Tidelands (2018) s01e01 Episode Script


Maney, what can you see? Fuck all.
I don't know where they are.
No drugs, no markers, nothing.
- Hang on.
- [THUNDER RUMBLING] Jesus Christ.
She's got the barrels.
How the fuck did she find them? [MAN ON RADIO] She has the barrels? How many? - [ALARM BEEPING] - Shit.
Shit! [MAN ON RADIO] Maney? What are you seeing? Maney? Maney? - I'm going back.
- We're paying you for answers, Maney.
Fuck this.
I'm heading back.
[INDISTINCT CHATTERING] [FAINT BUZZING] - What do you want, Mason? - Heard you still got credit in the shop.
[MASON GRUNTING, GROANING] [MASON SCREAMS] [MASON] Get off me! - [GRUNTS] - Oh! - [INMATE GRUNTS] - [CAL PANTING] [DOOR BANGS] ["BRIDGES" PLAYING] We were worlds apart So I fell from the stars I travelled long and I travelled far Then deep in the dark How much of this stuff do you wanna keep? After ten years, can't be much.
And it led straight to your heart There'll be oceans for us to tread There'll be bridges for us to mend But I'll stick through it Oh, I swear There'll be mountains for us to climb There'll be days When the sun won't shine [INDISTINCT CHATTERING] [MAN] Welcome to Algeria.
This was found a week ago.
No one knows what this is part of, but I suspect Do you believe such stories? [WOMAN] If they are true, if that is part of what I think it is, then you know it was broken for a reason.
[SEAGULL SCREECHES] - [POLICE OFFICER] Is that Zach Maney? - [OFFICER 2] Yeah, looks like it.
I'll radio for forensic services.
Get Doc Keeble down there.
You'll do no such thing.
The Cherub was empty.
Zach Maney must have fallen overboard at sea.
Go back into town and see who can get us a tugboat out here.
And maybe get the coast guard to start a search for him.
[PHONE RINGING] Oh, shit, look at the time.
Zach's gonna be home soon.
I better go.
Eyes are pulled out, tongue's cut off.
You know about this? I do now.
- What are you gonna do? - Me? Nothing.
He's your guy.
It's your problem.
But don't let it become my problem.
["TAIGA" PLAYING] Do you wish You could go back to it all? [SCREAMS] Do you wish You could go back to it all? And I would never miss The moment of it all - The fuck was he doing out there, Bill? - I have no idea.
Somebody does.
[BOAT ENGINE REVS] [CAR APPROACHING] Where you headed, miss? Orphelin Bay.
Calliope? Remember me? I'm Corey Welch.
- [COREY] Looking to see what's different? - [CAL] Ten years.
Something must be.
- Nothing changes around here.
- You have.
When did you become a cop? I'd have thought "Whiney" Welch would have been a poet or a scientist or some shit.
We're as surprised as you, Aug.
The Maneys have been here forever.
He knew better.
He did know better, and he went out anyway.
Now, someone got him to go out.
Did any of you notice anything? Zach drinking with strangers? Taking trips out of town? We all know he was shit with money.
Did he owe anyone big? So, none of you has a single clue? Why would Maney risk his life just to see what was going on? Maybe he just got curious.
Curious how he'd look with no fucking eyes.
Maybe he just got sick of us all being the middleman.
[MAN 1] Dad.
Maybe Zach got sick of us all just being delivery boys being told what to bring in and when.
[SCOFFS] Having to take whatever crumbs we're given.
Maybe Zach wanted things to change.
My dad liked you, Grayson.
And when he died, you had your chance to take over.
So Right now.
You think you know better? You wanna be boss? Go for it.
[CHUCKLES] - You gotta talk to your father.
- I will.
But they're just counting on the cash flow, Aug.
Well, there's no cash till we deliver, and we can't deliver what we don't have.
Thank Maney for fucking that up.
China Tom's not happy about the wait.
- He needs drugs to sell.
- I know.
We can't afford to have Tom looking for a new supplier.
I know.
So, what now? Seems I'm still the boss, so I'll deal with it.
[CAR DOOR SHUTS, ENGINE STARTS] Thanks for the ride.
Mom! No! Mom! [POLICE OFFICER] Cal McTeer.
- [YOUNG CAL] Why can't I learn to swim? - [MAN] You don't need to.
[YOUNG CAL SCREAMS] Mom! - What if I fall off the boat? - Around here, we don't fall off the boat.
Hi, Augie.
Why didn't you call me when you got out? I'd have come got you.
Really? You care that much? You're my sister.
