Thursday's Widows (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

The Maldonado Family

Carla saw her new house
for the first time on her birthday.
Gustavo brought the bare essentials
from their previous house
without her noticing.
Everything else was brand new.
Living in a place like Los Altos
de las Cascadas is a dream come true.
But it wasn't Carla's dream come true.
So, sweetie?
It's nice, right?
Just "yeah"? I think you mean,
"It's the best birthday present
I've ever gotten in my entire life"?
Yeah, sweetie. It's the best
birthday present I've ever gotten.
Ah, better.
Wait till you see
how this place looks during the day.
It's like a burst of sunlight in here,
there's so much green,
and the mountains, it's crazy.
- Hey, what about our old furniture?
- Oof! No, the furniture?
Forget about the furniture.
I told you, new house, new life.
- What?
- New furniture. New everything.
- What about my grandmother's wardrobe?
- It was ugly.
Your grandmother's wardrobe, well,
it's from your grandmother's times.
We're gonna put some new,
Nordic-style furniture over here,
and a big chaise over here,
a three-meter chaise
so I can lay down and watch
Yeah, no, it's, uh
It's incredible. But it's huge, and
- Uh-huh?
- I don't know.
We're gonna need
lots of paintings to fill the walls.
- Sure.
- I don't know.
It's the perfect excuse
for you to take painting classes.
Sweetie, I want you to do
what you've always dreamed of.
- You know how we're gonna fill this house?
- Tell me.
With babies.
With lots of babies.
Lots of little Gustavos and little Carlas
running around like crazy.
Hey, wait, what do you mean?
I thought we agreed on waiting.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure.
- We'll wait. It's just that
- Stop insisting! Stop insisting.
You know,
the only reason I'm insisting
is because having kids takes time,
and then life starts getting complicated
And life goes by so fast, you know? So
I'm shocked.
And when I say something,
she asks me to shut up.
I can never be sure what to say.
What an asshole.
Oh my god, look at my wife!
That looks really good on you, huh?
- I don't know. Maybe a little tight, huh?
- Well, that's the point, right?
Jeez, you look spectacular.
Plus, I mean, we make an amazing couple.
- Mmm.
- Mmm.
Hey. Let's see.
Oof! We're gonna be late.
I gotta beat this Scaglia guy,
I've been told he thinks he's the best.
- But no one's better than you.
- Obviously.
Do you think the wives are gonna be going?
I think so, yeah. Apparently,
they usually go watch the guys play.
Pretty good, right?
So we can meet everyone all at once.
- Let's go. We're gonna be late.
- Let's go.
When Carla met Gustavo,
she saw someone with big aspirations
and an unwavering determination
to achieve them no matter what.
But sometimes a person's strengths
might become their worst flaws.
Come on! Don't let him get away!
Punish him! Punish him!
- Watch out for that one!
- Tano?
No, he's not a good player.
I don't think so. Come on, see that?
- Is she wearing a little ribbon?
- Stop mumbling about her.
She'll hear us.
Oh! It looks like your Tanito's
getting his ass kicked, huh?
Nah! He's just tired.
Come on, Tano!
No fear, Tano!
- Watch for the backhand! In the middle!
- Tano! Come on, baby!
- Oh! His arms are really toned.
- No!
I guess I won't
be lifting your penalty, huh?
- Switch sides! Switch sides!
- Faster, Tano!
There, hard! Hard!
Ahh! I can't believe it!
- Are you okay?
- Hey, no way.
You're fucking good, man.
- Nice, dude.
- Nicely played, sir.
- Nicely won, dude.
- Truth is, I thought I'd beat you sooner.
Hey, Maldonado doesn't
doesn't sound Spanish to me.
Maybe you should travel a little more.
Actually, Scaglia,
to me doesn't sound Mexican.
This dude!
No, Scaglia comes from
an Italian-Mexican lineage.
- A long pedigree.
- Would you look at that.
From kings, dude.
Come on, the the book I showed you.
Well, I think that from today on
you surely won't forget my name.
That was a damn good
game you just played.
Yeah, this dude earned it, man.
By the way,
it's the first time someone beat him here.
- Can you believe it?
- Might as well get used to it.
- When's the rematch?
- Whenever you want.
- Tomorrow?
- Holy shit.
