footsteps.
I won't be a servant all my life
for my family's sake.
[man] The only mission
you used to have for this family
was to keep your position in the party
until I could return!
Don't get your hopes up.
No one in the party wants you to return,
and you can't go back.
If only you'd only had heard
what those assholes were saying about you,
you wouldn't want to go back.
[phone ringing and vibrating]
- Hi?
- [Martín on phone] Hi, Mónica!
- [Martín laughs]
- Oh, hi, sir! Oh my, I heard. What a pity.
[Martín] Are you happy?
Because I am really excited.
We have to meet so you can help me
start coordinating the entire campaign.
We need someone
that can help us with publicity,
we need to go over
our agenda with the investors
I need you to help me out
like you always do, please.
My coffee every two hours, because we've
got a bunch of work ahead of us.
Uh, where are you?
Well, here, at the office.
Get over here!
You work for me now.
Welcome to the Party of the Future.
- I'll send a driver over, okay? Thanks!
- Uh
- [line drops]
- [keypad clicking]
[woman on video] Yes, um,
I agree with you.
But we need time to think.
[Martín] Yes, yes, yes.
Of course, of course.
Thank you very much, everybody,
for listening to me,
for supporting me, and, uh
Tim, say hello
to your daughter for me, please.
I I remember always, uh,
with lots of love from summer camp.
[monitor chimes]
You See? You See?
- [Mónica] Mmm-hmm.
- Did you see their faces?
They loved it!
They loved the "Natural Family First."
I'm I'm a natural.
I I have to be governor.
[claps] Great, dude.
You don't have to speak slowly because
they're not from here, otherwise, great.
- Thanks. Thanks, Tano.
- No, you say it yourself. Great.
Beautiful! Beautiful, Martín!
[Tano] That's it. Great, Martín.
[Martín] Ah, I love it, dude.
I really needed this freedom.
- Time is life, hermano.
- Time is life.
- Yeah.
- Congratulations, sir.
- [Martín] Thanks, Mó Moni, Moni, Moni.
- Yes, tell me.
I'll get you a gift
to officially welcome you to the team.
Oh boy, check out this awesome governor.
I'll send you a link
and you buy whatever you want.
The campaign pays for it.
You can buy some cute looks,
something nice and fancy, right?
[Tano] Of course, absolutely.
So we can all belong
to the same status in the team, no?
[Tano] No offense.
We gotta look the part, right?
[Martín] She wouldn't be offended.
It's a welcome gift.
- Sure. Thank you, sir.
- [Tano] Yeah.
[intriguing music playing]
[man] Okay, stand up, please. That's it!
Look at that! Perfect.
Listen, we gotta work on the speech a bit.
You have to speak to the people.
- What What's your gardener's name?
- [camera clicking]
- [phone ringing]
- I don't know.
- [man] Imagine you're speaking to him.
- [Mónica] The folks from Politics Today.
[man] Ah, Politics Today magazine.
You gotta take it.
- [phone ringing]
- [man] Look, these guys are good.
You know it, right?
So just be natural, be yourself.
- What's his name?
- Jorge Soria.
[man] Sergei, check the last pictures.
[laughs] Hey, there, Jorge, my friend!
How are ya? Good morning!
Thank you so much for having me,
and thank you to your audience, too.
- I'm very pleased to talk with you.
- [Mónica] Sir.
As you prudently mentioned,
it's really important
Uh, Jorge, I'm sorry.
I'll have to ask for a quick pause.
We are working like crazy
here at the campaign.
- One moment, please.
- [phone clicks]
- 120,000 pesos for what?
- The photographer.
- That much for a photographer?
- Mmm-hmm.
[Mavi] Martín was signing
more checks than autographs.
- It's a lot of money, Mónica.
- Yes, but that's the catering.
- Catering? But why do we need catering?
- The makeup artist, the image consultant
[Mavi] The bills went up
as he went down in the polls.
Well, tell them to cash it in at least
fifteen days, minimum.
Three weeks.
Three weeks starting Wednesday.
[Mavi] Lala was taking notice
and putting in her two cents.
- [Lala] Hey.
- Hmm?
[Lala] Come. Come here real quick.
- [Lala] How are you? What
- I'm fine. I'm fine.
