Tidelands (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

Not One of You

1 [WOMAN PANTING] [SCREAMING] [COOING] [CRYING] [CRYING] We have to take her to L'Attente, Pat.
[INHALES, EXHALES] [CAL] This is insane.
I mean What am I? What are we? We're half-breeds.
Half what? What are they? You know the old stories.
Men hear them the sirens.
They they hear their song.
They have to go to them.
And they do.
And then they drown in their arms.
And they're out there? How long? How long have they been here? Forever.
So, Pat wasn't my father.
I tried to find who your real father was, but Pat, he just didn't want you to know.
He just wanted you to be special.
But why do you live here and not there? I'm not allowed.
I made a choice a long time ago.
[STAMMERS] Well, this is This is bullshit.
How am I supposed to believe any of this? - Listen, Cal.
- No more listening.
- I don't wanna hear anymore.
- Cal.
Cal, Pat made a lot of mistakes.
But he just wanted you to be safe.
It's not safe here, Cal.
You've been away for ten years.
You don't need it.
So now that you know, leave the Bay.
It's too late.
I'll be right there, Yvette.
Hello, darling.
[CHUCKLES] That's thoughtful.
Thank you.
Come in.
What's this? This is where we talk about the dead.
Ladies, meet Laura Maney, Zach Maney's widow.
[ADRIELLE] Tidelander to Tidelander, blood to blood.
[WOMAN] You want to know what you must have and what you must fear? Yes.
What was that? [ADRIELLE] You saw me.
I was dying.
And she was there.
- That she killed me.
- You saw as much as I.
Show me more.
- You have bled me enough.
- You will bleed more.
[GASPS] Puta loca.
What did you see? More than Gilles can with his lost eye.
[SIGHS] I handled that badly, but my reasons were good.
But you did see something.
What is she hiding? You don't know how dangerous your questions are.
They must be, or you'd have had Dylan pull my eyes out by now.
You know she's fucking with us.
I can see it.
Who's this? This is the only man to have died in the seas off Orphelin Bay in the last 60 years of natural causes.
And this is the town record of the hundreds of men to have died of unnatural causes.
- And why are you telling me this? - We have all lost men.
Sons, brothers, husbands, just like you.
Well, my husband didn't die of natural causes.
- You know who killed him.
- Yeah, those gypsies.
- [ROSA] Tidelanders.
- Your son is in business with them.
Your husband was in business with them.
That doesn't mean we don't want things to change.
- [CHUCKLES] - [ROSA] That is why we're all here.
I don't believe it.
I don't believe it! [SOBS] No, I know what I am! [SQUEAKING] [SIGHS] [MAN] No need, mate.
You been here all night? Hey, what ? What's changed? - What do you mean? - You've ironed your shirt better.
Fishing, mate.
You look for the little detail.
You would've known that if you'd followed me into the game.
Like your brother did.
[BOTTLES CLINKING] What do you know about Cal McTeer? She's a McTeer.
She's poison, Corey.
Why did her father keep her in the dark? - About L'Attente, about - Pat McTeer was a criminal and a killer.
But I guess he wanted something pure and clean in his life.
Maybe to make up, you know? What's the fucking difference? She ended up a killer anyway.
This town kills everything.
[COREY] Try and get some sleep, Dad.
[CLATTERING] - What are you doing? - Where is it? - Where's what? - Zach's phone.
Where is it? - I don't have it.
- Bullshit.
You're making a mess.
I don't have the fucking phone.
You're delusional.
- Oh, you, too, huh? - Me, too, what? Look, someone was talking to him, so where's his phone? It wasn't on the Cherub, it wasn't in his car or on his body, - so where the fuck is it? - Wait.
I thought you said his body wasn't found.
No, no, no, no! You're a fucking monster! You're a fucking monster! What the fuck did you do with him? - [GRUNTS] - [PANTING] - [PANTING] - [CELL PHONE RINGS] Yeah? Already? Where? Okay.
Was that her? Dylan.
You know, maybe I should fuck him.
Make up for things you do with her.
- It's just business.
- Bullshit.
So you don't have it? I'd give it to you.
[PANTING] [MOANING] [FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING] [MAN] Got a light? I saw you, so I thought Pretty lady.
Girlfriend? No.
- Just waiting for my boss.
- Mmm.
You should do something about that.
It's better to do than watch.
Augie? [PHONE BEEPING] [RECORDING] Hey, it's Augie.
You know what to do.
Where the fuck are you? I need to ask you something.
Just call me when you're back.
Did I wake you? - I can't talk right now.
I've still got marks.
Look, I'm sorry if I hurt you.
But I gotta go.
[COREY] Come on.
I should leave the Bay.
And stay? For what? I'll look after you.
I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I moved here.
What is this fucking place? [GASPS] [GASPS] [FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING] [LAMAR] Madam.
Do you believe in prophecies? Yes.