We're about to go to the Casa Club
and have a drink with the ladies.
You coming?
Perfect. I'll see you there. Great.
All right!
Well, welcome to Las Cascadas.
- Thank you, Ronie.
- Yes, cheers!
Thank you.
This is gonna be
more fun than we expected.
- Right, Carla?
- Of course, yeah.
Carlita, what do you do for a living?
What are your interests?
For now, she's a housewife.
- Oh, it felt
- I, uh, studied design.
Mmm! What do you design?
- Graphics?
- Textile?
- Oh, wow! Textile!
- Industrial.
That's really cool!
Whoa, you didn't let her answer.
What do you design?
- Labels?
- I was in
Carla, Tere is also a designer.
Well, I do landscaping.
It's called landscaping.
Let's change the subject
before Tere gets angry. And you? You.
Gus, what's your interests?
Do you like to play domino, for example?
Look, if you're as good at it
as you are at tennis, Martín
Oh! The nerve on this guy!
And you, Carlita, since you're a designer,
maybe you'll enjoy
going to painting classes with Mariana.
- They're
- That would be great.
He's really intense.
- He loves inviting everyone everywhere.
- Hey, Carla.
- You should join us on Thursdays.
- Waiter!
- What happens on Thursdays?
- We drink some booze.
- We're almost done.
- I can't take it anymore.
- I can't.
- Come on, Carla!
- I can't. You finish.
- Hey, where are you going, quitter?
- Come here! We gotta finish this together.
- No, babe, it's too hard.
Come on, I don't want you to be like
one of those girls who starts getting fat
as soon as they get married, you know?
Come on! A final effort.
Hey, Gustavo, that's horrible,
why would you say that?
I was just joking, baby.
Do you want me to be like a trophy wife?
Like that scumbag Scaglia?
Shit, I want you. You know that.
Come on, babe. I was joking.
- Uh-huh. Well, very funny.
- Hey, where are you going? Wait.
- I'm gonna go take a shower.
- Holy shit, Carla.
- What?
- Why are you so touchy-feely?
Everything offends you.
Not everything offends me.
What offends me is when you're rude to me.
- Come on, don't be silly.
- I'm not being silly, okay?
- I'm not.
- You see? I can't say anything.
- You always get pissed
- Gustavo
you said you didn't want me to get fat.
- What if I do get fat, hmm?
- Again, it was a joke.
Mmm-hmm. Okay. Well, so just apologize.
If I have to apologize for everything
that bothers you, I'll never stop.
- "I'm sorry, babe."
- Uh-huh. Okay. Fine.
I'm gonna go take a shower, okay? Great.
So I can go to that stupid class.
Hey, wait a minute! You're leaving?
The girl is really leaving!
- What?
- Nothing pisses me off more than
Gustavo, please leave me alone!
Shut up, already! Enough!
I won't except that.
Don't yell at me any more! You hear me?
Are you crazy? I spend my whole life
working my ass off
so you can live like a queen here!
And it turns out
I can't even make a stupid joke?
For fuck's sake!
I'm sorry, you're right.
I shouldn't scream at you.
Yeah, but you did.
Do you realize how people live out there?
You want me to take you there?
So you can see how people really live?
Not here, in your bubble, out there?
Or does your husband need to tell you
what it took for him to get us here?
- Baby
- No, not "baby." No. No.
- Baby
- Don't do that right now. No, no, no.
Okay, you're right.
I'm sorry, you're totally right.
Dude, you're messing with me.
That's what I'm doing.
First, governor, then
Come on.
It's your turn, Kasparov.
How can you expect him to have any notion
of time with that watch he wears?
Come on, Tano. What's wrong with my watch?
What's wrong with
You have a smartwatch! I mean
That shit is for losers!
That's just a tiny screen that
shows you the time, among other things,
but it's not a machine
that measures time, bro.
Well, this little screen
is great for me to check my accounts,
and, uh, write emails.
- I can talk to your wife every night.
- Ooh!
I'm a big fan, it works.
Why are you
bringing my wife into this?
You wouldn't believe
the pictures your wife sends me.
You know what scares me, dude?
That you think you need to have a watch
that is smarter than you
to tell you
what you need to do every hour
- Well, do you know why? Do you know why?
- No.
Because here, you three, are all snobs.