- [Lala] What's your name again?
- Ah, it's María.
María! María
Yeah. I just keep
- Yeah! Yeah, don't worry about it.
- [laughs] Yeah. Yeah.
Come here, I
I want to tell you something.
I I want to tell you something, okay?
- Um, can you pick this up afterwards?
- [María] Yeah! Yeah, sure.
Sure, I'll just finish up
with the dishes, and, uh
- [Lala] Right.
- Is everything okay?
[Lala] Yes, of course. Everything is
[both laugh softly]
- What's the matter?
- Huh?
What's the matter?
[dark music playing]
See, uh, that and and that
- Mmm-hmm.
- We're We're thinking of, uh, remodeling.
[Mavi] She always used the same strategy.
- [Lala] Andrés? Come
- Yes, ma'am.
Come here real quick.
[Mavi] She would take them by the window
and speak in a low voice.
[Lala] Do you remember that
that, um, we're planning renovations?
- [Gloria] Yes, ma'am.
- Over there
[Mavi] She would use the excuse
of the upcoming house renovation.
You know, the mess,
masons, dirt, smut, noise
[Gloria] Yeah.
And right now I wanna be more relaxed,
so, um, we won't
won't be needing your help, um,
during the remodeling period, Gloria.
[Mavi] And she would fire them one by one.
I love your work. You're great.
You're really good.
So as soon as we're wrapped here, which
should be fast, like one or two months
[Lala] Your work is great, but we'll see.
We'll see.
- [María] Thanks.
- Okay? No, uh, thank you.
See you, Gloria.
[Gloria] Bye, Ari.
Your speech has to evoke
closeness to the people.
- You shouldn't look arrogant.
- [Martín] Yeah, yeah, yeah!
I'm a very sensitive person,
so don't even worry about it, dude.
- [man] There we go!
- I'll show you. I'll show you.
[man] That's it, governor! Awesome.
All right, we're doing a take!
Everyone in position! And, action!
[uplifting music playing]
This is more than just a state.
This is a huge family that we'll be
watching over and protecting.
[uplifting music continues]
[Martín] So I'd like to invite you
to join me in this fight.
Hey, kids! Hi!
[Martín] Natural family comes first.
And that's not just
the slogan for my campaign.
It's the commitment of my life.
The biggest one.
- [all] See you!
- [uplifting music building]
- Hi, hi! Good morning.
- [Lala] Moni, hi!
There's a person outside looking for you.
Hi, kids.
Sir, we have a problem.
- Moni, good morning.
- Your Your vendors are very upset.
All the checks are bouncing.
[Lala] See how you treat it?
We have to fix this, sir.
Don't. Don't.
It's too early to talk about money.
Moni, you know I don't like that.
You just got here
and you're talking about the checks.
- Pour yourself a coffee, grab some food
- Sir, my paycheck.
- There's food for, like, 25 people.
- Sir, my paycheck.
You'll get it.
It's coming out today, right?
[Tano] No, no. Give me the driver, dude.
You do know how lucky we are, right, bro?
But why?
Please, tell me.
[sighs] Come on, man.
You have a beautiful wife.
Your wife, my wife,
we gotta live up to them.
I wish I did, dude.
Live up to her, how can I?
I can't even inspire
my own children, you know?
My last name
is synonymous with corruption, bro.
But there's always
something to be done, you know?
I don't see what.
Would you kill for your wife, dude?
- Come on, man.
- Would you kill for her or not?
I was watching a movie
the other day about a businessman
a damn badass, you know?
He was invited
to invest some cash in a company
a bitchin' railroad company.
They were waiting for a law to be approved
so they could expand, and then
the fucking law doesn't get approved.
- The guy loses everything.
- [darkly intriguing music playing]
He doesn't say a word to his wife.
At 3:00 in the morning, this dude gets up
goes down to the studio, where he
opens the drawer
and pulls out a pistol, dude.
And boom, bro.
He blows his head off.
A quick
and dignified death.
But neither you nor I
have the balls
of that guy in the movie, right?
Or do we?
Your turn.
[darkly intriguing music continues]
[Martín] Freddy!
Martincito, how are you?
[Martín] Please tell me
you have good news.
