Tidelands (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

Orphans of L'Attente

1 ["ARSONIST'S LULLABYE" PLAYING] [GASPS] When I was a child, I heard voices Some would sing and some would scream [SCREAMS, GASPS] You soon find you have few choices [INDISTINCT CHATTERING] I learned the voices died with me Was it you in the boat? When I was a child - [MAN 1] What you talking about? - Was it you? [MAN 1 GRUNTS] - Did you just try and drown me? - [MAN 2] Get off him! - We're just fetching crabs! - [MAN 2 GROANS] [CAL] It was a boat like this.
[MAN 2] We didn't drown you! You're fucking crazy! [MAN 1] Just calm down! [GRUNTS] [GRUNTING] [MAN 1] Agh! - [GROANING] - Well, someone threw me off their boat.
[CAL] Did you see who? [MAN 1] We saw nothing.
And the place you need to reach Hey! Don't you ever [CAL] Hey! Tame your demons What the fuck? But always keep 'em on a leash Lovely.
[GRUNTS] Just one little question, Tom.
Did you send Zach Maney out to spy on my suppliers? We've protected their privacy for generations.
Without our suppliers, we can't get the drugs at these prices.
We need them, and you need us.
Can I trust you, Tom? [TOM] I wouldn't betray you, Augie.
[AUGIE] Well, someone put him up to it, and I wanna know who.
That was a waste of fucking time.
- You believe him? - Yeah, he doesn't know anything.
Either of you got something to say? [POLICE SIREN BLURTS] [COREY] Just got a call about you.
[CAL] Leave me alone.
Wanna tell me what happened? Someone threw me in the water.
Surprised to see the safe so empty, Lamar? You should distribute that today.
Put what remains in there after everyone has their share, but make it a smaller share.
Does this have anything to do with your visit to Algeria? Do you remember the last time you asked such a question? Did you know Cal McTeer is back? - No.
- Knowing things is your one value to me.
You can't help me if you can't do that.
Cal, what happened? I can't help you if you don't talk to me.
Who around here hates me? Do you know what my father did? - Yes.
- And do you know what my brother does? Yes.
I didn't.
You know, your father was the only reason I never asked you out.
At school.
Everyone knew you were untouchable.
Well, I'm not untouchable anymore, am I? What happened at Combe's Beach? [POLICE SIREN BLURTS] Excuse me.
No! Mom! Mom! China Tom? Deal went fine.
- He know anything about Zach? - No.
I know what you think, that someone from outside got Maney to follow the Tidelanders.
- And? - Aug, how could anyone find out about us? Orphelin Bay is small.
We are watertight.
No one talks.
Maybe no one's trying to muscle in.
Maybe Maney just followed the Tidelanders 'cause he wanted to.
I hope you're right.
'Cause if you're wrong, someone turned traitor.
Put this in the Calliope.
Bill, wait a second.
Augie! [AUGIE] Cal, what's wrong? What happened to you? Something's come up.
Only 300 this week.
Three hundred.
It's fine, Leandra.
Have you come for yours? There's a queue where people line up.
Came to check if you're not pocketing it, 'cause it's less than usual.
Madam trusts me.
Are you saying that she makes mistakes? She'd be disappointed to hear that, Dylan.
Has the madam sent you to look for Cal McTeer yet? The girl is back.
Do you know why? - Why do you care? - Why does the madam? You mind your business, Lamar.
Everyone's asking it, not loudly, not in front of you.
Or Dylan, or the madam.
But they're all asking.
- What is her plan for us? - Why don't you ask her? She won't tell me.
My worry is that she won't even tell you.
I'm not attracted to your little butterfly, Violca.
But you're attracted to the truth, just like me.
So, where is the money going? What is she doing with it? [BOY] Lamar.
I suggest you keep those pretty little eyes in your head and stop asking dangerous questions.
What is it? There's another like us.
- Where? - Combe's Beach.
What can I do for you? Was there an incident reported this morning at Combe's Beach? Two crab fishermen said that they were accosted by a half-naked woman.
Two notorious drunks.
- What? - Did they recognize the woman? Should they? One of yours? I don't know.
We might be seen.
- [AUGIE] Cal.
What happened? - Someone grabbed me.
- Wrapped me up.
- A man? Two, I think.
I couldn't see.
- Did you hear their voices? - No, they didn't speak.
And they put you in a boat? Yeah.
Our jetty.
Open boat.
Twelve-footer, maybe.
I think we went past Mutton Point towards Combe's Beach and then they threw me in.
Well, how did you get out? I [GASPS] It's crazy.
I don't know.
I don't know.
- Something happened under the water - It's okay.
- and - You're safe now.