Is that why you didn't tell me about this? It's Dad's will.
Yeah, Dad's will.
The Calliope's half mine.
So is this house.
Did you know? Were you ever gonna tell me? - You were just a kid.
- I'm not a kid anymore.
And congratulations, I'm back.
And I want what's mine.
I don't have that kind of money.
"Well, hello.
It's great to see you, Cal.
" - I really wanna talk about this.
- Look, it is great to see you.
And we will sort this out, but I gotta go.
Got shit to deal with.
Welcome home, little sis.
- She's not here.
Still? Oh, she's been away a long time.
And that's her business.
Yeah, well, her business and my business depend on each other.
You weren't invited.
Coming here wasn't smart.
Was it smart killing Zach Maney? And he was crucified.
We both know who does that.
Why'd you kill him? Your man broke the rules.
He was watching what he shouldn't have.
Okay? Did you ask him why? You killed him before you found out why he was spying on you.
- You know Murdoch found him? - Are you worried about the sergeant? No.
I'm worried about me.
I'm worried about why one of my guys was out there without me knowing.
I'm worried about money and I'm worried about my next fucking delivery.
When's it gonna happen? I'll let you know.
Hey, McTeer.
Don't come here again without an invitation.
[DOOR OPENS, CLOSES] [MAN] We missed you, madam.
Did your business go well? I trust our suppliers are happy.
New suppliers, I presume.
I hate having my trips cut short.
So, why did I have to hurry back? [SIGHS] You'd best ask Dylan.
[CAL] I know that Augie turned 18 while this was in probate, so he got his share.
Half the Calliope, half the house, and half Dad's cash.
Let's start with the cash.
Dad never had much, but what did he leave? - A grand? Two? - Just shy of 380,000.
So, where is it? I mean, that will says that my half was to be held in a trust until I was 18.
- Are you the trustee? - Nope.
Well, then who? Augie? Bill? Mom? Are you fucking kidding me? She wasn't even in the will.
Jesus Christ.
Then it's all been spent on booze and pissed down the gutter.
Your mother bought the Tail.
The Devil's Tail? An alcoholic bought the town's shittiest bar? ["A TASTE OF SILVER" PLAYING] I just want you You, you I just want you You, you What a pleasure, to have met you What are you having? - Rum and Coke.
- As cold as this And what a heartbreak What a sadness And what a tragedy In your kiss - Be nine dollars.
- Thanks.
Yvette, she doesn't need to pay.
Hi, Mom.
What are you doing here, Calliope? - I like my bar.
- Yeah.
I heard you went to see Ronnie Dedrick.
Did you think that through? You think Orphelin Bay was just gonna take you back? - I'm the one taking back.
- [ROSA LAUGHS] How sweet.
After all those years in prison, you've still got dreams.
All those years, why didn't you come visit me? What sort of mother lets her 14-year-old daughter get dragged away? What sort of 14-year-old does what you did? You told me to.
Not in so many words, but you told me to light that fire.
I think those years in prison might have scrambled your brain a bit.
And take the money.
Rosa here's gonna need every penny.
Just stay away from Augie.
He doesn't need any bad influences.
If you've had a taste of silver Then the pennies won't do If you're craving something more Than what's been given to you [VOICES MURMURING] [MAN 1] Madam! [WOMAN 1] Welcome back.
[MAN 2] Madam, let me take that for you.
- [WOMAN 2] Welcome.
- [MAN 3] Welcome.
- I'm glad to be back.
Thank you.
- Welcome home, madam.
- Good to see you.
- Did it go well? Welcome back.
It is good to be home.
Every moment away from here was a fucking drag.
[LAUGHTER] Where did you go? Riga.
And what did you do for us? [WOMAN] Better deals? More money? [ADRIELLE] No, because sometimes, Violca, keeping things as they are is the desirable outcome.
Our deals are secure.
Our privacy's assured.
We have every reason to celebrate.
[CHEERING] ["SECOND SKIN" PLAYING] I I know what I've done And it stings, baby, stings, baby Stings like the shot of a gun And I I hurt you again You should run, you should run You should run so you won't Madam.
What happened? We caught Zach Maney spying.
Won't you come back to me? Let me sink in my teeth - Now, what did the trawlerman see? - Leandra has a temper.
She killed him before I could stop her.
- So, what do we know? - The sergeant found the body.
Augie McTeer lost it again.
He came here.
Because you killed his man.
Because he wants his next shipment.
I think we should hold off until we know why his trawlerman followed us.
We'd know why if you and Leandra weren't so reckless.
