Tidelands (2018) s01e06 Episode Script


[SIREN SINGING] [GROUP MURMURING] [MURMURING CONTINUES] Where's Violca? - She's running for her life.
- And Cal McTeer? She's a threat to all of us.
Bring her to me.
[DOOR OPENS] ["THE PREACHER" PLAYING] "March him to the scaffold And string him up on high" The call came out from the crowd There's blood in their eyes And blood in their hearts For the blood turning dry On his hands With one hand on the trigger, One hand on the cross Jesus and his family Are two things he's lost He cries, "Oh, Lord, what have you done? You won't never see heaven Or kingdom come" [CAL] Violca.
I'm taking him home.
- [CAL] Where will you go? - I don't know.
But I can't stay here.
Not while Adrielle is queen.
But she won't be queen forever.
[DYLAN] Cal! You here for me or for him? You have to come back.
Or what? Adrielle's gonna do to me what she did to Colton? She's our queen.
She's not mine.
The Sea Mothers, they came to her.
Yes, but she cut a man's throat to bring them! She showed me my mother.
And you want to see her again.
Hey, Cal.
[BOAT ENGINE STARTING] I will have to bring you back.
You belong with us.
You can try! [DYLAN MUTTERS] Fuck.
[CAR ENGINE REVVING] Thought I'd find you here.
- Your father's old hideout.
- Never thought I'd need to use it myself.
Running low on trust, Augie? - Tapped right out.
- You'll need this.
I wanna talk to you about Cal.
She's a Tidelander? How long have you known? Her whole life.
But she's not like the rest, Augie, you know that.
- Why didn't Dad tell me? - 'Cause he wanted her to be your sister.
- Well, she's not my sister.
- She is your sister.
I know you don't want to hear this, but maybe it's time you cut your losses.
Go to the city, sell the drugs, walk away with your life.
No, I can't just walk away.
They will kill you, Augie, if you stay here.
- I have to talk to Adrielle.
- That's a dumb idea.
- She can help me.
- Don't overestimate your value.
She owes me! - That's not how she's gonna see it.
- Just give me the car keys.
[SIGHS] [FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING] Madam, you wished to see me? Do you know what this is? It's why you've traveled so far and spent so much.
And hoped.
And now that hope has paid off.
They heard these.
Yes, I have spent a lot.
And I'm going to spend more.
I'm going to get them all.
What is it that you're putting back together? - What are you planning? - A way to bring our mothers home.
And the days of living in fear of men will be over.
But you know our mothers don't want us.
They've never wanted us.
Say that again, and I'll slit your throat, too.
Seen him? If you can't find your own boss, then you've got problems.
[CHUCKLES] Unless he's not your boss anymore.
We thought he might be hiding out at L'Attente with that Tidelander bitch we all thought was his sister.
You fucking watch your mouth! [GRAYSON CHUCKLES] Look at this, boys.
Looks like someone's got a hard-on for Cal McTeer.
I thought you Tidelanders couldn't get it off with your own whores.
You do whatever you wanna do with Augie.
- But if you touch Cal - [YELPS] you'll be the whore I'll end up fucking.
Just put the guns down.
Put 'em down! It's Augie we want.
You know what to do.
[BEEPS] Hey.
It's me.
Um Call me when you get this.
I need to know you're okay.
- [WIND CHIMES TINKLING] - [BIRDS CHIRPING] What's going on? Did someone die? [GROANS, SOBS] Why are you here, Augie? You weren't invited.
Well, things are a bit desperate.
Someone's trying to muscle in on our business.
Desperate enough that you came without my money? [AUGIE] He's a threat to both of us.
Gregori Stolin.
You heard of him? Gregori Stolin.
Serbian refugee, fled his country during the Bosnian conflict, emigrated here and built a drug empire that has become the most successful in the country.
Yes, I've heard of him.
I want you to promise me you won't do business with him.
[SCOFFS] Why would I promise that? I've been loyal to you.
My father was loyal to you.
We've kept your secrets, respected your privacy You respected the money.
If you want to continue our relationship, I suggest you fix things and give me what you owe me.
What about Stolin? I need to know I can trust you.
I like you, Augie McTeer.
It will be a shame to end things between us.
So bring me my money.
[GROANS, SNIFFLES] [MOTORCYCLE ENGINE REVVING] What are you doing here, Dylan? It's none of your business, Constable.
- She needs to go back to L'Attente.
- Why? For her or for you? [SIGHS] I know how you feel about her, but, um, she's not one of you.
I've known Cal since she was a kid.
She doesn't belong there.
She's special.
You take her back, she'll change.
I don't wanna see that happen.
I don't think you do, either.
Leave her alone.
- [GROANS, SNIFFLES] - [DOOR OPENS] Augie? - Corey! [SOBS] - Cal.
