Tidelands (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

The Prophecy

Don't worry.
Your time will come soon enough.
What? You're wondering why Augie gets to be there.
He fits in.
Other kids don't like me much.
They treat me like - Like you're different.
- But I don't wanna be different.
I want to not feel like a f It's okay, you can swear.
A fucking freak.
Augie's not different.
And I'm not different.
I know you don't want to be.
One day, you're gonna realize how good it is that you are.
This place is different, too, so you're perfect for it.
Don't you forget that.
Feeling better? Yeah.
I am.
Thank you, for I still can't believe what that prick Grayson did to you.
It doesn't matter now.
- He's dead.
- That'll teach him to fuck with a Tidelander.
That'll teach him to fuck with a McTeer.
What does it feel like to breathe water? It hurts.
At first.
It feels like your lungs are on fire.
But then, when you let it happen, it feels so powerful.
Stay behind me.
It's okay.
Have you come for me or for her? I'll leave you to it.
People aren't happy, Dylan.
Strange men with guns.
Isn't that what Adrielle warned us all about? I told you she couldn't be trusted.
And what are you doing about it, Lamar? Lurking in the shadows? She won't listen to me.
But she might to you.
Why are those men here? Sorry, Madam.
I couldn't stop him.
Leave us.
Have you seen how unhappy your people are? I'm aware.
They wanna know why their queen brought them here.
The very things you always warned us of.
- Outsiders.
- I'm aware.
Are you also aware that these men tried to kill one of us? - Who? - Cal McTeer.
She's not one of us.
She might be a Tidelander, but she will never be one of us.
Why are you so afraid of her? You've hated her since the moment she came back.
- You don't understand.
- Well, then make me understand! How's your head? I'm fine.
I'm just glad to see you are.
I'm better than fine.
What are you and Augie gonna do? Someone's tried to kill both of us now.
You're gonna fight? - What choice do we have? - We can leave.
We can run away from this place, start over.
We can disappear.
I can't leave.
It's my home.
Dad always told me I was different.
That this town was different.
And I get it now.
He was telling me that I belong here.
So I can't leave with you, Corey.
Not while Adrielle is killing whoever she wants.
But you should.
Corey things are gonna change around here.
I'm going to change them.
Then let me help you.
I don't want you to get hurt.
I'm not gonna watch you die.
Well, it's not up to you what I do.
This is my home, too.
You make your decisions and I'll make mine.
What is this place? Get up! Who is she? My seer.
A Tidelander.
And you keep her down here? Why? If she's kept from the water, her visions grow stronger.
That's cruel.
Show him the truth about Cal McTeer.
- Do these things happen? - You've seen her watch me die.
So, it's your choice.
Who do you care for, me or Cal McTeer? What, you wanna go after Adrielle? Stolin's the enemy, not her.
Nothing happens around here without her say-so.
You think Stolin would even be alive if she didn't want it? Our family's been in business with her for five generations.
You think she cares? She doesn't.
She lies.
She lied to you about not doing business with Stolin.
She lied to me about Colton and then slit his throat in cold blood.
Your best friend! Stolin tried to kill you.
Grayson tried to kill me.
Use your head, Aug.
If Adrielle was unhappy about that, there'd be no Stolin.
Stolin's not the problem here.
It's Adrielle.
And I'm gonna find a way to stop her.
Just stay here and keep your head down until I get back.
I need to talk to Bill.
I'm not just gonna sit here and do nothing.
Your crew wants you dead.
And I'm not gonna lose you, okay? I love you.
Wait, Cal! Cal! I thought you were back at L'Attente.
Is it true? That you want to kill Adrielle? - What are you talking about? - Hey, hey.
She showed me, okay? I saw you standing over her, watching her die.
What? How? Adrielle has a seer, a crone in a cellar, and she showed me a vision of you stabbing Adrielle in the back.
A vision? And you believe her? - Why would she lie? - Because that's what she does! I won't let you kill her.
- I can't.
- Ask yourself, Dylan.
Who does the killing around here, me or her? I don't want to kill Adrielle.
I don't want to kill anyone.
But if she puts me in a corner where it's either her or me, then, yeah I'll stab her front, back, and sideways.
But that's up to her, not me.
Don't let her fool you like she's fooled everybody else.
Everything okay? What was that about? We need to talk about Adrielle.
Have you considered my proposal? Fifteen million dollars is a lot of money.
- Thank you, my angel.
- It is.
Beautiful, isn't she? She reminds me of my daughter.
May I? She died in Serbia.
War always kills the wrong people.
You are the children of sirens.
You're as close as I have come to the holy miracle.
I need to come closer.
I have to know why God spared me but took my daughter.
And you think the sirens are the daughters of God.
They are fallen angels, forced from grace.
The closest I can get to God.
Can you bring them? I already have.
Why do you need my money? For these.
What are these pieces of? Something very old and very powerful.
- Something I need for my people.
- Why? What does it do? I cannot tell.
If you want my money, I want to know.
And I want you to show me a siren.
What does Adrielle want? I found this book a long time ago.
And in it, I found this.
You ever seen anything like that before? Adrielle used one to cut Colton's throat, and a siren appeared.
What is it? It's a piece from an ancient horn.
A war trumpet.
It was constructed by an ancient seafaring tribe.
They were beautiful, powerful.
No one knew who they were or what they were.
Tidelanders were plentiful back then.
But they were at war with men.
It was a long and bloody war, and there was no end in sight, so they constructed this trumpet.
The story goes that this trumpet is anointed with the blood of men.
And when it was sounded, it brought a great wave.
A flood of biblical proportions.