That is to say, where I came from, there was someone who claimed that she could see things that were to come.
And her visions, were they true? Yes.
But it was rarely clear if they were showing the whole truth or just a part of it.
And in the end, they didn't save my people.
I love my people.
Leave me.
- Hasham.
It's the one I have been searching for.
What do I need to get this? [PANTING] - Dylan.
- Madam.
[SIGHS] [SIGHS] I, um - I hadn't finished.
- She had.
I want another shipment processed.
Already? - Why? - Because I want it processed.
Adrielle, listen.
If we have too many shipments, the smugglers will start enjoying the money.
And then, they'll get greedy and make dangerous mistakes.
You're smart.
But do it anyway.
Tell the smugglers.
Have you ever thought about whether we could do business without the Tidelanders? - Did the boys put you up to this? - No, it's just me.
Why? Who crucified Maney and pulled his eyes out? - We know who.
We don't know why.
- The boys don't care why.
Well, they should.
Someone's trying to muscle in here.
But the boys don't believe that.
They know Tidelanders are the killers.
Tidelanders are the ones who've kept this town alive the last 200 years.
And where do you stand on this? [DOOR OPENS] Colton.
I'll talk to you later.
- How'd you get in here? - You must've left the gate open.
Does Adrielle know you're here? Are you worried for me? - What do you want, Violca? - I just wanted to know if you were happy.
My life is beer and ice cream.
Heads and blood.
There are a few of us at L'Attente who aren't happy with the way Adrielle is running things.
So when you admit you're not happy, you know you'll have a friend to talk to.
Thank you for inviting me, madam.
I worry that we disagree about the world at large.
We can't afford to disagree.
Then maybe you can tell us.
Why do we need more money so soon? One day, you may be a queen, and then you will understand that your people are not always ready to hear what's good for them.
Until then, do as you're told.
Go down, get two of the barrels.
Is Dylan coming, too? No.
I am.
I'll see you down there, madam.
If she comes up without me, kill her.
Wait, Adrielle.
Wait, no! Fuck! Come on! - Where's Adrielle? - It's done.
- Where's the madam? - She's coming.
Help me up.
Are you gonna help me up or what? Fuck! [PANTING] [GRUNTS] - Come on.
- What are you doing? [VIOLCA] What are you doing? - Come on, come on.
- No.
[VIOLCA GASPS] [PANTING] - [COLTON] Where's Bill? - [AUGIE] Fuck knows.
What did Violca Roux want? I guess she was curious just how big a real fisherman's rod is.
[CHUCKLES] So, you fucked her? Nah, I don't know what she wanted.
Anyway, we are about to enjoy a very lucrative month.
Get the money.
Unusual to see you out here, madam.
I think this is a time for unusual things.
Where's your sister? Why do you care? - Why so soon after the last shipment? - [ADRIELLE] Are you complaining? [AUGIE] We could all do with the extra business.
That's half.
What? That cash is only half.
That shipment costs double this.
[AUGIE] Are you fucking serious? That's the usual amount.
I I can't hit my dealer up for double.
That's not my problem.
I thought we trusted each other.
I thought we had a deal.
Our deal is that you pay for what we give you.
Then I don't want it.
Give me my money.
[ADRIELLE] No, you'll keep that and you'll pay for it.
That's our arrangement.
I expect the rest of the money as soon as you've sold that all.
- [COLTON] What do we do? - [AUGIE] We find the money.
- [INHALES, EXHALES] - What happens if we don't pay? - We better tell the boys.
- No, no.
No way.
After what happened to Maney, if I tell them the Tidelanders want double for nothing, there'll be a revolt.
China Tom's not gonna be happy about the price.
No, he won't.
I'll have to convince him to pay.
If we have to pull shooters, there's gotta be at least three of us.
Who we gonna bring? Overman? Trice? I don't trust any of those boys right now.
Then who? ["FADE INTO YOU" PLAYING] I want to hold the hand Inside you I want to take a breath that's true I look to you and I see nothing I look to you to see the truth [CAR ALARM WAILING] What are you doing with my car, Cal? This is registered to The Devil's Tail, which was bought with my money, which makes it my car.
- So, why don't you give me the keys? - I'm not giving you anything.
Fuck you, then.
- Okay, that is enough.
- Don't you fucking touch me.
I know I'm a Tidelander.
I know exactly why you hate me so much.
- Thanks for never saying a word.
- Who told you? Your father didn't want you to know.
- What does Augie think? - He doesn't know.
- [CAR DOOR OPENS] - He doesn't need to know.
- Hey, Aug.
- Cal, please.
It'll destroy him.
What are you doing? Just taking my car.
- [CHUCKLES] Stealing, you mean.
- Why? - I need to go to L'Attente.
- I'll take you.
- But I need your help first.
- To do what? So, why L'Attente? Dad never let me go.
I wanna see it.
You wanna see Dylan Seagar.
I get it.
He's a good-looking guy.
