Tiempos de guerra (2017) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES JULY 22, 1921 THE SPANISH-MOROCCAN WAR The Spanish troops battle the Rif Rebels of Abd el-Krim near Annual.
Verónica! Let's go, Verónica! - Got everything? - Yes.
When I say "go," we go.
We're useless if we're dead.
Hurry! Get down! Are you okay? Let's go! Stay down! Follow me! Down! - Are you okay? - Yes.
Let's go! Stay down.
Medic! We need a medic! Get down! Come on, Verónica! Let's go! No! Ammunition! We need more ammo! Pedro! If I don't get out alive, tell your sister to forget me.
You hear me? No.
You'll tell her when we get back home! Hold your fire! Hold your fire, I say! Hold your fire! They're not sending any backup! We must speak to the enemy! What? I'd rather die than surrender.
Fire! I said hold your fire, damn it! Hey! Hey! No! No! What are you doing? What are you doing? Commander! Commander, calm down! If we stay here, we'll all die! Let's get out of here and make a run for it.
I'm the commander, I give the orders If you want us to surrender, you're no longer our commander! Pedro, explosives! - Mendoza! - Got them! Ready? Everybody, stand by! One, two now! Get out there! Mother! Where were you? We're going to be late.
Let's go.
- How do I look? - Adjust your hat.
Excuse me, Duchess.
Immaculate! You came! What a surprise! Excuse me, gentlemen.
And you're Julia, right? Last time I saw her, she was still a child.
Julia would like to be a nurse.
- Remember I mentioned - Really? Why, if I may ask? Times are hard, we must all help.
Not at all a job for a lady, though.
I know, but I don't care.
She's an impatient one.
One step at a time, Julia.
The next class begins on Monday at 8:00 a.
- Do you know Saint Joseph's Hospital? - Of course.
I can't wait to begin.
You'll make a good nurse.
Like them.
Our men in Africa thank you dearly, sir.
It's a pleasure.
You're wonderful all of you.
And you are so generous.
As it should be.
- Donation for our soldiers? - Of course.
My goodness, Pilar.
What a look.
If only his wife could see.
The nerve! Look who's talking! "You are so generous, as it should be.
" It's only for the soldiers, one has to be friendly.
Ladies, I'd like you to meet a future coworker, Julia Ballester.
Julia, this is Pilar de Soraluce and Magdalena Medina.
Go on, make friends! Shall we? - Pleased to meet you.
- Likewise.
- It's a pleasure.
- Same.
If you would excuse me, ladies.
Magdalena, may I? Isn't he so handsome? They're getting married on November 22nd.
- Are you married? - Not yet.
I'm waiting for my fiancé to return.
He's a lieutenant.
Duchess? Do you have a minute, please? Excuse me.
I shouldn't let a soldier wait, much less a general.
I suppose you're not asking me to dance, General? The queen would like to see you.
Your ladies, the nurses, too.
Pilar, please! Her Majesty, the queen.
- Thank you for coming, Carmen.
- Any good news recently? Quite the contrary.
Don't say they took Melilla? Magdalena, please! I told you they didn't.
Who knows, Carmen? They might, any second.
We don't have enough ships to evacuate the wounded and the hospitals are overflowing.
Berenguer informed me thousands are dead.
Holy Mother We are at your service Your Majesty.
I know.
That's why I had you called.
A ship leaves for Melilla on Thursday.
The company just confirmed they can take you all.
Shouldn't we wait until we have the means? We should have over 100,000 pesetas in a month.
You're nurses and Melilla needs you.
Why wait? They've done one 2-month course.
They're not ready for a war hospital in Melilla.
Neither were our soldiers.
Yet they didn't hesitate one second to follow orders.
Madame, some of them only know blood from books.
We're at war, Carmen.
They'll have to learn.
Ladies Excuse me, Duchess.
Thursday, as in thi s Thursday? As in the day after tomorrow? Let's go! Come on, this way! Thank you, thank you.
Please put this in my suitcase, quick! The boxes go downstairs.
SPAIN AT WAR Have you read this, Mother? The lady nurses are leaving tomorrow for Melilla.
Julia, your cousin Alberto is here.
Cousin Alberto.