- [PHONE RINGING] - I [AUGIE] I think someone's trying to edge in on my business.
Whoever they are, I think they tried to flip Zach Maney.
Maybe they know I'm onto them.
- Maybe they attacked you to get to me.
- Who is Adrielle Cuthbert? - Why? - I met her.
She's a Tidelander, isn't she? Yeah, she's their boss.
But she wouldn't hurt you.
- How do you know? - We're in business together.
- It makes no sense.
- Well, somebody did.
This is about me, not you.
Where the hell are you going? To find out who's trying to fuck with my business.
Well, awesome.
I'm just gonna wait here to get fucking killed again.
I'll send Colton over to look after you.
Have you ever nearly drowned? Don't tell anyone.
I can't swim.
I did the job.
- Then why is she still alive? - That's what I wanna know, Rosa.
- I attached that shackle myself.
- Why didn't you just shoot her? - What aren't you telling me about Cal? - Just finish it.
- Hey, listen.
Cal's at the house and someone tried to hurt her.
Go over there and look after her.
Anything happens to her, it's on you.
Bijou! Bijou! I've got another one! Bijou! Hello, Gilles.
- Where's Bijou? - She'll be fine if you do something for me.
Find out what our queen is up to.
[BIJOU] Hello? Can anybody help me? Gilles? [HEART BEATING] [GASPS] [CAL COUGHING] [SCREAMING] [SNIFFS] What are you doing? - I was sent.
- Why the gun? Uh Augie, he said someone tried to hurt you.
I don't need you.
[PANTING] Get out! Please.
I've been looking for you.
What of her? I want you to seduce her.
Why? Tell me what you find.
[KEYBOARD CLICKING] [MURDOCH] Anything interesting? Cal McTeer.
Pretty girl.
Pretty young woman now.
Don't worry.
Dig away.
It's all there.
All the statements, all the people who saw her near the Durborrows' house on the night of the fire, trial transcripts, her own admission.
Just don't get attached to her.
See, we have a very clear relationship with the McTeers, and we need to keep it clear.
Payday, by the way.
The official story is Pat McTeer drowned at sea.
But why would an experienced trawlerman like that drown? Others say your boss, Durborrow, killed him.
So, why would a corrupt sergeant kill his cash cow? Oh, and, Welch, don't open those files again.
You idiot.
What if someone saw you come in? Oh, no, no You're wasting my time You're in my way.
Push past.
I'd touch you, but I don't know where you've been.
Living out in that swamp with the mosquitoes.
Oh, I don't mind being sucked.
[SCOFFS] [CHUCKLES] Let's dance.
Why are you in business with my brother? You really don't know? Who the fuck are you people? I need to see Rosa.
[PHONE RINGING] Oh, no, no You're wasting my time Oh, no, no, no What the fuck are you doing in here? Get out! - I just came to have a chat, Mom.
- I said get out! - Cal - Bill, I don't care who you fuck.
- But how long has this been going on? - None of your business.
How long, Bill? Is this who you were with the night Dad disappeared? Fuck you both.
Cal, what are you doing? You're being a child.
Yeah? Maybe because I hadn't finished being a child when you let Murdoch drag me away in handcuffs.
You're embarrassing yourself.
Not like you used to do when Dad and I would find you in here on the floor in a puddle of puke and vodka.
- Things have changed.
- Yeah.
No, they've really changed since I told you I'm taking back the bar you bought with my money.
- What happened? - Someone tried to kill me.
- Hey, bro.
- Fucking hell.
Welcome to family fun time.
Bill's here.
He's more part of the family than I realized.
Why aren't you at home, Cal? I sent Colton over to look after you.
I'm not gonna sit there waiting for more trouble.
No, you come here and make it.
- I told Mom that someone tried to kill me.
- Jesus.
It's not her business.
Oh, but it is, though, isn't it, Mom? - You know what Augie does? - Oh, I'd be an idiot if I didn't.
So everyone knew everything except me.
Your father wanted to keep you innocent.
Suppose he thought you weren't fit for it.
Suppose he thought you weren't fit to be included in his will.
Like you said, I was an alcoholic.
I was an unhappy wife, bad mother.
At least you were getting fucked by his strapping deckhand, though.
- You know about that, Augie? - It's their business, Cal.
- You don't care? - He knows his father screwed around, too.
Of course, maybe that comes with the job.
Cavorting with wives and suppliers and whatnot.
[AUGIE] Just leave it, Mom.
That woman, Adrielle she's your supplier - and you're fucking her.
- We're not talking about me.
I'm sure things were a lot less complicated in prison.
You know what was complicated? It's those first few weeks in there wondering why you wouldn't answer my calls.
Christ, Cal.