What the fuck are you doing in here? - Where's Augie? - Augie's not here.
I came to see you.
Listen, I tracked down the pathologist who did Durborrow's autopsy.
She told me she falsified the report.
Durborrow was already dead when you lit that fire.
His throat had been cut.
There was a score mark across the front of his vertebrae.
What Di did Murdoch know? Murdoch was the one who made her do it.
The fire you lit didn't kill him.
It was meant to hide the fact that he'd been murdered.
[PANTING] - I told you Augie wasn't here.
- We needed to be sure.
I know how fond you two are of each other.
Not that it matters now.
If you see him, be smart.
[TECHNO MUSIC PLAYING] - [AUGIE] What did Grayson want? - [GASPS] [PANTING] You.
Where's Colton? - I didn't see him.
- [WHISPERS] I don't know.
They were gonna kill me.
What am I gonna do? I should've given this to you sooner.
It might help you to get to Stolin.
Zach's phone.
[INDISTINCT CHATTERING] You knew, didn't you? - What are you talking about? - Durborrow.
He was already dead when I lit that fire, and you fucking knew! Of course I knew.
And it was just too good an opportunity to pass up, right, Mom? To get rid of me for good? What do you think a mother does, Cal? She protects her own.
- [GASPS] - [CHOKES] Ten years! - You took away ten years of my life! - Cal, stop! [GRUNTS, PANTING] Ten years.
Do you know what that did to me? [SOBS] What is ten years to you? You have hundreds left.
They came? They did.
The piece.
It called to them.
I was right about its power.
But I need the rest.
You will never find them all.
There's a man.
Gregori Stolin.
I want to see him.
I want to see everything.
What is that? [GROANING] [PANTING, MOANING] - You bitch! - [LAUGHS] - You did that on purpose.
- [GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] [WENDELL] You sure it was her? All right.
Thanks very much, mate.
Talk to you soon.
Who did this? We think it was Cal McTeer.
Tom Coffey's wife saw them driving out of town together last night.
- They were headed to L'Attente.
- [SNIFFS] - Those fucking Tidelanders.
- Is this why you called me here? I'll pray for him.
I don't need your prayers.
I just need your business.
We've got the boats, we've got the infrastructure, and you have all the suppliers overseas.
All we need to do is get me to the Tidelanders.
For me to do that, I need to know more about those Tidelanders.
And what do you need to know? Everything.
I was right about you.
You are a monster.
From the moment Pat brought you home, I knew I could never love you.
Not like he did.
Then I lost my baby because of you.
And then I lost Pat.
And you decided to set me up.
I knew Durborrow was dead, and I knew Murdoch killed him.
Did he kill Pat, too? What are you talking about? They're connected, Pat and Durborrow's deaths.
I don't know how.
[ENGINE STARTS] Hi, uh, listen, it's me.
I just, uh, I just had a visit from Cal and she knows about Durborrow.
I'll come to you later on.
I've got to go right now.
[ROSA] No, I need you to tell me what happened to Pat.
[PHONE CLATTERS] Why don't you take a seat? What makes you think my dad was murdered? I didn't.
Not until I found out Durborrow was.
But I always knew you didn't do it.
You're not a killer, Cal.
And I don't think you belong at L'Attente.
What the fuck do you know about it? Dylan doesn't care about you.
They don't care about you.
What do you think can happen with us, Corey? Everything has changed since I came back.
I'm not who I thought I was.
Everything's fucked up.
You're right.
This place is fucked.
And you're the only good thing in it.
Augie? Augie, where are you? Check the office.
[PHONE RINGING] [PHONE RINGING] [COREY] Cal, run! Corey! [COREY] Don't touch her! They tell me you're a Tidelander.
Where is Augie? Don't worry.
- [GRAYSON] We'll find him.
- Let me the fuck out of here, you fuckers! [LAUGHS] Who killed my son? Ooh, Adrielle.
Now, watch this.
[GRAYSON GRUNTS] - [GRAYSON LAUGHING] - No! No, you can't do this! Let her go! Motherfuckers! - What do you want to do with him? - He's Murdoch's boy.
Let Murdoch take care of him.
Corey! Corey! [SCREAMS] Just watch.
I'm surprised you're not dead.
But then, you always were a survivor.
To a long and healthy life.
- What are you doing here, Augie? - I want to know whose side you're on.
Why do you wanna know? Because I need your help.
Okay, well Stolin came to me a while back before all this trouble started, saying that he was looking for a friendly cop to help smoothly transition into the Bay.
So you're on his payroll? Come on, you know me better than that, Augie.
I'm a survivor, just like you.
I don't take sides until the killing is over.
But the thing is I know you.
I trust you.
So you get rid of Stolin and then it's business as usual.