Everything alright? I've spoken to everyone.
No news from his regiment.
What do you mean? Someone must know where they are.
It's a bloodbath.
Rumors say no less than 4,000 are dead.
My brother and Andrés are fine.
You hear me? They're fine.
I know it.
It's crazy.
There's talk of ambushes on Melilla's streets.
We've lost Annual, Abarrán, Dar Drius DUCHESS LEADS NURSES TO PROTECTORATE rebels are merciless.
It must be pure hell.
- Be careful, my daughter.
- I will.
- Write us every week.
- I promise.
- Think of your father.
- Of course.
Take care, please.
I will, I promise.
This is for you, Mother.
I always thought if it came to this, it would be me on the train.
I guess you're following suit.
Daniel Please don't fall in love with another girl when I'm gone! Even if she's prettier and a better dancer.
It'll only be three months, it's not too much to ask.
Even if I wanted to, I could never.
One for the road.
Very kind of you.
Duchess! Julia! What are you doing here? I'm going with you to Africa to help.
That's ridiculous.
There's no way.
You'll get off at the next stop.
My brother and my fiancé are there.
I haven't heard from them in two months since the last letter.
- I need to know where they are.
- And I need strong women I am! willing to sacrifice themselves and trained to help the wounded.
I can do it! Someone only looking for her loved ones is of no use to me.
You said I'd make a good nurse.
With due training, yes.
I'm not getting off this train.
So, you have one more nurse at your service.
Study it.
And never let go of it.
THE NURSE'S HANDBOOK THE CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM TYPES OF BANDAGES They say we won't back down until Abd el-Krim surrenders.
Excuse me? This sauce has Gorgonzola in it, right? Could you take it away? I don't like Gorgonzola.
And bring the menu, please.
Are they really going to bomb the rebels with planes from Italy? That's crazy.
Are you serious? Bombs? What did you think? Flowers, candy? We're at war.
But it's useless, they'll never surrender.
Have you read what they do to prisoners? They cut their eyes and guts out, cut their hands off Pilar, please.
Thanks, I've changed my mind.
No dinner.
I feel a bit sick.
I've no idea why, honestly.
I guess with all the traveling Hello, Julia.
Still in time for some dinner.
I'm not hungry, thank you, but I'd love the company.
Have a seat with the other ladies or here with us.
Thank you.
Enjoy your meal.
Thank you.
You remember Julia.
- Of course.
- Sure.
She's coming with us.
- How nice! - Welcome.
What route will we take? Oh, boy, tomorrow the ship! Have you ever been on a ship? I haven't.
But I love ships.
And they say ours will be huge! - Don't go outside! - There - I'm fine.
- See? Had you stayed put - Easy does it.
Take a deep breath.
- I'm breathing.
Focus on a fixed spot.
Follow me, ladies.
what spot? We're at sea.
Breathe in the fresh air.
Everything's turning.
I think I'm going to retch again.
So, here we are: Melilla.
I trust you've rested enough.
I cannot guarantee you a bed that's worth its name tonight.
You have all left behind your families and more to come here.
Now you must be strong, no matter what we might see.
But we will not shed a tear for anyone anyone.
Our lips will utter only words of comfort, help and strength.
And all that will ever be seen on us is a smile.
Understood? Duchess, ma'am Do you think Melilla is safe? Ladies, follow me.
Sir, excuse me.
I believe we are expected.
Yes, come through.
Julia! Go ahead, ladies.
Go through.
I said, make way! Hey, where do you think you're going? - On the ship.
They promised us! - Now you calm down first, sir! Julia! Duchess, Captain Agustín Somarriba, at your service.
- How was your trip? - Endless.
Where's your superior? The colonel couldn't make it.
If you'd be so kind Excuse me So sorry.
Oh, yes, this one, and that one.
And two more are with the porter.
Oh, and this? I can take this one.
Magdalena No longer seasick? Oh, yes, I'm much better.
Can you believe how hot it is? Is it always this hot? Heat is our specialty, ma’am.
Welcome to the Rif.
Unload their bags.
Oh, no, you don't.
The colonel's orders are to take your bags to the hotel His orders are for you, not our bags.
