Tidelands (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

Don't Trust Humans

1 [BIRD CALLS] [BOTH GRUNTING] [CAL GRUNTS] [BOTH GRUNTING] [LEANDRA HISSES] [CAL YELPS] [LEANDRA GROWLS] [LEANDRA, CAL GRUNTING] Let her go or I'll fucking kill you, Leandra! You let her go! Get off her.
- [LEANDRA HISSES] - [CAL GRUNTING] - [CAL SCREAMS] - Get off her! - [CAL] Augie! - Adrielle, tell her to stop.
[PANTS, SCREAMS] Tell her to fucking stop, or I'll blow her brains out! - [GUN COCKS] - Get off her.
- [LEANDRA GRUNTS] - [CAL YELPS] - [GRUNTS] - Right, then.
Hey, are you okay? You okay? You all right? - Fucking bitch.
- Yeah.
What the fuck is wrong with you? She was gonna blind her.
Why are you here? Let's get out of here.
I'm staying.
Why? [CAL] I need answers.
I need to be here.
She can stay.
Have you got the rest of my money? My buyer is dead.
Look, I'll get you the rest when I can.
- Cal - Leave.
And don't come back without the rest of what you owe me.
Cal, we've got enough fucking problems with the business right now.
[PANTING] Cal! You're the only one I trust.
Fuck! [ADRIELLE] Are you all right? Why'd she attack me? That's a complicated question.
Seems pretty fucking simple to me.
We both know life isn't simple anymore, is it? Madam.
[WHISPERS] Show Calliope into the house.
He followed me.
How far? To the gate.
- Who do you work for? - Fuck you.
Who do you work for? Who do you work for? Gregori Stolin.
What does Gregori Stolin know of us and our operation? No, nothing.
I was sent to find out.
Who did that? The girl with McTeer.
[COUGHING] I'm filling your lungs with your own blood.
You're drowning.
Has this anything to do with McTeer's buyer being dead? I'll find out.
You've done enough harm.
Drop him where he'll be found.
[WATER GURGLING] ["SHE WAS OUT IN THE WATER" PLAYING] She was out in the water She was out in the rain She was singing a song No one else could hear her play She was shivering from the kindness Of a boy she wasn't supposed to see She was walking into water She was drifting in the sea She was risking all the things She couldn't quite leave She was raised in the water She was raised in the sky "Maybe I'll sing you a line" He said from some distant star "Honey I don't believe in majesty Or things that you compare Just want to be here now Tasting the salty sea air Just want to be here now Tasting the salty sea air" Why are you here? She told me to come in here.
This is her house? With all that drug money coming in, you'd think she'd spring for a fucking TV.
I mean, why are you here at all? Well, you're good-looking.
I guess it was too much to expect you'd be smart.
Show me.
Make my blood rise.
- How did you know? - How did you not? [COLTON] Did you find her? - [AUGIE] Yeah.
- [COLTON] Where is she? - L'Attente.
- Why? Look, I'm not in the mood for questions, Col.
- [GROANS] - What do the boys know? - Nothing.
- And where the hell have you been? - Augie? - [AUGIE] Let's bring it in, boys.
China Tom didn't want it? China Tom doesn't want anything anymore.
Gregori Stolin killed him and all his crew.
Stolin? The guy owns Sydney and Melbourne.
What's he doing here? - He says he's our new buyer.
- Then why didn't he buy all that? Right.
You don't want him to.
Look, I know you guys didn't think we had a problem when Maney went spying and someone attacked my sister.
But now we know we do have a problem, a real fucking problem.
The only problem we have is if we don't sell to him.
No, Grayson, it's a problem because Stolin found out about us.
That means he could find out about the Tidelanders, too.
And if he does, we're screwed.
I'll deal with Stolin.
In the meantime, start looking for another buyer.
[PANTING] So, you never knew what you are? Not even when you were in jail? Little signs.
A raindrop I was watching slide down a window might stop or water in a puddle might shift.
But I I just thought I was fucked in the head, imagining things.
Can you do it? - I don't wanna hurt you.
- I'll say if I want you to stop.
We can move water - [PANTING] - so we can move blood.
But you do it better.
You are your mother's daughters.
Their gifts went mostly to you.
- Violca Roux, this is Cal McTeer.
- McTeer.
Sorry for interrupting.
- You're going? - Just just wait for Adrielle.
[VIOLCA] Bringing a smuggler's sister home.
- What would the madam think? - [DYLAN] Adrielle knows.
Adrielle told you to kill me on the boat yesterday, didn't she? But you didn't.
You hesitated.
You're not doing what you're told anymore.
And what do you think you can offer that Adrielle can't? Hope.
