Thursday's Widows (2023) s01e06 Episode Script

The Guevara Family

I remember when we
visited the house for the first time.
That afternoon I learned a lot
about what would shortly after
become my own business.
One of the things I learned
was that setbacks
could become opportunities.
Due to the circumstances
of the previous owner's death,
I was able to bargain a good price.
One man's trash
is another man's treasure.
I think that phrase
works really well in Las Cascadas.
General Cavazos had lost his wife
ten years ago.
And since then,
he stopped attending
all neighborhood meetings and festivities.
He would regularly check his house
for any imperfections and fix them.
The first time we visited the house,
it was in perfect condition.
Look at that!
Come on! Come on, look at that!
That very day,
I managed to negotiate and buy it.
Those were good times.
- Congratulations. Enjoy your new house.
- Congratulations.
Times when we dreamed together
and when I had Ronie's silliness
all for myself.
Ronie the Promising.
That was his nickname for many years.
People always wanted
more and more from Ronie.
Everyone started to make more money
and he wasn't growing.
He was replaced by a 20-year-old boy.
That's when I knew I'd have to
take care of the family for some time.
And I didn't know for how long.
The council has accepted the Maldonados.
We'll have new neighbors.
- Wow, great! I knew it.
- Mmm-hmm.
I knew you were going to sell that house!
Thank you.
If I were a man and spent all day working,
I would come home for dinner,
and I wouldn't
have to take care of two kids.
That's awesome! Such a great gift.
I have to admit,
I was curious
about what it'd feel like to be alone.
But I couldn't picture myself coming home
to an empty bed like Carmen Insúa.
I was terrified
of having the same fate as hers,
divorced and not widowed.
Pretending that everything's okay.
Did you sell weed
to Matías Scaglia?
- No.
- I just came from your school.
- Don't lie.
- No, I swear. I didn't sell anything
His mother told me
you're on the blacklist at school.
General Cavazos
left that house in perfect shape.
But in a certain way,
he also left us a life lesson.
Not all endings are happy.
But that means that even if
we sell the house, we'd still be in debt.
That's why I'm trying
to find a job I enjoy! We're doing fine!
Thanks, I'll
I'll call you back in a bit.
- Bye.
- No, listen. Mom, listen.
No, no, no, don't No!
Who told you?
Ah, we're doing fine!
We don't need anything, okay?
Mavi's fine, and I am perfectly fine.
Say it again?
No! Mom, what do you mean?
We are not okay!
No, tell her! Tell your mo
- Tell her we are not okay!
- No, nothing, nothing.
Mavi's just having a pretty,
uh, complicated day, I think
- I'll tell her! Give me the phone.
- I'm not gonna give you the phone.
- No, Mom
- Give me the phone.
Hi, Silvia! How are you?
Yeah, you know
We are not okay, Silvia.
- No, no, no
- Give me. Give me. There.
Maybe you two can grab a coffee
or something later, okay? Bye.
- That was pretty rude.
- Pretty rude?
- So rude!
- Don't tell me I'm rude.
- How could you take the phone from me?
- Do you think we're doing okay?
Do you think we're doing okay?
I can't sleep thinking about how
we'll manage to pay for Juandi's tuition,
plus housing expenses, verification
He's losing his scholarship
because of the weed you're growing
in your fucking greenhouse.
- Maverick, relax. Come on.
- Don't tell me to relax!
And don't call me "Maverick," God damn it!
I know guys who break their backs at work.
Do something!
Do something for your fucking family!
When I was younger,
I used to imagine myself
living in a cottage surrounded
by my five sons and five daughters.
I always imagined
that my worries would be trivial
like Tere's,
taking care of her body at the spa,
or Mariana's, who can't stop working out.
Or spending with a credit card
and not worrying about the bill.
What are we toasting to?
Let's toast to us.
Mariana, listen
Go talk to your butterflies.
Mariana, please don't go.
- Hey, Alfredo, what's up?
- Tano.
December 26th, Alfredo.
Today's the day.
Vita è tempo, brother.
Together for eternity.
Welcome, guys.