Are we clear? - Aren't we freshening up first? - Quiet, something's going on.
An announcement from the High Commissioner: "This week the needed reinforcements will arrive at the port.
The High Commissioner hereby ordains all who instigate panic to" Head for shelter! This way, to the truck! Stay calm! Head inside! Easy! Head for shelter! Come with me! Stay calm.
- Are you alright? - Yes.
They're pacos.
From Gurugú.
Pacos? - They've been at it all morning.
- What's a paco? You don't know? What hole did you crawl out of? From where it's bad manners to hassle a lady like you are.
You're right.
Pardon me.
Next time, I'll be more careful.
It's over.
You can come out.
Julia? Excuse me! You dropped this.
You're a nurse, then? Fidel Calderón.
Medical captain.
Julia Ballester.
Well, now you can add something to your handbook.
The pacos are snipers.
They call themselves pacos because of the sound of the bullets.
I'm sure it'll come in handy when tending to the wounded.
Julia! Follow me.
Let's go.
A gathering of damsels of nobility.
Just what we needed.
At ease, Somarriba.
- Lady Carmen Angoloti, am I right? - And you are? Vicente Márquez, Head of Sanitary Affairs.
Excuse my not coming to the port but there's no breathing room around here.
Magdalena! What are you doing here? Have you come with Colonel! I hardly recognized you.
Why wasn't I told? Your mother how is she by the way? Fine.
It's all been so fast.
And Susana? Is she here? - She is.
- Let's go.
We've lost over 50 positions in the retreat from Annual.
The rebels have halted here, at the gates of Nador, only 15 km from here.
That's not counting those who gave you such a warm welcome from Mount Gurugú.
I hope the reinforcements get here soon, because with the enemy close in view, it's obvious Melilla is in trouble.
- Are you trying to scare me? - It's my duty to tell you the situation.
And it's my duty to attend to the wounded, I'm not in the army.
I don't know about battles nor do I want to.
I pray to God that it won't be too late when you do.
The hospitals are overflowing.
We've no idea when we'll be able to evacuate the wounded to Spain.
But now that you're here, all will be solved, right, Duchess, ma’am? So I'll let you know in due time which hospitals you can attach yourselves to.
No, we're not "attaching" to anything.
We're here to open a new hospital by order of Her Majesty, the queen.
A new hospital? Where? You tell me.
I'm new to Melilla.
I told you, they're all packed to the rafters.
- I can't invent a new hospital just to - Are you with the queen or against? Her Majesty has done an admirable job Oh, please! Enough sweet talk.
Just tell me where we'll open our Red Cross Hospital.
Where do you know the colonel from? His daughter Susana and I went to school together.
I had no idea she was here.
When my mother hears about it! It's been so long.
She was a beauty when we were kids Excuse me, I wonder if you can help me? If you tell me how, ma'am.
I'm looking for news from my brother and fiancé, Bazán Regiment.
I don't know where to start looking.
They were at Annual.
I thought maybe there was a list? Wrong.
There's no official list yet.
The injured keep coming in.
I wrote down their names.
If you had a moment.
Any idea how many people are waiting on our doorstep for news? Of course, I'm sure.
I'm very sorry, but we can't search for every single one.
No, please, keep it.
Just in case you come across one of the names.
- Somarriba.
- Sir? Take these ladies to San Justo School.
- San Justo, sir? - Yes, those are your orders.
Let's go, ladies! When do the children come back? There haven't been any classes in a while.
The father will show you around.
Halls, offices, library, kitchen, cafeteria But we won't stay here, right? If we do, at least it's big enough.
Apologies, Duchess.
It's in terrible shape, but it's the only empty building available.
It's just what we need.
Right, my dears? But it's in no shape to be a hospital, Duchess.
It will have to be, it's all we've got.
But there's nothing.
And what there is needs to be disinfected top to bottom.
Exactly! First things first, Pilar: complete overhaul! I'm sure the soldiers can help us.
The queen has committed herself.
Equipment is on its way.
But there are no beds.
Without beds, we can't We'll have beds, don't worry.
We'll find a solution.
Okay, then Complaint department is closed.
Now, get to work! My lord, Magdalena, hurry up.
Take off the clock carefully.