[FOOTSTEPS FADING] Stranger in the night Walk on, walk on by - [CELL PHONE BUZZES] - When there's no one by your side Walk on, walk on by Don't you know it's lonely Lonely in the night? - [HASHAM] Madam.
- The money's through.
Very good.
And the piece? Still available.
Make it mine, Hasham.
[AUGIE] She's doubled the price, and I don't have a buyer.
- [ROSA] When do you need it by? - [AUGIE] Now.
Do you know what Adrielle will do if I don't pay? - You should get rid of her.
- Have you and Colton been talking? - No, of course not.
- Adrielle's my supplier.
Even if I had it, I would not give you a cent for that woman.
What do you mean, "even if you had it"? I saw that check you offered Cal.
Yeah, well, I was just trying to get her to go.
An empty check? Fuck, Mom.
- Why is Cal over in L'Attente? - I have no idea.
[ROSA SIGHS, SNIFFS] - So, no money? - I'm doing the best I can.
I [SIGHS] [DOOR CLOSES] Good morning, Calliope.
[CAL] So, what are you? Royalty? No, I'm just a mother to those without mothers.
How did you find out about yourself? Did someone tell you? I found some old photos.
Bill Sentelle.
He is careless.
But one was of you.
I'd love to know what moisturizer you use.
You'll never need it.
Why? How old are you? Old enough.
Which is why we try not to leave too big a trace of ourselves in the world.
[ADRIELLE] Privacy's important.
So those photos, I'd be grateful if you brought them to me.
They belonged to my dad.
Guess I need to start rethinking all of that.
It must be hard.
But now you know.
[ADRIELLE] If it's answers you want, there's something you need to see.
Do you know who your father was? I was curious.
I found the records of a young naval lieutenant assigned to a convict vessel.
He went missing the year I arrived.
[ADRIELLE] Doesn't matter.
He provided what was needed.
[CAL] And your accent? The woman who raised me spoke with one.
And where is she? We're going to see now.
What is this place? Touch the ground.
[GASPS] Touch the ground.
- [GUNSHOTS] - [SCREAMING] [GUNSHOT] [GASPS, PANTS] - You were here? - I was a child.
Maybe a little younger than you were when your world was turned upside down.
It's an old story every continent knows of men coming in the dark before dawn.
Herding up the people they hate, they fear, and killing them all.
[CAL] You lived.
[ADRIELLE] Three of us did.
Enough to find the new babies and bring them back.
And to learn never to trust human men.
[ADRIELLE] Come back to us when you're ready.
- [METAL CLATTERING] - [GRUNTS] [SIGHS] [DOOR SLAMMING] [ADRIELLE] I need to know when she will return.
Give me your hand.
Give me your hand.
- Bleed.
- I will not.
- Bleed! - Is this how you govern? Ruled by fickle visions? Ruled by purpose, old whore.
[CELL PHONE CHIMES] Another time.
[SCREAMING] [CAMERA CLICKS] [MURDOCH] You know him? - Do you wanna know him? - [MURDOCH] Depends.
Are his prints in the system? He's not in the system.
All right.
Constable Welch, take him up to the morgue at Padstow and file him as a John Doe.
I see your shipment went out.
Is it payday again? Not yet.
[KNOCKS] [CHUCKLES] You really should buy your own fucking cigarette lighter, mate.
It's not that, it's this.
- I know.
Good news, bad news, right? - [SIGHS] Good you got to fuck your boss's girlfriend.
Bad when he finds out.
- [GRUNTS] - No, I keep this for now.
- What the fuck do you want? - I'm so pleased you asked.
- [COREY] Is Dr.
Keeble in? - Uh, later today.
I'll be back with the camera.
[MAN] That looks rather sly, Constable.
The shutter was open.
We are just here to take our friend.
This body is state evidence.
Stay where you are, sir! I think you should not be rash.
So, do you know who killed him? No.
You're a bad liar, Constable Welch.
It's okay.
We always expect to lose a guy or two when we're taking over new ground.
- Who's "we"? - My name is Lev Nuyland.
I work for a man named Gregori Stolin.
I'm sure we'll meet again soon, Corey.
I know what you're gonna say.
"I've asked around, Aug.
There's a lot of guys who want to buy, but they're all saying no.
" - They're all shit-scared of Stolin.
- They're not even talking to me.
We're not gonna find another buyer.
I think it's the end of the era.
Stolin knows about us.
There's no going back.
- And the lads? - They're waiting.
Colton's right.
Stolin won't let another buyer take our gear.
I don't think we have any choice but to do a deal with him.
- That is a smart move, Aug.
- [AUGIE] Yeah, I think so, too.
Because when Stolin and his men arrive for that deal, we're gonna kill the lot of them.
I'll organize the deal for somewhere near the water.
We counted six, seven of them at China Tom's.