No, I'm sorry, you're stiff necks.
It's not a matter of of status, bro.
I'm just saying that you have to be
be the master of your own time
and your life, bro.
Not, uh, some fucking app.
What I want from the bottom of my heart
is for Gustavo Maldonado
to be a better person.
Because if you are better,
then I'm automatically better,
Ronie is better
- I mean, even this asshole's better.
- Vita è tempo!
Vita è tempo!
Vita è tempo!
- Of course!
- Fuck, man.
I wanted to study art.
Oh, yeah?
I used to teach courses
for children here.
Painting courses.
But, um
Alfredo didn't like it
when I wasn't with the kids at home.
So I quit.
You wouldn't believe
the things I had to put up with.
Gustavo, my husband,
he's obsessed with me
being friends with the widows.
I'm the one
who named the Thursday's Widows.
Tano says it was him,
but it's not true, I did it.
I feel like
he's also totally obsessed with
with money,
with having more investors, with work.
- Hmm.
- He wants me to be home all day.
And when he gets near me,
I don't know if he's gonna kiss me,
or hug me, or if maybe
if maybe
maybe hurt me.
Those types of men
don't change.
They just end up getting worse.
Want some advice?
Get out.
As the years go by
and you regret it, my friend.
Before you wake up one day wondering
what your life would've been like
if you had dared to do
what you legitimately wanted.
Love, what's up?
Where are you?
I'm coming home soon.
I should go home.
Thank you for listening to me.
You know we're here for you
whenever you need.
I'm so glad you came.
Take care.
Nice to meet you, Rosa.
Take care of yourself.
And I really mean that.
Because the storm is coming.
You have life inside of you.
I told you not to say that to him!
Fuck, I told you!
- The lighter?
- For fuck's sake, I told you!
I've told you a hundred times
not to mention that clause!
Damn it!
Could you be any more useless?
What happened?
- What's wrong, Gustavo?
- Not now, babe. Not now, please.
What's the matter with you?
You're breaking things now? You're crazy!
- Carla, enough! Enough.
- Don't yell at me!
- Please, let me be alone for a minute.
- That dude is crazy.
- Carla, leave that!
- We'd better get out of here.
- No, but
- We'd better go, for real.
Let's go.
- Don't fight. Don't fight.
- Match point, bitch.
No way in hell, man.
If I were you,
I'd drug test that asshole.
Nah, man, I mean, he's on drugs,
just not the right ones. Know what I mean?
Well played.
You're such a crybaby, dude.
It's just a game, you bastard.
I was basically playing alone in a double.
I was like, bam, bing, bang!
- What do you mean?
- Excuses!
- I'm gonna call my wife.
- He's way too uptight.
I'd rather be with her
than a bunch of assholes.
She won't answer because she and Lala
went to Río Florido, bro.
- They're shopping?
- No, scuba diving.
'Course they're shopping, dude.
They're at the mall.
Nah, come on, come on, come on.
Shitty-ass joke, Ronie.
- What do you think of this one?
- Oh, look!
- Sorry to interrupt you.
- Oh, no! Cutie!
- Aww!
- Here they are.
Thought I'd introduce you
to these little guys.
- Oh my God! Hi, hi, hi!
- Hi, gorgeous!
- Oh, hi!
- What breed are they?
He is a Pekingese, a male,
and that one is a female.
- It's a terrier crossbreed.
- Aww!
She's up for adoption,
if you're interested.
Oh, yeah? Oh, that's nice.
Is he not for adoption?
- No, he is for sale.
- Oh, that's good. That's awesome.
I'll let you
get to know them for a bit.
- Thanks, yeah.
- Call me if you need anything.
- Hi, baby!
- I think you should take her.
- I mean
- I'd love to! Hi!
Well, I can tell that
I mean, do you wanna be a mom?
Uh, yeah, one day.
Well, let me tell you something.
I know some people say it's bullshit,
or whatever, but it's not.
If you take a puppy home, you will know
if you really wanna be a mom or not.
Like, you clear it up just like that.
You'll also be able to tell if Gustavo is
Well, I mean,
if he could be a good parent.
It all becomes clear, like
- Bam. Super quick.
- Oh, yeah?
Oh my god, would you look at this?
I can't!
Yes, sweetie?
- How are ya?