This could come in handy.
- Sure.
- Let's do it.
Put everything that way.
eight, nine and ten like we agreed, sir.
Thank you.
Ladies, you should be extremely proud of the work you've done in the past few days.
Now we have to hold it down.
Good golly.
Am I looking forward to my bed! I think I've never worked this hard in my life before.
That's true.
Magdalena I'd like to go to bed, too.
Can you Oh, I'm so sorry, Pilar.
Hey Do you think there are lice here? - Would it help to know? - That's also true.
How many clothes did you bring? All of them.
You never know what you might need.
In a war.
Yeah, sure.
Listen, I'm not about to medically assist dressed like a beggar.
The patients will thank us for it.
But the bridal gown stayed in Madrid.
- I'm sorry.
- No worries.
It's two years ago this Monday that my husband died.
He got run over by a tram.
At least, in your case, they'll have died for a worthy cause.
A worthy cause? How worthy is this war? My brother and my fiancé are out there somewhere.
I'm not stopping until I know where.
I brought something besides clothes.
Come, Pili! Magdalena, we have to be quiet Magdalena! To us and whatever awaits us.
Oh, give it here.
To this hospital.
May it save many lives.
And to Julia finding her loved ones safe and sound.
That's for sure.
To bed.
To bed! To bed.
Hello! Hello! I'll take care of it.
- Open up! - What's the commotion? - Who is it? - Fidel Calderón, medical captain! We have four ambulances from La Restinga.
They need immediate medical help.
What are you doing? This is not a hospital yet.
They're bleeding to death, what do you want me to do? Bring them in.
To the right, north hall.
- How many? - Eighteen.
- Are any contagious? - Not that I know.
Those injured the worst go in the first row! I need all nurses here now.
Go wake them! This way! Let's go, ladies, everyone downstairs.
Finish dressing in the hallway.
Julia, you come with me, Magdalena by my side.
Gauze! Gauze! Ladies, spread out! Let's go! We'll put everybody in that hall! First row to the left! Julia, put your armband on, this is your first call.
If you don't know, ask.
If you’re not sure just don't make things worse.
Primum non nocere: "Above all, do no harm.
" Alright, go! Nurse, that man's dead! Bring some bandages here, quick! Third-degree burns and deep wounds to the abdomen.
Bring scissors to cut open his shirt.
- Nurse! - I'm on it, Doctor! Julia, go get the cart from the nurses' hall.
Come on, Magdalena, you can do this.
You know what to do.
You've never done this outside of class, but that doesn't mean you can't Ma’am! Ma'am! Over here! Help me, please! Carefully.
I'm sorry, did I hurt you? Are you alright? They fought all night.
Held back the Harka at the gates of the city.
- The Harka? - The rebels.
The enemies.
Abd el-Krim El-Khattabi.
Khalil! Wait! What's that boy doing here? He was with him, ma'am.
He wouldn't leave his side.
But he needs an ambulance or take him to a pediatric hospital.
This child can't be here.
Ahmed! Please, leave him be.
Alright, stay calm! Doctor! Nurse, I'm with you.
Keep calm.
- Nurse, where's the O.
? - We're not equipped yet.
- He's dying! - Yes, but here's no place to Conditions are worse anywhere else in Melilla.
- Where'd you get your rank? - I won't tolerate you speak What do we do? Where's the duchess? I'm her deputy! I'll tell you where to take him.
Follow me.
Prepare the drainage! Out of the way! Move! Quickly! Quickly! - What's your name? - Juan We have to cauterize his wound.
Should we do it ourselves or wait for the doctor? Do you know how? Me neither.
Duchess! The O.
isn't ready and we need to operate.
What do we do? Over there, in the isolation area.
Julia, the wagon, quick! Here! Let us help him first.
You can come back later, okay? Magdalena, the boy, please! Julia Ballester, we meet again.
Hurry up! Ahmed, I'm fine.
Why don't you get me something to eat? Food, food, yes! Doctor! Are these all our materials? You assist the doctor, I'm needed outside.
Come on, breathe.
Anesthesia! Prepare to intubate.
Press down here, he shouldn't move.
Draw the curtains.
Verónica, prepare to drain.