[Alfredo chuckling]
Good news is always
accompanied by bad news.
You know, man, like yin and yang,
And all that shit, right?
- [sniffs]
- [Martín] Hmm. Well
Come on.
- Give me the good news first.
- No. No, no, no.
The bad news first,
so that when I give you the good news
you'll calm down a bit.
[Martín] Okay.
All right, bad news then good news.
[Alfredo laughs] Look.
I've been talking to my connections.
And trying to, uh,
assess the situation, you know?
And we came to a conclusion that
this is not a good time to change sides.
- You know what I mean?
- Got it.
If your problem is financing, I mean, uh
I can help you.
I can get you a bank loan.
You can talk to Ramos.
Invite him and his wife over for dinner,
talk about your project, convince him.
Financing a political campaign with debt?
- [wincing] That's like
- Well
It's a choice.
If you let me talk to them,
Alfredo, I can explain to them that
if they knew that party,
they'd know that it's messed up.
- I am the safe bet here.
- Don't worry.
You just have to choose for yourself,
that's all.
- I'll help you, okay? No problem.
- Sure. Sure, Freddy. Thanks.
- Say hi to your dad for me.
- Thanks. Yeah, sure.
[ominous music playing]
[light jazz music playing on stereo]
[Ramos] Martín, you're my friend.
Alfredo Insúa speaks wonders of you
and I can't wait to hear you out.
- Mmm-hmm. First of all, thanks.
- It's nothing.
- The first thing we're gonna do here
- Mmm-hmm.
is to recruit a group of people
to do a deep analysis, a profound one.
- Totally. Of course.
- Uh
So, yeah.
If you ask me, the name of the game
should be "strategic alliances."
Mmm. It's a good name.
- We want people that can contribute with
- Of course.
- [Martín]something of real value.
- Mmm-hmm.
[Lala] No, but that's the beauty of it!
- [Dorita] Where's the originality?
- [Lala] No, Dorita!
There is beauty in uniformity!
Well, for that you can go live
in one of those condominiums!
The standardized ones
all over the city, right?
[laughs] My love, my love, my love.
Did you know that Tere is a gardener now?
No, no, no! No, she's not the gardener.
She's a landscaper, right?
- Landscaper, well
- It's not the same thing.
- No, I get it, not the same thing.
- And, in fact, you can tell by the price.
- [Dorita] Oh, Lala.
- Mmm-hmm.
I really admire
how you're handling your pregnancy.
- Really?
- How do you do it?
How do you manage to keep such a nice
I want my skin to be like this. [giggles]
Why don't we have a spa?
- [suggestive music playing]
- You come over, we jump in the Jacuzzi.
You know, for some years now,
we've had an open relationship.
- A what?
- An open relationship.
[suggestive music continues]
- [Martín laughs] What?
- My love, I'll tell him later.
- [Dorita giggles] Right. You tell him.
- [Martín] Did I hear that right?
- I'll go to the bathroom just a minute.
- [Dorita] Sure, sure, sure.
[Lala] I'm going a lot lately.
Sorry, I'll be right back.
Well, then, I
I know exactly where everyone's flaws are
and how deep they go.
- So
- [Lala] Lupe.
We don't want people
to just contribute with money,
- to just contribute structurally.
- Mmm-hmm.
We want them to contribute with value
and to believe in me as a
- [Ramos] A leader.
- A leader, exactly.
- [toilet flushing]
- [suggestive music continues]
[suggestive music continues]
[Martín] What the hell was that?
- The Ramos' are really crazy.
- Mmm-hmm.
- [Lala winces]
- Hey, come over here.
[Lala exclaiming]
I feel like I should have
said yes to Dorita. I don't know.
It would've helped you
I don't know, right?
Forget it, will you? Hey.
It doesn't matter if it would've.
I wouldn't put you
in a position like that, never.
- [keypad clicking]
- [line ringing]
- [Martín] Hi, Moni. Good morning.
- [Mónica on phone] Good morning, sir.
I was thinking
I'm gonna need you around here a lot more.
I need you to get here
early in the morning, Moni.
Oh, I'm sorry, Mr. De la Luna, but
Well, the truth is
I was re-hired by the party.
Luckily, they've, uh
They took me back
because I need my paycheck.