I mean, look, you mention his name, even Colton gets a semi.
Did you know Bill was a Tidelander? How'd you find that out? I found some old photos.
He looked the same as he does now.
- You knew, too? - Yeah, it's why I don't trust him.
Colton's having a crisis of faith about doing business with the Tidelanders.
I wonder why.
Maybe we should ask China Tom when we tell him the new price.
- I told you, I'll deal with it.
- And your secret weapon is what, her? What's your problem with me, Colton? Is it because of that time I caught you jerking off behind the swimming pool change rooms? No.
It's because we're taking bad news into a room full of men with guns, and, quite frankly, I don't think you know which end of a gun is which.
Dad didn't tell me much, but he did teach me some things.
You told her.
She has a right to know.
We're done.
[INDISTINCT CHATTERING] - [SIGHS] - Where are you going? I thought you knew everything.
To collect money off the smugglers.
But didn't they pay already? If you don't know, you're not meant to.
Get out of my way.
That seems the case for both of us.
[TOM] Great to get another shipment in so soon.
This lot cost me more.
Your supplier upped the price? These things happen, right? We have to keep our suppliers happy.
So you'll be upping your price? Yeah.
It's double.
You know, I don't pry, but who is, uh your supplier? - You know I don't talk about that.
- [TOM] Oh, come on, Augie.
We've been in business so long, and, uh, you ask so much.
- I think you owe me.
- I don't talk about that, Tom.
We can talk about the product, we can talk about money.
Come on, for peace of mind.
You can tell me.
I won't tell anyone.
Why do you want to know? [ECHOING] Why do you want to know? - It's a setup.
- What? [GUNSHOTS] [MAN] Get him! He's in the corner! [MEN SHOUTING, GRUNTING] - [GUNSHOTS] - Let her go.
[GROANS] [MAN] Let him go.
Cal, Cal, Cal.
- Let him go! - [GRUNTS] Put your guns down, please.
[GASPING, COUGHING] [MAN] I hate this.
I truly do.
This side of the business.
I didn't think he'd get you talking.
Was worth a try, though.
Who the fuck are you? Rude.
A little.
But I'll tell you the name I go by.
Gregori Stolin.
You know it.
I know it.
What I don't know is why you're here.
[CHUCKLES] Come on, you're smarter than that, Augustino McTeer.
We're men standing in blood.
Do we need to lie? You know exactly why I'm here and you know why you're still alive.
I want to do business.
You don't do business.
You're a fucking locust plague in a suit.
I'll tell you what I do.
I keep secrets.
And I make people afraid.
[CHUCKLES] Just like you.
We're a perfect fit.
That's why we will do business.
This is where a stupid man says, "Over my dead body.
" We'll see you soon, yeah? [COUGHING] Show me.
The girl did this? Hm.
Follow him.
Find their suppliers.
If you don't follow our instructions, you will die.
[ADRIELLE] What is the news? The bidding has gone up, madam.
I'm afraid it's exceeded your credit.
How many other parties are bidding against me? Just one.
- Who is it? - He's very persuasive.
- He wants the piece as much as you.
- What do you need? Wire my firm more money, tonight.
[COLTON] Fuck! - We don't have his money.
- I know.
Aug, you said you'd take me to L'Attente.
Can we go now? Jesus Chr no, Cal.
I don't know if you were in the room back there, but my dealer was executed and I don't have any fucking money to take to fucking L'Attente, so, no.
You wanna fuck him, fuck him.
He's right there.
[CAL] It's not about that.
Fuck you! Cal.
Are you going back to L'Attente? - I really need to go.
- Not right now.
Fuck you, too.
- [AUGIE] Cal.
- He doesn't have your money.
- [DYLAN] There's no money.
- [HISSES] Bill, it's me.
Bill! Bill! I need you to take me to L'Attente.
I know you're in there.
Bill, what the fuck are we? Screw you! - [GRUNTING] - [GUNSHOT POPS] [BOTH GRUNTING] [GRUNTING] You seem upset, madam.
What would you see? How do I get what I need? [GASPS] Fuck you! [SHUDDERS] I want to know about the money.
Cal McTeer brings a siren.
She's coming for you.
- [COLTON] Did anyone follow you here? - No.
I hated watching you flirt with Augie.
He's sticking with her, isn't he? I think so.
Then isn't he the fool? ["NO WITNESS" PLAYING] How do I get you out of my head? Cal.
Oh, no Oh, no Tell me you're crazy Tell you're scared Tell me you still love what you had Oh, no Oh, no When there's no more sins To care about And the hard rain Dark times pour on down When it's all been said and done No one can save me Oh, bear me no witness Hear me now Oh, oh, bear me no witness Cal McTeer might try to come to L'Attente.
If she does, punish her.
Oh, oh, bear me no witness When there's no more sins To care about And the hard rain Hard times pour on down When it's all been said and done No one can save me [THEME MUSIC PLAYING]