Do you wanna go back in time? You know what, Aug? I do.
I'd like to go back to the moment when you started hating me so much.
- I can't remember a time that you didn't.
- She doesn't hate Let her talk.
[ROSA] Pat loved you more than he loved me.
And I was jealous.
I'm sorry.
See? I remember how you like things cooked.
You remember how you told me to cook Durborrow? - Oh, Jesus, Cal! - [CHUCKLES] You told me Durborrow hated Dad.
And when he went missing, you kept talking about Durborrow.
- I had just lost my husband.
- Durborrow hated Dad, had it in for him.
- I was angry, scared.
- Durborrow wanted Dad gone.
I was probably drunk - and looking for someone to blame.
- You told me you hoped he'd burn.
But I did not tell you to burn his house down! You got that stupid idea into your own little head.
- You wanted me gone.
- [AUGIE] Cal.
- You set me up.
- [ROSA] You are crazy.
Someone threw me in the water at Combe's Beach this morning.
Was that you? Baby, if I wanted you dead you wouldn't be here now to take this.
Two hundred and fifty thousand.
No, you're not telling me everything.
Neither of you.
- Cal.
- Leave her.
Let her go.
- Someone did try to hurt her.
- And you'll find out who.
- [DOOR OPENS, CLOSES] - And why.
And you'll do the right thing.
[ADRIELLE] What did you see, sweet one? Tell me what you saw.
That's all I ask.
Please tell me.
He's a good boy.
He's curious about his queen.
Someone put him up to it.
What if someone did? What could he have seen? Unless he tells you who sent him, he will be punished.
Gilles, who sent you? I can't help you unless you tell me.
And if you don't, our madam has no choice.
She will make an example of you.
Why? Why did you do it? Who are you trying to protect? Bijou.
- [GASPS] - Was it you? - What are you talking about, Lamar? - Do you have the girl? You know what will happen to Gilles.
She's still quite alive, Colton.
I just came to tell you that you're gonna have to kill her yourself.
If you don't do it, I'll tell Augie your dirty secret.
Then I'll tell him you wanted his sister dead.
We'll see who comes out on top.
[DOOR OPENS] [DOOR CLOSES] You called me back.
What's going on? Come.
We have no queen, so I am your queen.
We have no laws, so I am your law.
We have no mothers, so I am your mother.
By your choice, if you do not agree, you may strike me down now.
Gilles was caught in my chambers spying on me.
Do you wish to tell them what you saw? For there is nothing to see.
I think he knew that, yet he went anyway.
If any of you can say why the boy was there, he will not be harmed.
But speak now.
Gilles, do you have anything to say? I know it was not your idea.
Just tell who sent you, and I promise on my life you will not be hurt.
As it is.
Hurry up, coward.
[GILLES SCREAMS] And it's done.
What did you see? What did you see? [SPITS] [GASPS] It's just me, okay? What do you want, Corey? I wanna help.
Come here, boy.
Will you tell me? The queen wears a key.
[GRUNTS] [SIGHS] [PAT] What do you reckon, Bill? She old enough to be skipper yet? [BILL] She was born to be skipper.
[AUGIE] Taking her out.
- Figured.
You want me to come? - No.
You wanna talk? No.
[GRUNTS] Augie.
- You need to get Cal out of here.
- I don't want her to go, Bill.
She's the only person I trust.
[ENGINE STARTS] Your brother went missing out there, didn't he? Mitchell.
- Does your father still trawl? - No, he drinks.
A lot of men go missing out there, don't they? Yeah.
Some people think there are things in the water.
You must have heard the stories.
Shipwrecks and mermaids.
Bedtime stories for five-year-olds, which was when I stopped believing in them.
What about the Tidelanders? - What about them? - They're not like us.
They're beautiful.
That's not what I mean.
The shipwrecks, all the dead men in the stories, the Tidelanders, they're all connected.
This place isn't normal.
You must have felt it when you got back.
So, my dad was the only reason you never asked me out? His word was law.
And I found him a bit scary.
It's a shame.
Would you have said yes? Breathing in Breathing out No holding back It's not over Till it ends [GRUNTS] Cal! No turning back Sorry.
I'm sorry.
[PANTING] [GRUNTS] [WATER GURGLING] You said You were a peaceful man [ADRIELLE] Not yet.
First, read.
[WOMAN] What would you see? You'd burn me [ADRIELLE] That which I need and that which I fear.
[PLANK CREAKING] 'Cause I'm honest I'm honest [GRUNTING, GASPING] [RETCHES, COUGHING] [BOTH GRUNT] [BOTH PANTING] Rosa's not your mother.
Augie's not your brother.
You're a Tidelander.
Like me.