You know? In a timely, steady manner.
- Because I have a family, you get me?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah. I get you.
Uh, uh
Yeah, but, ah
Trust me, it's gonna get better.
- [on phone] Okay?
- I'm sorry, but I can't do it.
Not for another week, nor two, nor
I can't do it anymore.
[Martín] I'm sorry, but
I thought our bond was something
a lot more solid than a paycheck.
That we were pursuing
the same goals, the same ideals.
That we both
wanted to change this country.
Please, forgive me, sir, but
I'm on the clock at the moment, okay?
And, by the way,
you also owe me for my clothes.
[line drops]
[blows raspberry]
[dark music playing]
- [Martín] You'll take good care of them?
- Of course.
[puppies whining]
[Martín] Goodbye.
- Goodbye, puppies.
- [whining continues]
[Martín] Say goodbye.
- You will be wiring the rest?
- Of course, as we agreed.
[Martín] Thank you.
- [video game playing indistinctly]
- Great! That's me!
- [Ari] Hey, how do you shoot?
- Push the X.
[Ari] Mmm, sure.
I'm paying so much attention to you.
[electricity shuts off]
[kids screaming]
[screaming continues]
- [Ari] Chelita! Mom! Mom!
- [baby crying]
- [Lala] Coming, love. I'm here, baby.
- [Martín] Calm down.
[Martín] It's okay, kids.
Nothing's happening. No need to yell.
It's a blackout in Las Cascadas.
It's fine. Come here.
- Come here. Yeah.
- [Ari] Mom, it's not all of Las Cascadas.
The neighbors have power!
- Really?
- [Ari] Yeah, I saw lights.
I'm sure Mónica forgot to pay the bill.
It's all right.
That's it. It'll be fixed tomorrow, maybe.
- It's quick stuff.
- Yeah.
- [kid] It's Chelita.
- [Lala] Ay, no, no, no! Ay, Chelita!
- [Lupe] Lupe, ma'am.
- [Martín] I'm sure Mónica just forgot.
- [Lala] Lupe!
- Yes, it's me, Lupe, ma'am.
- Lupe, why didn't you say you were coming?
- I'm sorry, ma'am.
Everybody's all right? Everybody's
- [Lupe] Yes, everything's okay.
- I'm glad. That's good.
Don't worry, ma'am. If you want, my cousin
might be able to help you fix this.
- Oh, he can fix it real quick?
- [Lupe] Yep.
- Okay, can you call him?
- Sure.
Can you get him here
as soon as possible, please?
- I'll let him know. Of course.
- Thanks, Lupe. What's up, baby?
[Ari] Mom, I don't wanna
sleep in the dark. I get scared.
We won't be sleeping in the dark.
It won't be like that.
We're gonna be fine, and
Tell me, would you kids
like to set up camp?
- [kids] Yeah, yeah, yeah!
- [Martín] What a great idea from Mom!
- [Lala] Yeah! Shall we light a bonfire?
- Yes. Yes.
[Lala] Hi!
- Did you say your prayers, sweetie?
- Yes.
- [Lala] Yeah?
- Mom, what about the puppies?
Where did they go?
[Lala] To a puppy school.
Because they will be finding
very nice families for them over there.
[Ari] You're lying.
- [Lala] Why do you say that, Ari?
- You're a bad liar, Mama.
- Because
- We wouldn't lie to you kids.
[Ari] You two sold them
because we don't have the money.
[Lala] That's not true, Ari.
Don't say that.
- Who put that thought into your head?
- Dad knows it, Mom!
You know, come on,
don't try to deny it to your children.
[Lala] We are not poor, Ari.
- [Ari] Then what are we? Are we bums?
- [Martín] I won't listen to this nonsense.
- [Lala] Don't be ridiculous, Ari.
- [Ari] Will they cut off the water next?
- Don't you say that we are poor again.
- [Ari] They will cut off the water.
- Enough! Sleep now, Ari!
- [Ari] What are you gonna say?
"Oh, we just
forgot to pay the water bill."
Go to sleep. You'll wake your brothers up.
Go to sleep.
- [Ari] You are a liar.
- Hey!
[Mavi] The next day,
Lupe's cousin managed to
illegally tap into the neighbor's power.