Nobody knows how many humans were killed, but when the water receded, the Tidelanders were gone.
This trumpet was found by the surviving men, and they smashed it up.
Afraid of its power, they put the pieces into four ships and sent them to the far corners of the world, never to be reassembled.
This wave, did it bring anything with it? "And in the water came angels of death, beauteous and cruel.
And by their pale hands many men perished.
" Sirens.
I didn't want to believe it.
When I read that, I searched and I found the first piece.
I gave it to the former queen Genoveva.
She wanted to destroy it, but Adrielle didn't.
So Adrielle kept the piece, killed Genoveva, and then took L'Attente for herself.
And you? Adrielle gave me a choice.
Die like Genoveva or live in exile.
Adrielle has been collecting these pieces for the last hundred years.
She wants to put it back together.
Madam, please.
For God's sake! Now you know.
The girl will end this.
Is everything all right? We have a deal.
I'll show you what I'm making and I'll show you a siren.
Then you'll have your money.
Cal, if you try and find those shards, Adrielle will kill you.
If you want to sit on your boat and rot for another hundred years, that's your choice, but I'm not gonna do that.
No, I'm sick of being the fucking football.
- Cal.
- I have been framed, put behind bars, and dragged away from everything that I care about.
No, this is where I belong.
And I'm not gonna let her take that away from me again.
This is insane, Cal.
I mean, it's suicide.
You can't do this on your own! Then come with me.
Come back to L'Attente.
Yeah, look, listen.
I really don't give a fuck how busy you think you are, okay? I need to know if he's still on ice! Just get down there, open the place up.
I'm coming to look for myself.
Yes, now! For fuck's sake! - You all right, boss? - I'm fine.
- Where have you been? - Looking after Dad.
Do some fucking work! - Rosa.
- What the fuck do you want? He was a good man, your husband.
Hardworking, reliable.
Always did what he was told.
Right up until he didn't.
- Again, what do you want? - Same thing you always have.
To get rid of Cal.
Why now? Just get her for me.
What, you think she's just gonna show up because I call her? No.
But she will come for her brother.
- Mom.
- Augie, I need to see you.
- Hey.
- God.
I've been so worried about you.
Mom? Augie.
What do you want? I know you've done a deal with Stolin.
I did.
And I think I've made a mistake.
You were right.
I can't trust him.
What are you saying? I want things to go back to how they were.
You'll get rid of him? I've always looked after you, haven't I? There's one thing I need you to do for me.
Bring Cal to me.
- I can't betray my sister.
- She's not your sister.
Just call her.
Augie, you okay? Yeah.
There's something I need you to do for me.
What is it? What's wrong? Augie? Augie! Don't come home.
Adrielle wants you dead! Wait! - I have to help Augie.
- He can look after himself.
We gotta go.
I need to know he's okay.
We can't help him right now.
We have to move, now.
Give me the key, Lamar.
Give me the key.
If the madam finds out, it'll be my head.
If Adrielle gets what she wants, it'll be all our heads.
We can end this now.
Thank you.
You better go.
So many pieces.
Genoveva? Oh, my God.
What has she done to you? It's locked.
Find a key.
There's gotta be a key somewhere.
Genoveva! Genoveva! Genoveva.
She's dying.
We've gotta get her out of here.
The shards.
Take her.
I'll catch up to you.
Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey, hey.
What were you doing in there, huh? Do you want Adrielle to take your other eye? Tell me.
Tell me, Gilles.
Okay, now go, go, go.
Gentlemen, I have a job for you.
Leandra? Leandra! Calliope! Cal? Cal.
What the hell are you doing here? You have to get out now! Do you know what these are? - Adrielle's coming! You have to go! - No, I can't leave without them! Please, she'll kill you if she catches you here! Let's go! - No, I just need to get - Calliope! It's them or you.
- Okay.
- Let's go.
Leandra? Is that you? Madam! What is it? Genoveva! Bill? You've grown older.
You haven't changed a bit.
- Where are we? - I'm gonna take you away from here.
- It's okay.
- The shards! Bill! - We can't leave without the shards! - It's all right, my love.
Bill! Bill.
I warned you not to come back here.
And you need to go back to your cage.
You'll never have another vision from me.
I won't bleed for you again.
I'll find another.
No! You can't change the prophecy.
We'll see.
Do it.
Do it! Not yet.
Let me in.
- Augie.
- Adrielle wants to kill me.
- I thought I'd lay low here - No, Augie, I'm so sorry! Don't! No! You did the right thing, Mrs.
Adrielle will be pleased.
You get out of my house, you piece of shit.
Put this on.
They've got Bill! - No, don't! Cal, no! - They've got Bill! No, no! You can't.
You can't.
No, don't.
You know this man.
You know he was in exile for betraying us a hundred years ago.
He killed the former queen, and I showed mercy.
She's lying! Today, he returned to steal from us and to betray me.
- No! - Shh! Shh! Shh! - That cannot go unpunished.
- Your lies will catch up with you.
And so will Cal McTeer.
And he's done.
Go! We've gotta get out of here, okay? Madam? I had no choice.
We've come too far.
Do you believe me? You are our mother who'll bring our mothers.
You are my queen.
My loyalty is to you.
Then find Cal McTeer and kill her.
Why are you stopping here? Dylan? Take me home.
You can't go back to her, you can't choose her! I'm not choosing her.
But I have to see her again.
The siren? My mother.
You okay? No.
Listen, there's something you need to see.
Come on.
Murdoch had him filed as a John Doe.
He's been here since the night he died.
I don't know why.
I'll give you a minute.