One's already dead, so I'll get the Calliope's hold ready for the rest.
I'll let you all know.
We have to call the federal police.
The body at the morgue was taken by a guy who works for Gregori Stolin.
He's been on their most-wanted list for the past six years.
[GRUNTS] You hit me again and I'll report you.
You mention the Feds again and I'll kill you.
Whoever runs this place needs the cops on their side.
Okay? You and I just have to avoid the crossfire.
And if the Tidelanders find out that we've told the Feds anything, they'll slit our throats in our sleep.
Now, take the afternoon off.
Chill out.
Jerk off.
Just forget the Feds.
Augie? Augie? [CAL] Hi, Dad.
Oi, Punk.
Thought you had soccer.
- Canceled.
Coach is sick.
- Ah.
What's that out for? Are we gonna do practice again? I'm just giving it a clean.
It's getting a bit dark.
Maybe the weekend, though.
Were you waiting for someone? Not anymore.
Come here.
You go have a shower.
I'll cook us some dinner, all right? Good girl.
[DOOR OPENS] Cal? - What are you doing here? - I know what you are.
- And? - And I don't care.
[PANTING] - [BOTH GRUNTING] - [CAL MOANS] [MOANS] [EXHALES] [CAL] How'd you know I'm a Tidelander? There was a man in the morgue with these marks.
What, he's dead? It wasn't you? No.
Know who he was? Some dealers.
Augie's pretty spooked about them.
It's pretty bad, Cal.
Dangerous people.
Too dangerous for you? [CELL PHONE CHIMES] - Hi.
- [AUGIE] Hey.
Where are you? You still at L'Attente? No.
Where are you? I'm heading down to the boat.
I'll come down and we can talk.
I'm gonna go see Aug.
- This can't work.
- You're wrong.
[VOICES OVERLAPPING] - How many of them are there? - There were maybe six at China Tom's.
I'd say we could fit six or seven in here now.
- Sweet.
- Yeah.
Last one.
Jared! Open the hatch, Jared! Jared! Come on, mate.
Open the hatch! Jared! [BANGING ON DOOR] - [PANTING] - [ENGINE STARTS] Fuck! Jared! [SCREAMS] Help! [GRUNTS, YELLS] [GRUNTS] - [AUGIE GRUNTING] - Shit! I'm sorry, Augie! [AUGIE] Fuck you, you shit! [AUGIE GRUNTING] [SCREAMING] - [AUGIE] Fuck! - [PANTING] [GRUNTING] [AUGIE] Come on! [AUGIE GRUNTING, BANGING ON DOOR] [AUGIE YELLING] [YELLS] Somebody! [GROWLS] It was fucking you, wasn't it? Huh? You left that fucking note for me, didn't you? Yes.
You fucking traitor! Why are you trying to turn me against her? She's gonna want you fucking dead.
Just take a look in the safe, and then decide who the traitor is.
[GASPING] Augie? I'm here! Cal! [AUGIE] Help! - Help! - Fuck! - Augie? - Help! Fuck! Augie! Augie? Augie? Augie? [CAL GRUNTING, PANTING] Okay.
Augie! [CAL GRUNTING] Augie.
Augie! [GURGLES, COUGHS] - [COUGHING] - Come on.
Come on.
[GROANS] - [GASPS] - That's it.
- Yeah, no, 'cause if you - [AUGIE] Jared! Augie! Augie, what are you gonna do? - Augie! Augie! - [AUGIE GRUNTS] I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry, please! - Whoa! Augie, Augie, put the gun down! - Fuck are you doing? - Augie, no! - Augie, I swear, bro, I'm sorry, man.
Tell them what you did.
Tell them what you did! Just tell them! I tried to kill him.
I tried to drown him.
Why? [SOBS] He made me, man.
Stolin's guy made me, man.
I didn't I didn't wanna do it, man.
I didn't wanna do it, I promise, man.
- Can you contact him? You have his number? - No, no! - How do you contact him? - He always came to me, bro.
Augie, please! - [AUGIE PANTING] - [WHIMPERS] [PANTING] Has Stolin tried to talk any of you others into killing me? [AUGIE] Cal! - Cal, Cal.
I had to do that, Cal.
- No, you didn't.
[CAR ENGINE STARTS] Would you like me to come with you? To drive? No.
I'll be fine, thank you.
- [GASPS] - [NECKLACE CLATTERS] I'm so sorry, madam.
Do you know how old this is? I am sorry.
Can I have it repaired for you? No.
I'll attend to it myself.
[LAMAR] How do you feel? [MURDOCH SIGHS] Better.
I need you to do something for me.
[LAMAR] Must be exact.
Can I ask what it opens? Absolutely not.
[HASHAM] I hope the price was worth it.
[ROSA] Gregori.
So lovely to see you again.