And rumor has it that the De la Lunas
weren't the only ones
who did that in Las Cascadas.
For months, I was afraid
they would find out about me as well.
[Lala scoffs] "Just a small favor,
nothing crazy."
- [keypad clicks]
- "What's up? What's up? How are you?"
[line ringing]
Oh, hi!
- How are you, Carli?
- [darkly intriguing music playing]
Good? I'm glad!
Awesome, yeah.
Uh, no, I am I am
I'm calling I'm calling because I
I have a small favor to ask.
Like a tiny one.
- [kid] Let me see!
- [Lala] I have a surprise!
No, no, no, no, no.
- Did you want a puppy?
- Yeah.
- Did you want a puppy?
- Yeah!
[Lala] Here it is! Look.
- Do you like him?
- Yeah.
- [Lala] Look! What do you think?
- Super cute.
- [Lala] Where's Ari? Ari!
- [Lupe] Uh, she was in her room just now.
Hi, there! What do you think, Ari?
- Wait, who's puppy is that?
- Well, this is our puppy.
- Is it a gift from Grandma?
- No.
It wasn't a gift from Grandma
because we bought it ourselves.
Because we're not poor, right?
- Hmm.
- [Lala] Hmm?
- [kid] That's gross.
- [Lala] What?
[kid] He pooped!
- Chelita?
- [Ari gasps]
- Chelita!
- [Ari] You fired her too, Mom.
[dark music playing]
[Lupe] Come, Ari. Let's get the puppy out.
- [Lala] Oh, uh
- [Lupe] Help me carry it, please.
- [Ari] Sure. Come.
- [Lupe] Let's go out this way.
[Lala] And blessed
is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
have us in your prayers,
though sinners we are,
now and at the hour of our death.
[dark music fading]
I ruined everything.
They refused me the loan, baby.
I ruined it.
I tried to have something of my own
something different, and
[voice breaking] I ruined everything.
[crying] Everything.
It's okay, my love. It's okay.
[sobbing] I ruined it!
[somber music playing]
- [Martín] What are you doing?
- Huh?
Are you okay?
I'm tired, Martín.
I go into the kitchen,
I can't find anything,
and everything's dirty
And Lupe?
I mean, she can't do it on her own.
She's probably cleaning the kids' rooms,
I don't know, whatever.
You know, we don't have to stay here.
My dad keeps insisting
for us to go live with him in Houston.
- Hell no!
- Why not?
Because no! Because I wanna
give birth in Las Cascadas.
- Why do they all have to be born
- Because it's important! We're from here!
Why is that important?
Why does it matter where you give birth?
- [both arguing]
- [Ari] Is everything okay?
Come here.
You wanna visit your grandparents?
Matu and Yaya?
Yes! Can we go to Disneyland?
I love Disneyland!
- No, no, no, but it's not not Disneyland.
- [Ari] It's amazing.
Right? We've been there.
Remember the tree house?
[Ari] Mmm-hmm.
For how long?
I don't know.
["Te Quiero" by Hombres G playing]
[Tere] It's supposed to come
with the cookies, Lala.
- Oh, okay. I forgot them, okay?
- [Tere] At least clean it.
- I forgot.
- Hey, ma'am?
- Yes, Lupe.
- Sorry.
I'm all out of the tags, actually.
- All the red ones.
- All the [exclaims happily]
- Hey, there's more, I think, in my drawer.
- [Tere] Hey, Lala.
- You know which one.
- Yes, I'll get them, ma'am.
[Tere] This is, like,
an old PlayStation 3, right?
[Lala] I don't think so. Uh, it must be
I think Mati just started
collecting vintage consoles
and I feel like he might be interested.
[Matías] That's a PlayStation 1, Ma.
- The first PlayStation.
- Ah! Is that a no?
[Mavi] We hated moving.
Farewell parties, goodbyes.
- [Lala] I feel like I'm nearly exploding!
- Lala!
I'm so sad you're giving birth over there.
[Lala] Huh?
Look, maybe we
we shouldn't even mention that, Teresa
They're all Mexican,
what's gonna happen with this one?
Yeah, I know! Well
- [Ari] Give it back! It's mine! Go away!