A nurse, please! Pedro? Pedro! Pedro! Julia Are you okay? I knew you'd be okay.
I knew it.
What happened? I was lost for a week.
I Don't speak.
In the beginning it seems impossible to do but it's not that difficult.
I'm happy you found your brother.
I've got to tell Mother you're well.
I'll write her.
What's with the uniform? When did you become a nurse? I joined the nurses so I could find both of you.
Nobody had any news from you.
But I knew you were alive.
I was sure.
And Andrés? Was he with you? I don't know what happened.
I can't remember well.
Pedro We held our position for a week.
We were dying of thirst.
We'd drunk our aftershave, our ink even our urine.
We had to get out of there.
So we ran as fast as we could.
But they were all over us.
I couldn't see anything.
Let's go! Andrés was still there With me.
I could see him.
But suddenly Pedro! No! You didn't see him again? I looked for him.
I swear I looked everywhere, Julia.
Day and night.
I almost went crazy searching for him.
I'm sorry.
Andrés isn't dead.
I'm sorry, Julia.
We'll find him.
We'll find him.
- Yes? - Duchess, ma’am, it's Colonel Márquez.
- Good morning, Colonel.
- You wanted to speak with me? Just a question: did you tell Dr.
Calderón to take the wounded to my hospital? Ma’am, with all due respect Exactly: respect.
They almost knocked down my door and demanded I put my hospital at their service and I assume you're behind all this.
Ma’am, this ends here.
Who do you think you are? The director of this hospital.
Those men put their lives at stake for ours.
- We're at war.
- That's why I'm here.
But we're not soldiers, we're not under your command.
I'm afraid you are, ma’am.
At least as long as I'm Head of Sanitary Affairs.
Do you understand? Perfectly.
But did you understand what I said? Are you going to do anything about it? Are you still there, Colonel? Dear Mother, Pedro is here, at my side.
He's alive, and only the Lord knows how much he has suffered.
Dear Daniel, I'm writing this from the hospital, which is already up and running.
Much earlier than planned, but there was no choice.
The wounded started coming in unexpectedly.
We're doing our best, but it's turning out to be much harder than I thought.
There are so many wounded, so much misery, so much blood.
I haven't slept since we got here.
You don't know how much I miss you, my love.
Even now, I can hear the bombs at least, I think they're bombs.
If it hadn't been for Pilar and the other nurses Our supplies are almost depleted, Mother.
We'll ration whatever you can send us.
We need sheets, soap, gauze, bandages, alcohol, ointments They look at us as if we were angels.
As if we could erase all they've had to endure.
It's true.
We're there to raise their spirits, distract them, to keep good company.
Oh, how they've suffered.
How is he? Any fever? - No.
- That's a good sign.
You should go take a break while he's asleep.
Did you come to lecture me, Doctor? Definitely not.
You have your handbook for that.
So why are you here? You see, Julia Nurse Verónica says your brother was in the same regiment as your fiancé.
I was there, too, attending to the wounded.
Did you see Andrés? I took care of a patient, Andrés Pereda.
Yes, that's his name.
We took him to the Docker.
- What's the "Docker"? - A hospital.
Well more like a ramshackle barrack than a hospital.
How is he? Thank you.
To the Docker.
Thank you.
A doctor, for God's sake! Excuse me, excuse me! I'm looking for a patient.
Andrés Pereda.
Over there, in the back.
Too long with those infected wounds.
His face was a mess.
Are you related? Will he recover? He has a couple of days left to live.
I hope I'm wrong.
I'm sorry.
Andrés, my love.
It's me.
I'm sorry, and I swear I didn't want to disturb your art.
It's beautiful.
Still, their sparkle can't match yours.
Tuesday I leave for Melilla.
If all goes well, I'll be back on leave after the summer.
So I was thinking that's when we could set the date.
What do you think? We won't have much time for preparations Date? What date? Julia Ballester would you like to be the woman of my life? Come in.
- If I may.
- At ease.
Are you coming from the Red Cross Hospital? Yes.
It was a tough night.
We had to take the wounded there.
As you know, the situation at the Docker is dire.
Captain, once again, you acted on your own account.
What you did has one name only: insubordination.