Being here is like
entering an alternate reality
where we can be sure that no unwanted soul
will disturb the harmony.
How are you?
I'm fine.
Great. So, how may I help you?
How was your Christmas, then?
Well, I was working, you know.
How was it for you?
I I saved you some, uh
some Christmas food.
Not Not the leftovers, um, I
I actually I actually saved you some.
I don't have it with me, though.
I think it's it's in the office.
You can come by later if you want.
- Oh, yeah. Sure.
- For the food, I mean.
Yeah. Yeah, sure, I'll
You know, I'll come by whenever you like.
Anyway, um
An hour from now okay?
I think 30, okay?
- I'll see you soon.
- Yeah, later.
LALA - Confirmed TERE S.
- Let's be on time
Ladies, I'm running late,
I have work at the office.
Once you're in Las Cascadas,
it's like you're struck
with a magic spell,
a magical forgetfulness of the past.
She won't answer!
Leave a voicemail. Let's go to her office.
- No!
- Mavi!
Are you in there?
- Don't yell at it!
- Mavi!
What I want you guys
to grasp here
is this is an opportunity for us all.
Because we need to provide our families
with what they deserve, brothers.
you fucking stoner,
listen to what I'm about to say.
You haven't been providing for her.
For Mavi.
And you love her!
You're a great man, dude, but I
I'm your brother and I have to tell you.
You don't provide for her.
And this is your chance
to make it up to her, man.
To give your family security,
protection, bro.
- And you, asshole
- All right, Tano, what? Say it.
Make my day now then.
You punched your wife
and now you're crying about it.
I mean, what you did, man?
There's only one path
for you to be forgiven, bro.
The path of honor.
But it has to look like an accident
so we're all able to
get the insurance money, you know?
Alfredo Insúa
set the whole thing up already.
We just gotta do it.
This is all bullshit! I mean, no, dude!
No! No, man, no!
- It has to be today.
- Hey! Hey, easy!
- Ah, come on, man! Tano, stop!
- Don't point it at me.
It has to be today, bro.
Think about this opportunity.
I mean, this thing is certain.
But it has to be today.
Let's save our families
together, dude.
So they can get the insurance money.
Come on!
What are you doing? Tano!
Put that down.
- What are you doing, bro?
- Stop it, man!
Put that down, asshole! Now!
- What are you doing?
- Okay! We'll do it!
Take that thing out of your mouth!
Do I look ridiculous?
You don't look ridiculous.
You look pretty.
Do you remember when
you wanted to be friends
with the Peñalozas?
You wanted to get dolled up
for Aranza's birthday, right?
So cringe.
You're my favorite
person to hang out with.
No way.
It was obvious, dude.
Why did you tell them I sold you pot?
What's your problem, dude?
Never mind him, Juandi.
He's feeling rejected.
What's your problem, dumbass?
What, dude?
- Huh?
- Juandi, are you okay?
What, dude?
Is that enough for ya?
Or do you wanna kiss me, too?
Fuck off, bastard.
You as well.
You poor piece of shit.
Where's Mavi?
Let's go, Nacho!
- What are you up to?
- What do you mean?
- Where's Mavi?
- She wasn't there.
- What do you mean?
- She wasn't!
Where is Mavi?
- Ronie. Hey, Martín, shh. Shh.
- This is not cowardice.
What have you done with your life, bro?
With your time?
You want me to say it?
You've been waiting for something, dude
that's not gonna happen, man.
We all know it. And you know it, dude.
You can't be high all day
and letting Mavi take care of you.
This is an opportunity!
- They're ready.
- This is not cowardice, dude.
Turn that fucking machine off!
Damn it!
He's nervous,
but it has been decided.
- You damn jerk!
- Fuck, man!
- I hate you, jerk!
- Turn it up! Look at me
- No! No!
- Wait a minute, dude!
I'm not that type of guy, Ms. Guevara.
Not with you.
It's for the door.
You fixed it.
Still, you don't have to.
That's, uh, the Christmas
Uh, for the food, hmm?
Take care, Ms. Guevara.
Good night, Wagner.
Hell yeah, dude!
Come on, Gustavo!
Hell yeah!