And I, I know what I found I'd like my privacy now.
Won't you come back to me? [WATER GURGLING] Let me sink in my teeth Come back to me [DOOR OPENS] I can hear you.
I've brought you nothing.
Go back to sleep.
- ["PLASTIC HAMBURGERS" PLAYING] - [PEOPLE CHEERING] Let's burn it down Let's break out these chains Let's burn it down Let's break out these chains Let's burn it down Let's break out these chains Let's burn it down I gotta go.
She wanted everything That he did not have And if I keep buying everything I say Hey! Yes, they will Break out these chains Let's burn it down - That was rude.
- Back off.
Don't fucking touch me.
[MAN GRUNTING] Mate, just go home.
Yeah, take your shriveled dick and fuck off! Did he hurt you? I'm fine.
Cal, are you okay? Not if you keep following me.
I don't need a pet.
- I'm not a pet.
- No? You're not Sergeant Murdoch's? Are you dirty, too? - What makes you think Murdoch's corrupt? - Durborrow was.
Murdoch was his understudy, and you're Murdoch's.
Why? You trying to buy me off? We're friends, aren't we? I didn't think I'd need to.
You killed a cop.
Then you don't need to follow me anymore.
- Can I come in? What's up? Have you seen your sister? Of course you have.
I knew she'd visit you first.
- Well, if you know, why ask? - She's after your money, Augie, and mine.
Dad's money.
And she's just back to get what's hers.
We'll see.
- [GROANING] - I know.
I'm strong.
- [GASPING] - You came to L'Attente without invitation.
You let your man spy on us.
- [GRUNTING] - I'm concerned that you're losing control.
[GASPING, PANTING] Don't make me regret that I'm in business with you.
The exchange is on tonight.
Don't be late.
Hey, Punky.
This boat's named Calliope, like you.
She's got her secrets like we all do.
If you're ever in trouble and I'm not around, check here, okay? I'll make sure there's always something left there for you.
- Does Augie know about this? - Not yet.
So don't tell him, eh? - How'd you find that? - Dad showed me.
You can't just fucking tell the truth, can you? "I don't have that sort of money?" How much is there? - It's 280 grand.
- Fuck.
You don't make that kind of money fishing.
And neither did Dad.
When did you find out about this? When did he tell you? - I was, I don't know, 12, 13.
- Why didn't he tell me? He didn't want you to know.
You were the golden girl.
He loved us both the same.
[SCOFFS] I guess we'll never know.
Here, take it.
It's what you came back for.
No, there's a lot more where that came from, isn't there? Isn't there? That's my stake.
Whatever Dad did, I wanna do.
Whatever you're doing, I want in.
Going fishing with a hold full of fish? Well, this is a fishing trawler.
Do you fish at all? Man, I love to fish.
But there's no money in fish.
[CHUCKLES] What? You sit like him.
Like Dad.
- Really? - Remember? He'd sit right there and have his smoke like this.
And then, whenever we'd come in, he'd say [BOTH] "Before we do anything, let's check that weather.
" [CAL] How is anyone gonna find us out here in the middle of fucking nowhere? - Who the hell is this? - What do you care? You brought a stranger without asking? You killed one of my men without asking.
I'm Cal McTeer, Augie's sister, Pat's daughter.
[ENGINE STARTS] Who are they? Tidelanders.
Those hippie weirdos from the commune? L'Attente, yeah.
And I know they look good, but that is meat you don't eat.
- What? - Cal? Seriously? Come on, man.
This is our biz.
She's been away ten years.
How do you know we can trust her? - Because she's blood.
- Oh, f ! All well? McTeer's sister was there.
She's back.
She's pretty, isn't she? She wants to be part of the business.
Thank you.
[INDISTINCT CHATTERING] Welcome to the family business.
- Let me come with you.
- You've seen enough for one night.
[WOMAN] What are you looking for? What are you looking for? What are you looking for? Such a sight, huh? You feel it, too? Been away from the water for so long.
Why are you here, Cal McTeer? What drew you back to this place that does not love you? What are you looking for? - Who are you? - Adrielle Cuthbert.
Maybe we'll meet again.
[ECHOING] Maybe we'll meet again.
Maybe we'll meet again.
[ECHOING] What are you looking for? What are you looking for? What drew you back to this place that does not love you? [SCREAMS, GRUNTS] [SCREAMS] [CAL SCREAMING, GRUNTING] [GASPING, GRUNTING] [HEART BEATING] [GASPS] [GASPS] [THEME MUSIC PLAYING]