Sir, the orders were to attend to the wounded and my duty Your duty? What duty do you mean? Your duty as an officer is to respect the chain of command.
- I'm sorry, sir.
- Not at war, no.
"Sorry" is not a possibility.
You move patients around, you experiment with treatments.
Stop trying to win the Nobel Prize in medicine.
Our only job is to ease the sufferings of war, no more, no less.
That's all I seek, sir.
Your intentions may be noble, but we can't just act on our own, it would be chaos.
Don't you see? You're putting me in a bind, Fidel.
You will be my son-in-law.
Which is why I can't be lenient.
If such behavior went without punishment, it would set a terrible example for the troops.
- I understand.
Next time I'll - There won't be a next time.
I can't give the duchess that kind of upper hand.
You will be transferred back to Spain on the spot.
- But, sir - No buts.
- You'll leave on the next ship.
- But, sir It's best for all.
You're excused.
- Colonel.
- You may go.
If you'll excuse me.
Thirty soldiers, seven noncommissioned officers.
Eighteen with trauma, nine of them have machine-gun wounds.
Two with second and third-degree burns, 15 with dehydration.
Possible typhus? Yes, ten patients show symptoms.
We've separated them as a precaution.
And if the equipment finally arrives, we can get at least one O.
How many dead? Six.
Anyone else, more tea? I'm so sorry.
Where were you? Changing.
I got a stain on my uniform again.
Very well please sit.
Hygiene is a top priority especially now that we're giving out food.
The Command has put the former fairground canteen manager in charge of our cafeteria.
Pilar, you're in charge of this one.
It's five minutes from here.
Who should I ask for? Magdalena, you come with me.
A noncommissioned officer, Dámaso Fuentes.
Ladies, I've asked to speak to the queen.
It will be my honor to tell her how we opened this hospital in no time.
Excuse the interruption.
I bid you farewell, I'm being transferred to Madrid.
Excuse me? I thought you knew.
The Command conveyed your complaints about me.
I didn't ask them to do that.
Especially since we're happy with you.
Don't worry, Duchess, this hospital will stay in good hands.
A colleague from the Docker will take over, if you approve.
This colonel seems to like having the last word.
- We'll see about that.
- In fact Duchess, nurses, may I present Dr.
Luis Garcés.
My lady it's my pleasure.
Pilar, let's go.
- If you don't mind, Duchess, may we? - Go on.
We should go talk to that NCO.
Eight years Eight years without a word and, of all places, he turns up here! Do you think he knew you were here? Yeah, he did or maybe not.
Actually, how could he? From the look on his face, he didn't.
He was taken aback.
Why did this have to happen to me? Why me? What will you do? - Nothing.
- Nothing? What else can I do? He destroyed my life once before, and now I should throw my life away because he showed up? No, you're right.
Boy, he's every bit as handsome as he used to be, huh? Look, Pilar, the truth is the truth.
If speaking my mind bothers you Actually, in this case, it does.
At your service, ladies.
You're from the Red Cross, right? No worries.
My daughter, Rachel, makes tortillas to die for.
With those and some stew, I'm sure we'll manage.
Right? - How many meals are we talking about? - Fifty-six.
Plus, soon we'll have 100 beds.
No meat for 15 of them.
Four are on a liquid diet.
Twelve can't have salt and the rest as much variety as possible, rich in vitamins B and C, please.
Sure, uh the colonel didn't quite let on.
B and C and by when do you need it? Well, every day, of course.
And as of now.
- The queen's secretary? - Yes, ma’am, that's what I said.
Orient Palace, Her Majesty the queen's Secretary.
Yes, yes - Should I spell it? - That won't be necessary.
How nice.
Father, look at me.
You're joking, right? Do I look like it? You can't be serious, Vicente.
Fidel and your daughter are about to get engaged.
Think of them! Of them? As far as I know, they're not even engaged yet.
And now we'll never be! Listen to me, Susana.
We're the army before all else.
We're soldiers.
Before human beings? Yes, before human beings.
A soldier can't put his will over his duty.
We're at war, for Christ's sake! It's precisely because he's your boyfriend that I cannot make an exception.
I won't be weak, child.
I will not lose my authority.