- Beluga!
- Help me out here, dude!
Ow, my eye still hurts.
Do you think
Mati is in his room?
I don't know,
but it sounds like they have people over.
Get the phone ready to film him.
you're showing everything.
- Come on, they're just panties, dude.
- Beluga!
Dude, that one's yours.
I don't see Matías,
but I do see his super drunk dad.
This whole mess?
- We're gonna fix it together.
- Together.
Together, brother.
Shh! We are a team, huh?
We are a team.
Where are you going, man?
Where are you going?
Where are you going, man? Stop!
You're already in! Stop.
What happened?
- What did you do?
- I'm fucking stupid!
- Take me to Tano's house!
- Shut up!
Take me to Tano's house!
Take me to Tano's house!
- What are you doing? No, no, no!
- I don't know!
Not an ambulance! No!
Take me to Tano's house.
- Son of a bitch!
- Shh!
- Listen to me, you son of a bitch! Listen!
- Leave me alone.
I'm gonna pick you up.
If you don't help me, Ronie,
if you don't do your part,
I'm gonna walk out that door,
and go far from here,
and you won't ever, ever see me again!
This is your only opportunity!
Just one, damn it!
Okay. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah.
Come on! Come on!
The last time an ambulance
came into Las Cascadas in the
middle of the night, it was a scandal.
Scandals bring problems,
and no one wants problems here.
The ambulance comes, and suddenly
everyone starts asking questions.
And that night, I didn't have answers.
I didn't know that those two vague figures
in the darkness that night
were Ramona and my son, Juandi.
Ronie! Give me your hand!
Give me your hand!
Hey! Are you okay?
Yeah! Open the gate, Wagner!
- Please!
- Open the gate, hurry!
Everyone remembers
the first time they see someone dying.
It makes me really sad to know
that Ramona and Juandi saw them that day.
I couldn't sleep that night.
You're already in! Stop.
Everything that happened
weighed on me.
He's drowning him.
He killed them.
What do we do?
That day I realized
it was the moment of truth.
The kind of uncomfortable truth
that follows everyone once it's freed.
I couldn't understand why I told him.
But I think that a part of me
needed him to know.
Anyway. As I was saying
the costs, right.
Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
I'll I'll reimburse you as
as soon as I'm better, okay?
All right, deal.
I talked to my parents.
They're gonna
help us out for a few months. I know that
all this time I've been
a real schmuck at home.
I haven't helped you at all,
but I'll help you now.
I'm sorry.
What's the matter?
I did a very bad thing, Ronie.
A very bad thing.
What did you do, baby?
I had sex with Wagner.
With who?
The chief of security.
I don't even
Sure thing. Great.
Mario, open it. Please.
Are you okay?
Are you Wagner?
- Yes, sir, I'm Wagner
- Chief of security?
Yes, sir. That's me.
How may I help you?
I would have liked
to be there to see that meeting.
To see Ronie look into the eyes
of the man I needed.
You know what?
Forget it.
Forget it.
Oh, for fuck's sake, not here.
Not now!
It's probably the battery, right?
- No, no, no! No need! No, there's no need!
- Give me a hand. Over here.
- Did a cable get disconnected?
- Yeah, I think so.
- All right. We'll have to push.
- Leave it!
That's what I'm here for,
Mr. Guevara. Don't worry, I'll help you.
- The leg!
- This side first. I got you.
- Watch for the head.
- Go ahead, go ahead.
Almost there. Almost there.
Did you get your mom's phone?
Send it.
They have to know what happened.
- Hey, is something wrong?
- No.
Send it.
It's time.
Send it to the widow's group chat.
The first thing I felt was shame.
I don't think
I've ever felt that way before.
So exposed, so vulnerable, so
What is this?
Mavi, what is this?
What is this?
What is this? Mavi, you sent it!
It came from your phone!
Lala! Lala, calm down! Stop it!
- Ernesto!
- He killed him!
- What happened?
- I don't know!
Calm down, Lala. Calm down.
Let's talk about this.
I feared that, from that day on,
our friends would never
look at us the same way
because we knew the secret.