- Hey, what's the matter? Hey!
- [Lala] No! Hey! I'm so sorry.
- [Tere] Sofía Scaglia.
- What did I do?
- You should be nice to your friend!
She's going through
a very rough situation!
You wouldn't like it
if I sold all your stuff!
- I didn't do anything.
- What do you mean, you didn't do anything?
- Be nice to your friend. Go over there.
- Mom, I didn't do
- [Mariana] Enough, enough. Cut it out.
- [Tere] Okay! Lala, I'm sorry.
No, I mean, don't worry about.
- It's for the foundation.
- [Mariana] Which foundation?
- [somber music playing]
- You know which, Mariana. The usual one.
[Mavi] Lala was telling everyone
that the money raised
was for the De la Luna's foundation.
We all knew this wasn't the case.
They could use every cent
for their new life in Houston.
I'll buy them all
and send them to him in Houston.
Green, Mariana, it's dollars.
Did you get that it was in dollars?
[Tere] Of course
I got that it was in dollars.
- Didn't you get the memo?
- [Mariana] I just thought it'd be clearer.
[Mavi] But Lala insisted
and I admired her for it.
She was so steadfast in defending her own.
So loyal to her family.
So Lala.
[Ari] We don't even have toys, Mom.
How do you expect us to be happy?
[hesitatingly] We don't even
have furniture!
Not even a mattress!
[Lala] Okay, who's next?
[Ari] Okay, I'll go.
What are you playing at, kids?
[Lala] Martín.
It's my turn.
He's cute.
I swear I've begged to God.
I've begged to God to let us stay here.
I don't want to leave.
Forgive me.
[Martín] Grant me one thing, damn it.
One is all I'm asking you.
I can't keep getting screwed
all the fucking time.
- What can I do for you to like me? Huh?
- [somber music playing]
[Martín] What can I do?
Fuck all your fucking angels!
We were there every Sunday,
every Sunday giving you money.
Begging, on our knees.
Lala prays to you daily, you bastard!
And even then, you won't budge.
What's the point?
What's the point? I don't get you.
[angrily] What more do you want from us?
I don't know how to serve you better!
And I'm tired.
I can no longer believe in you!
[yelling] Fuck you, you bastard!
[laughs and cries]
[somber music continues]
[Wagner] Mr. De la Luna.
Are you okay?
[Martín panting]
- [Tano and Martín laughing]
- [dark music playing]
[laughter continues]
[Tano and Martín exclaiming]
[yelling and laughing]
[Tano laughing] What is it, bitch?
What is it, bitch?
[Martín] Smile, dude.
[Tano] Ronie!
[hysterical] Vita è tempo!
- [slams table]
- Vita è tempo!
[Ronie] This is wrong, man!
God damn it, I'm out!
- [dark music continues]
- Martín!
- You're with me, right? Are you with me?
- [Ronie] Martín! Come on!
- [Tano] Hell yeah! Shut up!
- [Martín yells] I'm in!
- [Ronie] It's wrong, man!
- [Tano] Shut the fuck up! He's going!
- We have balls here, bro!
- [Martín] Going!
[Martín laughing]
Damn right, Mr. Fucking Governor!
- Ah!
- [Tano] No, do it with emotion.
No fear, but with emotion!
- [yelling] I'm in!
- That's right, no fear! With emotion, now!
[both yelling] I'm in!
I'm actually happy for once, bro.
I'm vibrating!
- Finally, this is happening to me!
- [Ronie] Go fuck yourself!
[Martín laughing]
[dark music continues]
[ladies talking indistinctly]
[Mariana] Do that with Martín!
[Tere] Forget it! You need
to get some sleep before giving birth.
- Take your makeup off!
- [Lala] Shh! Leave me alone.
[Tere] Get some rest, Lala.
[Lala] You too. Thanks, Nacho.
[Mariana] Stay just a little more,
come on!
- [Tere] Get your makeup off.
- Yes, of course. I can make it.
- [Tere] Don't forget, it's very important.
- I love you all.
[dark music building]
- [electricity crackling]
- [music stops]
[electricity surging]
[watch ticking]
["Mejor Mentir"
by Salvatore Vitale playing]
["Mejor Mentir" continues playing]
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