- I'm going to Madrid with him.
- Susana, for God's sake! - What did you say? - You heard.
- I'm going to Madrid with him.
- You're abandoning your home? Renouncing your family? I don't want to.
But don't force me to.
Will you change his bandage? Up we go, Andrés I'm right here.
Where's Andrés? You had his ring and his things.
Where did you find them? Where were they? I took it off him.
Where? Where did you take it off him? Answer me! Where? Off the ground.
Was he dead? Was he dead? Are you sure? No Was he really dead? Are you sure? I'm sorry.
No, he wasn't dead.
Come in.
A telegram from Her Majesty.
I still can't believe you're leaving.
There, now.
Don't worry, Susana.
I'll talk to your father from Madrid.
If I must stay there, well you'll have to come to Madrid.
Write me once you've arrived.
- What's this, Somarriba? - It's for you.
You see? The queen has named you Chief Medic to head the new Red Cross Hospital.
What does the colonel think? Why do you think I'm here? The colonel would never disobey Her Majesty.
Even though she gives in to their every wish while our sick bays fall to pieces.
You've got this, Guillermo.
Hello! So nice we'll be working together, isn't it? I mean, in the same hospital.
May I, Doctor? No need to be so formal, Verónica.
We work together, but we're also good friends.
Oh, yeah? I hadn't noticed.
Well, good acquaintances.
We've known each other for quite some time.
I was thinking we could go for a walk in the evening.
- A walk? - Or for coffee? May I? - Maybe some other day, yes.
- Thank you.
Come in.
Perhaps you need a lapdog? First you want me to go, then to stay.
Are you happy now? We didn't come to the Rif to be happy.
Why didn't you say you wanted me as chief medic? Because it's not up to you.
And don't fool yourself.
You won't be giving orders here either.
- You want to talk, please come in.
- I'll select the doctors under my charge.
- But they're gone if they're useless.
- No nurse will administer any med The nurses follow my orders.
- Verónica will be head nurse.
- As Pilar's equal.
You're a doctor, shouldn't we be talking medicine? Indeed, ma'am.
The situation is terrible, and shipping the wounded out doesn't help.
- But if we could establish sick bays - What are you getting at? We have the queen's backing.
Let's use it! Yes, but don't be vain.
The queen named you, but she can fire you, also.
If that's what she wants What I want is someone working for me.
A medical captain working for a nurse? I'm the director of this hospital.
Has no one told you? Your wounds are healing well, no suppuration, no fever.
What a surprise, Pilar.
Wait! I didn't want to say anything in front of the others because Can I have your attention, everyone, please? Please.
As of now, Medical Captain Fidel Calderón, whom you know already, will be our medical director.
Well I just want to say that I admire your courage and commitment.
Considering where you come from, the working conditions here must be a terrible challenge, as they are for everyone.
Please turn to Verónica for any help.
She'll be coordinating as head nurse.
On the same level as Pilar, of course.
- Continue.
- These are trying weeks for our country, but we have no choice.
We must be prepared for the worst.
We're here because we're needed, ladies and gentlemen.
Fate has given us the privilege of being here to help and cure these brave souls who have risked their lives May I know where you've been? and we must give all that we can give.
At the Docker.
I was told there was a patient by my fiancé's name, but it wasn't him.
the strength that permits us to keep fighting.
This is exactly what I was afraid of.
- I'm sorry.
- I need a nurse, and what do I get? A poor girl, desperate for her brother, shattered for losing her fiancé.
I haven't lost him, he's alive.
He must be! Oh, so you'll be like this until you find him? Listen, Julia.
It's my fault, my mistake.
Do as you please, stay in Melilla or don't, but not as a nurse.
No! I want to be a nurse! I want to stay here.
I want to be a nurse.
My husband is a cavalry officer.
I know about sleepless nights.
Waiting endlessly for the worst news of all to arrive.
I didn't know.
And the day he ends up here on a stretcher don't think for a second it'll keep me from my duties.
Now, get back in there and show me you can be a good nurse.
The best.
And if not, get out.
- Can I help? - Sure.
Here, can you take the instruments to the O.
? - Sure.
- Thanks.
Help, please! A doctor, quick! Dr.