Ramona and Juandi
had changed the rules forever.
What are you doing?
Why are you being weird?
- Why are you like that? Keep going.
- I wasn't there!
- Come on. Keep going.
- Mavi!
It's all my fault!
Why don't we
go somewhere private and talk?
Yeah, absolutely.
It has to remain
absolutely clear that what happened
was an accident, all right?
Sometimes in life,
for some mysterious weird reason,
accidents can bring
good fortune with them.
This was a terrible tragedy,
very painful to us all, absolutely.
But, ironically, for your families
this is gonna be like
like one of those comets
that passes by
once every hundred years or so.
And when it does,
it leaves a trail of light.
Well, in this case, a trail of prosperity.
Am I being clear?
Our beloved Tano
made an effort
to secure the future of his family.
He convinced Martín
to do the same thing.
he tried to convince other friends too.
And that's not all.
He made sure that there would be
a good amount of money
to be invested here
in Altos de las Cascadas.
- Our community.
- No.
I'm sorry, Alfredo,
but that madness we just saw?
That was absurd.
Do you mean the video?
That your son recorded?
Your son and your daughter.
Well, the police were here,
and the police have determined
that it was an accident.
If for some reason
they think it wasn't an accident,
you won't get to collect
the insurance money.
And many of you here
are going to have to leave your bubbles,
survive on the other side of the fence.
Let's make a pact. A pact between friends.
A sacred pact between families, okay?
No one will ever,
ever speak of this video again.
Not even mention it.
You understand?
Never again.
And everyone will delete it
from their phones.
Why would we even need
to watch that again?
We can always remember, we can always
honor our dear friends, our families
in our own hearts forever.
It's gonna be okay.
What about her?
Don't worry about that.
I'll take care of it.
Let's go, Ernesto.
Baby, why don't you join the girls?
Okay, sure.
Hi, good evening.
In the end, we all went back
to that same place.
Pretending that everything
was gonna stay the same.
But we weren't the same anymore.
Everyone was aware
of how miserable we all were.
It's hard to believe
that something so terrible
happened just a few days ago,
yet this house
is so filled with light now.
So filled with life.
Good night, Bere.
Good night.
How are you?
I'm fine. Thanks.
Happy New Year, ma'am.
Happy New Year, Bere.
- Everything seemed upside down.
- Wow!
The unmentionable
and its consequences.
How are you?
- Welcome, Mavi, hi!
- Hi.
Mavi, my dear.
I never imagined I'd say this
but the disbelief in your face
about what happened seemed honest.
Some days we beg
for that kind of affection.
- Happy New Year, Ernesto.
- Thanks.
Good evening.
When I saw you sitting at the table
with all your children,
I couldn't stop thinking about Martín.
I didn't imagine you could
survive without each other one day.
Fine, really.
- Mmm-hmm?
- Yeah.
The food looks absolutely incredible.
- I can't wait to eat.
- Uh, Grandma?
- Mom? Can we eat already?
- What is it, baby?
Are you sure? No.
I was surprised
by how fast you were able to.
I don't think that's a good idea.
It's not your regular game.
Good evening, kids.
- Good evening, Pedro.
- Hi.
- How are you?
- Good.
As I got closer to you, Teresa,
I wondered if I too would have liked
being a widow all the days of the week.
Maybe I would have.
But there was Juandi.
And I wanted for him
to have a father for many more years.
These children of ours
to whom we owe so many apologies
for being so dumb.
- How are you doing?
- Yeah, I'm great. Thanks.
After the accident,
we all felt relieved,
but above all, grateful.
Grateful to say goodbye
to the year that took friends from us.
Neighbors, fathers,
and husbands whom we loved and admired.
And we realized
that anything that doesn't kill you
only makes you stronger.
I'm glad you're alive.
Happy New Year, Wagner.
Happy New Year, Ms. Scaglia.
the sun will come up again.
You will remain here
like nothing ever happened,
doing what you do best, pretend.
We will leave slowly, carefully.
Far away, without bothering anyone.
Somewhere where we can tell
what we can't say
and where we can say what we want to tell.
We came with nothing
and we will leave with nothing.
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