- Good, I'm about to head out.
What's going on?
I don't know, you tell me.
Twenty-three thousand pesos,
almost a thousand euros.
Lala asked me to come
with her to buy a new puppy.
And she asked me for my card.
I don't know, it's like they don't have
as much money as it seems, right?
A puppy.
- Mmm-hmm.
- So a dog.
Yes. It was pretty cute, so
Please tell me what it actually was.
Come on, do you think I'm lying to you?
Please don't lie to me, Carla.
So you're telling me
you think I'm lying, Gustavo?
I just told you I bought her a dog.
You can't believe that?
Come on.
I seriously can't believe
you want to humiliate us like this.
You're humiliating yourself, Carla.
What's the problem here, Gustavo?
The money?
I'll pay you.
You know perfectly well it's not that.
Well, I don't understand
how you want to have a family
if you don't trust me really.
I can't trust you if you lie to me.
It's not a damn lie.
Very well.
I'll guess we'll see.
- Go, go.
- Can I put a leash on him?
- You should carry him.
- But he won't learn how to walk.
You better not
hide anything from me again.
And from now on,
if you wanna use my card,
you gotta ask me for permission.
It'll walk eventually,
you can put the leash on it then.
- I'm sorry. Are you busy? May I sit?
- No, please, go ahead.
Can I get you anything?
Some water? Coffee?
- No, I'm okay, Mavi, thanks.
- Perfect.
I'd like to show you something
if you have time.
- Uh-huh.
- But, uh well, you know.
- Take a look, no pressure.
- What is this?
Uh, sorry, I know it's not great.
I mean, I haven't worked in a long time.
No, no, I don't have my glasses.
Sorry. It looks good.
Ah! Well, maybe that
gives you an idea, more or less.
Um, about, you know,
some things that I can do.
I I can help you with, uh
flyers, or brochures, or I can
I don't
I don't have the money to pay you, Carla.
I need to work, Mavi.
- I need to do something. I'm going crazy.
- I understand, but I don't
- I can do whatever you want
- I don't have the funds, Carla.
I don't have
enough money to pay you, okay?
Mavi, I don't need a salary,
I need to work.
The last thing I want
is to fight with you.
Come here.
- Ready?
- Ready.
But how
How did you buy it?
- I didn't buy it.
- Oh, no?
- Did you draw it yourself?
- Yeah.
Oh my god, I mean
Look at that! You're really
becoming a hell of an artist, huh?
And the painting was the excuse?
Or what was the excuse?
I have such a beautiful wife, my God.
You look a little different today, huh?
You're much skinnier
than that shirt makes you look, I mean
I don't know.
You have other shirts
that fit you way better.
Okay, sweetie, I have to go.
I'm running late. I'll see you later.
I'll bring us some Chinese, okay?
Don't cook?
You all right?
Some news can be game-changing.
Like knowing you're going to be a mother.
The decisions we make for them
are always out of sheer love or fear.
- Are you all right?
- No.
- I have to go to my kid's school.
- Did something happen?
Nothing. Can we go over these later?
- Yeah, yeah, sure. No problem.
- Okay.
If he loses the scholarship,
I'll kill him.
I will have to cancel the
the five o'clock appointment.
No! Don't cancel it.
I'll help you.
Thanks a lot.
I'm home! Hey, Carla!
Sweetie, are you there?
- And how many rooms?
- Four!
- Perfect, we want a big family.
- Oh, really?
- Yeah.
- And when are you due?
- Soon! In February.
- Well, no worries.
- I'm sure you can move in before then.
- Oh, well that's great.
See you! Thank you so much!
- What's going on?
- Hi, girl!
- Is everything okay?
- Hey, beautiful, how are you?
- Good, you?
- I'm great. Great, great, great, yeah.
- Hi!
- Put Put your seatbelt on.
- What's going on?
- Hi!
- The thing is
- What's up?
You know we're about to leave for Houston?
- Uh-huh.
- And
we won't be able to bring him with us.
And I've been thinking,
and thinking, and I don't
- Come on, no way.
- Yeah.
And to be honest,
I thought of you because I think that
- No. No, no, no. No, Lala, really.
- Yeah! I mean it!
Come on, no. Really, no.
- No, Gustavo would lose it. No, really.
- No, I mean it.