Calderón! Careful! Pedro! What happened to my brother? Pedro! Up on one, two, three! Strap him so he doesn't hurt himself.
What will you do? If you want to stay, make yourself useful.
Prep the area.
- We need ether up here! - Of course.
The poor guy must have torn an inner organ.
We'll have to open him up and see what we find.
Come on, step it up! One two three four five six.
He's out, Doctor.
- Guillermo, forcibly separate it now.
- The other one.
Separation successful.
Hold it tightly.
Excuse me, Duchess General Ibarra is on the phone.
- Tell him I'll call back.
- He insists it's urgent - I said - Go on, Duchess.
I've got it.
Julia, cover for me.
Let's go.
Julia! Yes, General, we'll send an ambulance immediately.
We need to send an ambulance for an injured officer.
You're going.
- Where? - Near the airport.
Gunshot wound to the leg.
Not serious, but he won't abandon his post.
You'll have an escort.
The ambulance? Thank you.
Good afternoon.
What Oh, no.
No, get off.
We're going to the airport together.
Duchess' orders.
Separate the tissue and hold it like a tent.
Too much blood, suction.
- I can't see, Guillermo.
- I can't hold it - I can't see, Guillermo, open the wound! - I can't hold the suction.
Open the wound, I can't see! Julia, come here and hold this.
Come here! Hold it here, for God's sake, hard! Clench onto it here, toward you.
Good, good job.
Now we go in.
Clean it there, too.
Pulse is going down, Doctor.
We're losing him, Julia, hold harder.
We're losing him.
No pulse, Doctor.
No! Pull it harder, Julia! We're losing him! Pull! Julia, don't be afraid.
There, finally, there it is! Hemostasis! We've got it.
Clamp scissors.
Come on.
Keep holding! Pulse is back.
Very good.
Prepare to close him up.
Will he die? I don't know, and it's not the right question.
What counts is we did all we could.
You, too.
You learn fast.
And don't worry about your brother, he'll pull through.
He has to recover.
The soldier at the Docker wasn't my fiancé.
He stole his things when he found him on the ground dead.
I can't lose my brother, too.
I'm sorry.
Don't worry, I'll do everything it takes.
Get cleaned up.
- You need to ask them for a transfer.
- Me? Why? No, I can't do that.
He asks, "Why?" Melilla has seven other hospitals! But I think we can work well together.
It doesn't matter what we are.
What we were, I mean.
- We can behave like two adults who - No, we can't! You're right, we can't.
- I'm sorry about what happened.
- Luis! Shut up.
But I know you remarried.
That I re-what? Th-th-that you remarried.
I'm very happy for you.
- My husband died two years ago.
- Sure.
Really? As in dead? I mean, I'm really sorry.
I didn't know.
Had I known What I'm saying is, had I known, I would've felt sorry before, but since - My god! - What's happening? There! The Harka! Where did they come from? - Let's go, quick, out! - Yes, sir, Lieutenant! Get out, quick! - Are you okay? - Yes.
They're coming this way.
Easy, stay calm.
We'll get out of this.
How? Lieutenant! Up, up with you, Lieutenant.
Where am I? What is this? We're prisoners, Lieutenant.
We're alive unfortunately.
It was Andrés' last wish that you forget him.
You have to forget him, Julia.
We have to escape.
We must find a way.
Looks like someone found a way.
Commander! Hey, Commander! You've never seen a Muslim pray? Larbi.
- What? - That's my name.
It's the commander of the regiment.
- Silva.
- He's injured.
Andrés is dead because of that man! He's a liar and a traitor! What he says is true! He wanted to hand us over to the enemy.
Coward! Traitor! Load them on a truck and throw these soldiers in jail.
I won't let anything happen to you.
- I'd help you if I could.
- Want to know my first impression of you? You think you're above everyone else.
Fidel! - I need to get someone out of Melilla.
- No.
I can pay you.
- Don't you have more? I want this! - Let go of me.
- Not the ring, no! - Take it off! No! Let me go! - There's 3 of them.
- What do we do? The ambulance was attacked? What were you thinking? We're at war, madame.
I hope you'll finally understand that.
Son of a bitch! You wanted to bury us all, traitor!