[GLASS TAPS] Zach Maney's phone.
- What do you want me to do with it? - I wanna know who Zach was talking to.
All right, but if Stolin finds out [SCREAMS] Just just keep watching.
[GRAYSON] So do we have a deal? [GREGORI] I'll be in touch.
[MURDOCH] What the hell have you done with him? Don't worry.
He's not dead.
At least not yet.
What's going on, fellas? There's been a change of management.
Augie's out.
We've never had a problem with you, Paul.
We'd like to keep it that way.
But this boy of yours, he's got a thing for Cal McTeer, and that's not gonna work for us.
We need to know if you've got our back.
All right, where is Cal? She won't be a problem anymore.
[MURDOCH] And Augie? Is he dead? [WENDALL] Not yet, but we're looking for him.
We thought he might pay you a visit.
You know, try and get you on his side.
[INHALES] Well, to be honest, I don't think he's ever set foot in here before, but feel free to take a look around if you like.
You can start in the toilet.
[CHUCKLES] If you do see him, let us know.
[MURDOCH] Well, it's for me and the constable.
Our usual.
When he comes to.
[GRAYSON] Was my son scared when Adrielle cut his throat? Hmm? You're gonna be scared.
- [GUNSHOT] - Just like he was.
[GUNSHOTS] [GRAYSON LAUGHS] You know, I have always wanted to kill a fucking Tidelander.
Hey, Corey.
- [GROANS, SIGHS] - Where's Cal? - What? - Where is she? Where's Cal? She's at the co-op.
They're gonna kill her! Augie, wait! You're not going anywhere.
[GROANS] [LEV] What is this place? Intriguing.
I don't like this.
Have some faith.
No guns.
[IN SERBIAN] I have been looking forward to meeting you, Mr.
[IN SERBIAN] I have been looking forward to it as well.
You looking for Augie, too? Cal? - I'm supposed to take her back.
- She's not at L'Attente? Don't tell me she's sick of your Tidelander bullshit already.
- Things have changed there.
- Adrielle wouldn't change.
She called a siren.
How? - She killed a man.
- And you want to take Cal back? It's what Adrielle wants.
If you have any feelings for Cal, you'll keep her away from that place.
You of all people know what Adrielle is capable of.
Lucky last.
You fucking monster.
[SCREAMS] [SCREAMS] [WAILING] [GRUNTING] [DOOR CLOSES] - [ADRIELLE] Beautiful, aren't they? - Yes, they are.
Why are you here, Mr.
Stolin? You already have all the money you could ever want.
Why is this place so important to you? When I was a kid, my mother used to tell me the story of rusalka, the beautiful water nymphs that haunt the rivers and lakes of my country.
Perhaps you've heard of them.
The maidens were cursed by God, and they spent eternity beneath the waters, singing their sweet songs and luring men to their deaths.
I always thought my mother's story was a fairy tale to scare us away from dangerous waters.
Now I know it wasn't just a story.
I have seen what you are.
And I wonder, are you, too, cursed by God? Do I look cursed to you? What do you want from me? I want to know you.
And in return? Name your price.
Welch? Welch, you here? [THUMPING] What the fuck is this? - Did you put her in there? - No, I didn't.
I don't know how this happened.
I just found her like this.
[PANTING] Get her out of there.
Fucking now, Dylan! [WATER SPLASHING] [RETCHES, COUGHING] That's it, just get it out.
[COUGHING] - It's okay, it's okay.
It's okay, Callie.
- [SOBS] Just breathe.
- I'm sorry.
I should've been here for you.
- [SOBS] You're right, Adrielle is not your queen.
Stay away from L'Attente.
You don't belong there.
It will change you.
What about Colton? Augie.
[SOBS] Adrielle? She slit his throat.
But I took him to her.
I didn't know.
I didn't know that she was gonna kill him.
I'm I'm sorry, Augie.
And Grayson, who killed him? I did that.
I drowned him.
And I liked it.
[ROSA] You're leaving? - Laura.
- No, I can't do this anymore.
I can't stay here.
- [SOBS] I'm scared.
- Tsk, sweetheart.
Just let me show you something before you go.
[ROSA] The Sea Widows.
These were our ancestors who, like us, had their husbands lured to their deaths.
What the hell is that? That's one of the creatures that has been killing our men for hundreds of years.
[INHALES] This strand of hair came from it.
Their powers are strong, Laura.
Sirens are real.
And those monsters and their bastard offspring, the Tidelanders, have to be destroyed.
Before they destroy us.
[HASHAM ON PHONE] I'm on my way to China.
Something interesting has been found there.
I want to show you while it's still available.
What's inside it? Another piece? [HASHAM] Not just one.
Many pieces.
[ADRIELLE] I want them all.
How much will this cost? [HASHAM] Fifteen million.