- No, he's pretty cute and all, but
- Well, if you want
Just please help me.
I can't keep him here. Please, come on.
Oh God.
Please, Carlita.
I mean, the poor thing, but
He's gonna help you
and Gustavo a lot, really.
Plus, he's such a good boy.
- Hope he doesn't kill me, Lala.
- Come on, he wouldn't kill you. It's just
Look at him!
- Hi, little guy.
- He's a pretty good boy.
His name is Tomás.
- Tomás?
- Yes, because of Saint Tomás.
He'll protect you.
- Okay. Sure.
- Thank you, Carlita.
- See you at the farewell party?
- Yeah. See you there.
Aw! Hi, little guy.
You're such a cutie.
Are you ready?
For your new home, baby?
Oh, sweetie!
You're home early.
I got a surprise for you.
Didn't I tell you
not to wear that fucking blouse?
Where were you?
Since when are you
working with Mavi, Carla?
- Ahh!
- What else are you hiding?
- Tell me! What else are you hiding?
- What's wrong with you? Let go of me!
Why the fuck didn't you pick up
your phone all day? Where were you?
Answer me!
You don't even need to answer.
I can tell by how you smell,
no need to answer.
You are disgusting, Carla.
You are disgusting!
Baby, how are you?
Carla, please, say something.
Carla, please, open the door.
Let's talk about this.
I know that things have been crazy, but
Please, we have to talk it out.
- We have to work this out.
- Leave me alone! Go away!
Baby, please forgive me.
I'm sorry I hit you. Really.
I don't know what happened!
Sweetie, say something, please.
Please say something.
I was going crazy!
I've been calling you all day, and
And when I found out
you were lying to me, I swear
I don't know.
I can't stand it
when you keep things from me!
But I know I can't treat you like this.
God damn it, Carla, please, say something!
Baby, where I grew up, I
I didn't have anything.
I had to learn to not need anything,
Because if I did, I was screwed.
But I swear that when I met you, I
I felt like I had something.
That someone
finally saw me
and loved me.
And since then, I feel like
I've been living the life
I never thought I could have.
And it's all because of you!
Forgive me.
Forgive me.
You'll be glad to hear this.
I think we just found
our graphic identity.
Here, look.
What happened?
I had an accident.
Do you wanna listen to music?
Do you like Kabah?
Whatever you want.
It's been a while
since I listened to this song.
I never really got the lyrics.
Me neither.
Carla Pérez?
That's me.
Just a moment.
Have you thought this through?
Are you sure you don't wanna have it?
Yes, Mavi.
I'm sure.
Carla was a strong woman.
That wasn't an easy decision.
But she wasn't ready to be a mother.
How is the most beautiful woman on earth?
- You're not gonna let him in?
- Sweetie, it's a dog.
He's better off in the yard.
Listen, um
I talked to my associates
and I've asked them for a few days off.
Maybe we can plan a trip somewhere.
To the beach of your choice.
Any beach. You choose. Just you and me.
Sounds good.
But not before this goes away,
right, though?
Baby, don't punish me, please.
You're making me feel like a monster.
I wasn't, I was being serious.
I understand.
I think
I think that by New Years, you should, uh
you should be fine.
New year, new life.
So? Do we have a deal?
New year, new life?
New year, new life.
See you tonight, okay?
Don't go out, I'll bring us dinner.
I love you.
Few people in Los Altos
have the guts to leave.
Maybe that's why, unlike Gustavo,
Carla never belonged here.
That night,
Gustavo came back to an empty home,
where being by himself
was his worst punishment.
She is never coming back, man.
And what you need
to ask yourself right now is,
"Can I live with that?"
And the answer is "no," man.
- Because you're a damn fool.
- Shut up!
Do you want me
to tell you the truth or not?
I love you, but you're a damn fool!
But don't you chicken out now, pal.
Don't you chicken out now, pal.
- Leave me alone, please!
- Did you hear me? Come on! Bro!
Your wife ain't coming back!
- She's not coming back. Dude.
- I said shut it!
Don't even fucking mention my wife,
you son of a bitch!
What you need
to be asking yourself right now, man,
is whether or not
you can live without her.
- Martín! Shut the fuck up!
- Do you know what the answer is?
- No!
- Cut it out, cut it out.
Just fucking admit it, man.
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